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    I figured I'd get this post started. I'm writing a mod that works with Ago's Mod Loader that will give you the ability to configure working portals from within the game. This will be the main thread for this mod when it's released, but for now I'm looking for some ideas and feedback to use during the initial development. What I have so far: A working override for the PortalQuestion code (as in, I can already hijack portal actions and hard-code working portals in the mod as it is). A data encoding scheme that stores all data for the mod in existing fields on the portal itself. TL;DR: Everything is done in-game and stored in your database. All changes will be live, nothing will need a reboot/reset of the server to make work (except for a few advanced things I'll get to later) Current feature list in design: *This may change in development!* Same-server point-to-point travel. (i.e. set an X/Y and go) Cross-server travel (set an X/Y and server ID) Kingdom features (Allow only XX Kingdom, Convert To XX Kingdom) Set specific kingdoms or prompt from a list. Epic-style "separate" player files (if possible in WU) Item limits (old style portals) Individual portal cool downs (still a WIP idea) List of spawn points instead of X/Y List of alliance spawn points (WIP idea) Server Listing (instead of just setting server ID) Advanced features will require the use of portalsmod.properties and a restart of the server to incorporate (though I might see about reloading this file in-game... I have to look into that) Specify a list of villages, spawn points, etc for a specific portal to show (this will be based on the portal's WurmID) These are all of the things I'm going to be working on implementing now that I have the data storage finished. Feel free to request features and I'll see what I can do.
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    "I'm not skill dumping or any of that crap" ... "I'll take offers from serious people who know me." Maybe you should send the WTS text only to people you know and not post it on a public forum?
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    I have sorted the commands list a little bit, and i hope its usefull for you, if something is wrong pls let me know For your own textcolor that you can set with the command #chat <integer-number> you can use the following jar-file to convert rgb to integer color numbers. Thanks to GiuseppeP: https://www.dropbox....Colors.jar?dl=1 The Topic for working as GM and some good hints, you can find here If your server is busy, then you will soon need a good team. CA - Communitie Assistant People answer the questions for the game CM - Chatmoderator People who ensure compliance with your rules in the chatrooms GM - Game master People actively help your players, for example: bugs or stuckingm creating terrain and so on You have 5 tiers you can assign as GM´s (Level 1-5) with varying abillities, pls look at this post from MamaDarkness http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131468-wu-gm-functions-discussion/#entry1350666 You can setup your GM team at the Server interface at the tab called "Players" At hostes servers please look at the depending configuration Ingame you can set the player power with your wand: The player have to be online Activate your ebony wand Rightclick the wand and go to "server" + "manage player powers" The new GM have now the given power but still no wand He/she can relog and should get the related wand (or after a server restart) you can spawn the wand with your ebony wand the new gm can use the give command (look below)...for other wands except the ebony, you have to find the correct item id, sorry i dont know it atm To toggle CA or CM staff members use this commands as GM 2 or above #toggleca playername #setmuter playername CM COMMANDS LIST right click a player in the chat to issue some comannds, you can also use the mutetool, best is to make a keybind bind <key> mutetool #chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values. #mute <playername> <hours> <reason> - the player cannot communicate except with tell. #unmute <playername> - pardons a mute. #mutewarn <playername> (reason) - sends a warning that a player may be muted. The reason is optional. #showmuters - displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms. #showmuted - displays a list of the people who are muted. #showcas - displays a list of the ca. #help - shows the command list GM COMMANDS LIST GM 1 - Hero and above dont forget to bind the gmtools -> bind <key> gmtool #chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values. #invis - toggles invisibility The following GM commands are sorted by Topics GM 2 - Demigod or higher commands are blue, GM 3 . Highgod or higher commands are red. MESSAGES AND ALERTS #alerts - lets you change periodic messages from the server. If you type in a message at the fifth line (message 3), your message will be shown at all your connected maps. #announce - announces a blue system wide message. #broadcast - broadcasts a system wide message. #gm - send a GM message to login server. #sdown - displays a message that the server is shutting down and rejects new connections. Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode) GET GENERAL INFOS ABOUT... PLAYERS #getip <playername> - displays the players ip address and any other accounts from the same address. #getwarnings <playername> - displays info about the player's warnings. #who [J|H|M] - sends a list of players online from Jenn-kellon, HOTS, or Mol-Rehan respectively STAFFMEMBERS #showdevtalkers - displays a list of the people who can see the GM Tab. #showheros [power] - displays a list of the people with power (defaults to Hero). Power can be 1-5 #showmuters - displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms. #showcas - displays a list of the ca. SERVER #getips - displays the current players with ip addresses. #bannedips - displays kingdom IP addresses and time since last logout. TODO why is this called #bannedips? #showbans - displays current bans #offline - shows offline creatures with location. It seems that doesnt work now! #calcCreatures - Calculates number of creatires on surface, in caves, are visible, and offline, Use with care - lag prone. #showcreaturelist - will show all creatures with current number and percentage also with max percentage. #uniques Displays all uniques on the server including the exact coordinates #checkCreatures - error checks the positions of creatures. Will return dislocated guards for instance. May provide a name like 'templar' to check only those. Use with care - lag prone and may cause instant spawns. COMMANDS TO TEST SOME #soundspam - spams area around you with random sounds for testing. #testAffinity - test affinity for a random skill. TODO (for me its not working) #testcolors - test sending a coloured message. TODO for me its not working) WORKING ON PLAYERS EDIT PLAYER DATAS #changeemail <playername> <newemail> - changes the email of a single player character. (Not working in WU as i know) #changepassword <playername> <newpassword> - changes the password of a player. In WU the password is a steam-id #registermail - registers player email in list. (please check that out) #setserver <playername> <serverid> - tells this server that the player is on the server with the number specified. A very important command at my servers after a crash #setreputation <playername> <new reputation> - sets the reputation of a player. #rename <oldname> <newname> <password> - renames the player. The player must be LOGGED OFF. If this works, it would be a silent ban for a char #addtitle <name> [<title id>] - adds the default title Clairvoyant. title id is optional. Here you cant give a new created title, just titles from the system #removetitle <name> [<title id>] - removes the default title Community Assistant. title id is optional. Dont forget this after you remove a CA from your list #resetplayer <name> - resets the players skills and faith to max 20. Also removes champion/realdeath. I never found an option to activate premium on wu servers, if this is possible, it would be a good punish for bugusing players and so on, please let me know if this works here. BAD PLAYERS #warn <playername> - the player receives an official warning. #kick <playername> - kicks the player #ban <playername> <days> <reason> - bans the player and the ipaddress. You must provide the number of days and a reason. #banhere|#baniphere|#pardonhere|pardoniphere <playername> - bancontrol for the current server only #banip <ipaddress> <days> <reason> - bans the ipaddress and kicks anyone from it. You must provide the number of days and a reason. #bansteam <id/player> bans the steamaccount from your server #pardonsteam <id/player> unbans the steamaccount from your server #watch <playername> <description> - creates a 'watch' ticket. BE A GOOD PLAYER #pardon <playername> - pardons the player and the ipaddress #pardonip <ipaddress> - pardons the ipaddress #resetwarnings <playername> - resets the players warnings to 0. HELPING A PLAYER #reload <creatureId or playername> - reload a player or creature when bugged. #respawn <playername> - respawns a dead player at the start. #findboat <name> - lets you find a boat with part of the name in it. May be processor heavy so if you notice lag, use with care! #locatehorse <string> - return the location of horses whose name contains the supplied argument string. #worth <name> - helps debug royal level kills on pvp servers. #addmoney <name months days silvers detail> - adds prem or silver to a players account. Detail needs to be any unique string #devtalk <name> - toggles the ability to a normal player to hear the gm chat. WORKING ON THE SERVER #plimit <new number> - the number when the server no longer accepts free players. It will always let premiums in though. #toggleEpic - toggles epic portals #toggleglobal - toggles global chat. #tradecheat - Toggles trade cheats on this server. TODO. #sdown - displays a message that the server is shutting down. Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode) #allowall - opens the server for new connections. (leaves maintenance mode). #creaturepos - toggles creature position logging. #dumpxml - generates a new epic xml on the login server. #invuln - toggles invulnerability mode. #togglemounts - enables or disables riding, driving and horse spawning. #maxcreatures <newvalue> - sets the number of max creature to a new value. #startx <number> - sets the tile X where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given. #starty <number> - sets the tile Y where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given. #generateDeadVillage <number> - generates a number of dead villages for archaeology purposes. A number more than 5 will not return info about the villages, just if it was successful or not. PERSONAL COMMANDS #changemodel <model> - change character model (gmdark or gmnormal) To change your own model #chamgemodel modelname To change the model of someone else #changemodel (model) (player) (duration) For the full list of possible models #changemodel list Here is a list from some models, thanks to Zenity for this work Short list of models There is a new command to list all models: #changemodel list but it seems, its required to sort it out a little bit in a text editor, i believe modelnames should be write in lower cases, if i am wrong you can inform me #gmlight - togles personal light on/off when you are invisible. #invis - toggles invisibility #timemod <hours> - modifies your current time with the number of hours. Can be negative. ITEMS #loadItem <long id> - loads item with id, (removing from the owner). #redeem - functionality to retrieve items from banned players.. #itempos <id> - checks the position of an item. #give <id> [Ql] [Value] - spawn the given Item into your inventory. Example #give 176 99 1 will spawn a Ebony wand ql99 into your inv.. REST #onfire - toggles player fire. #newmission <deityname> - generates a new epic mission for the provided deity. #togglemission <missionname> - enables or disables the mission with the name supplied. #toggleqa <name> - toggles the QA status on or off for the account. I dont know what this is. #isqa <name> - Checks if account has QA status. #overrideshop <name> <true|false> - if set to true the player may use the shop even though he has had previous payment reversals. #addmoney name months days silvers detail - adds to a players account. Detail is the paypal transaction id. #xmaslights - turn on the xmaslight on your position NEW COMMANDS #changemodel fullmodelname - self-explanatory, GM tier 2+, you must use FULL model name or you will become "?" bag instead #changemodel fullmodelname playername time - GM tier 4+, sets any model for any player. Time up to 3600 (one hour), can be used only on PvE servers. Warlander: full model name with dots in a middle must be used ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\packs\graphics.jar contains a file called mappings.txt. Contains all of the model names.
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    Currently wine barrels are very nice decorative items, the trouble is that if you keep wine in a good QL barrel it does not age well at all. A bit of a contradiction really and thus the following two changes are proposed: 1. Allow material contained in wine barrels to decay as if offdeed. 2. Accelerate this decay based on wine barrel QL (QL% increase)
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    I thought this made a nice screenshot... Mother horse and new foal with a baby lamb to boot.
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    Look what I found in my world Not sure if its hard to code this in, but the texture is no problem as you can see
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    This is a new series of posts, mainly for my own benefit where I am going to record my progress on a new server that is using a map which I created, called Crater Lake. http://www.rheyansgaming.com/crater-lake-01-a-brief-tour-of-the-map/
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    This mod will add more creatures to your wurm game without replacing the original creatures I will add more creatures and features over time. Link to screenshots: Screenshots Newest version: CreatureMod 2.1.0 Includes: Animals: Zebra Ocelot Regular Bay Mangalarga Marchador Skewbald Piebald Knabstrupper Knabstrupper x Appaloosa Rocky Mountain Panda Bear Main Coon Australorp Rhode Island Red Silver campine Dalmatian Black Angus Belted Galloway Red Wattle Husky Patch Notes: Creaturemod 2.1.0 Added Foals,Husky,Black Angus, Dalmatian, Belted Galloway, Red Wattle, Silver Campine, Rhode Island Red, Australorp Creaturemod 2.0.0 Added horses to the creature demo that Ago put together Installation: Step 1: Install Ago's server modloader and client Modloader (make sure you got them working properly and that it's the newest version) Step 2: Copy both the creaturedemo folder and creaturedemo.properties strait into your mods folder on the server side Step 3: Start your server using ago's modloader Done Feel free to request more but I can't make any promises Enjoy credit: AbsolutelyNobody Ago Crowley And if anyone is interested in making a donation: http://www.dewitphotography.com/donate Will be this link for the time being until they fix this forum
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    Welcome to what The Elder Scrolls Online Wasnt. Tamriel Online is a Sandbox persistent Hardcore server. it is player made and ONLY player made. It is based on a map of Tamriel from "The Elder Scrolls". Although no cities will be recreated, you are free to. you are dropped into a more brutal parallel universe of Tamriel, and you must survive. It is the ultimate sandbox server. Server Website: http://tamrielonline.wix.com/tamriel Server Name: [RU/EU] Tamriel Online [x3 skill, x2 timer, Free PVP] ( wait a bit for the servers to load in, then just type "[RU" in the search bar and it will come up.) Features ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) HISTORY SYSTEM :Here we Write down & record each & every settlement & kingdom that wants to be. We also have seperate records for Important & Influencial Settlements, Kingdoms. We even have History records about Important events that happened, like big battles & even important people. Will you be on this list? 2) Huge 8192x8192 map Here: http://cs625122.vk.me/v625122432/504f2/cdEeHClZkoE.jpg 3) Hardcore Survival Sandbox. You are on your own. (NOTE. PvP is not encouraged neither disencouraged, Freedom is encouraged.) 4) Skill is x3, x4 in special occasions. 5) x3 timers 6) 60,000 Mobs, 30% aggresive 7) Active GM & Supporters. any questions you can pm. The GM is Scadouge. 8) GLOBAL SERVER. the server is hosted in europe. there will be kingdoms & settlements of many RL nationalities. (my ping is 100-150 as an American.) 9) NO WIPES - Planned Features 1) Future Mods depending on GMs wishes for the server & future playerbase. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You start out in the Middle little island surrounded by rivers ( Imperial Island) there is a WL starting token & BL starting token. the only safe zone (For now) is the WL starting token, which is the starting zone, outside there, its up to you to survive. some religions still yet to be discovered! go find the altars & race to become a god's champion!
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    Every time I improve and item I want to see what the resulting quality is. [10:44:35] You must use a file to smooth out the "Dwarvenstone Keep" in order to improve it. When the action is completed the next action required to improve is sent to the client. But my compulsive nature forces me to examine the item again to see the quality reached. This request is sent to the server every time. My suggestion is to add a quality notice to the end of the result so I dont have to send that request to the server. [10:44:35] You must use a file to smooth out the "Dwarvenstone Keep" in order to improve it (Ql: 37.89035, Dam: 0.0) This will save the trouble of examining the item. It saves the server from processing the request. It saves time and will probably improve performance when you think of hundreds of players not having to send examine requests during crafting. While you are there, go ahead and add it to the repair result as well. [10:55:12] You repair the "Dwarvenstone Keep" (Ql: 37.0005, Dam: 0.0). Thoughts?
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    No idea who you are so.. .not gonna even bother...
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    Any fellow Wurmians out there participating in NaNoWriMo this month? Have your novel ideas already lined up? Going to just wing it? Interested in being buddies? Was just curious if anyone else was going to be partaking this year.
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    Hi Everyone, I'd like to say thank you for all the input you've given us over the week of this discussion, There has certainly been a lot of input and there is a lot to go over, I'll be locking this thread now while we look at possible options. We will let you know of any changes prior to them going live. Regards, Retrograde
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    dumb idea the better suggestion would be to remove converting from WL to BL.
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    I consider gaining skill in windows of opportunity to be cheating and unbalanced but that won't prompt me to quit, ie changing meditation paths over and over to reset your meditation cool-down allowing you to get more skillbearing meditation chances per day and then get rewarded for exposing this to staff after your friends have all profited. Those who threaten to quit over an item they can obtain if they really want to by using legal means should really question why they play this game. Not every squeaky wheel needs grease, some just need to be replaced. Leave the fountain containers the way they are and let natural decay and account attrition/deed disbands do their jobs. High value items that have been in the game for years do more for the economy than they hurt the game. Fixing something that is not broken is a complete waste of development time. You could be changing the 0 to a 1 so kingdom chiefs can change their titles, we can see the code now there are no more excuses for ineptitude.
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    cute graphics for some common critters, but after seeing this every Halloween since it was first implemented, it's kind'a starting to get annoying - it would be really great if this could be made an optional feature that can be user selected before we have to download a completely new graphics jar just for a few days and then download another one to reset the graphics back to usual.
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    We have located and captured the goblin leader in record time I am setting the Fight for next Saturday @ 12pm EST Anyone want in on the loot rolled please sign up in advance there will be no grace period for people traveling to the fight it will begin at 12pm est sharp please be there in advance location to be disclosed 4 hours before the fight requirements for the fight are as said 70+ fs and presence in the fight for loot rolls Since we have so many fine people Coming to the event is there any way we can get a Release ROS while we have this fine event going please pm me and let me know if we can make it happen =) this is for nahjo Notice: thank you all for signing up but unfortunatly this is where i close the signup list sorry if you didnt make it into the list but you did have plenty of time to sign up as promised here it the location of the Goblin leader fight Id highly prefer you waited in the bystander area til it is time for the fight. also the fight circle is not on the other side of the mountain is on the top so if your fighting it is not on the marionpole side please stay at the bystander/alt camp _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List as of now:1 Lilyphoenix,2rollypolly,3Kekstier, 4rumx, 5Samfeltonme,6Pride, 7Panadalet, 8Mstrgrim,9whykillme,10cerber,11baid,12hoppy,13 DKsprocket,14Ladygodiva, 15Ehizellbob,16 Jakeii , 17Galatyn 18nineol,19 majqo 20Brainer 21Gaul,22 Spuddles 23Finn 24Magdegreen 25Aeryck. 26Bloodscythe 27Booskii 28Wargasm 29hashirama 30galadhel 31joeix 32icbash 33arachna 34caroligan 35explora 36ultradude 37Tuga 38Bigsteve 39killerspike 40arium 41Jukkken 42Pureevil 43Taki 44Ellan Klaa 45rocklobster 46vortexxx 47blazion 48lizardtamers 49wemari 50hailene 51pagani 52sandyar 53evening 54zilbar 55Stanlee 56rexx 57baloo 58jacobp 59nev 60raldon 61johntitor 62shodakai 63annvil 64tamina 65mittyke 66jaz 67hypamania 68seedings 69kolossal 70verotika 71serpentarius 72stonesolid 73pingpong 74ratheden 75killroth 76karena 77asdf 78orthobrithol 79erhid 80bilebambo 81thorgot 82bakhita 83shdorsh:::::: list end Announcement::: Event could be delayed by as much as an hour due to being called to work in the morning i promise ill be back as soon as i can and move this along sry for any inconveince this may cause
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    cmon cmon cmon cmon ,,,,, gimme the WU on Linux!
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    That looks pretty good, so I've decided to try it. First thing first: This is an excellent start and effort. As an early alpha build, I am impressed with what you've given us so far. I've noticed you've gone for a modern and clean Bootstrap-ish layout that appears to be mobile compatible, very nice. Many thanks to you sir. I do have a few queries and suggestions, but nothing very negative. Changing password should have a confirmation input for the new password. Same when creating a new user.Configuration file, have a variable called "serverRoot" above the "dbConfig" array declaration. The server root DIR could then be specified just once as follows: $serverRoot = "/path/to/wurm-server/world-dir/sqlite";$dbConfig = [ "appDB" => __DIR__ . "/sqlite/app.db", "wurmCreaturesDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmcreatures.db", "wurmDeitiesDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmdeities.db", "wurmEconomyDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmeconomy.db", "wurmItemsDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmitems.db", "wurmLoginDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmlogin.db", "wurmLogsDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmlogs.db", "wurmPlayersDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmplayers.db", "wurmTemplatesDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmtemplates.db", "wurmZonesDB" => "{$serverRoot}/wurmzones.db"];The game server database filenames should probably be set by default, as these won't typically change across servers. Just leave the serverRoot variable with a CHANGE ME comment.Viewing a player: Clicking the inventory tab should produce a jQuery trigger on the Refresh inventory button. -- $('#btnRefreshInventory').trigger('click');The rest are queries, but likely down to incomplete features as you've said this is an early alpha build. Managing server settings and villages from the menu doesn't link anywhere. Incomplete feature I guess as no PHP script appears to be present for these?The check boxes along side player inventory don't appear to be for anything. Also probably incomplete.Still -- Please don't take anything negatively, this is a brilliant creation you've kicked off for the community and I'm looking forward to updates.
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    So sell a worthless item to a sucker? what high moral values you have there I do not own one but i have friends who do and i know they would not pass off a useless or dying item to some poor player unaware,it's why they have been on here in the forums fighting to keep these going, sure they invested lots of real life money but they are not in the gutters low to pass of a dying item to some poor persons unaware.
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    Once you get the modloader version up, I'm absolutely using this one for my server.
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    New Release! I just refreshed the Wurm Unlimited converter; redownload from the link in the first post. The changes are as follows: Added a third scaling mode: "Wurm Unlimited Scaled", which multiplies vertical heights by four in the export, so that the proportions look right in WorldPainter (but the heights reported in WorldPainter are a quarter of what they will be in Wurm Unlimited). The scaling mode parameters are now: --minecraft (Minecraft mode: horizontal scale 4:1, vertical scale: 1:1; this is the default) --wurmUnscaled (Wurm Unlimited Unscaled mode: horizontal scale 1:1, vertical scale 1:1; slopes will be exaggerated in WorldPainter) --wurmScaled (Wurm Unlimited Scaled mode: horizontal scale 1:1, vertical scale 1:4; slopes will look correct in WorldPainter but reported heights will be incorrect) Increased minimum depth for kelp so there's less chance of it breaching the surface of the water More accurate alignment of terrain types and vegetation to the shape of the terrain The basic functionality seems pretty much finished to me now; the major things that are missing are resources and caves. I don't know enough about Wurm Unlimited to know how important those are. Should I add support for resources and caves, and what form should that take? How are they used in Wurm Unlimited?
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    i think loaditemfromhell is changed to just loadItem in WU changemodel works in WU, i've used it.
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    Has there been any talk of creating a role play server yet? A buddy and I were talking about this the other day, and we are hoping someone is going to step up to the challenge. I've started several RP communities over the years in Wurm, and some of them might of been successful if I would of had the time for them. Its kind of the same situation now for me, I'd almost be willing to start up a RP server, but I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the community if I didn't have the time. If someone does decide to take up the challenge, I'd be willing to help them.
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    So after another long session of fixes we found the problem! Or should I say problems, as there were likely a few issues present. Firstly, we did some tweaking with the 'Path' System Variable. Now we had already edited it as a part of our series of Java reinstalls, removing references to all java versions and ensuring it had only one reference; to the latest install. Along with this we changed the JAVA_HOME to the latest JDK install she had (1.8.0_66). Alas the errors continued. During this stage I neglected to have her edit (or add) her JRE_HOME variable, as it didn't exist and I didn't want to break anything. A couple of days ago we did this too. Still no different. We ran another update on the C++ binaries and we finally got the "Failed to load jvm.dll" error, which was really a relief as up until this point we didn't know what to be looking at. We edited the Path again and ensured that her Java directory was the first path in the variable. After a restart Wurm was working. This resulted in me concluding the following: * Steam never performed first time setup on the game for her, so I assume it detected the required software was already installed and correctly working. This was not the case. * The original issue was related to the C++ redistributables, I believe one was improperly installed or misconfigured and reinstalls from the files downloaded with the game did not work. This was fixed by downloading the updated redistributables (Step 1). * At this point the JRE_Home variable and the Path variable seem to have created issues. We had the exact "working" setup before, but discarded it as it didn't seem to work. (Due to the launcher not even start or setting up correctly?) This caused us to discard the JRE_HOME variable. Running the game with just updated binaries and the Path variable set did not work. * Reimplementing the JRE_HOME variable combined with the priority in Path and Updated Binaries resulted in the game working. The game would not run at all until all three of these fixes in place and it took a while to hit the right combination. If anyone else is still having the issue run through the following steps: 1. (IF when enabling debug=1 in the launcher config file, you do not have any console (black window) pop up when launching WU, follow this step. If you're just getting the "Failed to load jvm.dll" error, skip to 2) Head over to Microsoft's website (http://www.microsoft.com/) and download the latest 2010, 2012 and 2013 Visual C++ redistributables and install them onto your system. 2. Ensure you have a recent java install, navigate to C:\Program Files\Java, find your java JRE folder and copy the directory (For example: C:\Programs Files\Java\jre1.8.0_66) (Important to note JRE, not JDK) Open your start menu, right click 'Computer' and click on properties. Click on Advanced System Settings. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click on Environment Variables. Check for a "JRE_HOME" (Case doesn't matter) variable under System Variables, if one does not exist create it. Edit "JRE_HOME" and set the value to your JRE folder, then press ok. (The directory you copied earlier) Next locate the "Path" (Case doesn't matter) System (not user) Variable and edit it. Paste in your directory at the start of the 'value' box, add \bin; to the end. (It should look something like C:\Programs Files\Java\jre1.8.0_66\bin;next\path\etc) Press ok and close out of the dialogues. Once you've followed both steps, close out of the properties and restart your computer. Try launching WU and hopefully it'll work.
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    Very nice work. Hopefully we can see this stickied soon!
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    Great seller. Quick, efficient and very helpful +10!
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    Ask and you shall receive. Version 1.2 adds a Bury action to the Ebony Wand w/ instant action and bypasses various checks.
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    Patch notes for 2015/10/31 * Increased body/mind skill gain rates. Note that we have also retroactively increased any existing skills, so if you had for example 21 body strength, you'd now have 25. (This isn't exactly what you would've got because the increase is actually non-linear, but it's a rough over estimate). * Removed priest restrictions. * Fixed looting corpses on the PvP server. * Farms should no longer turn into weeds. The Wurm server actually has two different methods for handling farm growth, and we didn't patch both. It will be fixed properly at the next reboot (likely to be tomorrow morning). * Timers are now faster again. * Fixed picking flowers. * Added more iron veins to the server, which should be more evenly spread out. * Many 'internal' changes to our client/server bytecode injection system, which should now allow future updates to be produced more quickly.
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    +1 Interesting concept. Had some fun early on....I did love the map...but the rock and terrain where my group settled...not friendly.
  34. 1 point
    Someone who is really skilled in the map editor could maybe try replicate Azeroth? I think it would make for a pretty cool 8192x8192 map. Or maybe without Pandaria and pre cataclysm:
  35. 1 point
    Has to replace the brown bear for now.
  36. 1 point
    as someone who has randomly found a treasure chest on creative, they exist! (mine had 1 addy ore, 1 glimmer ore, and a seryll lump)
  37. 1 point
    Characteristics seem to lag pretty heavily behind as a result.
  38. 1 point
    Retro, make sure to step back and read what Mith posted. This sort of thing is extremely true, he hit it home with that. These items are not only used to help other players bgy those who own them, but can keep their things safe for their return. Imagine if you removed all of the post-casual players from wurm? Probably a pretty huge player-dropoff. You want to remove Fountain Pans, that is fine. but we are telling you that if you do, players in this game *need* a way of storing a LOT of items in a very small, transportable no-worry-zone where you can just let it sit till it is needed again. Wurm is far too much maintenance for some, and for those players these items are and have been the only solution. If the team doesn't like the idea of an item that can do what I just described they really should just stop what they're doing and actually try playing their own game for a few months. Maybe then you would understand.
  39. 1 point
    No, he'd give it bird seed and cheep at it. Properly mental.
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    What's the end purpose, removing items that circumvent the decay process ( allowing more items in a magic chest that desired by the dev team and code ), allowing more ore to be smelted at one time ( saving time not desired by code or the dev team)? Stopping the have nots from being angry at the people who have said item?, A desire to prove that Wurm fixes all bug no matter how big or small ( lol), a need to show CC is moving in a direction that addresses every issue from every vocal side of an argument which in the end will please no one. The history of the changes made to Traders with a vocal group calling everyone that owned one eventually made the change to allow people to pick up coins off the ground, I feel the change was made to placate a portion of the player base that labeled another portion as cheating Rolf out of his hard earned money and directly stealing money from the game slowing down all future development, in the end the Kings share is still distributed, just spread out to a larger portion of the player base with Rolf not pocketing any more than before. Animal caps, way back in the Freedom days it was popular to post screenshots of animal hoarders for the practice of public shame, we not have animal caps per deed and yet you can still frolic buck naked across all of southern Xanadu with no care in the world. For years there were no dragon to kill, prior to the release of Deli on onward, the fever that caused with more dragon armor than ever started the uproar that has made current dragons drop enough to make a piece of tissue paper, back when I started in '10, I was fine knowing I'd probably never own dragon armor prior to the release of Deli on further servers. The uproar over joining Release and Pristine to the main servers Solid proof no one is ever happy or in agreement with anything. At any given time it seems some are hell bent of ideals of fairness for all players not taking into account time played, money spent or otherwise, that everything must be equal to all even if the end result is bringing down those who through no fault of their own possess more than the average player, I'll assume by the time its all over the entry level skills will start at 50 to continue to placate the players with that line of thinking.
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    Yeah, I think having a chicken inside the birdcage is a bit wrong.
  45. 1 point
    i have issued a ticket. hope this problem can be solved.
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    You gotta decompile the class files into java files.Then edit and compile. Usually each class file is dependent on other classes and you need to properly set-up the project in IntelliJ / Eclipse / ect.. I'll try to upload a quick video or tutorial here soon that shows the process. I think I figured out how to add horse-types so that we can have all sorts of different colors and breeds without replacing anything. Demo soon *Update* Horse types added. The Mangalarga Marchador is now it's own horse and doesn't need to replace any existing horses. Technically "marchador" is considered a horse color. Just like white, black, brown, grey, gold, there is now marchador which uses the new texture. Nothing special about the marchador breed in terms of traits, it just looks nice. Should spawn at the same rate as the other horses. To test you can summon horse with the GM wand over and over until the marchador shows up. Or summon 5+ horses at once and you will probably get it. marchador uses the same random color picking method as the other horse colors. MoreAnimalsMod_1.1.0 Screenshot:
  47. 1 point
    I'm just wondering; What emergency has happened to make this an issue that must be dealt with now of all times? What spare time in the day did the developers at Code Club find in their schedule to take a look and spend time balancing(!) something that has been in game since August 29 2008. Are they not aware of things being severely broken in many respects right now? For some quick examples - the hunted system and the catapulting system. Or, some things that absolutely should be getting high priority right at this moment to get the Wurm Unlimited player base securely established? For example - Customization of server options, language support, mission system overhaul... and so on and so forth. I'm just so confused... why is this happening now?
  48. 1 point
    Actually, you are quite mistaken, As the year goes with wurm, we have various influxes of new players over summer, and then they slowly taper off around this time. While in the monthly graph it does appear player numbers have dropped, in the yearly graph we are about the same range. It will take some considerable time before making statements like yours, Wurm Online is going fine
  49. 1 point
    You could just have the forge size increase to allow 100 ore as an option too instead of a separate smelter.
  50. 1 point
    It would be nice to have the model of the armor on the racks be the model of the armor stored inside. This would be great for displays at your market.