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    Hey everybody, Woah! What a busy week! But Wurm Unlimited is now out on Steam, and the Wurm franchise now has two games to its name. We haven't got much new stuff to talk about this week, so I'll use it as an opportunity to talk about our PR plans from here on out and make sure you know about all the things we want to do and keep doing with WU and WO. Starting from next week, we'll be posting the weekly news to Steam as well, and it'll be a slot shared by both WO and WU for talking about dev work on both games. It's because almost everything we develop for one game can and will be added to the other (things like graphics updates or new features,) and so it seems logical to share the news between the two. We'd also like to thank everyone, as players, for playing and contributing to Wurm thus far. There are many new journeys to be had with many new players - game on! The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes over the past week, and amphorae and kilns were added too! 19/10:Fix for dragging unlocked small carts when you do not have an item active. Also applies to catapults. Fix for clay containers. Fix for rotating various items, e.g. large anvil. Fix for config twitter for villages. 20/10:Allow settlement may pass gates work even if some permissions exists for gate. Fix for feeling bad about bashing floors when you have modify permissions. Removed possibility to attack your own mount on PvE servers. You should now be able to invite offline players to your village using /recruit . The player should use the command /join. Check /help for reference. 22/10:Added Large and Small Amphora and Kiln. Possible fix for uneven creature distribution on large maps. Seeing the result of this will probably take a week or two and note that creatures usually don’t spawn in the vicinity of online players. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot was by Devily of his Temple of the Forgotten Gods. It looks really nice, especially in its soft shade of green light! That concludes this week's news. Come and join us aboard the Wurm train: we don't know where the next stop is, but we'll make it a good one
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    Started working on river generation In game screenshots in the spoiler
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    Possibly the first Wurm Unlimited mod released? This is an edit to the Terraforming and Flattening classes in server.jar to drop dirt on the ground when you dig it instead of putting it in your inventory. According to Warlander we're allowed to share modified classes, so I'll distribute my mods via a zip file containing the modified classes.
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    I was looking at the screen shots and thinking how awesome it is to finally see Wurm on steam. I know you guys have been working on this Project (Wurm) for years now and have had many ups and downs. Its been a really long road for you guys and not all of the players were easy to work with. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all your dedicated hard work and for those holidays that you missed with your family's to fix or get things ready for us the players. I don't know if all of Code Club reads English so I will post another with a translation. So...Thank you all at Code Club AB for bringing Wurm into our homes and giving us the opportunity to experience your magical world know as Wurm. Here is to many more Adventures and Misadventures in that world. Thank you for everything you do for us the players. And I hope it continues to bring you as much Fortune as it has brought us so much enjoyable entertainment. I hope others will give a good word here as well. _________________________________________________________________ Jag letade på skärmdumpar och tänkte på hur häftigt det är att äntligen få se Wurm på ånga . Jag vet att ni har arbetat med detta projekt ( Wurm ) i flera år nu och har haft många upp- och nedgångar . Det har varit en riktigt lång väg för er och inte alla spelare var lätt att arbeta med . Jag ville bara ta en minut att säga tack för allt ditt dedikerade hårt arbete och för de helgdagar som du missade med din familjs att fastställa eller få saker redo för oss spelare. Jag vet inte om alla Code Club läser engelska så jag kommer att bokföra en annan med en översättning . Så ... Tack alla på kod Club AB för att föra Wurm in i våra hem och ger oss möjlighet att uppleva din magiska världen veta som Wurm . Här är att många fler äventyr och Misadventures i den världen . Tack för allt du gör för oss spelare. Och jag hoppas att det fortsätter att ge dig så mycket Fortune som det har gett oss så mycket trevlig underhållning .
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    Is there any chance that an option to mark all sub-forums as read could be added? When I hit the view new content I get swamped by WU threads which are irrelevant to me. It would be sweet to just go into the WU section, mark it all as read then hit view new content so I can see whats changing in WO only.
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    First of all, yes, i know there is already another furnace suggestion made my Jberg, to be found right here . But since this is not simply suggesting a bigger smelting tool but a full furnace concept i thought it's worth its own thread. So here it is. After the recent announcement that fountain containers will be removed in the future, now it really is about time for advanced ore smelting equipment! So this furnace is my attempt to design a tool that will both satisfy the need for a way to smelt lots of ores way quicker than with forges, yet won't come too cheap. The basic idea: The main item is the furnace itself, while it also requires a new pottery item as material, namely lump molds. The furnace itself should come with a hard requirement of 35-40 masonry. Further, there should be three things scaling with the QL of the furnace. Those are: The burning duration: Simply take it from forge and oven. It's fine as it is and there's no need to change it for a single item. The amount of ores it can hold: At QL1 the furnace should hold 50 ores. . Up to Ql50, every full QL should make the furnace hold one more ore, so that at Ql50 it can hold a full 100 ores. This is already a big improvement over the current 28 ores, and once you have the required masonry to build this, you can quickly improve it to QL40+. The smelting time: While the furnace should already have slightly faster smelting at a higher QL, i think this still isn't enough to make people prefer the furnace over their already built forges. Due to this, every full QL over 50 will reduce the smelting time by 0.5%, so that a QL100 furnace will smelt ores 25% faster than a Ql100 forge. These three benefits added up will put a single furnace at the smelting speed of roughly 5 forges, while taking less materials, only needing 1/5th of the fuel, and not littering the whole screen with windows. Rarity status: Every tier of rarity bonus will add to the smelting time, too. A rare furnace will add 1%, boosting the maximum to 26%. A supreme furnace will add 2.5%, boosting the maximum to 27.5%. A fantastic furnace will add 5%, boosting the maximum to 30%. The rarity status should still give the same benefit to burning duration it does for normal forges. To sum it up, creating this will already need a seasoned player, hitting the maximum ore hold will need a well-skilled mason, and being able to enjoy the FULL speed of this tool will require to have a veteran mason imping it. However, due to the furnace only being able to hold ores, it will also not be too strong. The items: Furnace: Creation: Activate stone brick right-click clay total materials: 30x stone bricks 30x clay 4x dirt 8x lump molds result: furnace There have been suggestions of this type of tool with material requirements of dozens, or even hundreds of bricks and clay, however giving it a hard requirement on masonry will be more effective to make it an "advanced" tool. Design: There have been some good suggestions on Jberg's thread already, and i think somewhere between and Having something that resembles the left one, but with a bigger opening for the fireplace at the bottom, and a look that resembles the forge with its brick-design would probably fit into the game pretty well. The ingot molds of the right one would also fit it pretty well, and give it quite a different look from the other fireplaces currently ingame. Size-wise it should be slightly larger than the kiln, but not having the limitation of only being build-able outside of houses, since most people prefer having their smithy inside. Lump mold: creation activate hand right-click clay (2.20kg) result lump mold (2.00kg) The lump mold will only be a material that's supposed to make the creation of the furnace not simply masonry-based and give our potters a little love. Design-wise the molds would probably just look like slightly bigger smelting pots. So far that's it about the item itself. Feel free to support this idea or give feedback on what you think is good already, or could be better. But i still have some thoughts about other things i read about improvements to ore smelting so far, so i'll add those here. 1) Make the furnace use several times more fuel than the forge needs. What for? If people already have their several forges and the furnace would give them close to four times the ore hold while it requires, let's say five times, the amount of fuel to stay lit for the same duration, who would actually build this? 2) Make the furnace need 50 bricks, 100 clay, 60 masonry, maybe some other materials. Well, i think in this case a hard requirement for the furnace is better, but it shouldn't be too high either. Most people only have the masonry they got from building the fences and houses on their deed. The way it would be now would already be enough. It DOES have a hard requirement, and people with higher or very high masonry will benefit from it by having a furnace that smelts the ores faster. 3) Make the furnace something that's only build-able outside of houses. No. As i already said, most people have their smithys inside a house or have forges to smelt the iron even inside their warehouse. And since the kiln is only able to be built outside, but can be loaded onto a wagon and then be unloaded inside the house, this restriction is rather useless. 4) Being able to load a crate full of ores into the furnace. That's way too close to automation. You want your ores smelted? Then you can as well just drag and drop them,in there. Not having to move the ores and lumps from a crate into several different forges, then into a cooling forge and back into the crate is already a huge benefit for lazy people, one mustn't overdo it. 5) I already have my several forges, why should i even bother building this when it can only hold ores? You don't have to build it if you don't like it. But having this inside a mine, probably right next to the vein, or on site of community projects where a lot of people mine lots of ores pretty quickly will make it faster to build one or two of these instead of 5 or 10 forges. 6) It's supposed to smelt any kind of metal, so give it the same functionality as a smelting pot. This would make the smelting pot completely useless and come with a number of serious issues. How would you determine when the tool/weapon/armor should smelt? Right at the beginning, as soon as you drop it in while the furnace is lit? What happens then if you accidentally drop your favorite, all enchants 100+ supreme main weapon in there instead of the tool you really wanted to smelt? Once it hits glowing hot? If the faster heating of ores would apply to everything in the furnace it would heat the tools of lumps up faster aswell, and you could simply take the tool out once its close to glowing hot and then continue in the forge. 7) Metallurgy should work with this tool as well, make it burn coal while having iron lumps inside to create steel for example. How would you determine skill gains if it's like this? Wouldn't that make metallurgy loose its purpose and creating huge amounts of high quality steel for pas or whatever you want it for way too easy. 8) Just increase the volume of forges! I say YES! to this, especially for large metal shields and other stuff that doesn't fit into backpacks, the volume limit is pretty annoying. For everything that does fit into a backpack, however, the current volume is good. That's all from me so far, hope someone can give more pointers to the devs how exactly we would like our furnaces and that we can see them in the game as quickly as possible.
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    I'd like a section on the forums for people to post their in-game creations, such as screenshots/videos etc showing off their houses, constructions, uniques etc. Maybe a separate WU suggestions area too.
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    wtf how did you make such a good map
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    You don't own anything in Wurm Online. Code club owns your accounts, silver etc. They want to ban you for cheating, GG you. If they 'break a rule' and you don't like it...stop giving them money. That's the only real way to 'punish' a company for doing something you dislike. Why should they give you money back for you helping destroy the integrity of their MMO they rely on as a job? tl;dr don't cheat and ruin it for everyone else.
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    WGenerator - Arpy's Edit based off WGenerator by Budda (obviously) Download JAR | Download Source Since my editions have deviated so far from Budda's I have decided to create a separate thread to avoid confusion. For information on how to use WGenerator stock features please refer to the official WGenerator thread by Budda Whats new? Added height map importing from 16 bit grayscale PNG images Added height map exporting to 16 bit grayscale PNG images Added an "erosion maximum slope value" allowing you to fine tune slope erosion Added a check box for "land sliding" allowing you to enable/disable dirt sliding above the set "max dirt slope" Added an input for "cliff ratio" allowing you to choose how much large slopes protrude through the dirt layer How to use the new features: Import Before importing ensure that the file you wish to import is compatible; It must be a PNG file that is 16 bit grayscale (refer to tips on how to make these) Before importing into WGenerator, set the map size and map height settings; map size should be the same size as your height map you wish to import, and height should whatever height the map was designed for To import click "Import" and navigate to your height map, select it and press okay- if the file is compatible and there are no errors your height map will be loaded Export Before exporting ensure that you import or generate a height map To export click "Export" and a 16 bit grayscale PNG image of your height map will be saved to your map folder Erosion Min/Max Slope Set a min and max slope height before eroding your height map Erosion will only take effect between the value of min slope and max slope- you can use this to smooth out cliffs while leaving rough plains, or to smooth out rough plains while keeping jagged cliffs Land Sliding Enable this to enable dirt sliding- that is, dirt slides when the current slope is greater than the average of Max Dirt Slope and Max Dirt Slope Diagonal; similar to how dirt dropping works in Wurm Disable to disable dirt sliding- dirt placement will ignore the current slope and will not slide to other tiles Cliff Ratio Determines how much a slope protrudes through the dirt layer Lower values give smooth terrain with little cliffs, higher ones give rough terrain with bigger cliffs Tips: To create a 16 bit grayscale PNG file you can use Photoshop, World Machine, or another tool capable of exporting/saving to this file type Although many image editing program can open and edit a 16 bit grayscale PNG, many cannot save in this format All features have been implemented into the save/load action system- however, when loading an action file with an imported height map the image must be inside the map folder For help creating nice islands in World Machine 2 here is a nice tutorial: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-create-awsome-terrains-with-world-machine/ Many thanks to Budda for developing WGenerator
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    After creating my first map, Serenity Flats which was the smallest size, it was okay but it felt a little small so I decided to make a 2048 map instead. This one is similar in that there's a lot of very flat land, but I have also created lot of hunting grounds. You'll find dense forests, steppe and dessert throughout. Ores are set to the defaults (plus a tiny bit of Glimmer & Addy) as I think it was too high on the last one. Enjoy! Download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/331929/DeerHunter.zip
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    It would be awesome to see some mod support in the Server code, so individual mods can co-exist, and not every mod needs to compile it's own version of the server.jar, it would also give CCAB more control over what they expose to modding and what not. Since i'm quite an apt coder myself, i took the liberty of writing an implementation for it based on the released server.jar for WU. The way i currently set it up, allows there to be a "/mods/" folder in your WU Server folder and it will check folders in there for a file called "mod.info" which is a file that describes the mod info in a token=value format. First, here is the ModHandler or ModManager class, the LoadMods method would ideally be called early in the server startup, before any functionality mods could hook into. package com.wurmonline.server; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.FileNotFoundException; import java.io.IOException; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Properties; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; public class ModHandler { private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ModHandler.class.getName()); protected static List<Mod> availableMods; protected static List<Mod> activeMods; public static void LoadMods(String modDir) { availableMods = new ArrayList<Mod>(); File modFolder = new File(modDir); File[] files; int numMods = 1; for (File file : files = modFolder.listFiles()) { if(file.isDirectory()) { String[] modFiles; for(String modFile : modFiles = file.list()) { if (modFile.equalsIgnoreCase("mod.info")) { Properties properties = new Properties(); FileInputStream stream; try { stream = new FileInputStream(modFile); properties.load(stream); } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) { logger.log(Level.SEVERE, "Could not open mod.info file in folder " + file.toString()); } catch (IOException ex) { logger.log(Level.SEVERE, "Could not read mod.info file in folder " + file.toString()); } Mod info = new Mod(properties.getProperty("name", "Wurm Unlimted Mod " + String.valueOf(numMods)), file.toString(), properties.getProperty("enabled", "False")); numMods++; availableMods.add(info); //Should probably have a method of enabling/disabling mods in the GUI if(info.isEnabled()) { activeMods.add(info); } } } } } } public static void initialiseItemTemplates() { for(Mod mod : activeMods) { mod.initialiseITemTemplates(); } } public static void createSpells() { for(Mod mod : activeMods) { mod.createSpells(); } } public static void createCreatureTemplates() { for(Mod mod : activeMods) { mod.createCreatureTemplates(); } } } Secondly, the Mod class, which will contain information about the mod, and run the actual modifications the mod made: package com.wurmonline.server; class Mod { public String modName; public boolean enabled = false; public String folder; Mod(String name, String folder, String enabled) { this.modName = name; this.folder = folder; this.enabled = Boolean.parseBoolean(enabled); } public String getModName() { return modName; } public boolean isEnabled() { return enabled; } public String getFolder() { return folder; } void initialiseITemTemplates() { throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet."); } void createSpells() { throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet."); } void createCreatureTemplates() { throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet."); } } Lastly, in server.startRunning, we call the modHandler equivalent for functionality we want to expose to modding, after we executed the standard WU functionality like such: ItemTemplateCreator.initialiseItemTemplates(); ModHandler.initialiseItemTemplates(); SpellGenerator.createSpells(); ModHandler.createSpells(); CreatureTemplateCreator.createCreatureTemplates(); ModHandler.createCreatureTemplates(); I'm looking for feedback, suggestions and if there is any chance of this getting implemented in the code. If there is enough support for this, i can start writing documentation/ work this out further.
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    wurm needs crickets.
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    We are pleased to announce that we included Wurm Unlimited on our product role. Starting from £4.88 - 1024MB Memory, you can rent a server right now from us! Rent Here http://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/wurm-unlimited-game-server-hosting.html Support Feel free to contact us on our support if you have any further questions. http://gtxbilling.co.uk/supporttickets.php
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    Hey there! Me and Slinky are working on an SQL file generator for server administrators to import skills that people may have had on Wurm Online, or if they want a certain skill set. Could be used for server admins to make custom "loadouts" for certain players or whatever... Anyway... Some modders or tool makers might find this spreadsheet I made useful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XxCk2JVCTj3bblYuaHRZQT2garVo8y3SjcrIZoWBohc/edit?usp=sharing It's a list of all the skills and their associated "Number" in the database in order of the skill dump. Once we've fully tested the skill SQL generator (which will eventually read a Wurm skills dump file and automatically output the SQL file) and tweaked it a bit, I'll post it up here along with the PHP source so people can convert it to Java, Python, C or whatever your poison is. I hope the spreadsheet helps some people!
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    Edit: Maps were deleted so closing this down.
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    1- the wand changes 1 skill at a time only. But you could set the server to test mode and then there is a test option when right click the ground to set all skills at once. I think max is 90 though. 2- There is only one flight speed. 3 - I have no idea. 4 - no idea. Gm's are not meant to be players and have never had a need to tame before. GM's in wurm online for example have taming skill of 1 only... they do not get adjusted up to 99 as they are not player accounts and not used for that purpose. 5 - we built everything with the wand. And what you have now has more capabilities than when we first started making things even... But again back to what a GM was designed to be. They are not designed to be players or creating things on the servers. Wurm is a sandbox where players make those changes, and the staff are 100% volunteers. Because of that the features they have available to them is a lot more restricted in what they can do.
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    The Pretenders - Middle of the Road (Live)
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    Nogumps are, by far, the most overpowered mobs in this game by virtue of their ability to pretty much perma-stun any player in between throwing them. Like seriously, i challenge any dev's to spawn a regular one on the test server and try and beat it (or run away from it for that matter), please consider nerfing their stun ability. But Champion Nogumps ... they are just broken: Stronger then uniques No special loot drop (so gathering a group for them has no incentive) Faster then uniques Permastun 2.0 Screenie for proof:
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    Normal nogumps are OP but at least can be handled. Champ nogumps are literally ridiculous, they can outrun hell horses going 44+km. If you see one you literally just grab ur horse gear and karma. Please nerf champ nogumps.
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    What boiled my brain is that after being a quite active part of the penning I cannot see it anyhow nice to put the hunt discussion to a team chat where I was not even invited - but yeah thinking about it maybe better to be outsider to such a "community".
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    its been bugged since the dawn of time the amount of times i go hunted while working on an allies deed with permissions, or i go into a spar and suddenly get hunted for whatever random reasoson... i don't even want to get started. 99.9% of the time someone is hunted anyway, they didn't really do anything wrong (which is what it was designed for anyway, to stop same kingdom griefers.) instead, it bugs out, prevents a person from going to PvP due to their inability to be light of fo'd + they get a pretty big CR nerf. im also guessing this or king titles wont ever happen until someone is about to rage quit because of it.
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    I just had to do the same thing first had to make myself GM, bumped myself to skill I had on server 41 then summoned a standard meditation rug using activated ivory wand...once you have the skill and the rug just a matter of meditating until you reach your level goal took me all of 10 minutes or less to get level 7 path of love. There is no wait time when your a gm it appears so was a very nice surprise.
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    Remove all anti-pvp mechanics on pvp servers please +1
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    won't let you bash on an enemy deed even while the templar is dead. this is on chaos pls fix
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    Saw kiln and hoped for a larger smelting object for ores, was sadly disappointed Yet again new items and not a requested one. Hopefully a step in the right direction for fixing the xanadu spawn however
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    Hmmmm, come winter, will we have igloos?
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    I don't think any explanation is really needed for this level of awesomeness, but I would suggest that there is a loud 'clang' sound when it hits.
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    Created a simple wordpress plugin. It just pulls the server stats and displays them in a more modern format than the stats.html that comes with the server software. Currently the plugin relies on your sites css to display everything. I may add some fancy buttons to customize it later on. get it here https://github.com/Dynarev/WUStats This plugin assumes you know how to Administer a server, so that you can set up a webserver to push the xml file.
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    Many of you may know me as Zazamari from....various servers. I have had this server waiting in my data center for a while as the interest in the minecraft servers died off. Wurm has always been a great game to me and I am happy to announce that the Earf gaming network has been re-activated with the start of Earf 2, the Wurm Unlimited edition. This server is in a class 2 datacenter with plenty of CPU and RAM if interest is great enough options can be made to enhance the experience even further but here is the current plan: Currently: -1 PvE server (thanks to Jerico for letting me use his map http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132427-dark-island-map-4096x4096/ ) -2x skill rate -3x action timer -20k mobs, 30% aggressive -All others default, skills start at 1, stats start at 20 In the near future: -1 PvP server (Now open!) -This will likely be opened soon after everyone has gotten settled and gotten some basic materials and supplies set up -8192 in size -Suggestions will be considered regarding mods or server changes -Events will be held here -First 6 people to join will receive 1g as seed money to start their respective kingdoms off safely, 2 from each kingdom will be given this -For those that want to join PvP immediately I have set up alts in the respective starting towns, if you wish to immediately go to the PvP server upon joining simply ask and you can be summoned there since we do not have portals yet. -50k creatures, 50% agressive -5xskillgain, 10x action timers In the far future -3 more PvP servers -Each will be for the 3 main kingdoms -Other PvP home servers -These could be paid for by large kingdoms to help fund hardware upgrades etc Up until December 1st all deeds are free Deed upkeep on PvE now forever disabled, creation and expansion will still cost coin, simply find a GM (My GM account is Zazanari) and ask to be given some starting cash (10s), additional cash can be drained from traders for expansion. On December 1st deed upkeep costs will be enabled and villages will be responsible for maintaining upkeep in their deeds. Also on December 1st the first dragons and other legendary creatures will be spawned (unless spawned early by the server) The server is in a class 2 datacenter in Texas with a 100/100Mb connection with multiple gigabit redundant uplinks to the web. The server sits on an SSD and is backed up hourly to an onsite storage device. Historically it has has 99.99% uptime even with several servers running on the system so I consider it quite stable in fact its been 106 days since its last reboot (done by me not a crash). You can find the server listed in the browser as: Earf 2 We have a website being redesigned in a more generic fashion rather than minecraft specific, I will update this post once its been completed there will be forums and other thingys in it. Please pardon my dirt as I put the finishing touches on spawn. PvE Map (login location): PvP (8192x8192 version of Xallo's map here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133597-westfall-4096x4096-archipelageo-landmasses-mountain/): map image purposefully crappy to discourage preplanning and encourage exploration
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    Please reintroduce gift wrapping so that we can add a bit of christmas touch to the presents we want to give out to friends for Christmas. As I understand it, it was removed because people were exploiting it to wrap up items such as pelts and hides to prevent decay. As Etherdrifter will point out in their post below, people continue to do that anyways by storing them on free alts. Just bring back Gift Wrapping. It was a great feature.
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    Will imp it to 80ql before it is sold. Sniper Protection: 1h Min Increasements: 1s Starting Bid: 80s B/O: PM me an offer Reserve: None 1s=0.9e if you wish to bid in Euros. Please calculate your value and bid in silver amount to make it easier for everyone, if you win you can let me know if you want to pay in Silver or Euros, or a combination. Album of the set in-game: http://imgur.com/a/5M9G4
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    they dont do that much damage on WO the only reason they were an issue was due to the crit chance increase with fantastic items which people would have said if they knew what fantastic did way earlier.....
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    Remove action/skill restriction for priests (similar to champions) Increase maximum Faith/Favor There are several spells that require linking in order to have enough favor Alternatively - reduce the favor cost of said spells to 100? I've actually been poking around the decompiled source looking for how these might be handled but I couldn't narrow down priest restrictions.
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    there is in the code if you view it in itemslist.class
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    Make a clean map, With the map generator tool, you must only save the map once, trying to save to an existing file does not work.
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    That's too bad, I'd have put "UFOS LAND HERE" in packed dirt or something...have to remember it for next time
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    I am locking this thread. It has run its course Solmark ALFM
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    Updated my map importer code a tad bit: - Added error messages when you do something the importer doesn't like - You can only import 16-bit grayscale images, such as those made in photoshop or World Machine (uploading anything else will throw an error) - With the addition of 16-bit grayscale support comes the flawless (?) beauty of getting what you upload (no more minecraft map ) As always it is untested, so use it at your own risk? let me know how it works~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2wtrj229byqaph/WGenerator-ArpyEditv2_1.jar?dl=0
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    Nay. Hopefully there will be a bind soon as there are a greater need for it other than just me. Activate ebony wand -> right click on the character that you want to make champion -> bottom of the menu is something like "toggle champion..." can't recall the wording right now. Can't do it on yourself, you'd have to go to one of the lights (set yourself to the pre-condions of your god (50+ faith 25+ sd/ss)) and right click the altar and choose "permadeath" (I don't think they've changed this option name from when it used to be permadeath) You can manage your deed through right clicking on your inventory or body -> manage -> settlement. You can get a new one by going to your settlements token and right clicking -> settlement -> info. This will spawn a new settlement deed. I recommend that you bind it to your middle mouse button - my personal bind is (bind MOUSE2 GMTOOL) - as you can middle mouse click to get the information if an item/character/tile instantly without having to type. You spawn the mission ruler, it is named thus.
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    yep - When i push play..the image in my previous post is what i get....every time. No matter the process used to start it.. exe or steam
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    ive found the only way to get anything done concerning suggestions and bugs is to make a rage thread on town square labeled "IM LEAVING THE GAME". just threaten to leave rolf's poor game and he'll appeal to ur every dreams
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    Geesh and pvpers cant figure out why most pvers think there doochbags.
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    Devs confirmed years ago they had no intention of removing them and understood it was leftover due to a bug and I'm sure was mentioned they were happy there were some items like this around.. would love for someone to find the post
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    This is similar to the issue with the Nahjo nerf that was rolled back. Ignoring an issue when it arises and letting it become part of the game, then much much later address it with a "fix" that screws everyone over. This makes the players lose trust in the game and drives people away. Who knows what's going to get "fixed" next? Removing all drake sets because the sets were obtained by penning dragons which wasn't intended? Removing skills people gained years ago because you've now changed skill gain? Who knows and when we don't know what policies management will flip-flop on next then it seems pointless to invest time/money in the game. All online games have an issue with "legacy" items that are no longer obtainable after changes/fixes. Some games address this by removing the old items when they make the change. Other games allow the legacy items to exist and it becomes part of the game. Old items such as fountain containers has been around so long that they have become part of the game. By doing nothing about them for 5+ years people have figured it was safe to invest real life money in such items. You can't flip-flop on policies like that without driving people away from the game. As a side note - why are you making these incredibly short-sighted changes that are pissing the playerbase off days before release Wurm Unlimited? Now is when you need positive word of mouth the most and veteran players who've just lost hundreds of dollars worth of items are probably not going to be in the mood to defend the game when the Steam audience starts to complain about the buggy nature of the game, primitive server management options etc.