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    Currently Lib and Nahjo can both sac veggies. Without the stupid arguement, this is BY FAR the easiest saccing item by a large factor. I find it unfair that both those faiths can sac locks/cordage rope/yoyos's at 1/2 the favor gain for each faiths sacking item, and yet all the other priests get like 1/10000th of veggies sac favor. Please either change Libs/Nahjos saccing item to a more balanced item (as hard as locks for the very least), or make it so that each and every faith can sack at 1/2 the favor a Lib/Nahjo would get for veggies.
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    As it stands now Nahjo can't mine, woodcut, or dig - so what exactly are they supposed to be able to do? I for one converted a 92 Faith Mag priest with an affinity in mining, 92 mining skill, and 60 prospecting because you have virtually made being a Mag priest a total waste of time. I believe that is true for almost everyone. I have been busy now for about two weeks and my charachter is just coming back up at 53.5 faith, and suddenly can't use mining and prospecting skills I have spent unbelievable amounts of time on? If you are really telling me you have once again moved the goalposts after I made gaming decisions based on ALL the current game information, including what is listed in the Wiki, then what is the point in playing further? Is this really just a game where the rules are changed on a whim without warning, nullifying gaming decisions and strategies just like that? If it is I would like a clear answer that is the case, because that makes any game unplayable. Sometimes it's like you guys are literally trying to dream up ways to push paying gamers away - it's incredible. So what is your plan now? Do I get my 92 Faith Mag priest back, and compensation for all the time and wasted effort expended simply playing by the rules YOU set? Or what?
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    Voila! The latest update!!!! Can you tell how happy I am? :-) :-) No more of this: Mine iron ore Dig clay Mine copper Heat forge Smelt iron into lumps Smith a gate lock from iron lumps > Rename to keep track Use iron key from gate lock to create a key form from the clay > Rename to keep track Bake the "raw" key form > Rename to keep track (since the key form loses it's name upon becoming baked) Smelt copper ore into lumps Using copper lump and key form, create a copper key copy of the original key > Rename to keep track Give price to copper key and put on vendor And this was until now, the only way to sell horses on vendors as iron keys could not be priced, only copper ones could. And not only that, but since iron keys refuse to decay, even in a trash pile - I now have many chests full of the "unneeded iron keys" - where as from now on I can simply sell them directly! Yay! To whoever implemented this: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
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    First of all - this is a starting point for a debate, not a specific suggestion set in stone. I'm sure the specifics can be improved - this is just to get the ball rolling and to give our devs an alternative to simply nerfing Nahjo priests. This is also the reason I'm posting it here and not in the suggestions forum, but the mods are of course welcome to move it. The reason for this post is because the devs have stated they are considering nerfing Nahjo priests. Core Assumption: Nahjo priests should not be nerfed too much. There was a good time to balance Nahjo to make it fit the balance of the old priests, but that time was 5 months ago. Since then people have re-grinded faith to high levels, some have bought/sold characters and some casual players have started a priest which they otherwise wouldn't have. Instead of nerfing Nahjo give the other priests a boost in PvE. Assumption: Nahjo hasn't broken PvP balance (as far as I know), so this balancing will focus on PvE abilities. Hopefully the changes can work on both PvE and PvP servers. Assumption: It is ok to "hardcode" some priest abilities even if this doesn't fit entirely within the player god framework. Assumption: It is acceptable to add a bit more overlap between the priest abilities since this has already happened with the player gods (especially Najho). 1 - Make sure the roles of the gods are clearly defined. No big changes here, just some small tweaks. Nahjo: Good at everything, but master of none. Difficulty: casual Fo: Master of nature and healing. Difficulty: casual Magnaron: Mastery of the body and combat. Difficulty: medium Vynora: Master of the arcane. Difficulty: hard 2 - Allow the old gods more abilities to bring them in line with Nahjo having both mining and woodcutting. Magnaron: Add digging since this fits with the body domain. They could possibly even get woodcutting and paving as well since they are body skills and Magnaron's PvE relevance is somewhat limited. Fo: Add woodcutting since this relates to nature (perhaps limit it to very old and overaged trees to fit the lore). Vynora: Add alchemy and natural substances since mixing potions fits with arcane abilities. They could get mining or digging as well, but that doesn't seem to fit the lore that well (and I am not sure they need as big a boost as Mag and Fo). Nahjo: No changes. 3 - Boost favor from sacrificing for the old gods. First of all double the core price of the current "double" favor items (to the level of cordage ropes). That way people who already grinded the relevant skills won't get nerfed and existing items in stock will still be as useful as before. Secondly make their new sacrifice items something that fits the lore and require skills that don't take improving to raise efficiently (which makes little sense when they're not allowed to improve). Fo: Make vegetables (HC items) their favor item like Nahjo (unless this breaks healing in PvP). It fits the lore and I have a hard time seeing how it would make them unbalanced for PvE. They'd be able to mass produce sprouts, but that's about it. Vynora: Some alchemy or natural substances item. Healing covers or healing salves would work, but perhaps not the most lore appropriate. Healing salves would give a use for all the animal fat sitting in our bsbs. Magnaron: Door locks still works fine since locksmithing doesn't take improving to skill up. If the core price of door locks is doubled they'd still see a nice boost (unless this breaks pvp). An alternative could be metallurgy lumps since this would fit the lore better than door locks. Nahjo: No changes to favor item. Optional nerf: I think most people will agree that sacrificing vegetables is currently extremely powerful. If the favor gain from this was reduced by 50% it would still be really good, so I think that could be an option (but it's a significant nerf). 4 - Spell tweaks This is going to be controversial, so please don't take it for more than an initial suggestion that is open for debate. It includes a bit of nerfing of Nahjo, but this could be omitted. Vynora: Since they are masters of enchanting it would make sense they get Life Transfer since it's by far the best enchant for that slot. Magnaron: Add Frostbrand since it's a damage dealing enchant. Improving Mole Sense to be more useful would be nice, but that's another discussion (making it work like "analyze" above ground would be awesome). Fo: Give them some more utility spells. Oppulence, Light Token and Reveal Creatures/Settlements would fit well with the lore. Dominate and True Hit are also possibilities. Nahjo: Optionally remove some of the enchanting spells that aren't top tier. Possible enchants to remove could be the Demise spells, Lurker in the Dark and maybe Aura of Shared Pain. Do not remove Wind of Ages, Courier or Lifetransfer since these were major selling points for the people picking the class. More changes could probably be made to PvP spells, but I don't know enough about that to make any suggestions there. (Apologies if I made any mistakes about current priest abilities, some of it is quoted from memory)
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    I feel for you all, you spent a lot of time to grind to a new priest, but a conscious decision was made to follow a deity that was very well clearly OP. There has been an avalanche of criticism for how much Nahjo has affected the markets for priests.
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    Very quickly ..but done by a 13 year old with no biological knowledge nor any idea of proportions.
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    WA 2 Granger updated with support for all creatures. Bugs, if spotted, will be hunted down and slain mercilessly. Special thanks to the willing test subject, Miss Muczka.
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    Player gods are a complete freaking disaster and this should have been obvious from the start. A completely randomized god cannot be expected to be coherent or balanced in the slightest, not to mention the bugs we've had to deal with concerning Nahjo (mycelium, and now this). The original gods at least have some kind of theme to each of them, and were actually, you know, designed. The player gods are a ridiculous mish-mash of random things that don't make any thematic sense and lead to balance issues. I'll go so far as to say they should either be completely removed, or some kind of actual thought process should go into creating them, with input from the ascending player, instead of just randomizing everything.
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    I decided to become a Nahjo priest in good faith. I chose Nahjo as I needed a priest with the ability to look after my stud farm. As I can no longer cut wood, and unpack dirt, all my horses are running out of grass and will die. I feel we should have been consulted before such a change. I have invested premium and time and effort into this character and no form of compensation or remedy has been offered. Changes like this should not have been left until the last hour - too much emotional investment has already gone into my character. I think that this decision should now be reversed and the 'bug' brought back, as this is the more popular decision. A character can hardly be considered more 'balanced' when it leaves so many players feeling unsettled and angry. More people would be comforted by a reversal back to how things were, than those few if any who would be upset by a return to the supposed lack of balance between the priests.
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    idk. EVERYONE converted to Nahjo cuz it was OP. They now balanced it. You can /transfer back to your old faith if you have problems. I think this decision is better than some we've seen in the past.
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    We will be hosting an impalong the From Dec 16-23 at Whitefall I8. This is coastal and can also be reached by land using a tunnel. The hosting staff includes Quiglen Deed Owner. Master of most things Wurmish including but not limited to Blacksmiths, weapon smithing, carp and fine Carp Chiqa, general slave > Mistress of fine carp, carp , weapon smithing and a few other fun skills BruceMcgee Provider of sanity and laughter Jashton All things Dirty Always has a shovel in hand Chulirac General in charge of nuisance. Lots of tasty skills he doesn't tell anyone about Silvirwolfe Mistress of pain/games <Excels in proper whip usage. Tria Mistress of sweetness and official staff herder (look out I hear she carry's a cattle prod) Uisge Master of chains and many other wonderful things. This list will be updated as friends sign their life away in blood for the event. Tools will be imped to 70 ql . Private arrangements may be made of course, you pay someone to imp well above 70ql at the event if you wish, and if they have the mats on hand, that would be up to impers discretion and they set their own prices. . Rules No sales please. This is a function based on giving , not taking . 1 type of item per person please, If you bring 10 frying pans expect 1 imped and the rest publicly returned. Basically "Don't Bee Funky " should cover it. Be nice and respectful to others or you will be asked to leave. For those or you that have asked about more specific rules. I recycled this from Jaz with permission of course. Rules: as the impalong is mainly intended to help the newer players, who are attending the event in person, the following rules are in place: Always name your items (rename: your character name), items without names will not be worked on. Please put the items into the correct container (forge, coffin, etc), you can consult the Wurmpedia or ask if unsure which item belongs where. For example sacrificial knife is weapon, candelabra is jewelry item... Where backpacks etc. are in the forges or other containers, please put your items -that fit inside- into any of these subcontainers, to max out the available space. All Forges have Backpacks please place your items inside them when possible. When an item is ready, the imper will post /me <name> <item name> is ready into the local chat, causing the line to appear in yellow text. Please pick up your item as soon as possible to make space for new items in the containers. If a container is full, please wait until some space is freed up. Do not take out the items that do not belong to you even if you are the imper, do not move them into another containers. Staff will handle overflow. Items will be imped to 70ql max - if you wish anything imped to higher, please arrange it in PM with the impers, preferably arranged after the event closed Odynn is making steel for us and some others may be donating. Steel imping will proceed as usual. Jazz has donated gold, gold and silver imping will proceed. Due to low yield of Wool , we will not be imping any wool items. We will have casting. You are responsible to only put 70+ql and above items in for casting, in case of shatter there is no recourse. It is a chance we all take. Put your name and the cast you are wanting on the item please. other wise it will not be casted on. Please limit to 1-2 items per person. Lets not break the priests. Rules may change during the event based on the circumstances, if updated, it will be announced in local chat If you have issues or questions please contact the members of the organizers Please be kind to each other, this week is for fun and to meet each other Hosts and a few volunteers are donating sac items, if you can donate more please do so, just bring it with you when you come. Logistics: The imping and sermons are done in a single building to support the priests with the biggest possible audience. On Deed Inn provided (36 beds) Food and water is provided On-deed pens with enchanted grass available, please bring branded animals to avoid leading and other access issues Please start signing up below for imping. Impers Trimm: Blacksmith/Leatherworking Bdew: I'll attend with my usual BS/LW/SHS/Carp Revelation: Shieldsmithing, blacksmithing, carp and fine carp. Pinchi: I will help with Blacksmithing for sure. BrandonSF :90+ Shield smithing, Carp, Blacksmithing, Arrows. Cecci : I'll pop over for sure, doing fine carp and maybe something more, like leatherwork or so. Vindekator: Shipbuilding, Carp, Masonry, Hot Digity Uisge Chain Ehizellbob Cloth, carp, Fine Carp Gooner Blacksmithing StarGrace carpentry, fine carp, weaponsmithing, blacksmithing Zetzu Carpentry Toriyo Bowery Shrimpie LW and CT Jamuszsram blacksmithing, chain armour smithing Irbiska : ship building, carpentry Roysta Blacksmithing / Leatherworking Fine Carp / Ship Building / Chain Armour Rocklobstar Blacksmithing MissWilc LW, CT, BS, and FC Fendir Blacksmith and Weaponsmith. Odynn Most things Metal As we get things planned (games etc this post will be updated. 10/16/15 Update Quiglen has offered the use of his Artisans hall that he originally built for impalongs. We have held an ally imp along there in the past. For this reason we are moving the impalong to Whitefall. The building is complete, we just need to dust off the cobwebs, Screenies will be coming before too long. Any of the other metals that can be donated at 70 ql ish would be welcome as well as prizes for games. Feel free to contact Silvirwolfe regarding games. She can be reached here on the forums via pm or ingame. 11/14/15 See the new and improved Hall below! We have iron, cotton, logs in stock on site. Gold has be pledged for delivery before opening day. Any donations for contests prizes would be welcome. Quiglen and I just completed a very nice 2 lane wooden Bridge to traverse between MBS and Whitefall. 11/29/15 The Inn is complete Material gathering is nearing completion Creating sac material is getting started. Odynn is hard at work on this . Anyone making Donations please pm me to facilitate coordination. Don't forget to contact Chulirac regarding sermons. Prizes Rare Saw 93 ql Donated by Pinchi Rare Grindstone Rare 70 ql Smelting pot donated by Bonegetter 90 ql Exquiset Meditation rug Ehizellbob Rare Bear Hat Wilca RAre purple Flower Pot Wilca Rare Cloth Hood Wilca Rare Large Iron Shield Rare Long Bow Toriyo More coming soon as We get donations. Spellcast has graciously differed to make a teleport very close to deed so that no one needs to miss out on the treasure hunt. we will post signs directing to it.
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    So, I am wondering what will keep people playing Wurm Online when Wurm Unlimited is released. Although I spend most of my time in-game doing my own thing with little conversation with others, I do like the fact that they are around playing the game, building and shaping the environment. Then I can travel around the local area and observe their progress, admiring what they have accomplished. I have always preferred MMO's because the many players contribute a diverse sort of life to the game, Wurm exhibiting this more than others since players transform the servers by their efforts. Now joining someone else's server in WU would not appeal to me because then I would be under their approval and control in some manner to remain there, where with Wurm if I just pay my way and don't grief other players that is enough and I don't need any further approval. So joining someone's WU server is not something I would even consider. Then there is the appeal of playing WU as a single player game on one's private server that would be totally built by one's own creative efforts and design, which nobody else could mess with. Yet I remember the isolating feeling of Skyrim where the world seemed an empty place because of the lack of other players within it. So, I can see myself playing WU to create my own world undisturbed but for my "people fix" I imagine I would continue playing Wurm Online. What say you? Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Wouldn't it be easier to just keep the epic deities on epic?
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    It was obvious to anyone within the first minute of laying eye on Nahjo's abilities. There were very long forum threads about it that were met with absolute silence from the dev team. The reasonable way to address the balance issues at this point is to boost the PvE abilities of the other priest types to make them more relevant.
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    horrible horrible idea aside, no, they will not be connected in any way shape or form. beyond the trolling and whatever, servers can have copies of the same name, so youd have issues with that too
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    Reading the answers of people who've been there is just as interesting as reading the actual story
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    Guess I'll have to make an appearance. What with y'all being neighbors and such. Shipbuilding, Carp, Masonry, Hot Digity
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    Brandon, I sure hope the winds will be in favor then! I'll pop over for sure, doing fine carp and maybe something more, like leatherwork or so.
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    Forget belly buttons, anyone placing bets on how long until the first mod that enable naked swedes happens?
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    We have stolen your freedom animals and brought them to epic
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    It would be ridiculous to remove spells now. The original suggestion to balance by giving other priests a bit more would be a far better way to go. Removing amounts to "bait and switch". It's true that when Nahjo first appeared everyone immediately saw how much better it was than the current priests for PvE....and held their breaths waiting for the nerf, and pullback. It never happened. For months people have looked on as it appeared more and more certain that nothing was going to be done. The issues were always there, in posts, in threads.......it was never a "bug" as was claimed by the Dev post originally last night. To be honest that suggestion was an insult to all of our intelligence. To suggest that "no one had noticed" when it had already been going on for 4 months, with people complaining, making suggestions, constantly posting about it......really.....we aren't 3 year olds that can be dazzeld aside by some glib claim that no one is supposed to notice makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So OF COURSE people decided they needed to change - give up Mag priests for sure, in many cases Fo as well. What else was anyone supposed to do? And now they have......the switch...and many, many people are screwed. Does anyone expect they all just sit there and roll over? For now it's been rolled back, but the threat is still there. It's clear something is going to happen, and that is probably a good thing. However - that shouldn't be by taking stuff away again which will destroy many hours of time and money that people have put into the changeover. Sure - rebalance by adding to the other priests - why not? That way it's gets balanced, and people stay happy. Removing stuff and many, including myself, will probably conclude WO is a waste of time, money, and effort......and either go play WU where the Devs can't touch you, or something else entirely. Talking of WU. The advent of that has already made most of the players nervous as heck as to what will happen in WO. Prices for everything, accounts, items, have all fallen through the floor. Pulling stuff like this is frankly unbelievably bad timing in that regard. It's an open invitation for people to walk - just to get away from the arbitrary nature of how stuff is done here. So yes - balance by adding and not undercutting those that felt they had to completely change their priests, or watch a bunch more people stop paying subscription Wurm...because why the hell should they considering they no longer have to?
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    Nahjo nerf AFTER this long time? Why was it not done quite in time? There had been reports real early. No intervention, even there was communication it is good as is, no change needed. I've spent all this time building up my Nahjo priest based on the above, this is really ridiculous to change it now. I'm ...well upset first time ever playing Wurm.
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    The Nahjo balance question is a big one and really depends on what the Devs have for their goals. If their main focus is PvP balance then Nahjo is actually an underdog in this field and requires buffing rather than nerfing. If their main focus is PvE balance then Nahjo really does need some serious nerfs as they have 2 gathering skills and almost every useful PvE spell. If their focus is to balance both then they're in trouble since the original deities were not overly balanced on both (balanced on PvP for the most part with the occasional shuffle, but not really on PvE where Vyn ruled supreme and Fo/Mag snapped up the legwork jobs). The real changes needed are a rethink of magic on wurm, how it functions and what paths priests take.
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    +1 to most of this. Though there are two things I disagree with. The first (as a long time vyn priest owner) is for vynora to get Life Transfer. Vynora is already king when it comes to tool enchants (CoC and Woa), even Nahjo doesn't have CoC. I don't feel that Vynora should also become superb at enchanting weapons by giving her LT. Secondly I can't say that I agree with the description of Nahjo, "Good at everything" feels like an exaggeration as for enchanting tools he's average at best as he has no CoC, which is by far the most important enchant there. Nahjo also isn't anything special for armor as he only has AoSP, he doesn't have web armour. So below average at tools (by far the biggest enchanting market) and nothing special for armor. I honestly can't call that "Good at everything" with a straight face. Nahjo seems to excel in enchanting weapons (LT at least) and in utility (courier, strongwall, genesis) and in his sacrifice/favor mechanic, but is there really anything exceptional about him besides that?
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    If someone really wants to make it interesting they could make it so you'd have to do some like, quest (sort of like the ones we do for gods ATM) but a bit different, like collect X amount of wood, or stone, or kill mobs. What ever, and when it's complete you get silver towards upkeep. Could drop from mobs, could always use traders, could program it so each skill has a decent sell value once you get higher QL items. Really, it's infinite how you "could" do it. Just going to depend on what the server owner wants.
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    Maybe cool to have the WU global chat, but not connected to WO as it will cause more confusion
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    WARNING: this is a very long read, a huge wall of text (I'm known for that)... Descent at your own peril. I began with a friend that no longer plays, I also began at a time (in real life) that was very dark for me, so wurm had always had a... Emotional relationship for myself. I began with my own character, played a few weeks upping the body stats and primary skills, but grew tired that I was unable to provide help to anyone, and that I was very in-efficient. A opportunity came up, the original Darkmalice was selling his accounts, and the Darkmalice account itself caught my attention, it was a beast of a account, I talked to him a bit and ended up being able to buy it Pre-auction due to how serious I was about buying it (and not misusing it) I quickly learned the game (I had to at that point) to be able to also help friends and random passerbys, this only accelerated my desire to help though. Eventually I found a Alliance, one that Aetherwalker an Shadowronin were apart of. I loved (and still do) these two. Eventually I bought the Zarame account to up my skills, I then followed soon after with The Debit vyn priest account. At this point, I could do basically everything, I moved off deli for a long time, had some adventuring, but grew bored and left the game for a bit - quickly to return two or three months later I returned to deli, my alliance welcomed me back, and I brought DoctorAngus into the alliance (though a bit hard at that time ) a lot of issues were happening on deli, territory wars, market wars, political issues. Friends quickly became enemies, and enemies multiplied in number. Though I try to stay personally friendly with everyone, it doesn't always work. *edit, Also bought Vandle around this time, which allows me to now do everything at 90+ql and enchants* Had some issues with people that owned a few markets, got into arguements on the forums, and eventually got tired of it all. Around this time Xanadu came out, I left - again. Spent months enjoying myself on Xanadu but eventually those same people crawled into my area on Xanadu, I tried to mind my own business but after a highway was forced right beside my deed (out of the way, in the woods) I decided to say screw this and let a 1g+ deed disband, brought all my valuables to deli where my alliance still stood strong (though with mostly new faces, and a few old) and sold most of my stuff, or gave it to friends. I almost sold a few characters, but decided against it. I told everyone good bye, and that I'd likely not be back. (Surprisingly to me, a few were very devastated to hear this. I'm a extremely emotional person, and this put a seed in me that grew) I don't remember exactly when I left, 6 months? A year? But I have returned a few days ago, and so far glad I did. Trying to regain what to once had is proving nearly impossible, but holding out hope. Luckily, I've always had a nach for making friends in very high places, when I first started wurm I met people that I consider "high ranking" and they've helped me a lot through everything, and now a few trying to help me get back into it. If I had to give a personal view of myself, I'd say I'm nice but not the best in a group, I'm best when it's in 1-1 conversation, or a small "elite" group that knows what to do. I consider myself in everything I play to be very good. A good thing is while I try to perfect everything, I don't ask that of others. I do want them to have common sense and curtesy, but beyond that I don't ask much - which is likely why I can make friends with almost anyone. A downside (though really a plus?) I can't stop thinking. The best way I can explain this is - The littlest thing said to me I will think on for hours, days, or how ever long until I'm given something else to think about. This can lead to me thinking Ill of something good intentioned or something that meant little. And I try to "classify" everything / everyone into a category (a lot like how I mentioned in good with the "higher ups") Both of these come with good and bad. The instant I meet someone, I judge them. Most say don't judge from the first encounter, the problem is to this day (not just wurm) I've yet to be wrong. intuition Is often a understatement I'm told. I'm good at guessing things, often people won't believe me until something happens, just be "how did you even know..." Normally I can't explain, I just have a feeling and it happens. (This has been going on since I was young... When 9/11 happened interesting enough... Terrible day I will never forget.) Major downsides though (that I'm aware of and try to work on) is that when I believe I am right (and actually wrong, though rare) I will fight tooth and nail until proven wrong. And then I will twist it to act like I was saying that and that I was misunderstood. I do it in-intentionally, yet somehow I do it. major issue with personally close friends, though they have come to understand this thank god. And... Though I don't believe in the stuff, my Zodiac sign is pretty much dead on - I'm a Leo, naturally this leads to me always taking control of a conversation to somehow make myself look better. Though I don't really believe zodiacs, very interesting read, and I can't say mine doesn't do very good at describing myself. WARNING: Not for the lighthearted. You may want to skip this (not sure how far I'll go)- Though if I had to say my worst trait, oddly attracts people to me. People say there is beauty in darkness. This sort of goes back to the "thinking". Thinking is all I ever do. It's good in some cases, but bad in so many more. I often feel like I cause my own issues with it, I think of what I could do to change the world, a community, or how to help a person. And when I can't find a solution, I go into some serious depression. I've had people tell me to see a Doc, but I've yet to (I will once I'm on my own) and I believe I may have Bi-polar depression from looking it up and reading other people that have it. I have OCD so it's not entirely a wild guess anyhow. Now, I don't value stupidity - I've seen a lot of people say things similar to what I do. i don't know how to put it exactly, but think of how people use to view people cutting their wrist for fun. Or similar. That's a terrible example but the best I can think of at the moment. No, I don't mean that, or teen angst ect. But the worlds no black or white. But my... "Purpose" is to make everyone be able to enjoy this world. I've always done this through gaming, people come to enjoy games, same as I once did, but some use it as a escape - just as I still do - I try to find these people, and be a anchor that keeps them here. You likely wouldn't believe me if I told you how many people I have heard spill story's of there worst moment, of a issue, or things far worse. Wurm attracts these people more than any game I have seen. Thats a part of why the community is as it is I believe. It's also why, even though I've had issues with a few people, I try my best to think positive of it. We're all here for fun, remember that above everything else. And nothing holds more true then "there is a certain beauty in a storm" Obviously helping however saps your own strength. After a time I myself turn to what I try to get others to look away from. I guess though I's rather bare it than them. However this is already getting way, way to long. If someone's that interested I will make my own topic or what ever for more info/story's ect. (And please PM if you want to talk...especially about something like mentioned above) Apologies for taking a entire page, when I get to a PC I'll put all of this into a spoiler. Anyhow, that's a small, quick (yeah, that's quick lol) part of my own story and purpose for gaming. I've lived games since I was born, and it's been my teacher in many things. Who ever says games are bad for learning...I pity them not giving it the chance it deserves. Have a good day everyone. Quick edit: want to also thank (in no specific order, apologies I know I'm forgetting people here!) Shadowronin, Odynn, DoctorAngus, Fescue, Aetherwalker, Niki, And Bloodsycthe For aiding me when I need it, and for the interesting conversations we have.
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    I think you should continue to confuse, miscommunicate and frustrate your player base right before you release WU.... man that's a great business model.
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    Id rather make shafts use .1 per yoyo than be forced to deal with ropemaking, sure its less actions and only one skill but the average ql of ropes is awful in comparison to yoyos plus its increasing the crops needed (1 cotton = 5 yoyos, 1 wemp = 0 cordage) so by fixing shafts its not so bad to consider the actions required. (lol at lib being stuck on Chaos, lets ignore the fact they can craft and grind stats on Freedom with no penalty)
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    im a vyn, i need to sac yoyo's for proper gains, yet i do door locks, i find its a buncha crap you can sac veggies and get full favor, So why should i have to work my butt off with door locks/mining when those sacing veggies got easy mode. Like seriously, its so friggin easy to get 1k of a veggie thats just laying around on the maps. Whens the last time ya found 1k yoyos or 1k doorlocks laying around? Def needs a balance, Nahjo's spells need balanced also. Why the hell does he have skills matching a vyn/mag and a fo all there main casting skills that highly sought after in 1 priest and then some. Only use a vyn has no is Coc........... fix it and make it balanced!
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
    Too bad they didn't listen to the cries for developer oversight at the inception of player-gods. Too bad indeed.
  36. 2 points
    I think this all goes back the the whole player gods thing anyway and why everyone was upset to start with over them. Now they are seeing that they might not have been such a good thing after all and that they dilute the current system. If you are going to have jumbled up spell lists anyway then just let us just make a priest and pick from different spells as we level up the faith.
  37. 2 points
    i had mag priest before for strongwall - nahjo now has it we use our fo priest for genesis and healing and even life transfer - nahjo can do it u can cast woa - only advantage is coc from vyn now. the spells on nahjo need spread around they are well op, don't get me wrong I have went from 3 accounts down to 1 because of it. but I'm just stating the spells list wasn't thought about.
  38. 2 points
    First of all, i'm not saying that this hasty Nahjo nerf was fair to everyone playing the priest. But during these last few months it was very clear that Nahjo was way too OP, it even drove the market way down for other former high value priests such as Vynora and the like. And so it should not be surprising that a nerf was in order, and you should be ready to deal with the consequences if you made the choice to switch to an apparent soon-to-be nerfed priest from the start.. i do however wish if the Wurm team approached this with more care that the sudden update, but the ability to switch to other religions is nice tho
  39. 2 points
    My current thoughts on the portable altar: Name: Ark (Based off of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark_of_the_Covenant) Creation: 60 fine carpentry or maybe jewelry smithing 5 diamonds 3 rubies 3 sapphires 3 emeralds 5kg gold 10 planks 2 shafts 2kg sq cloth Must be blessed by a priest to become aligned. Can be used for prayer / faith gains at any time. Even from inside a moving wagon/boat. Must be planted 10 minutes to be used for sacrificing at QL 1 or 5 minutes at QL 99.99 Must be planted 1hr for influence at QL1 or 30 minutes at QL 99. Cannot be planted within the influence of another deity.
  40. 2 points
    I think I can likely sail on over for this one depending on the wind. Assuming I am not priested; 90+ Shield smithing, Carp, Blacksmithing, Arrows.
  41. 2 points
    I know there are people that will make a server in WU with their friends, but the people I have met and made friends with on WO makes WU nowhere comparable to WO. There are a million games out there with faster skill gain out there, I get bored of them and come back to WO progression. For me, wurm is about the people and the history created by all here. For one I wouldn't trust a player driven server to keep it going or not wipe it. WU wil be basically a toy and I have nothing against it and I feel the people who really care about community will still be here and the people who want their cake and eat it will leave and make a WU server. I will be buying WU though.
  42. 2 points
    Playing on Epic will keep me on WO. Seeing the Epic player base grow would solidify the stay.
  43. 2 points
    because DoctorAngus is a great guy and i was bored... All orange are the lamps!
  44. 2 points
    One more way to get rid of those pesky spiders . . . .
  45. 2 points
    White dragon - pardon crappy graphics but I was lagging out even at lowest settings so didn't dare to up them. Still pretty cool shot as he is hovering above everyone.
  46. 2 points
    Just tried resizing, as mentioned above, and the walls that are on the west side are there. BUT, the height information is not, so they are smeared down to whatever the base level is. Would be really nice if the export also included the perimeter, to give the deed some context. Would also enable planning any future expansion.
  47. 2 points
    Do you think said big youtubers will bother setting up server and play as a community to see what's what? Do you think they will even get into WU is? We are here drooling our mouths off because we've been through the WO grind, we hang around past the first hours and saw some wonderful things but ultimately for one reason or another couldn't take some of its "features" anymore. So WU is the occasion for us to fix this or that and go back into the old Wurm feeling. What default settings do you imagine will WU ship with? The original WO or the completely unsucked ones that most people are waiting to play with? From the general youtube population I cannot imagine a reaction different from "lol, empty and sucks donkey balls, back to MSGV" or whatever the fad will be in two weeks. And with November 10th being one month away, everyone is more likely to be playing advanced copies of Fallout 4. Also, one has to be sure that WU is already in a good playable state before release and come on, between you and me, do you really think it will not be a crash fest for the first months? (even worse: a server crash fest) Reports from youtubers that this is an unplayable buggy mess will, ahem, doom this game for all eternity. Seriously, people have large backlogs and wishlists these days (I have 88 games in mine on Steam), they don't give "unplayable buggy messes" a second chance. So I wish you guys are careful when poking the youtube bear.
  48. 1 point
    Well they are restarting the server.. 06:20:26] The server is shutting down in 600 seconds. Reason: Nahjo tweaks considerations. Quick restart. lets hope they give us back the mining
  49. 1 point
    +1 I wasted too much SB b/c I forgot to turn it off. As an idea, we could use the near-death effect, but with blue color, to represent extreme concentration. Or maybe assume the character has QL100 blue lantern on them
  50. 1 point
    I regret to inform you that neutering animals is not in the game yet.