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    Hey all! Work has continued on a number of things this week, including the almost-ready first batch of updates to the Permissions system, and more work on Unlimited. Once again dependent on final bugfixing, we'd like to release said permissions update next week. We also have a new map API for Wurm Unlimited to announce this week, that ought to be released early next week in its first version. Once complete, it will help WU players to create their own maps. More below! Also, if you're still unsure about anything to do with Unlimited and how it will (but mostly won't) affect Online, then we released an FAQ last week that includes some helpful information. The Week in Patch Notes There were a few minor fixes this week. With any luck, this segment will be full of permissions news by next week! 23/09/15:Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements. Wurm Unlimited Mapmaker Warlander has been working on an API for maps (Application Program Interface - aka it lets you make and edit maps) for Wurm Unlimited. He's planning an initial release next week, and in time he hopes to include things like a full feature suite for creating maps and the ability to make mapdumps. Long-term, this will mean that you'll be able to make, edit and dump your own maps to use with Unlimited. Screenshot of the Week This week's foggy deed was snapped by Kristof of the deed Peaceful Harbour on Celebration. Fog is good at looking rather mystical! Thanks to PandyLynn for sharing this on the forums. That concludes this week's news. It's still a little quiet while work continues on Unlimited - we'll have more to show over the coming weeks though!
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    This post is to provide guidance on the use of this forum section. This forum as a whole is still a Wurm Online version but we are providing this small WU section for general discussion. Therefore all the forum rules for Wurm Online still apply, and as you are probably already aware the WU version may allow you to do things which are not allowed and can result in a game ban from the Wurm Online version of the game or posts being moderated on these forums. So here is some clarification: Hacking discussion for either WO or WU is not permitted both on these forums or on the steam discussion group. Posting of any modifications or macro programs here will be considered a violation of our forum rules. Modding is permitted in the WU version only and there is a subsection in the steam discussion area for modding which you are free to use. It is a time of tremendous change in Wurm, and we are not trying to limit your detailed discussions. There is simply a proper place to have them and for the time being that is going to be the steam forums. Thank you, Mamadarkness
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    Changing the owner of a boat or ship always bears the risk of losing your boat forever! Say you want to change the owner to "Rey", but you make a typo and enter "Red" - poof! You can't revert the change anymore, nor can player "Rey". Or you want to change the boat's name, but accidentally type the new name in the wrong field: (Happened before... many times ) So, adding an additional confirmation level (a pop-up saying "Do you really want to change the boat's owner to 'yyyy'?) would reduce this risk considerably.
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    With the release of Wurm unlimited you will be able to make yourself different levels of GM's. At this time we do not have a set guide for what all this means to give you so I will start this thread where you can ask and answers can be provided. Eventually the information can be compiled into the wiki as a section on it. This is the ingame client discussion, we do not have much information I can give about server side. So the basics: You can assign some non-gm moderation type abilities to players as follows: CA status, has colored text in ca-help tab, can see tickets but not respond to them or do anything with them (it is more a training/learning experience), and has a new chat tab called MGMT for team use. There are some ticket categories that will not show for CA and I forget right now but I think they were the payment related categories. CM status is the moderator role which has ca abilities plus can interact with tickets. CM's also have the ability to use colored text in other chat windows, cannot be ignored by players, and can mutewarn and mute players in chat. CM get a gm chat tab they can post in but not read anything (to alert gm's if needed) Devtalker is a flag you can set a player to be able to read the gm chat tab but not have gm powers. Typically used on GM play accounts (GM avatars are non-play characters in WO) You have 5 tiers you can assign as Gm's (1-5) with varying abilities. Tier 1 (HERO) has limited abilities and can mostly move around invisible and teleport but not see character details or affect anything. They can be given a wand of teleportation to move around with. Tier 2 (GM) is your normal GM. Tier 2 and above can set players as CA or CM, move players, ban players, lookup player information etc. Tier 3 (High God) was never really used in WO and i can't say off the top of my head what it does extra (if anything) right now. Tier 4 (arch gm) is when you can spawn items, set skills as a gm and have functions to shut down the server etc. Arch gm's cannot be seen by normal gm's when invisible. Arch gm also has an ebony wand in addition to the ivory one a gm uses. Arch gm's in WO usually have a mission ruler as well. Tier 5 (implementor) is what DEV's in WO have, very little difference to an arch gm The ticket system is in WU. Part of this is a watch list you can flag for players. Devtalker and GM tiers only see this list. Staff notes in the ticket system can be set to be visible by all, cm or gm only. CM+ notes can be seen by ca's even though it implies they cannot. Mission rulers can be used to setup the missions. I am not sure how it will be updated in WU for the faith missions as those are not currently able to be created etc. with mission rulers in WO, they are autogenerated not custom. You might need high god (tier 3+) to use it and access the missions, it will have to be confirmed. A guide on how to use a mission ruler will come, but it's not a very user friendly system and not everything works in it. In WU you may be able to directly access functions to setup missions server side that are not available in the client as well, but I am not versed in that. An example of what we use the mission ruler for now is to setup the treasure hunts. I know it is all still vague on specifics, but it's a start to get the ball rolling.
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    cornchips barely plays and has been in like 2 fights, netsky doesn't play, lugnut doesn't play, daredevil barely plays, trollface quits every time he comes back for 3 days, rage plays on mrh, tahj lives on mrh and doesn't play, losham i dont think has ever even been on elevation and maybe pvpd once with gone on mrh and died and also doesn't play anymore the most you'll normally see together is me/sme/outuki, or qaay/led/kuciak unless it's the right timing for people and something big, but i don't even understand how "lol u pvp least" is of any relevance to the topic? its just somehow being used to argue that something needs a nerf. if we really pvp the least then gone isn't an issue because we dont pvp, right? idk disease still does 9-10~ dmg to people with gone, if 4 people on a sail cast it and do 40 dmg, then add in some spamming of fireheart/rotting gut and water dancing and going the same speeds or faster until the few min cooldown is up you can just repeat disease. pretty easy to see that gone or even a champ can die to spells if they don't have heal
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    I call it the desert well first try and understanding that map mechanic isn't easy but I will keep on working
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    He is getting fat from the cookies we pay him with.
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    Not writing it because decompiling java and reading uncommented code is not my idea of fun. But I enjoyed Skyrims survival mods as well as the latest biome update to Ark Survival Evolved. The idea is add a D&D style Body constitution (maybe call it survival?) characteristic that helps you weather scorching and freezing weather that varies with season as well as biome. The idea is to choose to invest in your CON stat and/or burden yourself with clothing and foods that help you survive. Without either you will die in minutes - even if you are prepared some mob might cause damage which makes you worse off. In between scorching and freezing you have hot and cold which will not kill you but it requires more food and drains your other body stats making it harder to keep going as your body burns energy trying to survive, but you benefit by skilling your CON stat the longer you survive. Heat sources campfire, torches, and forges warm you up. Water drinking and swimming keeps you cool. Requires new clothings that trade off keeping you hot vs. cool vs. armored. The trick in making these mods is not to burden the player with simulation based details - keep it simple. This was already proven in Skyrim where the simplest survival mod is the one that survived the mod market popularity contest, the simulation based mods did not survive. Wurm already has the weather and the biomes in place, and I always though it silly they had no impact on gameplay, but I fully am aware it is because all those AFK alts would revolt if they started dying.
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    I would love to see some mobs that are too hard for 1 FS 70 / 90 person to handle but arent as insane like dragons etc. something in between. that require two really fighters or 4 decent ones to handle. seems like there is a big hole between a troll and a dragon cheers elroth
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    Ok, well if you have read the Wurm Unlimited announcement within the Official Buildings forum section you might notice many prophesizing the end of Wurm Online as a result. This starts me to wondering when all these individuals will start to sell off all their assets and characters to minimize their losses from these "investments". Since some are so clearly focused upon making coins within the game for various purposes, as well as selling them off for RL cash, why are not they selling out now while the getting is good? Could it possibly be that they don't really believe the claims of doom that they are making? If they do then now would certainly be the time to cash out. Perhaps they are not so astute in their judgment about the best time to sell their current assets? If not then I would advise to sell everything you have now before others start to panic and sell before the deadline for Wurm Unlimited to be released comes too close. Putting your money where your mouth is has always been proven to provide some more valid substance to claims made. Even within various stock markets around the world this is an indication of the future value of items, yet within the much slower fluctuating markets within Wurm in this instance it is not followed by those who so blithely predict the downfall of Wurm Online. All too confusing for me I suppose, so I will just continue to follow my practice of playing online games (Wurm) for the enjoyment that they provide and if I decide to at some future time depart, just let all my characters and items fall into their sound slumber, perhaps for eternity if time continues onward. Worked well enough for me with Ultima Online and WoW but I never played those games for profit either. Old habits die hard I guess. Still, why these Wurmlings are not selling out everything I find puzzling. Yet then they would not be Wurmlings, so the questions would not apply. My, my, oh my... Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    The part where you cannot recast after dispelling is a bug. The cause of this bug is known, but for rather technical details it will not be fixed until after the permissions update. Once permissions go live, this bug should get fixed soon afterwards. Recasting without dispelling... I'm not entirely sure if it's unintended or not, so I'll have to ask Rolf to confirm. In case you are wondering why the difference matters: dispelling is useful if you want to try to get a different element for your turret (like getting rid of the water spirits and getting fire spirits instead). I'm not really sure if the power matters.
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    Could I make a request, that instead of getting news about a different game that some of us have zero interest in, that some of the developers take a small peek at the server bugs and client bugs list and possibly dedicate a few hours a week to answering posts made there and then maybe we can get more than 3 patch notes for an entire week of development. As it stands there have been some long-standing bugs with zero dev response. Perhaps generate some extra staff positions to handle talking to the devs and providing feedback in the bugs forum if they are too busy for this. On the flipside to that, those who are interested in WU can rest assured that the game giving massive advertising to the Wurm universe won't be a buggy mess upon release and potentially turn away new customers or prevent positive reviews
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    We had a fight fix around 2007, so maybe next year??
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    I did eventually "settle" for a place that is basically only half build-able on. The rest is rock. There's construction on both sides of me and I'm fairly sure above me on the top of the cliff. I've been here 2 days now and I've only seen one person briefly in chat. Not that I mind much, I'm more of the solo hermit player. But I see no signs of a community. I never did find an anchor. I just had to drag my boat up on land. I've been playing Wurn on and off for a long time. This character /playtime says I entered the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 2 of the snakes starfall 989. That's 2667 Days and 5 Minutes ago. But it also says I've only played for 61 Day, 18 Hours and 15 Minutes. LOL I'm excited to see Wurm Unlimited Come out. I think it's an excellent idea and business move. At least in my on and off play style I won't have to start all over again every time I decide to play. I only wish I could get in on a beta now.
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    [16:33:34] You can only have a maximum of 50 private annotations. 50 is not enough for mapping the entire server, please add more.
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    [20:57:01] You can only have a maximum of 50 private annotations. I don't see why there should be a cap on how many annotations someone can have, but it there must be a cap then make it 50 per map instead of all maps.
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    Wasn't busy atm, so figured I'd do you a solid and get a logo ready: You're Welcome
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    The sermon group at Opelika currently has about 3-4 priests that regularly preach. At this point, no one is having to wait to preach (other than your own 3 hour cooldown). We have many resident 100 faith Vynora and Nahjo priests to link with you for channeling skill. We pull anywhere from .20 to .30 faith gains, depending on how many of our listeners disconnect while we're asleep, but there's almost always more than enough listeners in the church to ensure prayer resets. Food, skill grinding materials and sometimes free favor is provided, and we've been the longest standing public sermon group on Xanadu. We don't plan on that changing anytime soon, despite having to KoS our first sour grape in over 16 months of sermons. As for you, Ftoz, I don't think even the gods themselves could help you. You locally admitted to botting prayers. You can't be bothered to keep your priests online while you sleep so that others may gain additional listeners because you want to "save CPU wattage", yet you can afford 3 priest accounts and I don't know how many mains. And oh yeah, I almost forgot, you're such an expert that you insist on telling others how to run their sermon group. Anyway, we welcome all priests from all servers, but our location is most convenient for East Xanadu, Pristine and Release. Just turn west at E on the map and you're heading right for the market deed where the sermons are held. Steve we hope to see you there!
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    this is a list of gone players for mr epic GONE +: Outuki Cornchips Nestsky Daredevil Lugnut Qaay Led Trollface Kuciak Brunwulf Smeagain Aflacduck Phynx Gary Rage Tahj Losham 17 total mr is the kingdom that pvps the least
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    Wish granted. Arch GM's and implementators can spawn any item that exists in game (and even some non-existing ones).
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    I feel that the unnecessary restrictions on colossus just make an already difficult and time consuming process even longer, I dont see the need for the restrictions especially in a game were we can supposedly build what we want when we want.
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    As of 1/1/2016, all leftover items were moved to the coffin in the church. Independence Christmas Impalong 2015 Greetings! Summer is over, and it already feels like Winter is just around the corner. What better time is there to officially announce that I will be hosting a Christmas Impalong this year. The event will include many prizes, events, and many, many improved tools. I hope to see many Indyians this year, as well as people from other servers. Information When? December 20th-26th Where? Wilburh's Folly, Independence G17, community map 34x, 17y. It will be held at the large castle on the north side, on the 3rd floor. It's accessible to carts, wagons, and horses thanks to ramps. Fun and Games Needle in a Haystack Starts on December 20th I will be hiding several needles around the entire deed with hidden codes. Each code allows the winner to pick one item out of the shared prize pool and is only redeemable by the first person to find each one. There will be a total of 5. Total Found: Five One remains, I think that's enough clues Goodie Bag Starts on December 20th Highlight: A prize key Every player attending the event will be given a goodie bag with several items, as well as a Prize Key.(see below for more information) A few special bags may hold a very nice surprise in it as well. Prize Keys Starts on December 20th Each Goodie Bag will contain a prize key. Everyone may go to a group of 5 locked chests. Anyone with a matching key to one of the 5 chests will receive the prize held within, or prizes if they wander upon the grand prize chest. Chests claimed: Fourlesser prizes Grand prize is still unclaimed, no lesser chests left Sailboat Races Starts on December 22nd Only one person allowed per sailboat. The race course will be marked by rafts. The first to finish shall receive two items of their choosing from the shared prize pool. Second place will receive a pre-determined prize. All participants shall receive(or loaned) a sailboat for free if requested, as well as a participation prize. Random Events Throughout the Impalong These are simply when I get a burst of generosity, and may feature things such as mini-events, quick on-the-fly quiz shows, or just about anything else. Prizes will almost always be items from the Shared Prize Pool. Prize Pool More prizes may be added later. Shared Prize Pool Items in this pool are for games that allow the winner to pick their prize, and they may choose any that are not already taken from this pool. More is likely to be added at a later time for more variety. Some items I have multiple of which are marked by an asterisk Rare Pickaxe* Rare Rake Rare Shovel Rare Tabard* Rare Forge(unf) Rare Loom Rare File Rare Longbow(willow)* Rare Spirit house(unf) Rare Strange Device(unf) Rare Lantern Rare Leather Adventurer hat Prize Keys Four chests will hold a single rare item, and one will hold a secret grand prize. All chests were claimed/given out The Imping! Tools will be imped to 70 or so QL. If requested rare/enchanted tools may be imped higher if any impers are willing. Of course you may also pay someone to imp well above 70ql at the event if you wish. The Impers Blacksmithing Williamwierd weirdojr Wilca Lancelot jonydowy queenrocks zaymin sorrow daash herrfritz Fivefinger Cybaru Jewelry Smithing nubcraft queenrocks Cybaru Weaponsmithing zaymin sorrow Cybaru Plate Armour Smithing Jonydowy Cybaru Niki Shield Smithing Warlander zaymin Cybaru Chain Armour Smithing Kylebooze Freddykrueger Lancelot daash sorrow Carpentry Williamwierd Gorgonkain melimazar Amath Lancelot queenrocks herrfritz sorrow hauler Fivefinger Cybaru Fine Carpentry melimazar Williamwierd Warlander Wilca Lancelot queenrocks herrfritz Cybaru Fletching/bowyery Gorgonkain queenrocks Einherjer Enchanting Skyefox Clothing tailoring Warlander Wilca queenrocks Zaymin sorrow Shrimpiie Leatherworking valdor Booskii Wilca Jonydowy queenrocks herrfritz sorrow Shrimpiie Cybaru Masonry melimazar Williamwierd Booskii Lancelot queenrocks herrfritz Hauler Shipbuilding Hughmongus Webleyvickers Moomba herrfritz hauler Pottery Booskii herrfritz hauler Staff Anyone may apply to help out at the Impalong via forum PM, talking to me ingame, or through this thread. Resource Manager - Brings resources from storage buildings to the imping buildings - Williamwierd -Shrimpiie -Herrfritz -Niki Game Host - These people will help run any Events throughout the Impalong - Williamwierd Donations Misswilca - 300 50ql leather, 300 60ql leather Cenotaph - 900 80ql Iron Kaldari - Rare willow longbow kasumi - (count)900 gold lumps Cenotaph - 300 70ql silver, Rare small anvil, 58 70ql anvils Herrfritz - 120 80ql logs, 18 84ql clay, 92ql Rare Willow Longbow Daash - 300 90ql iron, 150 80ql copper, 150 70ql iron, 300 80ql iron, 10 80ql lamps, set of 90ql enchanted h.shoes Fivefinger - Rare Lantern Einherjer - 2 92ql logs, 12 82ql logs, (count)50 75ql logs Goldfever - A great help with coal and favor Cerberus - A great help with steel. Harth - 150 80ql steel Any and all leftover donations will be further donated to the next hosted Impalong after this one. FAQs and Guidelines If you have any questions, feel free to ask them to further add onto this list Q/A What is an Impalong? An impalong is quite simply where everyone gathers and Imps there stuff. Theres no need to understand the games and events, just simply join in if you can and have fun Guidelines Visitor Guidelines Always rename your tool to your name prior to placing it into the forge. Avoid overloading priests with more than a few tools. It's a bit more difficult than imping, and the amount can really add up. Be Responsible and reasonable. Don't stick in 10 spoons to have them imped. Ensure that any tools you want enchanted are atleast 70ql, otherwise they are likely to shatter. Any tools enchanted can and might shatter, and put them in on your own risk. If you want a tool casted on, rename it to the request cast types Do not resell any items improved at the impalong. One exception may of course be rare/pre-enchanted items. Imper Guidelines If you have permission in the building, never take the tools out of the forges/coffins otherwise the owner cannot get them back without asking. Imp tools to 70. Any higher is optional, and you can always give a bit of extra love to rares. Feel free to take commissions on any higher imps. Casters will not be held responsible for any shatterings. It is requested that only 90+ channeling priests Cast on rare tools to ensure minimal loss throughout the event.
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    Hi! You died on my deed.. sorry for that . I don't have any spirit guards... Your corpse disapeared but your stuff is still there. I will keep your items safe until you come to take them back. BUT, you have to list what you had... I want to give them to whom it belongs PM me in forum or ingame Or leave a message to Fairyshine if I am not online! Sweetbay
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    +1 Or just bring back Champ mobs. Seriously there used to be WAY more of them, and it seemed like they were harder to kill back in the day. Like you needed a group to take down a Champ Troll.
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    Fortunately by then the Consumer models for Occulus Rift might be out, as well as the Devs kits for Steam's HTC Vive.
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    You are terribly new...Realistically the only coin that has more value than face value is the supreme coin...its worth more because you can sac it for skill gain...and most supreme mats that you sac for skill gain sell for around 50c. And this topic should be in the WTS and not the WTA section.
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    I'll give you 3s if you include the chest :3
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    there is already a thread on this http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/128468-more-map-annotations/ this one can be closed.
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    Mission Ruler: I will give a very fast rundown of how this thing works, but be advised that it is VERY temperamental. OK, so the mission ruler creates scripted actions and allows you to manage 3 things (well 4, but the last one is not directly related to the other 3, I will cover it at the end) Missions: - these are the big picture. Missions start at 0.0% and run to 100%. At different steps along the mission different things may happen. Missions have only a few options, Name, if the mission can be restarted after it is completed or failed, and if the mission is active or inactive at the moment. An example of a mission might be "Hunt_1" which cannot be restarted after it is finished. Triggers: - A trigger is what a player does to cause something to happen within the mission, and must be linked to a place or object -AND- an action... (you can actually link them to nowhere and anything, but ... that can get very very messy, tho there are times its useful to have happen) These are tied not only to a specific mission, but also to a specific % for that mission, so a trigger that is set to go at 10% will be ignored if the mission is at 20% for example. A trigger might be, "Chest_1" activated by opening chest#123456789 at 10% of mission "Hunt_1" Effects: - Effects are what actually occurs, causes changes to the game world, advances or reduces the % of a mission, pops up text, spawns an item or creature, gives the player a specific item, etc... Effects are tied to a specific trigger. A trigger can have multiple effects, but an effect can have only a single trigger. Effects are by far the most complicated part of the system, and can do many different things with a single effect, as long as the things are all of a different nature. For example a single effect cannot create 2 different things, but it can create 1 thing and give out a pre-made thing at the same time. It could also spawn a crocodile, pop up a text window, change a skill, award you an achievement, and cause a sound effect to play all at the same time. An effect might be "Reward_1", which places a 75QL gold ring in chest 123456789, and increases the mission "Hunt_1" by 10% when the trigger "Chest 1" is called. All of these items need to have names. You can name them anything you like, but it would be best to come up with some sort of naming system and stick with it, or you will end up very very confused very very quickly. Incidentally, the names are case sensitive, so "Chest_1" and "chest_1" are two different things. The final thing that you can manage with the mission ruler is custom achievements, which you can name, and specify a few other things about. They can then be awarded by Effects. This is really just a bare bones description, but, Like mamadarkness, I am willing to answer questions if i can. Some stuff is just... complicated to explain. lol.
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    How these threads go: Have SOTG - Nah it's fine. Don't have SOTG - It's overpowered!
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    Like I said, it won't take long till the Wurm Unlimited bubble poofs. I can wait.
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    Just lag in gale near the shore on Xan
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    This is "not great"? Actually, this is a rip off, you are looking for morons to sell you hard-earned silvers for nothing. Or you are just trolling. Either way, no, thank you. 1s = 1€, end of story.
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    completely agree, everything you said there is why i wanted to spend some time with WU to test and play with away from hoting a public server and then i can actually do it right with the correct team whom all want to help and enable the server to be maintained.
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    Go play Bitcoin if you are looking for an investment. Play Wurm if you're looking for a game.
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    This is why most games block RMT. People start to believe they are a vested interest or own digital assets. He didn't SELL you anything other than a service. So funny. Read the EULA.
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    Lot of KY and tissues being used up in this here circle-jerk.
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    And yet selling to the wallet warriors is exactly what has led to most of the current distribution of dragon armors. The only difference being that now the game developer would be selling it. Personally I +1 this as it lets the developer profit as well as the players.
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    Tristan tunnel (Now orange tunnel) restoration workers, pictured below are Zorako, Jdbooker, Genocide, Keenan, Odynn, Lexa, Valfreyja, Royalnaga, Wilca, and Battlenah (Cecci, Zachariah & Hellbringr unpictured, but helped out quite a lot.)
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    If I wasn't on the insanity path I'd never see any mobs.
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    [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMlKmELIhgY [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZLILV18ut8
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    Yes, the head hurting is good, since you missed my point and yet in the end you come to the same conclusion anyway. More head hurting required to figure this out I think. Indeed, it all depends upon one's focus for playing the game. The fact that the game is designed to encourage some so inclined to play it with the profit motive in mind (profiteers?) is what focuses their fears onto the reduction of their profits from the introduction of Wurm Unlimited, as it will certainly draw some current Wurm Online players to it with the result being that they will be lesser consumers of these play-for-profit individuals. This brings me back to the question of my OP in that I have seen no more "panic sales" than the usual selling of accounts and items, other than in a few instances, which indicated to me that the doom-and-gloomers are not backing up their statements with real life value assets within the game, i.e. the unloading sales of them. Even then, the time to buy assets is when there is "panic in the streets", a well known phrase by those who do so. Yet, we have not nearly reached that point and as with stocks there is no ideal point to buy accounts/items under these circumstances since that can not be pinpointed. Way too early to be purchasing anything along these lines yet. Not until those who hold them start to see some evidence of their fears of doom start to arise. Even then I would not purchase anything with the intent of profits in mind but rather for personal use, accounts shunned, although others may as usual prefer this shortcut to something or the other. I don't see those who play the game for enjoyment loosing much of anything in this Wurm Unlimited release but rather gaining much more from the income it will generate to be used for Wurm Online development first and then filtered down to WU as applies. Then also consider this exposure to the game of Wurm it will bring which will in turn draw some to it. These are the "profits" the game will focus upon and benefit the most players in game enjoyment. For those who loose their personal game income potential, not sorry to say I shed not a tear. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Well, I can understand panic from those who see Wurm from the coinage side. Investment, income, wealth in material goods are at stake. That is what I'm not concerned at all (although I'm sitting on some real pretty items myself) but will be happily buy fluffy items for peanuts if and at all the panic sales kick in Wurm is a game for me and I never bought a shiny backpack for the sake of bling or to resell it a bit later for 10% more... In addition my accounts are never to be sold as far as I can think of it, they'll better be put away in a golden locker somewhere if I happen to cease to play.