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    Hey all! Work has continued on a number of things this week, including the almost-ready first batch of updates to the Permissions system, and more work on Unlimited. Once again dependent on final bugfixing, we'd like to release said permissions update next week. We also have a new map API for Wurm Unlimited to announce this week, that ought to be released early next week in its first version. Once complete, it will help WU players to create their own maps. More below! Also, if you're still unsure about anything to do with Unlimited and how it will (but mostly won't) affect Online, then we released an FAQ last week that includes some helpful information. The Week in Patch Notes There were a few minor fixes this week. With any luck, this segment will be full of permissions news by next week! 23/09/15:Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements. Wurm Unlimited Mapmaker Warlander has been working on an API for maps (Application Program Interface - aka it lets you make and edit maps) for Wurm Unlimited. He's planning an initial release next week, and in time he hopes to include things like a full feature suite for creating maps and the ability to make mapdumps. Long-term, this will mean that you'll be able to make, edit and dump your own maps to use with Unlimited. Screenshot of the Week This week's foggy deed was snapped by Kristof of the deed Peaceful Harbour on Celebration. Fog is good at looking rather mystical! Thanks to PandyLynn for sharing this on the forums. That concludes this week's news. It's still a little quiet while work continues on Unlimited - we'll have more to show over the coming weeks though!
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    This post is to provide guidance on the use of this forum section. This forum as a whole is still a Wurm Online version but we are providing this small WU section for general discussion. Therefore all the forum rules for Wurm Online still apply, and as you are probably already aware the WU version may allow you to do things which are not allowed and can result in a game ban from the Wurm Online version of the game or posts being moderated on these forums. So here is some clarification: Hacking discussion for either WO or WU is not permitted both on these forums or on the steam discussion group. Posting of any modifications or macro programs here will be considered a violation of our forum rules. Modding is permitted in the WU version only and there is a subsection in the steam discussion area for modding which you are free to use. It is a time of tremendous change in Wurm, and we are not trying to limit your detailed discussions. There is simply a proper place to have them and for the time being that is going to be the steam forums. Thank you, Mamadarkness
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    Changing the owner of a boat or ship always bears the risk of losing your boat forever! Say you want to change the owner to "Rey", but you make a typo and enter "Red" - poof! You can't revert the change anymore, nor can player "Rey". Or you want to change the boat's name, but accidentally type the new name in the wrong field: (Happened before... many times ) So, adding an additional confirmation level (a pop-up saying "Do you really want to change the boat's owner to 'yyyy'?) would reduce this risk considerably.
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    With the release of Wurm unlimited you will be able to make yourself different levels of GM's. At this time we do not have a set guide for what all this means to give you so I will start this thread where you can ask and answers can be provided. Eventually the information can be compiled into the wiki as a section on it. This is the ingame client discussion, we do not have much information I can give about server side. So the basics: You can assign some non-gm moderation type abilities to players as follows: CA status, has colored text in ca-help tab, can see tickets but not respond to them or do anything with them (it is more a training/learning experience), and has a new chat tab called MGMT for team use. There are some ticket categories that will not show for CA and I forget right now but I think they were the payment related categories. CM status is the moderator role which has ca abilities plus can interact with tickets. CM's also have the ability to use colored text in other chat windows, cannot be ignored by players, and can mutewarn and mute players in chat. CM get a gm chat tab they can post in but not read anything (to alert gm's if needed) Devtalker is a flag you can set a player to be able to read the gm chat tab but not have gm powers. Typically used on GM play accounts (GM avatars are non-play characters in WO) You have 5 tiers you can assign as Gm's (1-5) with varying abilities. Tier 1 (HERO) has limited abilities and can mostly move around invisible and teleport but not see character details or affect anything. They can be given a wand of teleportation to move around with. Tier 2 (GM) is your normal GM. Tier 2 and above can set players as CA or CM, move players, ban players, lookup player information etc. Tier 3 (High God) was never really used in WO and i can't say off the top of my head what it does extra (if anything) right now. Tier 4 (arch gm) is when you can spawn items, set skills as a gm and have functions to shut down the server etc. Arch gm's cannot be seen by normal gm's when invisible. Arch gm also has an ebony wand in addition to the ivory one a gm uses. Arch gm's in WO usually have a mission ruler as well. Tier 5 (implementor) is what DEV's in WO have, very little difference to an arch gm The ticket system is in WU. Part of this is a watch list you can flag for players. Devtalker and GM tiers only see this list. Staff notes in the ticket system can be set to be visible by all, cm or gm only. CM+ notes can be seen by ca's even though it implies they cannot. Mission rulers can be used to setup the missions. I am not sure how it will be updated in WU for the faith missions as those are not currently able to be created etc. with mission rulers in WO, they are autogenerated not custom. You might need high god (tier 3+) to use it and access the missions, it will have to be confirmed. A guide on how to use a mission ruler will come, but it's not a very user friendly system and not everything works in it. In WU you may be able to directly access functions to setup missions server side that are not available in the client as well, but I am not versed in that. An example of what we use the mission ruler for now is to setup the treasure hunts. I know it is all still vague on specifics, but it's a start to get the ball rolling.
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    cornchips barely plays and has been in like 2 fights, netsky doesn't play, lugnut doesn't play, daredevil barely plays, trollface quits every time he comes back for 3 days, rage plays on mrh, tahj lives on mrh and doesn't play, losham i dont think has ever even been on elevation and maybe pvpd once with gone on mrh and died and also doesn't play anymore the most you'll normally see together is me/sme/outuki, or qaay/led/kuciak unless it's the right timing for people and something big, but i don't even understand how "lol u pvp least" is of any relevance to the topic? its just somehow being used to argue that something needs a nerf. if we really pvp the least then gone isn't an issue because we dont pvp, right? idk disease still does 9-10~ dmg to people with gone, if 4 people on a sail cast it and do 40 dmg, then add in some spamming of fireheart/rotting gut and water dancing and going the same speeds or faster until the few min cooldown is up you can just repeat disease. pretty easy to see that gone or even a champ can die to spells if they don't have heal
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    I call it the desert well first try and understanding that map mechanic isn't easy but I will keep on working
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    He is getting fat from the cookies we pay him with.
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    Not writing it because decompiling java and reading uncommented code is not my idea of fun. But I enjoyed Skyrims survival mods as well as the latest biome update to Ark Survival Evolved. The idea is add a D&D style Body constitution (maybe call it survival?) characteristic that helps you weather scorching and freezing weather that varies with season as well as biome. The idea is to choose to invest in your CON stat and/or burden yourself with clothing and foods that help you survive. Without either you will die in minutes - even if you are prepared some mob might cause damage which makes you worse off. In between scorching and freezing you have hot and cold which will not kill you but it requires more food and drains your other body stats making it harder to keep going as your body burns energy trying to survive, but you benefit by skilling your CON stat the longer you survive. Heat sources campfire, torches, and forges warm you up. Water drinking and swimming keeps you cool. Requires new clothings that trade off keeping you hot vs. cool vs. armored. The trick in making these mods is not to burden the player with simulation based details - keep it simple. This was already proven in Skyrim where the simplest survival mod is the one that survived the mod market popularity contest, the simulation based mods did not survive. Wurm already has the weather and the biomes in place, and I always though it silly they had no impact on gameplay, but I fully am aware it is because all those AFK alts would revolt if they started dying.
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    I would love to see some mobs that are too hard for 1 FS 70 / 90 person to handle but arent as insane like dragons etc. something in between. that require two really fighters or 4 decent ones to handle. seems like there is a big hole between a troll and a dragon cheers elroth
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    Ok, well if you have read the Wurm Unlimited announcement within the Official Buildings forum section you might notice many prophesizing the end of Wurm Online as a result. This starts me to wondering when all these individuals will start to sell off all their assets and characters to minimize their losses from these "investments". Since some are so clearly focused upon making coins within the game for various purposes, as well as selling them off for RL cash, why are not they selling out now while the getting is good? Could it possibly be that they don't really believe the claims of doom that they are making? If they do then now would certainly be the time to cash out. Perhaps they are not so astute in their judgment about the best time to sell their current assets? If not then I would advise to sell everything you have now before others start to panic and sell before the deadline for Wurm Unlimited to be released comes too close. Putting your money where your mouth is has always been proven to provide some more valid substance to claims made. Even within various stock markets around the world this is an indication of the future value of items, yet within the much slower fluctuating markets within Wurm in this instance it is not followed by those who so blithely predict the downfall of Wurm Online. All too confusing for me I suppose, so I will just continue to follow my practice of playing online games (Wurm) for the enjoyment that they provide and if I decide to at some future time depart, just let all my characters and items fall into their sound slumber, perhaps for eternity if time continues onward. Worked well enough for me with Ultima Online and WoW but I never played those games for profit either. Old habits die hard I guess. Still, why these Wurmlings are not selling out everything I find puzzling. Yet then they would not be Wurmlings, so the questions would not apply. My, my, oh my... Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    The part where you cannot recast after dispelling is a bug. The cause of this bug is known, but for rather technical details it will not be fixed until after the permissions update. Once permissions go live, this bug should get fixed soon afterwards. Recasting without dispelling... I'm not entirely sure if it's unintended or not, so I'll have to ask Rolf to confirm. In case you are wondering why the difference matters: dispelling is useful if you want to try to get a different element for your turret (like getting rid of the water spirits and getting fire spirits instead). I'm not really sure if the power matters.
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    Could I make a request, that instead of getting news about a different game that some of us have zero interest in, that some of the developers take a small peek at the server bugs and client bugs list and possibly dedicate a few hours a week to answering posts made there and then maybe we can get more than 3 patch notes for an entire week of development. As it stands there have been some long-standing bugs with zero dev response. Perhaps generate some extra staff positions to handle talking to the devs and providing feedback in the bugs forum if they are too busy for this. On the flipside to that, those who are interested in WU can rest assured that the game giving massive advertising to the Wurm universe won't be a buggy mess upon release and potentially turn away new customers or prevent positive reviews
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    We had a fight fix around 2007, so maybe next year??
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    I did eventually "settle" for a place that is basically only half build-able on. The rest is rock. There's construction on both sides of me and I'm fairly sure above me on the top of the cliff. I've been here 2 days now and I've only seen one person briefly in chat. Not that I mind much, I'm more of the solo hermit player. But I see no signs of a community. I never did find an anchor. I just had to drag my boat up on land. I've been playing Wurn on and off for a long time. This character /playtime says I entered the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 2 of the snakes starfall 989. That's 2667 Days and 5 Minutes ago. But it also says I've only played for 61 Day, 18 Hours and 15 Minutes. LOL I'm excited to see Wurm Unlimited Come out. I think it's an excellent idea and business move. At least in my on and off play style I won't have to start all over again every time I decide to play. I only wish I could get in on a beta now.
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    [16:33:34] You can only have a maximum of 50 private annotations. 50 is not enough for mapping the entire server, please add more.
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    [20:57:01] You can only have a maximum of 50 private annotations. I don't see why there should be a cap on how many annotations someone can have, but it there must be a cap then make it 50 per map instead of all maps.
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    Wasn't busy atm, so figured I'd do you a solid and get a logo ready: You're Welcome
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    The sermon group at Opelika currently has about 3-4 priests that regularly preach. At this point, no one is having to wait to preach (other than your own 3 hour cooldown). We have many resident 100 faith Vynora and Nahjo priests to link with you for channeling skill. We pull anywhere from .20 to .30 faith gains, depending on how many of our listeners disconnect while we're asleep, but there's almost always more than enough listeners in the church to ensure prayer resets. Food, skill grinding materials and sometimes free favor is provided, and we've been the longest standing public sermon group on Xanadu. We don't plan on that changing anytime soon, despite having to KoS our first sour grape in over 16 months of sermons. As for you, Ftoz, I don't think even the gods themselves could help you. You locally admitted to botting prayers. You can't be bothered to keep your priests online while you sleep so that others may gain additional listeners because you want to "save CPU wattage", yet you can afford 3 priest accounts and I don't know how many mains. And oh yeah, I almost forgot, you're such an expert that you insist on telling others how to run their sermon group. Anyway, we welcome all priests from all servers, but our location is most convenient for East Xanadu, Pristine and Release. Just turn west at E on the map and you're heading right for the market deed where the sermons are held. Steve we hope to see you there!
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    this is a list of gone players for mr epic GONE +: Outuki Cornchips Nestsky Daredevil Lugnut Qaay Led Trollface Kuciak Brunwulf Smeagain Aflacduck Phynx Gary Rage Tahj Losham 17 total mr is the kingdom that pvps the least
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    Wish granted. Arch GM's and implementators can spawn any item that exists in game (and even some non-existing ones).
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    “Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in java. Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to develop your character beyond basic skills, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee. The world will have a real economy with a fixed pool of money and resources, and almost all items in the world will be created by other players. When the game is first launched, it will pretty much just only be a huge forest, and it will be up to the players to build the towns and create the items needed for both everyday use and more exotic practices. Wurm Online will neither have levels nor hitpoints. Instead, you have a set of skills that define your character, and a list of any unhealed wounds the character has. Gameplay is expected to be very down to earth and community-based for most players, with each town serving as a small community. Towns will also remain safe as long as the computer controlled guards are alive. You won't be able to attack other players or perform any other illegal activity inside the town without first killing all the guards. Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you want, but performing illegal activities will lower your status in the nearby villages.†Wurm Online Overview January 31st 2004 *** Table of Contents: 1. The Horde and Hammerfell 2. The Long War 3. The First Kings 4. A Golden Age 5. Sowing Wild Oats 6. Lion Rampant 7. Mercurial Fates 8. Ashes of the Phoenix 9. The Eye of the Storm 10. Order unto Chaos 11. A Fortress of Freedom 12. The Fall of Sparta *** Why do we play Wurm? It is something different to each of us, and different parts of it inspire each of us to add to the whole. I knew that Wurm Online was the game that I wanted to play, even before I knew it existed. A game where I could make my mark on the world without being a master craftsman or top-tier fighter. Running across a wooden post, flattened dirt and a simple hand-cart told the story of the pioneer who had arrived ahead of you. This, and sights like these, made Wurm come to life. In tranquil Golden Valley I watched new faces come and go, homes and fenced farmland sprung up from felled trees before their owners moved on and the land returned to the forest. I prowled through old abandoned deeds across Independence, guessing at the purpose of long gone structures and wondering about the people that had moved on from those places. When Deliverance opened, I moved there and lived as a lonely hermit for a long time, watching new deeds rise and fall. I had heard of the Wild server and the idea of open world player versus player combat intrigued me with the stories it could inspire. But looking at my collection of tools that I had created from scratch, improving them up from nothing with no skills had taken such a long time and I felt a sense of achievement and attachment to them, I couldn’t bear the thought of placing that at risk and having to do it all again if some bandit decided they didn’t like the look of me. For the first time I settled in a village on Deliverance, coming to enjoy the company and industry that provided. And over time my interest in the ‘other’ side of Wurm peaked again. But I still felt that I could never compete or contribute amongst the veterans of Wild, as outmatched in both skills and gear as I was. I decided that trying out the Epic servers would be my best bet at getting a feel for this whole ‘PvP’ thing. All my old gear would still be safe on freedom, my skill gains would be faster, and if I didn’t like it I could always just go back without any harm done to my character. What was meant to be a short stay to test the waters turned into several months before I realised it, partly because of the history and dramatic events that interested me, but mostly because of the very close communities that where surprisingly welcoming. I'd seen more suspicion, angst and outright hostility towards strangers on Freedom than I've ever seen in PvP and that included meeting enemy kingdoms. After a long hiatus I returned to Wurm and decided to finally join the long running Chaos server. Where I began to collect and research any and all information I could find to create this document. *** I used as many sources of information as I could find, but being as new to Chaos as I am all my information is second hand at best. The Wurmpedia was the obvious place to start my search; Player stories, town histories, the revision history of each page and some imagination to tie it all together allowed me to put together a long and detailed timeline that spanned 5000+ words in bullet point form alone. My next stop was the Wurm Forums; greatly detailed and many of the most dramatic moments had several threads to them. But unfortunately I found that nothing before 2008 existed anymore because of a change in forums that had happened around that time. Thankfully use of the Way Back Time machine for exploring archived webpages proved very helpful and I was able to uncover old stories and screenshots from before 2008. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a novel. I was surprised by the number of YouTube channels hosting old recordings of Wurm. Though some were less useful than others, they really helped to set the mood and provide context for many of the major events of Wurm’s history. *** To cover the whole of Mol-Rehan history I needed to have the context in which it was framed, to this end I will follow the many stories , battles, raids and history that led up to its creation. But note that I'm writing this from an acknowledge point of bias, as hinted by the title, towards a sort-of faux nationalism for the sake of a story and a narrative to follow. And as a result it may contain a high concentration of artistic license and an interpretive reading of past events. If anyone feels that I’m not portraying events fairly or even factually, I’m more than willing to listen to your side of the story and make corrections and changes where appropriate. *** When can the kingdom of Mol-Rehan be truly said to have begun? By the lore of Wurm it is one of the oldest kingdoms, founded by Johen King after the fall of the Ageless. In reality the first implementation of the Mol-Rehan kingdom takes place in 2008, long after the original kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and the Horde of the Summoned which appeared in 2005. But can it be so separated from context and history that came before it only to appear as a simple date on paper? I think not, indeed I believe Mol-Rehan was a natural and organic formation emerging directly from the histories that preceded it and now forever entwined with history still to come. And if that is true then it could even be said that the kingdom of Mol-Rehan had already begun, in the metaphorical sense, as far back as the year 2003. Eventually culminating with those that would come to form Libilian Outlawz. Both famous and infamous, Liblian Outlawz in all its incarnations held tremendous influence in shaping the political landscape. Until The Great Cataclysm of April 2007 that saw an unrecoverable server crash, and all the progress of the past lost. Libilian Outlawz remained united and strong, re- establishing themselves once again in new lands and converting to the newly created kingdom of Mol-Rehan, but later suffering a devastating blow after they were caught up in a mass ban that struck many veteran players. Severly weakened, Mol-Rehan fought for many months to regain their foothold on the Wild server, eventually finding their former glory before outside events once again conspired to send them into decay. But in time they recovered, and players both new and old arrived in their numbers to the newly renamed Chaos server, where the now Empire of Mol-Rehan stands dominant. Her full tale to be told in the coming chapters. Next Chapter: The Horde and Hammerfell
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    What is Wurm Unlimited? Wurm Unlimited is a game based on the MMO Wurm Online, which is a multiplayer fantasy sandbox world. Compared to the MMO where you only get access to the client, you also get a full standalone multiplayer server in Wurm Unlimited. You can change settings on the server to change things as skill gain speed, action timers, and even become a game master with more powerful abilities ingame.How will this affect the MMO Wurm Online when it comes to the number of players? We expect that initially there will be a drop in online presence and subscriptions as the current players try WU. We then believe that the online population will start growing again thanks to various factors such as interests and preferences. While a private server may be deleted at any time, our servers should be here for decades more.Will you shut down any existing servers? We won't be shutting down servers unless they are virtually dead for a long time. We will also look into ways to encourage people playing Wurm Unlimited to try out the Wurm Online hosted servers. We don't even see us shutting down deserted servers to be honest. They will still have value for the occasional explorer. We have to keep the possibility open though so we can't say that it will never happen.How will this affect the development of the MMO? WU and WO share the same code, but the main branch is WO which means we will develop the WO server code first and then release on WU, except when there are features that are more appropriate to try on WU first. Such changes may be added to WO when we feel that they are tested properly. When it comes to the client, the code is also very much shared and improvements of for instance settings or rendering will be available for both within a fairly short time frame. Can Wurm Unlimited players join Wurm Online servers and vice versa? (Kinda like going through the Epic portal) Or are they completely separate? Completely separate. Allowing modified characters to the live servers would be crazy:)Can people opt-in to test features and ideas before they are rolled to Live? We are 5 employees and have no resources to manage testing a lot depending on what you are suggesting. We already have test servers for Wurm Online wich anyone can join using the client found at http://www.wurmonlin...lient_test.jnlp.How will private server hosting work? Will you need to rent a private server from CodeClub / some other authorised provider, or will people be able to run the software on their own hardware? What will be the (likely, approximate) costs involved? You can run the server on your PC or host your own. We don't have the resources to provide that service but there are lots of dedicated server hosting companies. We're still looking at how you will publish it to the Steam server list but you can set a password and it needs to be accessible from the internet in case you want other players to be able to connect. I can not go into discussion on what the costs will be since it may vary a lot.Will there be mac/linux versions? We have no resources for releasing Linux/OSX versions on Steam right now but we want to. It depends on the interest for the Windows version.But It still uses Java, and Java works for linux, no idea about OS x The Steam client uses native libraries so we can only support Windows initially.How will the initial map be created? Will we be able to design it from scratch or set preferences for it? At release we will provide two maps since we don't have our own terrain generator for Wurm and it requires extra tools. What we do is use a commercial terrain generator and modify the generated files by tweaking things in java source code. We have no gui for tweaking those parameters and don't have the resources to support such a method or questions about it at release. You may however play around with it yourself and use any maps you manage to generate by replacing them in the game directory.Will you be providing an API for localization and customization? Afraid not, since most language stuff is hard coded. If we can hire more people we might be able to put someone on externalizing strings and support more languages but realtime generated strings involving plural, possessive 's and pronouns also need code changes so it's a real hassle.Is it possible that popular mods might be included in the online version down the track? If people improve stuff in the Steam release and it makes sense to adopt we'll be happy to if both parties are and we have resources.Will WU be updated like the official server? Yes, the game will be updates with fixes from the Wurm Online code which will remain the main development track.Will Wurm Unlimited require multiple purchases to play more than one character at a time? Steam only allows one client of any game (not only Wurm Unlimited) running at one time so you can only run one character per Steam installation and account.Secondly, if I host my own server, could I play on it by myself for a while and then open it up to other players at a later date? Yes you do not have to make it public and allow other players to join. When you do that is up to you. And you can password protect your serverIf i host the server myself I would not be able to run it continually, how would time progression work in this situation? (E.g. crops, seasons, pregnancies, animals aging) Some of those variables will be able to be changed at release, with some maybe added later. Time is a bit funky in Wurm. Some things is managed by server uptime, such as field and tree growth. Other things are governed by real time. You can set field growth time though. As demand for certain settings become clear after release we will add them.How resource heavy will runing a server be? The most limiting factor will likely be the number of creatures on the server, so you can simply set that to a value your server hardware can handle, slightly less to be able to support higher player numbers. Are you worried that this will be used to find potential exploits and bugs which will create issues in the real world of wurm? Are you worried that these servers will be used as a testing ground for new, better hacks (map hacks, macros and the like)? There's always that risk but we have dealt with exploits as they arise since the beginning. Client modification is still not allowed. This process has been ongoing since first release date. So I'm not very worried.How will you enforce no client modifications when they no longer connect to a central server? Sure, there is no point to modifying the client for single player, but unless you are developing a seperate client, there will be ways for people to test modified clients for use on Wurm Online? We will not enforce it for the single player version. If you bring those changes to live: BANG goes your account. We do not release our cheat detection system on Steam.Considering the tremendous ammount of hackers and coders on steam... What do you think will happen to the current servers and playerbase when the server code is available to the public? Wurm has always been coded with the preparation of being attacked by hackers from the beginning, we take it seriously and are confident in our code base. If people want to preserve the online version they should probably help us by sending us any hacks and exploits they find. If they don't and use it themselves instead someone else may report them or the scale becomes so obvious that we fix it ourselves. Anyone using hacks or exploits risk losing their accounts and what they gained from using said exploits. So the net gain should be negative in the end.Is modifiying the server source also not allowed, even to name a cheat detection system? You don't get access to the "Wurm Online" server code which contains said cheat detection system. Like I said we removed it from the "Wurm Unlimited" server code.. We don't try to control how you mod the stuff we release on Steam. Will the local servers be scaled down, or will any features of current live servers be held back? The local servers will have pretty much all live server functionality but you can tweak variables using a GUI. We want to keep the code as similar as possible.How will premium, in-game currency etc. work for private servers? Will server owners be able to set, for example, a free premium policy (everyone on the server gets premium automatically without paying)? What about deed upkeep, where will that go? Presumably private server GMs will be able to spawn silver coins, so there is a manual option there. Right now all players are premium automatically on the servers. The economy works as usual and you have the possibility to pump the economy with silvers by using the server GUI. That money can then be retrieved the usual ways by selling to traders or foraging etc. And yes you can set a player to have powers to create money as well.What about unique/mysterious things about Wurm that we have to discover ourselves? Take for examples: Sorcery, Meditation, Titles and such. I've played as a Game Master in another game and when returning as a normal player I still got drawn into the world. That said, I didn't have the code base and was limited in certain aspects. In many games there are editors but you still play the game normal mode if it's good. There are still some unexplored things you'll have a really hard time figuring out even by having the server code, decompiling it and going through it as a programmer. We will keep developing the online version high end stuff and will not be releasing certain mysteries in the Steam version until people have discovered and made them public. Conversely, there may be seperate Steam only mysteries that will appear before being released on live. How will the initial map be created? Will we be able to design it from scratch or set preferences for it? At release we will provide two maps since we don't have our own terrain generator for Wurm and it requires extra tools. What we do is use a commercial terrain generator and modify the generated files by tweaking things in java source code. We have no gui for tweaking those parameters and don't have the resources to support such a method or questions about it at release. You may however play around with it yourself and use any maps you manage to generate by replacing them in the game directory.What sort of sized maps are we talking about for standalone? 2048x2048 for both Creative and Adventure mode atmDo players still need to pay silver for deeding on these standalone servers? If so, where do players get it from? I assume silver bought in the shop cannot be used on those servers? You can set deeds to be free. Or set up traders and people sell to them.Will there ever be DLC for WU? (3D mines, higher resolution assets) We have not looked at DLC potential since it's not our main focus, most updates will be free like in wurm online. Everyone should play the same game. If there were improvements like higher resolution thwy would come to wurm online first.People have already started requesting features for WU, will there be staff hired just to work on WU? The code base is pretty much the same and WO will remain the main development focus, with updates coming to WO and WU. The money from WU goes to code club so if we hire more staff it will benefit WO. Will there be steam specific inclusions such as trading cards, achievements, or steam credit facilities? There are Steam Trading cards. We haven't coded achievements yet, and don't know if we'll be able to have them for release. No plans for involvement in Steam credits.I decide to run my own server, say on a professionally hosted machine (which I organise separately with a hosting company). Ignoring the hosting and server bandwidth costs, will I need to buy the game once or pay a monthly fee? Will the stand-alone version only be available via Steam, or will I be able to buy (for example) a tarball or rpm from the WO/WU website? I guess everyone who wants to play on my private server will also need to buy the client (e.g. from Steam)? You just run your Steam client on the hosted machine and download and install the dedicated Wurm Unlimited server. You only need to buy it once.Will there be any kind of steam network integration? eg. finding servers, joining friends, connecting to the official server etc. We will be using many features that steam provide, such as server browsing and such, with more functionality coming after release.Will modding and/or steam workshop be supported? We haven't built any support around modding but we don't block it either the client or the server. No Steam workshop - we haven't had time to get into that area yet but it might come of course. This is a first release and we're no power house manwise. The standard installation will be ovewritten by updates though so any changes will have to be made around it.Is it possible to offer a bundle deal? For the point of getting more keys so you can introduce Wurm online thru Wurm Ultimate. It would also give a point for the new players so they can start playing together with their friends. We were hoping to be able to offer bundles deals for 2 as well as 4 players but that was also up to Valve who controls Steam and they didn't offer us bundles for now.Will Wurm Unlimited require multiple purchases to play more than one character at a time? Steam only allows one client of any game (not only Wurm Unlimited) running at one time so you can only run one character per Steam installation and account. Will you allow people to monetize their private servers? We will not block you from monetizing. We will not explicitly allow you. So yes.For all of us who have spent years making our deed just right, We will now have another version of wurm to build these things overnight so where is the incentive to keep playing? I don't know what your incentive is for playing but a private server is still something else than an online hosted version. We aim to keep your creations for decades while your private server may go away overnight as well. Also, the public servers may or may not have more players and permanent community. We will see!Also as things stand anymore than 50 players in local and you can not move for the lag so how the hell is these new servers going to cope with the influx of players? If the game lags with 50 players in local it usually depends on your client since I have seen more. Maybe you need to turn down settings or need better hardware. The servers will cope with a lot more players. Also, people will trickle in. They don't come to our live servers using the Steam clients.So much ###### dude, fix the fkin memory leaks topkek We're working on a new rendering system for the client, hopefully that will improve things for you.How much will it cost? The price will be available on the Steam store page when we've finally decided it together with Plug In Digital. We seem to be fairly in agreement on where it should land.Will there be a monthly fee for this aswell? No this is a one time purchase on Steam.Will there be any discount for playing WO already? We have no way of linking Wurm Online player accounts to Steam accounts unfortunately so we wouldn't know who to give a discount. We have no way of generating private discount codes on Steam and distributing to an email list either. There will be a general release date discount however. We are looking into providing discounted packages but those things are managed by Steam.Is it possible that popular mods might be included in the online version down the track? If people improve stuff in the Steam release and it makes sense to adopt we'll be happy to if both parties are and we have resources.Will there be a possibility to buy Wurm Unlimited without using Steam? Unfortunately not at this time.Will private server rely on Wurm Online in any way? That is, would an WO outage effect me? If WO shuts down, would my WU server still work? The Wurm Online servers will not affect your WU server.
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    I feel that the unnecessary restrictions on colossus just make an already difficult and time consuming process even longer, I dont see the need for the restrictions especially in a game were we can supposedly build what we want when we want.
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    well use to be tons more mobs, they used to spawn on your deed, then people complained, so rolf took it away, that was the gap back then, it was tough, 2-5 animals would come at ya one, time, was real survival, Now its no survival at all.
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    Fortunately by then the Consumer models for Occulus Rift might be out, as well as the Devs kits for Steam's HTC Vive.
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    The guy was just another flash-in-the-pan blip on the Wurm timeline. All but forgotten (if even much known in the first place other than by his sheepies) by the rest of the Wurm populace who had little to do with him or his minions. Some fuss was hyped up about him on the forums but gradually faded from memory until this grandiose post title has once again attempted to make more of his existence here than it ever was. =Ayes=
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    DeedPlanner is on GitHub. https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-2 - Read the Readme on the landing page though, you *will* need NetBeans to get it to a running state. I have my own fork that I push updates to when I'm working on things, but they're usually merged fairly quickly when completed. The way DeedPlanner is developed doesn't leave much room for an intermediate "unstable" version. Basically, Warlander carried things by himself for so long that he pushed out everything as soon as it was in a working state. In that sense, every release has been an "unstable" one, in terms of being the most recent and up to date build. There aren't many other developers working on it (I have, but am also doing other things), so there's not a lot that's missing. Currently I think the symmetry feature I added and a few bug fixes are the only things that are ready for the next release. I haven't personally played with the Bridges code, but I don't think it's in a usable state at the moment. Therefore you couldn't put them in to your deed plan without manual editing. Warlander can correct me if I'm wrong with the above, but I hope that answers your questions.
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    Shrug. People keep spouting dumbness about timers and what not. Nerf Gone and you've rendered Insanity an entirely useless path and everyone will switch to Hate or Power overnight and it will have made absolutely no difference to the outcome of 99.9% of PvP events because the ability of a few people to take less damage hasn't ever - in my experience - affected the results of a fight. If you ever get below half health and you have Gone, you're going to die anyways.
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    It does work, you just have to make sure your position as passenger is over the spot. Just check with pendulum again on the boat and should be all good
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    Like I said, it won't take long till the Wurm Unlimited bubble poofs. I can wait.
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    Just lag in gale near the shore on Xan
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    completely agree, everything you said there is why i wanted to spend some time with WU to test and play with away from hoting a public server and then i can actually do it right with the correct team whom all want to help and enable the server to be maintained.
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    A few people have asked me about my map renderer now, so I'll share it here. https://mega.nz/#!CBdiCTrJ!d2RWx_KA9xwdLQZAvSbgJF0XiZPvTFj2L6Bj2qUkgUs Run it with the arguments size, input file and output file. Like so: java -jar render.jar 4096 example.map render.png I have included an older one of my generated map files for an example. The input file needs to be in the format described in my previous post but without the size header. See http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/130605-wu-mapterrain-generator-development/?p=1347645
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    Go play Bitcoin if you are looking for an investment. Play Wurm if you're looking for a game.
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    This is why most games block RMT. People start to believe they are a vested interest or own digital assets. He didn't SELL you anything other than a service. So funny. Read the EULA.
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    serious question does it come with if so I'm interested
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    Lot of KY and tissues being used up in this here circle-jerk.
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    And yet selling to the wallet warriors is exactly what has led to most of the current distribution of dragon armors. The only difference being that now the game developer would be selling it. Personally I +1 this as it lets the developer profit as well as the players.
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    If I wasn't on the insanity path I'd never see any mobs.
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    [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMlKmELIhgY [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZLILV18ut8
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    Yes, the head hurting is good, since you missed my point and yet in the end you come to the same conclusion anyway. More head hurting required to figure this out I think. Indeed, it all depends upon one's focus for playing the game. The fact that the game is designed to encourage some so inclined to play it with the profit motive in mind (profiteers?) is what focuses their fears onto the reduction of their profits from the introduction of Wurm Unlimited, as it will certainly draw some current Wurm Online players to it with the result being that they will be lesser consumers of these play-for-profit individuals. This brings me back to the question of my OP in that I have seen no more "panic sales" than the usual selling of accounts and items, other than in a few instances, which indicated to me that the doom-and-gloomers are not backing up their statements with real life value assets within the game, i.e. the unloading sales of them. Even then, the time to buy assets is when there is "panic in the streets", a well known phrase by those who do so. Yet, we have not nearly reached that point and as with stocks there is no ideal point to buy accounts/items under these circumstances since that can not be pinpointed. Way too early to be purchasing anything along these lines yet. Not until those who hold them start to see some evidence of their fears of doom start to arise. Even then I would not purchase anything with the intent of profits in mind but rather for personal use, accounts shunned, although others may as usual prefer this shortcut to something or the other. I don't see those who play the game for enjoyment loosing much of anything in this Wurm Unlimited release but rather gaining much more from the income it will generate to be used for Wurm Online development first and then filtered down to WU as applies. Then also consider this exposure to the game of Wurm it will bring which will in turn draw some to it. These are the "profits" the game will focus upon and benefit the most players in game enjoyment. For those who loose their personal game income potential, not sorry to say I shed not a tear. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Well, I can understand panic from those who see Wurm from the coinage side. Investment, income, wealth in material goods are at stake. That is what I'm not concerned at all (although I'm sitting on some real pretty items myself) but will be happily buy fluffy items for peanuts if and at all the panic sales kick in Wurm is a game for me and I never bought a shiny backpack for the sake of bling or to resell it a bit later for 10% more... In addition my accounts are never to be sold as far as I can think of it, they'll better be put away in a golden locker somewhere if I happen to cease to play.
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    Even 51 isn't enough +50, Ktnx