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    Hey all! It's news time once more! But before we begin... I have to tell you about a little investigation I conducted. Every week, developers are sent an e-mail asking them if they've got anything to share with players for the week. Normally, almost all devs e-mail back with a week's hard work and things to show off... but for over a month now, certain devs haven't said anything at all! I'm a volunteer not based in the Motala office, so I can't walk over to their computer and look over their shoulder to figure out what they're up to. Are they wasting time with confused verbs and playing Wurm at work instead of developing Wurm at work, or is there something secret going on? I had to talk to a contact on the inside. The contact couldn't say much, but apprently, a few devs have been working on "something big" for a few weeks now already. We don't know what it is, or why they're working on it... will Code Club AB soon become a political party in Sweden? Or, back in-game, is Wurm finally going to get the rainbow-coloured unicorns it has needed so desperately for years? All we know is that they're busy, and might have some information to share within the next few weeks! A while ago, we mentioned that we'd focus on bigger features come fall. Well, the leaves are falling; we're now in a bit of a transition phase between a summer of little things and the coming months which will focus on bigger stuff. Keep an eye out for news posts, we'll be elaborating on our next big plans for the game! But don't forget that bugfixing never really ends too, and things like client engine upgrades that we're currently working on (and haven't discussed much) ought to help to improve things further. The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes and additions this week, the most notable of which is the new trade chat. The dedicated trade chat window ought to help clear up other channels while also enhancing trade. 07/09/15 Fighting creatures on another floor level is now blocked inside structures and on bridges due to a blocking glitch which occurred in certain circumstances.The time stamp which was set when dechamping that blocked changing religion was removed.08/09/15Fix so Rams can breed.Added Trade tab.Added kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added global kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added Corpse Loot options to profile. New Scale and Drake Sets Hit the Catwalk The new dragon armour variants were recently spotted at an exclusive fashion show on the test server. Although they're already in-game, we haven't shown you what they look like until now - thanks to Saroman for making these pictures for us! The new sets look awesome. DeedPlanner Although it's a community project, we'd like to start featuring more on Warlander's DeedPlanner tool. As far as I know, it's intended that it'll remain as an open-source community project; and development on the tool has recently been ramped up (bridge reference not intended) ahead of the release of the in-game village plan viewer & exporter, and to also add bridges to the tool. Last week, Warlander told me that bridges would take "quite a while" to add to DeedPlanner. Look below, and tell me if you agree that he was lying! You can find out more about DeedPlanner here. Planning a bridge: The bridge displayed in the program: Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Huntar. A perfectly timed rainbow complements the quaint deed in the picture. That concludes this week's news! It was a little shorter than normal, and future news posts probably will be until we do a bumper issue on the big stuff devs will be working on for the months to come.
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    Just some things that came up in alliance chat. Let's hear some others! - my unlit lantern taking 1.66 damage per day if it's in my inventory - I can put 75 pumpkins in a back pack but only 12 strawberries or 9 cotton... - can only fit 25 chain boots in a backpack, but twice as many sleeves - cant combine woad or cochineal - I took the contents of our armour stand out then only a third of them could be put back in. - slate slabs need concrete while stone and marble can just be combined - I have almost 90 AH skill, with almost 7th generation 5 speed horses...and I get 3 speed foals....don't mind the meat and hide, but come on...really?! - MALLET TO IMPRPVE MALLET LOOOLLLL
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    How about some forum wogic?
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    One of several examples of Wurm Wogic. Generally the "sharpening" action of a whetstone in smithing works fine for immersion when the item being imped has an edge. Unfortunately it breaks down on items and weapons with little, if any, edges to be sharpened. Can be quite a stretch to fit it into the immersion, So I suggest changing the terminology to something more along the lines of Honing or Filing. Even a blunt instrument can have stray bits of metal to file or hone off.
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    Question: Can a marble brazier pillar's flame still be seen 80 tiles away when surrounded by walls of a lighthouse building with a roof on top? Short Answer: Yes. Test Results: We constructed a marble brazier pillar on the 3rd floor of a building with the bowl/flame part of the marble brazier pillar poking out the top of the 4th floor. We tested it from a view distance of 320m (320m/4m=80 tiles) without walls, with walls and no roof, and then with walls and a roof. In all three scenarios, we could still see the flame brightly lit from 80 tiles away. So for all the people who believed the flame would be limited in some way, shape or form by being inside a building and surrounded by walls and a roof, this does not seem to be the case. Happy lighthouse building!
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    I'd like to take a moment of silence, as today marks 14 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center that killed nearly 3,000 people. We mourn those lost, we honor those living, and we never forget.
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    Just leave them as they are but enable "cut down" action on them just like a normal tree / bush.
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    was hoping for a bright clean white set i would have taken the white from the center torso and put it on the other darker parts you have but keep the inner thigh color and gloves the way they are. something more like this but the others are looking great!
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    How about an update thing where we don't have to download everything every time it just updates what is new and changed?
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    Or go to a PVP server and become the kingdom priest assigned the 1/2 favor cost for casting title.
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    Funny, I don't see any threads made about the bombings going on in the middle east. Pretty sure there are more casualties there caused by the americlaps than the deaths of steel beams melting.
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    So I started playing wurm with my friend some years ago. We picked Exodus server because I guess it sounded nice? Well that was the start. After wandering around for some time we realised that we want to find some not terraformed nor in any way habitable place. And where did we end up? Edge of the big desert. Yep. That was the perfect choice if we wanted to get constantly harassed by crocodiles, scorpions and all the other beatiful desert wildlife. And we were. Not that it affected our attitude to the game - it was always quite a laugh, well, besides getting back from the starter village in case of dying - and that happened a lot. Eventually we found out that there was some veteran hunters lodge near by - they took my friend for journeys sometimes (I was usually offline at that part of the day but I enjoyed his screenshots afterwards). Some time has passed and we decided to look for some nicer place to live. And again we didnt want something that was previously terraformed or looked like someone lived here. Of course we saw a lot of places that met our requirements but we continued searches. I was quite astonished by all the architecture I've met - like, how much time people even spent on doing these? Lastly we found some nice mountain - and while there were some people on the shores, the very top of it was completely untouched. That was the moment i realised: that is the place where I want to live! I'm gonna mine a maze in that mountain! Well, the moment of realisation was somewhat disturbed by some aged troll wandering around in the woods (guard towers were on the shores only). That and all the other silly deaths like falling off the edge of mountain happened a lot afterwards. And that is the new chapter of my story. We stayed on that mountain and terraformed the top of it. I wanted some planes for the buildings but didnt want the whole space fully flat - so we ended up making some levels, following the rock layer. Neighbors from the other mountain provided me some dirt in crates they didnt need - that was extremely helpful and i finished this project much earlier then i planned. Sadly, at this point my friend already lost most of his enthusiasm about the game. But I eventually deeded that place and lived nicely doing all the stuff i like to do in wurm. Finally the Xanadu was opened and all the shore people moved there. Not that all this was without negative parts. When we first moved, my friend parked his boat near the shore village - that led to quite a fight between them. Thats when we learned that wurm inhabitants can be rather rough about their deed borders. After some time I got quite bored with the game, abandoned it for months, and my deed got disbanded. I got back tho feeling tired about my place and setting off to find something new. The Xanadu opening affected a lot of shore or even more land deeds, leaving them to history. I found a small spot near the water on the opposite part of the Exodus map, built a shed there and started mining. After a week or so I got really sad about the place I left - it was completely looted after the deed disbanding but the buildings were still standing - and I thought "no way I would find some other place like that - it was unique" (even if it wasnt, I wouldnt like to terraform another such a place). And I got back, deeded it again and started another pleasant wurm life. So the point of this too long of a story: there wasnt such a moment in my wurm life when I regretted settling on Exodus. The experience was quite colorful in any way.
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    I put dirt in my pocket when I dig \o/
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    Allow Jewelry-Smiths to make Ceremonial Jewelry (Wedding Bands) Female only Wedding bands; Example: Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 1) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu 3) "Create" > Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Diamond or Opal Wedding Band it Needs (1) Diamond or Opal to be Completed. let Wedding bands be NO DROP once equipped. maybe a binding window could pop up, where the player confirms it will be binded to them. Making the item no drop. Even having the option before putting it on to add the name of there partner? Which would display who they are married too. Males only wedding bands; Example: ) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu > 3) "Create" > Ruby Or Sapphire Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Ruby or Sapphire Wedding Band it needs (1) Ruby or Sapphire to be completed.
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    Start:45s Inc:1s Buyout:60s Snipe 1Hr Will take 7s off for a rare hatchet
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    Yes been suggested before, but this time i drew pics .. just kidding, did a lil crude photo shopping to give a perspective on how they could work and look with a Short Iron Gate to go with chain fences. Original Gate Shortened Iron Gate
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    Yup i was 2-3 minutes late. Fair auction. Gratz Ryamu
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    I agree that it adds to Wurm culture. Myself I red up a bit about the early days and about early players and had lots of fun and learnt alot in the process. Still toon are sold and well this is not a RP game either.
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    If you want to remove the need for linking need to at least increase the difficulty, also it is supposed to be a specialist enchant as it has an amazing effect so requiring 2 priests isn't too bad. If you don't want to pay for 2 then as archaed said shouldn't be too hard to find someone who will let you use their priest as a link from time to time I share my priests for linking every now and then.
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    There's the balance reason. Linking = higher difficulty = lower casts LT and MS are quite handy to have, but their drawbacks compared to FA, RT and FB are requiring linking and increased difficulty. You arent required to run two priests, im sure a fellow priest around would be willing to team up
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    Muhahaha! First I aimed for 90 in all the subskills. While I was doing that, I got 99 fine carpentry as a result of improving people's stuff. For 90 carpentry you're probably better off doing subskills.
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    I added the Shod club picture but I also edited the template for the weapons to link to the Huge Shod Club page and not the clubs skill page.
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    The current mechanic makes it actually easier to find them. All you need to do is to find large grasslands or steppes, cause that's where the "domestic" animals spawn (yes, with the possible exception of the odd spawning mechanic in southern Xanadu). Concerning grasslands there's a catch though: forests tend to take over meadows and grasslands over time. It's task of the players in a region to maintain their grasslands by cutting down the trees to prevent forests from invading the grasslands. If the domestic mobs would spawn from lairs you'd get a lot of them in one region (where a lair happens to be) and next to none in other regions.
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    Poorly documented change but from what I heard through the grapevine was that they removed the spawn rocks for some creatures. Champion creatures can only spawn in the wild if they spawn from a spawn rock. I don't know if they removed the "dog holes" or not.
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    I could be wrong.. but I believe you're looking down on Misty Rock Mountain which is Malena's deed I've bought a few horses from those merchant stalls!
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    Hey folks! Just a heads-up concerning WurmClock and the display of harvesting seasons. Some months ago the devs made modifications to Wurm, making harvesting seasons more random. The beginning of a season can now vary within a period of up to 5 Wurm weeks (4+ real days) - so that WurmClock's display may occasionally be wrong! (Thank you, Marlon, for drawing my attention to this problem.) I'm working on a new version of WurmClock and will take up this issue. Thanks for using WurmClock.
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    http://prntscr.com/8etztx pls help
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    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!1!1!1! RiVaRd!1!1!1! From your slave driver elfieman
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    Welcome back! I don't know where the key to the BSB is but I have the one for the FSB. Didn't think the condition of the shack left is a safe place for the key. Sorry I couldn't keep up with it all. I have replanted some crops for you and will return the key to the FSB to it's resting place when it is fully restored (or to you if I see you first). I found some planks and used them to repair the two walls to 50 damage and had a couple of nails so i started the door and other missing wall. You'll need around 32 planks and a new lock. Whoever has the writ will need to attach the lock.
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    Thank you, yes the patch worked. [01:47:47] The Adolescent fat ram and the Aged fat sheep get intimate.
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    Description: Libila asks you to drain the Mol Rehan settlement token of Glittershore in the centerwest regions. :^)
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    Ok, let's try that for a while. Upped to 30.
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    Hello Everyone in the Greater Wurm World. I am formally inviting one and all to joyous celebration of sleep bonus. ROS is ready to cast with vynora's will it will happen, casting it in 24 hours , Burn your sleep bonus' if you have it and come on down to Linkoping Q13(ingamemap) or x16y35 (forum map). .samfeltonme in game....
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    Why are you building on that new settings screen instead of the actual settings screen where imo it all makes more sense?
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    +1 Listening to the arguments against this makes me laugh. Im not big on unique hunting so should probably keep my mouth shut but holy crap people open your eyes. The hunts are all being run by the same small group of people who get real pissed when someone threatens their sugar bowl. The reality is as long as things stay the way they are unless your allowed into this group the best you can hope for is the unique spawns on your deed and you can pen it yourself before they have a chance to rush across servers to snatch it from your grasp. A truly public way to conduct hunts would be awesome but til than I wouldn't mind a return to the old days when dragons were just stories told by oldtimers.
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    Wine cellar, sort of: House hallway: General store (slightly inspired by Whiterun's): This is how you get people to stop and take screenshots of your creation:
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    You know what, none of that matters. Join a kingdom, enjoy yourself, get into group pvp and contribute. 70-80-90 fs isnt important.
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    It is hidden in this short video that Brian made to advertise our first labyrinth: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHozZRh8mtI
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    In fact why was penning in houses stopped in the first place? That seems much more easier to pen in a house rather than a mine. Well it was stopped to prevent penning of uniques, and it looks like a unfinished step caus they are still pennable in mines. Better finish on the decisions which were taken in the past.
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    not finished yet - but i still think it look good, the fo shrine
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    since you can never repair nor improve hedges, it would mean hedges were now useless off deed which seems somewhat a shame given the time and effort to collect materials and wait for them to grow. I would much rather that some of the abandoned deeds around me had used hedges instead of the wood and stone fences that are still there six and even nine months later. And for me, even with a low quality sickle, they were tons easier to remove than a decayed stone fence using a Large Maul, or wood fence using a Huge Axe. It sounds like catapults, mauls and axes are not the tool of choice for dealing with them. I'd personally rather see damage from sickles escalated even more, than to make them basically useless unless on an active deed. Or -- make them similar to flowerbeds. Flowerbeds offdeed do take damage but very slowly, and you can reverse the damage by periodically watering them. I have lost offdeed flowerbeds before through neglect, and lots faster than seems to happen with stone/wood fencing. Abandoned hedges would then die in time but if someone were actively taking care of them (not an hour a week, plz) then they can remain. Like Druidnature's suggestion on "ages for hedges" -- I prune my oaks already to keep them from dying (yes I know they resprout but then 6 months to get them mature again) and that sort of same time frame seems reasonable. Maybe a good pruning or trim every 8-10 weeks and they are back to good as new (pruning = shortened and have to regrow), but if neglected and never tended they decay overall faster than stone/wood fences.
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    Edit again: Here's a few, not all are post wurm 1.0 but i like them.