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    Do not attempt at home. Professional driver on a closed course. Some data: date carpentry ======================== 08/30/15 99.999999 (100) 04/18/15 99.99999 02/24/15 99.99998 01/23/15 99.99997 12/28/14 99.99996 12/25/14 99.99995 12/16/14 99.99994 12/05/14 99.99993 11/25/14 99.9999 08/31/14 99.9997 08/16/14 99.9996 07/25/14 99.9995 07/13/14 99.9994 07/06/14 99.9993 07/01/14 99.9992 06/23/14 99.9991 06/09/14 99.999 04/19/14 99.998 03/22/14 99.997 03/09/14 99.996 02/25/14 99.995 02/10/14 99.994 02/04/14 99.993 01/29/14 99.992 01/25/14 99.991 01/02/14 99.99 11/18/13 99.98 05/08/13 99.97 03/01/13 99.96 01/26/13 99.95 12/12/12 99.9 06/18/12 99.8 06/17/12 99.7 05/14/12 99.6 03/21/12 99.5 02/12/12 99.4 12/24/11 99.3 12/10/11 99.2 10/01/09 99 08/24/09 95 Sleep bonus time spent on the last few ticks: 5h42m: [11:47:02] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999924 5h33m: [22:26:07] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999931 7h46m: [20:52:03] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999954 7h39m: [22:50:45] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999962 5h21m: [13:16:02] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999969 12h04m: [22:58:18] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999977 18h30m: [01:14:49] Carpentry increased by 0.000008 to 99.999992 53h09m: [21:39:16] You have just received the title 'Legendary Architect'! That's not a typo. The last tick took just over 53 hours with sleep bonus. Bonus graph from Niarja:
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    Just some things that came up in alliance chat. Let's hear some others! - my unlit lantern taking 1.66 damage per day if it's in my inventory - I can put 75 pumpkins in a back pack but only 12 strawberries or 9 cotton... - can only fit 25 chain boots in a backpack, but twice as many sleeves - cant combine woad or cochineal - I took the contents of our armour stand out then only a third of them could be put back in. - slate slabs need concrete while stone and marble can just be combined - I have almost 90 AH skill, with almost 7th generation 5 speed horses...and I get 3 speed foals....don't mind the meat and hide, but come on...really?! - MALLET TO IMPRPVE MALLET LOOOLLLL
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    How about some forum wogic?
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    One of several examples of Wurm Wogic. Generally the "sharpening" action of a whetstone in smithing works fine for immersion when the item being imped has an edge. Unfortunately it breaks down on items and weapons with little, if any, edges to be sharpened. Can be quite a stretch to fit it into the immersion, So I suggest changing the terminology to something more along the lines of Honing or Filing. Even a blunt instrument can have stray bits of metal to file or hone off.
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    Celebration is synonymous with two things for me. The fronteer experience and water. Being the southernmost server, Celebration has most likely the lowest population and a lot of untamed land. Here, most of us don't live in large congregated communities, but in large estates spread all over the map and often remote from each other. There is a robust network of roads here to connect everyone, so unlike Xanadu, your isolation is mostly self-imposed. The people who live on Celebration remind me of hardened fronteer pioneers, very self-reliant and able to handle themselves alone. Celebration's geography is also quite unique. We have strategic waterways that criss-cross our server and separate our land masses. Due to that, our server is very much a waterworld. Here, you will just as likely use your ship as your cart and even today with bridges present you need to be a sailor to move around with ease. The waters can be treacherous as well, with many shallow reefs, so experience is quickly gained - often the hard way - while moving around. Yet above all, Celebration is beautiful. With many uninhabited shores and lands, covered in huge forests and rolling plains, full of game and great hunting, it has a majesty that melts into one's heart. Our community is not large and very spread out, and while we do have occasional drama like everyone else, it's full of great people who have been here for a long time and love our land. Your neighbors here are not close by, so you treasure them all the more when they visit you. Many have tried Celebration and decided to move to the more populated servers. But those who stayed... stayed out of love. PS: I am getting sentimental in my old age, forgive. But Celebration will do that to you.
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    After building my first sail boat, I went exploring and found this beautiful castle on a deserted island.
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    Just leave them as they are but enable "cut down" action on them just like a normal tree / bush.
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    I'd like to suggest hedges decay off deed like any other fence. I realized it's not technically a fence yet it become very problematic to remove if off deed and permantly remains unless catapulted down. this makes it hard for many players to live with them as they restrict terraforming like a fence. it's one of the few things you can easily do in wurm that has very lasting consequences long after the player who plants them moves on. would be interesting to hear others perspectives
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9IgR_4vwRY <3 Boo~
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    So I started playing wurm with my friend some years ago. We picked Exodus server because I guess it sounded nice? Well that was the start. After wandering around for some time we realised that we want to find some not terraformed nor in any way habitable place. And where did we end up? Edge of the big desert. Yep. That was the perfect choice if we wanted to get constantly harassed by crocodiles, scorpions and all the other beatiful desert wildlife. And we were. Not that it affected our attitude to the game - it was always quite a laugh, well, besides getting back from the starter village in case of dying - and that happened a lot. Eventually we found out that there was some veteran hunters lodge near by - they took my friend for journeys sometimes (I was usually offline at that part of the day but I enjoyed his screenshots afterwards). Some time has passed and we decided to look for some nicer place to live. And again we didnt want something that was previously terraformed or looked like someone lived here. Of course we saw a lot of places that met our requirements but we continued searches. I was quite astonished by all the architecture I've met - like, how much time people even spent on doing these? Lastly we found some nice mountain - and while there were some people on the shores, the very top of it was completely untouched. That was the moment i realised: that is the place where I want to live! I'm gonna mine a maze in that mountain! Well, the moment of realisation was somewhat disturbed by some aged troll wandering around in the woods (guard towers were on the shores only). That and all the other silly deaths like falling off the edge of mountain happened a lot afterwards. And that is the new chapter of my story. We stayed on that mountain and terraformed the top of it. I wanted some planes for the buildings but didnt want the whole space fully flat - so we ended up making some levels, following the rock layer. Neighbors from the other mountain provided me some dirt in crates they didnt need - that was extremely helpful and i finished this project much earlier then i planned. Sadly, at this point my friend already lost most of his enthusiasm about the game. But I eventually deeded that place and lived nicely doing all the stuff i like to do in wurm. Finally the Xanadu was opened and all the shore people moved there. Not that all this was without negative parts. When we first moved, my friend parked his boat near the shore village - that led to quite a fight between them. Thats when we learned that wurm inhabitants can be rather rough about their deed borders. After some time I got quite bored with the game, abandoned it for months, and my deed got disbanded. I got back tho feeling tired about my place and setting off to find something new. The Xanadu opening affected a lot of shore or even more land deeds, leaving them to history. I found a small spot near the water on the opposite part of the Exodus map, built a shed there and started mining. After a week or so I got really sad about the place I left - it was completely looted after the deed disbanding but the buildings were still standing - and I thought "no way I would find some other place like that - it was unique" (even if it wasnt, I wouldnt like to terraform another such a place). And I got back, deeded it again and started another pleasant wurm life. So the point of this too long of a story: there wasnt such a moment in my wurm life when I regretted settling on Exodus. The experience was quite colorful in any way.
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    -1 Hedges are very useful for lining roads and creating safe areas for new players to hide from critters. Making them require any kind of upkeep runs counter to the idea behind them (a wall that isn't really a wall and something just there to stop mobs).
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    Port Monito, Independence Early 2011: I started Wurm and became villager of Exile's Gate village. During my first months the area of exploration was slowly expanding for me, until I found the spot for my village. That spot was known already and was marked on Community Map as "Eorzea" village. They had left behind several big houses which one of them was sturdy stone building, housing a trader within. Mid 2011: While being a villager already, I had no interest in founding my own village. It was the trader inside that building that kept my curiosity as older players teach me how good money the are. I had kept my eye on that place decaying for half a year when I made the decision to "make a move" and started building buildings and walls around the still-standing traders house, mostly to block view so anyone passing by would only see construction and not a prospect of acquiring free trader. Late 2011: I found my village called "Port Monito" which was positioned in not-so-central location of the area, as the old trader-house was still standing and blocking my free village placement, but it already had gotten holes in its walls to allow me gain access to everything inside. It took another month of waiting to have last parts of those old Eorzea buildings to finally fall completely. During these times I was Exiled from Exile's Gate due to disagreement whether or not its "Ok" for villager to have an alt which is a mayor of a village. The old buildings left plans, which did not go away. GM visited Port Monito and with thunderstrikes the house plans were gone, and I was free to expand my village to cover the whole spot. During 2012-2013 My "great highway" project. I do love highways, especially good highways. With help of some of my allies, I made very straight highway to go around Port Monito, and extended it by cutting "trough" the mountain in order to bypass a tunnel passage that served as "main highway" before. Red Square is Port Monito, Yellow overdraw shows how old highway was going around and trough Port Monito. New highway marked with red arrows was constructed. It took over a year of surfacemining over the mountain to make it straight and flat 3+2 (3+1 at highest point at mountain cutting) wide highway: Mid-Late 2013: Port Monito became the Leading actor in our powerful alliance and after series of events decided to leave the alliance. We had futile attempt to establish "South Coast" trading partner network as old allies together covered most of the SW of Independence coast. Port Monito ended up as member of non-acting alliance, a collection of friends and has ever since remained that way. In past ~1.5 years Port Monito established as a place that "is allways there". Several members of alliance have abandoned their villages, cutting costs and chores, and became villagers. Port Monito currently is a workshop constantly producing high quality enchanted tools, armors and weapons. Future plans: NW section of Village is a mountain hill up. We are going to mine it flat to make whole village a big flat square. Thats all about Port Monito I could think of in this morning.
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    I put dirt in my pocket when I dig \o/
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    Niarja is a Wurm Online web application with two features: "Live Server Data" and "Skill Compare" I'm working on updating the text in this post. For now, check it out!
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    -1 - the usefulness of hedges is that they don't decay off-deed. We use them for things like perimeter horse pens - having to keep repairing stone walls is a pain, and hedges look nicer for peripheral stuff anyway. They really aren't that difficult to remove, and they do take a fair bit of resource gathering to create.
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    If he uninstalled java then yes you need java to run wurm just make sure you get the most recent 64bit version from the java website.. https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
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    Just sailed for hours! Guys, where's the line for the bathroom? ... Oh...
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    Hello Everyone in the Greater Wurm World. I am formally inviting one and all to joyous celebration of sleep bonus. ROS is ready to cast with vynora's will it will happen, casting it in 24 hours , Burn your sleep bonus' if you have it and come on down to Linkoping Q13(ingamemap) or x16y35 (forum map). .samfeltonme in game....
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    They are easy enough to destroy. The reason one chooses them over a fence or wall is because they do not decay and look more natural.