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    some time ago there was a game character personality test here in forum that i found very amusing. so here is a real life personality test, not for avatars. Take Test After Results Check Here my results lol. im a dreamer. YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE IS: MEDIATOR (INFP-A) No one can stop you from dreaming!
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    Allow Jewelry-Smiths to make Ceremonial Jewelry (Wedding Bands) Female only Wedding bands; Example: Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 1) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu 3) "Create" > Diamond Or Opal Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Diamond or Opal Wedding Band it Needs (1) Diamond or Opal to be Completed. let Wedding bands be NO DROP once equipped. maybe a binding window could pop up, where the player confirms it will be binded to them. Making the item no drop. Even having the option before putting it on to add the name of there partner? Which would display who they are married too. Males only wedding bands; Example: ) Activate glowing Adamantine lump, Glimmersteel lump, Seryll lump silver Lump or gold lump (0.1 kg or more) 2) Right-Click Open submenu > 3) "Create" > Ruby Or Sapphire Wedding Band 4) you create a Unfinished Ruby or Sapphire Wedding Band it needs (1) Ruby or Sapphire to be completed.
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    This is the mountain just to the West of GD, wandering through looking for a place to found a deed look up on top of this mountain and see this awesome rainbow. Oddly enough rainbows are a pretty big deal on Deli.. with Odynn's place with the bifrost, the rainbow bridge and my little boat rainbow over on the west coast. I can't think of Deli without thinking of rainbows.
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    Ok, let's try that for a while. Upped to 30.
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    As the title states, I am trying to run the unstable jnlp, but every time I execute it, it takes me to the [bridges] test server and starts downloading the test packs. This is not a case of confusion on my behalf. I even went as far as deleting my old jnlp file and re-downloading the unstable jnlp directly from the wikipedia. Same problem.
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    Thanks guys and gals. n grats to the winners! i had a ton of fun on this adventure! now gogo look for the rest of things while your still on xanadu and host a fight for me
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    Done http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php?title=Mail&action=history
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    Just sailed for hours! Guys, where's the line for the bathroom? ... Oh...
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    Start:45s Inc:1s Buyout:60s Snipe 1Hr Will take 7s off for a rare hatchet
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    Proph still hasn't updated/finished the op. So bad.
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    Yup, i also wiped my java and ran the new files. Same issue.
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    Then add a craftable divorce agreement that can be used to remove them but transfers half the money in your bank to your ex I think Divorce Law is now now my favorite idea for a new skill in Wurm after Dentistry
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    INT-JA here, while being very honest with the answers. I think most people doing this in a public setting, especially extraverts, would probably gloss on things they want others to believe, in order to boost security/assertiveness(it just makes sense, if you're so assertive and commanding, why let others see your anti-sides?), so I find these things pointless usually (unless you are honest and keep it to yourself).
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    YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE IS: ARCHITECT (INTJ-A) And now... now we wait.
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    Major thanks to WKM and Aum . The orchestration of the hunt and amenities and potion mixing has really topped out in quite perfect execution. Job well done and thanks again for sharing and making public. I want to give a special thanks to Zachariah. Over the last few hunts he has tirelessly assisted in helping wherever needed and a shuttle king. Always great to see players pay it forward by giving back to the community in ways we all have benefited over time as well when starting out. This is what makes the group experience a heighten feeling of happiness over and above the game fun itself.
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    The profile screen should be in the esc-menu. Having to get to it through inventory or character body feels really backwards.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagecoach With the advent of bridges there is now a possible market for relative safe people transport, but large carts are entirely too slow and of course wagons only hold one. I was thinking of a four-in-hand that holds 4-6 passengers with a hold limited to say the small cart volume, with one driver and maybe one shotgun/lookout. It would be considerably lighter and less sturdy than a wagon and thus horses would be optimal and perhaps have a bonus. With say 5-speed horses it should be a boost in speed that should match say a fast, normal ship with a min speed of say 17 kmh. It should be fast enough, that given paved roads and bridges, a Stagecoach could deliver players to next closest starter town in, for example, a reasonable, but not instant period of time, that is competitive or perhaps as fast as a ship, or maybe to balance the safety of a Stagecoach (no drowning) perhaps slower than a ship given equal distances. As a cool bonus if there were a flat top barge with no hold players could actually setup ferry landings and charge to ferry Stagecoaches across areas where bridges were undesirable or not feasible, no open seas of course. The idea dawned on me (and probably suggested before, but would rather play game than search or bump necrothreads) because still not able to get a PoK or PoL tile next to my lake; basically when time comes i have to load my alts into cart and take them to their respective tiles. This idea would be too much for taking alts to meditate, as a Stagecoach would certainly be high-level FC and as much for people transport as wagons are for goods transport. Anyway, would be cool... Fixed some spelling & grammar
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    I think it would be interesting (and realistic) to be able to dye your hair either white using limestone/bleach, and blue using woad. The Celts did this in real life more than 2000 years ago, so Wurmians probably could.
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    Yes been suggested before, but this time i drew pics .. just kidding, did a lil crude photo shopping to give a perspective on how they could work and look with a Short Iron Gate to go with chain fences. Original Gate Shortened Iron Gate
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    Would be nice if we could right click our inventory, inventory group, or any other group/container within a window for that matter and "right click" "export list". Upon doing so, a list of all contents as shown "including any added names and set prices" would be exported to our "dumps" Directory (like the dump skills command does). This would be very beneficial to anyone posting items for sale on the forums. Example: Right clicking the "70 - For Sale" group and choosing "Export content list" or whatever verbiage is acceptable, would export the following to our "dumps" directory. File name "contents.20150909.2206.txt" Contents dumped at Sep 9, 2015 ----- 70 - For Sale rare short bow, willow (c70) 34.72QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s rare bow, willow (c73) 60.22QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s rare long bow, willow (c93) 36.26QL 0.00DMG 1.00Weight 5s
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    This is already in. In DeedPlanner, look at the top of the list. There's Center, and then each of the corners. Keep in mind the way pave nearest corner works: It's a cobblestone tile, so it only works with cobblestone in Deedplanner. It paves the corner, and pulls the texture from the borders on the other side.
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    So I start a timer, then I relog, it would help if the timer was still running. I log out, log in 5 minutes later, timer would be 5 minutes less. Sometimes I use the ingame timers, but this being wurm, you often need to relog (eg. due to some bug). This makes using the ingame timers very unpleasant, as relogging makes you lose the current timer time. On the technical side, should be very easy, simply store the timer start timestamp in playerdata.txt or wherever, and check that file on client start. btw, I am aware I can use other timers than the ingame thing, but it sure would be cool if the ingame thing was more useful than it is.
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    Added. Also allowed voting on Trello cards, so if you want think the feature/bugfix is important you can upvote it.
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    well yeah...would say it describes me quite well
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    Malevolence is cursed that's a why try a small maul on him instead nothing else works.
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    Meh not going to be able to make it. Client crashed on me while walking to meet on the south route. Currently stuck in water with low stamina in approx. M-14 or 15, coastline a tad north of Snoo village and harbor.
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    Please allow ALL things to view the owner if its allowed to have an owner when you examine it. wagons, carts, boats do it, why not mine doors? come on now!
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    I suspect eventually Rolf will want the game to support placing items on tables, etc. so the code for this suggestion could be re-used. Instead of planting a lamp on the ground and doing the whole pushing/pulling/angling bit to get it to just the exact, perfect spot, I suggest right clicking on a lamp to plant, left click plant would show the lamp (or a semi-transparent version) that could be positioned with the mouse on the tile the players stands on to place it in the exact spot the player wants it. The middle mouse wheel could be used to rotate the lamp, the left mouse for placement, and the right mouse to cancel the action.
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    INTP PERSONALITY (“THE LOGICIANâ€) Your Profile PERSONALITY: INTP ("THE LOGICIAN") VARIANT: TURBULENT ROLE: ANALYST ExtravertedIntroverted47%IntuitiveObservant52%ThinkingFeeling82% JudgingProspecting59%AssertiveTurbulent14%
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    50 ql rare silver Magranon statuette Buyer pays COD or Pickup at Indepencence - 36x,20y. Start bid: 6s Reserve: None Buyout: PM Me Min Increase; 50c Sniper Protection; 1 hour
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    We are born not just for ourselves.
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    nono, to easy to find poor noobs hide outs
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    I have to say reading about my results I feel as though it's actually surprisingly accurate. It was interesting that there was afew questions that I *wanted* to answer differently but I don't think it would have been the honest answer. Overall interesting read
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    Rock shards can be mailed, they are currently listed as can not be sent. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mail [11:10:40] You drop a rock shards. [11:11:15] You have been charged 10 copper. [11:11:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    +1 Altho i am very happy with our ingame maps and the old compass, having another use for papyrus and a few new map making skills would be great.
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    Another update in this topic, I will keep all future ones in DP thread:
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    +1 for dirt/sand, though I'm not convinced for clay. Just imagine that you are happily digging clay off deed (that's pretty much where clay is for most people), then somebody comes by, grabs the pile of clay off the ground and rides off. Suddenly we've reversed the current situation, at least for clay. Instead of having to drop piles all the time you now need to pick up what you are digging all the time, even though with clay it was never a problem to begin with because it's only 2kg per clay, so you can hold plenty in your inventory. What i'd propose is a slightly more complex system, which offers increased safety for clay and works better with dredging: 1) while digging, if you have an inventory besides your own open (cart, crate, boat, etc) then what you've dug up goes into that inventory first. If multiple are open then just let the server dump it into one of these, perhaps the first one which was opened. If the first one is full then it could go to the second one, and so on until all are full? 2) While digging, if case 1 did not apply or all of those inventories are full, then drop the materials in the inventory of the player if there is enough room in said inventory. 3) While digging, if case 1 did not apply or all of those inventories are full, and the player has insufficient room in his inventory, then drop the dug materials in a pile on the ground.
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    Yeah it does seem that setting rent for a door could be troublesome and probably impossible at the current time. Thank you for the insight Tich. Keep up the good work!
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    My deed on Xanadu in the P 16 area
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    I live on Celebration and love every day of it because of the people there. We're warm and inviting, mature yet silly, classy yet simple. We help each other whenever it's needed and as such always get help when we need it. We band together to fend off those unique creatures before the experienced fighters of Chaos come. This server takes care of it's own. I can create any type of settlement anywhere I want... but I choose Celebration because of it's people.
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    ILovewurm, women don't decay at all, they only improve with age!