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    Hence, a post is made and people relate their experiences. Yes, it's annoying and yes it needs to be fixed. My opinion (and others), which we have the right to express. Yes, there could be a good explanation even though I sure can't think of a one. We'll sure never know what that might be without a thread on the subject methinks. You, on the other hand, seem determined to argue with everyone who is having a problem with it, and invalidate everything they're feeling about it for some obscure reason. A post to relate that you personally have not experienced this would be consistent with the purpose of this kind of thread. But continuous posting to argue with those who have, implying they're just complaining about nothing, and in one case even implying that some are just making it all up, is quite another thing. Is there some rational, valid reason for doing this, other than to antagonize people?
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    Stuff should be safe on freedom by default. To make stuff insecure should require user input, not vice versa. Making unsecure stuff doesn't give much to gameplay, only promotes "lets go out and find if we find some poor sucker who has forgot to lock his stuff". IF someone wants to steal, there are two options: Chaos and Epic. Another big problem with permissions IMO, is that for example when I give someone in my warehouse permissions to take bricks, it means that he can walk away with everything else he sees in that warehouse. The permissions are all or nothing and new permissions don't address this issue. Yes, it gives you more options to whom you can give permissions, but still, when permission is given, it's free game.
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    The forum intermittently and randomly stops working for a few minutes once in a while then comes back. This has been ongoing for months. I've seen people complain about it on the forum and in game and it doesn't seem like anybody cares. Could Rolf, or anyone else from the staff with access to that either fix the damn thing or move it to a hosting that doesn't suck? Pretty please?
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    Now my suggestion is a new tab called Alarm. (or whatever more suitable name ya wanna call it, its unimportant really) What does this new Alarm tab do? In short it notifies you when "alarm" type events occur. Currently when something occurs (like global warning msgs or settlement alarms raised), they get quickly put on a line in event (which may be completely missed if you arent paying too much attention or completely if event isnt open). I'm suggesting these type of msgs get posted in the alarm tab. In addition to that, there is 2 little checkboxes available for villages in the settings. One for the display/hiding of "natural" non-tamed non-kingdom animals and one for alliance display. When alliance display is turned on their settlement alarms will be posted for all alliance members in that tab. (If not, then they are only sent to villagers) Some kingdoms got fancy workarounds to be alerted when something triggers guards (like irc bots, twitter warning systems, etc etc), but thats for out-of-game warnings. This is the ingame stuff. Information Ministers/Head of the secret police/Bloodwhisperers would get the notifications about offices logging in/off Earl Marshal/Defensive advisor/Chief of the cabal would get their notifications about the towers under attack. Towers/Battlecamps being capped would also be displayed there instead of the death tab. Etc. TLDR: Battle camp Of The Bull is being conquered. Nahjo neutralizes Diamond battle camp. Tosiek conquers battle camp Of The Bull. Adolescent fat Strongpaddy raises the settlement alarm of Rome! Bobdole is now a citizen of Rome! Under the rule of Orlaz of Rome, Arretium has been convinced to join the roamin warlords. Citizens rejoice! Defense Advisor Chrizs of Mol Rehan is now online. <Enki>: PVP BAN IS CURRENTLY IN EFFECT - BLA BLA BLA The next Hunt of the Ancients starts in 2 hours and 10 minutes. The settlement of Devilz And Wildones Home has just been founded by Bible. [that msg about a deed having less than one month upkeep left before disbanding upon logging in] (for alliance too if checked) Stuff like that. ps. the tab only appears if an alarm is actually triggered, just like the death tab.
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    Some people strive to make games enjoyable, I think that would be a good idea for the Wurm developers seeing as many people quit the first time all their crap is "stolen" from their cart. It's already a niche game, it doesn't have to scare away people who would've potentially enjoyed it had they been given a fair chance. Call it "dumb the game down" if you want, I prefer to call it making the game user friendly and a bit more intuitive.
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    I made myself an entire bunny armor set already.
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    How can an mmo exist without bunnies to be bashed? Or maybe I'm just old. Negative one that face, I dare you.
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    Reminder - release is TOMMOROW. (unless it gets postponed again)
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    I'm sure Rome would just love for you guys to visit DSC. Just let them know when you are coming and I'm sure they will pull out the welcome guillotine mat for you ;p Edit: And Zeke the guys new , prob a genuine mistake jeez
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    Like this topic shown, new players are not really happy with current tutorial - this is really bad thing, both when it comes to keeping new players interested with game and keeping them in game for longer. New players are often very confused, don't know what and how can they do and - even if they already know - their skills are making any task very hard. While wiki, asking for help and playing with more experienced players can help a lot, nothing can replace good tutorial. Suggestion: Add new, optional (but very recommended) tutorial parallel to current one, taking place in tiny, instantiated part of the world. Here, players could learn all basic things needed to survive - how to craft tools, terraform land, build house, fight, avoid dangers and secure themselves, receiving (and crafting) some basic tools at the same time, as well as leveling basic skills. Instantiated part of the world would be really small (max 50X50), containing small pond, grassland with almost flat land (slopes in 0-3 range), hill with single exposed rock tile (and iron vein right on the right or left of the entrance), forest. Player would receive tasks, instructions how to complete them and some tips. Tasks for new player (in that order): -interface familiarity (wasd, qe, click-drag, right-clicking and select bar, activating tools) -cutting down a tree, chopping it into logs -creating shafts, mallet head, mallet -terraforming basics - leveling small piece of grassland -planning first 1X1 house (with alto-leveled carpentry if below required skill) -mining basics - creating tunnel (with less actions needed than usual), mining ore and rocks -fighting basics - fight with weak passive creature, buthering -creating campfire -cooking basics - processing raw meat, drinking water from pond, fighing (low ql, non-drop fishing rod given at this point) -turning ore into lumps -creating small anvil -house building basics - creating planks, large nails, building wooden house -dangerous creature attack (wolf? Maybe 2 rats at the same time? Anything too hard to beat in one go, but easy enough to kill in 1 or 2 turns) - hiding in house, healing wounds with cotton (some of it given to character at this stage), hit & run combat and info about guard towers -security - crafting lock, attaching it to house door -something missing/should be added/in different order? What do you think about this idea?
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    The forums stop working for me between 4 and 10 times a day. Do I have proof of it? No, but I don't give a crap about whether or not wannabe-officials believe me. It's true and I'm sure the real Wurm staff cares.
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    Most games usually have options to help people with eye issues, but for some reason wurm seems to go in the opposite direction, apparently is not enough burden to make your ui borked wen you change the size of text, now we have just another damn window with unreadable tiny text. TYVM.
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    Perhaps this problem happens more often to others based on location in the world? Perhaps these people aren't visiting the forums as frequently as others? So many variables. Again, I am a paying customer in a non-beta game. With that, it is not my job to collect info or to be a bug tester/instance reporter for someone who can afford to pay others to do so. My "job" is to voice my feedback as a customer... and I am. His server provider is and a portion of his site has spotty accessibility. Likewise, it's also not my job to ping the Xanadu server to help him figure out why there is a 1sec additional lag on that server alone. That's his job to figure it out. Frankly, I don't think he gives a about either issue. Look at how long he lets those issues (and others) drag out for. But that's kind of Wurm's biggest problem.... the actions (or lack thereof) made around here scream "we don't give a !!!"
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    Making it higher priced makes it all ok ... how about no.
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    I dont see the difference from buying a toon, to buying an weapon or buying an improvement, or buying any other service. Would it matter if you paid in game silver you earned in game from imping/selling services in game to pay for so called better toon? Everything has a value, all items/services have a price. Buying a toon is nothing more than any other trade. This is just another form of an exchange. x dollars = x euros = x wurm silvers = x time = x bricks = x anything = x fun. In the end you should be trading something for the most amount of fun possible. Simple equation to me. Its up to the individual to fill in x. Everyone is different to some degree as to what the ratio's are.
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    i want to ride on a champion bunny, so +1
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    geez from the ops passive aggressiveness and others posting that people who buy toons dont deserve their "respect". lol what is this? some kind of church or moral fraternity? its just a game. i respect people who just play the game how they want without ruining for other people. not if they spent 5 years grinding skills. maybe those people who buy toons spend many hours at work and dont have the time to grind or for whatever reason. but its ridiculous the extreme the op in an underhanded way and some others are putting down people who buy or sell toons are expressing. for the record i have never sold or bought toons, and dont think i ever will. too cheap to buy and to lazy to sell and redo. tl;dr its just a game and its allowed by the rules of the game
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    Personally i never bought and will never buy an account, i enjoy the road more than the destination, but to each their own. I'm also way too broke to afford paying hundreds of euros for a game account.
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    The center building (my digs) still not finished yet, but it is looking spiffy, and everyone needs a troll under the bridge. By the way, seeing Malena's sweet winery gave me the inspiration to build this.
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    yeah why the hell its the new esc menu so damn small? edit: of course i also think it was a terrible idea to change it from 1 menu to 2 menus,making it just harder to use for no reaosn. and they cant say all options wouldnt fit in 1 menu,when its so damned small
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/129436-wta-supreme-pick/ without having 100wao, still worth at least a gold?
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    Looks like there is something wrong with your config file. If you change config to "default" on the game tab of the settings screen see if that makes any difference.
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    Guess some people did not have parents who taught them the saying " if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" I think it is great that you are sharing your experience in Wurm. Good Luck and Great job.
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    Scenery from my balcony
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    Have all my +1s, this is one of those things I always felt was needed to clear up global events. Also some more messages for the Alarm tab: - Unique slayings - Server restarts - Valrei events
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    -1 as well. Far too many planted items stay around for years after a deed disbands.
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    On deed, sure. Off deed no. Off deed items are public goods.
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    Because I think they're perfect for leaving out food for newbies, but that means anyone can just take them entirely. On the deeds where I usually put newbies, I don't have a large chest out for them. And if it was locked, they wouldn't be able to get in there and get at the food. It's a newbie fridge but I want to be able to plant it down and not worry about it.
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    Ah, now here is a good one. Also, if your upkeep is two days from running out. +1 Which brings up a most annoying subject. Exactly why do we buy upkeep that lasts 28 days ( a WURM account month) when upkeep decay becomes active at 30 days. Would it kill anyone to align both of these to 28 days? It is not logical to call a month both 28 days and 30 days. And at some point a player is forced to pay two months upkeep to prevent decay.
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    I didn't notice this thread. Please let me know if you believe Niarja to be an official Wurm Online site. It's not and I'm not trying to make any implication that it is.
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    Pottery is one of the skills that really needs LOVE <3 The Archived "What Can Be Added To Pottery Thread" started by MrBloodworth in 2011, needs to be reopened or restarted indoor/ourdoor floor lanterns Decorative Storage Colorful glazes wall mosiacs Indoor.outdoor planters: ivy sprouts, herbs, strawberry, tree pots windchimes (limited sound radius of 4-8 tiles) floor bunnies note: all images found through Google Images and included only to inspire devs on "what is possible"
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    I would actually be happy if tree collision was turned off permanently. It was always annoying to have animals stop following you because of trees in the way, or riding and getting stuck every few tiles because of a tree. In my opinion, having tree collisions turned off leads to a much smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. So yeah, personally I'm hoping it'll stay turned off permanently.
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    This is totally ruining the immersion of hundreds of wurmians pvp'ing in auctions and town square arenas. Fix it ASAP
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    That's because it is a pay to play game. The "free to try" is simply that; a test run. Those who actually want to play this game tend to stick around and buy premium, which is the intended course.
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    Longsword on the way Lisabet, enjoy Wulfgarr i going to make some more LS today will PM you with the results. Wish a nice Day
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    Na. No gain, no halt. You dont pvp? Then you decay like intended.
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    Player-crafted music and musical instruments in general.
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    record in 720p, remove the black bars by not recording in terrible aspect ratios get Dxtory and set your scaling size down to 1280 width 720 height you will most likely have to do some post process cropping if your games resolution is different from your recording resolution but you can make it work as seen here, [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wobDlq7NiBI
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    I've always loved that pretty much every kingdom on elevation treats everyone like family and a lot of people really get blown away from the niceness from everyone when they first play, because they're so used to some everyone-only-helps-themselves attitude from either playing on a home server or around freedom
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    Wurm is about who plays better. Who has better accounts and better gear from playing the game. Who has better organization and cooperation. Who has better command of the rules and how to work within them to be stronger than their opponents. Who is better at preparing and controlling their character. You need to master to all of these areas to be good at this game. If part of this list bores you then maybe Wurm PvP on Chaos is not for you. Speaking strictly about Chaos where the rules clearly state you need 25 individual accounts to form a PMK, you should expect to need to have 25 individual players for success on raids. If you don't have the social skills to maintain and lead a group of 25 players in an MMO you should not be rewarded with rules changes to make it easy or as you call it "fast paced, dynamic". If you are opposed to grinding and RNG then you are definitely playing the wrong game and should find one with rules that suit your expectations of fun in a game.
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    I love the look of those wine barrels in the archway And I totally want to sit on chairs too! I will be excited for that day Sit on a chair and drink wine from the barrels....better yet, lay in my bed with the barrel next to it
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    We don't need a 'pure pve server' (whatever that means). We just need it so the default permissions block access to everyone and then you decide from there who should be allowed access. That solves everything. The only reason these past thefts/horse killings happened was due to the wrong permissions being set, or the wrong people being trusted. (In the case of trust, then that's just too bad, that's a risk you take when you trust someone. It wouldn't be trust otherwise)
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    Terra Cotta House by a Master Potter: Terra Cotta House by a noobie potter: *** The second one is actually a very famous house. I actually love it, specially if you see the interior shots. I also love cob houses