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    whats with all this hostility guys? I think it's rather refreshing to have a post like this than those thousands "uwäääh someone stole my stuff on freedom" and "wurm is dying" and "why everyone is so unfair" and "lets go lynch player XXX for behaving badly" threads. I don't even know what you guys think should be wrong with this thread...it's nice of him to try to inform that person that an item went to the wrong person, instead of having to let that person maybe get wrong assumptions about a possible buyer scamming him sheesh.
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    Hey Everyone! After a few weeks' break, we're now back with regular news posts. It's still a bit of a quiet week this week, but we have some news to share to get everything going again. The devs have also spent some time this week at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The devs have been every year now for a while, and it's a great way to kick off a new season of development - as well as some industry networking and meeting up with a few other members of the dev team who don't work in the Motala office. The plan for the next few weeks of development is to continue with bugfixes and small changes. As we've mentioned before, we'll start to look into the next "big feature" for Wurm in the fall. Expect to hear more on that in the coming weeks/months! The Month in Patch Notes In keeping with recent tradition, here's a roundup of all the recent patch notes posted to the client during the dev summer break. This is everything since News #69, so it's a pretty big list! Most notably is that upcoming game features will require an update to Java 8. If you don't already have it (it's been around for a while now) then you're crazy! But you can download it here anyway (of which we strongly recommend downloading and using 64-bit Java if you have a 64-bit system, since it will make Wurm use your computer's resources better than 32-bit.) 25/6/15It should now be possible to lead creatures and drive/ride from bridges high up into houses.Fix for teleporting when moving out from floors onto steep tiles.Added in ability to see who planted an item (using examine).Fix so items and creatures that were on bridge when it was destroyed, loose their link to the bridge.Made wall collisions wider, to remove the see through feature.If there is only one possible item to craft, it is auto-selected in crafting window by default (like sand+clay).Non-premiums gives less to no skill in pvp due to some exploitability.Chaos server: In order to deal with alt problems, non-premiums can only respawn in permanent cities and pmk capitals until a better solution can be coded.You can now drop dirt under bridges (with restrictions). 26/6/15Added possibility to repair tools directly in crafting window.Tripled the ondeed creature ratio on pvp servers.Foals now age a lot faster on pvp servers.Reduced the breed wait timers on pvp servers.The Rod of Eruption has been replaced with a Tome of Incineration since use of the rod was considered undesirable.Fixed some issues with loading things onto boats.Fixed an issue with grass height and flower data. 30/6/15Fix for being kicked as passengerFix for creatures escaping pensFix for pmk non-prem spawning on Chaos 15/7/15We are adding features in the game client which requires Java 8 within the overseeable future, so please get the latest version of Java at http://www.java.com as soon as possible:)A bug with mine doors was fixed 21/7/15Updated title for 90 NS as the old one was not very good.Added rarity to the items text (and hover text) in mail receive screen.Tower guards should now be more responsive when spawning.Corrected some size values for seals that resulted in a larger yield of hides then intended. Should now yield 2x 6kg hides instead of 2x 15kg that it did before.The fungus spell should no longer be able to spread mycelium to cobblestone tiles, and possibly other unintended types as well.The valentine flowers should no longer turn into a marble planter when decaying.Bracers should no longer hide shields when equipped, and will for the time being not be visible at all (the bracers not the shields).Fixed an issue where the examine message for soup would disappear when splitting the soup into new containers.Changed it so that Bulk storage bins no longer delete partial items when removing items from it.Examining a timber framed door under construction should now show the materials needed to finish it.Plain stone doors should now properly be shown as options when the house you are building requires a door and won’t let you build anything else.Fixed an old bug where it wasn’t allowed to build upper floors on deed perimeter north and west of a deed when the structure was just outside of the deeds perimeter.A rope is now part of the newbie toolset. 27/7/15Re-sized the oven’s internal container volume so that cauldrons may fit inside of it.Fix so mycelium will revert back to normal including grass, trees, bushes and lawns on non-pvp servers.Added crude axe.Adjusted volumes for shingles. Also made slate shingles slightly less dense.Tower guards should be more responsive to enemies during conquering. 3/8/15Crude Axe Head added.Crude Shaft added.Larger boats should now be easier to load from a few tiles away (cog, knarr, corbita, caravel).A range check bug resulting in too short distance allowed when unloading crates from ships was fixed.(Bulk storage) “As many as I can carry†should now leave behind partial items that can’t be combined once taken out.(Fighting) Special moves should no longer show the activated item.Fix so gates are correctly unlocked when a deed disbands.Change so attaching a lock to an item only checks if you have a key if you are on a PvE server. Permissions Improvements Tich is still hard at work on her huge improvements to the game's permissions systems. She is already working on new code, but is also looking for feedback on proposed changes to both gates and mine doors - we'd love to hear your feedback in both threads! Inevitably there will be more threads to come too - we'll post them in the weekly news as and when they appear. Rams, Lambs & Black Sheep This week, Saroman has been living up to Valdor's dev team fanfiction by working on new models to add some variety to sheep to celebrate Gamescom 2015. Disclaimer: that's probably not the actual reason why he made them, but we'll happily condone belief in it anyway. Coming to a field near you soon! Screenshot of the Week This weeks' screenshot is of a very happy lava fiend taken by Xallo, posing with its arm around a fellow Wurmian. How nice! Who knew that aggressive, fire-breathing mobs could be so photogenic. That concludes this week's news. We're sure that it's going to be a big point of discussion - but to get the ball rolling, what big new feature would you most want to see added to Wurm? Happy Wurming!
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    No reason for all the does he hate me etc posts either. But I don't see this many people having an issue with those. I am simply letting him know that he might have made a mistake. I do know that there is a character with a name very similar to mine. So it isn't out of the realm of possibilities for him to have made a mistake. My making this post and if he or one of his friends find it will know that he did send the rope just made a mistake with spelling so he can send it again. Sending it to the correct person this time who might be thinking that the person they bought something from was a flake. Not sure why this is such a big deal to people that are clearly not involved in this in any way whatsoever.
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    What the hell is wrong with you people? There's no reason for this much hostility and condescending tone toward the OP. This is the kind of player this community needs to encourage, not act elitist and bully him out of the game. And Wargasm....WAY over the line. Get a girlfriend or some counseling, because there is no way a well adjusted person would be triggered like that by the OP.
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    We need beer added to the game already! Rolf thought it was added already in 2011 during the first meetup.
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    I have seen where a player wishes to contact a deed holder that has been afk and make a post on the forums to attempt to find them or a lost horse. It seems the OP was only trying to clarify and reach out a player in courtesy to say they may have mailed to the wrong person, as the ingame name doesn't match a forums name to pm. The amt of discord that has followed is saddening. For those that say the Forums have become somewhat toxic you have to realized the forums are what we make them via our own posts. This is what drives and shapes the forums and we all have our part in them. If you wish it to be a better place, post pleasantry into existence, moderation can only go so far in guiding.
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    As I pointed out when I posted about my misdirected mail, not everyone has the same in-game name as their forum name. An example would be the alts I've bought - at least one of the names is still active in the forums, although for me in-game they are just worker alts without added friends. If someone wanted to communicate with one of those alts, if they weren't online in the game there would be no way, and the wrong person would get the message if it was sent on the forums. Sending the misdirected mail message here harms no one. If you don't want your comments deleted, maybe remember the adage "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you." Do you want people to be sarcastic and condescending when you're just posting an innocent message?
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    If this thread is pointless then does not that make all your posts within it pointless also? I agree there is much hostility towards this post and for the life of me I cannot understand it. I could care less about 75% of the posts on this forum but I do not take the time to be a crab ass in every one of them and berate them because they do not align to what I think a ideal post should be. Does ragging on random posts help you guys sleep better at night or fill some void in your life?
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    Jaratima I did not order a mooring rope from you nor do I know why you sent one to me. I have returned it to you thinking you must have meant to send it to someone with a name similar to mine.
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    So tell him that? This is a pointless thread
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    I feel like we are Flintstone style riding the carts and the horses are just there for show.
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    FreeTineen is leaving Wurm? Well I know who to blame, and I know who needs to be nerfed... Berris
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    32 page thread: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/87480-make-kingdom-leader-titles-work-like-champion-titles/page-32 Take a hint devs.
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    Thats an obvious bug fix, has nothing to do with pvp. People were climbing the biggest mountains on freedom by abusing a cart to regain stamina. Hell, people were building entire deeds in the middle of mountaincliffs like this.
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    I think the worst part is when you're in a boat and the slope below you disallows you from regening stamina when you're standing still. That's also one of the "because PvP" things in the game, that they introduced to make wallclimbing in carts harder.
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    http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Main_Page I have updated the main page to be a little more aesthetically pleasing. I'm open to suggestion for new images to replace the ones I've quickly put together to start the new look off with. Feel free to post image suggestions here and we'll see what others think. Cheers, Marni
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    Hey, the http://strikelimit.co.uk/Valrei/ map is hosted on my site - it is back up now, but went down for a few days because of a changing payment methods related hiccup . Additionally, M_the_C who created the map posted the code in the post linked above - so anyone who wants to can host an equivalent map as well - just in case my site has another hiccup in the future before the official map makes it into the game.
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    ^^ This. Just because you are bored and this thread does not appeal to you it does not mean you should go around criticizing folk for trying to get a message to someone. Climb down off your high horse and ignore the thread if you don't like it.
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    This forum is so active I can barely keep up with the hundreds of thousands of spam threads, please don't make threads that don't appeal to my exact interests.[/sarcasm]
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    Oh no, this isn't a thread where someone is threatening to grief people - How will I ever survive having read this?
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    Love to. There is no forum name by the name of the person that I received the mail from. I did check.
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    If I could tell him, I would have. I do not know who they are. I put this here so they would see it and know why they got a return. If it bothers you please refrain from looking at it.
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    Speed Boat It's been months since the break-in at Silent Hill took place, and the facts about the burglary are finally being pieced together. An anonymous Arch-villain who was recently planted at the deed by the Wunion, has learned many things about what truly happened. First of all, it was revealed that the deed in question is merely a front for some incredibly horrific animal control experiments going on behind locked doors. The thieves were desperately after all information about one of those experiments in particular. The experiment in question is something that could revolutionize the face of PvP and ocean travel worldwide if it ever got out. Rumours of a high speed naval vehicle capable of traveling at a constant 30km/h no matter the wind speed or direction, has piqued the interest of many. With this information in hand, I decided to visit Silent Hill and talk with Professor Aeris personally. At first Aeris was reluctant to reveal any details about this new mode of transport, but after a bit of coaxing, a tour of the entire facility was given. I was shown their original concept, an "octopus helmet". The idea being that the wearer could swim enormous distances with very little effort, due to the assistance of an octopus attached over the top of a steel great helmet. That idea was scrapped after all of the testers fell ill to ink poisoning. Next on the list was the "shark-suit". This idea failed when it was learned that sharks are very amourous creatures. Several of the swimmers were... well lets just say they no longer had their innocence. Finally, we got to the project that caused all the ruckus. Aeris was quite pleased to demonstrate this new means of water travel despite the winter weather and the covering up of her finest ass-et. Silent Hill is proud to announce their newest invention, the Dolphin Boat. Expected to be a big hit at summer cottages everywhere.
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    I don't think I've ever been more excited and hyped about a game before, so I figured I'd share this for any fans of the series who haven't seen these trailers yet. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGKCA9-xtKs&lc=z12gtpfqwn3js5muk231zjaplzydgtnp304 https://youtu.be/YYhlmUd9Xoc
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    I have received a msg from the private bidder and they have been a solid purchaser and seller on the forums
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    I think the mindset and playstyle is way too different to ever combine Epic and Chaos; besides the fact that there is no way to combine them in a fair way for both sides. It is good that they are separated so they suit different people with their individual playstyle.
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    It'd be cool if on Challenege you could portal over, and you'd be forced to be on side Chaos or Epic depending where you portal from, and we can finally end which side would be better.
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    LOL. How ironic. The forum police in this thread, loudly proclaiming that this thread shouldn't be here, keep bumping it to the top when in all likelihood it would have dropped off the main page by now. And meanwhile, some of these people seem to have no problem with the other posts on this forum, (many of which are in fact multi-page threads on the first page of this section of the forum), posts that have no point other than attention-getting or trouble-making, whereas this thread was for the purpose of being helpful to someone. Truly a rich irony here. My thanks to the trolls, I needed a good chuckle this morning. To the OP, nice gesture trying to inform that person of their mistake if it was a mistake, and/or bringing attention to what may be a recent trend of phishing attempts if it was not a mistake.
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    Thing is many .. many... many new players will have come from some form of WoW clone or another... Took me a few moments to realize that there wouldn't be a single quest npc, not even for q20 leather armor (had I known what q20 was at that time). And no NPC's scattered near the starter area to show one some basics.... and a troll/hell hound can be 2m from the starter area just as well as on the opposite side of the server... Luckily I'd come from Ryzom where you're fodder the second you leave your starter town but, you get the idea. Not saying Wurm should have those, but it may help to have that explained a bit more clearly in the first 20 minutes heh heh heh Not playing anymore, but some friends still LOVE it so, anything that improves the game would do them a favor. Why I take special interest in lashing out at a certain Trolls' Guild around here, but threads like these are actually relaxing to participate in =P
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    updated OP with another edit - new rules after having dealt with several good offers from good people, which just haven't been transacted the way I prefer. This should help eliminate future confusion.
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    I agree, I can never understand why people complain about the content of posts. Don't read them if you don't like them. Do you write to websites and say "Hey why are you making a website about this subject, I don't think it's important."? I'm interested to see this post because the same thing happened to me - an overpriced item was sent to me. Could have been an accident, and I wanted to let the person know. But it's also interesting to see if this is a new phishing method.
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    I always thought of wurmpedia as a separate community-operated entity... now its officially non-official official, ran by the community chosen by wurm for the community not chosen by wurm full of information guessed by the players and fact checked by staff to be as precisely imprecise as possible when documenting undocumented "facts". Why do I feel like most of the people behind wurms curtain are political advisers? I need a drink. Edit: Still waiting on an answer about documenting certain mechanics the playerbase have guessed at. If incorrect information will be removed, will correct information be supplied, where correct information is only obtainable through developers with knowledge of the code? I hope this isnt a situation where many pages filled with 'best guess' are removed of content and left blank until someone eventually gets the right guess.
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    give us the option to wield a spear in one hand and a shield in the other, maybe you get a slight combat rating penalty for using a shield with it
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    I think it would be neat to have titles for the fighting stances as you gain skills. So far the ones I've come up with: Weaponless - (50) Scrapper (70) Brawler (90) Monk Aggressive - (50) Aggressor (70) Berserker (90) Gladiator Defensive - (50) Protector (70) Warden (90) Sentinel Normal - (50) Combatant (70) Militant (90) Battler Would love to see the ideas for these that others can come up with as well
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    this is from wurmhole. he has allowed me to state this publically
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    +1. I've wanted this for a long time. Just want to log in and not ignore people that know you are just logging in. When at work, or you just have a few min. I would like a "hidden login" check box on the client launcher though. Also the /hidden chat option. I love talking with my buddies and am not anti social at all, but there are some times when I just need to transact and leave.
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    You don't ride the cart, the cart rides you.
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    That would work... but I don't think I will be paying extra for a limited character
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    buy a legacy GV toon ...no skills over 20 and no items anywhere cos they decayed long ago. you only have what you can make ...and imp to 20ish kinda permadeath too, cos you'd respawn in the tutorial with no way back to GV
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    I'd take no less then 25 euro for that channeling affinity.. and that's on top of the priest's price itself. That's one good affinity
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    played it for a few hours.. meh first off what wurms has that we love persistent online world terraforming huge selection of buildings changing seasons over 200 skills quality system boats community none of which are in savage lands its basically a small map that you can run across in about 10 minutes, with a few mods and some horrible game mechanics, its like most of the single dev early access games out there, which is the basic engine with very little work actually coded into it probably using some pre made assets from a free website or the unity store but im gonna fire it up and check it once more if much has changed or not in the last month.... and its really hasnt.. i alt f-4'd like 2 mins in mining a rock is actually slower than wurm ark:survival evolved is worth its money, epic epic game and super awesome devs, much more wurm esq than savage lands, i would buy it twice instead of savage land, but you need a decent rig to atleast run it, like an i5 and a 770 atleast and MUCHO RAM like u need 8 atleast for this game 16 would be better http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/ currently im also into this early access game cause its kinda close to No Mans Sky (which i cant wait for) with a hint of Space engineers , and has a good feel to it , you can terraform sorta when you mine , build ships, take off into space, land on planets, build bases, and survive, its pretty legit http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120/
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    In no particular order Red & Rosie Friends from waaaay back. Always helping me organise stuff and helping me out with everything. Even let me live with them for awhile when I was in the UK and needed a place to stay! Demondan A bro from even further back, back then he taught be how to fight and PvP and stuff. Back when I was a PvP nublet trying to make my way through the rough LO days. Wintersolstice Was like a father to everyone who was ever part of the Rivendell crew, always looking out for people and would do anything to could to help people. I'll never forget him yelling at Melros to stop playing Wurm and do his homework on Vent. Milosanx Just a super cool dude, awesome to chat to, super generous and he makes cool videos. Aussie Wurmians unite! Dilzi My RL best friend who actually got me into Wurm back in late Beta. He's responsible for everything that i've gotten to do since. Always fun to play with! Lancelot Top notch mate and even when he converted BL he was always a great sport and fun to fight against. Kraken Back when I started in G2 near Newtown he helped me out with making my first small cart. This was nearly 6 years ago now I think. It's funny how much small bits of help make so much of a difference and stick with you! Sneakeypete A great friend from my days on JK-H (The Freedom one not Epic!) always would hunt near me and help me out with random stuff! Pinkdaisy & Mason(?) Plus any of the other original Aegis crew from early JK-H days. Always selling really great items for reasonable prices and helped me out with stuff on more than afew occasions! Miggy & Loinshead Crew Even though I started playing late Beta it wasn't until G1 that I started really getting into Wurm. Even though I was playing under a different name back then. Miggy and the Loinshead guys helped me and Dilzi out alot since we lived nearby at that time and would help keep us alive and fed. Slightly ironically the same core crew went on to found Kyara and now probably are considered my arch nemesis! Dadd I can't believe I nearly forgot this guy. Honestly one of the most down to earth and generous people I've ever met in this game. Stops at pretty much nothing to look out for his friends and his loyalty is the stuff of legend. I know he rarely checks the forums but maybe he'll stumble upon this thread. Who knows! Either way, Just one example of how cool this guys is when I was living near him on MR-H and I asked him how much he'd sell a drake set for. He comes out and drops a backpack in front of me and gifts me a full drake set. Much love dude. Horton & MR in general I'm so lucky to have been part of this community for the last 4 years or so. Ever since I started out as a PvP newbie I was welcomed to Woodscove and later Rivendell. I'm proud to call myself MR and to have risen through the ranks to help run this great kingdom. Horton especially has been a father figure for all of us, not always leading from the front but instead happy to sit back and let us chose our own direction but always there and weighing and offering guidance when it's needed. I've got so many wonderful friends that I wish I had the time to individually mention but my hands are getting tired from the typing, but you guys know who you are anyway (This even includes ex MR members who I still love dearly!)
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    This sounds like the group of 12 that is busy making the game suck for some really good people near Lormere. One of those players has helped a lot of new people get started, he thought was helping them then went offline for a little while, they got into one of his off-deed fences and killed all the horses he had that were for helping people, his stuff was all within his walls, so they destroyed stuff that was off deed on purpose. And now set up tents and a 1x1 stack and currently destroying all the off-deed stuff that another player was doing to make her area look better, which incidentally only just recovered from another griefing guild. I do hope there is a "spirit of the game" because I would hate to see good people leave a game because they cannot protect themselves (i.e. get a group or players together and decorate the trees in griefer guts and other bits) due to rules and cannot expect GMs to help because it is within the rules. If the GMs do not step in and stop this kind of cowardly behavior, then i see a lot of people simply leaving as we play games to have fun and get away from this type of crap.
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    "I'd like to point out that the Wurmpedia staffers in this thread seem to be more interested in telling everyone about their grand plan then they are in listening to what the community desires." (joedobo) http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/126740-news-70-wurmpedia-improvements/page-3#entry1305348 1. I don't like PM's. Anything that needs to be said should be said in front of the community. What -> I want <- is irrelevant. What the majority of the community wants is what you should be addressing. 2. "the biggest", hu? I asked the community what they thought of this adventure and most seemed to be for it. After this I haven't said anything about it until this thread. Again, I saw the community commenting on it and I put in my opinion. Also, I made one post in this thread, well this is the second. 3. You misunderstand me. I'm not afraid of uncertainty. Again, privileged editors don't need special titles or power over a standard editor to make improvements to the wiki. This power is only needed if it is desired to have some kind of oversight over the wiki. Wurm wiki hasn't needed oversight for 10 years, Wikia's vast collection of game wiki pages doesn't need oversight, Wikipedia doesn't need oversight. The spirit of a wiki is where anyone can contribute. The only time oversight is needed or an admin should step in is when there is malicious edits, vulgar content, or various spamming. imo, under the current wiki plan, admins will have more power then those three items. It is almost as if select folks decided that the community can't agree; therefor, they can never make a quality wiki. Further, so in order make a good wiki we need to shift power into the hands of a few who can impose some conformity. And hopefully this conformity will improve things.
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