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    Hey Everyone! This week brings less news, with today being the Summer Solstice public holiday in Sweden and it almost being the summer vacation period. As of next week, most developers will be on summer vacation, and so we won't have much formal development news to bring you for a few weeks. But don't worry - devs will still be on hand to solve any critical issues that could arise and to provide maintenance for servers, so other than there being not much dev news for a few weeks you won't notice a thing! If there's community news or any bits of dev stuff to report on then we'll do a news post, but we'll skip weeks for which there isn't much to talk about until devs are back from a well-deserved break. The reward of the summer will be a refreshed, ready to roll dev team for the next 12 months! When Autumn comes around, we'd like to start looking into the next "big feature" to start developing. Up until then, work on bugs and smaller things will continue. We don't have any "shiny" news from developers this week, but can confirm that Wox has been working away on pauldrons (shoulder armour) that will provide an optional way to spruce up your character's appearance, and that Rolf has begun looking into issues involving the collisions system, that have caused some quirks regarding doors, archery and catapulting. It will be a bit of a hassle to fix but will be a part of sorting out some issues that bridges and doors (amongst other things) have had recently. The Week in Patch Notes There was one maintenance restart earlier this week. At a glance, the most useful thing looks like bridge decay now working in a similar way to road decay offdeed - they won't require as much maintenance so long as they're used, making using bridges in highway design that bit more convenient. Fixes that apply to all servers are in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green. 16/6/15Changed bridge decay, so if its used the decay is reduced (a lot).Fix for some notake items suddenly being possible to take.Improved the newbie light a bit.More breeding timer tweaks.Infection in wounds were bugged and will now be a bit harder to get rid of.The spell Ward should make more creatures flee now.Walls no longer keeps their colors when set to plan or rubble. Niarja - Twitter Tracking & Skill Comparison If you haven't heard about Niarja, it's a new tool developed by Chakron that parses tweets from the official Wurm Online accounts in an organized and searchable format. This is useful for staying up to date on the status of rare, unique critters as well as the most recent deeds to be formed or disbanded. In addition, the new Skill Compare feature of Niarja allows you to view character skilldumps in a consistent and attractive format. Compare your skills with other characters if you so choose, and even help keep track of your skill gains. It looks like an exciting new tool and a big thanks to Chakron for developing it for use by all Wurmians! You can read more about Niarja and the Skill Compare feature and go directly to its website. Warlander's Ramp It might not be as epic as some of the other bridges we've highlighted, but we think it's a good example of just how versatile bridges can be when it comes to decorating in Wurm. Warlander created a simple ramp bridge up to the second story of a building. Small ramps like it make transporting materials to other floors of buildings possible. It goes to show you how bridges, big or small, have been an excellent and welcome addition to the game! Screenshot of the Week Our weekly screenshot was posted by Bachus and depicts the Indigus deed. Someone certainly had fun playing with color and dyeing objects! It's awesome how the rainbow arches down on top of the deed, almost as if it was the source of the colored buildings. There's a bridge in the background to boot! Did you know that you can unhitch individual animals from a wagon while mounted? Well now you do. Happy Wurming!
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    ATTENTION WURMIANS Today, as of 20th June of the year 2015, first contact with the horse abducting aliens had been established at 9:42 GMT. As our envoy walked out to greet the visitor, it only stared at him with it's inhuman eyes and replied only with two words: "Ayy lmao" After inquiring about the abduction of horses, it's response was: "Get rekt shitter" Then the subject ceased any response and started to drop square pieces of cloth all around the landing area, littering all over while making noises that could be identified as laughter. Authorities all across Wurm are trying to hide their existence, but here, in Rome, we want YOU to hear the truth! We will update this as developments occur. EDIT1: We managed to capture a picture of the specimen: As you can see, it is a humanoid(?) with a head of a bear, wearing clothing quite similar to that of a human, with the exception of an arm made of metal. Wait a minute, this doesn't seem right... Oh no... This can't be ALIENS ARE ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED WHY DID THEY STEAL OUR HORSES? WHAT IS ROLF HIDING? MORE AT 8 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQoRXhS7vlU
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    this is.. just sorta turning into a screenshot of the week thread
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    Never been black light, never associated with BL on Epic, there is no connection there at all. Seems silly that background is ignored in favour of RNG. Anyone wanting to convert fron my own kingdom has to drop alignment to -1 to convert or travel to the Black light. Seems a poor mechanic to force on people after they have supported and helped through countless scenarios and missions. Please change and in future align to the player.
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    That Niarja update is masterful. And I like that the weekly news is including not just developer but community news.
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    If we were able to connect chaos to release/pristine i think it can help reduce travel time by (at a risk) taking a short cut through chaos which would be a faster sail for people in Deliverance or other old servers to make delivery's or visit friends in release or pristine. My personal experience with this is my glorious 8-10 hour sails from release to chaos because the wind died in the middle of trip. I see this as an option for a faster trip across the server and possibly open up PVP for people who have invested a lot of time in the two newer servers Release and Pristine who need to stay close and wish to try out chaos. What is your thought on this, do you think it would be beneficial? "So far it seems a connection to the west side of chaos is the best option"
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    Doesn't it suck when you miss out on RoS? Be it you just can't make it online or someone ninjas the cast and ruins this amazing opportunity for others. Well I suggest that once cast on the server every follower of vynora (on or offline) be allowed to activate this bonus from an altar or in-game menu and only allow one of these effects be held at a time and have a set time limit to use it 24-48hr after cast.
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    The Naughty Green Dragon has been captured and we would like to invite all fighters of Celebration and unique slayers from abroad to come down to slay this dragon. The meeting point is Blackflame Island (Abandoned deed) at L18 where you will assemble with the other attendees and be supplied with one horse. Once the timer is up, you will then be taken to the slaying site. Only one horse will be provided per player, if you bring alts for leeching the drake hides, their transportation and safety is your own responsibility. The new meeting point is M15 on the sand bordered highway. Please remember to bring with you: 70+QL Two Handed weapon70+QL ArmourTent (if you think you'll die)Good, friendly attitude Loot rules: The rare bone will rolled on amongst all attendees who sign up as fighters by posting on this thread or contacting me via PM (I must know you).The player who alerted us of the Green Dragon will receive the skull if he/she attends as a fighter and doesn't win the rare bone.Everything else will be rolled on as usual. Slaying time is 24hours from the time of this post, see timer below. Signed up fighters: Roman Maurizio/Iaqb Kuntur Rolandt / Janekpolaczek Jonydowy Moridrid Almeriaan Andderson/Edricka Zaz Cenotaph MissMandy Bolto Kochinac Bloodscythe Aarbi Torvalar Jaz/Zaj Annyil/Tamina Shodakai Bludragon Slops Syd Tracer Gumbo Kristof Oats Sweetsusie Majqo HulaGirl Bdew Lunn Cerber Strah Aetherwalker JoeIX Yossarian Nayton Atomicwarrior Loot rolls: Roman Maurizio/Iaqb Kuntur Jonydowy Moridrid Almeriaan Andderson/Edricka Zaz Cenotaph MissMandy Bolto Kochinac Bloodscythe Aarbi Torvalar Jaz/Zaj Annyil/Tamina Shodakai Bludragon Slops Gumbo Kristof Oats Sweetsusie Majqo HulaGirl Bdew Cerber Strah Aetherwalker JoeIX Yossarian Nayton Atomicwarrior
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    Maybe it's just the atheist in me that's being bothered like this, but what's the deal with the game being increasingly slanted toward religion? You can't even have a complete Wurm experience without being evangelized to and having "faith", and it's pretty much required you roll a Priest alt if you want to actually participate in the economy and be self sufficient. Now we're adding tons of new "gods" to the game. God this, god that, faith, prayer, sacrifices etc etc. I didn't know I was signing up to play an online religious simulator. When I first started playing Wurm it wasn't like this at all. Now priests are so powerful, it's almost impossible to ignore.
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    +1 I'd like this very much if it meant it was connected to the West side of Chaos. It would ease the burden to pristine and release players wishing to participate on chaos and allow for another entry point onto Chaos making locational access and settlement patterns even more robust adding another layer of excitement and pvp factor to that server.
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    lets keep this to game religion or the thread will likely get locked
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    The rock layer under the deed has been conquered!
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    I think having a cup that holds 1.00 unit of liquid would help a lot for the alchemists. For example, making tannin, you wont have to waste 2units of water per acorn.... It would just save time when mixing up high ql black dye.
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    Indigus - View from Theotarra / Deliverance. bridge is now complete, towers have timber-framed front walls but i don't feel any real need to update this post so i'll leave it as is.
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    When you pay rent you do not get to tell the landlord how to spend it. We are all just renters here of land and of time. Rolf is the landlord and he can and will spend it iin what way he wants. You cannot say if the game got more money it would be better; it might just fund longer vacations to Hawaii for Rolf, which is fine too because again it is his money once we give it to him.
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    The dye system sucks. Needs an overhaul.
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    I would like to see an oil/extract made from cedar that could be used on other wood types to instill the same longevity that you credit Cedar wood for. The reason is to fully use the other wood grains/types for looks without loosing the lasting durability of Cedar. A skill such as alchemy, Nature or some other related type (even cooking) could be used in the creation process. This also goes off the other idea I proposed by allowing different woods traits, such as alcholic beverages containers or reagents that have unique traits to the wood types that may be imbued in other items(mainly woods). Just an idea, what do you think?
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    And on a personal note I think the Niarja tool is genius and look forward to seeing how it develops. Kudos to Chakron and other developers of Wurm add-ons that serve to enhance our game play.
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    Apologies to all who didn't read the irony in my response. I do not think people should be unable to pay their premiums and deeds with earned coins; I'm saying these proposals against traders, and against buying silver outside of the game, and for taking away the fun of finding a few coins here and there - they make as much sense as eliminating paying dues with earned coin. If we don't get more people into the game, our deeds and premiums will cost more. Anything that makes the game more pleasant and playable - I'm for it.
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    He is. He made the pool out of his money that we paid him for upkeep but decided to take part of what we pay him for upkeep and give some of it back to us. (he does not have to he chooses too) He could change it tomorrow and keep it all and stop the pool does that mean we lose our money that was in the pool? No it was his when we paid the upkeep and it will always be his.
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    Edit: to see what i was quoting.. If Rolf wants to subsidise new players or any players for that matter, let him do it out of his own pocket, not mine. I am sorry but i can not help myself here.. He is doing it with his own money it stopped being your money when you purchased it from the shop really and for sure when you put it in your deeds upkeep.
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    Need to just remove the alignment annoyance and keep WL players positive and BL players negative, clearly the player made gods have no kingdom alignment so why not let people convert at either light, keep their alignment and just forget this nonsense because mixing it is making no sense.
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    Hey folks, So I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a grasp of all the items you can build and decorate your deed/home with, just because Wurm has SO much stuff! And unlike most other MMOs out there, in Wurm you can actually drop stuff on the ground and see a 3d model of it which is utterly delightful and amazing. I love it! It's a decorators paradise! So I've always yearned for a visual list of all the stuff, all on one page and have been asking around if anything like that exists. But apparently not? So I went ahead and made one. It's mostly for myself and I was originally going to keep it private because I didn't want to take on the burden of keeping it truthful and up to date. But by the time I was half way done, I started to realize just how handy it is and thought that I might as well share it with the rest of you. So feel free to use it but keep in mind that it will probably have some mistakes and be missing stuff. And I'm probably not going to go to too much trouble updating it either. As you can imagine, the biggest thanks goes to Wurmpedia, as making a list like this would have been pretty much impossible otherwise. Enjoy! Edit: The list used to be on google docs, but I've now moved it to it's new and final location under my own domain: https://www.andrea.net/wurm/items/
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    We need new puppets for the new gods, and they need their own little shows Some of the lines from the Fo-Mag-Vyn-Lib shows are hilarious http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Puppeteering#One_player_shows
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    Hello everyone! i have waited for this Saturday evening because I know statistically most people are on Sat. evening and I wanted most people to be able to take advantage of this The cast is scheduled to happen in 2.5 hours from now - that should allow both sides of the Atlantic to have most people on (sorry Asia...) Also I apologize for the short notice but the ninja threat is real... So without further ado... ROS in 2.5 hours from now on Xanadu! GL, hope you make it and enjoy the SB
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    Cenotaph will be there And thanks a bunch for hosting it
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    WOS now has an option to export your old skill dumps. Within the next day or so ill write the code and you'll be able to import those into Niarja! Thanks riceri.
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    Cod 9 & 10 to stomper
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    Was really hoping when they added socerary that it would counter priest. But they made that impossible.
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    The first one could be called 'midnight blue' and was the color of my lovely sailboat the 'Blue Bayou' before the changes to boats. I agree the system needs to be changed and perhaps make it simpler to make other colors the mixtures to make colors such as yellow (a base color IRL) do not make sense. I believe it was Brash that suggested making them from flowers which should work since we have almost every color of flower you would want and finding enough 'blue flowers' would probably be about as difficult as finding high ql woad.
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    Come on Gregory, embrace the darkness. The cookies are awesome.
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    Ill take sickle, 50 ql, 77 coc, 60 c COD ShagyGreenz Please and thank you
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    Can you explain how this would be a "themepark" event? We already get sleep bonus, and not always because of players.
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    I'm heavily against any pre made kinda themepark event, I think is best to keep events a player made thing.
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    Fun fact for those of you who have not read the Wurm Online Game Agreement: "You have no ownership in the account; this is a service provided by Code Club AB. Purchase of silver coins is payment for a service provided by Code Club AB. Silver coins have no real world value." That notion of coin ownership apart I have to say I think this is an awful suggestion made in awful spirit. It is not a system I would use and it would negatively impact my gameplay and the gameplay of the majority of players. However I don't have to tick that box, I can be a player who contributes to the wurm community. I respect your right to want that decision although... I would ask that my right is also respected, my right to charge people who tick that box double, my right to refuse them services and my right to ignore their opinions. So +1 iff there is a way to identify players who do tick that box such as a list or a special title...
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    Good question. I would say that, given the size of Xan, some people would buy one for the convenience and/or the convenience of their alliance. Some folks would even buy one for the convenience of their entire neighborhood as I've seen some do on the other servers. And even if people don't buy the traders, were they made available on Xan, there's still no harm done by having the option available. Yes, of course there will be some locking them away. Some people enjoy the mini game of trying to see how much they can get out of it each month. Same reason some people gamble. But those people are also paying for that privilege, (not just raking in free coins without ever contributing a tarnished copper to the game's income), and wherever they put it, there isn't one there now anyway. And tbh, I'd say the majority of any truly desirable coastal land is already taken on Xan. If someone buys one and locks it up on an existing deed, so what? More money is still being put into the game than there is now. I would personally love to have one in my neighborhood so as not to have to sail all the way to a starter town just because I make a stupid mistake in my mine, for instance. Travel distances are a large part of the reason a lot of people won't even consider settling too far away from a starter town. There's also the eye candy factor, as to why people buy things in a game. Some people like having npc's around. Why do people pay high prices for anything in any game? It's all just pixels, right? What I don't understand is why some people think it's quite alright to rake in 6 or 7 or more silvers out of the game each month via critters, foraging, and selling to the token without having to pay anything into it, but it's not ok to get maybe 2 or 3 silvers a month from a trader that they paid 50s for, (37.5 if they're informed).
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    How dare you give me better enchants than I ordered! Blasphemy!!! hehe jkjk Many thanks as usual Smilingcat! Edit: Just noticed how much better a couple of the enchants are...Very awsome of you. A million more thanksyuuus!!
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    New look of Large Maul - looks really good http://www.wurmpedia.com/images/d/d5/Large_maul_new.jpg New look of Huge Axe - looks like crap (rediculous) http://www.wurmpedia.com/images/c/c6/New_huge_axe.jpg The new huge axe is a placeholder for something in the workes?
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    So, how are these tiny blobs any different than a wildcat or rat or crocodile? You can't see any of those in the tall grasses of this game. They target you, that's how you know it's on.
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    I think he is just now seeing that it does not matter traders, selling stuff or gathering/hunting there is always going to be someone out there maximizing the money they can make from the systems. Well that is life there is always going to be someone out there better than you at stuff or have more time then you. -1 i think the developers have more important things to do
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    traits are fine, just waiting 5 years to rebreed and 5 years to get through foal stage and 5 years to be old enough to breed sucks
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    Only if they create a special female (male for the females) NPC that will kiss the boo-boo and make it go away. Once you get your first boo-boo one would spawn beside you and follow you around until dismissed, then reappear again if another boo-boo appeared. Also, cows should accompany this by going moo-moo. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Here's a shot of my first bridge. Made it between 2 towers I set up as lighthouses. Being wood, I can fish between the planks, from 14 stories up.
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    +1 You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
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    Villagers of Arrr enjoying community events