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    Once you stock a forge with 20kg of woodscraps, I'd guess over 75% of the time it's at "The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time". It seems a fully stocked forge (which may burn for another 4 hours) has the exact same description as a forge freshly lit with a single kindling (that may burn for another 20 minutes). We can keep the same word descriptions for fuel levels, but just spread them out so they're more even. There are 6 fuel levels: "The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time." "The fire burns with wild flames and still has much unburnt material." "The fire is starting to fade." "A few flames still dance on the fire but soon they too will die." "A layer of ashes is starting to form on the glowing coals." "A few red glowing coals can be found under a bed of ashes." From top to bottom, have it describe fuel levels of 50-100%, 30-50%, 20-30%, 10-20%, 1-10% respectively. Or at least something more spread out than it is now where the first one controls 75-80% of the forge's fuel level.
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    Greetings Lords and Ladies of Wurm... I have been messing about now for some time with screenshots of the game and threw some together and made a little comic... just to see if it would be any good. As this is my first try at a comic and it may not be up to comic standard pls don't hit me with the Trolling stick to hard I now see what a pain it is to open each page in photo bucket... and taking on board what Lady Violetann has said find below a link to a PDF file posted on Google Docs... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B117kdLDsfYMUlhLbE55UkZtRGs/view?usp=sharing Anyway here is the first of my Wurm comic's.... i plan to make 1 more and see if players like them...if so i shall make more. http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_1_zpsode2dndq.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_2_zpsbxvplll7.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_3_zpsrun8ezi8.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_4_zpsukfowqrn.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_5_zpskivrwmpq.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_6_zpsrkgd7skt.png http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah30/garit1/Page_7_zpsoxfwgocp.png Well there you go...and i hope i did all that right... any feedback is welcome, post below First time i have done this.....hope it works
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    Thanks for this, it will help us keep track of who deserves the next update. I'm kidding, this is nonsense.
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    Just as the title says. Allow No Target while in a queued timer.
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    The taming system in wurms needs a bit of a revamp imo because besides PVP and Zoo lovers no one really works on it due to the fact that its not that useful. A major point in why its so useless is that you can only control 1 animal per char no matter taming level. What i suggest is that the more taming you have say every 10-15 levels you can control another, kinda like the care for option for AH. Or link AH and taming so that the more of each you have the more u can tame/care for at the same time.
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    While being in the area of S10 xanadu, I decided to take a walk across a Rather large bridge that has just been constructed by Unluckyone. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytjU8qsEiDo
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    This is not about un-nerfing the difficulty ratings on stuff. This is not about quicker exp or stuff staying tame longer. Those things are off-topic to say the least. This thread has been tagged "PvE", meaning it's for PvE, if PvP'ers want it too feel free to share ideas, if not keep the derails, trolls, and "-1" out unless you also PvE. How this will affect PvP is inconsequent, it's not intended as a suggestion for PvP. And don't even start with the "if you want things easier" bull%@#$, I have the levels and endless hours of grind to discuss taming thank you very much. That said: The two biggest problems with taming at the moment are breeding the creatures, then weaning them. Currently, the best way to breed two aggros is have an alt standing there getting chewed on while the tame one "does the deed". I'm sure a few things wrong with that can be discussed, but this is a family forums eh. Then when the pup is born, you tame it, and can't lead in combat so tricky as hell to take it away from the mother before one of them winds up dead. Simple suggestion: After 50 taming, add the ability to tame a second one with max loyalty being split among the two animals. Meaning with my 70 taming, I could tame a hell hound to 70 loyalty points, but second I tame a second one, neither will be able to be tamed past 35. Apart from breeding/weaning making more sense, a pair of wolves make great house pets Also, hell horse owners could finally hitch them to their carts without having to worry about rogue templars. On a side note: Why not add a "roam" order to pets, so they can be tame and roam normally if allowed. Once again, wolves as house pets ftw.
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    REAL LIFE hours. 20 Skill for 24 hours 40 Skill for 48 Hours 60 - 72 80 - 96 90 - 120 95 - 144 99 - 168 (1 week) Why not? - OR - Make it by default 48 hours. Add skill to do things like: - If person was on horse or not - What armour the person was in (+ weapon?) - The amount of weight that person was carrying / how fast they were walking - In what direction the person/monster was walking - The amount of tracks you can see
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    Shouldn't take that long with the proper fletching skills. what is yours at? Wurm is mostly slow-paced. It takes a long time to get things done without the proper skills. If you want a faster game, I suggest joining an epic server. They have faster skill gain and the skill curve helps people catch up much faster for the vast majority of the skill spectrum.
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    Yeah, because no matter how good I became at tailoring or how good a sewing machine i bought, I'd never be able to make a Chinese flag unless I move to Beijing first and practice some kung fu on the locals. Nice how "it's a sandbox, everything goes!" is highly shouted when it comes to curtailing the activities of griefers and thieves, but making a flag or a different tower needs this big bad restriction.
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    The cherry picking really needs to stop IMO either you want Valrei or you dont Missions Karma Sorcery Player made gods Valrei mobs Butchered Seryll Terraforming events All or nothing good with the bad, why only picking the parts that suit you from Epic features and then complaining about evil PvPers If you don't want the gods then I think its only fair to take all or nothing, lord forbid Epic players have Freedoms 100 skill titles.
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    The current one sucks. Its a sad situation when you can get better help in IRC instead of actually using the proper support ticket system in game. And even then its sub-par, because you have a gang of non-GMs snooping around the tickets and resolving issues they have no clue how to handle. It's a joke.
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    Upkeep disband... real life version http://www.boredpanda.com/abandoned-village-goqui-island-shengsi-zhoushan-china-tang-yuhong/
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    While you might not like the decorations that does not mean it was not a benefit for both servers. Edit: So 3,4,14,19 and 20 should also be for both since it does effect the players that do like to decorate their pvp deeds.
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    I think saddle bags would be a nice feature. To hold a few items.
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    So, your deed has limited space, and you want to have some grass or a garden on your house? Maybe you are a healer with just a small clinic, and you don't have much room for a cotton garden? Here comes Rooftop Gardening! Since we are now allowed to plant thatch inside, why not make such a thing? Now, that is a venture that requires quite a bit of components. First, you will need a floorboard, and it will need to be tarred. So, part of the construction of this Roof tile, will be 1 floorboard, and 10 tar. Then, you also need to reinforce it. There's no way a floorboard could hold all that weight on its own! 5 wooden beams would do the job, held together by 2 handfuls of large nails. Then, finally, you add in 10 dirt in the formula, enough to be able to let your garden take root, and voila! This rooftop garden would only be useful for bushes garden and grass tiles however. THere is no way you can plant a full size tree there! Hedges could be planted on the edge of them, they could be fenced, and sadly, there is no more floors being added after that. This Rooftop Garden is the highest thing you can do. Planning the Rooftop Garden requires the same amount of carpentry as planning a normal floor upstairs, however, you would need Gardening to be high enough to actually build the garden there! Have to make sure those plants are comfortable, that there is no leaks...
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    A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario. Grats to Nathan, but i think this is getting a little out of hand, isnt it?
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    1) Re-evaluate shattering with active player feedback/participation 2) Allow having more than 1 tame creature 3) Fish storage of some sort 4) Saddle-bags (or small item storage on horses) 5) Towing boats 6) Creature spawn standardised 7) Push/Pull/Rotate non-blessed silver/gold altars
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    The models are fine i think but i am okay with new colors like was suggested before by Malena.. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/113526-ideas-for-new-horse-color-and-animal-objects/?p=1236439
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    Title for 70 foraging You have just received the title 'Plant Gatherer'!
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    Old thread, for reference: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/86907-mobs-attacking-untamed-rided-horses/ Mobs used to attack untamed mounts -- a lot. You had to make sure the mob aggroed you first or disengage and flee since horses died super easy and could only take a hit or two.
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    So you're saying Freedom gets decorations (That PvP still get), PvP gets mechanics and we should shut up and deal with it? You should really put everything on the Freedom column into the "Both" column. The decorations are nice, but I don't remember people screaming for Marble Planters on the forums. Even the GM Treasure Hunt wasn't exclusively PvE, considering the large number of MR from Chaos that attended. You also left out the biggest mechanics update that only Epic players get to enjoy: Godhood. If you want an example of what would count as a PvE exclusive Mechanic we could start with: Remove the nerf for tamed animals on Freedom servers. Increase the slope/depth that you can add concrete for Freedom servers. Give us back the ability to make rock islands with concrete on Freedom servers. Increase ship speed to encourage trade for Freedom servers. Allow us to dredge rock that's 9 slope or more underwater. These are all things that would be a disaster for PvP, but people on PvE still want. Add it for us, and we'll add 1 point to the Freedom column. You'll also note that three of the five suggestions once existed, but were changed to meet PvP mechanics needs. Our version of mechanics love, is really just exclusion from the forced changes we experience as a result of Rolf's constant tweaking of PvP mechanics. That's right, changes to your PvP gameplay directly worsen our PvE gameplay. All we ask for is fairness. We want the same amount of mechanics love that PvP gets. We're tired of changes made to PvP game play, directly denigrating from ours.
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    The problem is there may be a necessity in the future to develop a way to remove a full god This will cause many issues with freedomers that bought/made/paidfor alts just for the sake of priesting as these new religions now being forced to have 0 faith or /transfer or whatever the solution may be If we stop it while we're ahead, then it's just epic that deals with the loss of epic material, which there aren't even many playtergod followers/priests but I'm sure people here can deal with it I'm against player religions at all or permanent versions on valrei (with some other valuable reward maybe) so I am for any method of removing them from the game and keeping them epic only to lessen the blow
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    To have comparable fun as when I started playing, you need to not use any of the following; horses wagons large carts boats mounting animals hellhorses, hellhounds, hell scorpions, respawning uniques sheep, bison, all the sea creatures valrei missions and their rewards, includes tomes from uniques karma, and meditation generic pretty things like nice textures and flowerpots (lots of pretty things, thanks team!) two story buildings, bridges, and character customization crates, and the ability to load items pendulums and water sources marble and slate 50 ql iron, max, unless you visit the pvp server no skill decay (use your skills at least once a week or they start to go down on their own) rare and better items, easy coin by a bit of luck foraging for coins buying premium with ingame coins rewards for being premium sleeping powders, magic chests, all that shiny stuff all those new enchants, like LT and mindstealer, nimbleness enchants in general were far and few inbetween because servers only had 50 some people playing, hardly any of them priests 8 freedom servers (including one pvp) and 4 epic servers - skim that back down to 2 pve and 1 pvp server Seryll as an additional high-end metal for better tools and weapons and armour Sermons and linking priests, you can only become a priests by visiting the lights on the pvp server less skill loss on death ( used to lose .25 in all skills and every skill upon death) probably more that I can't think of from the top of my head While a lot of "windows of opportunities" have been removed, that may make it harder or different to skill up certain skills, there has also been a LOT of new, helpful things added that in turn make it more fun and easier in different ways to play and skill. Maybe I just don't have a desire to always be the very best but to have fun, and there is a LOT more stuff now to have fun with than there was 6-7 years ago when I first played... I remember going to the impalong at newtown, an event that still happens todat but was much different then. This was when I just started playing. I walked from my little wooden house to newtown, which on the roads took about an hour. Horses or large carts were not a thing, animals couldnt be ridden. Walking is the only option. I got there, there was about 20 people off and on. They imped one or two tools to 55 ql, which was exceptional. The iron had to be imported because on the pve servers, iron was capped to 50 ql. There were no priests to enchant. Blacksmiths had 50-60 skill. This was wurm life then, and I had fun playing, but I cannot possibly say I had an much easier time gaining skill then, despite that some skills were faster. Skills also did decay, if you did not use them for a certain amount of time they would start to drop. If you died, you lose .25 in ALL skills. My greatest, most valued possession was a 70 ql leather pants with 27 aosp that metaldragon gave to me when he came to visit from chaos. A friend bought me premium for christmas, I had to give him my password and in return he got my referal and I could keep the christmas gift. Thanks, Johnny I went to the impalong last year. There was about 20 good priests online at all times. 90+ in all smithing skills, people imping loads and loads of items to 70, 80 or even 90 ql for free. Entire sets of tools, armour and horse gear, enchanted and imped. There are tons of people to help out each other with tips for skilling, or free tools, meals, and beds for sleeping bonus. Stuff is given away for free left and right anywhere in the game. Because of these older, high skill accounts, good tools and enchants are available to use for the masses to help them have an easier time in wurm online. Deeds can be placed by non-premiums, and premium is fairly easily earned and kept by foraging for coins or doing some simple chores. In which case, you have acces to mount a horse to help you move from a to b faster and enjoy hunting more with the additional CR you get from riding. To answer the OP; if I were to find the game today and try it, I would stay, despite the "skill windows" being gone now. Comparing for myself how easy it is to grind skills now and then, I think that it by far makes up for those skill windows....
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    Hello I'd like to say thank you to everyone who responded to my support ticket this past two weeks. Thank you personally to Enki, Idunn, Fireriders, Logi. I submitted a support ticket that really threw these guys through a loop but they continued to do their best to assist me, and I very much appreciate everyones attempts to help me. I gave up on fixing the issue due to the fact that it would just cost me lots of mats and time. I invite you guys to come check out the church we worked on when its done Enki thank you for spending well over an hour attempting to fix my issue GMs and CAs alike should all be appreciated, they may not have the answer but there is always a solution
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    Considering the fact these Gods are global as in any kingdom can become one, why is it restricted to priesthood at a single light? Anyone can do their missions sometimes if the kingdom has enough. I don't care so much that the players themselves come from a certain WL/BL kingdom, but it makes no sense we can all follow a God regardless of kingdom yet only become a priest at a certain light. Can we just make it so you can change religions/priest for any the new Gods at both BL and WL?
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    Which bugs (or "features" which you consider bugs) would you like to see worked on? The intention of this post is to give the game developers an idea of what bugs/changes we (the players) would like to see. No rants, please provide feedback in a positive manner. Let's keep the replies on topic and refrain from commenting on others opinions. Their opinions are their own, and they are entitled to them just as you are entitled to yours. In no particular order...(will add more as they come back to me...please feel free to do the same with your posts) Harvesting maple sap and milking cows both use a bucket, one overflows without any warnings while the other stops the action and gives a warning. This should be standardized. Taste: Either give it a use or remove it from the game. Or at least reveal the idea/plan behind it. Spawns (on Pristine at least) are off. Haven't seen unicorns or horses in over half a year. There's far fewer players (and I imagine far fewer captive bred animals) than there used to be. There are loads of bison, bulls, cows, etc spawning. I continue to cull all mobs I cross, so I don't "think" this is related to the non-aggressive cap otherwise we would see them spawning with all the cattle and such. I'd like to see wooden short and/or medium spears added that could be used with a shield. Ability to plant flowers on tiles and ensure they will not be overwritten by trees and bushes. (Example: Just move the flower tile status over to the grass indicator. So there could be flowers on the same tile as trees and bushes. aka we can have grass growing under trees now, why not flowers? Ability to cut flowers like grass therefore harvesting them would be a major bonus.) My wife may actually come back to the game if this happened. And the longer she plays, the longer I get to play. Temporary buffs from meals made with meat from mobs. Example: Using anaconda meat grants body control buff. (This would add value to hunting for fresh meat as stored meat loses its information.) Use salt on fish to cure and allow storage in FSBs More interesting mobs would be nice. Anything D&Dish would be a plus in my book. more to come... Hopefully a dev will find value in some of what we post and make a list.
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    My cousin start playing Wurm for the first time a few weeks ago, so I created a new toon and have been playing from scratch. It's been a great experience even though I have 3 main characters that I could easily use to come complete the tasks with with relative ease. Those mains don't come near the new deed and we are working from scratch. There have been so many improvements for new players overthe last year or two. There is no real need to compete or compare stats with other players in Wurm on the PvE servers, maybe more on PvP. The only reason to have high end skills is to sell those items and all you need to do is focus on a task and you can make that crafter pretty quick, but again all that focus is on the ability to make in-game silver which can just as easily be bought to support development.
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    This is a wonderful thread! Why? Certainly not because of the OP who has recently popped up out of the nether to dispense their wisdom. It is because of many of the responses from players who have been around in game for years sharing their experiences and pointing out how the game has progressed making it more enjoyable (easy too) for everyone that plays this unusual game. If you do not respect these experiences and time spent in game by these "Vets" then you simply don't respect the game concept itself. I think Alyeska's list was far too brief on things that exist now to aid in assisting the new player to give them many advantages that these "Vets" did not have available. Only their determination and some special attraction has held them tightly to the game all these years. Best to take some time to reflect upon these things pointed out and devote some effort into putting them into practice oneself. Everything is earned over time playing the game and with the time put into it these possibilities expand. Not for the impatient to have everything to be sure and even then occasionally some very old "Vet" accounts come up for sale whereby the impatient can shortcut this whole process, although you will still lack the real knowledge of experience and accomplishment to back it all up. Face the fact, there will always be those in game more skilled and knowledgeable then yourself. Why? Because they have been here long before you even knew to make an attempt to try and most likely will still be here long after you have departed. Read again through this thread and you might get a glimmer of what it is all about to be a "Vet". And yes, of course they would still be here playing through all these obstacles that you have never encountered yourself, since the progress of the game in the ways pointed out have made it all that more enjoyable (easy by your definition I guess) to stick around. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    People sure are lucky to have had it happen "on occasion", for me it happened all the time. I never ride a horse anymore though since I had to start using carts for hunting/travelling if I wanted them to stay alive so can't verify that it ever stopped happening. There was no indication from the devs that they had toned it down so I figured why stop using carts?
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    Farewell then. The game Developers are well aware of the timers and their significance related to skill levels, characteristics and tool enchantment effects. Shortening the timers to your likening will never happen, so it is best to face the reality of this response if you wish to continue to play this game. As has been pointed out by others, various timers will raise in different intervals as skill and characteristic levels rise. If you are not content with seeing your progress then that is not really a problem with the game but with your perspective and that is the only thing that you have the ability to adjust accordingly. There are a number of things I would like to change about the game as well but years of experience have taught me to discern the difference of what might possibly change and what will not. Now I just avoid the brick walls of implacability and my head avoids the bruising's of impossible dreams unfulfilled. To me the game is very enjoyable in spite of these things, so here I remain. Possibly you will as well... Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    A person that wants to have chaos closed down can't be taken seriously at all and has bumped his head into a windmill way too hard. The forum is more toxic then ever lately. Thanks Tsetse and co.
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    This is literally the best thing in the thread, I'd love to imp a troll club to make it a more effective weapon so it's easier to grind
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    I think people are missing the jump in logic. All the pvpers are up in arms about having pve only features is stupid. Rightly so. But do the pvpers also realize that this is the current situation for pvers? There are items and features only allowed on pvp servers (certain materials, pmks, etc.) that are out of reach for pvers? Can you see the unfairness here? If pvpers want to have all the bells and whistles that pvers enjoy, surely pvpers can recognize pvers want the bells and whistles, too? Minus the pvp, of course. And surely someone else enjoying something without "working" on a pvp server can in no way lessen your enjoyment, can it?
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    Personally I like the way the timers are. I dislike games that take no time at all to build entire cities or complete entire tasks in mere minutes or an hour. When I first started it took me a few weeks to complete my city. The way the timers are sped up is by getting higher skills, tools with woa, and by using combinable materials or weapons with woa. As it is now I have 92 masonry with a 101 woa rare trowel and it takes me less than 15 seconds to put a wall up in a house and I can easily complete multiple 2-3 story 9x4 buildings in a day. It takes me less than 24 hours to complete a colossus. If you want faster timers you earn them in this game with hard work. This is the way that Wurm is and personally I think that this is a fantastic system. Personally my suggestion to you would be to invest in a really good carving knife that is high ql, maybe rare or supreme, and has some really high woa on it. I hope that you stay we all love new players in the game, but this is not minecraft and is far better than any other sandbox that I have played in years. There are a lot of things fundamentally that can be fixed, but the dev team is currently working incredibly hard on this task. The timers though I think are scaled perfectly, higher skill, higher ql, higher Wind of Ages (WoA), higher rarity = faster timers. Best of luck to you hun.
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    I'm not here to dictate fun, but I think you're approaching Wurm at a...less than ideal way. You're looking at Wurm like you'd play another game, and to be fair, Wurm isn't like another game. At least for me, Wurm is something I do while doing something else. I queue 6 actions and check back in 2 minutes. It's like a Facebook game with more depth and longer shelf-life. If you expect Wurm to play like a themepark game or FPS where you're staring at the screen the entire time with constant action, then you're not going to enjoy Wurm. If this isn't your cup of tea, that's fine. Niche games are here to satisfy their niche. By their nature, they can't have mass-appeal.
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    This is a question of opinion. Of course, I understand your opinion, and kinda even share it, but I really, REALLY doubt they'll do anything about it. The time you spend on making things is what creates the feeling of satisfaction when you actually finish it, and I'm sure people that play constantly don't mind the long timers.
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    It would be nice to hear more feedback on this, as Brash is right there was time it would happen on some basis and it's been a while since that has happened. maybe something changed unknowing, maybe something more to your misadventure, worth a discussion. Either way sorry to hear.
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    The issue here is now not that you're asking for equality with pvp servers, you're asking for more pvp content than pvpers even get. I can't choose what kingdom wagon I make. It comes out as mr every time I try. Every guard tower I make is only mr. We have nothing special that we can make different from our default items Some other form of custom banners and stuff? Whatever, doesn't bother me. But asking for more pvp content than we're even able to get ourselves on pvp servers to begin with easily does bother me
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    people in pvp mising the point again,the problem that makes people on freedom mad its that everytime devs have to make a decision that has a chance to be bad for pvp it never happens, decisions that would be good for pve and bad for pvp are always 100% in favor of pvp. if something its good for pvp and bad for pve, its also 100% decided for pvp.
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    A huge -1 to this and all suggestions made by the OP. You are trying to get the best working parts of the game, parts that were asked for by the players, to be removed. I recommend that before you make any more suggestions, you not only learn the game, but learn the history of the game. In this particular case, how do you expect new players to get oriented to the game before they start? I read the wiki for a week before I started playing, just so I would not be a useless noob constantly screaming out questions in chat.
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    Oh, a "PvP vs. PvE" thread. How refreshing, we've never had any of those before
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    I like how before this new Gods galore people complained a lot, and I mean a lot. about how the 4 Gods system was severely umbalanced, but now just because they don't like the new Gods, the old system automagicaly becomes perfectly balanced. Lol.
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    Nice way to interact in a community... telling players to quit? and I suppose just because I want things to remain as there are I am all of a sudden an outcast and no longer desired as a player? Since when does wanting things to remain as they are an unacceptable behavior or attitude? (I believe wishing a thing to remain the same is always as acceptable as desiring change) and if I don't like the opinion of a player on these forums does that entitle me as well to tell them "-1 quit already"? No, I will not tell others to -1 and quit, no matter how they play or what their attitude is, or even how much a certain Player irritates me. Everyone's opinions should be respected because as soon as some people find justifiable reason to no longer respect the opinions of some then eventually the only opinion left respected is the opinion of the majority. As per "tradition" in Wurm, only the White Light Gods (Magranon, Vynora, Fo) were allowed to have priests and followers on Freedom Isles servers. If any of the new gods are "White Light" then I myself don't see a conflict with allowing them to have priests and followers on Freedom Isles. If this is about spell balance and availability then staying with the three white gods makes more sense to me than allowing the new gods and their spell lists onto Freedom. I do see a conflict with allowing Black Light on Freedom, because if BL is allowed on Freedom then everything BL will be allowed as well, or at least by common sense would be.
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    If you're playing on any of the Freedom servers how important is it really to catch up with any veterans? Shouldn't your ultimate goal be to just have fun rather than run around comparing yourself to everyone else?
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    Remove shattering completely. Add: "You fail miseribly and lose all 'confidence'" This hit to 'confidence' causes your chance of success/high cast to drop greatly for a few minutes/hours depending on how badly you failed and your Mind Logic/Speed would help you regain 'confidence' quicker. You could also regain 'confidence' even faster by praying at an altar. *Replace 'confidence' if you wish with 'faith', however I didn't want to confuse the skill with the word.* This 'confidence' could also be used to help solve the problem Odynn raised about increasing the cast power of an enchant. After casting a spell successfully, your 'confidence' is boosted temporarily, giving you increased chance at improving the cast on your next spell on that same item. Casting dispell resets your 'confidence'. *Not much of a boost, maybe 5-10%. Point is, reward re-cast rather than dispelling...dispelling admits failure on the first attempt rather than the desire to improve*
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    The only thing that they could do to split the worlds up is to move chaos off of freedom and have a chaos teleport. Now they can keep the same skills as freedom but the items would not carry over back and forth. That said i am sure they are not going to do that.
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    Picture overload: Got a little burnt out before decorating the inside so this will have to do for now