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    It is finished. Valley Road Bridge. L18 west of Botany Bay on the road that connects Grapeland and Valley Keep with Botany Bay. This is a good reason to build a portcullis at each end of a bridge which I am now doing. First there was a spider, then a brown bear and now a hell hound. The first two were not so bad since they would stand on the tile and remain plainly visible. The hell hound hides in the doorway to the left and cannot be seen until you get within one tile when it POPS out and attacks ambush style. You cannot lead make them follow you off the bridge. They stay at that same spot until killed. You could tame them I suppose.
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    Sometimes I'm greedy for time, so I tried to save some when sailing from the far north-east of Indy to The Howl/Freedom Docks, by going south through Crystal Lake. The problem was, nobody could tell me if big ships would fit through caves now. There was one to go through. Let's find out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI7aNaAM-LU With a little pushing and pulling at the cave entrances/exits, or dragging if you have the muscle, the answer is yes. The canal in question is Cave Canal near The Howl, connecting the Inner Sea at Freedom Docks with Crystal Lake, relatively center on the map. Most relevant information (music etc.) should be in the video's description. Sorry for the mouse cursor. I hope you will enjoy watching that
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    Unless I'm missing something, it's a bit of a guessing game to determine how far above water level you are with precision when flat-raising tiles in water for bridges. You can continue to pile on the dirt, but it would be very convenient if the survey action would simply tell you how far above water level you are.
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    WTS deed. Nice area, good ores. Minor infestation problem.
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    Carvals Sail under the arch-way nicely My nice island is almost hooked up to the main land, 15 more tiles to go. location ( i-9 ) Zhentil keep Xanadu
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    +1 for adding bulk to charcoal piles Planks...... plywood... not exactly medieval tech now.... despite the look on thatching *grin* Now what's crossed my mind a couple of times ..... would make a kickass new flooring, kind of stuff I'd "pave" my wolf and bear pens with for example. Something like:
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    Boat Channel into Puddlesby
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    Its been a few months and I have been debating hosting a impalong before I fully commit to this I wanted to see if there was any public interest in it so i know if its worth the effort of gathering people to do it. So please give me your opinions and lemme know what everyone thinks . Date: July 24th to 27th Location : I25 Xanadu SE Corner Completions: So far a horse race and a fishing competition are in the works. Mats required: 5k iron 50-70ql for imping, 1k 70ql Logs, Leather, Steel 70ql. Mats made/received 10% Carpentry • Chiqa • Alkhadias • Baloo • bdew • OBW • monsterix Szai Zetuka Krisstofer Stagnatrious Fine Carpentry • Chiqa • Baloo • Hailene Zetuka Stagnatrious Blacksmithing • Zachariah • Alkhadias • Jaz • Hailene • bdew Damine Weaponsmithing • Chiqa • Hailene • Jaz Zetuka Cloth Tailor • chrysanthy • Shrimpiie Zachariah Leatherworking • chrysanthy • Alkhadias • bdew • Shrimpiie Zetuka Platesmithing • Zachariah • Alkhadias • Jaz • Hailene Jewelry • Baloo • Hailene Shield • Alkhadias • froggy25 • Jaz • Hailene • bdew • Jaz Tools • quasiwud Chainsmithing • Jaz • monsterix Hailene Hot Food • Tarlcabot Posted from Co Hoster Zachs Post later in the thread. Figured It would be easier to see here . Hi there Just an update for the impalong. There have been rumors of some competitions going on. They are true! Below is the information: Fishing Competition: ​Just like the title says this is a fishing competition. We have a huge cove on the western border of our deed so you have the option to sail out there or you can hang out on the coast. The competition will last for 1 hour. In that one hour you will fish as much as you possibly can. at the end of the 1 hour the person with the biggest fish will win the first place prize, the player with the most fish will win the second place prize, and the player who caught the most rare, supreme or fantastic fish will win the third place prize. All competitors are responsible for bringing their own boat and fishing rod. We do not have any to lend out. This competition will take place on the first day of the impalong. Prizes: First Place Prize: Lurker in the Deep Pendulum Second Place Prize: 90ql Willow Wood fishing rod Third Place Prize: 50 fine fishing lines Visit the following link to the google docs sign up sheet: ​https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Horse Race: Just as the title says this is a horse race. The horse race will start at The Dragon Spine Bridge and it will go north to Summerholt, then west to Valkyrie Landing, then lastly going east back to The Misty Dragon of Crydee. There are defined roads however they will not be marked with signs showing you the way to the horse race. The preexisting signs may be of help to you. It is your responsibility to bring your own horse and your own gear for defending your self from mobs. This race will take place on the second day of the impalong. Disclaimer: The path that you will be taking is filled with mobs of all kinds. Specifically trolls on the Dragon's Tail Highway to our north. The misty Dragon Crydee and or the impalong staff is not responsible for lost gear or horses due to death. Play to your own risk. Prizes: First Place Prize: 70ql horse shoes and saddle Second Place Prize: 50ql horse shoes and saddle Third Place Prize: A 5 speed horse breed right here on The Misty Dragon of Crydee's stables Please visit the follow link to the google docs sign up sheet: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Fighting Competition: This is a fighting competition involving separate fighting skill classes doing a multitude of 1 on 1 spars until the last 2 people are left. In order to win the first place prize you must beat your fighting skill class in the least amount of time. The Second place prize goes to the person to beat their fighting skill class next and so on and so forth till all three prizes have been claimed. Spars will be used instead of duels and all three fighting skill classes will hold their fights at the same time. You are responsible for bringing your own fighting gear and mounts are not allowed. Prizes: First Place Prize: 52ql plate set with Great Helm Second Place Prize: 47ql supreme practice doll Third Place Prize TBA (To be announced later) Please visit the following link to the google docs sign up sheet: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing
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    So I made a little video of most (not all!) of the villages in the kingdom I live in called the Empire of Mol Rehan - I feel Chaos has a lot of things to show and I think i will definitely be doing more of these! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVw7aEnBWjk&app=desktop
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    Hi! I like very much the stairs. But. I would like to be able to climb up stairs starting next to walls. I would like to put the stairs to room corner. Now it takes up a lot of space needing to have an open tile in front of it and behind the upper end.
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    Yesterday I built a small wooden bridge to use as a detour for a major highway overhaul that will include one or two marble bridges. I am partway through construction of the first marble bridge now and I am really enjoying being able to build bridges. I can't wait to try more things like an outside ramp to the second floor of the barn etc. I realize there are other concerns being mentioned in other threads about the recent update. Let's keep those concerns out of this thread (mods please clean as needed). The intent of this message is to simply acknowledge the fact that bridges are making a real significant improvement to the gaming experience and to show appreciation to developers for the huge effort they made to make this possible. THANK-YOU! ~Nappy
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    Since my last update I've been spending more time learning about the PVP specific aspects of Epic Elevation. I've been playing various PVP type games over the years from Doom right through to Rust so the player verus player concept isn't new to me. What is new is playing PVP in Wurm. I will share my first four patrols with you in this update to let you hopefully feel some of what I experienced while PVPing. My first patrol was highlighted mainly by the adrenaline that was flowing through my system as I headed out on a patrol from BL capital to our nearby Roman PMK enemies. Four of us went out together and ran right up to the walls of Rome. Two enemies were in local and they declined to come out and do battle. One Roman tower guard did run up to my untamed horse and gave it a slice which I quickly healed with some cotton. We returned to base shortly after. The second patrol was a much longer running operation that can be broken down into two parts. Part one involved six of us riding to the road Rome is building to assist them with their travels to HOTA or the supply depot. The locals saw us coming and abandoned an unlocked wagon filled with bricks, planks and clay (likely being used to build a guard tower). After making sure the area was cleared I jumped on the wagon and under escort brought the wagon back to deed. Unfortunately it is a freedom wagon likely due to the Roman graphics not yet being in game. I must admit that I love driving this wagon when out doing chores on and off deed. It's likely the most valuable item I have - grin! Part two involved a return to Rome during the same patrol. This time we noticed an open ramp in the South-eastern portion of their capital deed that allowed us free access to the ramparts giving us a view of the inside of their village. Slightly lower down the ramparts was another unlocked wagon and inside that wagon was a barrel. Inside the barrel were 32 gate keys. We were able to use these keys to advance even further into the deed. Unfortunately one of the enemy players was watching us and at the appropriate moment unlocked a gate while offering himself as bait for a charge. We fell for it and advanced through the gate that we didn't have a key for. Although we tried bashing and lockpicking the gate we ultimately were unable to escape the crafty trap and five of the six of us died inside the walls of Rome. This was my first PVP death. All that was lost was some easily replaced gear and .25 fighting skill. It was actually nice to work on platesmithing, blacksmithing and leatherwork the next day while creating the new gear. We suspect our enemy was laughing at us throughout the locked gate portion of the attack. We couldn't really tell because our Teamspeak was filled with us laughing so hard at ourselves that tears were coming to our eyes. This patrol ended in a way that we didn't want however it also brought the group futher towards being a group that can fight together effectively. Every encounter makes us stronger. Third patrol was the next night. Two of us again advanced on the Roman road and this time we stopped long enough to emplace a spike barrier in the middle of their road before riding back to base. The final patrol of this report involved riding right to the supply depot and HOTA areas in a small two person group. No contact was made with enemy forces however a better understanding of the terrain was obtained. The interesting thing for me throughout these experiences, especially the first and second patrols, was the adrenaline spike, the faster heart beat and the more intense feeling to the game that came with pending contact with the enemy. This is something I haven't experienced in PVE Wurm except in much smaller doses when fighting a persistent black dragon one time on Exodus. If you are a PVE player reading this a couple of things hopefully stand-out for you. 1) We were actively seeking PVP and only managed to find it twice 2) When we did die it was less painful then PVE in terms of skill loss and all of us in the fight, enemies and friends, had a good time ~Nappy
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    A man and his best friend taking over the world.
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    First part of a bridge spanning roughly 150 tiles over Tower Bay on Desertion.
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    I made a post about alternate designs in the stairs thread, I agree that we need friendlier stairs without having to accommodate for the 1x3 tile requirement for the stairs to look even halfway decent
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    Im still waiting for Wossos explanation as why why he thinks a post made 1 and a half years ago which wasnt even directly related to this happening was ample warning for this change to come in and that we should have known about it. If thats the PR managers response then magranon save us all...
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    I've seen how you act at public events so your opinion on other people's screaming has little to no weight. Seriously.
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    This idea was tossed around the alliance and in my head today, and I had to see if it was possible on the test server. Though this screenshot is from test, I wanted to share with everyone this awesome concept! Its a boathouse! Finally, boats can be protected by a cozy roof, of course only aesthetically and not governed under the permissions of the writ however. I was also thinking that if you did the same concept within a complete donut-shaped building, the bottom of the bridge could create an arched dome of a roof - which could nicely house a long table for a dining chamber or a royal court. Cant wait to see how this is used in the future! Take these ideas and post here what you do with them!
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    Since at any moment of time in wurm there are 2.7E+20 wood scraps floating around, I just thought some recycling might be useful.... Use a combined 24+ weight scrap as a log when building a charcoal pile. This is, after all, how the Kingsford company got their start. This doesnt seem to be gamebreaking, and there are already people that burn logs down to get low ql ones anyway. Saw a 4+ weight scrap to make planks. Max 10ql planks are not going to ruin the game either. Add 1 function to sawing and one to how piles can be made and start cutting back the number of items in the database. =)
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    Gee i wish there was a way to paint boats by in using an item craftable in the game. How can there continue to be no item craftable in the game for painting boats but there is an option to paint boats. Whats the motivation behind not having that item in the game? is the development team really scared of upsetting the people making cash off this game? make it hard to craft 90 pottery and make it weigh 100kg w/e just give us the option to (paint a boat) without dropping money or coin for some kinda legacy item. If you cant do this then remove the ability to paint boats.
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    People still play this game?
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    From the other thread, apparently the "fix" is now that you "bounce forward through the air" when you fall. Someone did pictures showing how they could "forward bounce" into every animal pen and open air balcony on their deed by using this so-called flying/"falling with style" technique: I think someone said they could get as far as 7 tiles "deep" into a deed by this brand new Assassins Creed parkour minigame. Now you may be asking "how is THAT even a fix???" It would appear to help prevent people from "falling into" small fenced mine entrance enclosures, by bouncing them right over the fenced in section. In other words, it would "help" a tiny number of people (some of whom were likely falling into mines on purpose), by making everyone's deed almost completely accessible if they live nearby to any sort of hillside. (On Indy, that is most deeds I have ever owned or lived at) I have a great many "open air" balconies on my houses and buildings because I love them, and now I am told all I need to do is put a gigantic ROOF over my entire deed and I will be just fine. Or, "simply" rebuild the entire deed into some sort of PvP style military bunker system. People ARE going to be testing and using this to gain exploits from others. It's like a brand new MINIGAME was added to Wurm, just for THEM.
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    The keep, View from outside the keep,
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    Make your mark on chaos: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVw7aEnBWjk&app=desktop
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    Hello, my name is Szai and I have been playing Wurm Online now for 10 days along with my girlfriend Afanasyi. I was refraining from making this post because watching Wurm isnt exactly exciting but after the suggestion of multiple viewers I have decided to. I have been a small-time streamer for 10 months or so, mostly streaming Dota2, League of Legends and Archeage plus others. I am somehow having more fun in Wurm than i have in a game in probably a few years and in only 10 days, with the help of people from my stream chat I think im off to a pretty good start. I know not a lot of people stream this game and maybe with good reason, but it is a great game and ive met really nice people from it so far. I cant promise tons of excitement but I do invite anyone curious or bored to stop by and say hi. Its usually pretty laid back and just talking, sometimes we break out some music or funny videos, i usually get a helpful veteran or 2 in chat and you can listen to all the noob questions i ask! I generally stream starting around 2pm EST and go until 5am or so EST. No set in stone schedule but thats typically the case, unless i stay up way too late playing. PS: im sure people will ask. In game i am located on the SE corner of Independence Stream is located at http://twitch.tv/szai
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    We have a bridge connecting to a locked door on the second floor. A troll and a bear was able to follow me into the house through the locked door. I killed both of them inside the house. I then tested with a spider, it followed me into the house also. Then I tested with another spider and ran down the stairs, he followed me down the stairs, then up the stairs again, then down the stairs again, where it remain inside the house as I ran out through the locked portcullis on the ground floor. Seems the bridge allows all mobs to enter locked doors if the door is the end of the bridge...into a house... Edit: As I was trying to hit it I got messages "The timber framed blocks your attempt" (as I ran into the house and it followed me right through the door...), then "the stair is in the way" then "the floor is in the way", yet the spider kept following me all through the house top and bottom floor. I did not test to see if it would follow me back out the door attached to the bridge. Spider infestation in the house!
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    Hey I'm a new player, so I made this account to say how I feel about this game. Originally I heard of this game while talking with some of my gaming buddies in my ts channel. It sounded worth a try, so I bought a month of premium time time and started out in the freedom isles. I was very impressed by how the whole world was built by players. This made the world as a whole feel less like a game and more like an actual world. However, I quickly grew tired of the grind in this game, how long it takes to do even simple tasks, and how paying more money is an easy way to spend less time doing the boring stuff. After I came to this opinion, I went around in various gaming communities all over the net and asked people uf they have heard of this game. I expected people ot not know about wurm, but surprisingly, I noticed that tons of people knew about wurm, but they quit it soon after they started. Yes, I know that everyone who uses these forums loves the game for the way it is since they play it, but you have to realize that there is a MASSIVE amount of people that stopped playing this game for the very same reasons I have, but are not active in this forum so they aren't noticed much by this community. Wurm has a low player retention rate, and for every player that stays in wurm there are 10 that leave within the first two weeks. Maybe the devs should research what these people want more. If more of these people are satisfied, the game population could get into the millions easily... The problem isn't advertising, its the game itself not being liked by most people trying it.
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    Make Wurm Free To Play I believe if you made it free to play more people would play and you could still make money off Land Deeds.
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    +1 or give us a tool like a plumb bob. some thread and some lead. activate it and right click on a tile under water and it tells you how far you are above water level
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    It would be nice to be able to add wooden fence rails, or railings of other types to the top/bottom of stair landings, it is very easy to fall to a tragic death if you missed the stairs heading up or down. 8)
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    Bridges need permissions management. I should be able to unload a crate on a finished bridge off-deed and someone should be able to take items from it. Please make this happen. It works with normal tiles off-deed so I don't see why a bridge would be different.
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    I should clarify... griefing on Freedom is warfare on Chaos. Kingdom mates generally don't grief each other, because they don't stay in kingdom long if they do. Being on Chaos without a kingdom isn't a good way to exist. On Freedom, your neighbors can decide to keep your deed from expanding by plopping a 1x1 shack up against your perimeter.. FOR NO REASON. Or they can absolutely screw with the terrain inside your perimeter. On Chaos, we can kill the person in the perimeter and bash the shack. The fact that there are repercussions for your actions on Chaos means that people generally don't waste their time doing stupid and pointless things just to irritate others, unless it's to irritate your enemies, which is perfectly fine and acceptable. Freedom? It always feels like a bunch of half-wits running around griefing for the "lulz". Clarification done.
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    As if dragons and magic spells are realistic. Hold on, gotta go drop my meal in my magic chest.
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    on which end does Walder Frey live? great job!
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    Seems to me the furor here is not so much about new features being brought in or people unwilling to adapt, but more about how those are brought in without proper communication about the ramifications. People who post on forums are really passionate about this game, Keenan. It would be unwise to blatantly dismiss their concerns - however emotionally laden it may be delivered and unpalatable it may be to your sensitive stomach - because they are actually trying to communicate with the developers and game masters in the only way available to most of them. So if you don't want to read their posts, close the forums. That would perhaps be a much better approach than to inflame the situation more by encouraging them to decide to leave the game altogether. Also, please read my post again, carefully. I am not against deed it or lose it. I am all for it. I am against bugs where people can violate the protections of the deed system. I am also against others trying to tell people how to develop their deeds. When someone buys a piece of virtual property, they buy the right to do with it whatever they want, providing they stick to the game rules. Now, nothing says we need to ring our deeds with tall stone walls on Freedom, it is not in the game rules. So, we should not have to build long houses and tall walls (like you rightly said, you see a lot of those on Chaos) to feel our deed is protected from bugs and glitched permissions on the Freedom Isles. Then again we three may really not ever see eye to eye since we obviously have different playstyles here: Ruger <- from Chaos Keenan <- from Chaos Fairyshine <- from Freedom
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    It's like some folks are desperate to make Freedom deeds open to more griefing...... You should go to a PvP server if such is the desperation.... or go back to it and stop trolling just for a change.
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    Once you get a taste of that adrenaline and a kill you'll never want to go back.
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    Anyone who claims that Wurm doesn't have some kind of memory leak exists in a different universe to the majority to us, a universe I'd much prefer to exist in...
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    Friend of mine with a pretty decent pc, 32gb ram + 2x gtx 970's crashed the other day due to this non-existant memory leak. I've 8gb ram (and an amd apu) if i travel too far even without max settings my client will eventually lock up and shut down, clearly no bugs there. On my mediocre laptop with 6gb ram, same thing, my partners laptop with 6gb ram, same thing. Sorry but I don't particularly like this whole bs of "i dont suffer so it isn't real". Just like when you suffer from a particular graphical bug a typical response is "get nvidia" or "thats why most people prefer nvidia". Not everyone uses the same or the most expensive hardware, that doesn't mean the issues with their setups should be ignored or overlooked because it's not affecting everyone. "Doesn't hurt the majority of the playerbase? meh, idgaf, lets ignore it" - Wogic
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    That I don't understand either. This kind of gliding(it is hard to call it falling any more) doesn't have anything to do with collision. It seems, that someone has messed up something and now it is being sold as a feature, or it was conscious design choice. I also would like to see a good explanation from the people in charge, why it is necessary to allow people enter someone's deed, when that someone clearly doesn't want it.
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    You'll be glad to know that the entire staff and dev team spent weeks on this change, and it definitely wasn't the work of the one web admin whose job it is to do these web changes. We spent so much time on them, glad you like them.
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    Roller coaster effect all gone.(with only 1 lane completed) I dropped the gatehouse and lengthened it a few tiles and got a much smoother curve. In a game where everything is in straight lines these curves are a much welcome and needed addition. Ultimately going for something more like this with a few more buildings and such after i get all the terra done. A nice teardrop bridge running through and above all the buildings on deed. Then terminates at the main castle 7x8x11. Hopefully the scale works out ok.
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    Sources: Wurmpedia lists ship sizes on the following page: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Ship Boathouse concept I would like to build (see the spolier): http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123372-bridge-screenshots/page-7#entry1271956 Outcome: Ability to park any ship inside a boathouse without any of its masts poking through the roof of the building. Otherwise, design the roof as bridges with spaces between them to act as roof trusses so that when a ship is parked, its largest mast sits in the open space between roof trusses. Issue: Based on the above, a Caravel is 7 long x 2 wide x 7 tall (measured in tiles). If 1 storey of a building is 32 dirts, then a Caravel is approximately 224 dirts high. Given that the boathouse concept in the link above is a 3 storey high building, it means that the Caravel's masts will poke through the bridge, i.e., roof of the building resulting in cosmetic ugliness for those who care. Option 1: One way to get around that could be to set up individual flat bridges with spaces between them, i.e., roof trusses. This way, you could park a Caravel so that its largest mast pokes up between two flat bridges, i.e., roof trusses. Each flat bridge can only be max. 3 tiles wide but building two of them to act as roof trusses with a 1 tile space between them means a boathouse can accommodate a 7-tile long ship such as a Caravel perfectly. Option 2: The other issue though is that a Caravel has 3 masts so even if you park it so that its largest mast sits between roof trusses, the other two masts may still poke through one of the flat bridges. Therefore, the next option would be to build the building high enough to accommodate the Caravel's other two masts without them poking through the roof trusses and still park the Caravel so its largest mast sits between roof trusses like in option 1 above. The downside is that you have to build a taller building resulting in the need for more materials. Option 3: The final option is creating a building(s), cliffs or land bridges that are high enough (approx. 7 storeys / 224 dirts) so that when you use a flat bridge as a roof, no masts will poke through. In this case, there would be no need for roof trusses as in Option 1 or Option 2. It's essentially the same as the original boathouse concept except the building, cliff or land bridge would have to be tall enough to accommodate the largest ship dimensions (length/width/height). The biggest disadvantage is the amount of extra materials required to build it. Also, the thickness of the bridge takes up space too so you would probably have to build 8 storeys high just to be safe and avoid any mast from poking through the underside of the flat bridge used as the roof. Option 4: Same as option 3 above except uses a combination of a building that is X storeys high and an arched bridge (with steepness up to 20) so that a 7-tile high ship such as a Caravel can be parked underneath without any of its masts poking through the arched bridge used as the roof. Questions: Since the new ship models are out, measure the following in tiles: - How long is the longest ship? - How tall is the tallest ship? - How wide is the widest ship? Bonus to also know this: - How tall is each mast on the Caravel? Who already has or is willing to measure this or are all of the ships the exact same dimensions regardless of the new models? In Closing: I realize that some people don't care about the cosmetics. Others may just opt not to build a roof at all but to me that defeats the purpose of building a boathouse that has a roof generally. I just think it would be ugly to park a boat inside a boathouse and have its mast(s) poking through the roof of the boathouse. This is the whole reason for this thread, to find the best option to avoid this issue and accommodate all ship types using a single design.
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    Opinion noted and disagreed with. This thread serves not only as a community poll to decide if boat bridges should be bypassed, but also as a project start point for members who would like to work together on various bridge points pertaining to the subject matter, if of course, the vote is in favor of new bridges. Example: Many people want new bridges in an area where travel from land to land is difficult. If the poll shows majority favor for renovation after it has been closed, then the thread will be repurposed and anyone eager to start on a specific could easily post their parameters and find followers to help. Tl;Dr -- A thread has purpose in how it is designed, and this one is designed to start bridge projects if a favorable majority is met.