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    You'll be glad to know that the entire staff and dev team spent weeks on this change, and it definitely wasn't the work of the one web admin whose job it is to do these web changes. We spent so much time on them, glad you like them.
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    Hummm... then there is this...
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    1) Many people do understand how it works 2) Freedom missions do not influence Valrei 3) Wurm has always moved and can (and has) won scenarios which gives a penalty for us not winning 4) Vynora stopped moving to balance the issue of JK having two gods that they can hedge their bets with, the others will be available to all for this once they start working correctly 5) Nahjo is indeed a god and is currently bugged
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    Are you really that foolish? Games are made to accomodate older machines, not the latest and greatest. If you want to attract more players this is NOT the way to go. Just admit you made a mistake with the graphics for boats and fix it. Soothing your ego by telling us to upgrade our PCs does not help the business.
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    Falling due to gravity and 'bouncing' into a deed isn't 'jumping', but this does still pose problems... With all the constant 'Oh, you're not protected, sorry, you can just tough it out and deal' stuff going on around here, because they refuse to split the PvE/PvP appropriately and basically run a 'We want you to fight, because that brings you to the drama that eggs you on to coming over to the PvP we want this game to be!' mentality.. It's pretty obvious to anyone who can count where the actual money in the game resides....and it's not a PvP FFA game...it's like the devs just want to stick their heads in the sand and cause more 'mayhem'...until their loyal playerbase gives up on them and leaves...
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    So, yay! We now have stairs and bridges! Great work team. Something I think we all miss though are a ramp you can ride up, that you can build inside a structure. I suggest that this ramp should take quite a bit of materials (since you're basically covering a floor worth of bricks). 40 bricks and 40 mortar? The ramp should NOT be pushable, but Turn is obviously a very big necessity! Yes? No? Give me all your feedback on this idea EDIT: Changed suggestion due to reasonable feedback.
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    Im sorry but how is a year and a half an okay time frame for people to remember something as important as this? Not to mention the fact he doesnt even say "In the update when we add bridges your deeds will suddenly be vulnerable to flying people". It just astounds me that the only answer from the PR Manager is "We warned you in a thread which doesnt even say that this issue is coming 1 and a half years ago".. "We probably should have reminded everyone" Yes yes you should have.
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    I remember that thread. 22 pages of 'Hey Rolf, this is really FKING stupid!" Which, of course, results in it being implemented anyway.
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    Some of the things I have done in the past as a player that I can offer to you as a player. 1, know your heights, remember if a person falls from too high up... They are dead. So in matter of speaking, you are now given free loot from the heavens! 2, don’t build RIGHT UP on the mountain/hill. Leave a couple of tiles (depending on the slope of the hill/mountain) so they can’t just fall into your deed. And 3. If option 2 is not possible. Instead of building walls, build long houses on that side of the deed. You then can build the long house taller, so if someone tries to "jump" (fall) into your deed. Instead of getting inside, they will smack their face against your long house wall AND still have a chance of dying, thus giving you yet again MORE free loot! This change is not a bad one, we just now have to be more cautious about how we build! So let me leave you with this. When you have your deed nice and protected, you can sit back and enjoy watching "not so trustworthy" people slamming their face into your walls, and you getting the opportunity to laugh at them as they slide down your walls!
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    What your best friend does to surprise you A very big heart!
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    Well with the new stuff i have been busy decorating for the last few days on my new house. I will post my screenshots below but feel free to post your house designs too i want to see what everyone is doing and get more ideas.
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    I experimented shooying animals in my offdeed pasture I cannot target any hitched animal without getting a karma warning, even if I own the cart and the deed I cannot shoot over any fence without an AIMING issue even when I stand on a hill above them: [16:43:12] You fail to get a clear shot of Aged fat Starkdance. I can only hit animals not hitched and no fence So I guess the wagonhorse that I had die, had a fast acting disease... it seems the only possible explanation But I do not know why the other person butchered ananimal with an arrow unless perhaps itr weas a very old arrow? Also may still need more testing My main issue is that we are, basically. told: We made some code changes without warning that are now live and may cause security vulnerabilities for some deeds. We cannot say much other than it somehow involves jumping or flying or otherwise passing over fences and buuildings from a higher elevation. Rolf mentioned something two years ago about patching a flaw that got people trapped in fences, and also maybe people someday flying on dragons. So that was a heads up to everyone. Two years ago so y'all had plenty time to prepare. We hope you will now all take whatever effoirts are needed to redeign your deeds to protect it against an unclear vulnerability, because we DID warn you. ANYTHING that happens is now your own fault.
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    Roller coaster effect all gone.(with only 1 lane completed) I dropped the gatehouse and lengthened it a few tiles and got a much smoother curve. In a game where everything is in straight lines these curves are a much welcome and needed addition. Ultimately going for something more like this with a few more buildings and such after i get all the terra done. A nice teardrop bridge running through and above all the buildings on deed. Then terminates at the main castle 7x8x11. Hopefully the scale works out ok.
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    Time and time again things change in wurm, they have be for and they will in the future. Why is it every time something change we all act like someone kill our puppy. Here is a change, if you have a HH's in a pen near a wall that maybe jumpable, move it. We have no problems building 20 tile bridges, doing the work for that, but when it comes to perhaps moving some pens wall, the world ends. Rolf changes something and we get pages of complaints. There are ways to prevent this, just do them. There are so many things that get implemented in to this games and so many complains, really? it's a game. adapt. Fame me if you like, pretty sure a lot of people agree with me and they wither cbf reading the forums, which is probably best or just agree to get on with it. I do agree there needs to be something added for the pvp side of this though.
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    I have four years of paranoia on my side so I am probably ok. Personally. I have zero friends, zero alliances, zero villagers. That's the price I pay to make sure I can be "safe". But I really have to question whether I want to encourage my friends and my family to come to Wurm. Again if veteran places like Silent Hill, Factional Fight, Gnomegates and other "veteran" players can be griefed/stolen and they all took care and effort, yet people told them "haHA your own fault! Deal." how possibly can a newer player ever feel they are not at any risk?
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    Here is an example of ways people can use this to grief -- there is a road going UP past a new player's off deed enclosure. They know there is a risk living off deed but bashing down fences just to kill all their animals, is not an easy task and not one most players would resort to. However now if someone wants to "get" them, they roll a throwaway alt, jump off the road incline (naked with a troll club), kill all their animals, then suicide out again. There may be other things I cannot visualize in advance, on a deed. That's why people have now returned to the concept of fencing everything back up again, because it is too exhausting trying to keep track of ways people can grief. The bottom line is that most of us who chose PvE servers, did so because we did not want a situation of player aggression against other players being "acceptable" or encouraged gameplay. We would all be frolicking on PvP servers if we liked that sort of thing. We did not want "clever people versus stupid people," sheep vs wolves, or whatever someone choose to call it. We don't want to be told because we were "a stupid person" that we (or our friends) are now fair game for the "clever" person. We just want to be left in peace. That's all.
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    And people keep saying it doesn't affect Freedom because your permission settings will protect you. That's beside the point and absolutely moot. I built walls to keep people out of places I don't want them going. It's MY deed. "Deed it or lose it." Remember that? I did. And I put a wall around it. And now that wall is useless. Deed it, wall it, or lose it? That's past tense now. Deed it, wall it, put a dome over it, move it underground and reinforce it... wait... we don't have domes and we can't build underground. I guess we lose it since part of deeding it is deciding who has access and who doesn't and now that doesn't much matter. Also, it's not about the 99 people who accidentally fall into it. It's about the 1 person who intentionally falls into it. I don't have any protections for accidents. I have all of them for intentions.
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    I'm just going to lay it out and be done with it. Every time I see a new 'fix' or 'patch' or addition to the game, I don't think.. "Oh, hey, new stuff!" I think... "OMFG what did they break THIS time." That's the honest truth. I'm more concerned about what you fked up than what you added or 'fixed'. My deed is close to a mountain and the slope is quite steep. I just spent MONTHS re-doing my deed how I wanted it, all within the then-current permission set almost to the point of being neurotic over deed permission settings and making sure everything was such and such and so and so, so that I'd be unable to be griefed. Also, since I'm blocked by other deeds on three corners I have been very limited on how I can re-design my deed and 'deed it or lose it' doesn't work when someone who logs on twice a year has sucked up a zillion tiles of perimeter next to me and I can't expand my deed that way to secure my borders. So after all these months of work, redesigning my deed to be very secure and self-sufficient in preparation of not being able to play very much over the summer, I then log in and find that people can now build a little tower or dirt ramp and sail right over my walls. I built those walls and gates with the understanding that if they were ON my deed, they were inviolate. That no one could do anything to get through them as long as they were locked. Period. Now, that is not so, people can sail right in. Now I also find out that I have to put ROOFS on everything to keep people out, wheras I'd not put roofs on certain buildings before, as I was not done building them, and was waiting for bridges to perhaps put a bridge between a few of them. But now I'll have to roof them or risk people being able to sail onto them and climb into my deed that day. This is 100% pure crap. I absolutely don't have time for this shiz right now. I've got an hour of gaming time per day, max, until winter. And I'm not spending it redesigning something that worked yesterday and is borked today due to shoddy programming. Therefore... The premium on my prime alt expires today. It's not being renewed. The premium on my main expires in June. It's not being renewed. I will be taking a hiatus until winter. Maybe by then you'll get your crap together and code something to allow us some better deed protection. But I won't hold my breath.
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    Wossoo pretty much described the situation as I had understood it before this explanation (eye m smert!). On the PvE servers I see no real problem for those who are not unfortunate enough to fall inside of enclosed areas from heights. The fallers are the ones who will have problems getting out again but I would think GM's should assist them if this is claimed to be unintended. As for all the hype about deed security being compromised, this would only be so because of improper settings to prevent losses, as has always been the case. Again, much ado about nothing. One thing I remember about Second Life is that they had a feature which would prevent anyone from being able to enter your property if enabled. In Wurm it could be looked upon as a repulsive KoS feature, rather than the current attacking one. If something like this could be implemented for deeds for individual names, everyone, friends, allies or what have you, it would really be a great system for allowing or disallowing others to enter deeds. =Ayes=
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    If they can fly over Xanadu in light breeze faster than a knarr, bring it.
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    The fact that this mechanical change was introduced in the same patch as the fabled bridges without any mention until yesterday troubles me. The lack of transparency and complete information in change logs and patch notes is a recurring theme that causes a lot of problems with the community. We've been reminded almost monthly for years that "bridges are coming soon" but the only mention of this prior to yesterday is a post from 2013. It would have been nice for this to have been re-announced when the new Elevation map was announced so people could attempt adjust their deed plans accordingly. The deeds that have been built up for years around this mechanic are the ones that are going to suffer the most though.
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    I've got a bit stuck on page 2 though.
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    Well i have about finished decorating the ground floor of my new place a lot of it is a repeat of the last one but it is starting to look nice i think.. (not affiliated with any pvp groups i just like the banners, lol)
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    My guard caught a troll trying to break into my house.. I seen him trying too sneak away back to his bridge after killing the guard..