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    Linkoping stronghold entry
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    More of a ramp than a bridge, but it works!
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    Me and my roommate built a small 1x3 over a small area where the horses sometimes get stuck before taking on a larger job! Introducing! "Ike and Lexi's Awesome First Bridge" That's officially what I named it =) This wildcat was hostile not tamed!.. It just walked into the photo and didn't attack. But I thought it looked cool! =D
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    Hats off to Alectrys for the help tonight! There were so many people with issues with the big update tonight and there were so many responses to assist tonight mostly from Alectrys! At work we have a thing called a YMaD award, which is a You Make a Difference award, and one is totally deserved for all the sorting, and responding done tonight. Many thanks again!
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    Best not to hit them at 25mph in a wagon though...
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    Does not completed count? This one might take a while.
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    Temporary bridge until my skill can do Arched bricks! But in any way it looks neat! Just a test drive with a corbita under it and it worked Thanks wurm devs! Best feature ever!
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    This is something that has always bothered me about the game, and driven a number of friends of mine from the game. The specificity between doing actions for skill versus doing actions for productivity is really bad in my opinion. Having to hit the sweet spot with stamina usage, using poor ql tools with high CoC, etc etc, just aren't conducive to enjoying the game. Deliberately doing something badly in order to get better at it is wasteful. I think the game would be far more accessible to people if you just did the best you could and would get the best gains. Instead, you get penalised for being productive. You either advance your skills, or you advance your game play (ie, terraforming, building, crafting). Personally, as a PvPer, I've spent the majority of my time in wurm playing for fun - my skillgain has suffered massively, with me doing very little grinding and just using SB when I'm doing a lot of actions consecutively, such as levelling, making bricks, crafting items, etc. Honestly, I just do not enjoy grinding in most games, especially if all you are doing is increasing your skills - at least in most games you have quests to grant XP, so that you can advance the story and still advance your character, and crafting/fighting XP gains is usually about the difficulty of the item versus the skill you have. But, it is what it is, and I imagine some people play mostly because of that complexity in levelling up.
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    Fixed weird fence gates Fixed some wall blocking issues Fixed extensive item piles being formed on bridges Fixed dying sea creatures Cart access bug fix Vehicle permissions fix and ondeed stealing
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    Here are some very small bridges over our new on deed river
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    My 2 x 5 tile arched marble bridges
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    Maybe more "winter only" activities too -- skiing and dog sled racing (maybe sheep sled racing since people don't have a lot of dogs, plus you would not have to tame each one to hitch) Riding DOWNHILL on our shields with reduced fall damage in the snow Maybe they can find a compromise with the winter graphics grinches to make textures more "bearable" for a week long season (I am fine with the current textures but I know from years of debate, this is a pretty divided issue). Imagine if we could TRACK mobs in the snow =oO Also WHITE WINTER FUR drops only in winter season which is used for HOODED CAPES and fancy pants clothing.
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    Photo by Rasu of Zerocool with his stick (cause he would not give up his stick)
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    Me on my rope bridge on Xanadu. It has an odd-looking gate at one end.
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    it needs to be inverted to the other side of the mast, from that pic it looks like its being sailed backward definitely not right height and everything else is great just that the wind needs to be coming from the back and pushing the sail forward, relative to the commanders seat
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    This one does not look that great with the winter but it was the best i could get...
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    Spams about bridges in every single post for a year, day bridges are due to be releases he quits [Rolf] GG
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    In the past, I've brought you such things as the Wunion, DoND, and the Dragon Fang Pass... today it gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of Fight Club. The Freemason alliance has been hard at work planning this event, and Sunday, May 24th at 1PM EST is the time we've selected to get things under way. Fight Club is its' own deed next to Port Onody (M18 or 38x,38y) in the north west area of Crystal Lake on Independence. We have a few events planned for the day, the centerpiece being the opening of Fight Club. At Fight Club, we hope to supply a place for all players, weak or strong, to come hone their fighting technique by Sparring each other and asking any questions they may have about fighting against other players. The plan is to host a fighting class one day every couple of months. We've set up an enclosed fighting area for the battles to occur. Participants can either fight with their own gear, or for those wishing, sets of 50ql chain armour and 50ql weapons/shields will be supplied. Not only 1v1 Spars, but we can also do some 2v2, or even 3v3 (tho 3v3 can be a little confusing and may need a referee of sorts). Events planned: - a 1v1 Duel to the death, full loot fight between Pinejon and Gumbo - a demonstration 2v2 Spar between Freemason alliance members - lots of random spars, 2v2 battles, or more, amongst the folks who show up - an amazing items only auction hosted by none other than Dinkleberry - Sermon group - some high end imping stations where people can have their items improved (for a small fee) - free high quality meals cooked by Jillian, who will also sell you a jar of wine to sip on - We will now offer a TeamSpeak channel on the day of the event, for teacher/student to discuss the finer points of PvP What's needed/requested: - Many folks to show up and do Spars, 2v2, or more - Fighting teachers to come help teach players the ins and outs of true PvP (send me a PM if interested) - Recruiters from PvP servers (send me a PM if interested) - High end merchandise for the auction (only select items will be allowed in, PM Dinkleberry to have your item added) Kingdoms that do attend are welcome to sell their exclusive items while at the event. Hope to see you all here !
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    I key bind push/pull. If I clicked I would go crazy too
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    New deed entrance done
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    I think the OP did the right thing here and inform the community in a nice way. Anyone building a bridge there shouldnt be surprised if it was rapidly bashed.
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    You're missing a nice screenshot from excel to prove your point. 0/10.
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    I CAN CONFIRM the manual download of the graphics jar only worked for me. That is the one that I was having trouble with!!!!!!!!!!! I am in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fairyshine explained they way to do this simply for those not into tech speak. I followed this procedure and then was able to log onto the regular game client as usual. These files are in the "Packs" folder within the Wurm folder. Also if you have a temp graphics.jar file be sure to delete that one as well. A frustrating experience not being able to log onto the game but the way of resolving the situation described above should be an easy one for most to follow rather than some more involved solutions proposed by others. =Ayes=
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    Auction Lots White drake set (no cap) 80ql Rare longsword, iron (N86 LT87 C88) 92ql Rare two handed sword, iron (N86 LT85 C74) 92ql Rare small maul (Clean) 94ql Rare hatchet (WoA81 CoC77) 92+ql Rare large maul, (98nim 75fc 76coc) 73ql Rare small wooden (Birch) Shield 76ql Rare small anvil 95ql Rare spear 90ql Trap set: 2x Rare net trap, Rare corrosive trap and Supreme corrosive trap Rules for auction: Payment is due at the end of each lot's auction, no exceptions. You are responsible for any bids you make. (if you are bidding for others not at the auction and you win - you are expected to pay in full for the lot)
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    I Love Winter also, someone made a suggestion long ago to provide a winter-skin, if the gamemakers hate winter so much. Long ago the season lasted very long and i enjoyed them so much, it was in reality, you loved the new season starting and when it ended you were happy also, cause you were a bit fed up of it and you looked happily forward to the new season. As it is now you don't have an inner participation anymore, and thats the worst. On, off, white, green, yellow and white again. Like a disco or a traffic sign. It's flat.
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    This is indeed a friendly request. As he deeded the island he has the right to keep it seperate. Goodluck with ur kingdom!
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    All free orders have been fulfilled. Above list will change as and when available, quality will increase, let me know if you have a specific requirement. Prices rounded UP to nearest QL. Enjoy! All free orders have now been fulfilled. My feelings are that this update is so impressive and anticipated that the availability of tin and zinc, or even your small budget, should not hold you back from being able to make yourself a bridge. These will initially be free and the only cost will be delivery 10c/20c, or your time to come collect them from me. Please post your interest here and if you'd rather collect or have it mailed CoD. Depending on demand I may end or suspend this offer at any time, including for those who have placed an order. Orders will be posted to those online first, then everyone else after. If this thread has an unmanageable amount of orders I will definitely review my situation.Limit one per personMinimum 20ql, nothing higher is guaranteed, but most are sent at ~30.No component parts will be available, only the finished itemCurrent delivery time for new orders is ~24h.Small Print Since this is a free service/gesture of good will, I reserve the right to change my mind about any aspect of this and I will not provide guaranteed availability. They will be available on a first come first served basis with my alliance and people I regularly chat with being a priority. I will not mess anyone around, so if you are collecting I will ensure that there is one available. realcoffee : SENT mistvengery : SENT Sirpeculier : SENT Kekstier : SENT Bertjohn : SENT emass : SENT Croakville : SENT Elen : SENT Toolhead : SENT Yaga : SENT Snowtech : SENT Reisyn : SENT Arathorn : SENT Vomusu : SENT bangzuvelis : SENT betawood : SENT kakarot : SENT Bobbarker : SENT Bloodscythe : SENT Zip : SENT
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    Fall is the ugliest season... the ground texture has to go...
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    My first rope bridge, looks awesome.
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    +1 for me. I enjoyed both previous ones. The fun factor is high. and it's a great way to test out new pvp options and concepts without disrupting the long established pvp servers as guinea pigs. Think of it as a short team highly adaptable test server for game mechanics, not just pvp.
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    There's no reason to act like an ass because I pointed out a pretty obvious and hazardous flaw in the bridge plan. Sailing is neither convenient nor predictable in terms of usability and functionality and people don't have to have "bad eye sight" or be "bad boat driver"s (like you suggested) in order to be screwed over by it. Take sailing in the game for what it actually is - Not for what you want it to be just because you're longing for bridges to be of use.
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    I see this line repeated over and over in chat by multiple people. It is false. Please stop spreading blatant misinformation.
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    I'd like to award Alectrys the lucky green sock award for their inspiration in taking my bug reports and suggesting using a lucky green sock to increase skill ticks.
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    + 1 yes please , most fun iv'e had , and I need to get my revenge on the space folks !
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    Sail's high enough with us sitting now that it doesn't have to be almost parallel to the hull.. truth be told... Rare and all, feel like stashing it on a ship transporter when not in use.. specially seeing the levels of awesome on the other ships. Heck, could even be perpendicular and not matter much
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    I've just finished verifying this on test, then Evening sticks the 'same for boats' to the bug! Will add that as well to the bug list. Thanks for the reports.
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    All this theft lately makes me want to sell all my valuable items so i am not struck by the next bug that is exploitable.
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    What worked for me is download the Wurm Test client, and get the packs updated in the test, then go to your wurm file and delete the graphics.jar file and rename the test_graphics.jar file to just graphics.jar Then just launch wurm as per usual.
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    We don't talk about Fight Club.
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    +1, make the winters normal length again!
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    I think winter lets enchanted grass put on a glorious display. I like all the seasons, as each have their place and give the game a well-rounded feeling. Besides - when spring comes, it is all the more beautiful.
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    Winters are depressingly short these days. I always used to enjoy the bleak, long winters on Wild back in the day. It was like being in an episode of the Moomins for weeks on end. Bring back longer seasons I say! Just maybe tone down the glare a tad.
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