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    It has come time for me to go. I sold my account, deed, items and everything in 1 big package. The person does not want his name in public, but he did laugh that people might find it out sooner or later. For few months the gaming experience wasn't like it used to be. Goals had been achieved and real life started getting busier. Me and my mom's health have also been.. well not so great lately. And since I'm not into this game anymore, It was a good chance to at least surprise my mom in a nice way giving her what I got from sale of this account. My gaming was only a pain in our family's butt for so many years, nice to see it pay off. Even though I always promised to keep this account and not deal with real money. Well I rather let someone else enjoy the pixels when I cant.. Want to say thanks to Wurm Staff team, and thanks to my good friends for being there with me and for me ingame / forums. I'm still gonna be here at forums as -silakka-, just not as active. This is a great game, was a pleasure to be a part of it, in the end it's just a game and just for fun.
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    So long and thanks for all the fish!
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    Goodbye Silakka. I wish you and your mother the best. I thank you for all the help you have put into Wurm and helping us out.
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    Serendipity Gardens: Nighttime Impressions
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    That center neatness of my friend's forest.
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    I would like to start out by saying that this topic is NOT official in any kind of a way. Personally, I would like to compile a list of suggestions that we as a community think would increase our enjoyment of the game, and which not require major effort on the developers' side (as far as we understand it of course!). I'll start it off and add suggestions as they keep coming. Merchants Allow containers on merchants as long as they are not locked, or contain locked items. This would allow us to sell sets of items (I.E. full armor sets), dyes, lye, or simply batches of farming produce. The price set on the container would be the price for everything in it. Add functionality that dumps a merchant' name, current earnings and the current inventory to a text file so community developers can use the data to make fancy tools. Boats Increase the base sailing speed by a base multiplier of 1.5-2.0x New mechanic: "Lowering the sail" - makes you go a fixed (2-5 km/h) speed, irrelevant of the wind and its direction. Allow vessel quality to influence the speed it travels at, even if only fixed boosts at 30, 50, 70 and 90. Make rarity of boats have effects even when the boats are "full" (boats loses their rare speed bonus if passengers fill up the slots they give the boost for) Allow the owner of the boat to list who is an offline passenger on the boat (you see the spirits of xxx, yyy and zzz linger on your boat) UI / Basic mechanics. Allow floating tabs other than friends list! (IRC would be a big one in this...) Add a few missing keybinds, I.E: closing last opened container/trade/option window, and parts listed in this thread http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/109355-missing-keybinds-list-compilation/ Number of selected items in the hover text when you have selected part of a group. This is an example http://i.imgur.com/4TCJC34.png Make it so all interface commands, such as adding to crafting window and "no target"ing, are performed immediately instead of using the action queue. There are currently a bunch of actions that you can perform outside and independently of the action queue, such as casting certain spells, so this should be a minor fix. Allow crates to be dragged to and from carts/wagons to boats. When you drag them it activates the load timer and moves them over without having to unload then reload. Update the mailing interface according to http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/121978-improvements-to-the-mail-interface/ Let's have it, people.
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    omg! [21:41:05] Digging decreased by 0.250 to 99.674 OMG
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    Rather than true intent of wrong doing what it looks like to me is summed up best by Mordraug's comments. In short could have been communicated better on both sides. Each had a different expectation.
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    GUI improvements - http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/121978-improvements-to-the-mail-interface/ Mechanics/Functionality - Don't limit the amount of items you can drag from one crate to another. Crates are annoying enough as it is even without the drag limit based on your body strength. It's just a big waste of time in a game where people are already so pressed for it. - Cool lumps automatically when dragged into a BSB. The time consumption should be when you gather the material, i.e. the time it takes you to actually grind mining. Having a task take more time than it needs for the sake of it doesn't make the task worthier, it just makes it take more time. Boats - Allow crates to be unloaded from ALL seats. In some ships you have to jump out of and embark as passenger to be able to unload... - Allow the boat to be dragged even if passengers are logged out in them. I'm sure this functionality makes sense on a PvP server but for PvE it's just an annoyance when you need to bring friends and alts along that don't want to afk for 8 hours and lose all nutrition.
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    Perfect timing during an eclipse at my quiet bayside deed on Indy
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    Best way to spot it is open your events log and find "drop a butchering" see where/when it happened, narrow the search a bit.
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    Good luck in your endevours my good friend, maybe one day we will see you again. You never can realy quit wurm
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    Goodbye Silakka , only knew you from the forums , you made me want to dye the world .
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    If merchants want to keep their reputations in tact perhaps they should not frame their sales as gambles. Especially if they don't understand what a gamble is or how it works.
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    Or you agree to pay for a few cast for 1s and just deal with that, no extra charges if the cast is higher. Agreeing on something is one thing, having strange wording like that one "1s for a few casts, pay 3s if higher" is utterly strange. Either way you can say, 1s for 5/10 random casts, 1s for a guaranteed power, or pay whatever casts i get. being 5c or 3s... We all have different ways of doing business, reading carefully and understanding your options is probably the best thing to do.
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    Where communication went wrong is that he went past the 4-5 casts of a "gamble" and pushed 5 more to a 94 enchant. Mistake both made was not defining how many casts a "gamble" is compared to just charging 3 silver for the insistent push to 90+. In all fairness jack, your explanation of prices did give me a minor headache =P That said, 3s for a 94 enchant on a mailbox is a fair price. You both need to speak more clearly next time.... Seller: "1s for a gamble which is about 5 (or 10?) tries, 3s if the gamble scores over 90. Or just pay <x> silver and i'll sit there 'til I pass 90 no matter how long it takes". Buyer: "Stop at gamble no matter what happens /// keep casting i'll pay <x>" then the classic back and forth negotiation if initial offers aren't agreeable. My 2 irons.
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    Fritz': Besides others i am a Legendary Architect and Master of Fine Carpentry, Bowyery, Toys, Shipbuilding, Fletching and Woodcutting I reside on the north shore of Mist Lake, which is at 58x 19y on Independence. Feel free to come by anytime for imps or to collect your order. Prices do not include the cost of mailing. Pricing: Carpentry and Fine Carpentry (usually oak) QL70.5: 30c QL80.5: 50c QL90.5: 1.3s QL91.0: 1.7s QL92.0: 2.5s QL93.0: 3.5s QL94.0: 4.5s QL95.0: 5.5s Mallets and Yoyos QL70: 10c QL80: 20c QL90: 30c QL95: 1s Bows (Willow, any size, usually with ql 90+ string) QL70.5: 50c QL80.5: 60c QL90.5 and above: same as carpentry +50c Puppets QL70+: 70c QL80+: 1s QL90+: 2s Lye mailable, but server will charge for container and every 2kg - max mailing fee is 1.10s (2.20s across servers) QL50+: 5c/kg QL70+: 10c/kg QL80+: 25c/kg QL90+: 50c/kg Logs QL90: 12c QL95: 50c Improving Existing Items If you prefer to have your own items improved, you can either deliver or mail them and I will improve them. Reimprovements will usually take about a day depending on workload. Pricing as above (This doesnt count on instant high ql items like mallets). If you mail them, please make sure to rename with recipient and desired quality. Mailing costs are yours. Shipping/mailing Pick up at Mist Lake is free ofc, 10c mailed to anybody on Independence, otherwise 20c. Long Bows, fishing rods and other large objects can not be mailed. Check the Silent Hill trader at FM for goods also. // ---fix the mailing system!--- Improving stationary items and Housplanning Pricing as normal improvments, travel-fee depends on your location / travel time. I can and will plan houses with up to 99 carpentry required Enchantments Are available; please contact me for details as high casts might require some time. Pricing: power 1-49: 0.5c/power power 50-79: 1c/power power 80-89: 1.5c/power for completeness (not on demand) power 90-99: 2c/power power 100+: 3c/power How Do I Order? PM me, post in this thread or send Herrfritz a /tell.
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    A big +1 on the OP suggestions regarding ships and speeds. * Allow all altars to be rotated/push/pulled. * Allow the small, medium and large area rugs to be placed in cart and boat inventories. (What, the carpet can't be rolled into a cylinder that's smaller than a log?) * Allow wooden beams to be stored in a bsb. * Remove the timer for sell action, making it instantaneous. Since we're capped at how much coin we can receive per hour, the timesink is unnecessary. * Fix water enchants so that woa and coc properly work when tempering a smithed item. (And, no, woa on the item itself isn't a workaround. I am not looking to put a free/temporary cast of woa on a customer's tool that they are having me improve). * Since non-premium players are allowed to create/maintain deeds, remove the limitation of not being able to pass an existing deed to a non-premium. It's unnecessary. * Make "pets>stay online" the default option. * Allow players to untame an animal tamed to them. * If a character is not targeting a creature, the character's weapon(s) should be sheathed/invisible (instead of flailing around in front of your face). * Relax certain item spacing limitations (i.e. allow 2 beds per tile, allow 4 pillars per tile). * Further branching out on the previous suggestion, greatly reduce the space needed between guard towers on PVE. 25 tiles would be fair. Since there is no kingdom influence to sway, the towers are nothing more than eye candy with slight functionality on PVE. There's no harm in them being closer together (as we've already seen from GM created locations), only more freedom for the players in a creation and design aspect. * Allow meals to be renamed (again). * Create a command (like /coins) to report the coin total of the player's bank through an event message. Give me a few more hours to think about it, I will come up with more.
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    At this time we are considering closing the auction to relist as individual charges being that most people seem more interested in buying a single charge rather than the whole tome. If no further bids are made, I have spoken to Tuanta and we will honor his bid proportionately for a single charge as per his request and auction off the two remaining charges.
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    You seem good at reading jibberish. BADUM TSHH.
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    Course game development is big in Sweden... long, LONG periods of being regularly snowed in. Granted there are other fun ways of passing the time... and keeping warm EDIT: Personally I didn't mind the "invasions" (aside from the crashes and lag), new people to rob interact with is awesome, regardless of the numbers.
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    There are many ways that it could be done successfully, especially given everything we learned from the 'invasion' (although a great number of those invaders ended up becoming pillars of the Wurm community....eventually). An isolated server or server cluster similar to Pristine and Release (or an alternate Epic cluster for PvP) for example, that would protect legacy servers from the omergawdpeople and still be integrated into game wide travel and trade at some point. Rinse and repeat as needed. And of course the continual efforts of the developers to tighten up player security options and granular permission settings that simply didn't exist during the era when all those nice folk suddenly found Wurm.
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    I actually had the opposite problem once. I thought the troll was a hallucination till it came and attacked.
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    Dafuq are you to tell what's intended or not? As far as i know many times not even the devs know it, looking at the number of "features" that turn out to be bugs after a few years. Plus why the hell would someone defend the current state of things? Are you just a random masochist, or afraid it will hurt your lantern making buisness? +1 to the OP, its just Wogic. At worse it should just take "usage damage" when lit online, not offline.
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    "Announcement, our village has meat, meat and more meat. So please join us." On the first sign, tho I relied heavily on context clues, so could be wrong. And I figured out the other two, I believe. "Very fine village looking for miner, cook, mason." "Recruitment: Please join our glorious village. The Mayor."
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    Shrine of Fool, close to Brand Spankin' New Canal, on Release. Guess at the end of the rainbow like this, you will only get Fool's gold?
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    After years of traveling and years of searching this day i found my goal! The piramids of giza!
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    You are partially right. It can also be about location. People round Talula (where i've place my merchant) might not only care about prices but also about location and might not be willing to travel that far up high by boat / cart / horse (as the N/S highway currently still leads above a narrow mountain pass (instead of past the easily flat coastal area)). My merchant has sold several items already, so Talula is not dead, even if there might not be that much of advertisement. There are approximately 20 merchants there, and even horses available.
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    Cheers man, nice to work with you for the short time. Best of luck and I hope your health improves fast! /marni
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    It's always sad to see a good friend quit wurm but people come and go.. I had a great time playing with you and you have helped me with a lot of things.. Thank you for the great time in wurm Silakka! Will miss you a lot!
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    And that my friends is why I gave away my freedom deeds and moved permanatelly to Chaos where we have other ways to solve our differences. This is typical among greedy freedom players who want power and glory without war and effort. They put on the "polite" mask to win the public's acknowledgement and then try to slip in unethical bargains through publicly accepted methods. Sometimes they manage not only to win the acceptance of the community but also that of the staff.
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    A week passed since end of the auction and I still havent received the sword. I sent you two private messages and got no response. Could you please state if I won the auction or you cancelled it? Best regards, Tracer.
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    ok, I got distracted a bit in game and started pondering the following... Has anyone attempted to translate these yet? I didn't search the Wurm forums too hard but couldn't find anything relating to them. And I'm afraid even if I found the correct rune variation, it would most likely not be in English. Example: Younger Futhark Those Wurm Devs are sneaky creatures. I bet they have some meaning.
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    Not sure how to approach this subject without having my post removed so bear with me plz. First off I'm extremely excited to have bridges in Wurm but having played the game for some time now, it is rare that a major feature like this gets implemented without major bugs. My experience with the test server is its difficult to actually test anything as your there by yourself most of the time. Again from my experience, the people who use the test server aren't there to find bugs to report and make the game actually function better but instead they are there to find said bugs so they can take advantage of them on the live servers. Why not release bridges on a Challenge map where you will get 100+ players racing to use bridges and test them on a live server? People will stumble across all kinds of bugs but there will be enough players there to see the actual issues and get them reported/fixed before releasing them on the more permanent servers. I'm excited to have bridges implemented in Wurm, I simply would like to have the bugs worked out first and am willing to wait a little longer to make sure that happens.
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    Looks like Thy Sanctuary X28 Y6 is no more, i have looked up and down that whole area and its not there.
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    I'm holding a small impalong for our alliance on Celebration. We're imping away, holding sermons, casting spells, and enjoying ourselves. At this current moment we make up 27~ of the 48 players online in Celebration. Sweetsusie farted and the fog immediately rolled in... hope no one's out there sailing!?
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    I think I'm going to stop reading these updates until after bridges are released. If I wanted to see a bunch of grown adults crying for no reason, I'd watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
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    Every month I have to repair my lantern. It takes huge amounts of damage at ql90. Snuffing it does absolutely nothing to stop the decay either.
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    Somehow I feel like this is an epic glitch. My friend commanding a cart just that the cart is bugged out for me, and I can only see her being pulled by the two horses, halfway stuck in the ground.
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    Waterdeep Castle is complete! "for now" (We plan to modify some of the windows to the newer wall types eventually and will most likely add bridges between the main towers when released. Design was a collaborative effort between both the wife (Awngeleak) and me. However, most of the actual construction was her. A special thanks to: Warlander for allowing us to visualize the design through the use of Deedplanner. Monover for all the help with bricks and clay. Rolf and company for their vision and continued development of Wurm Online. Coastal view. Coastal view in front of Candlekeep (Our sister deed) Candlekeep (South side) ground view from the canal Candlekeep view from the grape orchard overlooking the community workshops And lastly, same as last just a little higher up Additional images and designs can be found here.
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    or this for house walls
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    I still really like this one of my little house all lit up at night. And I STILL like winter.