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    Due to cynical placement of wardeeds both legitimate and one placed by use of a bug with converting within opposing influence this would be a useful mechanic to introduce to the chaos server. Appropriate compensation would have to be given to deed owners in the area but it would make it far more difficult for any single kingdom to restrict access to the hota zone and go some way to reintroduce a semblance of competition at the event.
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    Yes, certainly. It is easier to utilize developer intervention. I can see many situations in which this is useful: Moving the WL for us, opening safemines for us, using GM toons to KOS alts on your starterdeed while you abuse alts on other kingdom starterdeeds that don't have active GM's to do so, asking a developer to remove another kingdoms deed so you can found a bigger deed, asking for clay to be put up on mountains your kingdom has a deed on, asking for champ lives for your kingdom in particular to be refunded when a mechanic your kingdom originally abused bites you, asking for staff to suspend a certain player for using a twig-dismount bug, and then advising (which he ends up doing) a GM in your kingdom to do so, who does it, without punishment, petitioning for another kingdoms main account/deed holder to get suspended for harassment after my kingdom intentionally names a deed to harass another player, asking for champ life reimbursements and successfully getting it after dying to an unintended mechanic in a fight while abusing said unintended mechanic (separate from listed above), petitioning for nerfs to champion animals on carts after losing a champ life to one, petitioning staff to make it so you have to recharge artifacts because we are unable to raid a deed, asking for nolocate jewelry in a private PM to a certain staff member after a raid being foiled due to being located. Anyone notice a particular history trend with this? We can keep this going all day, so cut the holier-than-thou crap, and just accept the post as a suggestion. It's less likely to work anyway seeing as how Rolf is more inclined to listen to a majority playerbase (especially when its a particular kingdom) once they contact/spam him via email or IRC. Luckily it doesn't happen as much, but still happens, but screaming "you only want it because you dont have it!!!" makes you look like a fool and it would be much more better looking on you, as you do represent your kingdom to say why it is bad and move on rather than throwing subtle underhanded jabs at people as an attempt to bait them into a forum ban. I'm excited for another person who's not a freedomer, and not in my kingdom (really narrows it down huh?) to quote this post and once again follow up with a pointless post rather than explaining that youd simply rather not lose your hard work. It's not like this would seriously be considered when it would affect the majority playerbase of that specific server, so please, be realistic.
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    It really should just come down to what's best for the game. Polls like these will never work with the majority voting for what's best for themselves.
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    I agree Tuanta, it is overpowered. Sure, you're still completing actions - but one could easily allocate 300 crates in a circle around one "Dirt digging tile" and fill them in only the amount of time it takes to transfer dirt from inventory to crates. The current way requires you find dirt and move the crates to and from the locations. Its my opinion that if this were added, terraforming would have no real purpose other than making the natural terrain more aesthetically appealing, and to me, that takes a lot of the appeal Wurm has away. Put simply, its not very realistic to gather 10k dirt from one tile without changing the natural world at all.
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    Who told you its 100% hit chance? lol.
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    I received this message tonight and was asked to please post this from the fellow player that you have all come together to help. To the Wurm community at large, there is always some drama and/or a few bag eggs. However you really came threw for me, not even knowing who I am in game. I'd like to thank those people, Pashka included for your encouragement to have me post or offering to post for me. Some of you wished to remain anonymous so you know who you are. I would like to thank those who took the time to read what the campaign was about whether you could or wanted to donated, I understand in this day and age it's hard to take people at face value and the internet can only make it harder. I told my Mom last night what the Wurm community did for us, she had no clue this was being done. She was flabbergasted but in a good way I assure you and this has offered both of us some relief. I think you might like to know that my campaign was fully funded (100%) by Wurm Players to the best of my knowledge. We gripe and complain but when it matters there really is incredible people in this game. A heartfelt thanks really doesn't cover it but it's all I have. My friends will no longer be asking the community for further donations, but this post will be linked, I hope as many as possible see my thanks and are warmed by the generous spirit of the Players here. For those confused, I am referring to this http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/121477-please-help-a-fellow-wurmian/ ~Sincerely, A Very Grateful Wurmian. To the Forum Mod's, I'd kindly ask this remain in Town Square so as many as possible can see my things. This didn't start as one but it finished as a community effort.
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    500 euros?! Maybe 500 paseos Realistically 200-250, its got nothing to it.
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    I would like to see a command for pets go untamed. Why should taming something else be required to let go of the current pet.
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    The current server crossing message is "If you keep going in this direction you will end up on another island." It should be "If you keep going in this direction you will end up on <server name>." This would help prevent confusion when sailing near corners and it'd keep people from accidentally crossing to the wrong island.
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    My suggestion, after a year of building a Winery... Can we give some value to Wine? Beverages in General??? I'm so disappointed to find there is little to no demand for wine. SuperFly Be great to see them compliment a meal, or casserole or some food item.
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    how come there are no battlecamps?
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    Yes, there is a lot of land available in Wurm ... but there is also pretty little pristine land available in Wurm, and that includes Xanadu. Much of the land is changed by players, flattened, terra-formed, sky-high slopes, decaying walls and sheds and all the junk former settlers leave behind. People that are playing Wurm since long (and that includes me) are used to that and we are used to settle on abandoned deeds, new players not so. Many new people start in Wurm with the idea of a wild, survival-type game - but they instead encounter decaying sheds, crumbling walls and gazillions of bins and chests and lamps and statues slowly rotting away. As one former new player told me, one quickly has the feeling not to play in a wild land but in a largely abandoned slum instead. That's one of the reasons Wurm's player retention is so low, it's also one of the reasons why Rolf has to make new servers in regular intervals and why these new servers are so popular. A new server provides pristine environments - but after a few months the shiny new server turns into a slum too. That's what hurts Wurm. Players can do a lot of things, but there's no mechanic to un-do that when the players are gone.
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    Can we stop turning this into a PvP vs. PvE war? This is a global problem.
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    This is really just going around in circles now... You guys have given up every single possible option as well as even picking him up and driving him to a location and he hasn't taken that either... There really is nothing left.... At this point I think it's just trolling =\ So many nice people have tried to help you here Clwebb, even tried to keep you from quitting, this happens quite a lot in wurm, the people will try to create options for you.... Do you really want to continue to complain that your money was wasted when the community has been nothing more than helpful?
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    the counts so far uberknot 2 Hashirama 4 Propheteer 5 Shrimpiie 13 the forum software 1 Oreohh 3 Evadaly 1 Rolf 2 Nintendojoe 1 Melros 1 the Dev team 1 ftoz 1 Wurm Online 1 Bridges 1 votes for the "wurm forum troll awards 2k15 1st third" is closing on april 30th 6pm GMT
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    It's not fair that we control it. It's not fair, that someone has something you don't. "Muuuuuuumm, he's got icecream and I don't. Give me his icecream!"
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    The problem (at least with Chaos) is that easier enchants from Chaos would flood Freedom servers, prices of enchants would drop and therefore it would be much less profitable and fun to be priest on Freedom.
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    Lovely map with plenty of ore as far as i can see. Cheers for fixing the spells. (I enjoy poking those pr guys, gets stuff done) xD As for the fact tosiek isn't aligned with a kingdom yet, is that working as intended? http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/121581-pmr-alignment-bugged/ If us player's missunderstood the functionality, then please provide more details on how to make tosiek align with a kingdom template. Overall: Good job. EDIT: I just learned of some of the spells tosiek got (by my villager which was the first follower to ever go tosiek)... and he is already questionably THE BEST pvp god despitie being at hideously low faith... (heck we dont even know which of the high-faith super abilities he get) Any plans to rebalance new gods? EDIT2: In general... I'd honestly prefer if these new (possibly completely overpowered) gods remained as a friend-of-all type of religion... Purely based on the fact they are imbalanced and that no kingdom-template should have a tremendous advantage.
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    for 30 faith thats an amazing list so far...
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    I for one want Mycelium, so I never have to eat again
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    Sry Lorena but if you take a look at Turiels and Nappys casts they posted noone can tell me that's fine. That's crap.
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    Very nice job and thanks!!! Are the canal entrances work with mine doors on them? AFAIK that is the only way to provide push-free entry for knarrs, but if there is another solution I'd be glad to learn it
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    I was minding my own business doing my meditation when I had a little friend come to see me!
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    Or... like, just fix the lag I know, stupid idea
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    accounts created to protest specific meditation paths