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    I'll be completely real in this post, all drama and stupid ###### aside, and yes, it is my truthful thoughts even though most of you know me like the troll i am. Every kingdom has had its up and downs. MR got to where it is today because they had an opportunity when two other kingdoms were in a slump, now no other kingdom wants to put forth the effort to remove what MR gained in that oppourtunity simply because they are unable due to something, be it effort, manpower, money, whatever. It's not their fault you were unable to hold your land. It's not their fault you were unable to properly position and build a deed so its vastly easier to defend than it is to attack, its your fault. You are the ONLY person who can get what YOU want. You are the only person in control of YOUR situation. I have been in a kingdom when it was winning multiple times, in every kingdom when it was winning at least once. You know why they won? They had people willing to put forth the effort to do so and they had people that wanted the same thing, and they had people who understood how to get what they wanted out of their situation. JK regained almost 5% of land when we had the people and effort to do so, now that we don't, we will lose some land. I wanted to fix our situation, and I did it. Metaldragon wanted to fix our situation, and he did it. Duce wanted to fix our situation, and he did it. Fez wanted to fix our situation and he did it. Now that small gain may not be a true "fix", but the point is there. If you want a more historical view, prior to this, prior to epic opening, BL was in a slump. We wanted to fix that situation, and we did it. We gained well over 8% land vs JK and MR. Why? Because myself, posteh, stalk, mikeyyaya, whoever wanted to achieve it, we had the same goal in mind, we planned it, and we did it. Before that, why did MR fix their situation after the thrashing they received and were pushed back to GC + WV? Because Horton, because Nadroj, because Maximustehgreat and because Rudie wanted to fix it, so they did it. It's possible if you make it possible, it's not possible if you don't learn from your mistakes, and it's not possible if you don't put forth the effort, and it's not possible if you don't have anyone experienced at the table, and it's not possible if you don't understand how the game is played. And while I realize i'm probably rambling at this point, maybe it needs to be said another way: You know why MR is winning? Because Wurm is a snowball. They are winning because they had the few remaining experienced players, took the oppourtunity, got a few wins under their belt so they looked active. They looked active, so they got more people. They got more people, they did more things, those people got more experienced. This is why they are a rounded out kingdom, this is why they are winning, they adapted, they did their job, nobody is taking that away from them. Black Legion, and my own kingdom, JK, have had every chance to dethrone them, we didn't for whatever reason, we always can in the future. We can hold our own, we can win, we can lose, however, you do what everyone wants to do, but do remember everyone is in control of their own situation. The only reason your deed got hit is because it was positioned badly, and you didn't have the means to appropriately defend it. I have single handedly defended JK frontline deeds numerous times against 5-6x my numbers, you don't see any of them rotting away or being griefed. Why? because I made an effort, and I adapted to the way the game is played. If you are unable to defend your deed like that, despite having literally every advantage in the book, maybe it has nothing to do with them, maybe it has everything to do with how you go about taking land, how you go for short cons for short-term land gain with no real backing or plan behind it. So as a general tip, before you whine about having your deed thats well over 20 locals away from any assistance, try something new. Look at JK or MR, JK's entire frontline for instance right now has a two tile highway, guard towers, deeds protecting the flanks, and mines, as to be expected. You don't have that because you didn't plan for that. Chaos is about the long game, so stop whining, play the long game, and adapt. You want it, you take it, stop crying about it, it only makes you look bad. If you are unable to adapt or do not enjoy that playstyle, there are alternatives. Chaos is a more siege and conquest based form of Wurm PvP. Epic is the middle grounds between conquest and open-ground skirmish PvP. Challenge is fast paced, no endgame, no conquest PvP. Pick one, learn it, adapt, and get what you want out of the game. Nobody is stopping you from doing that, and yes, i understand that some mechanics make it harder, some mechanics are unbalanced, but work on getting them changed for the better of the game. By better, i mean for the enjoyment of everybody and not just because they may or may not be winning because of it.
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    Our server admins are looking into this problem and narrowing down the cause. Once we know the cause we can fix it but until then we are trying our best! Sorry for any inconvenience related to this.
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    I know account management has come up before and is probably more work than anyone at CC cares to tackle, but with all the account trading and questions of who is actually running the account, or the desire to have character name changes, what if we did this: One player account - One forum Account - Many characters, which can be added or removed from the Player Account. - All characters can purchase name changes, but you must have a "family" name, associated with your player account, which is visible to anyone via mouseover in any text box, or mouseover of the character when you are face to face with them. - Only 1 email needed, for the 1 player account, regardless of how many characters/alts. - Link Player Account with a real life identity, so people aren't making multiple player accounts, which would defeat the purpose of this system. This will prevent banned people from just making or buying new accounts and using a proxy to bypass the IP bans. - Web Management of the account and all characters/alts in one place. Pay premium for all alts, Pay upkeep on all deeds, buy silver for alts. Setup Auto Pay! How many people take a break, forgetting they didn't put more into upkeep, then come back, only to see everything looted and gone - then quitting in frustration. It is funny how many ways people make suggestions for ways to have CC collect more money and be more successful. We players want Wurm to last and improve. Some things need to happen to pave the way. Better account & character management is required if any growth is expected. Right now, account management is no better than scribbling our fake names on a sign up sheet. A dream scenario for anyone with wicked intent to scam others.
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    Fairie land with unicorns and snow.
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    Im so fed up with the constant lag sessions on Xanadu. I am paying for premium on 3 toons and the service I am paying for is sub par. The Devs think its funny, we even had a message pop up in green text on the event tab yesterday about a Lagomorphus beast, which I found insulting. If there is no fix for this and this is the way its going to be, just say so Devs, I will go play something else even though that is not what I desire.
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    Hello, I am not sure where exactly to post this, and I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. For a while I have been doing quite a lot of business through Wurm, levelling peoples' accounts for them, trading with people, selling my stuff and acquiring others'. However, throughout the last couple of weeks I have barely been able to access internet due to construction work being done around my building, which cut the internet completely or to a minimum, not allowing me to access the game or successfully send a PM. This means that the progress on all characters I am levelling has been severely slowed down, the progress of those I have just started right before the internet cut equalling almost none at all. I have taken action and changed the passwords of all characters to those they had in the beginning, in order to allow people the viewing of the progress of their accounts. I have already been accused of scamming, which was at no time my intention, but I understand your anger and am willing to refund the 16€ you spent on the characters in the beginning when I required you to purchase premium for them, if you are unwilling to let me work on this any further. However, to accuse me of scamming is a little harsh since I have never demanded payment of any sort before giving you the character and letting you access it ingame to check if you are happy with it. It also means that everyone I was trading with when the internet cut occured has not received response since then. I apologize for this as well, as it was not my intention to leave you hanging. I am uncertain as to whether or not my internet now works, or if I will be able to resume my usual amount of activity right away. Thank you for understanding, and please pass me a PM if you have anything to say. It would be nice if the general lot of you could cut back on offensive insults and accusations, and see reason. This is an online game, and it is possible that people are unable to access this for any number of reasons. Well, that is all. Thank you for reading.
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    [08:38:34] Beware the Lagomorphs!!! This is an Easter Holiday reference. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagomorpha Lagomorph is the scientific term for bunny rabbit. Just wanting to clear that up because apparently it went over some heads and its upsetting some that it might be downplaying the lag issues some are experiencing.
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    So, most of us are familiar with a sight like this: Mounted on a cart, that is. For some of us, that's a pretty large portion of our playtime depending on what we are doing and whether or not it involves travel. For people who don't have use of both hands, that can be a bit trying at times. What I'd like to suggest is a 'snap-to' camera option where the camera would automatically follow the direction the cart is facing. It can't possibly be that hard to do, as a 'follow camera' option is pretty standard in most games. For myself personally, I have nerve damage in one hand that makes it trying on the best of days to travel by cart for any extended period. And even the days when my hand isn't acting up, I usually have an infant in the other hand, which makes my play time increasingly 'deed-bound' and unable to leave for other than very short periods of time. Which, being the explorer and adventurer type, makes it not so fun at times. So... that's it. Please consider helping people who don't have full use of both of their hands the ability to enjoy the game better by programming simple (and what should be standard) camera options. Even folks with arthritis would GREATLY appreciate something like this, I'm sure. Many thanks for your time and consideration.
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    Multi-Action Keybinds Am i suggesting macros? nope. I'm suggesting that one keybind can perform multiple types of tasks and thus improves userfriendlyness. For instance lets say i want to cut down trees and chop them into logs. I bind space to cut_down and chop_up. When selecting a tile the cut_down bind gets used to cut down the tree. When the felled tree object is selected it chops them into logs instead. Pretty simple stuff. In short the game tries to execute a set number of actions in order. a simple example of a keybind: 1) Lead 2) Embark 3) Disembark you walk up to a horse with a rope active. (or anything active if it got a bridle) Your first keypress will make you lead it. Second keypress will make you ride it since leading is no longer an option. While riding it you cant lead it nor ride it again and as such disembark is used. now lets say we got a fancy 10-action keybind. 1) lead 2) embark 3) disembark 4) cut_down 5) chop_up 6) mine_tunnel 7) mine_forward 8) mine_surface 9) dig 10) dredge Boom. now you can lead/mount/dismount animals and transportation vehicles, cut down trees, chop them up, dig/dredge and mine tunnels... one keybind... like space. best part? the client already got data about the world so it can judge by itself whats "okay" and not "okay", thus the client doesnt send unimportant info to the server and only what it believes its allowed to perform. and no, im not suggesting it sends all the actions as a sequence. im saying it chooses the first available command that works from the list and sends only that one. oh and obviously the one we all want 1) improve 2) repair Improved dragging from containers How about dragging items from bsbs/fsbs/crates while holding ctrl automatically chooses the "as much as i can carry" option... yea... simple... heck it even reduces the server load by cutting the middle step... It saves players the hastle of having to move their hand from the wasd area over to enter and thus makes it less tedious. secondly If a player ctrl drags item from container A to container B, then it tries to FILL container B using all of the items selected in container A. (ignoring player capacity if the player can carry one unit of the item-type, otherwise it disallow the action) If i got 300 logs in a crate, then trust me, I dont want to drag just 10-20 of them when i select max. I actually want all 300 to be moved to the bsb instead of repeating the same action over and over again. It's just tedious and makes players annoyed... especially the enter-pressing part. In short: Less tedious game components and more fluid gameplay that we enjoy <3
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    Wont be attending , it was stolen from a group putting into a cave so no to the thief Still wandering why Whykillme deems to go to others servers and dictate rules the mind boggles it really does
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    This is just to consolidate the information in one thread instead of 8+ but thank you for your concern. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/121347-xanadu-lag/
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    If Xan is too big for the server hardware, then refund deed costs and make 2 smaller servers
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    LOL Propheteer xD He is a guy who talks big and then buys your kingdom accounts for cheap to help your kingdom. And then you see him applying in other kingdoms soon enough. Btw you want to sell kix? Buying for 250, selling for 1250? right? Duce must be angry with you. #Response to your personal remark proph
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    If I'm not mistaken, sincere apologies and a real, actual change of heart, usually begin with 'I'm sorry'.... But nah. Yer so full of your over inflated self worth that you can't even bring yourself to FAKE an apology against someone whom you've egregiously wronged. Way to reform, convict... way to reform.
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    I'm glad that you decided to make this thread despite knowing that a large portion of the players would give you the ###### victim blaming comments. I wish threads like these had existed back before entire villages got wrecked by the semi-recent griefer wave (and I'm also thankful to Enki for putting an end to the mods removing threads meant to warn people of such). It's much easier to prevent grief by making others aware of weird, undocumented, game functions and shady people than it is to repair the damage afterwards. Thank you for the warning
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    Loot will be open to everyone (no alts ofcourse). http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/ C22 - meeting at the southeast side on the coast. You can not easily reach the TK on foot, don't bring alts if you don't know what you're doing! (at your own risk!) When we meet there the walk should be 15 mins the most, but expect it to take 30 with a big group. I will only make this way once, if you are not at the meeting place when the auction timer ends i will NOT come back to pick you up. When i went here, there were 478 monsters in my Get info local, so it is very recommended to bring gear for your alts if you are by cart. On foot is not recommended as some slopes will be over 20! This also means it is outside coast local. ***If you do plan to go early, at C22 you see the very small desert, go there because it is very closeby there and we will pass it witht he big group, giving you a head start if you have to bring multiple alts or want to do some hunting up front. The area is filled with all kinds of monsters including many, many trolls and hellhounds, spiders, you name it. *** IF YOU DO NOT REPLY THE MAIN ACCOUNT ON THIS FORUM POST YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE LOOT LIST *** ***A path has been made to the TK making it easy to get there. Because so many showed up early the mobs have also been cleared***
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    Most games have a toggle to disable weather. As in, all of it. Two things are the most egregious when it comes to visual eye strain that I have seen. Fog, and snow. The whiteness washes out and causes severe eye strain. I can't look at it for more than a few minutes before it gives me a pounding headache. Thus, any time there is fog, or if the sun is reflecting off the snow (even with reflections and the like turned off...), no matter what I'm doing, I have to either log off, or do something else such as browse the forum until it passes. And to make it worse, the world is all one 'layer', so it's even in buildings! The really crappy part is I usually wait until 'first light' so I can see better, and fog seems to be becoming more and more frequent. Then, when there is snow out, it's only a short time before it's so bright I can't see. Just a simple toggle to remove ALL weather related effects would be awesome. One checkbox, and BAM! All weather gone. Snow, fog, rain, etc. For the snow, I don't care about removing the actual snow per-se just the 'brightness' that goes along with it. And adjusting my monitor does not help. It just makes everything ELSE darker, and thus harder to see, thus incurring even MORE eye strain. So if this is possible to program in a relatively short amount of time, it would be most appreciated I'm sure by many people as a quality of life improvement. After all, we want to be PLAYING the game, not be forced to do other things when we want to play just to get around something so silly as the weather. Thanks for your time and consideration. Addendum: Just as I finished typing this, I noticed that I had 'action timer' lag, whereas just a few minutes ago I had none. I hadn't even moved. Then I noticed... raindrops... pouring through my roof. Rain = action timer lag?!? Addendum 2: Just as a clarification this is a suggestion thread TO the Devs. This isn't a request for a quorum, or a committee hearing on the subject. I know people don't like to hear that their individual contrary opinion isn't wanted, but.. .it isn't. If you like the idea, or have ways to contribute, by all means, let's hear it. If you hate the idea, great, I don't care. You don't need to -1 the thing like I give a rip that you don't like it. It's a suggestion for an individual CLIENT side setting that affects no one but the individual viewer. Thus, there is no reason to -1 something that your opinion is not being asked on, and which affects you not at all. Not trying to be rude here, just trying to clarify. Thanks.
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/7-game-rules/ Shared accounts A ) Code Club AB does not condone sharing or contracting accounts. B ) You enter into any sharing agreements totally at your own risk. C ) We do not offer support or service for sharing and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ A questionable practice with the above warning. Not something I would allow to be done with my accounts but to each their own risk level. =Ayes=
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    Did i even say how beautifull you look today?
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    One topic on the subject does not draw enough attention. When a sizable portion of the forum topics complain about lag...then that will get attention. Premise: limited time and resources of the devs and Rolf Assumption: much easier to miss one single solitary topic Logical resolve: make more topics -------------------------------------------------- Resolve for Wurm: annoy them enough that they actually fix the problem, i.e. PAY for better hardware instead of (almost pointless) patchwork jobs Disclaimer: remember, Xanadu ALWAYS had lag so it's not just the current lag spikes
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    I've never PVP'd in a situation where you could have a scorched earth policy like that so such vicious gameplay is a bit new to me, but here are a few thoughts to consider. Say you and I agree to have a wrestling match. (PVP) We toss and tumble and... 1.) I pin you to the mat. Match won, we shake hands, good match. 2.) I pin you to the mat. Then I fart in your face. Match won, but you leave with a sour taste in your mouth (so to speak) as to the poor sportsmanship. 3.) I pin you to the mat. Then I bounce your head off of the mat a few times. Then a few more times. Then I laugh at you, come back, and do it again. 4.) I pin you to the mat. Then I kick you in the groin. Then bodyslam you, Then remove the mat and bounce you off the floor a few times. What, you aren't having fun? At what point is your own zeal becoming detrimental? At what point will people simple refuse to wrestle you? That's the question that I think is being asked. I don't PVP, but it looks to me as if you may just be killing the golden goose.
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    This is an interesting concept to think about. Pvp server is meant to be full on combat winner takes all. The post here ask where is the line that is too far I"m guessing. I'm otherwise unsure how you can be griefed on a pvp server other than verbal harassment which has it's own category. propheteer made some very keen clean points in his posting that I can strongly agree with. Though some may disagree, My view is when pvp is taken to an extreme with pointed negative passion, it in general hurts pvp deeply in ways unintended by even the victorious causing atrophy and disinterest into the future. Then people wonder why there is not active pvp often by the ones doing that level of destruction. In short taking pvp to this extreme , will likely choke the life blood out of the server unintentionally. That aside, the examples shown aren't portrayed in the full light. often provocation exists on both sides creating elevated feelings of frustration and anger so one side is not the baddy and the other the innocent victim. I think the intent of the thread was less about calling out any kindgom, it was more to say, is this style of pvp going too far? Though all mechanics allow for it and pvp is full on combat winner takes all, is this good for the long term of pvp? I think that is what was hoped to be discussed instead it has derailed into KvK debates and debasing of one to another.
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    Covering ALL instances is impossible, yes. But for example Gnome's case.... Couple of days' worth of discussion now? <-- (which is about all i know about the case) That'll get you banned with a brief glimpse at server logs elsewhere.... Here's an example: http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Scamming Honestly, there's no shame in checking out the most successful titles' rulesets with a blend of "similar" indie games' rules to see what can be used for ours. I know no set of rules can be airtight but ours barely make for tuna nets.
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    Sounds like an... interesting game design. Wouldn't a mechanism to take over deeds be less detrimental and lead to a more fluid conflict? Especially if there was some bonus to the original owner attempting to take it back, however temporary, like CIV's culture bonus? As to the original question, there's two answers really: "Griefing" is defined by the rules, or Any time you do something and your "opponent"'s negative emotional reaction is part of your reward, it's griefing. That's probably the "dictionary" definition of it. As for why I'm responding on a PVP thread... it's posted to town square. I'm tempted to write that the only solution is for everyone to come over to PVE servers
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    WOS was great. Skillcompare should've been made into some kind of official addon to Wurm Online. It'd be wonderful to be able to look up player stats and see how you compare to the rest of Wurm (with the option of making your skills secret of course).
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    Happy Easter everyone! Go out and find your Easter Eggs! Salt and cheese for everyone! Oh and beware of the Lagomorphs! (To those who don't know how to find the eggs: Go forage a bit and be lucky!)
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    Probably been suggested before... they're ridiculously annoying, would like option to remove the sound completely.
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    Hello I have been running Wurm Online Skillcompare (WOS) for around 7 years now. It now needs to be moved to a new server and in total it is not a big job. My plan now is just to close it down, a lot less work and I don't have to update it. It will be taken down in a few days and if you want your data PM me and I will export it for you in a SQL-format. I hope the people that have been using it have had use of it!
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    Hey all! If you missed this week's Twitch live stream, here it is. Back at Winter's Night, Brian and I take a break from the Labyrinth Project to discuss priestly things while we demonstrate enchanting with my Vynoran priest. Enjoy! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLGMac6AIbg
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    Originally crafted by Aum and Imped by Foamfollower (my alt). Clean set with no enchants. Jacket always takes the most damage, so the rare helps a ton there. If you have never worn Drake, it is like having the protection of plate, but movement of leather.... and it looks awesome. If you need a future imp, PM me and we can schedule time to bump back to 90 at no charge. 120s/e Can pick up near Greymead on Xanadu, or I can send COD. .
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    When Large Braziers were implemented we couldn't see them if you placed them at the top of a tall structure once you got a few tiles away. That has since been fixed and you can see them from quite far now. I would like for the same treatment to be applied to the new turrets. Currently I have them on the roof (slab second floor) of a building but as soon as I get about 5 tiles away they disappear.
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    can i solo it before cerb gets there?
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    You gonna refund my costs etc?
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    Simple answer - move to a smaller server? Give up on Xanadu...
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    Locking threads about the extreme lag issues on Xanadu does not fix the problem FM's. The way I see it the more posts about it the more the chance someone will pay attention to it.
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    BTW Devs,, I don't give a crap about getting sleep bonus if that's what youre thinking, I have 20 sb powders still. I want to play the game I paid for! Also, to all those who are saying, "Oh its been like this since war machines" or "Ya its been like this for a month" I will have to disagree,,,, Xanadu has been plagued with lag off and on since day one.
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    stolen off reddit For the Easter! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ixspJ-SnMk
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    I'd like to turn off the rain drops/snow flakes that fall down because they make my client run like poop
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    Like in topic - I often catch myself on trying to double click word in chat and being surprised that this doesn't work.
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    Rolf did that once before, in March 2009 I think, when overnight and with zero warning Rolf flipped a switch allowing PvP raiding of PvE servers, I will have to recheck but I believe a large number simply disbanded their villages and left the game, half the GM staff quit in protest, and Rolf finally reversed it when he realized he lost, overnight, most of his customers and staff. I will try go go did up some old articles on that. I was not playing Wurm at that time so others will have better memories than me on this. EDIT: I did find a "Day After" front page post that Rolf had made, which is .. interesting!
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    If you continue to have problems getting the password, here is a link with instructions for recovery: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/35382-password-account-problems/
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    Today has been one of the worst days since I've been on Xan. Lag spike monster again. Oh, but it's not them, it's gotta be us, that's what I keep hearing.
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    Well when you bring 20+ people + artifacts + your champs, its a bit hard to fight back with only 13 people. Alts get the job done with out us dieing pointlessly being out numbered.
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    Coming from a PVE perspective in this "sandbox" atmosphere, that is exactly what I expect of the PVP side of things. I don't see how anyone interested in PVP would fail to see it. I mean, we are talking about a game where the developers put a mechanic in place that gives the opposing force the ability to steal coins (which have a RL value attached to them) from a village's coffers. Is it really that surprising that opposing forces can and will destroy your lands? On a last note, I question your "But what if you couldn’t?" comment. How exactly is this player stopped from rebuilding a building?
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    Well to answer the thread title: Yes. The line is drawn up in the game rules As for what you're discussing in the post, policing or including game mechanics to prevent 'flattening a deed' would be impossible in the Wurm world, and surely the point of a kingdom vs kingdom server in such a sandbox world is for the kingdoms to strive to remove as much as possible of the other kingdoms? Whether it's attractive or not to play on a PvP server that is basically owned by one kingdom [nb Im not suggesting this is the case at the moment], perhaps it wouldn't be. I guess the only way to find out would be for the other kingdoms to give up on the server and leave, at which points I guess the devs would make a decision on the future of the server. Having said that, just because one kingdom significantly outweighs any other doesn't mean that won't change in the future. A number of years ago MR was on the brink of vanishing.
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    Hey I heard of that game
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    It's nice of Jason Appleton to win at his own game, and become the ultimate Greed Monger.
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    How about you can buy the recipe for cosmetic items from the shop? So crafters who are willing to spend the money can make items that Wurmians can buy in game. Rolf gets money, players spend and earn silver.