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    Hello fellow Wurmians! As always there will be mixed topics to enjoy. But today I will also bring you some changes. Which I guess is still technically news.. But this is about changes in the news. So news about the news. And with that all clarified, i guess it is just time to Share some News! Bridges Focus The developers are going to be focusing more on the bridges now to once more kick this ongoing endeavor into a higher gear. There are still allot of functionality to consider when it comes to collisions. An example of this is the fact you were able to walk on the outside of bridges. I guess it is great for parkour but not really intentional in this case. More wall options! Last week we got to have a look at some nice new wall additions making there way into the game. This addition adds its own unique appeal making for great variation and possibility for creativity. Epic is being discussed As most of you probably know there has been a thread discussing the epic cluster, challenge and their futures. Already there is much useful feedback and it is currently under review. Nothing to drastic is being considered currently but there certainly is need for something to spur growth and activity. Reworking the permissions system So we talked about this a bit last week, but I wanted to share some further progress. So here we have work in progress of the new interface. All options have a mouseover text telling you some further details for clarification. The options in red also has a confirmation popup to make you pay extra attention due to the potential safety issues involved. RedBaron is leaving Wurm! So this would be the news about the news which I mentioned. I will be leaving the team for new endeavors effective pretty much after this newsletter. Due to financial reasons and me being the most recent employé, it is just how it goes. Will try and hang around to say goodbye to you all if you feel you want to talk. The most noticeable change for you would of course be the news as my other functions are less visible to the general community. But Weekly News will still remain if so in a slightly different format. I am not going to go all sentimental on you Wurmians, both staff and players, but I will say this. Thank you all for your hilarious commentary and lively banter. Thank you for all the support, great feedback and participation. You are a great community and fun individuals. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and sharing these last couple of years. And with that I will say Goodbye fellow Wurmians! Keep on Wurming!
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    Breaking news, we're now focusing development on have an in-game version of the forums, so everybody playing can post these threads far more often! Stay tuned!
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    Okay so I read the discuss Epic thread to the end and will give some feedback to the feedback! First we need to make some things clear * There are no skill resets planned * I don't see home server map resets coming * There may be an elevation map reset. * We can not merge the maps. House data for instance is separate in the databases for each server and it would cause a hilarious catastrophic situation trying to merge that data from four servers. * We can not expect to run good PvP on a Xanadu size map at this time. Maybe in a few years. Now some notions Apparently most are against increased skill gain on Elevation. We may adjust the curve to make it faster in the beginning It seems many are positive to a map the size of Chaos/Independence with home-server-like islands. We may have to make Elevation non-premium if we want to consolidate the playerbase. If we remove local lists and modify the /who command as you suggest it may work fairly well. Finally some changes that seem pretty unanimous Change the /who command and the way epic population is shown in graphs Remove CR nerf Fix Valrei stuff We'll add ingame map it takes some effort though which is why we haven't already The portal delay is too long Based on this I suggest we start things by taking the first pretty easy step: * Start a poll about resetting the Elevation map (on Elevation so you'll have to go there to vote) in a month or so. * Remove CR nerf * Change /who and the status page to merge numbers on Epic * Remove local lists on Elevation a while and see what the effect is * Reduce the types of Valrei missions in order to make sure they work * Make Vynora static on a Valrei square and make only Fo generate missions
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    The only thing that sounds very bad is making Elevation F2P. Players who want to try out Epic mechanics can always start out on the home server, and they have the ability to teleport to Elevation if they prem up. F2P players starting out on Elevation are useless, they cannot PvP, they cannot make a house in any safe environment, they can only join a deed and sit there for a bit until they decide to prem up. There will also be a lot of abuse possibilities with alts, even if we have no local (griefing deeds, much more storage alts, alts used to harass raiders etc) All the other things might be worth a try at the least. It might be a good idea to try out some of the ideas and check again after a month or so and see what everyone says.
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    OOOO that was a wild roller coaster. I was sent upwards by the new eye candy of walls and the permission systems to come are great improvements to control of deeds. Then the floor dropped out. I know I speak for many when I say we really enjoy these update posts and all the goodies that are inside them. Not to mention your crafty humorous style of writing them up for our amusement. The anticipation was like that of charlie from willy wonka looking for the golden ticket, or...waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones to see who'd be lopped off. You will be missed in a big way! I believe you did alot for the public face of wurm. I'm bereft of other words to say and must go off to my cave and pout.
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    The new permissions system look awesome and looks like it will be a lot easier to see what you actually let people do when you have more then 5 roles in your town. Farewell Johan you will be greatly missed since these weekly news have been one of the best things that has happened to Wurm Online in years and I've been sitting around each Thursday waiting for the awesome news.
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    I wasn't even on challange and all I heard about all the time was how many alts there were zerging all over the place. PLEASE NO to making Elevation F2P. No.
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    What I personally find sad is the fact that Rolf decides to upgrade the Wurm Team's offices by moving to obviously more expensive accommodations, but then following that up by letting go his Public Relations officer who has arguably helped to secure the very funds that made the move possible. Higher rent but at the cost of letting a very prominent public face of Wurm go is just not a sound decision in my opinion. This whole thing makes me sad.
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    Wish you all the best, Johan. Good luck in your future endeavours! You will be missed.
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    This discussion came up because curves don't look too good on Epic for quite a while now and I have received quite a lot of suggestions for an Elevation map reset combined with consolidation of the Epic player base. It doesn't have to be lots of work. In case it doesn't help at least we tried to break a downgoing trend/flatline. You can go on about advertising however much you want but the ROI on that is usually pretty horrible in our case. We have scary learning curve and a java downloadable client. We need word of mouth to work and a good game that attracts customers. We are not interested in drawing players from other parts of the game. We want players to return and totally new players. New players could start on a the home servers but I think they work pretty poorly in that respect unless you think something like 10 new players per month is a huge success. It could be better with a consolidated server. Some of you seem to understand that spreading out population on many servers is bad and so do we even though some of you seem to think our main business idea is to open new servers all the time. It doesn't mean we want to shut down servers for those who live there and we want to avoid resets of any kind for as long as possible.
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    While it is a sad loss to see Johan leave, I would like to take the time to thank him for all he has done for the community, sharing weekly news with us has given us an insight into the process that we never had before. He wil be missed. Rest assured that we will continue to focus on the community and work with you, while Johan is indeed moving on, the trend he started will not be left to rot. We will continue to share news and information, as well as work on improving that in the time to come.
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    I cannot 'Like' this post as it's sad to hear RedBaron is leaving!
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    I hope that is something that one day changes as you brought for a lot of us, a high point of each week and a closer feeling of "connectiveness" with the dev team. That someone existed who heard us and listened to us and kept us informed. That was something very important to is, something that we needed, and you are going to be missed most fiercely.
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    So sorry to hear you are leaving RB. I know the weekly updates will continue as you say, but I am going to sorely miss YOUR weekly updates. It was just a great joy to read with anticipation both the progress of Wurm's development and the whit you showed in communicating them. Best wishes on your future endeavors!
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    Local removal = PvP fights based on perception not on counting nicknames on the chat....
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    To be honest I didn't see anything about portal delay in the other thread, Not that I read it very carefully but reducing it seems like an awful idea to me since it will significantly reduce the amount of boat traffic between servers (Imagine a game w/o the delay, only enemies would have to use boats to get to your server, as even bulk transfer of goods is easier/safer with wagons and just portalling over a few times) EDIT: No local lists on elevation: YES! It will be very interesting to see how this affects pvp, people can argue about it being good or bad, but in the end only trying it out will show us the effects. This will make the game a whole lot more exciting I hope. The Valrei changes seem like a good start, it is a bit of a shame to see a full deity being reduced to a demi god, but it does look like it will be more fair on the board for now. Might even be able to use her board representation as a prototype for a player deity should one ascend. Remove CR nerf: I'm neutral towards this. There have been cases where it worked significantly in favor of a homeserver in fights, but there have also been enough cases where the defending force on the homeserver actually needed the CR nerf to bridge the gap in skills and experience. Maybe change it so there is a CR nerf only in a certain (large) radius around starter deeds? Ele map reset: For now I'd say a big NO. If you start making changes to the way Epic works, do them one by one so we can observe the effects of each change and actually trace it back to that change. Tweak one variable at a time. Resetting the map is one of the most drastic changes you can make to the game and moreover it is irreversible, I'd say wait at least a year with a poll to give time for the other pvp tweaks to settle. F2P on Ele .... This would suck big time, it will result in lots of spy alts everywhere unless there is a good mechanic to prevent f2p players from getting any info on enemy activity (this seems impossible without making f2p so dreadfully boring that it'd be useless to begin with. I'm aware that on Chaos there's a mechanic to prevent spying, but when I made a f2p account there it seemed very buggy still. An ingame map? As in a minimap? I don't know about others but I've never felt the need for this in Wurm, a big fun factor for me is not knowing where an attack is coming from. Especially without local lists this would be amazing, ambushes would really be ambushes. The ability in navigating around the world is one of the true player skills (i.e. not measurable in numbers) that makes wurm unique and is another big fun factor for me. Getting lost is (from what I've seen and read in posts about wurm on other websites) one of the biggest charms (and curses) Wurm has to offer. There is something missing though. All these changes address issues that are relevant for people playing on Epic right now. It will affect the already existing player base and (I think) most of these features will be embraced by the community. However, it does not make Epic more appealing to people that don't currently play Epic, it does not introduce this big "Epic only" thing that is needed to draw players from other clusters. This (in my opinion) remains a very important issue. Nor does it do something about the ever prevalent issue of the home server population being very separate from Elevation activities. Most people on a home server don't give a about Hota or "big group of enemies sighted digging dirt in the middle of the steppe". I think there need to be more mechanics and activities to bond home servers to their template kingdom on Elevation. These features should not oblige home server players on Epic to pvp, but they should be prominent enough to make it clear to new players that even home servers are different from Freedom.
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    It's not only the news with which you immersed us into the on-goings of Wurm, but also the new sounds. Your spirit in the communications will be missed and remembered! I hope you build a solid bridge to your next career step, to be able to expand your deed and upkeep for the coming generations (breeding ninjas is expensive in terms of insurance, I'm pretty sure!)
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    I'm trying to think of excuses for when the boss appears behind me. These are what I've come up with so far. Oh no, some weird medieval virus has taken over my computer! I'm in a virtual conference. Those trolls are from Marketing. This is a special company project. That's all I'm allowed to say. I'm on my lunch break. HR said I could take it now, because of my bowel problem. What do you think of our new recruitment strategy? Let me finish these hand-eye coordination exercises that Occupational Health recommended. I'm testing new products in a virtual environment. The lava fiend should start using our photocopier any moment now. Unless you leave me alone, members of my kingdom will hunt you down and kill you. (I expect other people can think of better ones.)
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    Out of all of the topics in this thread, this one grips me the most. RedBaron I've -loved- your posts. The charming and lovely personality, the patient and friendly way you interact with us in the forums, it all really oozes through in your posts and as I've seen it mentioned in some other thread, seeing that there is a new Wurm update has been a little bit like Christmas. Not only because of the Wurm news itself but also because of the lovely vibe I get into after reading. I know this sounds exaggerated and dramatic, but really - the way you write just has that something that cheers me up after a long hard day at work. When logging into Wurm and seeing the banner, the first thing I do is click it to get a little cheerful pick-me-up before logging all the way through into the game. I for one will miss you a lot! Please know that you gave a lot of value to the players of Wurm and the very best of luck to your next challenges!
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    can players be able to loot corpses with enemies nearby to pls
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    Thanks for listening, Rolf. I'm probably in the minority here, but a map reset is exactly what we need to get started on improving Epic. The map is currently trashed and you can't walk 50 tiles without running into a huge pillar or hole in the ground. There is no room for other kingdoms to grow. If I wanted to make a PMK, i would have no options to build one, there is little to no land to plant one. I think if you have an Indy sized map and consolidated most of the pvp events towards the center (have rivers and canals throughout the map) and pvp won't be scarce.
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    We can look into reducing local a lot just so you can count those people you see at least. Ingame map is for Valrei. A lot of people want a larger map with starter islands away from the center. I think it makes sense. The home servers only exist because we have had trouble with map sizes and protection. The idea is to consolidate players in the Epic cluster which means directing people towards one server only but we will not discuss wiping home servers. If we don't do Elevation F2P there's no reason to make it bigger with start cities along the rim. We can look at some sort of Premium only zone in the middle but it sounds weird and exploitable. Could probably prevent spawning and tent dropping inside it though.
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    Now might be a good time to monetize the situation and make the cash store people have been asking for. Cosmetics, convenience items, non pay-to-win goodies, etc. We need a Wurm Store, so crap like this never happens again. I can't even tell you how shocking and gutpunching it is to have Johan leaving. His updates were absolutely the only thing that brought me back to Wurm after I'd written the game off as a 'dead cat bounce'. To Rolf: Time to be honest, son. What kind of capitol do you need to make the numbers where they should be again? Let us know, and the community will make it happen. Give us something to buy in a Wurm Store so that various people with various interests can all contribute.
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    Please uncripple priests as asked in this thread: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/117739-please-remove-the-characteristic-nerf-on-priests/ And good bye Johann. Your news and the engagement for better communication between team and players was great. I hope you will find another project you can contribute to right away.
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    Working hard has nothing to do with ascending, that's the problem
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    I've always thought these discussions were worthless unless Rolf would pipe in from time to time so people knew he was reading and would steer the discussion in a direction he was interested in.
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    Ebonaura is a small Black Light kingdom in northwest Chaos. It was founded in May 2014 and its capital is Umbra. The kingdom is a democracy and the current elected Chief is Maurizio. Ebonaura is a friendly community, which values its members. Whether you want to fight our enemies or help the kingdom in other ways, there will be a place for you. If you would like to join, go to http://ebonaura.guildlaunch.com/ and click Apply to join Ebonaura. Initially you will join a Freedom village near Umbra before being accepted into Ebonaura. You must be willing to use voice communications (such as Mumble) on occasion, especially during combat. For more information, PM Maurizio in game or MaurizioAM on the forums.
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    Apparently I'm so ninja I didn't even know I took a cart...
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    Red Baron... Hearing you leave is really, really sad news. You have been the face of Wurm for many of us for quite some time. What made you particularly successful was your constantly positive attitude, your enthusiasm for the game that shone through all your posts, and your sense of humour that had many of us laughing out loud at our computers many times. Whenever we saw you in a picture or a video, you were always smiling. You will be missed and I hope you at least stay as a player and remain part of the community. I hope your projects continue. Speaking of projects, what will become now of the sound you were upgrading for the game? I really like what I have seen so far!
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    Good luck Johan! I have had a lot of fun working with you on various background issues and projects. When you were added to the team It was a good feeling and we were able to bring a lot of things together. This is sad news, but onwards and upwards as some pencil drawing once said.
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    maybe elevation consists of four major islands?
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    No f2p alts on elevation. I don't see how it serves a constructive purpose.
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    What are you hoping for by making elevation f2p rolf? Help us understand.
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    When I first started reading the forums, one the things that stuck out to me, was the weekly news. For a while, I didn't realize that it was you, Johan, which really made it until I saw news written by others and didn't get nearly as pumped or excited for new changes. I will definitely miss your hilarious posts, and the great benefit you've been to the community. As much as I'd rather just click off and go sulk somewhere. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and thank you warmly for all that you've been put through by us crazy Wurmians! The Wurm news definitely won't be the same without you! Farewell Johan!
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    There are valid arguments that two gods give double the amount of missions. Fo is the elder Deity between him and Vynora so Vyn missions would be handled by him, that is Vynora players would help Fo instead.
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    Johan, As you leave to peruse other avenues in your life, you will certainly be leaving a big hole in the Wurm community. It will be hard to accept that you're leaving from the CodeAB team, but hopefully not from Wurm Online and the Wurm Online community altogether. There will be no replacing someone like yourself. I don't feel anyone else will be able to quite continue on with the same quality, creativity, and humor that you brought to us through your weekly newsletters. There was certainly a special touch you added to each one, that made them such a pleasure to read, and something I greatly looked forward to each week. I can already tell I'm certainly not alone when I say this, you will be greatly missed, however I wish you the very best with whatever life brings your way. Hopefully this is only just a farewell, and not goodbye.
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    so let me get this straight someone somewhere has money issues thus the logical order of things is to get rid of the 1 person who actually responds to the community? even ea wasnt as bad as that when it came to dying communities and cutting of staff >.> itl be sad to see you go as you brought something to codeclub that was missing communication even if it was just news updates and a few other things but without a public face i guess codeclub will just go back to being a company who offers no listening ear to the community :/
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    Actually my first response to Johan leaving was along the lines of... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Followed by a bunch of vulgarity. Which... wouldn't have been very nice to post. So I revised it. It kind of redefines 'suck', imo. If you get rid of the glue that holds the whole thing together, then what good is that? *Maybe you should can whomever thought Challenge was a good idea. Even if that's Rolf.*
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    Fair well and good luck Redbaron_Johan, it feels like Wurm was just turned off reading your leaving..............speechless = (
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    You've been one of the best new 'features' added to Wurm in the last 2 years Wish you and your family the best, im sure you will grow and enjoy a successful 2015 Warm Regards, Atlas
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    I'd watch the hobbit-like citizens as they carry two fully grown pine trees on their back, pound glowing hot metal into the shape of a sharp-edged sword with their bare hands, but refuse to eat their dinner until it is cooled down to room temperature.
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    Get rid of challenge. Focus on epic and chaos.
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    They shouldn't be allowed in that center portion at all. Ever...
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    Such sad news to hear of Johan's leaving. Thank you for all you've done for Wurm... you've gone a long way in improving communication with the players. Sure hope this isn't a laid off situation, especially after the recent office change. That just wouldn't seem right. I hope they realize the public face of Wurm is just as important, if not more so in some ways, as the development backend.