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    Hi,here are my last 5 days of work,305 charcoal piles!!! random ql ,i'm sure many of you did it or more.. but i think its hard work and worth showing..so there it is:D >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhiXXpHvGuc
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    Here's how I imagined 305 piles would look:
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    This just in: Atmospheric CO2 levels on Celebration rise 61%, forecast is for drastic temperature changes.
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    mrgary triggered my mind Fix the lockpicking "fix" that doesn't work. Mag and lib should be able to put on minedoors and shaker orb Fo should be able to dredge Lib should be able to catapult. LOF should apply to kingdom, not to village/alliance Mag should be able to bash
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    When decorating a road tunnel entrance gets out of hand:
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    Me and my partner in crime.
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    Please give deed owners the right to destroy Colossus on their deeds.. As I understand it, only the ORIGINATOR can destroy one..doesn't help much when they leave the game, their property gets a new owner, who's now stuck with it.
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    Removing single doors entirely seems a better step, or making them aesthetic only and still functional as a double door.
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    Ah ok.. I always though that was you and your gf lol!
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    Creepy German Watching Some Old Guy 3004#
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    Join me on another ride across Xanadu, Wurm Online's largest server. Sit, relax and list to some tunes as we traverse this wintery beauty. >http://youtu.be/T5JhQlFGSNw Wurm Online Playlist
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    Made with dry grass. Bound with wires or maybe even just string. Skills under husbandry maybe as we don't really have ranching per se. Downs Heavier than a pile of grass Bulkier than combined grass so as many won't fit in a raft Works if planted but not if dropped (inconvenience timer because grass is easy to drop in a pile) Ups Other than an addition to the environment/immersion of the game, grass does the same thing so there probably aren't any Discussion welcome as always but please give a reason for a -1 so I can modify the suggestion.
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    so you are doing this because you dont like it.nevermind that having birch trees near the spawn its much better for new players than having bushes everywhere
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    I do agree, a public system of evaluation moderators would be benificial. Then again, I see a semi major revision of our entire system as a nessessity, starting with our ability to speak openly about any grievance with moderation staff. This blanket muffling of the public opinion when contrary to the staff's decree is exactly the type of thing we're supposed to be against in this day and age. This as well. The point is not (always) to target the moderators themselves, but decision and policy to enact change. Wurmians have a tendency to flip rabid at the drop of a pin, which needs to be taken in to account when speaking about anything here.
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    A snapshot of today's events in the west. Respect to Trance, poor guy didn't stand a chance.
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    Spider? Hello? Your grammar is improving
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    Hello, So this might have been here already by someone else but I thought that it would be so nice and cool to have a milky way kind of galaxy view on the night sky. The night sky isn't alot of entertainment anyway as it's many layers of colors and few white spots. I guess that not many needs this feature but I like to look at wurm nature, and I don't know would it be such a big loss to put one .png photo on the atmosphere .
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    Currently to remove a reinforced floor you simply have to mine it once, with a speed pick this can take under 3 seconds leaving little time to react if its on a key-bind such as space bar. Please make a different command to remove one, like 'remove reinforcement' for example. I also think the timer to remove them should be a set 30 seconds or similar, not based on pick and mining skill. Cheers.
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    Having trees around for new players who, until older players deeded the areas surrounding the spawn point and planted hedges to cut off the open mines near GD, generally didn't range far for their first deed, is much more important the area meeting someone's standard for a good view. How about planting other types of log producing trees if birches offend you so much?
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    Given the recent explanation given by Enki on the "Name and Blame" non-policy, and considering the spirit of the season, I feel its my duty to bring Silvirwolfe's name into the discussion regarding thievery, griefing, and killing. Thievery : Though I have to admit this began a dozen years ago(just a few before Wurm), Silvir has been consistently stealing bit by bit more of my heart on a daily basis. Just when I think she's got it all, wham, she sneaks in and snitches yet another piece of it. I'm sure there will be the usual calls of "deed it or lose it" and such, but I just had to put the warning out there. Griefing : It's difficult to put to words the grief caused each time I have to leave for work(or errands, or any other reason) without Silvir coming along with me. Killing : It goes without discussion how much it kills me when I fail to get the opportunity to talk to Silvir while on my commute home from work. As well as the pain and torture of being away from her. I felt that I needed to let the Wurm community know of Silvir's transgressions, and I also offer myself as martyr to endure such transgressions as long as Silvir chooses to log into my world. I would hate for someone else to have to suffer through such treatment. Uisge Beatha
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    Not to mention be nice to be able to see all the player made Islands that now are homes but don't show up on any maps at all.
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    The view from a little project I've been working on - I love logging in here and seeing this as I step outside of the house:
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    I want to personally thank you for your part in pushing along Global Warming in Wurm.. We will now have summer time temps in winter and wide spread drought! All kidding aside- impressive
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    As more priests get to 90+ channeling, we have two options: -Have the market saturated with 100 casts. People QQ -Nerf channeling to avoid market saturation. People QQ This is a no-win situation, undoing the nerf wouldnt be any better than keeping it.
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    Emoo hard at work digging. Unfortunately the large cart waiting to be filled had to wait a while. Fortunately there was a villager's house nearby for the cart crew to relax at while waiting. Bump.
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    Spiders and a red dragon. Red moon. Xanadu rainbow. Xanadu rainbow agian. Charon's Crossing.
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    bump i have some unfinished business with horton
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    Where the fog came from in the past 24 hours!! Well done
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    -1. Lib priests are already ridiculously over powered. They have the best damage spells in the game, they have a AOE heal which damage also. They cab zombie individual corpses and multiple. They can do a coc/woa combo and a weapon enchant. They can locate soul and no locate. They can disintegrate. They have one of the best (if not the best) pillar spell which add POISON wounds. Lib priests can also do TWO resource gathering skill where as WL priests can only do one. Lib priests also have the advantage that they are all the same faith as well, meaning all their priests can al link. If we keep adding more and more things to Lib priests whats even the point of being WL?
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    I came in here wondering who could possibly have a problem with Silvirwolfe. +1 very cute and funny read.
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    What he fails to remember..... I deeded his heart and soul long ago. I hold the settlement form and all writs. I will take what pieces of heart I want, whenever I wish and tuck them away into my special magic chest so they never decay! Silly Uisge, isn't hard to see why I love you so.
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    I'd just like to be able to sit down in a chair sometimes. I feel like a horse.
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    Brown Female Adolescent fat Hardula. Brown Female Adolescent fat Haltsilver Brown Male Mature fat Rainhalt Brown Male Adolescent fat Xoosio will take these off your hands - location to pick them up?
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    That is, honestly, no business of anyone but the senior staff.
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    Meh having stuff from Challenge on Epic and Freedom is one of the things that lends value to participating on Challenge, especially since that map all goes poof afterwards.
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    [16:34:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
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    To be honest and regardless of the % chance, the mechanics of this seriously need to be looked at and reviewed. Epic opened 3 plus years ago and one of it's selling features was player made gods, a year in and the "key to the heavens" dropped and was used. That was 2 years ago or so, since then Fo has won dozens of times and nada. I recall Blayze doing some calculations based on the average length of scenario's, Fo winning, and then rolling the dice on a 5%? chance or so to trigger it, it's crazy. The % should increase over time or something or I dunno maybe just finally let players access to game content and features. It's time.
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    +1 I take off my armor and drag it myself and it moves faster than with horses, as long as its on pavement.
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    I want to sell 1G for 100 euros via paypal
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    that's me pulling off my Reb Brown "Yor hunter from the future face" And a few years ago but a lovely picture of Scotti-land. Enojy forum stalkers!
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    I have 3 in my area and still run out of room while working on large projects! I dedicated 1 specifically to weapons as they take the most room. + Weapon Racks to the side of the Weapon Forge! But chances are I'll need a 4th or even fifth! So huge +1 on my end =)
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    I liked the suggestion to pray at a Vyn altar within 24 hours to receive the bonus from the cast.
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    That list doesnt read like honorable. That reads like "how to take stuff without getting in trouble". Where is stuff like "try to find item signatures/boat/cart ownerships and attempt to contact the owner" or "see if people can tell you if a place is abandoned". I aint saying taking stuff is against the rules, deeditorloseit, but honorable is something else, heck im a for people cleaning abandoned areas up, long as tge area is actually abandoned. If you get kosed obviously people didnt like what you did. If you feel like you shouldnt associate with people who do exactly what you do that means something isnt kosher. Empty a cart of its contents but not take the cart? Why not, its all about reusing right? Or is it because you don't want to have the trace of a cart with ownership? If a deed is decaying... to what state? Some damaged fences? A whole chunk of house gone? A few crop fields rotten? Ive seen stuff like this happen plenty to people when theyre on another server and not able to check their land daily, but far from quit the game... Also what context is there to be to "take a lowely rowboat from a guy who has multiple merchant ships"...
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    Such a pity you threw with ad hominem, the post had a lot of potential, with the positive effects of those road indicators and such. To think someone would end up calling Brash, of all people, a troll. "designed to inflict pain and hurt on the people who volunteer their time to help make wurm safer." I guess you weren't around when she made newbie shelters and volunteered her time to help make Wurm a more newbie-friendly place. Even with the negative tone in her first post, calling someone a troll and poison solely based on 1 thread made by said person, seems a bit...quaint. As HAL would say: I'm sorry Varke, I'm afraid I can't like this post. I think you know what the problem is, just as well as I do.