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    I wish every single one of you people a happy new year and wealthy wurm times!
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    From the highest mountain (one of several) at the center of Xanadu...
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    ... But still I had to use my grand rod! >http://youtu.be/mowCHxLGApk
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    get invincible status, wont be able to move character, upon log in, get box asking which of the 3 freedom starter deeds to teleport to.
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    A bit of a long winded biography, followed by a little bit of relevance... I started playing Wurm in March 2013, and have more hours played than I'd care to admit. Deliverance was my first, and probably only home server. The game was quite frustrating to learn, as anyone who's played long enough knows. I was determined to do it alone, and nearly quit because of it. I settled north of Rainbow Bridge back when it was all The Weald land, solely because it was easy to remember how to get back to when I died. Luckily I had neighbors who were helpful, and even more surprisingly having played the game for awhile now, they didn't try to get me out of an area so close to them. Praxius and Spyte, my neighbors, kept a free food barrel for the public, which made building up my simple hillside shack much less painful. I premmed after about a week of playing, I went from nearly quitting to being very hooked on the game. Looking back I think I made the right choice going off on my own, it was challenging but very rewarding. My first few months were spent terraforming and building, I wish I had screenshots in retrospect, I didn't expect to change the landscape so much. I joined a small alliance and became familiar with more of the neighbors, slowly expanding my knowledge of the land around me. Most of us in our alliance were fairly new and unskilled, it provided great motivation to do skill grinding. We'd compete, but we'd also be able to help eachother where we fell short. There were many minor projects along the way, which seemed monolithic at the time. Things like expanding mines or building a corbita seemed to take ages, but it was fun, a grand goal to reach. My alliance was changing, growing then dying, but I started to be more vocal in the community, daring to use kchat and expanding my group of friends. As my skills grew, I met more "powerful" players, at least as these things can be measured on a PvE server. I left my old alliance for a new one, acting mostly as a minion for the higher ups. I grew to be more of an equal, the need to grind my skills drove me on. At this point my skills were respectable, as well as my deeds. Becoming a more involved player also brought some unexpected drama along with it. I've been involved in, or have seen more feuds than I thought could ever exist in a PvE environment, but I learned it kind of comes with the territory with sandbox games. The grudges players held since before I was playing were a bit fascinating if I'm honest, I know things are supposed to be live and let live, but there was an element of excitement to it. When the uniques respawned, Odynn and I decided to run hunting parties together, determined to outdo the few competing groups there were at the time. As Xanadu opened and players left in droves, most of our competition was gone, defeated by us or their own drama, mostly involving dragons and Zalifear. I was given control of my alliance at this time, probably due to its small size. With the server population diminished, the uniques rarely respawning, and my skills or the skills of friends were high enough to have anything I needed, I became a bit bored. I went to Chaos for a couple of weeks to see how I'd like it. I didn't actually get to partake in any PvP and became bored, although there was a bit more drama and excitement there that I'd been missing back on Deli. I was a bit directionless with what I wanted in the game, I had no goals, so I decided to return home. Finally, my point... When I got back from Chaos I had a realization that what I love about the game more than anything, is the people. But friends alone aren't a strong enough reason to play the game for me, so I decided I needed more goals, more projects. All of those things I've done up until this point, my fellow players were the catalyst for it. Building a deed was as much to impress others as to meet my needs, skill grinding to compete with, or help others, helping a friend build a corbita, even the drama that I hate to love. These days I don't spend much time skill grinding, I focus myself on community projects. From roadworks, to canals, to clearing that damned birch forest near Green Dog, I find myself much more motivated to play when I'm focused on doing things that will hopefully help reconnect and repopulate Deli. This game has a lot of potential for fun, but there needs to be players there to really enjoy it.
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    The difference between the wall types here would be that this wall you would be able to walk along the top of the wall. Think great wall of china for deed borders . Mats would require 3x the amount as tall stone plus maybe mortar ?
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    With the always lowering number of people on epic, something must be done to bring people back to our cluster. Many have seen how a new server attracts many players, so that is what i'm suggesting. Currently, there are 4 different servers on the Epic cluster. My suggestion is to fully wipe all 4 servers, then instead of 4, put in their place, just 1. Have 1 large server with 4 continents on it, they would still be arranged like they are now, with a middle continent and 3 surrounding ones for each original kingdom. The middle continent would be 12x12 and each outer laying continent would be 2x2. Reasons for this: Currently, the Elevation server is so small that within a matter of minutes, you can be anywhere on the server, this results in PvP ending up almost always with each side gathering massive reinforcements, which reduces the number of smaller fights. Most the maps have been devastated by Valrei events, making several areas unusable. Home servers have always been an issue with epic. Epic was supposed to be a PvP server, but we still have many players who live on home servers just for the curve and increased skill gain, by making them 2x2, it will reduce any room carebears have to live, and force most people to play on the large server. This will immediately increase the number of players on server that you can fight against. Finally, with said new server, change Valrei so it does not make trenches, pillars, craters, etc all over the server, as it only screws the server. Maybe fixing the wand of the seas so ti actually makes an island instead of a big ass hole in the ground So to recap, one server with 4 islands, main one is 12x12 and three around it like the old home servers, but each would be only 2x2. I belive with a new server with a lot of land to explore would bring more people to Epic, and possibly bring back old players Any other ideas would be good to hear about something like this. Note i'm only suggesting a server reset, not a skill reset.
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    Changes to mechanics need to be listed, I can get keeping " changed code XYZ to enable us to sniff out local hackers" but changes like " weapon X miss rate increased" and "hellhounds made stronger" need to be listed. I haven't seen much in the way of patch notes lately, prior to anything regarding challenge. Not only would it make Rolf and code club actually look professional, but it would help put rumors about X being changed to rest if what was changed would be listed.
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    Having a really slow day today so figured I would put up a post mainly on what I have seen and how I play. No reason to read past this point unless you too are having a slow day. I have been around for a while now. Well not true in a way. I come and go. I was first brought to the game by a friend who was looking for some one to play with. He actually brought about 10 of us into the game. With in three months every one had left. This would includ my self. At the time I was leading a faction of players on another game and that was were my attention was. This game was more of a distraction as the ability to create appealed to me. I didn't have a sub but during my first few months I figured I would create a highway. I wasn't subbed so I know, a lot of missed skill gain. I learned many things from creating that highway, for example. That people will run to the very end of the road and then put a deed up, which requires you to reroute the plan you had. Also, what used to be an area that had no population, becomes quickly populated as people don't wounder to far from the roads. Once public right of ways are put into place. You are screaming "come come, move here, move here". I have ever since been slowly upgrading this highway, leveling, three lanes wide. Making it look professionally done. I can't remove it, but I sure as can make it look nice. Also only being able to work on a section after people leave the area. Now into the main reason of this thread. Deli population. You see I started playing years ago but I leave for about 6 months then come back for about two months. That seems to be my set pattern. I can only do the same action so many times before it feels like I am not actuly getting any where and move onto another game. As to my point, last time I was here, was during the may months. Xanadu was just around the corner and many of my friends were talking about checking it out. At the time, I had set up a second deed, close to the shore but not on it. I couldn't find any suitable area to actually invest the time in or that would be convenient for access from both sea and land. Just about the entire shore line had a token up. And the areas that didn't was difficult terrain and sandwiched between tokens already. The place was about 50 tiles from the ocean and had already had some one work on it before. Something easy to maintain (turned into big project <.<). I left the game and just came back in December. I found that where I was parking my boat, at a dock at the end of the highway was actually recently deeded and I had to get a GM to get my boat back because the guy bought the place, filled in the area and then fenced it off. I am so glad that people can't destroy a boat if it is on their deed. Now sea access is now much harder to do with my second deed but I will be keeping it any ways. So when I was traveling between xanadu and Deli, a friend asked me to check out his new digs on the east coast of Deli. I didn't really have the time as I was ready to go to sleep, but did it any ways. What I noticed is that many deeds along the coasts have now dried up. I claimed a spot that some one had put many months into terraforming. Even in-land, many of the deeds along the highway from my lake deed to my southern sea deed have dried up. A lot of the protection along that highway has also vanished. The area I have most difficulty with is right there by Shark Lake. You get stuck in this bowl and can't escape the hell hounds, trolls, and wolves that accumulate in that area. A new deed has gone up there but for now there isn't any protection along that highway. I may end up putting another guard tower up along the road but that is time I am not yet ready to sink into that project. Many of the people who were in my alliance have moved to Xanadu. I even plan on leaving that alliance to join one that is much closer to the home deed. What I have noticed though is that Deli used to have 150+ people on regularly to just about 30 now. I like having my pick of nice real-estate. But I kinda miss having people to talk with or get something that I am not skilled in. I have no plans, nor intentions of leaving Deli. Only way I'm going is when Rolf gives the news that because the server is such a low pop server he is pulling the plug on it and I need to move.
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    Is your mine full of holes? Are unexpected drop shafts getting you down? Does your cave put the 'pit' in 'pit of despair'? Fear not, for help is at hand: Thingy's Travelling Mine Repair service is now available! Allow our crack team of bunnies to collapse unwanted tunnels while you sit back and relax. We'll come to you anywhere on Release! Easy-peasy collapse-o-squeezy service: 1 - 3 tiles - 1s per tile (free 4th collapse if you buy 3) 4 or more tiles - 75c per tile You provide sacrificial items for favour (door locks preferred, but happy to sacrifice whatever): flat 25c per tile, minimum 2 tiles charge (50c) All prices include a Mag altar (or altar blessing) if necessary. Rates can be negotiated for larger jobs, and we might accept payment in other forms (gems, certain high QL bulks, etc), depending on our needs - send me a message if you'd like a chat. You can contact the foreman in game (Thingy) or the Feral Dustbunnies Head Slave Driver via PM here or in game (Pandalet). Thingy's Travelling Mine Repair - your mines may collapse, but we won't!
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    Ughhhh is radni back.....
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    ++1 as a crazy sprout picking fo(ol), i'd love the chance to run along on muh horse n grab sprouts. one time i was out in the woods picking sprouts n thought i'll just leave my cart over here n pick a few..10 sprouts later n deeper into the woods..i could not longer find my cart hehehe..was a bit of fun panic as the troll showed up
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    Its OP, OP enough that i dropped hate to get it. So ye, OP. Did i say its OP already?
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    http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Analyse Please make mention of the fact that in order to see directions referenced when you analyse, you must have a compass in your inventory. Text seen without a compass: [10:15:05] You start to analyse the shard. [10:15:05] Lots of different sized rock shards. [10:15:08] You do not notice any unusual traces. [10:15:08] You take a closer look. [10:15:12] You see a slight trace of acceptable quality zinc ore. [10:15:12] You study it a bit more. [10:15:14] You cannot see any unusual faint traces of anything. [10:15:14] You study it real hard. [10:15:17] You spot a minuscule trace of iron ore. [10:15:17] You spot a minuscule trace of zinc ore. [10:15:17] You finish analysing the shard. Text seen with a compass: [10:15:26] You get a compass. [10:15:31] You start to analyse the shard. [10:15:31] Lots of different sized rock shards. [10:15:34] You cannot see any unusual traces of anything. [10:15:34] You take a closer look. [10:15:37] You see a slight trace of acceptable quality zinc ore (west). [10:15:37] You study it a bit more. [10:15:41] You cannot see any unusual faint traces of anything. [10:15:41] You study it real hard. [10:15:43] You see a minuscule trace of zinc ore (south of east). [10:15:43] You notice a minuscule trace of iron ore (north of west). [10:15:43] You finish analysing the shard.
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    As it starts to roll around our planet....Happy 2015 to all.
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    The Militia Leader and the Nogump Given here be an account of the events day of the Ant in week 2 of the starfall of the Digging in the year of 1022. “Yo new guy, go get the militia captain!†The other men seemed to be laughing and several were exchanging bets. I looked doubtfully down the lane. The long road that went past a rather ragged set of archery targets was dubious at best and had a rather grisly deco going for it. The severed heads were staked on pikes, and accompanied by signs. Most said “Don’t touch the grape bushes.†Or they warned: “This is what happens when you steal grapes.†This particular sign had a severed hand dangling by a rusty chain. I gulped and looked past the signs to endless fields of plump, juicy looking grapes that seemed to be slowly swallowing the capital, fighting the local forest and town gardens for every inch of land. Very few of the citizens living there seemed to be in a hurry to try to fight the infestation though. Looking back at my comrades they shook their heads violently and pointed down towards the ramshackle and run down looking house at the end of the road. It had a faded wooden sign on it declaring it to be “Paw’s Brew: Est. 1012â€. From inside I could smell the vapors of cooking maple syrup and the lyrics of a baudy bar song being sung loudly and horribly out of tune. “Magranon’s beard and Libilia’s tears!†“The best beer leaves no fear!†“Cried the sol-dier! One round more and evermore!†Walking carefully up, picking my way with the greatest delicacy through overhanging grape bushes I rapped on the door. The response was a flung open door, and I tripped over my feet and sprawled over backwards as a foul smell of ground grapes and sticky, burnt maple syrup wafted out. A hulk of a man with a scraggly brown beard peered down at me brandishing a bucket. I looked up at him. He scowled daggers at me. “Can’t ya see I’m brewin boy!†Then he looked at my gear and then down the lane at the rest of the militia. “Ah, yea I supposed I did say to stop by today. Guess it be huntin day. Gotta keep the local woods clean of the drake spirits and such.†The door slammed back shut and I heard an almighty clatter of pots, pans, assorted bangs and splashes. At one point a disgruntled chicken flew from out of one of the upper story windows. The sounds of a doused fire, was shortly followed by the door being flung open again and the scraggly bearded man was leading a just as disheveled pony outside. The pony blinked a few times and looked around as if it wasn't used to being outdoors, or anywhere but its accustomed stable for that matter. The rider promptly mounted up and clanked in his ill-fitting and battered looking plate armor. “Well?!†Came the hollow voice from inside the helmet. I pointed at the rest of the Militia and he nudged his pony forward, it seemed to take the command as more a suggestion then an order and trotted meekly forward towards the rest. Running along behind him to keep up my own horse was waiting for me being held by militia members that were now laughing and exchanging coppers, winnings as it appeared. “This is our leader?†I asked one of the riders as we slowly trotted as a small, rag tag group out of the encircling fences and towers of the capital city. My partner just shrugged and we followed in silence until we got to the edge of the great forest surrounding the capital, and our leader called a halt. We listened to the distant sounds of battle deep in the forest. Somewhere a Gorilla was dying. This was quite typical. The constant invasion of fell creatures from the moon of the gods was a bane on the land. Typically though you stayed out of the way of what it spawned. Today however it seemed we wouldn't be running from the sound but going to investigate. Cricking his neck the leader slung a shield from his back and pulled a glowing sword out of his tattered scabbard and charged forward. The rest of us haphazardly tagged along with a total lack of enthusiasm as well as a great appreciation for our own hides and common sense. If he wanted to die first, I supposed it could do no harm to let him lead us. It wasn’t an eagle spirit attacking the Gorillia, by the holy three it was a Nogump! All of us skidded to a halt abruptly as the warrior charged forward and was promptly lifted in the air, horse and all and tossed down a nearby hill in a clatter of flying armor and curses. It was like watching a group of cave bugs scatter before the cleaners, as the huge monster pounded forward and swatted his ham fists and giant club at another militia member squashing him flat in a single blow. I was flung from my horse and thrown to the ground as my horse panicked and bucked me free. The huge creature loomed over me and prepared to strike. I rolled to the side and tried to craw away when a nearby tower guard that had been alerted to the violence pushed me aside and took the blow on his shield. Tower guards, being magical spawn of the land weren't known for being very bright. I however had the good sense to take off running. I was brought up short by a massive hand grabbing my collar and spinning me around. The leader was standing up, dusting himself off and holding up a small golden statue as he yanked on the ratty ear of something he had found in the ditch the Nogump had flung him. The gaping fangs of a massive mountain troll leered stupidly up at me before the leader gave it a kick in the rear and pointed it at the nogump where it promptly ran forward under some sort of spell. “Git ur butt back in there, we can’t outrun it, we have to kill it!†The leader screamed at me and darted forward, dragging me along. Throwing me to the side he pulled up his shield and started hacking away at the massive creature along with tower guard and troll. It didn't take long for the creature to smash the guard flat. The mountain troll lasted a bit longer. Not by much though. Finally with a scream of rage, and blood foaming from both its deformed mouths, it rounded on the leader just as he shoved his sword through its throat. Thrashing deep in its death throes about with the weapon sprouting from its neck the leader was thrown neatly into a nearby tree. I just stood there, frozen in shock as it slowly rounded on me, its eyed glazed over then it promptly fell over backwards with an earth shattering thud. Poking it with my trembling sword I surmised it was quite dead. With a shower of branches and a crunch of battered plate armor our leader fell out of the tree, and then shakily stumbled onto his feet. Blinking a bit cross-eyed at me he shook his head and almost tripped over the body of his short lived pet troll as he reached down and yanked the sword from the creature’s neck. With a grimace of disgust he pulled out a wad of cotton and wiped off the ichor before he slammed the sword back into its scabbard. Reaching to his belt he pulled up a wineskin and tossed it to me as he walked over and withdrew a short butchering knife. “Gump be good eatin!†He cried in delight as he plucked something shiny from inside it and pocketed the find. “Guess we got something in here to toss to the gods too er?†I was completely bewildered but, uncorking the wineskin I found the beverage within to taste mighty fine on the lips. I could tell my time in the militia was going to be interesting…
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    sword sheaths and guiges and for axes and mauls maybe something like this? i would suggest they would work like 1-slot toolbelts and containers at the same time but just for the weapon or shield it is meant for. the guige would have to be attached to the shield its used for aswell. all items would be leatherworking and possibly golden gemstone-encrusted scabbards for swords made by the jewelry smiths. secondly i want to suggest a one-handed spear weapon that only lets you equip a shield in the left hand, no idea how that would work with the coding just would love to see it if possible
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    +1 We need some detail. Things like "XXXX was tweaked" are almost as bad as no patch notes at all. How was it tweaked? Roughly how much? Using an actual example: "The central spawn rates have been tweaked since it was a bit too much in some cases" What does "central spawn" mean? Is it the resource spawns or mob spawns? It could reasonably have been interpreted to mean either of these because the former was a new feature and likely to be broken, while the latter can interfere with PvP, which is supposed to be frequent in the central area (HotA). To go out on a limb, it also could have been unique respawns, tree respawns, or even a very poor report on player spawns in central areas that could be problematic for whatever reason (we have seen suggestions regarding player respawns before, just a thought). What was tweaked here and by how much? These are the things we are looking for, not "XXXX was fixed" when often the patch notes' definition of "fix" is the players' definition of "break even further". EDIT: See my signature. That little bit of information from Rolf is a step in the right direction and is greatly appreciated.
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    I personally feel like Rolf's decision to add the many unpopulated servers we have today (Cele, etc) took a massive jab at Deli's population. I get that people want new experiences, new land, etc, but I feel like it has only served to split the community up even more so than it has been. Wurm isn't a terribly populated game compared to most, there's very little advertising for it besides frequent threads on unrelated sites like /vg/, Facepunch, and even word of mouth, and it isn't really a game that most people find appealing (With the patience and attention required being what most people find as something that puts them off from the game.) The community here is small enough as it is, the addition of more servers, as I mentioned, only served to split up that close knit community we once had, and it's sad in my case because I've been on Deli since the birth of the server, and to see it slowly die off like this is just, bleh.
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    There is always the possibility that the horse has already celebrated the New Year's Eve and emptied one or two champagne bottles. Last time I did that, I found myself in the exact position after I woke up.
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    The Siege of Kaer Morhen The Siege of Kaer Morhen lasted twenty four days as the invading Black Legion army struggled to secure the area against the army of Mol Rehan who attempted to take the area back. Emperor Daolin going man to man against the Mol Rehan Magranon Champion Garrettwademan in a land infested by Fungus Trap. While on the meanwhile, a scared anonymous Black Legion member was hiding 10 feet under the earth behind a food storage bin refusing to go out and help the Emperor ... Some didn't attend the battle cause they were preparing materials for repairs while underground in the safe mine. While some others were praying to libila to give them strength to win the battle.
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    A new year is approaching and we in Black Legion will meditate on our new years resolution. What a year has it been since the inception of the Kingdom. From August of 2014 till December of 2014, Black Legion has given great battles against it's arch nemesis the Empire of Mol Rehan. We invaded and we got invaded. We grabbed land and we lost land. We raided and we got raided a lot more. We looted and we got looted. We killed and we got killed. It's been an interesting year full of action, drama and adventure. So meditate and think what your goal is for next year ! Image: Maciejkow meditating after a day full of digging. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !
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    Referral - 6.5s x2 Sleep Powder - 1.25s Each x2 Yule Goat - 2s Each
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    Please close this topic.
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    Servicing the Center of the Wurmian Pixelverse - Greymead (Xanadu) and neighboring areas. Jobs priority goes to the locals and Will work for silver, or support beams. 25 beams = 1 silver. For the local community (living within 10 minutes travel time of Greymead), all services will be discounted. - Crafting/imping most anything to 80+. - Enchanting tools/weapons. - Genesis, Courier, Mend, Sunder, Strongwall, etc. - Mine mapping with vein quantities. - Major mining projects, including vein removals (up to 10k shards a day). - Supplying 90+ QL wood/ore. - Construction planning with 97 Carp. - Fine furnishings. - High QL Altars. - Teraform to 297 slope, for those insane jobs. - And many more! I need beams for a large mining project, so prefer those over silver.
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    +1 for sure!!!! Sooo annoying having to dismount pick sprout then re-mount... Especially when you're surrounded by 40-60 Greenish Crocodile's.. The other day I was chased by a Drake Spirit while picking sprouts!
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    can we please keep market place threads free of trolling and flame baiting. cleaning up thread
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    For a second I saw Shrimpiie had the last post and was worried this thread was locked... Happy New Year!
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    I was not there, I haven't got any gift, but I still have to say that what you (and the other santas ) did was amazing - people like you reinforce my faith in humanity. Happy New Year, Evening!
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    Buds. And happy new year.
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    Our options for fencing off house walls aren't very attractive in most cases. I'd love to see actual banisters or railings. Could have many types: Wood, Iron, Copper, Brass, Marble, Stone, Silver, Gold... Also, Rustic and Elegant versions. This would allow our houses to look so much more complete, rather than sticking farm fences or castle tops inside the house to prevent falling off the balcony. Currently, I'm finding chain and rope fences are the least ugly options. Seems to me, now that the mechanics are working for regular fencing, we could get some great Wurm artists to put a few options together Rustic Wood:
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    I have a few of them right next to my deed on Pristine....
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    Would still be nice to get actual clarification. In personal cases people aren't going to notice even the rise by +3% making it 53% protection I don't think.
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    Oh my god is counting in threes that hard? Rare = 3% Supreme = 6% Fantastic = 9%
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    I just want to jump in and say I love the Yule goat. My Wurm Christmas Gifts:
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    Oh you people in your fake timezones, the midnight is in half a hour! jk happy new year
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    2015 - Year of the Bridge. Or so we hope.
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    Offtopic but the OP does bring up log cabin type walls. EDIT: Especially if it goes with palisades.
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    +1 or maybe a leather pouch to wear on your hip instead, OR! A fanny pack, cotton, leather, dye-able, for that rogue-ish look that all Wurmian's must strive for. Examples. No, but seriously, +1.
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    The fake god of Mol Rehan, Magranon, sent his creatures to attack the Black Legion members. But Libila was on our side today. When other blacklighters kneel before the whitelighter's numbers, Black Legion remains the darkness in a world infested by light. Join us !
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    PREVIOUSLY in July 18, 2014, an image of the MR war room (Image below) leaked to the Wurm Furom showed the next step for MR to take more JK land. In 4 months, Mol-rehanians have successfully achieved their objectives set out in the war room! Long live MR! MR War Room Updated Graphical influence map.
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    Or...howabout you actually fix the current servers.... "reset of world and skill" hmm.....i wonder where i saw that before....
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    Tbh I'd rather have a generic table or bench that I can place items and tools on. Though that may not happen any time soon. Overall even if it's just an aesthetics change without some bonus or shortcut like toolbelts, I'd be for it.