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    Thanks for making challenge server! I'm having a blast! I know everyone's too busy in game to post on forums but its awesome. The skillgain is fair and the fast pace means alot of action already. As a leader of many villages over the last 7 years. This is the first time I've been able to retain more than 50% of the villages initial day 1 population after 4 days. which is awesome! Great job Rolf, redbaron, and the rest of the team!
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    I found out challenge is not for me. With the skillgain so fast, you might as well take out skills completely, everyone has identical skills, and it feels exactly like runescape pvp. It's not what I like about wurm.
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    Two prem toons can no just put deed and deed in and trade who owns what... changing who is mayor and owns whats they have to get a third party to help do this and it takes more then few days
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    Let us extend our creativity. 1 fence should take 1kg dye just as house walls.
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    When bridges are released... how will bridge repairs be handled? How will improvement of ql be handled? Will improving be done tile by tile or will it be via the bridge interface? The same question applies with repairs I believe. I'm as excited as other players, yet I'm a bit leery of building that mega long bridge if I'll have to spend weeks improving and repairing 43323 bridge tiles lol.
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    I'm a huge PvPer and I love the new server. However, I've found myself playing the support role more, initially, and actually loving it. Providing the materials for the other people in the village to fight with seems to be a role people are overlooking. I've been involved in the exact amount of fighting I've wanted, and I've never been more than a few minutes away from getting into trouble. Replacing gear is a cinch and that alleviates the worry of dying, which I have done plenty of so far. My only beef with the server, and something I'm sure will get tweaked, is the circumstances surrounding the resource spawns. Building on them, the high powered items they spawn, and possibly their locations. I would go with some limitations of construction in the vicinity of the depots and scale the strength of the items upward as time progresses through the map. I'd also like to see them spread out a little bit more. We have a map that has about half of it being used right now because everything is so centrally located. This allows for a couple of really large groups of people to monopolize the extremely powerful drop items. I would love nothing better than to see very large groups of players involved in some huge fights, but I'm afraid the lag spikes that are created when many people are in one area makes the fight a confused mess. Still fun, but a total nightmare for coordination.
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    Found wandering the desert at K22. Has been groomed, fed and /emote comforted. PM to claim.
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    next time around they should make it to where you cant build anything within 30 tiles of em imo kinda gay to have people building fences and tower and houses and crap right on top of em
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    Southern Comfort is back in business! We're located at S24 on Xanadu, with boat access to and from the lake, as well as a highway stretching all the way to just east of the Esteron spawn point. Free delivery to our local (Esteron) area! You can contact me here on the forums or in-game as Khalija or Khepri. (Road to Southern Comfort is actually just east of Esteron, in front of the EM Guard Tower) Check out our spreadsheet for our entire stock here: http://goo.gl/83Jpz5 [To view different speeds, click the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.] Esteron Market We also have some stables set up at Esteron Market @ Q/R25, just east of the Esteron spawn with a merchant for 24/7 access of purchasing horses. I'll keep this post updated with what horses are currently in stock at the market for your convenience: Pen 1: Annwild, grey, adol, female, 5speedPen 2: Cloudfantasy, grey, adol, female, 5speedPen 3: Sadadriana, grey, aged, female, 5speedPen 4: Potice, grey, young, male, 5speedPen 5: Sarawest, grey, aged, female, 5speedPen 6: Ulawalking, black, aged, female, 4speedPen 7: Eckercloud, black, aged, male, 4speedPen 8: Lightningeast, black, aged, male, 4speedPen 9: Swiftlady, brown, aged, female, 4speedPen 10: Bennyfast, brown, aged, male, 4speedPen 11: Warriorjolly, brown, aged, male, 4speedPen 12: Walkingsara, white, aged, male, 4speedPen 13: Wildhard, white, aged, male, 4speedPen 14: Bloodrage, white, aged, male, 4speedPen 15: Potsad, gold, aged, female, 4speedPen 16: Gallantkiss, gold, aged, male, 4speedPen 17: Chaserprancer, gold, mature, male, 4speedPen 18: BISON, mature, male, 3speedIf you have any issues with the stalls, please feel free to shoot me a PM here on the forums. And if you could, please place your used keys into either barrel by the stables once you've gotten your horse(s). I also want to plug that we have plenty of space left at the market, so feel free to plop a merchant or two of your own! Thanks and see you in-game.
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    Rocks and a rope should be all a rowboat needs for an anchor. This is how our ancestors did it, this is how we should be able to do it. A rowboat is a starter item and requiring lead, a somewhat difficult to find resource, is asking a bit too much. It should be something readily available to a person who is starting out. So, rowboats should get a rock anchor with a rope and a shard or two.
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    So while I was in Archeage I kept running into cool things I thought would make a world of difference in Wurm. I kept seeing things and then thinking , that would have been cool in Wurm.....so I thought Id throw them out here and maybe if they see other companies using them, maybe they can adapt a Wurmified version. After all the best ideas are stolen, and they have a track record of successes and failures one can look at without it having to be such a gamble. So here we go - this first image is a SS i took early on and it had Wurm written all over it. So we have 3 items here Windmills, Waterwheels and a chat devoted to the Criminal system. Windmills and Waterwheels are purely asthetic in AA however could EASILY be made a central part of the infrastructure in Wurm. I think any self respecting large scale farmer would welcome such additions even if they start out as purely asthetic while mechanics were debated and implemented. Would also be cool to be able to put in irrigation via lead pipes. We need something to do with lead besides make anchors. Adding in water wheels and then let them flush water through fields for extra yield would be a pretty cool addition as far as I am concerned. Add in a windmill for grain grinding or quite frankly all manner of early machinery would also be quite a nice addition. Personally though just getting them in with a nice animation of the veins turningin the wind would be a great start. Now the criminal Justice system - its badly executed in AA but the overall concept of having a criminal justice system is quite interesting and I think a wurmified version would work out quite well and if setup correctly, has the potential to remove a lot of the policing done by GM's. ON to the next pic....which admiditly has nothing to do with the post, (OOps I forgt it does have a little to do with it) i was just surprised to find Johan hanging out in AA giving out quests There he is...all slumped over, depending on his walking cane, beat down by the Wurm forums he has been forced to hand out quests in AA, so sad. So trade packs, its a cool idea in AA -you make these things up and take them to traders in certain areas that depending on where you sell them, you can get gold, or items that are used in crafting. Wurm needs a good trade system, it always has, there needs to be reasons to ship large bulk items to various servers, there needs to be better rationales for growing thousands of farmed goods other than feeding priests. AA does it like so - you grow the stuff to make a trade pack, buy a cert and then craft it. pick the thing up and slowly deliver it to the traderof your choice. The longer the route the more you can sell it for. They also add in a % fluctuation in price depending on how many people are actively trading the particular pack. There are many different types of packs from different areas of the server so if a lot of people are trading cheese for instance, you may be better off trading duck feathers as the price for cheese may be dropping due to oversupply. Now im not saying blanket copy anything, what im saying is that If say we filled a corbita to holds capacity with corn and then ship that supply to say some trader on xanadu and say once we got there the trader might not even offer coin, they may offer bartered goods instead, say you could trade your corn for something that was selling on your server, say Iron ore for instance. The whole idea is to have trade, a large trade network not completely dependent but highly dependent on players. Next suggestion is to allow custom logos Here is one I made in AA and it can be used on my ship sails or my cape or both. Its a simple matter of creating a 256x256 img and placing it in the correct folder, going to a bench and creating a little ink vial then you can apply that to your sails or capes or even house items or clothing you may have. I see no reason why Wurm couldnt do the very same. It was a very popular feature in AA and to everyones surprise its not being abused but very rarely. Rarely ever do you see anything far out of range of what would be expected, mostly its all guild logos or personal logos, some sports pics and such. But the coolest thing is that you can go out in the game world ...take Sceen Shots and then buy frames. You can make your own artwork...to me thats the best thing about it. I had all kinds of SS I took in game as artwork for my house. I think in Wurm one could build a community art gallery and have people donate thier works of art they make, or just make your own to place in your house. Either way it falls into the idea of the players are creating the content.
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    Cele has had more people \o/ and been helping lately a handful of lost newbies
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    To Onyr - some nightshots as you requested
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    This server has more problems, than good. If your not on day 1 then you don't have a chance Since you don't keep your noob gear and not having access to rock tiles to rummage, make continueing to play pointless. Then players fence off the starting spawns and camp out side for easy kills.
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    Tried it for a day, but it feels like a battleground type of game, but without nice fighting implementation. I understand if some people like it, for a while, but I think it will grow old fast. If you remove skilling up, building and decorating your deeds, trading and building roads from a game that is all about those things, what you have left is a very small game. It will appeal to people who like instant gratification, but those people seldom play a game for more than a month...
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    This is the way it has been on epic for a long time. The less preists on challenge the better.
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    I will be honest here, unless I do something reasonable, WA3 will probably not be ready till (next) xmas. I'm simply, usually, too burned out by my job and all the learning associated with it. Rewriting everything is simply too much. So here is what I'm going to do. The new core of WA, that I've been working on so far, will be wired into old app, WA3 will have all the current GUI's and features, which aren't that bad anyway. I will then focus on getting the HUD and skill tracker running, then a few new features that you've asked for in the last couple months. Only then I might consider improving the GUI's of old features. We're still going to have beta and stable version of WA3, and I expect the first beta to be fairly bumpy. The launcher known from WA2 will be gone, I'm going back to the WA1 way of pushing updates (much easier to work with). I can't say for sure, but I'll try to get that beta running by the end of the year, maybe not with everything wired in yet, but it's a start. PS. WA3 will not support Win XP any more.
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    I think the compensated sleep bonus should be given as powder. Just so that people can stop complaining about already having 5hrs after being compensated.
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    -1, another poorly thought out suggestion. If I decided to log out for a year and come back with 365h of SB, that would be severely broken. People would have multiple toons logged out racking up prem, log them in once to 90 skills and back out again.
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    Turns out I was much more thoughtful than I thought, while crafting original server groups code. Challenge and Storm are both added and everything seems to work fine. Granger uses same rules as for Freedom. is already published. Have fun.
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    You know, bridges would be a lot faster to create if Rolf didn't also decide to release broken features and buggy servers on a fairly regular interval. Said by someone with a not-so limited knowledge of programming. He would also receive a lot less criticism if he stopped raising expectations for things he will then neglect to go through with. Said by someone who has seen it happen time and again. What would also help is if he actually took the time needed to test features properly before releasing them. Said by someone who was there when he stated that proper testing takes too long so he'd rather not.
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    Budda, I understand that its complexity is way beyond my comprehension of it. I really do understand, in my exetremely limited knowledge, why a project of its capacity would take so much time. I know the team does what it can in its limited capacity, and really, I don't think you understand how much respect I have for the developers like you and Tich , who work very, very hard around here for next to nothing but some angry people's (admittedly like me sometimes) comments to make them feel unappreciated. Right now, I have nothing but thanks and appreciation for every dev who has worked on the bridge project to help get it out to us. I feel really, really bad for the dev(s) that have been busting their asses to bring them to us, only to fall short... then have to read comments like mine to make them feel worse. My comment isn't intended to make anyone feel bad, but Rolf. I can not understand, nor accept, his decision as boss to focus on brand new game content (that, really, wasn't even requested) when he, himself, is capable of putting his own development abilities into finishing the things that have been requested and, in some form, promised. Basically, to sum it up, I'm mad at Rolf for going and focusing on his little pet project, leaving the rest of the team (as few or many as that may be) to try to get bridges out to the ever-grumbling playerbase. He left those devs "out to dry", while simultaneously confusing/angering his player base. He, alone, continues to disappoint me on a variety of levels.
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    That combat video was embarrassing, 1990 was a good year for those animations, but I think it's time to move ahead. Bridges came and went as predicted. No surprise there anymore. You can kiss up and say it's better to have a finished product than to rush things, But in the end they still put broken content into the game. But it happens six months later. Or never. But let's go ahead and turn Wurm into a high rate server so people will spend money to get another useless title. And ignore the majority of the players that don't play pvp servers, Because we want a pvp game. And yet you never figure out why you lose players? It's about making the game entertaining. Fix the graphics first. That means fully optimized as well. Don't do anything else till that is done. Then add new creatures, Pets, Npc's. Anything else to spice it up that you can think of. Create a real quest system, And delete that poor excuse we have for missions. Turn golden valley back into a training ground for new players, That means quests they have to complete before they can leave the isle. And quests that force you to learn how to survive on your own, So we don't have to tell someone how to light a fire, Because they didn't bother to read the signs in the current tutorial. But also make it so they can be invited to a village on any other server so as to bypass the tutorial if they are an alt. Basically this game runs terrible these days, The only people that can run it well are ones with expensive computers and high end video cards. And the average person isn't going to put that kind of money into their computer to play a game with outdated graphics. I feel like I'm on a ship where the engineers keep the engines running, But nobody is steering the ship. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to terraform and build stuff. But those two things aren't enough to keep people in this game. Bridges won't help either, Even though their nice to have. What's missing are all the things that keep people entertained from one minute to the next. Combat could be fun if i weren't a statue that occasionally moves its arm. Maybe I want pets. Lots of them. Possibly rare creatures i've captured from all over the world. But why would I want them when they lost their colors when the new shaders went online. Most of them are tiny now too. Who thought that one up? And why are we limited to one pet? Nobody uses them for combat. And if it's a pvp problem I really don't care because I'm not on a pvp server. So separate the code for pve and pvp servers, And stop favoring the minority just because you want a pvp game. Maybe I would like to spend an entire day doing quests that cause me to gain different types of xp, And give me a chance to see the world, And enjoy myself. Nope can't do that cause vynora wants 500 iron anvils sacced, And i get less sleep bonus from it than if i left my character in bed that day. terrible, just terrible. So I have to ask, Is anyone steering the ship? Because it sure doesn't look like anyone has a plan for this game.
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! Weekly news, fresh from the press and delivered straight to you all wherever it might find you. How about it, you ready for some more info on our current hot topics? Maybe even another rehashed post about bridges? I hope so because it is time to Share some News! More rehashed things about bridges! Click image for a Larger Version Yes it's 2017 and we're still working on bridges! But don't you worry, we've almost finished working out what we think may be the last of the collision bugs! But it's okay, because we've something special planned out for the lot of you Wurmians! Introducing... Another PvP Server! We're hard at work putting together the finishing touches on our new PvP server, Another PvP Server! We admit, Epic and Challenge were failed experiments but there's no need to worry, we think we've pieced together the perfect formula for a well-balanced and fun PvP server with many new additions and features, stay tuned! Alright Wurmians that is all for this week. Keep on Wurming!
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    Welcome to the section for the Work in progress graphics!
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    Remove the sleep bonus cap for premium. SB cap causes unfair sleep time rewards and promotes feelings of unfair compensation. 1. Remove the Sleep bonus cap. 2. Consider reducing the standard SB compensation/gift/apology/whatever-you-want-to-call-it allocation. Five hours might be a bit to high if the SB cap was removed. The one game balance issue regards free to play. It doesn't feel right that someone can make a f2p alt and log it out in a bed for 6 months (log in once a month to stop deletion). Then play with sb for weeks if not months. Why do I think this is a good idea? Well there are three indisputable facts that pretty much sum up why. 1. Sleeping in a bed penalizes anyone who happens to sleep in a bed for more then 5 days. First we address player A who doesn't play for 6 days out of the week and sleeps in a bed for the whole time. On Sunday the player puts in about 11 hours play session and sleeps in bed for the remainder of the day. Lets calculate total sleep time: [13 hours(Sunday) + (6 days x 24 hr)] x 60 min is 9420 min; This divided by 24 (24 rl min. sleep = 1 min sb) is 392.5 SB minuets. BUT, the player only gets 300 because 300 min is 5 hours or the cap on SB. Now we have player B who plays every day. Shim also plays a total of about 11 hours a week. If B plays for 69 minuets a day and sleeps for the rest it will be 1371 minuets sleeping. This is about 57 minuets of sleep bonus every day. B is able to use every minuet of sleep bonus and never gets limited by the cap. A and B both play for about 11 hours week and sleep the rest of the time. B get all and A is denied the benefit of an hour and half of sleep bonus time. note...if player A happens to have a strange schedule where say shim can only play for say 1 week out of month the fairness of SB allocation is even worse. 2. Next we have the good old situation where something undesirable happens and Wurm's leader, Rolf, caps out everyone's sleep bonus to 5 hours. There are many different angles we can look at this but I choose to focus on the facts. And that is, players with more SB stored up when Rolf does this are given less. 3. Removing the cap DOES NOT increase how fast people get SB. People with lots of SB would have that because they slept in a bed and saved it up.
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    It sounds like the current method for creating a bridge, may not allow but I hope devs will explore a way a make Fishing Piers and Boat Docks that are very short in length and "barely above water level". If it is possible to make these only 2 tiles wide and 3 tiles long and capable of support, it would also allow perhaps for small "houseboats" on the water This is all "possible" to do now with dirt terraforming, but there are places where "dirt docks" are very difficult and a short wood dock would be more pleasant. This would also make it more possible for rustic little "houseboat communities" in areas where the terrain is too steep for normal building. I think the docks should be "too hard" for free to play yet also something to interest veteran players in creating little "buildable pier newbie communities" that new players are then allowed to put their little cabins on. They could safely build their rowboats indoors then shove them out anytime they wanted to go on a trip (or moor them right outside their "front door" plus easily feed themselves off delicious yummy fish stew.) It would give new players an area to congregate and socialize outside of a normal village, while limiting the plot size for each. If abandoned cottages rot away much faster than high quality piers they are built on, it would mean while there is some normal decay/slum type environment, individuals spots would probably get reused almost immediately without leaving behind all the fences and excessive pavement that blight an area and discourage other new players from reusing that spot. I would have given my eyeteeth when I was brand new, for a 2x3 wood pier slot. (ok maybe not my eyeteeth -- but my compass + backpack + pottery bowl!) and one day .... highly experienced shipbuilders can make small barges capable of supporting a 2x2 singlestory cottage. These have a max speed of 2 khm and will usually be anchored in place.
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    Hm we read every year some more lies seems... i wonder how long players waiting em... in my case 3 years... WE get new server but not mayor update... im realy sad now... and wana share my great wurm xmas feeling with you. cant read more lies like this: We have now set a release date we are aiming for 10th of December! We are releasing Challenge and Bridges at the same time, along with some other things. The plan is to release them both within a month from now!! Get hyped Wurmians! every release will have bugs but someone seems to be greedy and pushing new server out of nowhere to take our money and give nothing to old players. that is not right way. I get hyped this time.
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    [17:04:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thank you
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    all lists updated.... we are 3 days away from event!!!
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    well i have to having trials and having the victim on the jury sounds terrible to me. and custom logos in wurm would end up with dicks everywhere
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    Hi Lotus: Is this event still going to happen? If so I hope preparations are well under way .
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    Actually, what the OP suggests is not a broken or overpowered mechanic. Just look at Eve online, a vastly more successful game. In Eve, your skill gains can happen while you are offline. It was designed that way, to allow the part time player to stay on par with the 24/7 player. I once spent 6 months on Eve, just logging in briefly, 2-3 times a week, to update my skill training paths. THose were 6 months where I had zero time to play the game, but it kept me paying for premium, knowing I would not fall behind everyone else. It was one of the most appreciated and innovative skilling systems I have ever encountered in an MMO and I so wish we had something more like it here. SB certainly helps. Aether, I see your concern there, but don't forget there is a fatigue mechanic here as well, to prevent someone from power skilling nonstop. +1 to the general principle of offering better balance for players that can't play all day, every day, as long as they are prem.
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    Might be, havent had so many set of chain so good chance, ill check them out later on. PM Bid: Sent Yesterday, 09:34 PM i will buy it for a silver and pick up.
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    Time to go public: Almost a month ago, I decided on a whim to make the road to connect East and West Xanadu. Not a highway, but nevertheless the longest stretch of Wurm road ever to be pushed out in a single effort. As you can see on the map below, it covers 6 full Xanadu map tiles (dashed line). We are a group of friends that have been working on this, and the road is now paved half the way (from the West). It leads to absolutely nowhere except good hunting grounds. In this half there are three wells in strategic places. We will keep you posted.
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    It isn't a major issue, but when trying to get an improved cast it can be a major pain. At the moment it is 5 minutes. My suggestion is to either remove the cooldown or lower to 30 seconds-1 minute. The only reason I can see why this cool down exists, is to stop the spam of mailboxes on a server. And as a friend put it... "Convenient mailing, a fate worse than death" This will allow people who sell the service to be able to get the right cast in under an hour, rather than having to stand around at some ones deed for a long time just to get the proper cast.
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    My friend likes to visit garage sales and flea markets to purchase bargain armour...and then mixes the pieces together for an eclectic yet modern look...somehow I doubt this trend will take off in Wurm. And yes, her weapon of choice is indeed a birchwood branch! My best friend Audrel's house. She has an eye for putting things together to create things of beauty. The castle. Finally done.
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    PHOTOSHOOTS AVAILABLE! It has been mentioned to me by someone apparently smarter than myself (I know, it's shocking!) that since Wurm is a first person game (who knew!), many players don't have screenshots of themselves. Alts circumvent this problem, but not everyone has them. Given this new revolutionary information, I realize that not everyone may have screenshots of their characters in full calendar-ready glory. To help, I am now opening my own art studio services! If you are interested in being in the calendar, here is what's on offer: - Send me a quick note and I'll arrange a time to meet with you for your personal photo shoot (or screenshot shoot, as we call it in Wurm). - If you have a location in mind, suggest it. Otherwise, I have some great ideas for both places and frames. - All the photos taken (screenshots) are yours to keep and you can pick the one you want for the calendar. Also... - You are allowed to be difficult, like a professional model, and can throw a fit about the impossible working conditions and the temperature of the drinking water in your waterskin once every half hour. - You are allowed one diva moment and can demand your own trailer wagon, can request a diamond studded club for your tamed champion troll, or have your M&Ms arranged by colour in separate bowls. The equipment I use is of the most professional quality and it includes water-cut-plastic keyboard with a "print screen" button with just the right amount of resistance. I use natural lighting during the day and high ql lanterns at night that offer direct, pastel illumination in several different colours. So, if you always wanted to be a model, this is your time! Send me a message and let the magic begin. That's how Heidi Klum got started!
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    I see many people posting about the "misconceptions" and "thats not how it is" all implying if those people would just try it they will see its just not the way they think it is. Thats such an odd position to take. There simply is no point to pvp other than to fight other players...if you like that kind of thing.... fine...clearly there are many who do not. The "why dont you play pvp" threads always end up coming across like a snake oil salesman or drug dealer peddling thier wares to people who are just simply uninterested. If they dont want to play it, then you have 2 "real" options, accept thier decision and peddle elsewhere or go back and make your wares more attractive to a wider audience. As long as I have been playing WURM...the choice has always been neither of those 2, its always been some form of brute force, like saying..its nothing like what you think, if you will only try it, you will see, and then somehow those people will magically like it.OR...lets put a lot of extra content on the pvp side to get people to try it, surely if they just try it they will see its not like what they think. To take that a bit further and add an example, I dont like pickles. I dont need a reason not to like them, allthough I do have one, I see no need to tell anyone why, I just dont eat them. So lets say one day someone says ok, why dont you like pickles, and they continue to ask and annoy me till I tell them something in hopes they will just simply accept my answer and go away. I tell them "it goes against the natural order of things to soak a perfectly good cucumber in a vat of nasty ass vinegar mixed with, of all things...Dill...and then purposely consume it." They respond with a litany of rebuttles telling me everything from, not all pickles are like that, just eat a little bit at a time, you have an underdeveloped sense of taste, its an aquired taste, they are good for me ect ect ect ect ect. So now I try something else because my initial response made things worse and this person is now more than ever determined to get me to try it when I allready have and have determined that I dont like them. So I respond with a different answer - im allergic to them. SO they now respond with personal attack rebuttles -"your lying- you just want me to stop asking you about it so now your just making stuff up", or," well there are pickles that dont have x ingredient in it so you should be fine", ect ect ect ect...Finally I get tired of this person who simply cannot take a hint or respect my answer and simply ignore them or beat them into unconciousness...whichever would be the most effective at getting them to accept my answer. So exactly how productive was this approach in making me like pickles.........It was a complete fail. Ill never like pickles, and will be a lot more jaded now because it seems that people that like pickles are not exacly respectful to people who dont like pickles. Now...go back up and replace the word pickle with PvP. See what happens. So why dont i like pickles?...there is no reward for consuming one, not for me at least. And in fact, for me, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth of nasty vinegar and dill. I dont like that taste and I dont want it. Thats all the reason i need. Now, does anyone think that by continuing this approach the answers you get will be insightfull or tell tell about possible issues that are preventing me from liking pickles? perhaps, but perhaps not as in the example Ill say anything to get you to stop being annoying about the subject. So any answer I have provided may or may not be helpful, more likely its nothing more than an argumentative point. So if you wanted to get more people eating pickles, how would you do it, by asking everyone why they like or dislike pickles, and the ones that dont, continually harrass them till they give you an answer? one final example If one wants to increase the number of customers in a strip bar....its probably not very productive or in ones best interests to go to churches or AA meetings to advertise. Traditionally one would try to put the advertising to where one hopes to get the greatest return on investment. The point being if someone is not interested, all the threads in the world are not going to change thier minds. Persistence often leads to annoyance in such cases, which always work against you. How about trying to tweak the product, making it more attractive to a larger audience. How about improving it to appeal to more than a very insular ideological view of pvp, How about reworking it so that it is rewarding to a larger playerbase. Never once have I seen this attempted....not once. I have seen the badgering and peddling for years........hows that working out? Looking over at the numbers on the pvp servers...doesnt look like its working very well. Maybe its worth a shot to try something different, something that has had some proven results shown from similar pvp environs in other games, maybe do anything but whats being done now and at least try. As a matter of full disclosure - I play pvp all the time, on many games, Eve, Rift, and a half dozen other games, Archeage being the most recent. I happen to like pvp quite a bit. Just not Wurms version...it tastes bad so there is no reward for me ...therefore...its pointless.
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    A few reasons: - Token draining (giving random internet idiots the ability to steal my shop bought coin while I sleep). - Timesink. I spend too many hours as it is over in PVE. To compete against the turbonerds over there, I'd have to quit my job and devote my life to Wurm. - In the current Wurm era, it seems more of a game of who can forum PVP/get crap nerfed-buffed than it does actually battling against your "enemy" in game. Last, but not really a reason, I find all the GIFs, comments and jokes that more than a handful of the PVP players make via the forums fairly immature. The forum posting habits of some players turn me off from the server because, as everyone knows, you're forced to work with/live with/tolerate people in your kingdom. Sure there are immature idiots over on PVE too, but I don't have to work with them, play with them, or even interact with them if I don't want to.
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    Maybe each appropriate skill can get one mask That way no one has an excuse to NOT be ready for the next big festival masquerade event!