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    This! This is what we want! More interaction with Artisans Bench! Been painting since 5 years old. [iMAGE] I've never stated that I was the official painter of this object. Only making other to assume it was. I apologize for my trolling.
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    goldfarming, xp services, macroing and botting go hand in hand. <3 It's highly amusing when a company want to promote a site catering towards people breaking the ToS for other games, yet expect everyone to follow their own games ToS...
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    Suggest that we setup an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event in the forums (not in IRC) to be held sometime in the next 3 weeks. The thread would be opened by a moderator and would take a list of questions from users for 1-3 days prior to a Dev joining the thread. The thread would be very heavily moderated to ensure no duplicate questions, no wall-of-text questions, and no offensive posts. People would be able to ask questions ranging from game mechanics "does using a rare statuette do anything during enchanting?" to overall creative vision "where do you see Epic evolving to after the release of Challenge?"...or you could ask Rolf if he likes pancakes You ask your questions, inappropriate, accusatory or "why didnt you answer my question" posts all get deleted. The Dev decides which questions to answer Would you like to have a Dev AMA?
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    That site is full of scams and scammers, Rolf. My God, man. They encourage the breaking of TOS agreements with the players of those games listed there. I am not so sure about you but me, personally, I do not want to see gold sellers in chat or in the forums and I don't want to see resource devouring bots all over our servers churning out bulk sales lower than any player will want to match to get our silvers to sell back to us so they can get them again. This feedback is as sincere as it can get. Since it is you who is handing out the FUD, so I guess I will just take my warning. Can I have a gnome with that?
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    Pretty much as the title says really. Now that we have had the wood textures removed for bsb and fsb I was wondering if you could lower the amount of dye needed to paint them so we could still have some variation in what they look like. Right now according to wiki it takes 128kg of dye to paint just one of them which is almost twice the amount needed to paint a cog (65kg). It also means you'd need a fountain pack in order to hold the amount of dye required. A small sailing boat takes 5.4kg to paint and that seems more around the kind of figure I'd expect for a bsb or fsb. I understand having variations in what the bsb and fsb look like is probably not a top priority but reducing the amount of dye needed to paint them would be a simple way of giving us more choice. I always liked to make bsbs in different wood textures so they all just look a bit bland to me now! Thanks for reading Jashton Edit: I have no idea if painted items cause the same graphics issues as the wood textures do but I'm hoping they don't as I haven't seen any recent posts about removing the dyes as well as the textures.
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    How do you know how much I normally spend on online shopping?
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    Let me put the whiskey down and retry my points here. 1. Understandably, anonymity is important on the internet. However, transactions that include sweat-equity items should involve some sort of verification of all parties involved out-of-game. "PayPal verified" is a common requirement for <gameItem>:<realLifeCurrency> transaction - indicating the need for 3rd party verification. This is why I feel people shouldn't have a problem with PlayerAuctions ( or similar services ) requiring the level of personal details that they do ( name, address, & phone number). The issue people seem to have with PA is that they service the blackmarket for other games. This is a legitimate concern if you look at the gaming space as a whole - but it doesn't apply to Wurm. What it does bring to wurm, is an additional methodology to perform secure transactions. How many avenues does a game company have for out-of-game transactions? None. 2. Watching the forums, people are outraged. Over what, I ask? Sure, Rolf is getting a kick-back. But what he's also gaining is an avenue to generate less headache due to his GM staff having to deal with up trades. I feel the community responds poorly with their polls and general negativity, and feel it contributed nothing to the conversation. I'm not a PA apologist, and I do not have a positive opinion of this approach. However, I do understand the angle Rolf is coming from and can see how PA's verification system can be an enticing avenue to protect his player base and reduce staff load.
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    To be fair, I don't think that Rolf would ban people to force them to use PA either. I have a ridiculous sense of humour, I know. Just like I find it ridiculously hilarious that someone who promotes RMT recommends PA, who.... doesn't allow you to sell/give away your PA account (according to the User Agreement section 4.4). I don't know why the people got banned, at least some of them don't know either. Some got posts hidden and no ban, someone got posts hidden and 3 day ban, and someone got no posts hidden but 30 day ban. And Dipse, I didn't make any accusations against the company you are associated with. I asked a ridiculous question, which you took personally. For that I am sorry, but your response confuses me. If you consider my ridiculous question as "making up utter rubbish for you own personal agenda and posting them as fact", then should I ignore your questionmark at the end when you call me a past costumer who makes false accusations, and consider that rubbish made up for your own personal agenda and posted as a fact? Then again, maybe I was just naive in thinking that buying 12 months of premium for several characters made me a current customer, and not a past customer. Thanks for clearing that up for me That is a very valid point, and explains a lot. But sure - keep insulting the "past" customers - that is a really nice way to make sure that is actually what they become. If I try to be positive and try to understand why Rolf really wants us to try PA, the one thing that sounds good, is that it is supposed to be a safe way to sell/buy our items, accounts, currency etc. The problem is that PA has gone from a D rating to the lowest possible F rating with the Better Business Bureau in the month since Rolf first recommended the site. And the low rating seems to mainly be due to them simply not answering complaints... If I google Player Auctions Reviews I end up with pages of results of various sites where they generally are poorly reviewed. I did look for the positive ones though, and one of the highest was on sitejabber where they get 4 out of 5 stars in total. But if I look more closely, for every six 5-star review they get, there is also a 1-star. And the Wurm forums give me a way better ratio of good to bad transactions than that, so I just don't see the need to give up my privacy, and cut of the profit if I in return get less reassurance than that. Then there is the issue of only being able to be registered as a buyer (which is needed to even become a seller) if I provide them with landline or mobile phone (pay as you go and VOIP aren't accepted), only 21 countries can register, and transactions can only be done in US or Chinese currency. There are way more (scary) requirements of the sellers. So whether I am buying or selling, it is to a much more limited audience than on the forums and you can't choose silver and/or Euros as currencies, which limits it more, so I would have to buy/sell in multiple locations instead of one, if I want to target the same customers as now. And I would quickly become a less trusted seller on both sites if I try to sell the same items on both sites, so I actually have to pick and choose which target audience I want to sell to for each and every item. And I would have to check both sites when looking for the best deals to buy. As far as I can tell, I can't use auctions on PA either. So all in all, to use PA I would have to sell out on my morals and get a lot of hassle for it instead.
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    a bit too soon to be gouging these up.. they arent even sold out yet
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    At this point, methinks you are looking for blind approval, not feed-back. I tried to register, I was confused why would I have to share so much personal information, I gave up. The posts you have hid, that was feed-back, ; "we love, worship and do whatever you tell us to do" isn't feed-back, Rolf ... sorry.
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    Closed. Sorry, I tried.
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    So are you saying that you are working to make your company the only place to get game coins and items and Code Club AB will not handle this anymore? Maybe i am reading more into the above "both parties agreed it would be best to take things slowly" but it seems like to me you are trying to take over the micropayments for them. Also you talk about advertising/funneling your users what kind of advertising are you talking about and how is that going to help the game?
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    True about sales on the site. It appears that more than half of the Green Gnomes have been purchased already, so it looks like this rare item won't be available for much longer. When we first approached Code Club AB, we were both very excited about working together, but both parties agreed it would be best to take things slowly. This is why PlayerAuctions is not required for trading, it is only an option. When this was first announced, the feedback was very negative. What was most unfortunate however, was that nearly none of the feedback was based on people actually trying the site. No one was saying "I tried the site, this is how it worked. I liked this. I didn't like that. Etc. etc", instead a lot of the conversation began to veer towards flaming, and what I began seeing was a growing trend of people saying things like "PlayerAuctions is full of botters, macro-users, farmers, etc. etc". This in essence, is speaking negatively against our users. We didn't anticipate much success (for PA or Code Club AB), if we funneled our users/did Marketing for Wurm, if in the end, the people we brought would ultimately not be welcomed by the Wurm community. The reality is that many of our gaming markets are truly "gamer to gamer" which you could see here: Our community is just as prideful as any gaming community, except that these are users who believe in gaming secondary markets, and wouldn't take too kindly to prejudice that all "PA users are hackers and farmers" (especially when it is just not true). We came up with the idea, that to properly evaluate this opportunity, we should do a "proof of concept" test and get feedback from users who actually used the platform. Once people actually bought and used the platform, and were able to adequately speak from experience that PlayerAuctions does not steal people's identity, does not take people's money and run, and does not sell personally information, or send out tons of spam... that people would begin to change their mindset and would actually entertain the idea that welcoming PA and our community might actually improve things in Wurm far more than provide detriment. Right now, we're seeing how this is going
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    While the discount on gold is tempting, it's not tempting enough to sway me into buying from a shady site. You should offer offer gold sales every few months and specialty items like gnomes as a limited time thing on the trusted Wurm Sales page. There is no need to use sub par places like PlayerAuctions.
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    When you are using SB and hit zero, it will still stay (Active) Of course you forget that it's active, because it's zero. But when you go ahead and eat a sleep powder / finish mission to store some SB for future, you might of forgotten that SB wasn't turned off when it hit zero. Suggestion is to Freeze sleepbonus automatically when it hits zero, to avoid any unwanted loss
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    just make it so we don´t need to use an item created by abusing a bug.
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    Hire a project manager Take on investors Open a kickstarter or go for steam green light; increase the bank account so more things can get done. Complete re-write of the server files and while doing so cleaning out bugs that have existed for years. Complete re-write of the client files, again cleaning out old bugs. Re-write the support system so that it allows full monitoring of all staff members, at all levels, at all times. Who viewed what ticket, when, etc. Fire the vast majority of the moderation team. Obtain new moderation team and offer a compensation. Obtain a formal test team under proper NDA and create a formal testing process for all features. Code split PvP and PvE. Add micro-transactions for cosmetic and decorative items ie. additional unlock facial features (hairs, eyes, skins, builds, etc.), different style base clothing. All content that goes to the PvP servers, also goes to the PvE servers except optimized for a PvE type environment ie. all the new war equipment, maybe just for looks for a "badass" castle deed look. Complete re-write of the combat system. Put rolf in a bar somewhere far from a computer, give him a debit card attached to the bank account where his check will be deposited and tell him to have fun. ..... Going to end here because Im tired and really this list could go on and on but these are some the fundamental things I would do.
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    Depends what success is. More income or happier playerbase or happier ME I would personally want to see PvP zones inside PvE maps, stuff like HotA Not sure if a way to success, but something I want
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    nvm the security of this site is around the level of wurm's dont really feel like having my identity stolen with the amount of info that they request... This is a Wurm Online official promo offer intended to get you to try this website out! In order to get some of our players to try this site out for selling gold and accounts, we have created these offers for 100 silver (equalling one Wurm gold coin). It's a bit cheaper than in the official shop in order to reflect where third party prices may land. The coins will be delivered to the bank for characters on both the Epic and Freedom clusters. why would people buy from this site when they can buy off forums for 20 euro cheaper The Garden Gnomes invade this Christmas! Simply a nice decoration for your front porch or somewhere in the garden, this gnome will make your Wurm Christmas so much better! The hats even glow green in the dark! This is a promotional offer from the developers of Wurm Online in order to get our users to try this site out and give feedback. It will also be interesting to see what the actual interest is to buy these items. The gnome will be delivered via ingame mail both to the Epic and Freedom clusters. The offer is limited to 200 gnomes, and once this offer runs out these special type of gnomes will no longer be possible to receive ingame. im speechless on this one just go to your own forums suggestions thread and actually look through it and there is alot of people who is literally saying that they would buy decorative items from(and i do have to use the bold , italic, underline) YOUR web shop meaning you would keep full absolute 97.8% pure profit
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qJJf7irNGE about pvp, but the concepts discussed (design, where the game should go) apply to every area of the game. starts around 8:40ish, is the part that really applies, where he goes about how people suggest things that usually end up benefiting a very small group of people which is why the developers should design it to their wishes, but balanced for proper gameplay.
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    Already there, standing by the campfire and playing with my dolls.
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    I'll gladly buy a limited edition gnome from you, but not from them.
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    So the rejection of this wasn't comprehensive enough the first time, now you are trying to get us to use this dubious site anyway with promises of discounts and gnomes? The information they require from people to use their site is somewhat more invasive than cavity searches at airports. No.
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    Since people like the screenshot submissions so much, I decided to try my hand at a couple of my own. I know they said that we don't have to make it look like it's on a tapestry but I found that it really added something when I did. I may play around with some of the medieval woodcut styles too and see if I can come up with anything. Xanadu Habour Bear Riders (players: Journeya and Seancarl) Scorpion Rainbow Guard Tower Battlefield Lake Rainbow Inn Meditation Hope Mountain Rainbow Colossus Lake Ravenstone Devout
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    Tabs for a global market and a local market tab IE how GL-Freedom and Freedom tabs work so people don't have to spam freedom chat tabs with their WTS and auction threads.
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    Want to sell a Smoke of Sol [14:23:53] A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. It has 1 charges left. Starting Bid: 1 Gold Increase Bid: 5 Silver Sniper Protection: 1 hour PM me with any questions you may have or post the questions here. I can be reached in game as Kilikina as well. This auction has ended.
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! Another weekly update closer to the exciting release. We have now set a release date we are aiming for. 10th of December! It is getting so very close and everyone is hard at work. So let us dive right into it and Share some News! Bridges Click Image for Larger Version Most things are starting to fall into place for the bridges and we now have a test team working closely with devs putting everything thoroughly to the test. Bugs are being addressed as we find them but functionality right now is looking very promising. Both in terms of building bridges between points in the landscape, buildings and from buildings to land. This was announced earlier but I can now confirm that stone and wooden bridges will still be able to be built several tiles wide. Currently they are set at a maximum of Rope 1, Wood 2, Rock 3 tiles width. Restrictions are being put in place so that they can not be used in griefing purposes or unforeseen pvp exploits. Click Images for Larger Versions Challenge Today I want to share some of the things currently worked on for the Challenge launch. I do not have work in progress shots of quite everything yet but I think you will enjoy it non the less. Bear in mind that this is all work in progress and implementation and details may change. Magic Turret Click Image for Larger Version The Magic Turret is as its name implies a magical defensive structure. It will defend your land and structures against other kingdoms. There will be several versions of this tower with different elemental attacks such as acid, fire etc which will have different benefits against different armors. The turret is not going to be able to take much damage but it adds a new level of strategy to your defenses. Archery Tower The archery tower also has similar functionality like the magic turret but instead shoots ordinary arrows. It will aesthetically have similarities with the ordinary guard tower but will instead be made of wood and is therefore much easier to destroy. There is also going to be a limitation on how close they can be built in proximity to each other. Spike Barrier Click Image for Larger Version The spike barrier is a new type of fence which will not have collisions so you can pass through it. It will however give damage to those who come to close. Siege Shield Click Image for Larger Version This is in its functionality very similar to a moveable wall. It clips to tile borders but is rotatable and pushable to aim an advance on enemy lines. It defends those behind it whilst still giving you the ability to fire arrows at enemies. This makes makes an offensive force more versatile when attacking a heavily defended position both in terms of enemy players. Trebuchet A structure with functionality much like the catapults but with much greater damage. It is a stationary structure so it will have to be built at a strategic position. The trebuchet needs to be controlled by a player to fire. Ballista A fearsome weapon with high armor penetration which can be used both for offense and defence. Its placement will be stationary but it is movable by carts to set up a new line of fire. The ballista will need to be controlled by a player to fire. Beauty of Battle ErikN has been progressing steadily this last week with solving the issue of proximity to targets and played animations. He knows how it needs to be tweaked and it is now a matter of going through all the creatures to implement it. Statuettes As promised, the other statuettes are getting a makeover as well. Well needed and pleasing to the eye! That will be all for this week Wurmians. I hope you are getting as excited as I am! And you know what to do until next time right? Keep on Wurming!
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    I've been a very happy member of this community for over a year now and firmly believe it to be the most constructive/supportive community of all the MMOs I have played. Yes, we have our rough spots, but that is understandable, as we work through combustible issues, like we have today. I've spent some time considering the reasons why we get frustrated with management and they do with us. I've also mapped it to many similar scenarios I've dealt with throughout my business career and believe it all boils down to this core issue: - WURM may have been developed by CC/Rolf and team, but over the years, this very small, but VERY tight player base has become an integral part of the team, helping cultivate and improve Wurm into the magnificent world we all love today. Every week, we are seeing something new added or changed and rarely without the player base having active input to refine the results. - BECAUSE of the codependent relationship of players and CC for successful content development, I feel we need to have increased communication in the direction of development and how we manage our assets in this wonderful place. Ideally, I'd like to see more communication from CC about "ideas being considered", rather than "these changes were made", giving the other half of the team (us players) a chance to give constructive input, before tons of effort and cost get spent on something that makes the players unhappy. I have ideas all the time. Can't stop them, but I think every one is awesome and if it were up to me, I'd add them all to the game. However, when I share them on the Suggestions page, my fellow players jump in and tell me when they suck. Thank goodness I did not have free reign to implement my ideas into the game, without a sanity check from everyone else I'm not saying everything is push content. I actually think much of what comes to us is inspired by our requests and suggestions, which is a VERY good thing - what I am asking for, is even more of a good thing. More good = more better! The simple reality is this: If 6000 players like pink grass, but CC thinks green grass looks better, do you just push green grass, or ask what the players would prefer? More communication in advance of decision making. I promise it will be a great thing for all. Or is 2am messing with my head again? -Wurmhole
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    A fully reinforced cave with a mine door should act as a catacomb or a crypt. It should allow people to be able to sleep in it.
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    Read it here: http://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-game-agreement/ Here is a brief non exhaustive summary to help you. However, please ensure you read the full terms and conditions contained in the rest of this agreement as it is those that you are agreeing to. Wurm Online is Copyright Code Club AB You agree to pay any charges associated with a premium account You are solely responsible for the security of your password You have no ownership in the account; this is a service provided by Code Club AB. Purchase of silver coins is payment for a service provided by Code Club AB. Silver coins have no real world value. You must abide by the Wurm Online game rules, forum and chat rules as published by Code Club now or in the future You must follow the rules for choosing a player name The Java Client is supplied as is and Code Club AB accepts no responsibility for any damage to your system You may not use any third party software that adds functionality or mines data from the servers or client. You must agree to all the terms stated below. These terms may be revised from time to time and applied retrospectively to all accounts. Creation of this account allows you the exclusive use of this account for playing the Wurm Online game by accessing the service provided by Code Club AB pursuant to the terms and conditions in this agreement. You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the Account and that the account is under the sole ownership of Code Club AB. What you just said violates the terms we all agree to when we hit play. EDIT: So tell me, is this account now my property and protected under my rights of ownership because of time invested or does Code Club AB own my invested time?
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    Majority of the concerns that people have had in the past with your site, and that many of us still have, is the fact that you facilitate the breaking of other games ToS for the sake of the almighty dollar, what makes us think you will do the same with Wurm Online. You promised to address this issue, instead you continue to ignore this concern. Everyone knows that for the majority of your transactions that they will go smooth, your a business, its in your best interest for that to happen. However that was never the major concern many of us have had with your site. Regardless of how safe or how much security your site can provide, you facilitate the breaking of other games ToS, and that speaks volumes to me about your integrity and ability to be trusted. These are my thoughts, I don't need to try out any site to know that I don't want to be associated with them if I do not agree with the very basics of their business. GL to you
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    I agree with you on this point, that total *premium* playtime should be used for these types of rewards to be given out. If players let their accounts lapse into non-premium status for even a day they are reset back to zero. Total *premium* playtime is a much better indicator as to who has supported the game with their presence and payments. =Ayes=
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    Admin is aware of the situation and it's being addressed. We have no other information at this time.
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    If I were the great and powerful Rolf ... 1) Destroy the world and start over on a huge server (say 4x Xanadu as we were originally pitched) with less regional ore diversity. 2) Denounce all existing Kingdoms 3) Enable village vs village pvp (Declared war that costs silver to maintain) with reputation system enabled for wilderness encounters with other players 4) Make pvp death less costly (partial loot and massive debuffs to combat effectiveness if died on enemy territory for xxx time) 5) Limited ability to raid a settlement based (timed duration per xx where damage can be inflicted) 6) Systems in place where player mercenaries can be hired to fight on behalf / with besieged settlements for xxx duration 7) Invent Sod Off button to be pressed when people whine about this 8) Make wildlife behave more aggressively when settlements encroach on their lairs (stronger, more numerous until driven away) 9) Make dangerous / intelligent mobs actively attack / raid settlements that are close to their territory and especially dangerous at night 10) Enable mechanics to help prevent being overrun with aggressive nocturnal mobs (fire to help keeps the wolves at bay) 11) Much longer seasons with environmental effects to force you to equip appropriately for the season (fur coats for winter to stop from freezing to death, etc) 12 Roaming traders that randomly setup camp close to player settlements that will buy / sell specific random goods upto xx value (as a replacement for drains that gives everyone an opportunity to luck out with one nearby) 13) Many, many additions for personal gear (armour, weapons, clothing etc) to give people an opportunity to play medieval dress up Plus many many more if I had time to sit down and properly think about it. Anyway, this is how I'd want to play Wurm. In a nutshell, open pvp with war declaration mechanics for raiding, limited looting with combat bias for the defending deed (in raids) with more aggressive mobs and regional ores to encourage proper trade server wide. Also, player policing of behaviour using a reputation system or set of player designated laws they would need to enforce themselves if they wished adherence. Oh, and lasers.
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    For starters: completely ditch Java, and as a result basically force a full engine rewrite. Increased character customization. Either in the way of clothing body shapes/body types Find someone who knows what they're talking about and fix PvP to keep that crowd happy. (that person certainly isn't me- Honestly, I'd probably even ruin PvE ) Give newbies a 10ql unimpable longsword, instead of the utterly useless shortsword they get. Allow merchants to sell anything. Boats, deeds, characters... (Activate merchant contract, Right click boat/token/object > Add to merchant *dialog pops up asking what price you would like to set the object to* Boats and other objects would need to be nearby for this to work. For boats, ownership would auto-transfer over and if sold boat has a lock the key would materialize in the buyer's inventory. Change that lock asap, one would never know if the seller made a copy ) Edit: Hm, I really should make a suggestion for the last one.
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    I've seen many games die or lose 95% of their members in the time wurm has been around. I think rolf is doing something right for surviving this long, so I dont think anyone knows better. A million people thought they had great ideas and they failed, wurm is still going. I hate fun.
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    Wurm is too small of a game to not listen to its players, it's not out of some benevolence, it's out of pragmatism. Unfortunately for some time now I feel CC's forgotten that their operation is relatively small, and continuously spit in their players faces. Yellow potions, anyone?
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    Imo we shouldn't imp steel tool/weapons, and just stick with iron. Possibly only do plate armor with the little steel we have. Just my 2 cents. Weapon imping is coming along nicely
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    Maybe they'll be 50s in like a year when circulation is dry, but definitely not now.
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    90 mining and sub 90 smithing account. Such a misleading title..
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    *makes some clumsy signs in the air and invokes the wind spirits*
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    Uuuh hi >''> my friends actually told me to come here and post these lol sooo- if you guys see this hiii- I did it xD Gonna post these in order from long ago to present oxo A lot of these I don't finish. It's mainly for practice. This was a character I purchased from a friend for a storyline I was working on. Idk why my uploader turned this picture :I This is Toby, my mom's dog. He was really sick and my mom was going to have him put down because she hated to see him suffer. I painted this for them before he passed so they could hang it in their living room and always have him there. I made this for my LinePlay account on my phone. I didn't keep with that as long as I wanted to ono things came up. I still love their cute little style though i ^ i I was working on this but I only got so far with it- I lost interest in detailing it but below is how far I got before I put it away But hey i u i I'm glad to see that so many artists have gathered here so far <3 It's nice to know other fellow artists consider wurm their home as well <3
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    Since Rolf only wants feedback from those who actually are willing to risk trying Player Auctions in his thread (fair point), I will just post my opinion here: I find it admirable that Rolf supports RMT, I understand that he finds other games TOS "restrictive", but here is my issue. In any game where you don't agree with the ToS, you always have the option to just not play. I find it morally bankrupt to encourage us to join sites that disregards other games ToS. Rolf, you are actively encouraging us to disregard a games ToS if we find it too restrictive. Yet you find it fair to ban people who find YOUR ToS too restrictive. Those games have their ToS for their reasons, just like you have yours for your reasons. This moral bankruptcy and double standards is enough to make me seriously distrust that you will respect my privacy, so buying from the Wurm store is not something I am interested in any more.
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    Started the registration proces, mail verification went fine. Then I saw the list of data required to get to a status where I'd actually be able to buy or sell. More personal info than I'm willing to give away to test any service online. End of the line for me, sorry.
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    The old thread got locked, and the issues are still valid. Would you like us to start a new thread for our concerns?
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    I'm willing to bet a large sum of gold that there will be no noticeable performance boost gained by the removal of wood textures.
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    Figured I'll give it a try
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    Made this a while back. I've probably got all sorts of other things lying around that would also look cool on a tapestry but I think this would be the most well fitted to the game.