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    Kylops Slain! Hello all, a Kyklops has been spotted and tomorrow at noon, central time zone (USA), a public attempt shall be made. Meet is at Tap Dance (TD) where the fighters will group up and then move out to where it was found. IF successful then a list of the names minus alts will be made using the now common paste bin method and one person shall roll from the list of names for loot, one winner per player. Hopefully you all can join in for a rousing good time had at least (mostly) safely. Bring tents and healing supplies as you may desire.
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    I'd like to see a decorative fire wood holder to place next a fireplace or forge. It should be made of metal and only be able to hold kindling, woodscraps and logs. it would be smallish and attractive. The use of filigree would be nice.
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    Devs Nerf player archery into the ground, then add NPC Auto turrets. Dis game.
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    If you disable farming for all the other religions, sure.
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    Toodaloo! From the feedback in posts and the poll I did scale it down 10% in height and width (*0.90) and 25% in depth(*0.75) Cheers!
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    Greetings! I have changed the texture to get rid of some mirroring and I did remove the uneven boards on the roof. Some answers to your questions! *are they smaller than the old enormous ones? - Not what I'm aware of. *can't wait to see if these stops sticking through the floor boards. - Hope I fixed that *Do they open? - No *Wood type, Color, ect has all been removed? -Only wood types *One of my main concerns about the current FSB is its absolute absurdity in size, will this be remedied or are these just new textures..? I can change the size and make it smaller if you all want that. (if some have the urge to make a poll about it please do) *One other question, how will the "full"-look, look like? Did that get some love or was it left out all together? - I removed the Full version, Saroman and I talk about and decided to left it out. I think I never have seen a full one in game? *Rolf and dev team Please for the love of god use my hard drive like other mmo's fill it with thousands of pics of textures for different types of stuff. The average game now days is 30gigs on any hard drive and wurm is only 2.3 gigs thats 27.7 gigs of hard drive space for code and textures for you to play with - In other MMO (theme park) games the developers have pretty good control over their polygon and texture budget and the things rendered in different locations so they can have a lot of fancy stuff . We however don't have a clue what an area will look like, so if we allow players to spread out objects in an area and all those objects use 27.7 gig of data I think you can figure out what will happen Sandbox games are a completely different beast then "level/area designed" games. There are however different techniques to have "next gen graphics" in a sandbox, like you can add distance fog so you only can see 30 meters in front of you. Or have a really aggressive culling (you delete all objects that are further than x meters from the player) but there are almost always a trade off, visual quality vs the number of different objects that can be rendered. *How safe will food be in a container that the carpenter could not even saw the boards on the top even ? - The image of the model in the Op are the old model, I only changed the texture! /Cheers
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    No not a new server it is Sarek National Park in Rolf's home country of Sweden. Now you know where he gets his ideas for new servers! (That might even be TUNDRA in the lower left, I am not sure) rainbows & unicorns! (the unicorns are being shy, the rainbow is not)
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    With the outrageous number of bear attacks in Wurm I feel like bear mace would be an excellent addition to Wurm's weapon arsenal. The mace when sprayed could provide the valuable time needed to run away. I would also be happy with a rocket launcher or other bear deterrent.
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    This will bring me back to wurm if it is implement as advertised...look forward to seeing some old folks on the battlefield in challenege.
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    Am I the only one who sees this??
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    Agree with everyone else in this thread about the uneven planks on top. Always looked like crap, don't know why it's remaining on the overhaul. Now, a more important issue, in my opinion: Maiya brings up a good point. Wood colors/textures are not the culprits of the performance issues around here. I have 50+ bulk bins on my deed and my client's RAM usage remains the same. No lag, no problems. On the other hand, I can't be in the general area of 25 other players at any given time because my client starts eating up my RAM (goes from a normal 700k to 1.6-1.8m)and then the client goes non-responsive. The only solution to "fix" this is to kill the client through system processes. When I try and get back in the game, it takes 10 minutes for everyone's armor/hair/weapons to load up, and as they are doing so, my client's RAM starts skyrocketing again. So, yeah, if you're trying to clean up and fix performance issues, you're (the team) barking up the wrong tree here. Not to say this decision has anything to do with Wox. Honestly, I like the work that the guy does, not trying to bust his balls here. I just feel it's ridiculous how the team goes about "fixing" things around here: they often mess with things that aren't broke and ignore the things that are.
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    -1 Different wood grain finishes on Items is one of the coolest aspects of the game and sets wurm apart from other games. You guys have been slowly getting rid of it with every new piece of furniture, it's really a shame I can't say I'm happy about this at all As for the new FSB look the doors are cool but to have the old roof is just silly......It makes it look half assed.
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    Greetings my name is Russwoods, A boat was find at about C10 in the water a Corbita, ship name is Unicorn Sea Crusier owners name is blackunicorn, It is now on my deed no body or equipment was on ship to collect your ship please PM me in game under same name ir stop by my deed Amberlynn I am at D9 beside Glasshollow market on the water, WQould gladly give back to owner
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    I am absolutely sick of accidentally clicking on "Get Info" and burning this ability for the next 18 hrs. I have triggered this ability over 100 times and have only intended it's use 3 times - need to move all spell and meditation abilities to a sub menu - this is way worse than accidentally pouring water on the ground or bashing something you don't wish to bash, both of which have been moved to sub menus. I understand the need for combat related spells and meditation bonus abilities to be easily accessed - make key bindings for such abilities, but move from the main menu to a sub menu all these spells and meditation abilities
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    Hi! The food storage bin model has been blessed with a new texture and it will be out on the next graphics update (hopefully tomorrow). The bad news is that I have removed the wood type textures for it. I have decided to do this due to performance, less textures for the same object are much better for graphics memory and rendering speed. In the end it will benefit us all. I hope you all can forgive me for this. In the future I hope we can implement some clever material shaders to handle things like wood types and dying items in much more efficient way Cheers!
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    Maybe it was the recent bear helms but I opened this thread expecting to see a suggestion for putting a bear head on a staff to smack things with:
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    tapestry new statue graphics new jewelry floor rotation sheep wool crafting, spinning wheel, wool clothes marble table, cupboard, lounge chair Just the last 2 weeks. The list goes on and on if you add the last months.
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    Answering to my phone like: "What do you mean you can't deliver the dirt?!"
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    +1, I almost poop meself when I think I click "Teleport" instead of "Fill"
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    -1 If you made them hold fish I would forgive you much quicker. The doors do look good. I love my matching wood textures. The power of Applewood.
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    They look great, but Wox... everything is loosing its wood texture types The trash bin lost their wood texture types. The new furniture is coming out without it. Those wood texture types were a huge part of Wurm. We love them. it was part of visual configuration. But now they are slowly going away. Is there any way we can bring them back? PS: The model does look great, though.
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    I hate food storage bins in general. They look like a rabbit hutch