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    Thanks to all who showed up and gave great support, we unfortunately didn't plan for the corpse being ninja'd at a public event with specified loot rolling. *shrugs*. I guess Lunn/ Malevolence showed us (well you can insert your own comment about players from epic/wild). Thanks to all who came out and had a good time. The community in wurm is what makes it special!
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    Agree with everyone else in this thread about the uneven planks on top. Always looked like crap, don't know why it's remaining on the overhaul. Now, a more important issue, in my opinion: Maiya brings up a good point. Wood colors/textures are not the culprits of the performance issues around here. I have 50+ bulk bins on my deed and my client's RAM usage remains the same. No lag, no problems. On the other hand, I can't be in the general area of 25 other players at any given time because my client starts eating up my RAM (goes from a normal 700k to 1.6-1.8m)and then the client goes non-responsive. The only solution to "fix" this is to kill the client through system processes. When I try and get back in the game, it takes 10 minutes for everyone's armor/hair/weapons to load up, and as they are doing so, my client's RAM starts skyrocketing again. So, yeah, if you're trying to clean up and fix performance issues, you're (the team) barking up the wrong tree here. Not to say this decision has anything to do with Wox. Honestly, I like the work that the guy does, not trying to bust his balls here. I just feel it's ridiculous how the team goes about "fixing" things around here: they often mess with things that aren't broke and ignore the things that are.
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    Because rules or no rules the decision they made is just morally wrong. Anybody who has an ounce of conscience would agree with this. Plus as it was previously stated their opinion before was different on stealing a corpse in a public slaying ...
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    And thats how you loose all your faith in the admins of this game. Good work!
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    Super greedy, should of been done on a deed thou T.T
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    I am absolutely sick of accidentally clicking on "Get Info" and burning this ability for the next 18 hrs. I have triggered this ability over 100 times and have only intended it's use 3 times - need to move all spell and meditation abilities to a sub menu - this is way worse than accidentally pouring water on the ground or bashing something you don't wish to bash, both of which have been moved to sub menus. I understand the need for combat related spells and meditation bonus abilities to be easily accessed - make key bindings for such abilities, but move from the main menu to a sub menu all these spells and meditation abilities
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    I think its more to do with the tasks new players do, either bulk work, or setting up, a lot of digging, mining, brickmaking, they tend to do tasks that always guarantee a rare. While working on my new mine on my mag priest, I was averaging 4-5 rare shards a day, simply because the change of a rare on a roll is 100%
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    Hi! The food storage bin model has been blessed with a new texture and it will be out on the next graphics update (hopefully tomorrow). The bad news is that I have removed the wood type textures for it. I have decided to do this due to performance, less textures for the same object are much better for graphics memory and rendering speed. In the end it will benefit us all. I hope you all can forgive me for this. In the future I hope we can implement some clever material shaders to handle things like wood types and dying items in much more efficient way Cheers!
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    Pristine Community Map Hello everyone and welcome to the new Pristine Community Map! For submissions please post the location of your deed and if there are any public traders, merchants, clay/tarpits or mailboxes. ​Rare fish spots can be posted as well. I will not take any submissions via PM ingame. The map will be updated monthly. Links JPG-VERSION: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/xr303koyu71ssd2/CommunitymapPristine.jpg PNG-VERSION: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/f3tk0jxm6yebknx/CommunitymapPristine.png Any feedback can be made via PM. Please do not post anything but submissions here. regards, Capi (Community Assistant)
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    It was the xanadu topic about trees being bugged that got me to thinking... I first came to xanadu when it was still brand new. The rolling hills and vast forests were a sight to behold, no roads cutting them into sections, nobody having hewn them for farms, no hills having been cut into plateaus. The fields in particular I distinctly remember being covered in flowers. I had never seen anything like that on any other server before. People plant flowers along roads or by their house but never have I seen someone make a 300x 300 area of open, rolling, grasslands littered with flower patches. now the question; If I want to make a field of flowers... how do I do it? I cut flowers from one tile and plant them on another tile to get that tile to have flowers... but the tile I cut them from no longer has flowers. how does one multiply flowers? I find a wheat, plant it, harvest it and result in having more wheat. I harvest a flower and plant it and only have the one flower, I gain no extra. In fact it would seem the system would reduce the flower numbers over time, with failed plantings and loss due to storage (monthly bsb % loss) no to mention rot from taking damage or use in flower pots. How do I CREATE more flowers?
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    First off: I am not asking for the same bonus Libila has. However, Libila is also able to sacrifize favor items of the other gods, but only gets half the favor those gods do. E.g. Vynora has double favor on yoyo's, while Libila gets half of what Vynora gets. Magranon has double favor on door locks, while Libila gets half of Magranon's favor on them. Same for Fo / Lib on square pieces. Now, how comes... that when I sacrifize a 98.9 QL onion... I don't get ~20 favor like Libila does, but only 0.01 favor? Even if Libila would still remain very special in this case, I think farming would even be a viable way for farming, IF the other 3 gods only got 25% favor. However, I do deem this to be very unfair.
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    This would be used for grief in more ways than I could even begin to type out.
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    Challenging moderation in public is similar to having someone's medical history or criminal record printed in the newspaper. It is bad publicity for both the moderator and the persons involved, and is of no benefit to anyone. Please contact the HGM if you wish to take this further.
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    kinda scummy, bt ya know i dont agree with it, happens.
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    Maybe because there is not clear rules. One day the rule is don´t do this, the next day there is no rule against this, etc. etc. Or maybe the people involved in the Deli Red killing is more valued and deserve GM protection and somewhat we don´t deserve it in this case. ALL WURMIANS ARE EQUALBUT SOME WURMIANS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.
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    All the more reason to just do them privately.
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    Due to Enki's decision to side with Lunn I would like to congratulate him on playing us all. He has managed to manipulate both the wurm GM's, the community, and the good feelings of the players for his gain. May it serve him well in his future endeavors.
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    Ah its blackmail then... you bastard
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    No! Typical Wurm myth generation based upon the lesser knowledge of new players then hyped up by a few older ones who tend towards either wishful thinking or unbalanced effects in others favor. Good for a brief shake of the head and little more. =Ayes=
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    Without spending 10 years with 10 characters doing the same 10 tasks at 10 different skill levels would you ever get enough data to be able to even consider making a judgement on the precise chance rates and who's best to get a rare- unless of course all of these percentages I keep hearing were actually confirmed by the developers. It's like asking: "are white females under 25 living in a red house in the south of France more likely to win the lottery than any other person?". That's the whole point of randomness - there is no pattern. Any so called 'theories' would be too difficult and time consuming to test. So unless it's proven that the developers have specifically written code to provide characters within certain demographics a bonus to getting a rare, So I say that any and all current theories are balderdash.
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    Having actually read your suggestion and thought about it, I actually agree with you. Favor gain for saccing veggies as a WL should be brought in line with favor gained by saccing locks/ropes/yoyos So if a lib priest would get 5 favor for a 99ql lock a WL priest should get 5 favor for saccing a 99ql healing cover material. Everyone keeps their own unique double favor saccables and everyone can sac the other gods stuff for half the amount.
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    Would it be so hard to request that no action is left without a keybind, aside from those purposefully left out? That would make such conversations moot.
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    Questions with that are though if many of the players then will have the generic look for everything forever (because they can't turn on GLSL) - and if we can expect this next week or next year or in 3 years (or never because something doesn't work out so the whole shader-thing gets scrapped or changed). Plus I guess the question: how can we not see any significant performance-issue when we enter a room with 50 different items in 50 different wood-textures, while you say it *does* make such a large difference? And I have to say 'ermmm' to 'it just means there may be a short transitional period where you lose the current customization options' (looking at the many many months, probably several years allready that we are allready in that 'short period'), sorry.
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    This would make the code we have at the moment look like tic-tac-toe
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    10Ql Rake 89CoC - 1,5s plz Cod to Talarias
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    Hmm, at least said poster isn't hiding behind a false name, just saying..... I'm actually looking forward to this new server. Might give it a go. Ohh, almost forgot. -1
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    The trenchbucket takes a lot of fine carpentry skills to make. The test server lets you set skills to 70 and it is red to me at 70 FC skill so i can not even put that one together but here is examination for the acid pole.. [13:23:51] A pole in chains floats here. It seems inhabited by acid spirits. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 34.578224, Dam: 0.0.
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    Yes because all that stuff will be great for a 400+ slope dirtwall with long houses of several floors, trenches, moats and minedoors. And specially when all the raids on deeds happens when all the members of said deed are logged when that happens.
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    I'd like to buy: 10Ql Rake 79CoC - 50c Mail to: Niall
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    Hey Warhaft. I'd like to offer to imp your forges and ovens to about 90ql if I can get some good ql rocks.
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    All I can say about this is ... loosing wood type makes me sad, it was one of those little features that made Wurm look better (talking about realism too, as it was mentioned by devs in several situations, wood has different look and texture based on its type in real life as well). And slowly all of them are taken away. New furniture, although great, doesn't offer any kind of customisation and more "fit in" options, despite the type of walls of the house, rug colours and so on, as wood type could have done it. When the wood type will be removed from boats, I'm going to cry ..
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    Another new comer from freedom has joined the fray. plus more recruits from epic.
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    [08:04:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks Fearil [08:10:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Zukkapit, sent you a coc60 and a coc66 thanks. [08:12:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you Redtiger
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    "Well this idea has a chance to fail, so let's just not bother doing it", seems a horrible way to go through life. And I'd be very surprised if any improvements that come from this thing (e.g. the new siege weapons etc that were hinted in the announcement) didn't get transferred to the main servers if this idea does fail.
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    New servers is the solution to everything according to the devs. Just a few more years and every player will have a server to play on alone.
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    ...no treasure hunts! Hah! Bet you thought it was something else Anyways, if you ran out of gear from banned players, Im sure a list could be compiled -.-
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    A miniature Trader trash bin about the size of a gnome. Weight 0.00. Can be carried around or put within small, large carts and wagons. When dropped on the ground or within these carts/wagons any object can be dropped inside and will disintegrate within 60 seconds. Holds unlimited amounts of unwanted materials, trees, corpses, anything! Once per month has a chance of converting 1 item to 1 red pulsing iron coin, which can be used for a soft lighting effect and a meal heater if placed within an oven or forge. =Ayes=
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    Wurm now has better horse graphics than my real life.
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    yes because generalizing people into one group and saying they all did it surely helps
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    The Legion grows - come be a part of it!
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    Thank the Wurm gods that Notch decided to leave Wurm Online back in 2007 and sever his ties from it. To even consider that Wurm would have evolved into something similar to Minecraft had he remained here makes me shudder and shake my head at the dancing crude blocky graphics that the 100's of thousands of people spend their time fiddling around with. Now 10 years later Wurm has gotten along very fine without him and Rolf has been the one that has enabled it to survive and gradually progress throughout these passing years. As I see it there is no comparison between the childlike graphics of Minecraft and the evolved beautifully detailed graphics of Wurm. That the financial success of Minecraft has been built on these crude graphic images, just reflects the visual acceptance of those masses who embrace it for its lego quick building diversions. Financial success is one thing but creating and sustaining an online game of beauty, an evolving environment and functioning skills that contribute to what can be created within it is a totally different matter. In this way Wurm surpasses Minecraft in every way imaginable. It seems that even Notch had realized this and moved on to other ventures before this deal was even struck. There he leaves his Frankenstein creation for others to now bend to their own will in the pursuit of conglomerate riches. With all its charming flaws Wurm continues to move onward with a somewhat more encouraging and assured step into the future. Who knows what paths will continue to unfold here but don't forget the one god of Wurm (Rolf) that has sustained it throughout this time after the other had departed. Perhaps it would seem that I am a cheerleader for our fond game but the comparison to that other just leaves me shaking my head in a flabbergasted juxtaposition of a lack of visual discernment and integrated function. Good for Notch if he gets his cut out of the sale of this game that he perhaps created with children in mind. Now doubt the money will enable him to find more enjoyable pursuits in his future years ahead. Hopefully this time he will create something that remotely resembles Wurm in the beauty and function of its worlds; but as long as Wurm survives and continues to expand in its creative potential offered to its participants, that will be no concern of mine. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    I have no idea what I've done. Guess I'll sleep.
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    Photo promoting role-play village.Link to topic > http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/108455-role-play-kompania-wykl%C4%99tych/#entry1103179
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    Hard to conduct timely and efficient tests when we have no cornucopia. Stop asking us to test stuff for yall if your not willing to give us the proper tools to test with. You might as well just implement it right away on the live server and let us test there. At least we have the skills, tools, and resources to do so.
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    The generally accepted rate is 1s/1k actions, so a roundabout of 25x25, since you need to dig/drop/plant/harvest the grass I'd say. But then again, this is tedoious work, so I'd personally round the amount of tiles lower rather then higher.