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    My idea to help those crazy long travel times, sailing around Xanadu: Trade Winds. When you reach a decent distance from the shore, you enter into the Trade Winds, which blow 2-3x as strong as the normal winds. We don't want crazy fast sailing near land, because it would make cave canal navigation and docking quite the challenge. I would envision full implementation of this as a new water texture, for the outer 100-200 tiles, leading up to the server crossing border. Don't know how hard adding a choppy water texture would be, but this would be something that could be done down the road. I imagine the speed zone coding could be done quite easily. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could actually see the server border, with some clever little graphic additions. No visible walls or border lines, but some floating debris, like ship wreckage, or a batch of seagulls circling around. Seeing the border was close would be helpful in normal winds, but much more necesary with the Trade Winds, where you could easily shoot through a border crossing unintended. The orange text warning might not provide enough time to respond. Also, while I am at it, lets eliminate the "shark scouts you" message and kick off to water thing. Could we just have a "strong gust of wind" blow us away from those dead zones? Would help in afk sailing quite a bit. Could make it fun and do a pirate ships for the border graphics in those places and "Pirates chase you back into safer waters".
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    Is this a big problem in wurm and in the real world? My account is 7 years old, with 10000+ hours gameplay. With a avarage irl work salvery that would be worth 7 years x 300000 kronor / 10 = 210000 euro With a consultant hour fee it would be worth maybe 10000 hours x 40 euro per hour = 400000 euro The real value of my monster account might be max 1000 euro That means the work i put into my online char is 1000 euro / 10000 hours = 0.10 euro per hour So if I sold my account it would mean i would end up in the Guiness World Record book as; Tissotx the cheapest labour of all time. If you guys want money, get a job in real life!
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    So if I understand this right, The Devs of Wurmonline are now supporting sites that allow the breaking of other games ToS. I say this because Playerauctions allows the selling of Many different MMO currencies which are all against the ToS of those games. This is something that I hope you guys here at Wurmonline will reconsider because I do not agree with other people supporting sites that encourage and allow the breaking of other peoples ToS. I know those of you here at Wurm would not like it if someone did that to your game... If your not going to honor the ToS of others, why should anyone honor your ToS? Just my two cents...
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    Simple suggestion -- reduce or eliminate decay of braziers on deeds Maybe the decay gods are out to get me.. but has anyone else noticed the decay on braziers on deed lately? They seem to be decaying especially fast in the last week or so. Two 50ql small braziers that have gone from 30-32-35 decay in the last week - ON DEED. Really, is it necessary for decay to be so high on deed for these things? Is this... why we can't have .. nice things? *sheds a tear for her old meditation door mat that isn't worth the time it takes to watch over on her deed... and the decorative braziers that may join that category soon*
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    So what you're saying is you don't respect blizzards terms and conditions and are unlikely to respect wurms? I'll be avoiding this whole shady deal like the plague, and quite frankly, so should Code Club.
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    Hello, as you probably saw in the launcher today we now recommend Player Auctions for trading accounts, coins and items instead of these forums. Here's the full article: http://www.wurmonline.com/?p=4422 Enjoy! Rolf
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    Well i know one thing, i certainly wouldn't be sending copies of my passport or utility bills to a website that is nothing more than a gold farmers market and i find it extremely disappointing to see Code Club recommending the use of such a "service" that encourages breaking the terms and conditions of other MMO's.
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    Here on the Wurm forum it's practically working against you. He's a brand-new account, made for this occasion, making too much noise, has zero experience with the game and it's players, has zero experience with the sort of trades made here. That's not the sort of PR you would like to have.
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    "Trade Winds" - when you reach a certain distance from shore, you enter the much stronger tradewinds, which can blow 2-3x as hard as a normal wind. Sailing really fast near shore would make it very hard to navigate docks and especially cave canals. Out in the open sea, it would be quite fun I guess I'll add this in suggestions. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/112442-trade-winds-faster-sailing-server-borders/
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    Buy from reputable players in game, and you should be fine.
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    The Wurm People posted suggestions/complaints and the Dev team responded: Mobs increased on Xanadu through incremental improvements--its quite acceptable now Ore distribution adjusted several times--this is totally fixed, in my opinion Trader draining adjusted with new system to redistribute through various non-AFK activities--economic exploits are severely damaging to MMO game economies, Code Club responded with Vim and Vigor! Fantastic work Code Club, Thanks so much Now, only two more items remain to complete the updates: Domain influence (without this, there are significant problems casting enchants/shattering and nearly all Vyn followers are without what is essentially an affinity in every single skill outside Fighting) Sea/boat travel: with legacy servers the problem was never so acute--the size of Xanadu makes cross server travel an *extreme* inconvenience. It takes around 3-5 hours to go from one side of Xanadu to the opposite side of the map...if you want to round-trip then it will take an ENTIRE REAL LIFE DAY OF YOUR TIME. I will tell you and all that read this: I never would have responded to this complaint with any compassion or feelings till I actually experienced it myself. I have sailed across Xanadu 3 times now and 2 out of the 3 times were at a light breeze. You need to trust me when I tell you that sailing across Xanadu with a light breeze is an experience that will change-your-frakkin-life! Honestly, its very inconvenient; it negatively impacts the economy; it sucks the fun out of the room--whichever room you are in at the moment; its very disrespectful of player's time; its non-value-add; its frikken terrible...absolutely and positively terrible. There are many suggestions on how to fix this, I suggest you implement several of them at the same time and see what 'sticks' Please help to resolve these last remaining issues on Wurm Online's largest server and largest player-location Thanks and Regards! Atlas
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    Interesting attempt to position yourselves as hero and saviour of the internet, truth is however that your site encourages users to break the terms and conditions of many popular MMO's, an act that could result in the permanent loss of their account. Not only that but for the value of deals we're talking about you require people to send a copy of their driving license and utility bills to you guys, to what amounts to a random online website. Yet you don't define yourself as shady? This whole situation is rotten to the core and personally i wouldn't touch you guys with a 100ft pole.
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    I don't know how you expect us to take anyone seriously that has a shiny brand new forum account as of this announcement and calls people names.
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    I can see this new site being used for very high-value items. But for day to day trading, the forums will suite me fine. Of course, Rolf could create an in-game auction house and that would make transactions 100% safe and not cost players additional fees.
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    No thanks I would rather use the forums and my paypal business account.
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    I don't like it, what if I don;t use it and someone uses my name there? is there any protection to our names? or is there a set name for Wurmonline? I hate to think someone is using my name to make deals.
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    When you are using SB and hit zero, it will still stay (Active) Of course you forget that it's active, because it's zero. But when you go ahead and eat a sleep powder / finish mission to store some SB for future, you might of forgotten that SB wasn't turned off when it hit zero. Suggestion is to Freeze sleepbonus automatically when it hits zero, to avoid any unwanted loss
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    Yes please, i would love for you to publicly explain to me how your business model of getting people to sell in game items for real world cash doesn't break the terms of services of said games that explicitly state such an action is against their ToS and can result in the loss of your account.
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    I'd be afraid to use your website personally looks like a gold farmer site to me not an auction house. Lets say I sell my blue party hat in runescape (example) whats stopping me from getting banned? Terms of service in runescape is really against real market trades. That's just one mmo you have quite a large listing here.
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    I feel that Code Club should stick with their original stance of "We don't promote trading, but we wont punish those who do". That way, they can wash their hands of it and it is left to the community where and how to trade among themselves, as we have been doing successfully for years.
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    This is the kind of person Code Club wants to associate with, and promote? Good business practices, and reputation are ALSO about association. The site sells virtual goods in direct contradiction to many other MMO's TOS. One does not have to wonder if they are shady...just go look at their website..and see the proof..
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    I don't get it, this site sells things like WoW gold, isn't that illegal or has the ToS changed? We are being strongly recommended to do transactions on a site that sells illegal items in online games?
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    Hi, the spyglass reward was broken:( We had to move it forward one month in order for it to start working, so you will receive the Owning title the month after. Really sorry about that. And that some months don't seem to increase properly. It's like it may miss out during downtime or lag or something but right now we don't know why.
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    Rolf, The redistribution of ore on Xanadu was a giant leap in the right direction, but ore distribution is still a problem because it's still concentrated on the previous ore fields. As you now know, the "ore fields" (such as the silver field around Glasshollow) were very densely populated with silver (and a few iron) veins. The change that you made redistributed unexposed silver veins to the rest of Xanadu. The veins became iron, instead of silver, and the location of existing veins did not change, although the resource that you acquire from mining them did. The result, is that the veins in general did not change location at all. Therefore, if your deed is/was situated on an ore field, you are still on an ore field (now of various ores instead of one) and your local neighbor, who may not have been on the ore field, still has 3-5 veins in his 30x30 deed, maybe one of them is no longer iron, and that's IF he didn't find and expose them. Let me illustrate further. Here's an example, a prospected copper mine near Summerholt: As you can see, drastic difference between the two. In the roughly 17x17 prospected area, there exists veins of every resource except marble in this particular mine. Now if this was my mine, I'd be very happy to have this for an on-deed mine. This mine has 28 veins in a 17x17 area. That's 28 out of 289 tiles, or 10% resources. Any mine that wasn't previously on an ore field has 4-6 veins in any given 17x17 area if they are lucky. This comes out to 2% resources... very different from those that were fortunate enough to deed on top of an ore field. Rolf, please consider adding more resource veins to Xanadu. Do not simply switch the resources from one existing vein to another, add more veins (like you did when you added iron veins shortly after launch) so that people might have something other than iron in their 5-vein mines. Thanks for reading, Wargasm
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    If you have a paypal business account and list in the invoice that it is for digital goods delivered electronically paypal will by their policy not allow chargebacks for the transactions. Happy business!
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    Might be to much work but it would be a lot better if Wurm offered a auction house style service in game or out of game, with careful planning could basically run itself, much rather see whatever percentage it is from a sale go to Rolf or stay in the Community, instead of lining someone else's pocket.(probably more true for larger transactions.) The thought of using a second party site to conduct transactions isn't very appealing at all.
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    No not a new server it is Sarek National Park in Rolf's home country of Sweden. Now you know where he gets his ideas for new servers! (That might even be TUNDRA in the lower left, I am not sure) rainbows & unicorns! (the unicorns are being shy, the rainbow is not)
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    Would be cool if we could mail items to our merchants that have been placed to go up for sale.
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    Well bottom line for me is i wont be using them but i will be more selective in who i sell to now. I am not trying to make a living off real money trades anyway just to have some fun and game coins to spend along the way.
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    so no they didnt get you $800, you got credit, that's not the same. the scammer on other hand got a free account and kept all his money. they can't protect you against paypal's virtual goods policies, all they can do is give you play money in their shop.
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    If is not broken, then better don´t fix it. Current Wurm trading system is not broken, so I don´t see the need for this fix, and the fees are just a rip off. My 2 irons.
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    I'm pretty sure it is quality content that makes games grow, not gold farmers. Perhaps you have handled more money than most, but i fail to see how this boast vindicates you of shadiness? The shadiness comes from the facts previously mentioned both above by myself and others, most notably that you're happy to defend a site that promotes the breaking of the terms and conditions of many other MMO's and which in doing so could put players accounts at risk. This, is shady.
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    I don't think there are enough frying pans in all of wurm to cook the amount of popcorn that's going to be needed today
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    The ethics of buying gold against the ToS is a personal decision, doesn't really matter. The crazy thing is being directed by the Wurm establishment to go to a shady illegal virtual goods site and being told, hey go here - this is safer than buying directly from Aum. (Any names used in this post are purely fictional and do not represent actual ingame people)
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    i just wish they fix hedge bashing so that they don't trash out tools so harshly. Why should a bash cycle on hedge deal 5.00 damage to my tool when same tool can bash a stone wall and take 0.01 damage
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    I agree with what Gnomegates said. If this was just a site for Wurm Online auctions, I'd have no issue with it. However, since they're supporting RMTs in games that explicitly have rules against it, it looks super sketchy and I wouldn't trust them with my email address, never mind my money. I've seen friends' accounts in other games get compromised and taken over by the kind of people who sell on these sites (even one of my old game accounts was used for such activities) and it's not fun at all. I've seen people so discouraged by this that they just quit. Maybe some of the sellers on this site are "legit" (as much as they can be) but how can you tell the difference when you don't know them? Even if that doesn't bother you, just Googling "playerauctions reviews" is enough for me not to want anything to do with them. As for this, as far as I know, Rolf and the devs have nothing to do with trades made on the forums. He even posted a "safer account transfer" thread 2 days ago that says things like: Seems to me that they're saying we buy and sell accounts/items at our own risk and there's no support if something goes wrong. So how can this be taking time away from development?
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    Well i seen a power leveling option mentioned in their site this seems odd to me also we have already established trade on the forums and have been using that for years. Why should we change now only to give a share to a third party system? no thanks
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    nice job wargasm..what i particularly like about this post is..he didn't just complain and leave it a that..finding solutions always harder..what he did instead..was state a problem or deficiency and demonstrated a fully thought out and analyzed graphical representation. this shows more effectively what may have gone wrong and gives pointers towards how to perhaps fix more optimally. Dev team and Rolf gotta love when someone takes the time in this manner to highlight a weak point in the game. If I on that end i'd field these all day long rather than the ..this is broken or dumb or..there are no ores yadda yadda
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    I don't see why you wouldn't use this for high risk trades with strangers involving real money
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    You are not talking about laws, you are in fact talking of really unnecessary restrictions for MMO player who did like to get something for the time they spent.
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    Not so big/fancy but the first building I made on Xanadu (ended up as the entryway for the highway from K8 to Linton). Idea was just to make an inn and have a place for food, faith, and beds while my friends and I settled around it ... I meant to post it a long time ago but I waited on those silly trellises to decorate the front =) Can't even see them really. But I still like how it turned out. Blue lamp dye is all Silakka ... I told him the name of the deed and he gave me an interpretation of it (which was perfect).
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/112157-restrict-joining-deeds-under-siege/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/112156-restrict-shaker-orb-use-with-enemies-in-local/ Directly from one battle http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/111677-give-combat-bonus-to-hots-template-pmks-during-night/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/111411-new-and-improved-tower-capping-formula/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/111240-lib-priest-balance-truehit-v-nimbleness/ http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/108704-libila-priest-unbalanced/ There was a few more, about the no locate and strongwall. Now those links are not all of them and everyone knows there are suggestions for certain kingdoms, but this is a problem with BL in general. If you want to go to freedom, fine! I don´t think BL followers should be confined on chaos, but as i suggested before, you should stay as a BL priest and ability to cast (all the stuff that has nothing to do with mycellium and transforming freedom). But ban Lib altars. You can still dig, farm and do all the other stuff that Fo, Vyn and Mag can do. With one restriction, you cannot pray there or make altars. Why not? Edit: Grammar mistakes :/
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    Reading the small print: What are the fees to sell on PlayerAuctions? Back to Top PlayerAuctions charges sellers a small fee when they complete an order. Seller fees vary depending on the method chosen for disbursement as well as the product type sold. Please see the table below for details. Seller Fees & Disbursements Disbursement Method Secure Order-Processing Fee Powerleveling Order Surcharge Game Account Order Insurance Surcharge 9.99% + $0.99 (all PayPal fees waived) +5% +2% 9.99% + $0.99 + $0.50 To learn more about fees and disbursements, please refer to our Seller Fees & Disbursement section.
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    I expect higher end game accounts would be sold this way but I doubt coin transactions, drake or sub 150 EUR items would get a shake with the need for the seller to add an extra over head to cover transaction fees especially when it's a buyers market as it is right now.
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    We're not daft, we know very well that people wouldn't have kept abusing traders if they weren't profitable.
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    Let us take off original colour from current clothes/rugs/carpets white and dye them. If item has pattern we could select which part we want to dye.
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    Hello Wurm Devs and fellow wurmians. The PVP system needs a lot of work we all know that so I am going to throw in a few ideas and hopefully you and the Devs like the ideas…. So lets gets started…. TLDR – VERSION · Sieges on Deeds to allow removal of deeds · Towers/Land grabbing Cap the amounts of towers allowed per kingdom and influence · Meditation – Give all Meditation a 25% passive at level 11 but they also get 2 x -12.5% buffs aswell · Hota and games – Allow Hota to randomly spawn around Select locations on the map. Mini game events run by devs on weekends etc. · Artifacts – Stop recharging on arti’s so they eventually go back to the ground and have to be dug up. · White and Black Lights – Make centralised , Not bashable , not allowed to wall it in obstruct access Sieges and Deeds. Deeds are placed as a defensive and offensive means to hold land/Strategic locations and Defend/Attack other kingdoms. So Kingdoms spam deeds for this reason….. there is no real easy way to remove a deed and this causes issues as you can drain a deed several times before it disbands or if the defender wants can keep chucking silver on the deed. So I would like to introduce the Siege Token !!!! A Siege form can be purchased off a trader for 10s/20s/30s “Thoughts?†the Siege form can be placed creating a Siege token once a deed that has been successfully drained you will have to place it within 12 hours of the drain otherwise you have to wait till next drain time. The Siege Form has to be placed 10 tiles from that Enemy deed boarder. Once the siege form has been placed. · Server announcement (INSERT DEED NAME) Has been sieged) · Defending Deed owner must select a time for the siege to start within 36 hours of the placing of the siege form and only has a selection of 12-24 hours if a time is not selected by the deed owner siege will begin 12 hours after the 36 hour timer. · No buildings walls around siege area etc. against the rules to obstruct access to the siege placement Once Siege is active. · Siege Token has Hitpoints equivalent to a 50ql tower and must be destroyed by the Defenders must be bashed like a tower. · Deed Token has Hitpoints equivalent to a 50ql tower and must be destroyed by the attacking side must be bashed like a tower. · Attacking players have the option to respawn at the Siege Token upon death as long as they are withing 40 tiles of it. · Defending players have the option to respawn at the deed as long as you are a member or within 40 tiles of the deed The siege is finished · If attacking Kingdom kills the Deed token the deed is destroyed and half the upkeep is given to the Siege Form placer and the other half into the coffers? · If the defending kingdom destroys the Siege token deed is immune from draining for 48 hours to allow rebuilds · If there is no result on a winning side within 48 hours of the siege going active the siege token is destroyed and the token is immune from draining for 48 hours to allow for rebuilds. Thoughts? Towers and Land grabbing Currently in “Chaos†not sure about Epic there a 2 main Kingdoms and 2 small kingdoms the map is owned by spamming towers for influence and deeds. The game was originally built for Realm v Realm mechanics and so bringing in PMK’s at a later point has left the mechanics broken. so on fixing this and allowing other PMK’s to grow and more to be created is to put a cap on towers and where they can be built. Some possible fixes are as follows. · Towers can only be built within 1000 tiles N/E/S/W of the Capital City with the same rule of having to be 100 tiles apart. · You cant change capital city on a kingdom.. to stop tower spamming ^^ · Your kingdom can build outside of this Radius but will not have the protection of towers. And other kingdoms can place a deed 100 tiles from that deed as no influence. · Hostile deeds cant be placed within 100 tiles of the capitals tower influence. Meditation Currently the meditation paths are a bit broken so here are some ideas. There should never be a passive 50% damage resistance… buff as this is way to OP so look at giving each path a 25% passive at level 11 and making there be 25% negative effects for going on a specific path. So here goes. · Insanity: passive 25% physical damage resistance buff with -12.5% healing -12.5 skill gain · Love: Passive 25% Healing buff with -12.5% physical Resistance buff +12.5% Stamina loss · Hate: Passive 25% Elements and disease resistance buff -12.5% skill gain +12.5% Stamina loss · Power: Passive all your stamina losses are reduced by 25% buff -12.5% Healing -12.5% Elements and Disease resistance buff · Knowledge: Passive 25% skill gain buff -12.5% Physical resistance buff and -12.5% Elements and disease buff Hota and other games To create pvp Content is needed to be made… so we should look at making Missions on Chaos /Epic more pvp focused also moving the Hota around so it’s not the same spawn area every time. · Move the hota around so its spawns randomly on select spots on the map so a dominating kingdom cant monopolize the area building safe deeds around it so you have exclusive rights to a game that’s meant for the server . This does not create PVP its destroys any sign of it. · Mini games are needed that allow the whole server to get involved… so possible Dev run events on the weekend – have a centralised Fortification that a kingdom has to catch and hold for an hour or so “King of the hill†event with a prize to that kingdom at the end being “Moon metal or Something I don’t care†Artifacts Artifacts play a major part in PVP they are very strong….. weapons I have seen the sword of Kill a 55 body char in 1 hit they either need to be toned down a little or do not allow recharging of the artefact this will allow the artifacts to respawn and allow for them to be grabbed by other kingdoms as these are usally locked up in deeds etc and can also be Monopolized. · Don’t allow artifacts to be recharged so they drop back into the ground and have to be found and dug up again. White light and black light Move the white light and black light to a Central location on the map. This is allowing all player to have access to the Lights. · Move black light and White light to central map 100-200 tiles apart.. · General rule is no building or obstructing access to the lights and make it a bannable offense if done. · Make it so the lights are not bashable · Have the lights spawn an avatar once a month so there is conflict around the lights possibly a good chance for Events on the server etc…? MY PERSONAL THOUGHT. RESET/NEW CHAOS MAP so that new players are able to create and make kingdoms if they wish without being pushed to a corner of a map as building somewhere is taking someone’s land in some way