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    We have plenty of Wurm children, read chat more often.
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    Ok guys... As for cooking fruit trees need a leg up....most players kill them off and see them as a pest more that a usefull tree. So to the end i say LET US MAKE PIE !! Dough + Cherry...put into a bowl - Oven or Forge = Cherry Pie Dough + Apple....put into a bowl - Oevn or Forge = Apple Pie We could even do Meat Pie using diff food mats....hell even Pumpkin Pie Come on guys you know i'm right .....THE WORLD NEEDS PIE For what is a world without pie ? ......We also need BEER to go with the PIE .....if you know what i mean
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    Im still waiting on stairs that Zcul promised us... Or door permissions on interior doors.
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    You must be new around here. We were promised bridges 6 years ago, for example. Time means nothing in Devworld, things happen when they get around to it.
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    "you overlook the gathered community and you feel that Fo will be pleased"
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    I agree with the post title. On mine entrances without walls on the sides or top you should just be able to climb out of them in some manner that is coded by the game mechanics. Until this is implemented it should be game policy that if anyone goes into a mine entrance where the entrance is blocked off without side and top walls, that the GM's will come to remove them from the mine when called upon through /support. Basically either enable a way for players to get out on their own or assist them in doing so. =Ayes=
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    I recently bought a large magical chest from another player, however there is no way to transfer ownership from him to me. Since the chest can only be moved (by being loaded onto a cart) by the owner, there is no way for me to move it (other than push/pull) once it has been unloaded. I tried unloading it after he had loaded it, but ownership was not transferred. Maybe if there was a setting similar to boat ownership where a new player can be set, or something similar, so I could move it about? ^^ Thanks
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=249428292 >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDQ9SJHs7_4 Game can kind of be described as "Dwarf Fortress meets Wurm Online", it is a singleplayer 2D game.where you try to survive in a medieval Finnish landscape running the risks of starvation, frostbite, sickness, and being eaten by wolves. Build a log cabin (will take you most of your dirst summer if you are new at this), plant a garden, put in a cellar for smoked meats. The game loses some challenge once you start to get more familiar with it but its a game I always go back to after a while, and replay from scratch again multiple times. Oddly, despite the low graphics, there are few other games where I have enjoyed as much just tracking a stag with bow and arrow. . I know there are some other big Unreal World fans out there besides myself so figure others here might add their two cents on what they like about this game. http://www.unrealworld.fi/urw_screenshots.html
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    Hello, I have submitted to have the tunnel that starting in Freeport, connects to the old Elm Street deed, informally known as the "Elm Street Tunnel" heritage protected for community access.After the GM appraised it , I was informed it would need reinforced walls end to end, and to show a real value to the community. As to reinforcements, i have no problem with the work...and the stone doors will be removed, and it will be marked from the main road south of Freeport, that leads through NewHaven to TapDance.I will also repave the connecting lane that travels through both of my deeds (Freeport and SouthFreeport) with a 1 lane rough cobble for easy following so as not to be confusing, where it travels through my deeds. This is the part where community comes in. 1.If you live on or frequent Celebration, and find this route(which connects the shoreline of northern Northmere and surrounding communities to the main road to tap dance) of value, please submit input.This is not a vote as much as a show of how valuable it would be to the Celebration community. 2. This is not the only overland connection as the "Celtic Tunnel" and the highway connecting it to the roads south are still open , albeit a bit more inland. 3. This is not a ploy for personal gratification...i did not dig this tunnel , Many others did...I did help with the existing supports during completion but that was all, But i feel if a name were involved for the map page etc... that a name like North Shore access tunnel , or something like that would be appropriate. 4.Also please, i am not looking for drama, or negative opinions based on personal likes or dislikes....if you feel it's of no value no reply or -1 or whatever is fine i don't need ights against it , just asking that IF you find it of value please speak up and be heard....i will check through the week and if i see a positive response i will build/place supports for final submission. Thank you for your time, Merolack Poisonblade
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    Please, check deed settings if you have it set so that people can bring merchants. With the long travelling distances on Xanadu it is particularly irritating if markets are inviting and upon arrival those willing to bring their merchant can not do anything. Most markets are set correctly, but some just not.
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    What is the logic to adding one more submenu and extra click to this? The original interface seemed fine and I hate having to do one more click just to drop an item
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    Anyone want to have this feline for free? adolescent champion wild cat caught a champion rat and brought it home Pickup at Xanadu H10, (she hate water and can't swim)
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    I second Xor, I hate when sales for characters come up, but the sale doesn't list the name. It may seem insignificant, but I don't want to own a character named HelloKitty549, or whatever other silly names are out there. Sorry if I've offended you, HelloKitty549, if you're out there.
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    Hai, A lot of new things has come into Wurm lately, and most of them are awesome but this last thing is bugging me. I know some of ppl lost their items due the fact that they failed to click correctly but that is their fault. I find it a bit to harsh to punish all of us (who knows how to click ) by increasing clicks by x2 when you need to make such a simple action as drop smth lol. I suggest here to make it optional at least, have in mind that to much of fail-safe mechanisms sometimes makes things less fun. BR, Komunalac
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    Please don't remind the devs of this horrible idea, if we are so lucky that they forgot it
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    If you paid for this item via paypal in euros, you should be able to charge it back by lodging a 'no item received' claim.
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    Voted no, last thing I'd want to see is an npc pooping itself. But in all seriousness, still no.
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    Im not even waiting for these things anymore, im just playing the game.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with this. The current system has 2 major flaws: -It can be used to grief -It favors the higher skilled players if they are placed on KOS. I believe a "kill on sight" mechanism has no place on a peaceful server. Ontop of that, I don't believe this to be effective, since templars can easily be killed with some halfdecent gear and skill. A simple way to keep people of your property.. is to never let them enter. Not with walls, but simply "The templar informs you that you are not allowed to enter this deed." Nobody can die and get griefed, and nobody can kill the templar and still be present on the deed when the mayor doesn't want them there.
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    One of my favorite Robin Williams moments: >http://youtu.be/GorgFtCqPEs Tis a sad day indeed.
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    FWIW: Players should maintain the edges of their mine if they are to put locked buildings on the entrance tile - should they not then they can not complain their gate being bashed down. Bash it down and give 0 poops, the guy can't be bothered to wall it off completely, he doesn't deserve the security.
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    People who are complaining about black skins not being Medieval enough: in the Middle Ages most people lived in a shack with 10 other people, mainly living off grain and turnips, because meat was too expensive and hunting impossible, since the land belonged to some knight who shot poachers on sight. Every now and then half your family would die because of some horrid disease and the idea that you could determine your own desitiny was totally preposterous, since the church told you what to do and the bits they forgot to mention were filled in by the aforementioned local knight, who sort of owned everybody living on their land. A peasant sitting on a horse was a dead peasant, since nobody was rich enough to own a horse, so he probably had stolen it. People having their own mines was something that only happened in their dreams and women living alone in a huge house owned by themselves was unheard of, let alone women who were priests. Like peasants with horses: a woman with her own house was a dead woman, since she probably was a witch. Oh, and dragons....? Nah. There were even less dragons then black people seen in the middle ages. Sooooooo..... what part of genuine Medievalness of Wurm is hurt by players who would like to play the game in a skin they feel comfortable in?
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    Obviously CoD charges still apply and it's 10 copper for us Canadians, or 20 copper for any other servers. First one is free for anyone, 10 copper after that. Order is not required for free one, but I ask that you only ask for it if you really intend to use it. Alright, I'm a wee bit annoyed by the profiting of these(even if I'm a hypocrite about it), and especially chaos faction items. I originally made the price 30 copper just to nerf up the price, but I think that I should've just gone straight to this. I can't make a dent on the latter, but I can atleast put a fair stop to the profiting of obelisks, and mostly on pylons once they're in my area. As a result, I've lowered the price to 10 copper, and I want to make sure it's clear that I'm not responsible for any further price changes from here on out. Anyways, just make a post here, PM me over the forums, or PM in game and I'll send em down as soon as possible. Current stock is 120 or so Unfinished Obelisks I reserve the right to deny any orders or free obelisks, especially on forum accounts with 20 or less posts.
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    Just an FYI Potions give the same effect, regardless of their ql So I don't see it needing different prices, free bump, nice stuff!
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    The importance of seeing a face that looks like yours when stepping into a fictional game world can't be overstated. When you can choose a likeness you are familiar or comfortable with it tells you "Hey, you're welcome here. You can be larger-than-life, too." gg...
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    Yes, medieval NW/Nordic Europe where they fought dragons, giant spiders, hell horses, goblins, trolls, and unicorns. Where magic was real and crops don't die in the winter. Yet a black person living there .. impossible! Stop using 'realism' or 'lore' as excuses to be racist.
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    Wow, Ok sir, Well I traveled all the way to Xanadu, have talked to four different people, and PMed one of the people your with telling them the item has nbeen moved to inde, and I will spawn an alt at freedom market to have you get the item... I waited in Xanadu for 48 hrs trying to catch you... I also responded to one of the last PMs I recieved and never got anything back. Telling you it was on Inde. PM me when you can get to inde freedom market to grab it
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    I rather watch jersey shore I watch them both when it's 2am and cba to sleep
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    my first supreme i made was a small axe, 2nd one was a glimmer longsword, none of which where mine
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    First supreme was rock shard and week ago I'm create fantastic pickaxe
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    This idea has been suggested 314159 times. I never bother with baggies, glass jars, Tupperware containers, plastic cling wrap; really a no-brainer. I just like to keep all my flavors sealed in tight with aluminum foil. Never settle for less, that kind of wrap is just the best.
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    Butcherblock Mining Company (X44 Y6) and Tamriel (X20 Y31) dropped om the last few days.
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    Sorry miss read the auction i though that 35 was buyout
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    I hope im correct here. Go on the test server. Dig as much dirt as you can carry. Try to drop it. Be happy soon .
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    I thought for a second you were wanting the ability to customise the lines that are given, which I also think would be awesome.
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    Yikes!!! Grats to the winner on an some really expensive pixels It should light up an entire mine and spit out magic gems!!!
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    Suddenly I don't feel so bad investing 700 eu in an account
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    -1 from me, I dont think making an already slow game slower would be beneficial but here is a pic just for giggles
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    anyone got a coin flip app?
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    Still +1 I really don't see how any one can seriously legit believe it will devalue path of knowledge. How many people do you know with 100 in a skill? Can you really say the only option we should have to protect maybe one skill at real 100 is to give up any other bonuses given, and switch to knowledge? I don't think anyone really understands how hard a real 100 skill is, anyone that's obtained it surely is worth having it protected
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    In the WTS section - Check No auction timer, or mention of bids - Check Accepting Best Offer - Check I'd say this is a sale thread, and not an auction.. i might be reading between the lines incorrectly though