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    And btw to those who think depression is a choice. Depression is not something you can just decide not to have it is an illness just like cancer or diabetes. You cant just choose to stop having cancer can you? No! Didnt think so, and the same goes for depression. So before you start judging those with depression as weak minded do your research. Thank you.
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    [Removed quote] Could not have said it better myself. For anyone who had even a modicum of respect for Robin Williams in his life, I urge them to use his death as a catalyst to get educated about mental illness (and addiction, which a great many Wurmians should know a little something about). And until you get educated, STFU.
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    Assuming only the front and at max 2 other sides had a gate/wall and you went in through the opening then there is indeed nothing the GMs can do. I had the same thing happen to me a good six years ago, though in that case I was without a cart, and I also didn't have anything to bash the gate with (I fell into the mine then as I was falling down a hill, out of stamina). I had to suicide out and lost all my stuff. A farwalker twig would have gotten me out, but if you have a cart then even that doesn't work. Imagine if the mine you had fallen into was on deed, then you couldn't even bash that gate down! I consider it really bad form to put a locked gate in front of a mine without also walling in the other three sides. Doing so makes the mine a deathtrap to anybody who falls in (and that can happen by accident, especially if you fall down a mountain/hill) and is just plain lazy. Building those 3 extra walls takes almost no effort. I really wish such deathtraps were against the rules (they are clearly against the spirit of the PvE servers) and that GMs could destroy the gates when something like this happens. It's exactly because of this stuff that minedoors were added in the first place. So if you use a normal locked gate in front of your mine then at least have the decency to put an extra 3 walls on the other sides of the mine entrance so people can't fall in, or just use a minedoor.
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    It's been a long day of adventuring, you've slain a dragon, your priest lost an arm and your knight will never walk again, until he enters an inn where the magical cure-all of the RPG universe awaits. Yes, your bed. It would be a nice touch if beds acted as a QL/5 power healing cover for people sleeping in them, granting one healing tick per hour offline. Rest and relaxation is important for healing! You know, sometimes inspiration comes to you while you are asleep? Dreams can answer questions you never knew you had... Once sleep bonus reaches the full amount if the player spends another 8 hours in bed (offline) they have a chance depending on bed QL (QL/5)% (and maybe modified by their soul stats?) to wake up with a skillgain buff in one random skill for 30 mins. 2x (80%),3x (18%) ,4x (1.9%) or even 5x (0.1%) skillgain during that time. There is nothing quite like breakfast, it's the meal that keeps you going until lunch and then some! After sleeping for 6 hours (regardless of sleep bonus) the next piece of food you eat will give double nutritional bonus. Because breakfast is important and it's likely a bonus most players will see once, maybe twice, every 24 hours of wurming. Finally... Well someone already beat me to it! http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/108043-favor-regeneration-while-offline/
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    I've cleaned up this thread. Please avoid breaking the forum rules and instead use this thread to remember one of the greatest actors/comedians of all time.
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    You have no idea what you are talking about, so please stop. Edit: R.I.P. Him in Hook and Jumanji, those were my childhood films
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    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/11/robin-williams-dead-dies_n_5670050.html Here's hoping the press will leave his family well enough alone.
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    5 shafts 2 large nails 10 iron hooks Stores 100 fish Other possibilities: 1) Would be extremely cool if the fish turned to "dried fish" after some amount of time which could be stored in an FSB. 2) Perhaps halves decay 3) Salt in the rack turns fish into "salted fish" mmm yummy. But I'd be happy just to have decorative fish storage too. Preferably with empty and full models. No fishing village would be complete without them. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/39/Dryfish_Iceland.jpg This is the sort of structure I had in mind
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    While we can't bring him back**, we can remember him as he was. A funny man who was a great actor, a husband, and a father. Personally I'll always remember him as Mrs. Doubtfire and one of the few to name his daughter "Zelda", and I'm sure all of you will remember him in one form or another as well. To memorialize Robin Williams in Wurm, I've named my Colossus of Vynora in his memory, and may he forever be in our hearts. **Note, this is not a challenge to you, libila priests. Do not attempt to resurrect Robin Williams into a Zombie Robin Williams, as it will not end up well.
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    With that logic, can I, as Fo priest, complain that I don't get an ability similar to buying res stones for free? How is it fair that Lib and Mag can collapse caves for free, but other priests have to pay 5s per tile to get the same thing done? You could say 'convert Mag', but that's like saying "lose several months of progress", and I think we already determined that converting to get something isn't always the most convenient thing. I think that the answer is pretty simple. When I went Fo, I chose for Fo benefits and sacrificed Mag, Vyn and Lib's benefits. If I really wanted the free res stone and the ability to collapse walls, I should've chosen Magranon instead. I can't get the good parts of Fo and the good parts of Magranon together. In the same way, you chose for a BL PMK and sacrificed the WL advantages. That's why this "You guys get something that we can't get for free" argument isn't very good.
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    My friend and I tried to perform a 2 person puppet show. Both of us had no weapons or shields equipped, and had puppets placed in our hands (tried both left and right) and activated. Right-clicking on my friend brought up a puppeteer option, but clicking it did nothing- no even message or anything. Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged?
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    Suddenly I don't feel so bad investing 700 eu in an account
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    Rest in peace among your heroes, beloved and kind Robin. I heard about your story from a friend To let go and make an end, that's what you did You left some words saying now it would be good You knew they'd cry, but you hoped they understood Things you've had to face, what you have seen To make it through each day, you tried, Without the tears They tried to help, but they didn't see you crawl They knew you fought, but they never Thought you'd fall They never thought you'd fall. Tell them please, how could they know Hurts inside, no scars to show You played the lead, and never once you failed And the place from where you watch us now Hope you've found your peace somehow, Peace somehow I heard about your story through the years Know 'bout all your hurt and fears I won't forget I wrote a song that I wish for you to hear It's about yourself and the life you couldn't bear Tell them please, how could they know Hurts inside, no scars to show You played the lead, and never once you failed And the place from where you watch us now Hope you've found your peace somehow, Peace somehow I wanna remember all there's about you, And I know there's so much I see all the faces, the tears and embraces Wish you could be here to see it too
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    This is stupid, why are we arguing over an idea that will never happen? Continue to buff Libila an already pvp OP priest compared to the others. If BL was smart they'd not bring light on Libila and her OP battle spells, because eventually WL will be buffed, an until then Libila won't get changed. -1
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    Even this will get me to break my moment of silence from the forums...... It's extremely sad news to hear this happened to him. I often say, those that attempt to bring happiness to others, Often sacrifice there own for others. Not because they need to, but because it brings some joy to them. He was a great actor, and beyond that, a great person. It's extremely sad to see it end like this, Many great people die in this fashion.... And so many, don't understand the true reasons. I fear, many of them are unable to even understand them. I hope his remaining relatives don't get swamped with people now, including his close friends. I'm sure the people I talk to on a weekly basis know exactly what I mean when I say sacrificing themselves, We talk weekly about it. Maybe this will point on what I try to explain better then anything I myself could come up with. Though this isn't the way I'd wish to teach that lesson.
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    What is the logic to adding one more submenu and extra click to this? The original interface seemed fine and I hate having to do one more click just to drop an item
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    You should PM Felthanne
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    Either report the GM who didn't help you or report the GM who did help to get my cart out of a cave.
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    -1 from me, I dont think making an already slow game slower would be beneficial but here is a pic just for giggles
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    Also, war trophy potential Catapaulting someone's arms and legs back into their deed ....
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    what a bunch of scumbags, so quick to wash their hands from any responsabilty, their brand and image was in that project, they told the people to suport it. They should really own to their own mess. And I am being extremely optimistic here, saying that it was a mess, and not a straight scam from yougcast to their listeners.
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    Just because I am appalled: You should not speak ill of the dead. It's tactless and says a lot more about you than them. And FYI, anyone not too lazy to even look on wikipedia can find out that depression can have biological causes, at least according to people who know a hell of a lot more than you do about it.
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    Although I have so much more I'd like to say in response to the selfish and ignorant in this thread, I've decided not to feed the troll, and focus on Mr. Williams, who entertained me and made me smile for almost my whole life.
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    You are taking away a unique feature from the Magranon priest tree. Do you have no shame ?
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6DqWP733F4 A sad but upbeat movie, just like him
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    Get a better lantern/lamp --> problem fixed
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    I reported it the way the interface says to report it. Had it said to PM Enki, I would have. As for the other comments here and elsewhere, I think I am done trying to report anything in this game or suggest anything or help with anything. The aggravation you get from people hopping on every word you say and arguing every one of them is just not worth it. If I find something, you can bet someone else has or will. The difference is I try to let it be known without telling everyone what I found (edit) or using it.
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    the systems provided by wurm are not intended to completely isolate one person. This is not a realistic request or one that will ever happen.
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    Map is at this location: http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/ I am not actively monitoring this map, the editors have taken over maintenance of it.
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    I know it's been brought up in the past, but I couldn't find any old threads about it to necro. Please allow favor to regen - slowly - while priest/ess is offline. To me, there is no sense in encouraging folks to leave characters logged in idle, using server resources, just waiting for their favor bar to refill. Perhaps there is some potential abuse issue that escapes me? I certainly wouldn't mind if it was very, very slow, but it would be nice if my priest who hasn't been logged in for a week could have a full bar of favor like he does stamina.
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    Ahhhhh DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
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    It is fun seeing all of these reminders of what he accomplished. Some I had forgotten about. Some I could never forget. All were fun to watch.
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    Please remove the submenu or make it an option in the settings. The last thing we need is more steps to get our work done.
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    Well said Schiann this is about Mr Williams, not debate thread. I am deeply saddened at this talented and wonderful man passing at what seems a young age. He will always be Mork to me .
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    Maybe rare beds get bonuses?
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    I played a Mag priest for over a year, and after the pillar nerf (which I still support) all Mag really had for me was 25% dmg bonus which is really nowhere near as powerful as people make it out to be (1-2 more dmg unless you hit like a truck? ok..) and the res stone bonus. I really still can't follow the logic of how a passive bonus that only affects you when you die is overpowered, to me overpowered means you don't die. I get people can be upset about losing out on drake/scale, but not everyone cares about dragon armor, and usually on Epic, you're just going to get plate anyway which is dime a dozen, so it's just a handy thing to help keep pvp flowing and less downtime if it works. Outside of that, and I guess dominate which fails heavily in comparison to rebirth's potential, there really isn't even a reason to be a Mag priest -1
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    MR's amazing logic. Can't think up a reasonable argument against something? Time to get as outlandish as possible
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    The lovely ambient sound of mycelium... Oh how nice it is to hear people moaning in pain.
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    Just went on test, signs are made which give you all the resources to build houses and fences you need. Skills can still be set by rightclicking the ground with an item activated in your inventory (rbings up that spawn armour and whatnot window) A helpfull GM even made a building full of arched walls for people to try out fencing right away. Just went on quick after updating my test client to see if my test client ran ok, will be back this evening to give fences some good testing
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    I like asian girls.. can we also add that to character options?
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    Make it togglable!!!! Aaaaaa
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    It is a lesson that only needs to be learned once and think it is fine once they get trapped then they will never do it again. If anything i think an invisible barrier that would not allow them in the top or sides would be better. Anyway -1 from me.
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