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    As it is currently, you can buy a res stone for 5s and it gives you a 50% chance to keep your items, if you are a high faith mag priest (Only available to WL kingdoms) then you get an extra 50% roll to keep your items after the res stone is taken into effect. This is not balanced currently as one group need to pay for a chance to keep their items (Blacklighters) and one group need to pay for an extra chance at keeping their items, but get the res stone effect for free at high faith. I suggest either: 1) remove res stone effects completely from mag priests 2) make it fair and give blacklight template kingdoms (libila priests) the same ability at high faith It makes no sense that one group has to pay for something with silver and the other group get this effect for free and can double it for the same cost.
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    todays the day I livestream hitting myself with a bat
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    Make a item "rebirth stone" or wathever it would be called, available at a trader for lets say 5silver Same as with the bl spell you would be able to use it to turn a dead animal into a zombie
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    whats with all these dumb suggestions
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    -1 If you want to have the benefits of a mag priest there is nothing stopping you from becoming a mag priest. You made the decision to be a libila follower and the game should not be changed because you are envious of another priest's spells and abilities. By the way, there is a game called checkers where everyone has exactly same abilities, you may want to check that out too.
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    Lil church I made on release, And my humble lil house on Xanadu
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    It would be nice if we could make statuette of ourselves or colossus perhaps. Same look As the player.
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    Nor should we be forced to change our kingdom template to a WL option to get a paid for ability for free. One side should not get something for free that other groups need to pay the game developers for.
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    most recent one how i depict my character on chaos, how much i wished we would have proper capes or dyable hoods... for my island auction (i know wurm has no palms XD) after a dream i had about wurm halluzinations The "void" in person XD crazy miner picture libila oriented fanart for Rosedragon comics:
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    No objections from me but in that case I guess we should also be given the 25% damage bonus since libila is a war god and our only option. Whole system needs a rework, but until then I will settle for the res stones being balanced.
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    +1 Because priests in general need a bit of a rework considering Mag priests having more benefits then any of the other priests. Its obvious its not balanced and gets away with being unbalanced.
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    No i'm not, that's the whole point of the suggestion, make it available to both sides or remove it completely. WL chars have the CHOICE to either play mag for the bonus or not, we as blacklighters do not.
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    Colossus of Sharkin all over Stinky's deed! This would be a cool feature.
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    I reported it the way the interface says to report it. Had it said to PM Enki, I would have. As for the other comments here and elsewhere, I think I am done trying to report anything in this game or suggest anything or help with anything. The aggravation you get from people hopping on every word you say and arguing every one of them is just not worth it. If I find something, you can bet someone else has or will. The difference is I try to let it be known without telling everyone what I found (edit) or using it.
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    Completely agree with you Ayes, Some of it makes no sense at all, an unfinished tower fits in the mail, but a shovel doesn't?? Wogic at its finest
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    Time for Rolf to clear up what is happening, or going to happen, with the traders on the old servers. There is NO excuse to leave people hanging like this.
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    Scrolling down, I thought you were joking with that first picture Silakka Then saw the 2nd one...dam, that's quite the transformation!
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    I want to mail shovels too.. rakes.. fishing poles, quite everything that's bugged. Mail system in overall needs a fix
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    the systems provided by wurm are not intended to completely isolate one person. This is not a realistic request or one that will ever happen.
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    If the devs treat the game like it's in Beta the critics will as well.
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    Just make drop like other modern MMO's i.e. drag the item from your inventory window to the main game window ---> dialogue box appears asking if you want to drop the item ... OR in options toggle it so you can always allow drag and drops ..
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    Want a nice looking Empire of Mol Rehan tower on your freedom deed? As of the recent update you may no longer mail unfinished items. Only way right now to get ahold of a unfinished tower is to visit my deed "Gothenburg" located in R12 on the ingame map (Xanadu)
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    What is the logic to adding one more submenu and extra click to this? The original interface seemed fine and I hate having to do one more click just to drop an item
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    I googled the forum before posting and it was about 50... Meh, no problem, I'm not greedy
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    MR's amazing logic. Can't think up a reasonable argument against something? Time to get as outlandish as possible
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    Thread cleaned. This has gotten out of control. Not a place to insult each other. Keep on topic here. Regards, Necroe (Board Moderator)
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    Not true at all. I don't know about Chaos, but on Epic, ice pillar and especially tentacles are used very often. Ice pillars might not be very powerful, but they go over existing enemy pillars and can make enemies split up. Tentacles does very decent damage, is invisible and has no cooldown. That's why you make the choice... if I am part of a WL kingdom and I want to become a priest who has as little pvp restrictions as Libila while having lots of effective combat spells, I'm out of luck too. It's a choice that you make... you can't have everything you want. Sorry but you're not "taking your tabard off". This is a suggestion with ridiculously biased reasoning. The least you could do is admit that.
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    Why not remove the bonuses for being high faith for all priests. then its all down to the spells. this would make it fair.
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    I propose that magranon priests are given sand as equivilent to mycellium, Weakness is removed completely, our spells act like your spells instead of internal wounds and drain health has a 10second cooldown ( not cast time increase ). Magnaron priests are given LitD in exchange we get res bonus and 25% damage, magnaron priests can also woodcut. Sound fair? Edit to tidy this up a bit: Mag gains Sand as Mycelium Weakness removed completely No more internal wounds Drain health cooldown 10-20 seconds Woodcutting Lurker in the dark casts Lib gains 25% damage free additional res stone 6 gains for mag, 2 for lib.
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    Yes, we will disband our kingdom, pay a gold and refound as a whitelight kingdom to be able to get a free version of a paid item... Much sense, many logic.
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    There's currently a lot of balancing that needs to be done with priests, and this is one of many things that should be looked at. +1
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    -1 but I wouldnt mind getting pmks on freedom and a pmk-wide kos setting. or even alliance kos
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    The lovely ambient sound of mycelium... Oh how nice it is to hear people moaning in pain.
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    Simple enough: Instead of writing "You will soon leave this island, and end up on another island." type out which server you'll end up on. Ever since Xanadu was added the north border on Deliverance is a gamble - Parts of the north shore leads to Xanadu, which is really frustrating when you're headed to Independence.
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    Warstark: white horse, cared by Doctorangus, Branded Kelethin Rafflestrong: brown horse, cared by Diabolicatrix, also branded Kelethin. They had decent gear on them but I'd like to get the horses back at least if they are missing their gear. Please I'd be grateful. Last seen around NW Deli.
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    -1, I can see this easily turning into a huge griefing Mechanic. It's all too easy to fabricate stories or to make yourself look like a victim. And I personally don't want everyone else deciding if my Templar and guard towers attack someone.
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    Still +1 I really don't see how any one can seriously legit believe it will devalue path of knowledge. How many people do you know with 100 in a skill? Can you really say the only option we should have to protect maybe one skill at real 100 is to give up any other bonuses given, and switch to knowledge? I don't think anyone really understands how hard a real 100 skill is, anyone that's obtained it surely is worth having it protected
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    This is good and dandy but for the love of god, stop adding things and fix the client laggy issues in massive cities...
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    The Desertion Incident There have been some recent cases of newly created avatars attacking other players on the starter deed of Desertion. Wurm Online has game mechanics in place to help deal with players who attack other players in the same kingdom on Desertion and Serenity, such as the hunted system. However, these game mechanics cannot deal with every possible situation. Sometimes players will find ways to minimize or bypass the effects of the game mechanics. One example of that is using newly created avatars to attack other players with. These avatars are usually disposable, so the effect of the hunted and reputation systems are minimal to none. The GM team has decided that this particular recent case on Desertion is in violation of these rules. Penalties have been issued to the parties involved on both the main and related avatars. We would like to encourage players to use /support if they suspect a player is violating the Disruptive Player Behavior rules. Keep in mind that these rules only apply to Serenity and Desertion, as they are the only servers that enforce a strict /reputation and hunted system. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
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    I'd love to try Chaos, but it's so insanely far away! The world can be round! Anything to get more people into Chaos is good, right?
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    You are still denying the fact you can become Mag at any time but you have chosen not to. The game should not be changed because of your decision to pick a religion to follow. Did you read the spell lists and abilities before you made this decision?
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    Pick female, choose the palest skin tone, adjust facial features. It's not going to be perfect, but it's a lot closer than you are going to get trying to make a black woman.
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    I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish but wat? This games community compared to any other game I've ever played is beyond amazing. Every relationship you form or interaction you have reflects on your reputation throughout the community, I've bought something as simple as 'dirt' from people whom have since become friends and my go-to people when it comes to recommending them for their services or when ever I need to buy something again. If you happen to be a bit of d-bag to people, you'll find out quickly enough how much your reputation matters in the game.