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    Moved to auction: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/107773-great-auction-fantastic-pickaxe/
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    I hope everyone had a splendid vacation! Here in the states, we generally only get two weeks unless you are a politician. So I actually can't talk "shop" much as I honestly know very little regarding the development of these games, but I see a lot of people talking about upcoming crabs, bridges, boat models, sheep..etc. Now I'm as excited as the next about seeing a crab (not really) but what I would like most....is to be able to turn around in a cave without disconnecting a million times. It would also be nice to see it not take 5 log in attempts for my friends to be able to play. Maybe be able to go on a raid without being so lagged tha.. ((((Screen freezes --disconnects))). So while I am sure that you're all itching to get those sheep spawning, I ask that you maybe spend the 1st few weeks of your time back from vacation maybe working on the stability and performance of the game. Even a mention of these issues and that you're working on it would be awesome. As I write this, my client has crashed 2 times..and yes, my settings are all low. Thanks! Brandon
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    With 70 people on the kill list , 130+ in local and an immense amount of lag, i think the loot and fight went well, people backed off from the fight so others could get on (hence 70 slayers.) Not a single heal was even needed on this fight as it wasn't an "emergency kill" it was organised and loot was rolled accordingly, and rules clearly stated in the post. I don't believe this kill could of gone any smoother regarding the sheer amount of people involved. Everyone got their blood right, and the *small* hide regardless of loot rolls so i dont really see what there is to complain about here Thanks to everyone for showing up on time and killing this thing fast!
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    'Client stability' isn't a simple thing the entire team can spend a week on just to magically fix - it has been an ongoing process for months now trying to fix up the crashes that change from system to system. The thing is we can't fix anything without crash logs - console.log crash logs to be specific. With those we can track down where in the client things are going wrong, and try to fix them, but just getting reports of 'I'm crashing every 2 minutes' doesn't help us fix anything. I've just had a quick look at the client bugs section, and of the resent 'client crash' threads, there is only one or two with enough information we can use to fix things, and one of those was an error due to hardware and driver issues. Better yet, I've started this thread: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/107691-client-crashing-frequently-post-your-consolelog-here/
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    Had a moment of thunder that wonked up the net and the power grid so I drew a quick sketch of my character while I couldn't play. Far from perfect, but it'll make do lol
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    I get called Bi, we should be a team!
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    I'm sometimes called gay
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    That sketchtoy is pretty fun! http://sketchtoy.com/62487462
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    That it hasn't happened ~yet~ doesn't mean it can't happen!
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    Hordem is the standard, so I made an alt (my mag priest) and called it Hordem, partly for entertaining confusion, and partly so no one else could take the name and potentially cause confusion. I've lost count of the number of times Wossoo has said "Wait, so it's actually rn/m I always thought it was the other." depending on which account I'm speaking on.
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    Screenshot solves these concerns.
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    Nice knife; nice price. I hate your priest.
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    Well since we haven't got anything with loading animals to a boat. How bout making horses and other animals that can swim hitchable to a boat. It would act just like a tent where only if you have permissions/key you can unhitch them. They would follow the boat anywhere but cross server.
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    i seen some silly names on coins before but i think this is too much.
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    So hide them, why bother with fake stats. Also same argument applies against revealing skills. Course actual effectiveness in pvp is less based on skill and stat levels. Anyways, hiding info will only result in an inaccurate price, thus defeating the whole purpose of a price check. Its nice looking; however, overall the stats are way too low for such skills. Even some of the main skills are too low for those subskills.
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    1s each santa hat 1s each snow lantern 7-12s shovel leggings up to 10s sleeve 3-6s gnomes 4-5s each
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    Maybe if they did not destroy buildings but the faster they get killed the better for anyone living close to one that has spawned.
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    Holy crap! I wouldn't sell a fantastic pickaxe except if I had 2 of it. Want my 100k wemp plants for it? ;-) And PromisedOne you own a fantastic steel pick? Please enlight us about the quality + on mined iron? :-)
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    To give you some realistic information. Mine is steel so the offers I have had I will list below. 2g + 1 Dragon HoTA Statue Scale Set (no Enchants 80QL) Supreme Steel Pickaxe + 1g 2.5g + Trader Deed on Indy Adamantine Great helm 80QL + 1g + Supreme Hammer 2 Rare Dragon Strange Bones + Black Drake Set + White Drake Set Bag of Keeping + 1g This should shed some light on the value of your item in comparison. Mine is 95QL 100 WoA 102 CoC. I recently sold a Supreme Pickaxe for 100e in minutes with great enchants. I am suree this will go for much more.
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    The core skill will stay low if you spend all your time imping at the upper end of your sub skill. If you want tailor up, then make a ton of low QL leather and imp those to about 50. After 60+, most of the ticks will go to LW.
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    If we could get the client to be a little more forgiving of crappy internet connections, there would be a ton fewer crashes. Mine crash every time the internet drops for a few seconds. Other games I play do not have that issue. I'll try to remember to post a log on the next crash.
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    Id say 2g+. I agree with Capi... Start the auction at 1g with no buyout. The sky is the limit.
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    A fantastic fruit press sold for 75s. A fruit press. Out of lavenderwood. Start at a gold (doesnt really matter) and people will easily (!) bid more than 4 gold. I know some that are willing to bid 3 gold and you know, people get crazy =) Everyone that says less is IMO just interested in undercutting the price. And please: NO buyout! That would just destroy the auction. That's more prestige than a scale set.
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    One person seems to like calling me Crapi
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    Problems perhaps aren't as pronounced to to some people depending on how densely populated they may live on each particular server. So whilst you may not experience stability problems or low performance you should should perhaps be mindful your circumstances do not apply to everyone. I personally have a very decent gaming rig however in my village where about 15 active players live I'm lucky to stay over 20FPS and can get as low as 8FPS sometimes. When i leave the village my FPS skyrockets to 60FPS where I've capped it to make it easier for me to multiclient. I tend to find that most of the problems with my client crashing occur during start up or within the first 10mins of my client being logged in occasionally it can take me up to 3 attempts to successfully log in. I also find that whenever more than about 10 players get together in one area the drop is FPS is exponential. On Chaos where groups of 20-30players+ coming together regularly is a common occurrence you can see this poses quite afew issues. There is also a notable drop in performance when traveling for longer distances causing "stutter" lag where despite your surroundings your FPS will drop to 1 momentarily before returning to normal and continues to do this every 1-2mins until you relog your client. As I say these performance problems are not obviously applicable to everyone but it does effect alot of players regardless. The last few updates have seen changes and new mechanics added in that are neither added more crucial content nor fix old content which is still broken. Let alone the need to make the Wurm Client more efficient and stable. Addressing these problems does 0 harm to anyone, improves the gameplay for all and also makes the game accessible to more people who may not have the means nor ability to buy better hardware which again is good for the game. So following that train of thought, I give this a whole hearted +1
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    i have an 8.5kg empty bucket
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    Dogkiss is very fond of dogs. He always chases after them and nibbles upon their ears, thus the nickname which a passerby one day mistook for kissing, although since he had several dogs he was leading behind and always stopped to kiss them fondly on the head, his interpretation was no doubt influenced by this. I always thought the flapping of the dogs ears is what attracted Dogkiss and encouraged the chase and ending nibbling effect; but, once the name is implanted at birth in a foretelling of these future events, there is no changing it. At any rate, if this is indeed the Dogkiss of whom events have been foretold, I would advise you that his future path was to run free for the remainder of his simulated life upon this planet far removed from time where the future has no bearing upon the past. Thank you for your concerned diligence for this Dogkiss of long ago who has just more recently arrived. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    This current combat system is not bad and imo it should be improved, not wiped out for something totally new.
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    Any chance we can get end caps? Select stone wall > add end cap Have a few shards or bricks in inventory and BAM!
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    I really dislike the new voices. I am wondering why they were changed. The old ones were so much better. It would be nice to have an option to switch back to the old style voice.
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    Not my drawing, but this is exactly how I imagine my character... Petition for long hair for guys and longer cloaks for all!!!
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    Yes, yes it is. Hence my supporting this suggestion. You can't remove the bad but necessary mechanic until the good mechanc is in the game.
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    I love how you captured the cap colour
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    That's it... I'm gonna start renaming all coins I come across to "Offensive Name", "Offensive Comment", "Wild Accusation", "Socially frowned-upon Substance", and "Miley"
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    I come pick you up in my fantastic knarr, might have to make room for you since i have 12 sets of scale in the boat.
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    Omg, please no one go looking for him. I like the peace and quiet! Like a dream come true
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    Found some up on craigslist for a good deal http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/rvs/4600329137.html
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    Don't have a screenshot of one in my house, but had a zombie one as a watchdog.
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    There's no need to remove the traders at all... who's going to sell uncraftable items such as rods, forms, contracts? I think this could be fixed by removing their ability to buy / sell craftable items and establishing a fixed amount of silver they contribute to the unkeep.
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    Wow, Monokles's posts are actually impressive. Can he be the BL spokesperson please? At least we can get some intelligent and on-topic discussion going. As far as balancing the BL spells with Fo heals, the only Fo healing spell you can cast on a boat is heal. It's a full heal, but it takes 30 seconds to cast where you are pretty vulnerable and have a gigantic silver or gold beacon sticking out of your side that screams "HIT ME I'M CASTING!!!!!!!" Light of Fo can't be used on the boat (no one needs me to say why, everyone knows this), and you can't cast cure light/medium/serious because you get the "too far away" message after moving a few tiles, just like using cotton. Also, yes, I do tend to have intelligent conversation when others do the same instead of turning every thread into a tar pit. 1,000th post woo
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    After a long, exhausting drawing session I've noticed that it's lefthanded. Oh well.
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    You'll let your kid play wurm, where they have the ability to stab puppies, kittens and unicorns.... and you're concerned about fart emotes? I'm -1 this because any kid young enough to need to be sheltered from such things listed is too young to be gaming. Specifically multiplayer online gaming (and that means consoles too).
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