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    Ok so in real life there are various ores that produce viable quantities of more than one metal when smelted. I would like to see of these at some point in wurm. Variety, immersion, and whatnot. Galena - Silver and lead. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galena Tetrahedrite - Copper, Antimony, Iron, Zinc, Silver http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahedrite Bornite - Copper and Iron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bornite Couple examples ...
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    +1. Freedom is the backbone of wurm and thus freedom players should not be treated like 2nd class players, as it is right now.
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    If you want moon metal, Valrei abilities, missions, karma abilities, etc. then you should also get deed-destroying terraforming events and clusters of drakespirits terrorizing the oceans. Fair is fair.
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    Freedom cherry pickers unite! Legendary titles are too good for Epic but anything and everything that makes Epic unique is gone nearly except for the terraforming events. If you want some you should have it all. I'll give my +1 if terraforming events become a thing on all Freedom servers and/or legendary titles are given to Epic.
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    Well, beats the old provider at least. What was their MO...... oh yeah... "Shutdown everything and hope the DDoS'er gets bored"
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    The experience of PVPing should be enough reward for those that wish to PVP. They should not need other incentives. So there is no reason to not give moon metals to Freedom Isles. IF the experience of PVPing is not enough reward to keep PVPers. THEN Rolf needs to look at PVP, and fix it so that it is. PVPers already enjoy many benefits over any Freedom Isles person. They have kingdom titles, and they have access to artifacts. Some of the artifacts are not weapons and produce other effects not related to PVP. You also get the bonus of trading/stacking affinities. I will state again. PVP should be the reward for living on a PVP server. IF that is not enough. Then the system is flawed, and the fault clearly lies in the PVP system.
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    Put the tree's that need cutting where there supposed to be and maybe just maybe we can do a mission and actually have a chance on the Valrei map. Dont know if its just me or if everyone is sick of the half assed Valrei missions that are bugged 4 bugged tree missions in a row go Rolf.
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    I'm sure this has been put out there before but remove the slope cap on mine doors I never seen the point of it.
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    its okay may the deepest pockets win xD . . .
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    Ok, let me show you what this sounds like. Instead let's add a new material; titanium. This will be between chain/plate defense wise Weapons will be like iron. Tools will give +2ql in what there used for. Improve 25% better, and use 0.2 seconds faster. This material can only be found on PVE servers, because PvPers don't need it, they can go hop along with there easy crafting methods that are easy mode in PvP. They have no need for crafting bonuses on there tools. Furthermore, This should bring more appeal to PvE servers and the pve environment. There's the reversed situation, now tell me, does that even make sense? There should be no need for PVP to have extra content for "risk vs reward" that's not how you set up a pvp server, ever. If you *need* that, then alright; give them strict pvp bonuses. IE: a buff that increases damage dealt to other players by 5%. There is no reason armour, weapons, tools, monsters, decorations, or any other item, that could easily be used in PvE for many, many, reasons, should be restricted to PvP. We CAN use it, even if you see "no challenge" what if we want to look good in seryll armour? What if we want to use it because it holds enchants better? What if we want to one shot every mob? Saying PvP needs exclusive content to provide a reward for the risk, only tells me you aren't a pvper, you should be enjoying the thrill of the fight, win or lose, not because you are forced to for some shiny material.
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    You PvP and some people craft. You go play on PvP so you can fight other players. They play on PvE so they can stand in a safe zone and press the same button over and over. The servers need separate rules for some mechanics. It's not a matter of balance, it's a matter of playstyle. You can't balance PvP when it changes the balance in PvE and the same in reverse. They need separate rules. A psuedo sense of education when it comes to balance is to think you can balance two totally different kinds of servers with the same rules. This same argument happens in Wurm over and over again because balancing one unbalances the other. It's happened over armor, weapons, mob resistances, tower guards, templars, and decorations in patches vs new PvP stuff in patches. It's going to keep happening over and over until there are two systems each with their own balances. An education in balance would start with realizing there will never be a balanced anything when you pull sand from a scale on a different table to try to balance a scale on this one.
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    You don't have to like (or participate in) every aspect of the game. If someone doesn't like mining, they don't have to become a miner. They understand that they won't have a steady supply of metal, and they don't complain. It was their choice. If someone doesn't like smithing, they don't have to smith. They understand that tools and gear will be harder to come by, and they don't complain. It was their choice. If someone doesn't like carpentry, they don't have to be a carpenter. They understand that they won't be able to build a very big house, and they don't complain. It was their choice. If someone doesn't like the priest penalties, they don't have to be a priest. They understand that they'll have to pay people for enchants, and they don't complain. It was their choice. And if someone doesn't like risking their life for moon metal, they don't have to risk their life for moon metal. But they need to understand that this comes at the cost of not having easy access to seryll, adamantine, and glimmersteel. It was their choice. Moon metal, sorcery, and the like is not a necessity for playing this game. It is a bonus that people are rewarded with for taking risks. A lot of people might not like taking those risks, but this doesn't mean we need to take everything that makes Chaos and Epic unique, water it down, and spoonfeed it to them. By trying to co-opt our features, what you're saying is "I want everything that you have, but I don't want any of the downsides that come with it." At any point, you could sail over to Chaos and earn your seryll, ada, and glimmer the same way everyone else does. There is no hard-coded barrier preventing you from getting it. You just don't want to. And that's totally fine. Play the game how you want. But it's a bit of a slap in the face to ask that an easier, risk-free way of obtaining these things be added in just because Freedomers are somehow above us degenerates who live on PvP servers.
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    Alright, I have to chime in. As someone who has played this game longer than 95% of the current player base, survived wurmageddon, have the ageless and keeper of faith titles on freedom, trolled every kingdom endlessly, was there when DM tanked the first huge spider on wild and it took 9 other people to kill it, and used to speak to Rolf on a regular basis; I'd like to think what I'm about to say has some foothold here. First off, great thread. It's good to see what this newer wave of players has to say about the changes and evolutions to the game. However, I don't think some people realize just how ridiculous this game used to be. (And how some aspects of it still are on Freedom.) 1. "I don't like Epic because of it's 2x or 3x or whatever experience increase." - This is easy for someone to say that has 18 hours a day to dump into the game. Wurm's original experience rates are absolutely absurd. It was impossible for a casual player to achieve anything substantial in a years time. The only accounts that would ever have significance were the ones that were shared, or had an owner with a laid back job that could play at work, and again back home with a family that was into the same hobby. Epic's experience and "effective" rates increase is one of the best things to happen to the game. Now you don't have to give up your life, lose your girlfriend or boyfriend and job just to achieve something barely end game. Even with pouring hours into epic myself, I'm just now - after all this time, starting to have a character that people are running from in PVP, and asking favors of within my kingdom. There is nothing wrong with the experience increase. It has been needed for years, imho. 2. "I don't like Epic because of the full loot dropping when you die." Please. This is as simple as don't put yourself in a stupid situation that would warrant you to lose everything you have on your toon. You take basic crap with you to PVP and that's it. Your armor, weapon, shield, cotton, ropes and junk crafting tools for whatever you might need on the battlefield. There isn't any kingdom in Wurm's existence that can't replace the basic things I just listed above. Even my failed PMK never had a shortage of PVP items or people that could make them in a jiffy. And now with how far along Epic and it's toons are at the moment, this excuse holds no water in that respect as it just isn't an issue. If you go to HOTA or to Gary's deed with your 99ql 100 WOA needle you just got from tony green and lost it because you're an idiot, then that's on you. 3. "I don't like Epic because of the stupid missions and scenarios." I'm going to rephrase that before I comment. "I don't like Epic because I like to sit on a deed and press the "continue" button on the crafting menu and watch a bar scroll across my screen all day." You've got to be kidding me. Before missions and HOTA, there was nothing to do in this game besides tower bashing. We couldn't conquer towers, we never had treasure hunts and we never had a reason to fight unless forum PVP warranted it, or someone got tagged out in the woods looking for their lost dog Whiskey. JUST. BASH. TOWERS. Deed raids were just that - random ass deed raids. They happened when KellyT or Eddy stopped ripping the bong long enough to actually want to do something interactive with the players. There was absolutely nothing that warranted PVP outside of player made decisions. No reason to meet up in the desert and have it out. No reason to sneak into an enemy kingdom and build something for your pantheon. Absolutely nothing of the sort. So you're going to sit there and tell me you'd rather sit on a completed deed all day, grinding out skills to the maximum and then having no way to apply them in a contesting engagement. I'm just going to sit back and say "wow" if that's truly your stance. 4. "I don't want to build a deed on Epic just for it to get raided and lose IRL cash in the process." Then don't build a bad deed. There's more threads than my neanderthal brain can count on this forum with very nice walkthroughs and pictures on how to build a good deed that's very hard to raid. Don't just slap a pile of garbage together then post on the forum about how unraidable it is, just to wake up the next day to find your "deed" in the middle of a smoldering crater. Good deed's don't just "get raided" because they're there. Good deeds undergo sieges and survive to continue benefiting your kingdom in whatever way it was before. If you're not completely incapacitated when it comes to designing a deed, then this should rarely be an issue for you. In conclusion, I don't expect a lot of people to agree with me, it's 5 am and I haven't slept, but after all these years I really think Epic is one of the best things to happen to the game. Structured PVP, meaningful (at least to me, personally) kingdom influence, reasonable character progression, and excluding a few bad eggs, a decent little community. Get to know us and Epic before you knock us. You might just like what you find.
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    Tell me, in all honesty, why on PVP servers do you need ANY armour? You could all be naked, fighting like cavemen! Infact, that would be more fair then anything that's in this game, And would solve the Dragon/drake/admantite/wtv else issue. I think we should remove all armour from PVP.
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    The only fix needed was to make them not target your untamed horse immediatly and constantly. The fix inmplemented was like a nuke to the system when it jsut needed a turn of the wrench...
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    Tool: Rolling Pin - shaft + handle + handle -- wood -- improves like carpentry Pie Crust Dough + Rolling Pin -- Baking Skill Creating Can be cooked using frying pans Pie Crust + Strawberries Pie Crust + Pumpkin Pie Crust + Cherry Pie Crust + Apple Pie Crust + Lemon Pie Crust + Blueberry Late Entries Pie Crust + Potato Pie Crust + Cheese ( more of a cheese cake ) Pie Crust + Mixed Fruits Pie Crust + Meat + Vegitable ( beef pot pie ) Gives Baking Skill
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    You do understand that your example is stupid right? Minning isn't broken, and if its broken its broken on all modes. PvP on the other hand is a separate entity from the main game, and its broken, imbalanced and retarded, and it is my personal believe that anyone playing there has no freaking idea what the hell PvP even stands for. No offense, really. So its a completely different thing creating mechanics to force people to go to a broken and retarded aspect of the game, from having people say they don't like a skill, so they want a different way to obtain stuff from that skill. And while we're at it, you actually burned your own example, because the very thing you're defending is a way of bypassing minning that is EXCLUSIVE to PvP servers, so your example kinda blew in your face twice.
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    The "Concord" of Wurm was nerfed to be too slow to make it in time. :-P
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    That's ######. Chaos worked fine before it had these unique metals, so it can also work fine once those metals are no longer unique to it. If PvP can no longer work there without incentives like Glimmer or Addy, then that is clearly an issue at the core of PvP. So once everybody and their cat has these metals on Chaos then PvP will break down? Sounds like Chaos has huge problems which should be brought to Rolfs attention, but instead you are being selfish here by not wanting to share the metals with PvE players? (yeah, we can all play the selfish card, it's pointless and has no place in this topic. So good job for playing it ). It's a shame that you are trying to drive a wedge between PvP and PvE players like this. You are clearly totally missing the point. The majority of the Freedom cluster's players want nothing to do with PvP. So you think it's a good idea for them to cross over to Chaos because the ore is close to the border? If you die then you can respawn at your deed. But if a PvE player dies then he spawns at one of the starter deeds, without any stuff, and is stuck on a foreign PvP server, likely without a boat because that probably got stolen after he/she died too. As a PvE player I can assure you I don't consider the full loot system of Wurm fun in any way, shape or form. Yeah, that sounds like a great deal for a PvE player. NOT
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    Believe it or not, a lot of us hate the extra skillgain and the curve. The reason many people joined Epic when it was first released was specifically because we were told it'd be something unique -- a promise that quickly dissolved the moment people decided they deserved our features without having to put in the same effort or take the same risks. Nobody's forcing you to do anything. Like I said in my other post, at any point you can sail over to Chaos and earn as much moon metal as you like. But you absolutely 100% refuse to take part in this particular aspect of the game, so you think there needs to be an alternative route to obtaining moon metal implemented specifically for you. And if this alternative method ruins certain PvP features (like HotA), then that's just an afterthought because PvP sucks anyway. Imagine if you made this argument in any other context. What if you said "I really hate mining. For those of us who don't want to mine, we should add a spell that obliterates ore veins instantly and drops all of the ore at our feet." And then if somebody criticized the idea, you replied with "everybody deserves access to ore, not just people who like sitting around staring at rock walls all day. Stop trying to force me into your pro-miner playstyle." That's essentially what this has devolved into.
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    Hey... No need to drag me into this at all.
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    because "freedom gets nothing" haven't you heard
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    Fevfev be home soon! Great village!
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    +1, or nerf those armors so they are equal to Plate instead of being overpowered like they are now. Back in the day Wild used to have a monopoly on high ql iron, now they've got one on seryll and addy. Sure, it's hardly as bad as the high ql iron thing, but Rolf is getting awfully close to repeating his previous mistakes.
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    It should be chance on digging not mining. Mining already has gems. You might as well give something to digging. These are 'moon' metals. So it is not beyond the possibly that meteors brought small amounts of it down on planet Wurm. Would be even nicer to make it like getting source crystals. You get a fragment you gotta bust with a hammer to open.
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    No one just "roams around" in enemy territory with anything but an alt Gavin, and if you think your fooling anyone your mistaken. When you enter enemy teritory, its with as many friends as possible on horses, preferably 5-6 speed horses with gear. You could easily outrun guards even under the old system. the ONLY thing this benifits is noob alts on foot, which we know are widely used in PvP as scouts, hell even in the stupid volcano thread of nerdrage drama doom, you see screenshots of Daolin with his alt he ran straight into MR territory right up to Halmak, right past all those towers. The only reason this was changed was to facilitate the movement of those alts. There was no other reason to change it.
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    Archery isn't just for horses and there are just as many people using mauls and axes as there are using longswords Even after the last weapon buff that saw sickles being used in pvp and med mauls got given more damage that is not consistent with the small and large on the bigger scale of weapon types. As for shields, every type is used its a preference thing just like weapons. Back on topic for the guards I think they are fine as they are now, they were not a large threat no the change imo was more about making the game enjoyable and not getting frustrated with odd mechanics that get in the way of fighting people because that's what we want right? PvP and not PvE on the way. If you want to outrun tower guards on a cart because your idea of fun is looting bsb's then more power to you have fun with that, perhaps you would have more fun if they killed you while you were doing it? The threat and thrill should be the players, not the guards.
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    Mol-Rehan's navy sailing out
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    Its no wonder players who are in the top ten percent skill wise prefer a tower guard system that is easy to work around and provides no benefit other than griefing land control from other players.
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    None of those, I would like to see more creatures/mobs and veins.
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    Please add the ability to level with a dredge. We need the ability to level clay tiles below water especially on xanadu. THanks
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    My apologies if I am doing any of this wrong, I have been out of the loop trading for some time. Please correct me if you see I am making some mistake. I am mostly doing auction as I am unsure if the 90Q great helm is worth a lot and figured I would throw it all in. Bid increments of at least 25c for the seryll items please. Whatever for the junk. COD or PICKUP only (Indy) for items, I don't deliver them except to Indy's Freedom Market. Otherwise my home deeds for pickup are Sparrow & Orphans Cove in the Inner Sea/Samlingfjord areas (see community map). I am assuming all can be mailed unless someone says otherwise. You pay mail costs. 1. Seryll Great Helm 90Q 0 dmg 5s startbid (Ecrir in lead; 17.5s) 2 . Easter Egg 99Q 0 dmg 5c startbid (Cybaru in lead; 10c) 3. 4X Seryll Lumps (2@80Q, 2@90Q, 0 dmg) 5s startbid (this is for ALL FOUR as a lot) (Valo in lead; 8s) 4. 80.11Q Diamond (one easter egg hatched) 80c startbid 5. 2X Firewiorks 80Q 0dmg 10c startbid for both as a lot (Syls in lead; 50c) 6. 2X yellow potion 50Q 0 dmg 10c for both as a lot (archer in lead; 20c) 7. Seryll Plate Sabaton, 30Q 0 dmg 2s startbid (Ecrir in lead; 3s) 8. Seryll Open Helm 30Q 0 dmg 1s startbid (Ekib in lead, 1.75s)
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    It seems a few hit on a common theme at least on the PVE side of the coin, perhaps a new " anything " to do is what is needed instead of just new art to old models and a flower pot etc, great strides have been made in the recent past with 2 story, better ways to store things ( crates, loading on wagons ) etc, but with the PVE side really focused on crafting you can use up the new content in a matter of days or weeks, while I doubt one more metal to craft is the ultimate solution, I do see the reason people are asking, even if its for a status upgrade. I know personally I could care less if we got seryll, or other things already in the game vrs something else to make using armor and weapon smithing, The one thing I do grow tired of is the PVP side ( well maybe just Battlepaw and a few others in particular ) letting those of us not directly involved in PVP deciding what is and what is not important to enhance my personal gaming experience, I've worn scale for quite a long time, do I need it, probably not, I do have issues with mental midgets in one breath telling us how Wurm PVP is the greatest experience aside from my first kiss, then in the second lambasting non PVP players and boggling while until recently the PVP side of the game had stagnated at various times in population. The best bet for the PVP side of things would to be have a few of the more vocal members stfu for a few weeks and perhaps those that take such offence to your community might find more interest. Edit: I think stealing all the gimmicks Rolf used to sell people on Epic is BS too.
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    I'm sorry Eyesgood but this has been tried before, it cost Rolf a lot of money, time and effort to re-establish(Think Independence). It also cost me a lot of money and a fair time away from Wurm as I don't want anything to do with the PVP rule set. I understand what you are looking for but I would rather it take longer for the game to progress than go back to having to play on a PVP(even optional) ruleset server. At this stage Wurm seems to be one of the only games of this type that has a split PVP/PVE system and I for one would like it kept that way. Regards, Cynosin.
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    O_o did you just outbid yourself?! Anyways, 6s on the pelt
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    Please, explain to me how ringing the hota grounds in MR deeds and running it uncontested is a big part of keeping PvP going?
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    So 80s in my bank account by tomorrow. Or you'll guys deal with the planks mafia. You don't want to meet folks from planks mafia.
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    interested in the hatchet QL53, 70 CoC - 70c if you still have it pls COD to Kailesimmons
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    most of the stuff you hear about pvp servers is utterly and completely made up, and it's damn frustrating hearing it as someone who lives on epic. probably 85% of the people didn't take the time to join with the elevation or chaos groups that control the area and went around lone wolfing, and then decided it was boring. pvp isn't for the 1 or 2 people to live off by themselves, it's about self-sustaining communities and groups and it's one of the most fun experiences you'll ever get in any game if you just take the time to go about it smartly
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    -1, we shouldn't buff more pve things before you can get to the pvp, if you don't want people in your land go kill them
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    A Panorama that I took in the virgin lands of Xanadu