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    Hammer of Magranon is now twohanded since it was considered op as onehanded Shark and bison now yield better fight skill when killed Increased creature spawn rates and max numbers Mrtg server graphs now work again Shark distribution should improve Seals, Tortoise and Crabs may now spawn
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    First up in our series of interviews with the people behind Wurm Online: Click here to read! Hey guys, I'm Lars and I'm an intern at Code Club. Nice to meet you! This is the first in a series of interviews I will be conducting with the fellows behind Wurm Online to try to give an idea about what's going on behind the scenes. More will be coming up for those interested, along with alot of other stuff. /Lars
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    Hello, my name is Lars. I'm an intern here at Code Club AB. Nice to meet you all! As part of the interview that's about to go up with Wurm's Art Director Emil "Wox" Norrman, Emil was kind enough to make a comprehensive break-down of his work-process. The showcase is the 'Game Master Dark'-model, which he used to scare the crap out of me when I first jumped into Wurm. You can find it here! zip file with pdf version
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    well i guess if everyone else is doing it... wore this halloween last year, i got many compliments.
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    Hey there, So apparently Rite of Spring cast is available for Independence server again. To give people enough time for travel and burning their sleep-bonus, I like to announce the casting for next Sunday at around 9 p.m. (CEST - central european summer time) [or is it standard?] - anyways here is your timer: The casting will be happening at Silent Hill, favor will be supplied and anybody wanting to help with the fun is welcome. - with some luck we can sneak in a few sermons too for people lacking faith - hehe. We haven't decided who will do the casting yet, but with Smilingcat, Jekkumage and Wega we have some hope of succeding. - If you really think that you are more able than one of us, come along and we ll haggle out something (no we wont, or will we?) Cheers and have fun, Fritz
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    They are tortoises people, not turtles, get it right! It's like calling a donkey a horse, close but still wrong.
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    You mean to say an artifact, a one of a kind fantastic item, the only one of its kind, that you have to dig up from the ground and recharge monthly.. is op? No!? You don't say? I think equally an item you right click and Use that pops out 90ql+ gems is a bit overpowered too or an item you use and it fully heals you in a second with no timer. That's just what they are - op, because they're artifacts, they're one of a kind rarities. When there's only one in existence of course it should be unique and stand out above the regular weapons. To be honest as someone who has used the Warhammer pre-buffs and after buffs I didn't see it at all being that strong of a weapon. The one real perk it did good damage and was 1 handed, you may as well just use a LT 2 handed maul now, it's the same thing. You completely took the uniqueness of it being an artifact away. Sure the HoM may do a lot of damage equal to a two-hander, but guess what? It blocks and parries all the same, you're going to go down just as quickly if you're focused as if you were using another weapon, it's not by any means a weapon that gives a player god-mode.
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    Sad that it's two handed now, but love the new model.
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    there's already a skill that allows to make cloth. In my previous game, RS, there were many ppl walking around in a pretty much useless, but good looking dresses and all that. I would suggest that here as well - things like merchant suit, or lord's/lady's clothes with dresses and capes. I think it would liven up the cities a bit, making dyed pretty looking clothes, and being a seamstress then would make a much more sensible title.
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    ——2014-06-26——- Added three new creatures: Crab, Seal and Tortoise! Updated models for Hammer of Magranon and Sword of Magranon Fixed floor loom transparency Added stern and seat ship building parts Colossus of Fo New healing cover model Added portal crystal gate for epic elevation Added Spiritgate
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    I am writing this under "Suggestions" because frankly, almost every suggestion people make will revolve around what kind of game they want Wurm to be. This came up recently in discussing the troll bug that made them much more powerful than intended. Some disliked the change. Others loved it. In the course of the discussion, it seemed to come down to -- some people who wanted "more challenge" thought everyone opposing the bug wanted things too easy. One of the things I noticed was that the two sides (both who claimed to appreciate Wurm as a "challenging" game) seemed to be divided between those who I guess I would call "immersion" players, vs "achievement" players. Many of the "achievement" oriented players were also PvP players, which was no surprise. Many of the "Immersion" players were PvE/Freedom players who did not want the game to be excessively combat oriented. For an achievement player, there is nothing to do in Wurm once you have built your deed -- unless you PvP or fight epic creatures who constantly threaten your life. The game is about Winners & Losers, and not everyone can "win" or the game is no longer very hard. For an immersion player, there is always something to do and "everyone can be a winner" but you don't just get things by being somehow inherently "better" than everyone else. You get there by trudging through the snow and keeping the pigs fed, and getting your chores all done. For an immersion player, it might literally take YEARS to be considered a "high level player." Nothing is much of a rush so it's normal and fine if it takes years to be a Master Blacksmith or Master Miner, or especially to become a master Jack of Trades. You get there by doing things that you find interesting, and over time getting better and better at those skills. I don't have any skills yet in 90s but I have a number in the 70-85 range, and none got there by what I consider to be "grinding". "Hard" means you do not get to be a Master Craftsman in a month. For an acheivement player, however, this can ONLY mean mindless "grinding" because they want to be the BEST and are willing to work super hard to do that, but guddamn if they are going to sink YEARS into that. They have jobs and LIVES, ya know? They do not mind working hard but .. YEARS? That can only mean .. mind ... numbing ... grinding and doing things they do not want to be doing and that do not interest them at all. For an immersion layer, "challenging" might mean that they have to worry about food-water-sleep, getting sick if they do not take care of themselves, falling off a mountain in the dark, having their stuff decay if they do not do regular maintenance to it all, and DYING because they got careless at the wrong time. For an achievement player, "challenging" means "not just anyone can do this" - they have achieved some status by hard work and being smart and the majority of people will probably fail, because there is no status if no one ever fails. Acheivement players also tend to be "content locusts" unless they have good PvP or constant "epic" upgrades in game content. They can whiz through a game like Skyrim in a month and be done. Immersion players can be happy with one game for YEARS if it is the right game. What kind of game is Wurm? What kind of Wurn player are YOU? Can Wurm be challenging if it is not full of combat and epic-scale fighting? Is it even possible to keep both types of players perfectly happy? Since this is Suggestions forum, how could this be achieved?
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    All butchered successfully. White tome of magic dropped. Belfesar won skull. Silakka won rare bone. Pepejot, Vectrius and Katatonia won a charge each from the White Tome. We'll sail to independence to climb dragon fang to use the white tome tomorrow. Corpse went to the obvious person Edited: Darn you silakka. Your 100/100 roll beating my 97.
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    Who said the Hammer of Mag is op? o.o The damage should be buffed on it to bring it in line with the Sword of Mag. Here is a picture of the Sword of Mag on Chaos:
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    The three big reasons to play a video game extensively, only to critically review it: Credibility (Nobody will listen to your review if you haven't played it extensively. The most common complaint among game reviewers, is that they don't put 50+ hours into a game before reviewing it.)Addiction (You can despise a game, but still play it - if you have an inherent need to log in for the sole purpose of satisfying an addiction.)Enjoyment (You can genuinely enjoy it, but hate certain aspects of it. If those aspects eventually start to outweigh the enjoyment, it's perfectly credible to criticize the game as 'bad', despite having enjoyed it.)Your complaint about someone having extensively played a game, only to criticize it is contrary to the masses of people who rant about critics who don't play a game enough before critiquing. Perhaps it would be wisest for the internet masses to come up with a code of conduct for reviewers so they know precisely how many hours they have to play a game before it's okay to call a bad game bad? I enjoyed Avatar: The Last Airbender for the Wii immensely. However, it was still a broken - awful game. Just because I found enjoyment in an awful game, doesn't make it less awful. It means I enjoy certain awful games. The same can be said for fans of awful movies. Ed Wood fans should know this sentiment well.
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    It would be very much appreciated if we are always getting informed at least a week before the changes happen. I know the Hammer of Mag nerf was not something important, but just saying for future. Mechanics affect the gameplay a lot and having time to adapt to new ways of playing is a must for survivability especially for the small guys. What is more, there's always two sides in every story and just because a lot of people complain about something, it doesn't mean they have right. Most of the times, it's just them seeking personal and team goals through game changes and nerfs. Thanks a lot, Issle the Lord of the South Seas.
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    Basically, it gives the poster a "formal" right to cancel the sale if the price doesn't reach the reserve. But still, if the auction finished at 75s and the auctioner changes his mind then off the item goes.
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    Apologies to the OP since most of the posts had nothing to do with your question. That having already been addressed I'll interject all others and derail some more Most perspectives shared above about shop/player coin is flawed. I'll explain: Rolf produces all silver "virtually" Sold at shop or by player gets used in game for a "virtual" service. He decides how much is released into the game for balance. He only releases coin at a profit. If you buy from the shop Rolf gets paid directly. If you buy from a player, Rolf gets paid indirectly. This even applies in relation to traders. If you do not recognize this you may not properly understand Wurm mechanics or economic models. Last but not least... Rolf is not broke after 10 years, the model works reasonably well as is.
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    Awesome! Welcome Lars and great job! And since someone is bound to ask, I am also available for an interview. No, I am not a developer. No, I don't work on the game in any shape or form. I don't even live in Sweden. But I am pretty sure there is an action figure of my character somewhere in the Code AB studios. Hey... just saying.
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    “Rolf is like that bumblebee that shouldn’t be able to fly according to the laws of aerodynamics but does it anyway†<3
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    Wait... there's no riding donkeys? My whole life is a lie
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    I'd like to toss in my vote for Shrimp to be added as the next mob before any others are added!
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    No way to aggro's spawning on deed tiles! You are mislead or confused to have thought that they have ever had the ability to do this. I found a few trolls on my fenced in deed but determined that they had spawned within the mine and wandered outside of it to then break down mine entrance walls because they were "penned" within the deed. Anyway, aggressive animals have never had the ability to spawn upon deed tiles and they never should have that ability enabled. The only *almost* secure refuge we have from these aggro pests is upon our fenced in deed tiles and this should never be compromised for the sake of those who want these aggro's delivered to their front doorstep within deeds. It's bad enough that trolls can already bash down deed tile walls and enter within, pestering the inhabitants, not to mention rampaging uniques who seem to have complete deed destruction and deed animal killing abilities enabled. I would confidently say that the vast majority of Wurm players want to have nothing to do with aggros on this basis. =Ayes=
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    Or do Chaos solo. That will give you something to chew on for some time!
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    We have grass that is hard to pack and no trees will grow into them. We have trees that can't be cut down. I would like to keep trees out of our flowers for our tiles. Enchanted flowers would do the trick. They don't need anything special other than trees don't grow into them. Maybe for a graphic you can put a mix of all the flowers into it and make them taller. EDIT: Well, of course, no-pack, no-pick, and unicorn eaten proof like enchanted grass LOL
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    Duh. they're waiting to make that one 2 handed as well.
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    Looks awesome, pity 2handers show as 1handers though, think it'd be a nice improvement if they were shown as 2handers
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    We shall conquer all our foes, high are our towers, thick are our walls...
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    I use a 1:1 ratio roughly of water and fish/fish filet, to get 30-40kg chunks of risotto. Have gotten as high as 97ql so far with just barely a few tries
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    I will offer 2s to add this to my collection Lord Klingone. ....We meet once again on the buying battlefield Lord Xsamuraizx
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    My vote is for C to be Fogshore Lake. My reasoning behind this is that this will match the canal that is bringing this this lake to the ocean.
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    "this game will die soon" ~ Said ten years ago by many people.
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    This kind of thing shouldn't be in private chats. This is a good question and it should be answered in public with an explanation. Players shouldn't be afraid to ask questions and answers shouldn't be "hidden" away in some dark secret place.
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    bump, thank you to everyone who has donated so far. It means so much. Thanks to a very kind donation that got us the half of the money needed, gabriel has gone into surgery earlier this morning. However were still in need of the other half or the vet won't give him back and will even put him up for adoption if we don't get it soon enough..
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    seems we are already letting our workers work until they starve to death some update Pictures coming We are working currently on exposing more areas to rock that were neglected before, mainly the Middle of the Project between D and E we already digged down around 8k of dirt over the past 3 days
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    Once upon a time I was persuaded to dress as a french maid for hallowe'en. There are other pictures but they are NSFW. (Not Safe For Wurmians) Suffice to say, all the boys wanted some.
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    In the middle ages you took a bath once per three months. In Asia at that time you took a bath twice per day. Culture differences. Really. I'd like to see hygiene to become something smooth and small but not going that far as in playing The Sims 3. The concept isnt about making yourself to wash 5 times in two (actual) weeks but something at the distance. Perhaps once in a month or other special occasions? But how are we going to wash ourselfs? You need soap and water. You have to be undressed also! There's already lingonberry, blueberry, raspberry, bark and tar. All these items can be made into soap. Example: Animal fat, blueberries, pinebark and mortar. Mech: Activate soap, stand in shallow water or water tub and wash yourself. Result: Washing yourself increases health and stamina regeneration for the coming 4-5 days.
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    Top one being needle #1, and bottom needle #2 (Just for added clarity =P) Starting Bids: 1s Buyout: 5s Increments: 50c Will deliver for free on Deliverance, else winner pays for CoD. Timer is starting off at 2 days~
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    Should be simple, if you get a miniscule fighting tick after it dies, you were part of combat and should get the title. Can't be too hard, game mechanics wise. I think it would be nice to reward the people who joined with a title. I hope Rolf can arrange for a way that all the people involved in fighting do indeed get a title
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    Item taken...cash sent. Thank you Brother.....may the dark mistress bless you ...her darkness envelop you and blind your enemies eyes and her cold make your blood like ice to forge your soul in combat. FOR LIBILA !!!
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    yeah I live on the epic servers and most of us are bored with the combat system it really devolves simply into who can zerg rush the other guy 95% of battles - and before anyone says epic is dead our servers have as many or more then most freedom servers (or at least serenity does) that said most epic players pvp maybe once a week and we build more in groups - I'd like to see a better combat system sure - but I'd also like to see more social things - like buffs for playing music or if my house is decorated I get a content buff that makes crafting nicer - I walk into these giant houses on freedom and epic and its 1 bed and a chest or a ton of bsb's and just seems so meh - there is so much depth to wurm but allot of the social stuff is just looks and offers no reasons to do it
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    By your definition I would say I am an achievement oriented player, simply because I find the fear of death and dismemberment a primary challenge in Wurm. I view a challenge as something that could negatively affect your character if failed. the only real example of this in Wurm is character death and loss of skills. Though I believe you are misrepresenting some achievement oriented players. I for one, am playing Wurm because the chance for character growth is pretty much infinite and never ending. If someone is grinding just to grind, and getting mad about it, I pretty much consider this the only way to lose Wurm. Some achievement players would also consider being the first to scale the largest mountain, or see the first seal, or so forth to be equally as challenging. But to a degree, it is about "being the best or first". I would say yes, Wurm is fairly challenging at the start without combat or other player's influence, but that challenge diminished very quickly for me. The challenge was the learning curve rather than any particular system. It was great in the beginning, but eventually I stopped being afraid of cliffs that I learned to manage, and hell hounds I can now beat in the face. In order to continue to feel challenged, I needed to move onto a more dangerous setting.
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    A gold coin. Some of you must think a gold coin should be easy to get. Someone is mad because they can't make a gold coin? How can the game survive with everyone buying from players? The game is gonna die! You can play the game for free with people who pay to play! Seriously we need more male enhancement adds. Play the game work up and pay in game! Oh gee golly wiz I can't pay right off the bat for premium it's to much but I want skill beyond 20, get 20 1st! if you can't make a few coins by then something is wrong with this game. I have a guy at the castle in front of 10+ bsb full of rockshards making bricks, he will have premium in a couple weeks np not even playing a lot at all.. I seen a lot about how to pay, what methods to pay how much it to play, paying in real money. Only way you get high skills here is work for it or pay out your ass for an account that probly has 1000 hours on it and break that down, pretty solid deal. How about surveys? do some, some ppl made 1st prem doing them, A game has many more ways today to get money than just players paying, the commercials and adds bring money. We don't have any in game and I keep getting updates and new releases.guess it's not that bad. So you wanna do away with players selling hard earn coins for hours of work they invest because you can play for cheap? Get over it or find another game. Imp something to 95 and say again, then compare the price to what we make off that item in game and break it down into money per hour. Wurm works like real, we pay taxes on land and right and we get to make business and economy move. then we pay some more, you get out what you put in. if your goals are to: have a land hog of a deed, big upkeep, 4 toons and can't make the ends to pay for it, you may wanna downsize a bit ~.^ The argument is why the store cost a lot, yup it does, just like money cost us a lot in years, time, planning, work and sweat. You want that shiny new car, pay for it, plain and simple, shouldn't people feel good that they can shop and get coin cheaper from players? Not sure I even understand here seems like, more hate because some pay to play all day and some play all day to get paid. I don't wanna be anything other than what I been trying to be lately.
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    If I recall private chats aren't moderated or to be moderated. Sort of like PMK chats aren't. Interesting question though.
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    You may already be using it but just in case... Here's what I use: Right click Prayer timer Click "More Options" button It only seems to register whole number increases but it has been alerting me any time my favor exceeds the amount indicated. Going straight from 5 to 15 for example (skipping 7), would still alert me. I also use "Text to Wav" to create custom sound alerts. http://noah.ninja-web.net/soft/index.html I believe the website is in japanese but Google can translate for you. The application however is in english. Its a little quirky to figure it out but works very well once you do. You can create specific sound files for anything you want that way. Most of mine are just generic "Favor Alert", "Cooldown Alert", "You may now gain skill from Praying, Meditation", "You may now gain skill from holding a sermon", etc"... Edit: I'd be happy to make some sound files for you if you prefer not to download and use the file. Within reason of course
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    There has been an incident... poor kitty
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