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    Musical Instruments and skills. It's been suggested before but here it is again - a thought out plan to how this could be added to wurm. Musical instruments and making music would be somewhat similar to how puppeteering and sermons function. A song would be composed of a number of lines, about 15 lines. Every instrument has their own lines but they can be played harmoniously together. The lines would be repeated a number of times before the song ends. Much like puppeteering, your skill in a certain instrument would determine whether you succeed or fail to play your line. The instrument QL helps in succeeding. Succeeding would result in the line being played, failing would produce no sound for that particular line. Much like sermoning, you may play your instrument and if it is within a certain radius of another player who is playing their instrument, the game will recognize this players presence. You will join in their song rather than starting your own. In example, X is playing the drum. He starts his action timer which lasts 3 minutes. He will play alone, so just the sound of his drum will be heard. He starts playing line 1, plays 2, 3, 4. When he starts to play line 5, Y stands next to him and starts playing the bagpipes. Instead of starting at line 1, he will start at line 5 and join the music of the drum player. Now both the drum and the bagpipes will be heard. His timer will be shorter than three minutes so both instruments end at the same time. An overall new skill tab "instruments" would be added. Each instrument would have their own subskill and possibly relevant titles. A variety of instruments could be used. A couple ideas that crossed my mind: Drum. A drum could be carved from a felled tree and attach an animal hide to it. Creating and improving the drum could use fine carpentry, or toymaking. Bagpipes. Traditionally bagpipes were made out of goatskins. We dont have these available in wurm, but the closest thing would be a calf hide. A calf hide and multiple reed pipes could be used. This instrument would use leatherworking to create and improve. Lute. A lute could be carved out of a log and finished up with iron wires to function as strings. This would be created and improved with fine carpentry or toymaking. Harp. A small hand-held harp. Created out of a log and iron wires for strings. Fine carpentry or toymaking. Shofar. A shofar is basically a flute made out of an animal horn. They could be made with unicorn or possibly, the longhorns we see on test (although they are not in the live game yet). Creating them would like use fine carpentry or toymaking. Bell. We already have these ingame, so that is easy enough It's a somewhat complex idea but I think it could add a lot of immersion to the game if done right. Perhaps even multiple melodies could be created just for wurm
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    I don't get the hype... it's like a Justin Bieber fan club around here. Is there a secret prize for finding any and all info about this silly new server before it's even released??
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    He's doing it again, trying to take Nathan out for dinner and getting rejected. Last scenario I assumed it was because of the source item on his tile and next to it, so he constantly tried going back there, now it's a new scenario and he's still trying to go to spiritgathers. It's pretty much effectively removing Magranon from the map when this happens, blocking out an entire kingdom and pmk from being able to win Anyone added to the map really just needs to be either centralized away from everything, or near their allied gods. Or.. just have gods avoid something unkillable that sits next to them. 12/22 edit: changed title as thread got a bit more than just mag and nathan's relationship
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    Me getting ready for one of our Elitist MR meetings...
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    I have a smallish deed, but I really love breeding animals. I'm perfectly fine with the expense of paying for breeding slots, but I'm landlocked with my neighbours. I really love them, and don't want to move. If I'm fine with paying silver so I can have more animals, is there any reason why I have to take up more tiles of the game world that I don't intend to use? I'm actually deeding ocean right now just for that purpose. Far as I see it, I'm not circumventing the idea of having a form of upkeep per animal I own. I just don't want to deny other players land that I've no intention of using purely for the sake of breeding slots. I'd envision it as some cost/upkeep value per 15 "phantom" tiles that increase the ratio without changing anything else about the deed.
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    When a whitelighter dies to blacklighter, the random skills he loses upon death, should go the the Blacklighter that will perform the eat action on the whitelighter's dead body. That is only if the eater has lower stats than the eaten. Yay for cannibalism.
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    Just hopped on my Xanadu-ready GV character and saw this: The sign read "Wox - work in progress"
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    Just as a courtesy to players who come after you: if you are moving permanently to another server when Xanadu opens, remember to not only disband any deed you won't be keeping, but also destroy any buildings you will be leaving behind unused. I know those of us who've moved to other servers often have a checklist of things to remember - just wanted to add this to it.
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    This is the SECOND time this has happened to me and it should not be allowed since NOBODY would ever do this intentionally. I went up to fight a troll. there were two crocs in the grass as well. I went to position my horse for the attack and something targeted the horse, which immediately caused my horse to turn. The moment the horse turned, I also double-clicked to target the troll - only my horse's head swung around mere milliseconds before. I then realized I was attacking my horse! I tried to target the troll but couldn't because my horse's head was in the way because of the angle of the tile. I could not untarget my horse for anything! I finally jumped off the horse but not before he was nearly killed. If he did not have the chain barding on, I would have dropped him quick. I backed away, but because of getting hit my movement was slow. I kept choosing no target but the horse was mad and kept attacking me. Eventually, I got away from him. The troll followed me because I targeted the troll to lead him away from the horse. I eventually died. All in all it was a total mess and all because my horse's head got in the way of my targeting. I did manage to get my horse and heal him before he died. Simply put, a player should not be able to target his own mount. I can only imagine how this has played out in PVP in countless encounters where the enemy attacks the horse before the rider. PLEASE prevent targeting of your mount when mounted. Nobody would want to do this and it is a tragedy just waiting to happen (again). If someone tries to target their own mount, display the message: "You may not target your mount." or something like that.
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    I got a newsletter today with an interesting thing seems deed forms are going to be obsolete on Xanadu?.. Edit Test: It is on the test server it is craftable using a carving knife and a shaft. Edit: Here is the whole newsletter..
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    [04:37:06] You butcher the corpse of Red. [04:37:06] You produce a human meat. euh.. we already can eat them.. just no skill increase.. unlike some believes on old cultures (or some secluded areas of my country) But +1 ;p .
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    +1 I'd also make it so deeds with good animal ratio have the following new benefits: autofeed animals, completely prevent disease, prevent animal terrain alteration actions. The ratio works to limit hording. It is the only thing that has worked after YEARS of trying different limitations. There are simply not enough resources to let people has as many animals as they want (at least with how animals are treated, if we had Barns you could have as many as you wanted). Get rid of all the old limitation that didn't work (excessive food-starvation, packed together animals-disease). Adding benefits to deeds will add player perceived value to a product that is a core element in Code Club's financial plan. Deeds are essential to Wurm's revenue, why not make them more attractive to players?
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    Pictured above, Ravenholm mayor Reincarnation/Balmore having a quick "think on the rug" to calm his mind. Thinking about joining Ravenholm? Feel free to PM one of elders listed on the OP or post here, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions about our village or Chaos on a whole.
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    Working on an update (rewrite) now that loads the needed files from a webserver instead of requiring you to have Wurm installed. Bit of a preview below, way the gui works means it leaves open the option for me to allow custom skinning of the program via CSS, different themes etc.
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    I don't get why you find the need to be negative about people being excited for something new in a video game.
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    This could be an interesting way of manufacturing clay, actually. Mud + some kind of churn/sifter device
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    What I find amazing is that it is 3 days before the release of this "land rush" and there are still so many unanswered questions. The team has been doing well with pushing out some cool stuff as of late, but there is still a huge lack of communication. Talk to us plz, there are many things to consider when dealing with this new "land rush" we need to be able to make informed decisions!
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    I hope it's going to insist on some sort of minimum upkeep. Don't want someone with 5s in the bank spending it all on tiles, only to have it disband the next day. (Deed forms force 3s into the upkeep currently)
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    Stargate? Maybe that's where the glimmersteel comes from......
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    I want meat pie, I'd make them from rotting meat while singing
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    There are many things I like about Wurm. I don't think I can just chose one, so here we go: 1. Owning land. Yes, I know it's digital. Yes, I know it only exists on the Internet. But it's mine! All mine! I have my trees there, my bushes, my roads, my chests, my animals, my shack, my coastline... everything. 2. Flora. I love the trees, bushes, flowers and all other aspects of flora in Wurm. This is the only game I know where all those things are alive. They grow, they spread, they can be planted, cut down, etc. 3. Terraforming. I own land and I can shape it how I like. 4. Landscapes. There are so many beautiful places in Wurm and they all look different in different seasons. Right now, the winterscape near my deed looks so great. 5. Time required to make projects happen. In the era of instant gratification, it's cool to see how long it's taking me to do just one project on my deed. It makes the result more epic. 6. Living, breathing world and the freedom. I log in, I can go hunting, I can sail or swim, I can visit my neighbors, I can travel, I can make things, etc. In other games, you spend many hours braving impossible dungeons with 40 other people for that next level of pants. Here, you just log in and... live. Something charming about that
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    2.99g for sale, PM me offers.
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    I'm not quite sure I understand the purpose of this thread.
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    Seriously who is spreading these rumours.
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    Many of you have seen or even participated in my small 'events' called Gurrington Quests. (see more here; http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/99198-gurrington-quests-round-3/) I'm switching my focus from blacksmithing onto weaponsmithing, and since my previous rounds has been pretty heavy on blacksmithing rewards i'm trying to rethink how i can do these in the future. Most people don't need that many weapons as they need tools. So this is kind of a test, trying to figure out if this way of doing them will be worth the time for both me and the persons participating. Feedbacks and ideas are very welcome as well. Rules on this is pretty much the same as previous. 2 'quests' per person and first come first serve. There will a time limit on this, but in the future i might leave it open and add/remove quests or tasks as they get filled and new one pops up. Time limit on this test is untill 27th of April 20:00 CET [0/10] Bring 100 bricks to Gurrington (X20Y18, Celebration) Reward: 1 Voucher* for Weaponsmithing imp up to 70ql Accepted by: *) Voucher is 1 papyrus sheet signed by me. It can be used to pay to get any weaponsmithing item improved up to 70ql. Only Iron items accepted. The voucher is not personal, and may be traded to others. Only Vouchers carrying my signature is valid.
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    When it were to rain dirt tiles would turn into mud and depending on how heavy the rain was the harder it would be to cross over it.
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    Continually recruiting - much fun to be had!
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    Not to be a total tinfoil person - but I seriously doubt that. If there's one thing you learn after a certain amount of time in the game it is the fact that Rolf will do anything to make PvP easily accessible if he has a chance to do so. I don't for a second believe that it was Rolf's original intention to place Pri/Rel so far away from the opportunity to visit the lands of PvP. It's something the vocal crowd of Pri/Rel that are afraid of the oldtimers made happen.
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    Awesome work! Thank you for spending the time to help me out with this project. I was also incorrect.. The market has grown to 92 stalls. For those interested in the quality of this gentleman's work, check the spoiler below. He has also provided me a great way to easily update the merchant names, etc. Thanks again Tytrus!
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    I know I know im brilliant I don't know how I do it these ideas just seem to come to me at random.
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    Top bloke, great service and great products! +1 -=Jakeii=-
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    Because we are paying customers we deserve to know what is being changed concerning our money. If they want to add bridges, and wagons and all that fun stuff without letting us know, that is great, but deeds cost us money, traders cost us money. Issues that concern the pocket book of customers should not be left to the customers to worry about. A worried customer is less likely to keep investing into a business when there are questions concerning the cost of things and the changes to some of the very core items that we all pay for. I'm not being negative about all of this, I just would like to have better communication from the team when they make changes to the very systems that we have to trust our money to. The changing and updating of graphics does not effect my money, but the changes to the deeds and and the traders very well may, its the unknown. If others have extra money in real life to throw at things and just "Let it go" then great lol but I still would like to be kept up to date about the issues that have direct interaction with my money Being 3 days out from the new server and still no direct info about traders and the changes, and now the changes to the deeds (which I don't dislike, I think they are cool) seems cutting it short.
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    This pic was taken from 231 dirts, still nowhere near the top Materials: 2000 colossus bricks 10 gold sheets 2000 clay
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    gotta disagree there - on epic we have 1 real market per kingdom and there is 50-60 merchants around it selling items of all levels and enchantment types and not just the super cheap stuff sells - as allot of people sell to different groups ( new medium experienced) the main thing however with merchants is a simplified market system and making weapons armor and tools takes allot more time then driving to the store - so the idea that keeping it stocked is the hard part seems kinda a joke when I can spend 8-10 hours making items for my merchant - then have to sit in a boat for 1-2 hours driving back and forth to restock depending on wind - it really wouldn't even stop a singular market concept either since players still wouldn't want to drive long distances to pick up a item just like in real life where people drive to a closer store thats a bit more expensive then drive out of there way to get items at the cheaper store I mean the entire argument that it would break a merchant seems kinda odd - it just stops people with time constraints from refilling them or in case of several markets - being able to have 3-4 around the game map so they can earn some coin
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    Why cant we have an ingame poll about this?
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    I currently live on Cele but have deeds on Exo and Indy so I make the trip all the way north to Indy on a regular basis & I almost always use the shortcut through Chaos when traveling north. I've never even seen another boat while on Chaos so I think the piracy worries are overblown but a couple of things really bother me about the connection. When crossing from one pve server to another my event tab turns yellow with walls of text warning me of the crossing and that writs won't transfer so there is ample time to turn around if crossing is not what you intended but when crossing into Chaos I get two "island" warnings at almost exactly the same instant and BAM I'm in Chaos. This needs to be fixed. Has needed to be fixed from the day Chaos was connected. Secondly when you cross into Chaos the game ports you towards land a ways rather than putting you right on the border as it should. This means that, depending on the wind, it can take you 2 or 3 minutes to cross back out of Chaos. Maybe Rolf intended this to give pirates a greater chance? I don't know if it's intentional or not but it's certainly not a welcome deviation from the way all the pve server crossings work. As things stand now Chaos makes a nice shortcut from Cele to Deli and Indy but the lack of tacking room on the west side of the servers makes sailing south along the west coast a risky thing since you can easily cross into Chaos accidently from Exo and be ported back to Deli. I think they need to fix the warning and perhaps widen the border a bit. (To avoid this risk I usually sail south along the east coast rather than the west.) With the addition of Xanadu, again with only a two way connection to Deli, I foresee even more problems sailing in less than ideal winds. At some points on the east coast of Deli there is almost no room between the shore and the border. Again, if I'm sailing south and accidently cross into Xanadu from Exodus I'll be ported back north to Deli. Xanadu will give me a way to take a shortcut, while avoiding Chaos, when sailing north but now sailing south along either coast will be a bit harder. I don't understand why all the PVE servers can't be connected to Xanadu with 2 way connections but if it's possible to do so then I think it should be done that way. Honestly it sounds to me like the only way to satisfy the Chaos players would be to have Chaos connected to other servers on all four coasts and NO server currently has that. I don't really see a way to achieve that, even if the pve players were willing to go along with it, without totally disrupting travel as we know it. The map BP posted is about the best solution I've seen so far if ALL the connections are two way but Cele should be on the bottom right side, Exo just above it and Deli on the upper right. (Keeping the current chain more or less intact.) Put Chaos where you show Cele. Rearrange that & I think I'd not be opposed to that layout. I just don't want to be forced to sail across Xanadu or through Chaos to travel from one pve server to another. Not sure how the addition of any future servers would fit into that arrangement though. Just some random thought...I need more coffee....
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    1. Reduced minimum monthly upkeep to 50c. 2. Include with premium a token which can be sued to put 50c-worth of upkeep into a deed. Maybe give an opinion of either Sleep powder or the token. 3. Change the deed purchase system so it requires 1 month upkeep.
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    Well, imma lock you in my mine...
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    uhm....... I don't know about yall..... BUT I WANT THAT AS CRAFTABLE! Putting that thing beside my priest altars!
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    Connect old and new, without many changes:
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    Glad to hear it, I would hate to have my villagers framing each other for everything that goes wrong around here, so I will leave that one unchecked!
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    +1 and a -1 why, because I agree for the next guy planting a deed asap / taking over your spot it is a hassle to play the wait game. on the other hand a large part of my fun is finding old deeds rotting and explore ruins/ scavenge. it's a thrill to feel like the first to rummage.
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    Once upon a time, I was a subscriber to the idea that the persistence and patience with all the frustrating and time-consuming things in Wurm were necessary, and that anyone who "REALLY WANTS" to do do something will do it, no matter how long it takes. Then I got a full time job. Now, I know there are plenty of people in Wurm who work full time and manage to play (I know some of you play AT work, even ). But how many are able to play in dedicated 6-8+ hour stretches? Because that's how long it takes to sail across 4 of the 8x8 servers. That is a looooong time to do nothing, in any game.
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    We hear the same BS from the right wing everywhere to justify the privileges of a chosen few. So now being at the right place at the right time, most probably after a hint from those in the know, then spending a few minutes killing something, is now "working hard to get it", and is supposed to give some exclusive privilege for life? Privileges for half a dozen people like the ability to sell in-game items for 70€? And this is being called "balanced" in patch notes? OK, I want to "work hard" to get me some of that. What do you mean I can't, is the system rigged against me or something? But hey, feel free to follow through and criticize my sense of entitlement. Here's what "working hard" is. It's spending 3 months to fend off a greenish troll invasion, almost alone. When you can solo regular trolls but not the greenish ones. With a combat system that lets you hit a tiny jumping wild cat with a 2H sword on horseback 100% of the time, but will make you miss a brickhouse of a troll 9 times out of 10. When you are made to hit so rarely that they regenerate faster than you do, so you fight them with your tower guards and thus get zero skillups. When you find the lair, but something spawns as soon as you start hitting it, and because of some retarded game mechanic you can't even climb onto your horse when in combat. When you wake up one morning to do some in-game chores before going to work and see 12 of them on the deed. When you make a set of plate for your guards because otherwise you'd spend hours every day just fighting these trolls. When you spend time the next day to recover said plate from guards that died while you were away. I'll pass on the fence fixing. And what does one have to show for it? Almost 200 troll clubs, that one can't even giftwrap because someone doesn't have time to re-enable the feature so now the "reward" is all rotten. This is hard work, not killing a non-respawning creature years ago when most of the current population wasn't even here, but as usual, real hard work brings nothing. Thank you Wurm for being true to life, I guess.
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    Nev is exactly the type of player who gets hit the hardest with this bug. Not being able to get online due to floods in your area, shouldn't cause you to lose your animals. And friends and neighbours who try to keep animals alive for a player like that, are seriously overworked, so I was happy to help (And Delakar sent a couple of toons to replace mine to enchant according to the list here, so no one was skipped).
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    @Boombza: sooo awesome!!! @Louis: nice sea serpent 'logo' there
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    I'm just laughing at the large amounts of complains, you guys do know you get a choice here right. rolf opens a new server and you don't have to move. you can if you want to. It doesn't matter what he says or what rules he makes, most of you complainers will complain about something. its no wonder he doesn't give out to much info at ones. one day there is complaining that the veterans can't do anything, the next day there is complaining that veterans are allowed to come over. if any of you have been to the server when it was on test than you should know that there will be more than enough land for everyone and most likely you won't see anyone for days if you move out far enough, also there is no such thing as a coast, there are several islands from what I could see and tons of coast everywhere. not just on the outside of the server. yes there are still some problems that they have to address, but thats why they aren't launching it yet. just give them some time and in the end it will all come together. and if you still don't like it, just stay where you are and don't move. In my opinion rolf made the right choise here and shows that its not all about the money for him, its also about making it the best game for everyone