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    I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. Carry on! (Hi Waar! =)
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    I'm so freaking tired of seeing posts that whine about vets skills....put your time in at the forge or whatever skill you want and grind away like we all did. I have been playing for 6 years and have worked long and hard to have the skills I do, I am getting tired of hearing that vets should not be allowed on servers just because you freaking feel inadequate.
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    "I wanted that spot right beside the starter deed, so people who get there first shouldn't be able to take it!" u wot m8 There's really no way to govern who takes the "best" areas nearby starter deeds, as "best" is very subjective. Most of the time when I hear of huge deeds near starter towns, it's those 'vets' wanting to make a village for any newbies to join for free and help them start out on the server, a couple of deeds fight over who's going to be the server's 'Academy', a couple fight over who's going to be the 'Market', and that just makes the whole starter area better for the future. Deeds for newbies to go to before they decide to trek off into the wilderness, and deeds for selling goods, makes for a more lively area when someone first logs in.
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    Simple change really, for some reason home server missions were mostly changed to sacrificing animals when it comes to domestic animals (horses, cows, dogs, bulls, etc) from the normal just kill them missions. What this means is, go run out and grab 4 animals (unless it's something like dogs, then its tame and run back over and over), then run back to an altar, sit there for 2 minutes sacrificing, then repeat this as many times as animals available allows, for a total of over 400 sometimes. It's not really fun to do and isn't very encouraging much less including the fact that sacrificial knives aren't exactly easy to make for newer players looking to get involved with Valrei
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    Wall of text hits you deadly hard in the face. You die.
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    You've been watching The Walking Dead haven't you? (Daryl <3 )
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    Would work even better if you simply shout "Stop. Those who wish to cross the tutorial must answer me these questions three! What is your name? What is your favorite colour? What is the average speed of a aged spider down a slightly sloped garden path?
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    Its dead thanks to Eastern Schism Alliance and a few others
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    To be fair, Waarokku. You've got a small deed right next to the starting point on celebration and an outer perimeter of wooden fences approximately the size of 100x100 surrounding you, all of it off deed. Yet you complain about unfair advantage going to players with the most coin, especially veteran players. I think in your case of landgrabbing, it has gone to the player with the most persistence and willingness to take over land, especially right next to the start deed.
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    BTW, I haven't owned this account for a year now. I've had people PMing about this and getting pissed off because my name is Redhawk and they assume that is still me...its not..kthxbai goawai
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    Glad you all like it! Its my creation from my messed up mind It has been my home hobby project for some time, think ill do a "good gm" version too some day. Here some more images:
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    Best of luck in the future OP. I will say though that you shouldn't really be surprised at some of the reactions in this thread. When you talk about "endgame" you have to realise that for the majority of people playing Wurm there really isn't an endgame. It's about enjoy the atmosphere, community and creativity that the game offers rather than working toward "finishing wurm". I've been playing Wurm now since the second to last beta map nearly...8-9years ago now. I don't forsee me ever stopping playing Wurm Completely either because for me there simply isn't an endgame, there's always another adventure to have, another things to create and another skill to work on. Also when you talk about the game to slow gameplay wise you're making light of the niche that keep the core group of people in Wurm playing it. Wurm Online fills a small gap in the gaming world that is unmatched by other games, the slightly slower pace of the crafting coupled with the almost unmatched creative freedom int he immersive world is what gives many player such as myself great satisfaction in playing the game. Obviously this niche isn't for everyone hence the relitively low player retention that Wurm has compared to many other games which tap into the larger instant gratification crowd. Which is why Minecraft experienced much larger and widespread success compared to the meger success that Wurm Online has experienced despite being based around fairly similar concepts (Of course there are other factors contributing to this but this is a key point I'm simply using as an example). So all this finally brings me the final point you made about the Wurm community being resistant to change in regards to what you see as problems. The community as a whole likes the niche that Wurm fills and many players perhaps alittle over zealously protect that niche. Afterall, if Wurm changed drastically to suit players such as yourself I'd certainly find myself alittle lost in the online world as I simply don't see any other game being able to give me a similarly satisfactory gaming experience that Wurm does. To finish off I'll just make clear that I'm not attacking your observations, I'm merely trying to articulate flaming into a meaningful translation for you so perhaps you understand where people are coming from in their responses to your post.
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    And to think I used to greet new players coming into the game at the beginning of the tutorial... I may need to rethink that... perhaps I should greet them in a poorly lit cave now.
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    There's nothing as welcoming or reassuring as the warm face of the new GM models.
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    The advantage vets have is hardly unfair as the put the time and effort into gaining the skills and coin in the first place.
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    My advise for repairing a lot less trashed mines on my deed, don´t bother with concrete unless is a really minor fix, just gather a handful of mags and provide some locks and altars then collapse & remine. Less pain faster and better results. If you can turn it into a community event probably the priest will go just because they will have the chance to do some nice sermons.
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    I want to start by saying I love these posts. I am by no means a vet. I have played for a year and my highest skill is 72. So.... You don't want wurm to have a "veteran advantage." The only way would be to first off remove skills, because that is the biggest exploit. I mean why can't I build a knarr day one, kill a dragon and make 9000 ql drake? The next step will be to remove money, that way when rich kids join deli they don't start 30x30 deeds in my backyard put a gold on it and I have to watch 60 some live stock he bought die of starvation. It would also get rid of all the chat about selling stuff that hides all the fart jokes. Then remove mounts so everyone travels at the same blistering slow pace. I just broke 42+ km/h on my horse so unfair(I almost vomited from the blur). And last but not least go play mindcraft. This game was not built to be easy. That is what makes it fun and wogical. Or... you can see what others have and see that with enough hard work, in game or irl, you too can do a lot of stuff in wurm. Yeah it would be nice if you could get government subsidies in wurm but then who's going to pay that bill? PS If I started a new character today and used none of my previously gain connections. I would still have the advantage over someone who never played before. Is that fair? All I did was read the wiki, what no one does that, and ask legitimate questions that challenged people to conduct test to disprove me. That and I'm willing to spend money, say it isn't so, on a game I enjoy playing and I'm not even middle class.
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    It's courtesy, since it affects a whole server of people, and generally spirals into a big community event, so someone ninja casting it, is just inconsiderate really.
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    Oh yay I missed this. Wow it's hard to even see what to start with this post. But I guess I'll just say that almost EVERY online game will always "favor" vets and those who are willing to spend RL money on the game. I cannot see any possible workable system that would provide any possible fix to this. I mean sure you can say "oh open up Xanadu to new accounts first before opening the borders" but all that would happen then would be vet and money bags players would create new accounts and pop down place holder deeds, thus solving nothing. Ultimately though I dont even see a problem with vet players and people willing to spend money on the game having an advantage is a bad thing in the slightest. It's rare that any of these advantages will actually impede your enjoyment of the game, sometimes you may have to work alittle harder to achieve your goals but nothing is stopping you, in most cases. As for land claims etc, what is wrong with first come first served? I mean you can complain that older players have taken land that you wanted but what gives you more of a right to that land than the other person? Really there is nothing game breaking about this in my opinion. Veteran players are around because they are faithful to the game and have contributed tot he game and it's community in one way or another, they should have their earned advantages. People that are willing to spend money on the game are also great for the game and thus should be kept around. In an ideal world I can understand the complaint made by the OP but from a realistic and problem solving stand point I see neither a possible solution to the aforementioned points nor a need for there to be a solution. As for the epic/silvers transfer thing, I don't know enough about it to make an informed judgement, however I have never heard or witnessed it being much of a problem and I'm still unsure why it would be a bad thing.
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    Thank you gypsy. I couldn't read his 3rd grade ranting style writing. This is just useless complaining and ranting.
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    There is a ton of reasons that a person may not like Wurm Online. They could find the combat unexciting, find the community not to their expectation, find the game content to repetitive, find the game lacking in artificial goals and quests. Or any other plethora of reasons that I have seen many, many people leave Wurm Online for over the years. The reason however that I even bother mentioning instant gratification crowd in my post is because of the direct complaint about the pace that Wurm Online has. I think that whilst that is an oversimplification to the perspective of the OP and many other people out there but at the end of the day it's still a fair comment upon somebody making those types of comments. If I wanted a faster skillgain, faster building, faster crafting I would play on Epic. But I dont, I like many other Wurmians enjoy the pace of the game and sure while Wurm has it's many bugs and issues (I mean seriously take your pick). It's a game that I will always find myself coming back to because over the years it's stayed true to what sort of game it is. If the pace of the game was made to be quicker ultimately I would find it less immersive and less satisfying. I think there are many people that feel the same way which is why the same sort of comments arrise like you say. The important thing to remember is that Wurm or any game really isn't for everyone. Sure you can complain and make forums suggestions all day long but what are you really doing? Trying to change a game which holds a beloved niche for many people, simply so you, the individual can have a different game experience that another game could quite easily offer. If Wurm at it's core isn't a game you enjoy then you're better off looking for another game than spending your time on the forums irritating people that love the game as it is. Which is ultimately the point I'm making here I suppose.
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    Ideally we shouldn't have to resort to unintuitive workarounds to properly enjoy and play the game.
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    It's a gift from us to the gm's for the good job they do! I have done it in my spare time at home.
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    After some discussion, it has been decided to remove any posts not relating directly as a legitimate question or entry to the contest. If you believe that the OP is not trustworthy, then simply do not place an entry. You enter a player run auction/contest at your own risk, and if you have any further questions about the legitimacy of the thread, then PM the OP directly, and not post it on this thread. Any further posts as to the legitimacy of the contest will be removed, and warnings dealt. Regards, Shrimpiie (Board Moderator)
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    Hi, although we're working mainly on fixing bugs and stuff like bridges, more decorative items and preparing for the Xanadu release right now, I just want to acknowledge that I hear what you're saying about the Epic cluster. A lot of the mechanics are supposed to work like you want: Rock-paper-scissors is already there but apparently not noticable enough. The battle camps and towers are of course supposed to be vital points for conquering and capturing land does have good effects for your kingdom. There is also the HOTA and the scenarios and missions that are ingame with rewards but apparently aren't incentives enough right now. From the OP: involves a huge emphasis on territory, expansion, and incorporates some type of campaign format for warfare I'm like 'that is the idea already'... Scenarios are the campaigns. You're supposed to want to expand and keep your territory and one of the reasons for this is that it should be easier to do missions if you hold more territory. Apparently that's not the case, at least not the perceived situation. also the entire map would be covered with chokepoints/capturable areas That's the idea behind towers and battle camps. The more territory you have the easier you should have to get the resources you want. However, they don't provide resources themselves. The HOTA does though, but apparently that is conquered all the time by one side. Taking control of the towers and the battle camps surrounding the HOTA would make it easier to gain those resources. Anyways, we should be able to have a serious discussion about all this in a while and hopefully some improvements before the summer. What I'm saying is that we have quite a lot of disparate functionality to play around with that we can make compact and shine. Keep posting suggestions for how to make them play together nicely here.