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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! So this week I wanted to give you further information on what is currently being prioritized. We do have further factors which will be crucial for the next steps in the progress of Wurm we are looking into. But for now, I will let you in on the current situation. But first, an update on the Shark! Shark First I want to make clear that the Shark is not a big priority for implementation competing with the other topics, not necessarily time consuming either and will be added as we find the time. I brought the feedback about the Shark to a meeting and we came up with a solution that will probably enrich the game experience for everyone. Keep in mind this can still be subject to some minor changes. As there is no creatures currently visually populating the more open sea, we wanted to make the shark an iconic part of the environment and more common. So first of, they will be cruising the surface showing their dorsal fin. Secondly, as the game is being played in many cases without the focus on fighting, we do not want to force battling the sharks on anyone as they would potentially be hard to avoid. We want to implement them more as a priced and challenging prey for hunters/fisherman and they will be non aggressive until attacked. We have yet to discuss how dangerous they will be and if there might be some big and nasty variations of it which has more powerful attacks. Current Priorities The Tutorial Area This is as most of you know something that is currently being worked on and we are progressing rapidly with realizing. Right now the area, which will look like a village, is being populated with assets and themed zones which upon exploration will trigger notifications. We will cower all of the basics from the current tutorial and some further areas. A new place to explore for aspiring smiths! Adding to the crafting interface functionality Two of our developers ErikN and Haradur are currently working on expanding the interfaces functionality to include fences, hedges, flowerbeds and house building. According to our calculations this will drastically decrease the amounts of clicks needed to finalize especially buildings. You will be able to right click tile borders and building plans to add them to the crafting window. After starting the build they automatically change to unfinished items in the interface and you will be able to continue them from there as long as you have materials in your inventory. If you would have some further tweaks to the interface you can suggest them in the comments bellow and we might be able to get them in whilst the work is in progress. Optimization This is as always a work in progress and we constantly have developers devoted to this area both in terms of graphics engine and fixing bugs. We are in the process of hiring a full time graphics engine developer which will be starting work in April. That will greatly speed up the process and we are hopeful this will take us leaps further with both running smoother and looking better then ever. Connectivity There are still players having problems with their connectivity to the new servers due to bottlenecks between their regions and to the server location in Germany. Companies like Blizzard are also having these issues right now which shows that this is a bigger problem over all. This will hopefully mean the problem is getting more attention due to more pressure then we can put on the network companies. And that we will benefit from a more major and general solution to it. We have gotten quite a bit of information from our players and we have used it to give the different network companies like Level3 and Internode more insight. The problem with a company like Level3 is that we are not conducting busyness with them directly and our traffic does not amount to much in their eyes. Which in turn makes it very hard to pressure them into addressing our concerns. But MaxC is collecting more data to further the case and also he is getting his Propper British rage on and is threatening their PR department to take their neglect to the press. Anyone who is having these issues can help MaxC stick it to the man by following the link bellow and help collect more data. Max Instructions Areas still being worked on but with secondary priority Bridges The work on bridges is progressing though finalizing it is proving quite complex with all variables involved. Currently, getting 3d collisions done which is a major and time consuming project all in itself. Also artificial intelligence for creatures path finding on and around bridges is what is taking time. The project will be ongoing and I will announce further information as we progress. Boats Boats are very near completion but we need a final push and full attention of our developers as soon as they get time. This is because there are some new aspects to their functionality and positioning. Synchronization This is something that will be very important for the game going forward for better interaction both with players and the environment. The core here is getting quicker and more correct updates of where all players and creatures are located in relation to each other in the world. Also making actions and reactions more direct in the process. We have several more areas we are looking into and awaiting further information about which are to early to announce. But as you might realize we are keeping quite busy. In the plan is also a new developer diary video where we will announce the next focus more formally and personally to you all. Anyways, we will do our best to finish this as soon as we can as long as you, Keep on Wurming!
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    "Ah crap I dropped something in the ocean.", "Hey Libila, mind coming down for a sec and grabbing my stuff for me?" *flash of lightning* "Sure thing Boombza. I'll grab it with my trusty scythe- NOT!" *Libila smashes cog* "Who do you think I am?! Foolish mortal!", "Don't you dare summon me again, next time it'll be your head." Haha, so on a serious note this was quite fun to draw, I'm not one for drawing action scenes or even backgrounds so its a bit of a change. I've always thought it'd be cool to see the gods themselves come down to Wurm once in awhile from Valrei, and be this massive being, bigger than anything else. Even putting their avatar's in the shade of their awesomeness. As always thanks for checking it out! More to come, I'll try lay off on the Lib fan-art and do something different. No guarantees haha Process Thumbnail-> 2H sketch -> .1 artline outline/details -> .3artline separating objects -> Erase pencil -> Shading 2H -> Shading 6B -> Shading EE. (Had to use EE because it was hard to separate things with 6B not being dark enough)
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    Here is a tour through the new tunnel project Gumbo and a few other have been working on. Enjoy >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO4SdGMF-x4&feature=youtu.be Wurm Online Playlist
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    To the Graphics Team . . . . What a great surprise to log into spring and see all the fruit trees in bloom. Great job people (Many pluses) Skyefox Mayor: Albia Estates
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    I have been playing GTA Online for a bit recently and I realised there is no crew for the Wurm Community so I made one. I play PS3 (PSN: Wossoo) so anyone who wants to join and have fun with fellow Wurmians (It's just me at the moment but I only just set it up) please do so PS: The Crew emblem is a unicorn.
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    Lower to 50% and don't allow it to stack with a rezz stone imo
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    hello all ik was think why we dont have nice Rabbit in game i have 1 Rabbit Real Life and i what think look me nice so we have Game. Sweet Rabbit and When Sheep Coming game nice idea Nice Sweet Rabbit. Great Vanille
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    Reallow building buildings on sloped tiles, however, remove the ability to build multistory on those tiles. Same slopes allowed as before. It would add variety to a lot of places, especially PvP servers where every deed is just a bowl, with this back in they can be a bowl with wavy rims.
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    A No! to this poll. The Dev's are more informed and capable of prioritizing the games development than players not part of this process, which in turn have their own particular bias as to what aspects they would wish to see implemented in what order. I much prefer to leave these priorities in the Dev's capable, informed and coordinated control. =Ayes=
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    Hello Devs and fellow Wurmians, after all the love the Libilan sacrificial items get (which is good and long waited for) I think it's time again to remind everyone that the yoyos are still messed up. To make a yoyo you need a 1kg shaft and 0.2kg of string. When created you have a yoyo of 0,1kg and a wood scrap of 0,1kg. A whole 0,8kg of shaft magically disappear into nothingness. Now let's take a look at the whole process for a minute: You cut a tree and turn it into ~7 logs of 24kg each. Now you turn those into ~84 shafts of 1kg each. Make those into yoyos and you have 84 yoyos of 0,1kg each. That's 8,4kgs of yoyos made from 168kgs of wood. You lose 159,6 kgs of wood. That's crazy enough... but if you compare it to other sacrificial items like locks it gets even worse. A yoyo is a useless fun item. So you have to grind a fun but useless skill to make them. But you can't just start right away... No... you first have to plant cotton fields, wait a few days and then turn the cotton into strings. Only then you can start to make your sacrificial item for your loved goddess. For Magranons locks you pick your pickaxe, mine some iron and turn it into a lock using a very useful skill which everybody needs to secure their belongings. Tl;dr Version: Yoyos take a lot of ressources and a useless skill to get the same benefits like other priests get for a fraction of their time/effort. Edit: Just to clarify... I don't want the sacrificial item of Vynora to be changed... I only want Yoyos to be fixed so it doesn't use a whole shaft to make one yoyo.
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    Join the empire, we have yo-yo-dan!
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    Fix bsb locking on deeds. Make it so any locked item on a deed can be opened by a mayor. I built walls and stuff to keep my boxes safe from this. Now it's suggested to just fly over that and have access to it? Or jump off a pile of dirt? -1 as flying is just a more expedited way to grief.
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    You don't need to make a .bat file - you can just paste it into the Windows search/run prompt (marked with red) In the search prompt you paste one of these two text strings: 32 bit version c:\windows\system32\javaws.exe -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp 64 bit version C:\Windows\SysWOW64\javaws.exe -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp
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    [21:05:13] You try to connect to a gaming company service that is run professionally like a business, not a side hobby. [21:05:15] You almost made it, but the reputation is damaged.
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    Here is the guided tour through the Tunnel Project >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO4SdGMF-x4&feature=youtu.be
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    For long-range hunting and scouting tips where lumbering along in a large cart is not the preferred method of travel, some type of extra storage on your faithful steed would sure come in handy. My son and I have two suggested options: 1.) Saddlebags (my idea) or 2.) A harness that attaches to the saddle that you can attach a back pack to either side. (his idea....better than my idea...) - Caroligan
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    Npcs replacing mobs is already a negative effect, and they would still hurt performance, even if they did replace them. The npcs that exist all serve essential purposes. Being able to decorate how you like in real life is not the same as asking for a feature to be coded into a game. Feel free to use merchants to decorate your village, but remember that the reason merchants exist is to make trade feasible, not to be pretend people. (Or make some alts, dress them up and stand them around you deed)
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    Like Amadee, I also wonder in which way this would ruin the enjoyment of the game for you KanePT, and others singing in the same choir. Some here have been worried about lag - however this has been countered by the fact that an NPC could replace another critter in the quota. Others have been concerned about NPCs ruining the spirit of the game. But the game already has NPCs! And really, just how often do people venture out and visit other deeds anyhow, aren't most of focused on our own projects? And if you know of a deed that has "those dreaded NPCs", absolutely no-one is forcing you to visit or even look that way. It's sort of like someone in my neighborhood likes to place plastic flamingos and elves on his lawn. Do I like looking at them? Hell no, but nothing is forcing me to look either. He likes them though, so he should have the right to decorate with them if he so wishes. It takes nothing away from me and it's really none of my business what he does with his plot of land anyhow. Just as it's none of his business if I decorate my yard with rose bushes. Could someone offer a concrete and sensible reason why this would impact others in a negative way?
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    Why not make sharks like hell horses? Enemies, but only occasionally attack if you get close :/
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    One addition to the crafting window I would like to see is healing covers.
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    A non-aggro is the option that pleases the most players. It is the option that gives all players the choice to do what they want. Its cool if you want challenge. And hey a non-aggro will give you challenge because you can still hunt and attack it. I pray that wurm choose to expand by offering choices which appeal to a diverse population of player types. In contrast to what you imply -- telling others how to play and imposing a narrow minded opinion of how the game should be played on others.
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    perhaps add to all combat related religions?
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    We were talking about those a while ago, would like to see them as well eventually.
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    Hi Rolf, Not sure if you are using this thread for ideas anymore... however: 1. Elevation Map Reset/New Map (I know many people don't like the idea, but the majority of PvP happened in the first few months of Elevation... Due to skills and a new map). 2. Collapse all mines on Hota. 3. Not keen on the Horse ratio, makes breeding a pain! More horses, more PvP maybe... I'm not sure? Cheers, Moon
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    This is not safe at all. Your password is not a hash, and due to how things work, it isn't even necessary to bruteforce it. People with knowledge in Java and some other things can easily extract your password from the encrypted string and this method does not change that. If you're sharing an account for your community, you're taking the risk that it can be stolen. The password "hash" reduces the risk, but doesn't completely remove the risk. Little tricks like OP's only partially prevent people who will try to bruteforce passwords by hand.
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    Didn't you suggest to change this not long ago? http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/96089-add-looting-code-to-chaos/?hl=%2Bepic+%2Bloot#entry966947 Some people are just incredible... IMO, Epic loot code+ Res stone is a good combination. You basically know you lose your stuff, unless your team persists and wins the fight. Corpse grabbing is frustrating and more of a lottery than anything else.
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    Just consider that this might actually do in a game like Wurm where dying means a long time replacing all your gear; with it being exacerbated on Chaos due to 99% of people wearing drake/scale in comparison to the plate on Epic; regardless of what kingdom you are in if you get wrecked in a fight being able to have your friends pickup your corpses and hopefully save some of the loot I see as a good thing; sure it's lame for those who miss out on the loot but if one side was entirely wiped out and lost almost everything it is going to be a very long time before they are ready to fight again and it sure as hell doesn't provide incentive for people to fight risky with less numbers on their side of whatever. Just look at the RD fight where JK wrecked MR; I'm pretty sure you guys kept a fair bit of loot due to res/mag bonus chaining but noone in JK cared. In my opinion it's better for the game if a kingdom that gets wiped out doesn't lose all that much thus is willing to fight again the next day compared to being confined to a forge/altar for the next few days replacing gear and in the case of Chaos possibly having to fork out euros for drake/scale. If anything was changed I might suggest some sort of mechanic where resurrection stones have a higher/lower chance of success depending on how outnumbered you are; in a equal fight they could be less useful so more loot is dropped but if you zerg the crap out of someone they could be more useful so the underdogs get a small advantage and don't lose as much (but of-course never 100%) The whole idea of a PvP server should be promoting people to venture out and PvP more; and I feel like making it harder for people who get wrecked to keep their loot is just going to do the opposite regardless of what kingdom feels the effects.
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    Supposedly it's fixed on the server now, so hopefully we don't need this anymore. By the way credit to Issle who figured out what the problem was and came up with the workaround.
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    Windows fix This is a temporary fix and should not be needed anymore. Go to your Windows search/run prompt: In the search prompt paste one of these two text strings: 64 bit version c:\windows\system32\javaws.exe -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp 32 bit version (use this if the other doesn't work) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\javaws.exe -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp Thanks to Issle who figured out what the problem was and came up with the workaround.
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    I don't pay to play for server downtime. The game isn't in beta anymore. Rolf fix your script.
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    uh wat. If you die in pvp you lose .25 fs and like, 0.01 body/str, ok? You easily gain fs back from pvp kills, or just kill a few greenish mobs and gain even more fs in short time On Epic, there's plenty of people with terrible accounts pvping, because it's all a group effort and teamwork/listening/learning goes a lot further than having a great account.
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    I tried turning it off and now its jumping betwen 85-99%. My opinion is wurm is quite badly optimised. It looks like a VERY old game even on max graphics but still requires wast amounts of cpu power and ram I think they should optimise it better... just saying
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    Got to say here, wurm isn't a MMO really. Yes, it can be if you put yourself in that area, or you could go for weeks without seeing anyone. I see more people living alone, then with a lot of players. Of course this is only my opinion and not everyone will agree here, but wurm currently is a lot more fun by yourself or with only a friend or two, instead of 50+ people. To say no because it's a MMO is very flawed, considering the game itself, if anything, encourages a player to play with only a few people. (Excluding pvp servers, where the more the merrier) because of how land claiming and everything works.
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    replace wurmclient.jnlp with http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp, should work unless you use a custom jnlp file for whatever reason. Right click that link and copy URL, highlighting and copying it won't work right.
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    Voted to add epic loot code. I don't understand why people would not support this. The epic loot code prevents players from picking up corpses/loot while the enemy is nearby. A recent incident where this could have been helpful was a skirmish between 3 JK players against 5 MR players yesterday. All 3 JK players were killed along with 2 MR players but all of their resurrection stones worked except 1 MR player who lost a drake set because his corpse was picked up by an enemy player and removed from the fight when that enemy player died. This meant that despite losing the fight, the 3 JK players lost nothing and gained an additional drake set as loot. The dropped loot should go to whoever wins the battle, not the loser.
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    Open the command line of windows and type there cd C:/blablabla/wherethejnlpfileis/ press enter javaws -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla wurmclient.jnlp press enter
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    Alright here's a fix: from command line change into your wurmclient.jnlp folder and issue: javaws -J-Dhttp.agent=Mozilla wurmclient.jnlp Should work.
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    K...alts don't exist.....griefing is a thing of myths.....and honor will always prevail. Right. Let's see who is closer to the mark shall we? (and no - I don't feel at all bad for pointing out how I have already seen a lot of people play this game)
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    I need to drink to continue. Next drinking session that is not in a club will produce the 2nd part of this amazing trilogy. You see me and Popeye, we are a lot alike. We both have our magical consumable that gives us special power
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    Though i now realise that once he sees that post it's only going to get worse.... Klaa i'm watching you >.>
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    New screenshot album "Warm In Winter" Full graphics - clicking to view image is recommended for full enjoyment n.n
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    ahhhhhh, wheres the other stuff we are waiting for. I swear to God you guys have ADHD, cant start one thing and finish it without starting to work on another.
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