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    ... said the woodscrap after it finished its pray. It was not. Praying that much attention to the inventory cause as every plank in wurm knows, woodscraps, are very poor and they never tend to have itams in their inventory. It's usually the higher end materials suck as concrete & brick that are full of drake sets in their inventory. Yes. But it was very interesting to see how a pray created a yellow lotion. The woodscrap thought about it and decided to talk to its alliance. "Hey its pray and I got a yellow potion ! ". "No" said the champion wild cat. one of the three champion alliances of the monster. Some other yes. But the woodscrap had premium pay and wanted more. Why is it that we woodscraps get only hello potion when preium reinbrushments ? I dont. Proud woodscrap called the wagona and told it that he needs to store his yellow potions because they decide decay. And they decay. Because. But wagon stole the potion and lock a crate in it. The end.
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    Black Lighters need a locate spell. No sense making them rely on Vyn alts for that.
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    -1 Makes me feel like Will Smith in I am Legend...
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    I am just now trying out the lawn feature but i am not getting an option to make the grass of my trees lawn. I am asking that the lawn be extended to trees/bushes so we can have a uniform look for our lawns.
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    I agree in principle that Libila should have this spell but only as part of a wider rebalancing of priests of all religions.
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    I say time and time again, if you want people to flock to something, make that something more appealing, don't turn something else to crap as an incentive, that only serves to make people angry.
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    Rope > Woman > lead marriage
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    Some time ago talked about this, and came up with ... how about 'bless' makes lamps off deed turn on/off at dusk/dawn
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    i know its been suggested before,but pls add a keybind for the plant action,i dont see how it would hurt anything,and it would make replanting lots of trees a lot easier.
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    I just want fireheart to do more than 1.5 dmg honestly
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    Don't piss off the first helpful person you meet they can save your life
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    The lake south of the sanctuary has clay, infact it's built up very nicely by a friend of mine, and Ellen herself a bit, for noobs to safely get clay without having to worry about hostile mobs. Has forges/bsbs ready, also has (1?) public workshop/beds. There currently isn't a road that I'm aware of leading straight back there due to deeds (mostly mine...) blocking it. But it's a very good spot to grab clay. But it will be nice to have a travel path, took a look yesterday and it will help me travel from my deed on the steppe to my deed near there quicker I believe. Though someone will have to do something with the forest path near the steppe for that to become plausible. Lol! But going to say: Ellenmarie is a respected person on deli, Always helping noobs in the area and trying to keep them safe. For not being on are server, Orb knows what he's talking about. And she definitely didn't get a false reputation. By your own logs, she looks to be trying to solve the problem, and giving her opinion, you taking it the wrong way, to try and put it nicely, those logs if anything make you - not her- look like the jerk. This is why Pm's (especially ones like that) are best kept where they belong... In PM's. Maybe you've been told your a great person, maybe you are, you're doing something good that, overall, should benefit the community, but right now, your not living up to that reputation. With that said, I wish you the best on your highway, and hope it gets used well. But knowing where this is headed I won't be replying anymore. Gl and have fun. Edit: also the reference is a tv show, but back in the day it was two families that had a huge feud... It caused a war between the two and a lot of them died in it, IIRC. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatfield–McCoy_feud
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    It could work if some of us worked together to draw up a sound, rational and justified suggestion / comparison backed up by evidence, probably through test server experimentation. It would be a lot of effort but that's the only real way to do it properly.
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    I do believe I downvoted the last one so I must carry on even though it was when I was in another kingdom. Rebalancing all of the Priests would be cool doh mang yeah right maybe I don't know
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    [17:34:27] Seara starts repairing her brain [17:34:28] Seara repairs her brain
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    Everyone knows JKH and MRH are freedom servers and in turn all that live on them are technically a part of the freedom cluster. And being part of the freedom cluster they get preferential treatment from Rolf and the devs. It is never going to change because if they actually had to pvp or defend themselves they would cry to rolf so hard that he would drown in a river of WL tears. Which would eventually flow down to WL tears bay providing nourishment for the BLers that inhabit DSC and all the surrounding villages. And we can't have BL being nourished.
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    You can now play Chess and Checkers for free next to my deed Wolfsbane on Wolf Island South map with pointer, here: http://exodus.wurmonline.info/?x=261&y=1518&label=Wolfsbane%20%28Edwinall%29 Only rules are not to grief it by stealing the pieces, planting the signs, or digging up the slabs as it's off deed for everyone to enjoy Thanks go to Robolzer and TailosDenmark for supplying materials Flood lighting has now been implemented** for the nocturnal wurmians among us , signs directing people to the tar pit around 50 tiles away will be provided in the near future *before you ask, statuettes are too small, and pushing large statues is a pain, so we chose items that can be painted, and picked up/dropped for ease **I take no responsibility for GLSL/Wurm Lighting glitches or your eyesight
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    Similar here. I'm only turning 20 in a few months, but I've had my hands on games since I was 3 with a gameboy, in 2000 I began MMO's. What keeps me specifically is the scale I think, and the skills, I have to see myself progressing exp wise, even if it's a stupidly small tick, it oddly keeps me satisfied. I also tried the game because my friend knew I was looking for something hard, or at least, not something so easy as the regular MMO's these days. (Rift, WoW, Gw2 ect) and he told me he thought wurm was hard. So we both joined up and tried it, nearly died the first few hours. (He drowned ) and I was SO amazed at the simplest things just starting. Foraging for cotton to heal my right shoulder? Awesome!!! Botanizing for a healing cover? Oh my god. Food? Water? ...already hooked. I, like most, expected to kill a mountain lion... We double teamed it, and it almost killed us. Without us both attacking it (and having a few movement tricks up our sleeves) we'd have actually died... To a stupid weak mob. That's when I knew, this games for me. It's not something I join, hit 1-5 on my keyboard, and get through the entire game. No, I was going to finally be challenged... My first 24 hours was amazing, the next day I woke up and go to work, guess what I'm doing on break times? I'm reading the wiki, learning everything I can about wurm, how to survive, build a house, what I can do with forestry and woodcutting, how to mine, how to make flat land, how to build a ship and... Wow! Brain overload!! How much can I do!?!? That week was a blast testing all the skills, learning tricks from people I met, and exploring a bit. Bought a deed, got some friends together who, all quit eventually to how hard wurm was, which was fine by me - I enjoyed it and already had some new friends. Fast forward a month, I decide to buy Darkmalice because of feeling behind everyone else, which I know I shouldn't have, but I also wanted to help new people like I was helped. And that's when the game opened up even more... Then I learned about priest, epic servers, ect. I loved the idea of epic, but was already stuck on freedom. Overall, this game has so much to do... It's just the question of what to do. I get burned out, sure. But it's not by lack of content, it's usually because I feel forced to something (I'm looking at you, huge farm) and it burns me out for a bit, but then I always come back and do something else...I don't see leaving wurm for a long, long time. It's the perfect game for those that are tired of all the simple-to-understand games out there. TLDR: Wurms amazing because it's vast content it has to offer, and it may be slow at times, but it's all the more rewarding. And overall, you can do what ever you want, when you want.
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    You have to be level 15 before you can queue for the first dungeon.
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    A million times yes! As for some advice, Wurm is by far not Minecraft. Don't be deterred if it takes a while to get anything accomplished, Wurm is a lot slower than other games, so don't give up, just put your head down and grind away
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    This is exactly what was feared with the addition of ingame maps, that people would want to have their position marked on the map in some fashion. All I have to say is no, no, and never. Figure out your position via the community maps and your surroundings, you don't need the game to do it for you. -10
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    "You are not prepared!" "Welcom-- RUN!!!!" "Don't forget t--..... "Shatter" ... Repair the saw.." "Get off my lawn!" "Good Luck. . ."
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    I would tell them to read forum thread headers carefully so they post in the correct sections.
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    There is much more to do than grind, I spent most of my time playing wurm mostly by not grinding, I started to explore, fight, build. The game is what you make it, who gives a flying rat's fart about helping stupid little elves or fixing the god's problems with Epic missions, Wurm doesn't need artificial goals, just what players set for themselves, like building a river through a server, or a road over a mountain, a tunnel under it or a tower, the possibilities are already endless.
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    It'd also be cool if Dispel had a cast power just like enchants, and lowered the enchant in question rather than removing it entirely (Removing it if cast power dropped below 0 of course) so that you could drop and recast enchants rather than needing to remove them entirely.
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    JK is just trying to make changes to there advantages, dont listen to them. -.-
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    There's a difference between turning a blind eye, and endorsement through creating a specific area for them. With the current system, it's "We don't have a strong enough opinion to act either way, so as long as it does not become a problem...", with this it would be, "We condone the sales of accounts to the point where we have created a part of the forums specifically for doing so." In legal situations, this creates liability for Code Club where fraudulent transactions between players occur.
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    But that's just breeding...
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    Have just tested and Backpack Fountains DO fit into a Large Magic Chest. Just in case anyone else was wondering.
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    and for a cheaper cost become a mag priest and cast dominate on your future husband/wife...
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    +1 The more immersion the better. Personally I'd love to see a smith swinging a hammer in front of a cluster of forges at my workshop, and hearing that clanking sound. Make them non-targetable for combat, and make them dismissible. Deeds have a tile to creature ratio recommendation to avoid disease and excessive death of animals, so why not add a tile to npc ratio cap for deeds. At the end of the day I see it like this: if you don't want npc's, dont buy any. What you do with your in-game money is your choice. If you like your village void of activity and wandering npc's, so be it, it's your money and your village. Not to mention npc contracts would be another money sink in the game to fuel trader reimbursements and give people more ways to spend their in-game coin. However, if you would enjoy having an npc or two to bring life into a village, by all means buy some and plant them, it's YOUR MONEY and YOUR VILLAGE. I've walked into many deeds in my time on Wurm, and thought to myself "what a pile of ###### place this is with no creativity and no activity." Immediately following that though is the recognition that it isn't MY deed and in Wurm you have the freedom to do as you please with what you create. -1 to all the haters who hate just because they can. +1 to more freedoms and options to fill out your deed anyway you choose
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    soooo after some tweaks and heavy discussions and so on we finally have finished our plans for "The sleeping Hellhound" Inn on top of the scar p.s.: I love deedplanner changed:!!!!!(look at last post) Ground Level 1st Story 2nd Story 3rd Story Overview stables smithy Inn "backside" Inn Entrance Hall dining room
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    For me and my colleagues it is PvP game.... PvP is main goal , that's why you grind your stats, that's why you build your strongholds... If you don't like it play PvE Freedom simple. Nobody force you there is always choice.
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    Wurm 2014 > Wurm 2012 You can't always get what you want, but overall Wurm has grown as a game and it is developing faster than a few years ago. I don't understand these whine posts with no real focus. Some people just doesn't like change, it's a fact, with change comes complaints, but without change the game will slowly die. Complaining or arguing about specific cases is one thing and it's healthy for the game, but this kind of overall bashing is just a sign that you grew tired of the game and you probably need a break. Go try something else for a while and come back again in a few months or years with renewed interest.
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    restrict the curve and double skill gain to elevation only, cap all resources on home servers to 50ql. remove rank gain from home servers, disable enemy res stone effect on home servers
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    We want another poster! Nah just kidding, still love it!
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    NewRaxa - 17x17y - Merchants available here with a wide range of tools and enchants. If you don't find what you want it one of us in PM, it's prolly stored somewhere in our coffins. Specific thread in a few for that alliance marketplace.
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    Would be nice to see what happens when two people push each other. Maybe the one with more strength should be able to push the other back ? Also I don't think its hard to do nor that much more resource intensive than movement currently is.
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    The horse foals are the only animal NPC that I've seen that does ANYTHING other than randomly decide to move to a new grazing tile. A dog that really livened up the place would know that I had been more than 10 tiles away from him for more than 10 minutes and upon my returning to within a tile or two of him, would run around, bounce up and down and behave as a pack animal that was happy to see me. The foal animation is adorable. Would love to see the same concept applied to dogs. Sorry if this was a slight hijack, not my intent.
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    I suggest you find when this happens to you during the day, for me this only happens between 12 noon and 5pm CST (my local time). See if you can work around it in your schedule. I have not found any other help for this since the server switch post patch 1.2 . I suggest you avoid even logging on during these times, as I found out, when you try to log off in a bed, wurm will auto log you back in because it things you've accidentally disconnected (what a joke).
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    I downloaded the beta, played for about two hours and realised why I don't like most MMOs. It's a series of static quests with little or no interaction needed with other players and a completely static environment. This is the same reason I disliked WoW. Maybe I'm just unique, but for me an MMO should be a sandbox game (Eve, Wurm, errr can't think of any others) where you can make changes to the game environment. Admittedly Eve isn't to the extent that Wurm is, which is why I suddenly find myself addicted after only a week.
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    Now this is true family entertainment people. This is how you should raise your children - not this new crap on television! Approved by Druid!