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    -1, primarily because guards don't walk far in to hota area to make a difference to the hota area itself. Also because I think the suggestion is more fueled by 'Our enemies just did something that negatively affects us, so please nerf it' and not because they want the best for everyone.
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    ... when moving items to ask for quantity when SHIFT is down and when SHIFT is not down it will take as much as you can carry or if possible an option where you can specify the default amount, with one of the options being as much as you can carry. This to be applied to all bulk containers. Thank you.
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    Good idea. I think some people might be identified by the way they act. People always seem to know when a new account belongs to Tony.
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    Good to see you back Lotus, I'll work on some new stock and hopefully put some interesting enchants on the merchant this weekend
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    Easy to get to and nice area.. I have 70/80ql weapons and weaponsmithing tools on my merchant, can always send a tell to me if you want to know the stock before heading over
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    Add the Rez stone to the buff bar in the top right, it's self explanatory. Also allow a buff bar for your pet to see what's casted on it.
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    (This page is currently under construction but I wanted to get the initial post out there) Lotus Landing Public Market The Lotus Landing Public Market is back under the original ownership! We are located at X35, y21 on the Release map. We invite anyone to come down and place a merchant, browse the merchants, use the trader, or just to say hi. This is a public market: Anyone can place a merchant I will not tell anyone what price to set their items at. If merchants want to match prices that is fine. If merchants want a price war that’s fine too What we offer: A public trader (which will remain public as long as I am around) A market easily accessible by both water and by land. We have a highway running to us from Spawn Lake Currently there are 26 stalls built, but the market will expand if required There will eventually be a couple of public workshops built for vendors to be able to build their wares on site if desired A sermon site at the cathedral. There will be sermons held now and then. This will help drive traffic to the market. This of course will depend on the demand for sermons Currently we have 12 merchants up with more coming very soon.
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    Also now looking villagers to join on my deed! See more: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/97907-celebration-ignis-mist/ Gem selling thread, I get stocks to sell about weekly: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/98402-wtst-gems/ I mainly take bulk orders, but smaller orders are possible too. Delivery is mainly for larger orders, although I can deliver smaller amounts for a higher delivery fee. Upon delivery, I can move the items to containers on shore specified by you, or I can do crate / raft trades one for one (Please let me know in advance!). Pick up is also a possibility. I am at 11D in the ingame map or x13 y6 http://goo.gl/AtQRYT I specialize in Carpentry, Masonry and Blacksmithing and will be happy to complete any order I can, if I have the resources. Payment I accept Sleep Powder as payment at the rate of 1 Sleep Powder for 1 silver. I'm also open to item offers, for example i'm looking for a Life Transfer enchanted Small Axe or Small Maul. Additional services Conversion to priesthood 60c anywhere in Celebration. Preferably meet me at shore. Vynora only. Stone brick, pottery brick, stone slab and slate slab flooring for houses. I can also bring my own materials, pm for price estimate. Delivery fees Southern Exodus - 25c Western / Eastern Exodus - 50c Northern Exodus - 1s Northern / Western Celebration - 25c Southern / Eastern Celebration - 50c Inner Celebration (Middle sea) - 25 - 50c depending on your location Small order fee - 15c Materials currently up for order Bricks - 2s / 1k Mortar - 2,5s / 1k Small & Large Nails - 15c / 100 Fence Bars - 1,25s / 10 Wood Shingle - 25c / 100 Small Chest - 3c each Floorboards - 10c each Tools All that blacksmithing will allow. All tools can be attempted to enchanted with WoA and/or CoC, but my priest casts are still very unreliable and most of the time results to 1-30 casts. ( I just recently made it to cast them and i'm daily getting Channeling up) Enchants: 1c / power in addition to the tools original price. 30QL - 1c 40QL - 2,5c 50QL - 5c Horseshoes 50QL - 5c All are not listed, ask for more or throw me an offer for a custom order! Items for sale 72QL Shovel (w56, c44) - 1,1s 66QL Pickaxe (w65) - 1s 83QL Rake (w64) - 1,2s Statistics Orders completed: 12 Bricks sold: 5,000 Horseshoes sold: 8 Mortar sold: 2,000 Fence Bars sold: 100 Small nails sold: 100 Large nails sold: 100 Floorboards sold: 18 Iron (>50QL) sold: 500kg
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    Before we planted our deed we first built the walls surrounding the area and the token house before placing the deed token itself. During that construction time some walls managed to get up to 2 damage. I find it really annoying to go past 100+ walls and repair them one by one. So my suggestion is, if the deed upkeep is above a certain number, make it so that the templars so to say repair the walls on deed by a tiny amount (maybe 0.1 or something like that per day).
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    I work in a pet store/grooming place as of Monday. Been tough so far but i love animals so i hope it works out.
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    Can we add "Plant nearest corner" for trees and bushes? There are sometimes where you want a tree in the same area as the one across or to make something fit right but it plants on the wrong corner and it is fixed on that tile, We need a way to change the corner or have each time we plant on that tile have a random corner so we can "find" the corner we want.
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    biggest problem is bsbs and forges. very bad to come back to game after a week to notice 1-2 bsbs gone. Deed should prevent decay
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    Seems reasonable to me. +1 to using forges for improvement. Also, had to look this up, seems OP is right; tempering is re-heating the metal after it has been quenched (cooled) with water. If they're going to fix this though, what about a vs an? As an ESL teaching assistant, this drives me up the wall. A(n) aged horse grazes. And so on. And so on.
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    -1 for me, I personally like the randomized - makes me try to obtain names I like. Edit: Unless you could still have random ones...
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    as much I love you all...
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    They are not there to be your NPC repair guy.....If you have damage on your stuff....Get to WORK!! Oops almost forgot... -1
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    I'd like having the appropriate title selected to mean more, so yea something like this. (my option as player)
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    Two things... it's 10i per action not 1i (but your totals still add up). The other is that to not consider material loss because that person didnt create the material is foolish. For example, I do carp and have to buy the logs. If I improve a loom to 70ql that can take up to a whole high ql log, which I have to buy. Fundamentally, 10i/action is used as a rough baseline but other factors play a part. The effort of transporting bricks around, the boredom of making mortar, and the time for other aspects all affect how much people value their goods at. Though your numbers make sense for 100% creation chance perhaps (ignoring those other factors) you SHOULD consider difficulty when evaluating prices. Mortar is hard without high masonry, likely well above 3 actions per mortar output, and with most skills the higher skill players focus on higher return products so the bulk items are primarily made by the players with low skill. As such, current prices make sense if your main guide is effort generally required to produce. As always, supply and demand is key. If people didnt think the price was somewhat reasonable, they would do it themselves. If the price doesn't subsequently go down due to low demand then it isn't through stubbornness, it's because nobody is willing to give their time for lower returns - they'd probably just rather play other bits of the game. Selling items is not a charitable act - to reduce the price ONLY because you find something easier than in the past makes no business sense. My prices haven't gone down over time because it's easier, they've gone down because of the rise of reasonable competition in my field and because I anticipate the increase in volume to offset the decreased margin. Just my 2i
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    Will try and update this every few days. Located on the perimeters of vindekators and my deeds. So far it's been myself, Vind, Finalwolfblack, Theonis, Cecci, Jukimo, Felinas, and Zanil that have been digging. Now comes the surface mining. :/ . Edit to see if I could capitalize "thread" in the title. I cannot
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    Hey! I'm smithing/improving blacksmithing tools up to 60ql for free. Can cod(if item is cod'able). Else you need to pick them up. I'm located at x38 y6 in celebtpikols map, North Star deed. 2nd Place where you can pick them up is at x17y17. If interested, post below or PM me ingame. Have a nice day ! - Necromancer EDIT: I am willing to deliver if I have got free time . This Offer Has Ended
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    Goods can be picked up from Montcastra (X32, Y15) or Montcastra docks(X31, Y13) We offer a variety of goods including bulk supplies, rope making, leveling and building contracts. KNARR DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE Bulk 1000 bricks - 2s 500 in stock 1000 mortar - 3s 500 in stock 1000 planks - 1s 1000 dirt - 1s 10 support beams - 75c 10 bsb - 90c 500 nails 1s 500 small nails in stock Fence package 300 planks 300 shafts 150 nails 1s Ropes Thick rope 30c Cordage rope 10c mooring rope 5c Ship yard Sail boat 1s 2 in stock Corbita 5s Orders over 2k get additional 10% value *So an order of 2k bricks will get you 2200 bricks PM Alfred/quilles
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    [19:06:23] It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. [19:06:23] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [88] [19:06:23] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [90] [19:06:23] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [90] Starting bid 15s Increments of 1s please. Buyout 35s
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    Hey all! It is that time again for us to bring to you the next installment of The Friend Experiment. Join us tonight on our twitch channel to watch our episode live. You can find it at www.twitch.tv/factionalfight
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    Would be nice some code prevented guards being on HotA, I know battlecamp guards wander far, I seen a Silver Anchor guard before nearly at the volcano. Towers are just whatever, good for land control, but truth is building them in trafficed areas means less PvP, people are going to be much less likely to wander around towers knowing the aid they bring. To each their own though.
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    Make them ridable. I want a battle sheep. With horns.
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    Thanks again, it looks great.
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    Repair timer being based on damage certainly makes sense.
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    , I hope the best of luck to the new BL, and hopefully a awesome, new banner to be roaming the Chaos country side?
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    +1 for anyone that likes to pvp and doesn't want to be a Mol Rehan lapdog.
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    -1 to buff bar for pet. Sneaky change to let people see when their horse runs out of oakshell, so nope.
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    Basic economics: the price of an item is what the purchaser will pay for it. If people are selling those goods effectively at a higher price, that means people are willing to pay that higher price which raises the market value of that product. If a vendor starts to undercut that price, that vendor may get more business but can still only supply so much, especially if it's a high volume bulk item like bricks and mortar which is generally always in demand. Every server is going to be different in terms of market value as it's a different group of buyers and sellers. This is especially the case when you compare the old cluster with the new cluster where prices are often completely different. Through this logic, items are only "overpriced" if they are not selling as effectively as they could at a lower price. The trick for any vendor, as in real life, is to make the most profit is to balance their price based on supply (the volume of goods available for sale) and demand (the players who are in the market to purchase those good).
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    So I wanted to draw up and design a crest for my deed, so i came up with this. Pencil -> Ink -> Computer. 4hrs Up coming project! Im drawing up the design for the Bone Altar, the design I want to see in game
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    Gulasch Mountain (X11,Y4) has been disbanded for a while: https://twitter.com/Releaseserv/status/436582902374334464
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    No, I like my 90 title for Nature I'm not after removing any current titles (may replace some) - exception maybe soul depth
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    haha The original picture can be found here: http://antonw.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/wurm-mmo-background-matte-painting.jpg Here the link to the designer of the website: http://antonw.com/portfolio/wurm-online-website-design/ So I guess that this designer has created the picture and so it hasn't really got anything to do with wurm
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    1) Veggy sell for more because skill matters, you also can't create veggy out of nothing, it takes time to make veggy. 2) cooked meat, yeah few actions but where are you going to find cooked meat? Are you saying that the mobs are all lining up for you to kill one by one and no healing is required. You can't assembly line thousands of meat, or at least most people can't so you are in part paying for the finding/raising of that meat. 3) Planks. you might have a point. But if people sell them for 1s/k it's hard to sell them for more. 4/5 no idea what nails sell for typically so I can't comment. 6) Bricks cost 2s/k typically is there an issue here? 7 Failure rates of mortar apply. You are paying for higher skill just like you do with other raw materials such as wood/iron 8) Iron ribbons are 6 lumps not 3 7 actions so 70c/100 is what I recommend selling/buying for why are you cutting even your 4s/k price to 1s33c? 9 Lumps You pay for skill level. Everything under 70ql is basically to common to sell for much so 1s/k as you go higher the pricing increases. You can complain about the costs, but the only way you can do anything about it is to actually have the skill to mine at that level. Once you do you can start selling iron cheaper. >Following this logic, you can now work out the price of creation for items e.g. let's say bsb: 25 planks plus four large nails plus one ribbon: 3c for planks plus 50 irons for nails plus 13.3 irons for ribbon is 3c 63i each. Add say 3c for your time and that makes it about 6c65i per bsb. Yep, setting base costs for your materials and then setting your cost allows you to figure cost of goods, sales and delivery also come into play since someone will buy 1k nails, but unlikely to buy 1k bsb and they are harder to transport. Horses and bison sell based on scarcity of course. People don't have large stocks of 5speed bison yet so prices are higher As with all pricing you sell things for what price you can get. If the price that people are willing to pay is below what you feel it costs to produce you don't sell or you decide to lower your pricing. If you want to know what prices are you have to keep an eye on the forums and chat tabs. It takes time, but in general just looking at the merchants in the forums is usually a standard price. With costs of around 10e/month for subscription, If you watch what you buy another 3-4e month on silver purchases aren't that bad. Or if you are really stingy, there is no reason to ever have to buy from others you can make everything yourself practically buying from others is just easier. You decide what your time is worth.
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    My twin brother, the King, locked me up in a prison and forced me to wear an iron mask for years. After my release, I discovered Cerberus' steel plate great helms. Now I never leave home without one. Get yours today!
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    Domus Maiorem (Mayoral Palace) at Apulum, Chaos.
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    well this is as far as i got tonight, some of its the suggestions you guys posted that i liked, some of it is funny stuff, and some serious suggestions on changes and additions, probably some of its not in the right order yet, and some of it isn't even necessary, just wanted to put it together n maybe get more brains rollin
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    THIS WAS JUST HAPPENED TO MY MAYOR This is our log about it lol [14:13:57] <Xs.mu..i.x> @%@# [14:13:58] <Xs.mu..i.x> wow really [14:14:17] <Tatang> ? [14:14:33] <Xs.mu..i.x> 1 rare tend, 2 rare harvest, 2 rare sows [14:14:51] <Xs.mu..i.x> I don't get this while crafting or something lol
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    i remember 8 people raging in ts spending 4-5 days checking everything in a list....