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    Are you ###### serious? Every single time something goes wrong for you, you start a poll on the forums. Next level whining.
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    Currently you can twig with artifacts. Today the enemy kingdom recharged an artifact, they used alts to watch points around the black light, and as soon as we got close to the place they twigged out with the artifact. I also think that the artifacts should ALWAYS drop, they should not be affected by res stones. Both these mechanics i think are ridiculous and should be removed.
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    Mercenary Camp South Steppe, Celebration Mercenary Camp is a small village located in the southern steppe of Celebration. We are a small village founded by a group of friends from Australia who have played together for many years. We've trekked across many different lands on Freedom and spent some time on Chaos under various kingdoms. We devote a great deal of time to unique slayings and regularly travel around freedom to attend them. We hope to take on more members who share the same passion. Our village is also part of a small and very friendly alliance based in the Southern Steppe. Our village rules and core values are simple: - Always aim to preserve the steppe. - Always rescue players in need. - Be respectful of your neighbours and fellow villagers. - Never commit any despicable acts against fellow freedomers. We are always welcoming of new members, especially new players to Wurm. We will help you set up, offer you tips and try our best to make this game a pleasurable social experience. If you are interested in becoming part of our village, please contact RomaN ingame or by PM'ing on forum.
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    All I see is whining little pests, on both sides. Artifacts should be hard to get, or have at all, seriously, fantastic with some buffs on top of it. The twigging, please remove that, that sounds stupid with in itself. "The power of a incredible artifact is weighing you down, you seem to be unable to use your twig right now."... The Ress stones, maybe, who knows.
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    Damn x10 times slower? I'm a champing :-) lol
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    Did you even open the link? Let me share since you're struggling. Wagon So this weeks surprise is this fancy wagon, which is already quite far in development and testing. It will have some real advantages in the game so after the images there is some further information. Any animals that were previously "hitch able" is being tested for compatibility and willingness to cooperate. You can hitch up to 4 bison, horses, cows or bulls at the same time but no less then 2, or it will be to heavy.The color of the cloth is determined by the kingdom you are from.The skill level needed to create these wagons is set to 40 fine carpentry. <----------------------With 4 creatures hitched it is the fastest of all the carts currently in the game.Has the highest maximum load capacity of the current carts By the way. The post is over 3 months old early enough for ya?
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    Don't get me wrong, because I do indeed love this game. But I'm a bit dissatisfied with the update, because the update pics showed all this new stuff, making me want the new stuff, and then I logged on when the servers finally came back up to find that I had the skill to make maybe one of the new items. It bothers me that you advertise things for updates without noting what skills and skill levels will be needed to make them, because that just means that only the elite players get to make the new things. I was really looking forward to making a wagon and some crates - and I found that my 51 carpentry and 16 fine carp, while enough to build a 6 story house, is not enough to make a box or a box with a sheet on wheels. Since the update I've been grinding all day every day and I'm only to 56 carp and 33 FC. It's getting really boring sitting there imping rope tools all day. I generally like this game's slowness, but not when it's dragging out an activity that I'd rather not be doing at all. Please, in the future, when you make people drool with pics of new things, attach a skill and a skill level to EVERY pic so I know what I'll need to make it. I'm in the middle of a road project on Deli which has now been on hold for over a week because I'm trying to work up the skill on FC, which is SUPER slow and time-consuming. I would have preferred to know about the skill reqs ahead of time so I could do the grinding BEFORE the update. TL;DR: Please include skill req names and levels with every pic of a new item in future updates. It's not fair to tease me with all this new stuff that I can't make without weeks of grinding some skill.
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    Yer so big and bad just go raid kyara and get them. This suggestion is ridiculous and on the heels of trying to convince Rolf you should get your champs life extended 300 days because no one will go cap any towers after you capped them all. lol....
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    I am just adding to your idea. Is that not what the suggestions forum is for? Discussing suggestions?
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    Hi, I am both a safe cracker and vault shadow. I still think this change is bad.
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    easy, 1s per 1k used, so 3s total, 1s for veggies, 1s for meat, then 1s to the loader so 3s per 1k pans which is 30s per 10k pans. i beleave thats entirely reasonable., if they bring there own mats, then 1s per 1k pans filled. then it becomes 10s per 10k :-)
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    i think the change is in the right direction but once it has been unlocked leave it unlocked until (either locked again when no enemys in local) or (once enemy's leave they can instalock). if your going the realism root on how many lockpicks can fit..then maybe go the realism on lock not magic;y relocking.
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    When dechamping why is faith nerfed down to 50 and not reset to where it was before? As far as I know, this is how Channeling works. It just means that a fairly new priest who has only just reached 50 faith is punished less upon dechamping than a long-term priest who was at 90+ faith before he champed. I don't understand why someone who has spent more time on their account is punished more than someone who's only been a priest for a couple of months in order to champ.
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    Apparently people refrain from conquering towers and battle camps because it hands out champion points when they are reconquered. This is contrary to how they are supposed to work. The suggestion is removing rewarding champion points from the next upcoming update and make them decay 10 times slower for now instead, pending some smart changes to the system.
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    Hello everyone, I am looking to create a Black Light PMK. At tis time I have received positive feedback from all three kingdoms in Chaos. Our future capital will be in the NW part of Chaos. Theres a few ppl already interested in making this happen but we need more ppl. The kingdom will be founded with the following ideals: The kingship will be earned, by deeds and by a vote of the subjects of the future kingdom. Once ready to create the Kingdom; the elected king will found it. The name of the kingdom will be decided by the subjects as well from a list of potential names submitted thru a voting system. At no given time, the King will have full control of the Kingdom. There will be a council to come up with ideas (bills) and all the subjects will then vote on the matter. Titles will be given out to subjects who earn it thru loyalty and service. The council will nominate prospects and then the kingdom will vote yay or nay. All ideas will be taken in consideration regarding the welfare and morale of the Kingdom from any subject. The Kingdom colors will be chosen by its founders as well as the motto. If you are interested please pm me, all the names will remain confidential as I dont want anyone get in trouble if they are switching kingdoms. With that said, I prefer that if you are leaving your kingdom, you talk to your people about your intentions so theres no hard feelings left behind. I also want to remind everyone that for the next update the PMK requirement for creation is only 25 due to the success of this thread http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/95546-change-requirements-to-create-pmks/ Dont miss out this opportunity to be part of history in Wurm. Come join us and become the legend you are meant to be!!!
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    Yes I am. I really am. As soon as you see JK do something you would have done yourself in the same situation you make a poll. I can't count how many polls you made in the past few weeks to get stuff that you don't like changed instead of dealing with it. At some point it has to stop.
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    /me adds this to his secret todo list (I will probably make it disabled by default and toggle-able on tab basis)
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    great..now how about u FIX WIRT LOCKING SO THER IS REASON TO LOCKPIK A DOOR. And who sugested that corpses can't be looted if on deed and enemy still local? like if we kill someone just 1 tile inside deed we can't loot it unless we raid the entire damn deed???!??!?!?!?!
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    Why someone would put.. guards attacking horses into the game? Its just the code, dude. Thank Brq for it.. hue.
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    Cuz I'm bored, here's a video of my first Java game I'm making...tell me what you think: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202369973504440&l=2104196522684856819 If you want more vids I can post links. This one's subtitles kind of assume you've seen some of them before. Here's a really long one that shows the game from first compile to about a month ago too: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201967472562168&l=836856868500504523 Be sure to hit HD when watching, Facebook's vid compression makes the low quality version look like crap.
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    They can go kill people or drain a deed you just want to have free champs for a couple months. If it is too much to handle give them the option to dechamp with no skill penalty cuz that 1 point is harsh... *yawn*
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    This topic has run around in circles so many times in this forum. Surface mining actions need to be more frequent. Making/obtaining concrete needs to be easier.
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    I would say allow champions to cross to home servers.And remove points from towers-battlecamps.
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    To be honest champ system needs changes. How many champs do we have per month... ? There are only 3 spots for champs per kingdom and they are empty almost all the time. Of course there is 1 year grace period but still it is hard to find big amount of players having "Champion Emeritus" titles in their collection. Almost no one want to be a champ .... but Champions should be like "wheel drive" for PvP on the server. 1. Decreasing point decay may be easy step to encourage players to become one and have some time to get their stats up before the loss when de-champing 2. Gaining points for conquering towers / battle camps is stupid because you can make it always during unpopular playtime hours when only 10 ppl online. Limiting champ points gain only to Draining deeds or killing is way to go. Champions will be force to make PvP to keep the status 3. Another thing is like someone said before: change Faith loss.... I would say long term players which have like 80-100 Faith will not be willing to lose it and again start from 50. There is existing algorithm for channeling which can be used for it. Faith loss change may also bring more PvP action when old players become champions. System needs re-work to be PvP wheel drive but rework means many dev's work hours..... In my opinion If we want quick/rapid changes to make our life better ;-) this 3 things are a quick solution.
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    Although I am all for improving the game and getting new players hooked, something I'd like to point out however is that one should be careful with helping too much. For me at least, the charm of the game - the thing that got me hooked - was how hard core it was. It was literally like one of those survival shows where they drop some dude out into the wilderness, give them a few items to get started and leave them to fend for themselves. That's how it felt arriving to Wurm and I loved every minute of it. Sure some things were confusing, sure I died a lot, sure things were hard - but it was through these trials and tribulations that the sweet sweet reward came at the end by finally succeeding in something. People who want a predefined flow, who want to be hand held through their gaming experience should go to WoW. This game is not for those people IMHO. When I first started, people kept offering help, kept offering to give me a place to stay in their village, kept giving me stuff. But as much as I appreciated their kindness, all of those things were actually ruining my experience because I wanted to do everything the hard way, from scratch and on my own. In fact, after creating my first deed, I was soon forced to move to a more quiet location because I hated being helped so much. People just couldn't take a hint. And to be honest I did more than hint - I was quite direct as I explained not wanting help and why. Sometimes there's a fine line between a veteran helping a newbie out of genuine, selfless kindness, and between selfish entertainment. It's like... they have everything all set up for their own characters and don't have anything to do, so they pounce upon newbies who become their "new project". Harsh words, but it's the feeling one gets if someone refuses to respect that some people just don't want any help.
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    I wouldn't even say it's a step above carts and rafts. Crates and rafts simply offer two different options for the way you store bulk goods, for some they'll continue to use rafts, other will use crates, and yet others will use both as they feel is appropriate. In a game like Wurm, viable options are a good thing, and both of these tools are viable and useful.
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    If you like it, then you should've put a deed on it.
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    Kyle assaulted by a sleuth of flatbears
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    You are letting facts get in their way Solmark. Why require the Dev team to actually document properly, when they can rely on the witless masses and trolls in these forums to half ass their job? Imagine the nerve of these players asking for information, instead of sifting through the endless detritus that is the forums.
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    Making sense does not always equal fun.
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    Nicely put I'd agree with the OP that the requirements probably should have been more obvious from the outset but I would add that I think the FC skill requirement is set way too high and even when you have those skills the failure rate for attaching a high ql plank is just ridiculous A final point, whilst I like the grindy nature of Wurm, I don't see why we should assume that EVERY skill that is worthwhile should automatically need to be a painfully slow process for people to enjoy Wurm.
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    This kind of sarcasm led us to gems like plants and zombies 2 and the dungeon keeper 2 remake. Progress:
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    First: Then you would only have the vocal people who agreed with you, since considering the majority of votes are for No, I assume you only want comments from those disagreeing with your question? Next: You have 3 topics/points in here so in the order of your points: 1. The economy argument is a bit tired in the "join the servers" discussion and was not part of/has no bearing on your original question. As a late introduction to the thread topic, it only servers to undermine constructive conversation on the original question. 2. Pointless servers - Several folks actually support the idea that the new servers were "pointless" in the grand scheme of things, and while I don't agree with the idea myself, I do think they did, and continue to, divide an already small player base as well as eat dev/support time. Look at the number of threads, in and out of game arguments and comments from the dev team about the amount of discussion going on about how to even approach the topic of joining the servers, let alone the mechanics to do so. 3. Player count (Premium) Pristine - 616 current (source)Release - 596 current (Source)Total Freedom 2 - 1212 Freedom 1 Indy - 1088 current (source)The other 4 servers would need to have less than 50 premium players for Freedom 2 to have more players. In the case you're wondering, they have a lot more than 50 each... Server graphs Deli - 621Exo - 555Cele - 439Wilds/Chaos - 401Total Freedom 1 - 3104As a side note, in the case of actively playing at any point in time, pointless as different groups play on different servers at different times. Any snapshot in time would only prove populations at that single point in time. So this leaves total premium accounts in the discussion, and even those on Freedom 2 supporting a vote generally ask that premium accounts be the only voice, even knowing that a good deal of the Freedom 2 accounts are new mains or alts from Freedom 1. Even if your assumption was accurate, it just proves how much it would hurt the current Wilds/Chaos server to start a new isolated PVP isle by not including them in the new population gains. I'm not saying Free2Play accounts don't (or shouldn't) have a voice, as I'm one of the folks saying all active accounts should have their say if the dev team is really going to put it to a vote. Just that it might be better to track feedback from paying (or previously paying) customers vs non-paying in this one case, and start a separate initiative to gather reasons why non-paying customers are not moving over to premium services. Otherwise, join the servers and be done with it. Once that linking occurs, if there is reason/need for more space on Wilds/Chaos, they can spin up a fresh island for it. Don't continue to thin the core population even further simply because one side doesn't want to "mingle with the peasants" (I've heard variations of this comment from both sides). ::edits for grammar, spelling and clarification of points::
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    Just give 3 lives and dechamp upon 3rd death (pvp deaths only count, same kingdom kills included to allow removal of unwanted chsmps if needed) stat loss upon dechamp stays same, penalties for not being involved in pvp for periods of time, similar to now but more extreme to discourage champs being used as enchanters
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    Yes. Could we get mag champs in JK back too please?
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    How about Once a player hits the fatigue a message will be sent to the nearest mental hospital from the player that they've got a patient missing?
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    Suggestion to add a larger version forge that takes 3 or 4 times the materials of a forge to make. It should also be graphically much larger than a forge to give forges a use in decorating homes. Make it medium->hard to start to build (30-40 skill?). Allow it to smelt 50 to 100 ore at the same time. Preferably more than less. (this is the BIG point in this). Please. -------- UPDATE: To outline what I've gotten out of the suggested improvements stated in this thread, - The smelter takes 30 to 40 skill to start and continue. - Serious amount of materials to build, up to 5 or 10 times the regular forge just to not make them mass produced. - 100 ores fit in it. - One per tile. - Graphically large. - Burns a lot of wood quickly. Some suggest up to a full 100 kg tree to fuel it completely. - Smelting time quality dependent, just as forges. Faster the higher the quality is.
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    Welsh Smithery and Brokerage Firm The Welsh Smithery and Brokerage Firm is once again open in southern Independence. The current base of operations is Foresthaven Retreat, which is off of Tranquility Bay, northwest of Boondocks. (That's 25x, 59y on the community Independence map and 14-S on the in-game map). Our mailbox has a 20 minute mailing time. All items are COD or pickup only. If you come by ship, I can meet you at Boondocks. Items can also be placed on our merchant at the front of the deed so that you can pick them up when convienent. (Customer is responsible for the COD fee.) In addition to the normal tools provided by a smithery, items are being brokered for other members of the alliance. The stock listed here will be varied and should update regularly. Unfortunately, I cannot take special orders for enchantments, but if you let me know what you are looking for, I will pass the information along to the suppliers and will keep you in mind if I get something like that in stock. To Place An Order: Contact Gorwst in game, send a forum PM, or reply to this thread. Blacksmithing Products Awl, Branding Iron, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel: 50ql- 20c 60ql- 35c 70ql- 50c Frying Pans, Lanterns, Large Anvils: 40ql- 20c 50ql- 40c 60ql- 70c Steel and Flint (30ql+)=15c Carpentry Products (Generally cedar by default. Any wood type available if I have some in stock.) Clay Shaper, Grooming Brush, Mallet, Spatula, Spindle: 40ql- 10c 50ql- 20c 60ql- 35c 70ql- 50c Cheese Press, Fruit Press, Press, Rope Tool, Signs, Small Barrel, Small Bucket, Small Chest: 30ql- 10c 40ql- 20c 60ql- 35c (Note: A fruit press can be made in camellia, grape, lavender, oleander, rose, or thorn as well as the normal woods.) Weaponsmithing Products Carving Knife, Iron (80 ql) = 45c Small Axe, Iron (80ql) = 80c Axe, Iron (80ql) = 80c Axe, Steel (80ql) = 1.3s Longsword, Steel (70ql) = 1.1s (Cannot be mailed.) Small Maul, Iron (80ql) = 80c Maul, Iron (80ql) = 80c Large Maul, Iron (70ql) = 60c Large Maul, Iron (80ql) = 80c Large Maul, Steel (70ql) = 1.1s Enchanted Tools Large Maul, Iron (81.02ql, Flaming Aura 70, Animal's Demise) = 4s (This CAN be mailed.) Compass, Brass (66.76ql, WoA 60) = 4s Compass, Brass (68.1ql, WoA 87) = 6s Compass, Brass (71.08ql, WoA 64) = 6s Compass, Brass (71.14ql, WoA 76) = 6s Grooming Brush, Oak (19ql, CoC 62) = 1.09s Grooming Brush, Oak (19ql, CoC 63) = 1.1s Grooming Brush, Oak (27ql, CoC 68) = 1.19s Grooming Brush, Oak (19ql, CoC 86) = 3s Meditation Rug, Cotton (50.14ql, CoC 77) = 1.07s Pelt, Lion (65.98ql, CoC 63) = 93c Pelt, Wild Cat (66.61ql, CoC 67) = 97c Pelt, Rat (61.21ql, CoC 69) = 99c Pelt, Rat (62.4ql, CoC 69) = 99c Pelt, Untyped (90.1ql, CoC 67, WoA 61) = 2.28s Pelt, Untyped (88.1ql, CoC 71, WoA 61) = 2.17s Pelt, Rat (72.73ql, CoC 80, WoA 62) = 2.22s Pelt, Lion (77.23ql, CoC 61, WoA 62) = 1.73s Pelt, Lion (88.32ql, CoC 69, WoA 67) = 2.11s Pelt, Wild Cat (77.04ql, CoC 66, WoA 67) = 1.83s Pelt, Rat (66.52ql, CoC 66, WoA 71) = 1.77s Pelt, Rat (78.45ql, CoC 60, WoA 73) = 1.93s Pelt, Lion (76.44ql, CoC 62, WoA 74) = 1.96s Pelt, Untyped (90.1ql, CoC 59, WoA 79) = 2.48s Pelt, Lion (79.03ql, CoC 82, WoA 84) = 3s Small Anvil, Iron (90.8ql, CoC 40, WoA 33) = 2.5s Small Anvil, Iron (88.99ql, CoC 72, WoA 64) = 3s Whetstone, Stone (92.11ql, CoC 61, WoA 77) = 2.48s Whetstone, Stone (90.52ql, CoC 66, WoA 94) = 4s Whetstone, Stone (90.52ql, CoC 71, WoA 67) = 2.48s Whetstone, Stone (90.52ql, CoC 73, WoA 67) = 2.5s Whetstone, Stone (90.52ql, CoC 74, WoA 75) = 3s Whetstone, Stone (90.52ql, CoC 85, WoA 94) = 4.5s Loom (Unfinished) (70ql) = 1s Note: It can be mailed unfinished. You add the last shaft, which determines the wood type. Items Available On the Merchant This stock may vary if someone buys it first. Fine Fishing Rod, Pinewood (15.5ql, CoC 61) = 1.07s Fine Fishing Rod, Pinewood (21.88ql, CoC 66) = 1.16s Fine Fishing Rod, Pinewood (15.94ql, CoC 67) = 1.17s Meditation Rug, Cotton (49.39ql, CoC 56) = 71c Meditation Rug, Cotton (49.2ql, CoC 59) = 74c Rake, Iron (1ql, CoC 71) = 1.42s Rake, Iron (2.35ql, CoC 74) = 1.47s Rake, Iron (2.63ql, CoC 74) = 1.47s Rake, Iron (2.32ql, CoC 74) = 1.47s Rake, Iron (9.65ql, CoC 86) = 3s Shovel, Iron (1ql, CoC 59) = 1.03s Scythe, Iron (51.92ql, CoC 48) = 83c Scythe, Iron (50.79ql, CoC 51) = 86c Scythe, Iron (51.92ql, CoC 52) = 87c Scythe, Iron (51.65ql, CoC 72) = 1.17s Scythe, Steel (71.02ql, CoC 58, WoA 79) = 3s Note: Due to the spirit value, these scythes cannot be mailed. Huge Axe, Iron (80ql) = 80c (Cannot be mailed.) Please be aware that wrapping has been disabled currently. This means that Shovels, Rakes, Scythes, and Fishing Poles cannot be mailed at all. They can be placed on our merchant in front of the deed to await your pickup.
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    So the white light has been moved out of the pit it was previously in on chaos because terraforming its location was deemed to be an unintended behaviour. I don't see why the altar spawning on one end of the server within the control of an established kingdom, which quickly proceeded to wall it in so heavily that it cannot be accessed by anyone else than them, is intended behaviour. This completely denies the ability for the other WL kingdoms to get new priests and champ up. The WL kingdoms could band together and try to smash the altar down, but we all know that is too hard. So I would say that the WL should be moved back to a central location, and all walls within a 100 tile radius should have 20x decay. BTW let us not forget that it has been moved before because it "was deemed unfair" that one kingdom controlled the light.
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    Rock is rock, shouldn't be easy to alter, not even on-deed. Let it stay as it is. Also leaves certain area's to place a deed for those determined and skilled enough to settle on.
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    being able to go to ur own home server atlest
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    1. Sleeping bags/swags: I often travel by cart or boat and need to log out in the middle of nowhere. I was wondering if we can get a feature of portable swags or sleeping bags? These could be made from fur and sheets and be rolled up and carried in inventory or in carts and wagons, for those times you have to log out somewhere off deed. Handy also if you see the 'server shutting down in ...seconds' come up and you are half an hour from your deed. 2. Portable ovens for ships. These could be handy if you want to live on your ship, together with the sleeping bag mentioned above. 3. A way to secure your horse in the field, e.g. using a staff or other peg type device, this can be placed on a tile with the horse roped to this peg, while you log out. Nobody can remove this but the person who placed it. You can only ever only have one animals pegged to the ground. Pegs decay in three irl days. This is handy if you need to log out due to server shut down. Also handy if you can do this on someone else's deed while you visit them. You can log off and log back in still being able to lead your horse. These are just a few ideas for travel and making it possible to live on boats and ships.
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    Yeah, as some other have pointed out, the new stuff isn't really required but more of a "nice to have". I too was a bit confused why the req. were so high, but then I came to the conclusion that it was similar to boats. The Knarr is a very nice ship to transport things, but I did just fine w/ a Corbita before I had the skills for the Knarr. If there were no other options to transport goods, and they removed rafts or something, you'd have a valid complaint. But because you can't use the best available items yet isn't a reason why it's bad. It's a step above a large cart with rafts, thus it should take more skills to make it.
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    Yeah, but if you keep giving it milk, maybe some day it'll grow into one
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    I galvanize steel (by dipping the steel in 465 celcius hot liquid zinc) for the biggest automotive companies in the world. Working in a man only environment with mainly big mouthed folks but with small hearts
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    -1 to real world breeds (names) in game +1 to wurmian specific breeds Red Magranon Spitz Mol Rehan Terrier Something like these, but better.
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    Why would the sysadmin get the players name, if the rule hasn't been broken? Considering how easy it is to simply build a 1x1 house, instead of trying to have the rule changed to accomodate laziness, this request seems ridiculous to me. -1
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    1. Allow traders to sell mirrors. 2. Profit. Seems to be a pretty simple way to increase your revenue stream there Devs.