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    One thing that really bugs me is that supportive players, that try to keep alive friends, kill enemy horses or link their favor do not get any rewards. Those people do not even get mentioned in the Death-tab sometimes. I would suggest that kingdom mates close to an enemy(~10tiles) dieing,get mentioned on the deathtab, rank and roll on the affinity. To fall under this rule they must have healed a friend during that fight, killed an enemy horse(rode or leaded by an enemy). Or maybe just helped bashing a wall/minedoor/tower to help in this situation, buffed, despelled or linked his favor. Example. Player A,B and C are in the same kingdom D is an enemy. A and C killed D, A got focused and would have died without B healing him. A,B,C get rank and roll on the affinity. It is clear that the main focus for the group is to win, but since there are special rewards for individual players , I think those rewards should be handed out considering more factors than just a simple target or hit.
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    Put them in an empty container in a cold forge and they'll cool down in 3 seconds flat. Cauldron works well.
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    im only one that likes the fight style wurm has right now vs the mount and blade style? I actually think its more unique and more fun.
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    Try playing Mount and Blade at 200-300 ping. Not saying I don't like the idea of real-time combat, but it's pretty impractical without regional servers, which you probably won't be seeing any time soon. And if you lose several hours' worth of work due to latency, well...
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    So yesterday the Warders of the West alliance, along with our friends took out the goblin leader! It was the most people I've seen on Wurm since I started, and I believe someone used fire magic... Anyways managed to record a crude video of the "raid" and put it on Youtube for you all! Goblin Leaders Death Enjoy! Also thanks to Blastspawn getting everyone together!
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    [19:25:10] Aamanus slain by Vynorachamp [19:26:33] Tommty slain by Vynorachamp [19:27:24] Aamanus slain by Vynorachamp [19:28:30] Tommty slain by Vynorachamp [19:29:29] Aamanus slain by Vynorachamp [19:30:22] Tommty slain by Vynorachamp [19:38:10] Aamanus slain by Nightfall [20:59:26] Vynorachamp slain by Tommty Embolism Nadroj Nightfall Pinejon Aamanus Garrettwademan Aralin Christa [21:03:51] Vynorachamp slain by Embolism Nadroj Nightfall Pinejon Garrettwademan Aamanus Aralin Christa [21:49:16] Vynorachamp slain by Embolism Eleanor Nightfall Aralin Enchantress Tommty Nadroj Red Farmerfred Pinejon Aamanus Garrettwademan Christa [17:08:25] Aamanus slain by Nadroj Nightfall [17:09:42] Aamanus slain by Nadroj [16:46:48] Tommty slain by Embolism Nadroj Pimprage Nightfall Farmerfred Garrettwademan Roman [16:48:53] Tommty slain by Nadroj [16:50:37] Tommty slain by Nadroj [16:52:21] Tommty slain by Nightfall [16:54:25] Tommty slain by Nightfall [17:00:07] Aamanus slain by Tommty Embolism Nadroj Pimprage Nightfall Farmerfred Garrettwademan Aralin Roman [17:05:27] Aamanus slain by Nadroj [17:06:15] Tommty slain by Pimprage Nightfall Farmerfred Roman
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    Hi friends I created some easy to remember short urls for the freedom pve maps. If you're interested, here you find a collection of all maps on the freedom PVE clusters I am very grateful to Maximusi (Independence map hoster) for the great help to use the correct php-codes The mainsite with all freedom PVE maps you can found on http://maps.wurmonline.info The directlinks to the maps are: Exodus http://exodus.wurmonline.info Release http://release.wurmonline.info Pristine http://pristine.wurmonline.info Independence http://independence.wurmonline.info Celebration http://celebration.wurmonline.info Deliverance http://deliverance.wurmonline.info Xanadu http://xanadu.wurmonline.info Dumpmaps http://dumpmaps.wurmonline.info The affiliated forums to add or delete deeds you can found here: Exodus Release Pristine Independence Celebration Deliverance Xanadu Enjoy it and have a nice day Eject
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    I believe that this should have been stopped long ago... Who really approved this from the GM team? Is Rolf nuts? I know for a fact JK, BL and MR have done it. But MR has taken it to a level that I do not agree with. In my opinion, anyone killing lats should be reduced to 70 or 80fs.. something... at least stop it now ffs
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    This is why I petition removing the fight skill soft cap, let everybody get 100 fight skill a piece of cake. If people are so but hurt about that then let us gain at least up to 1 fight skill per day unhindered by the fight skill cap, then allow us to gain it at the slow rate. It means it would take a maximum of 30 days after 70 fight skill to reach 100
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    [16:46:37] Tommty slain by Embolism Nadroj Pimprage Nightfall Farmerfred Garrettwademan Roman Ok this is just getting ridiculous now. Something needs to be done to stop this fs and affinity farming.
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    There is one primary problem with the rare system. No Documentation!!!!!
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    I'm looking to sponsor someone who is interested in playing on epic elevation in the Kingdom of Sol, a PMK. I would like someone who is mature and is active at least a few hours a day. My main focus is finding someone who is interested in crafting and animal husbandry. Although Epic is a pvp server, building and crafting is also a major part of the game. By sponsoring I would like to encourage more players from the freedom isles to join us on epic. My last 2 sponsor were only active for a few days so please if your not serious about playing wurm don't take advantage of a privilege opportunity away from others. New payers and freedom vetrians can take me up on this offer, just send me a PM
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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! This week I will simply list the full set of currently confirmed features so you know exactly what to look and plan for with the coming Update on 18th of February. I have taken some time to clarify some of the updates for your convenience. Wagons Ship Carrier Crafting Interface Crates Great for bulk transportation. Drag and Drop Functionality to drag items straight from piles to cart, cart to piles or pile to pile without the need for it going to inventory first. Amount moved per action is in relation to how much you are already carrying vs maximum carrying capacity. Load Function The ability to load many items previously unmovable(as in picked up) onto carts through a simple command. Reinforced Cave Floors For those instances when rock floors just does not feel secure enough. Notifications Help System Tutorial and help messages that are triggered by certain situations and conditions. The information will also be available on demand from a library called "Book of Wisdom". Village Recruitment Board Joining or inviting fellow players through a map interface accessible from a recruitment board model which can be crafted or accessed from the starter deeds. After joining a settlement you will be able to teleport to that deed at once but one time only. Invite Command You will be able to directly invite a player to your village by using /vinvite command specified with player name. It will work no matter where on the server the player is. The player will receive a message and can teleport at once to the village. This will work one time only per village and can not be used if you have teleported to the same village through the Village Recruitment Board. The same limitation is true for the Recruitment Board. World and Island Maps with notations The annotations work like this: You have some for personal use, some are shared and available for people of the same village. Also, some are shared over the entire alliance. Placing them is as easy as clicking your map, but you have a set amount and restrictions to who can place them on village and alliance level. Status effect bar Shows you the current active buffs and debuffs affecting your character, complete with a set of new icons. New Emotes Follow, lead, goodbye, this way, not that way. Avatar of Libila Kyklops Rugs Braziers So which update are you the most exited about? And with that I can only suggest that you start planning and Keep on Wurming!
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    Hello I am looking for some help in the form of donations for generating funds for a PMK form. Please PM me if you are willing to help in any way. Thanks! -Suntzu
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    No body cares about hypocrites on the internet keep your drama out of here crazy man. We are all hypocrites and a liar if we deny it. Whats that going go solve here other than defame your enemy. The more logs just shows how much more of a problem this actually is. Keep them coming and help push for a change in fight skill cap, removal or make it so we can gain skill as fast as alt farmers
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    -1 champs are a tool for pvp
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    I sponsor 3 players this weekend. I'm at my max limit for now. If i'm able to sponsor more i'll contact those who message me about the sponsorship. Cheers.
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    Since we can build with bricks why not be able to build with marble and slate? They could be built with huge slabs to increase difficulty or have marble/slate bricks. It would add a bit more fluff to building a house other than wooden or just stone.
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    +1 I also think this should count for captains. They ussualy are left out when it comes to archery kills. In addition, captains are always the main target. I really feel that this should be rewarded.
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    I think people with very high skills should have better chances of rare items, Im not sure exactly how I would do it but it would give incentive to people to go into the 90s rather than be a jack of all trades. It would also mean people use the skills rather than hitting their benchmark and grinding something else.
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    It would certainly be nice to get on death tabs or get any rewards for healing people. It might also make the support roles much more rewarding and attractive
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    I think the whole rank system need a rework. it's just broken imo
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    +1 to your idea seems fair. It would be nice to have a cleaner interface (has been mentioned recently) for healing so don't need to expand so many lists to find wounds. A separate list with just wounds ascending from worst to less severe would be nice. I don't really care where the wound is I just wanna heal it quickly.
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    /random shows to others if you're stood on the same tile.
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    hey shrimpiie i saw that. thanks as always for good input
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    Oh whoops, just noticed that. I think I was thinking of something else.
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    Only forum members with 1000+ post is allowed to shitpost :^)
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    Heh, there was a bug with launcher after all. But it's all fixed now.
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    You should try not logging into your friends account an robbing them blind.
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    Who have been working longer than anyone else and probably done the most!
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    ermm you forgot Tarator and earwicker
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    well I did miss the drake set, so that would bump it to around 300e, however.....you must have been gone a very, very long time Bob. Accounts don't go anywhere near that unless you have armoursmithing, weaponsmithing, high FC, Carp, Mining, WC, farming, ect. I have bought 3 big accounts, with very high end stats. that demolish this account. and none of them were anywhere near 600e excluding the priest for obvious reasons. For 600e, you'd need 90+ WC, mining, BS, WS, chainsmith, LW, carp, FC, and 80+ PS, with other decent stats all around. PS: to compare those body stats, The Vynora priest I bought has better (Yes, a priest) than that. With that said, it's still a very good account, and worth a lot. just not 500-600e.....to anyone. (considering i'm the one that always overpays for a account...) Hopefully someone will offer a good amount, it it's worth a bit, and was owned by a decent guy. GL with the sale Wulf!
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    Good idea, easy way to join a PMK + 1
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    +1, a lot of people dont even know of the existence of pmk's if they're not involved in pvp or have friends that are (mainly home servers obviously), so yeah. I also agree that with no home server for pmk's, this is an easy way to balance out the amount of recruits a pmk may get compared to that of the other kingdoms.
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    The problem with your post is that it's not turn style combat. Everything is on timers and skill, enchants, weapon type, etc affect the timers themselves. Combat is real time, you aren't clicking a button for Attack, Defend, Item, or Run as you would in Final Fantasy II.
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    come be among us and play with the fungus!
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    The trouble is Bob back then your accounts body stats were top end, sadly now 2-3 years? has passed? Inflation bro, there is alot better body stats out there now. 99 is not uncommon in crafting skills. The body skills are decent now not spectacular.
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    I think you need to put 1g into the wishing well Postes
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    Feeling cold ? then hop into bed with the Lover, I'll raise your temperature!
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    Increased the number of animals that you can lead to 4 as suggested above Also allowing leading of horses that have a bridle without the use of a rope. Soon!
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    Scripting update: I have found a good way to run all scripts in a full sandbox (securely). That should hopefully make the feature more useful for sharing scripts. Trello board in the future: Just so you all know, features that have votes, will go up in the queue and will be promoted / finished sooner. This includes all 3 work boards (ideas, bugs, todo). If you don't find their descriptions clear enough, just pm me and I'll fix that. Same if anything is missing or items need adjusting. Note: specific request coming from donators will always have highest priority. Trello board is here Also new coloring for the board items: green - no problems found, feature can be created yellow - checking if there are any problems on the way, designing orange - problems found (item has a check-list showing them) red - the feature can't be done until more donations arrive (or more people join project), because it is too time consuming purple - feature is a donator request and has highest priority Not all color tags are updated yet. Simple items, bugs etc. may not have any tags.
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    I understand what the OP is saying. The game costs to much for him/her. We all have 2 choices, play or don't. If the masses left the game, Rolf would have 2 choices, drop the price or don't. Just because 1 game is $5 a month and another is $10, doesn't make the game that is $10 overpriced, it just means that's what the developer values it at. Saying that, Wurm is one of few games that offer a Play2Pay option whereby if you make enough money in game you can play for free - which is VERY achievable. (Mortar) Spend 20 hours in game and you can easily make enough silver for premium. I'm not talking enough for 1 main, 4 priests, a 85x85 deed and spending cash. I'm talking enough for premium, for 1 character. Play to your means. Once all these pre-paid people on the old system expire, they also have a choice to purchase premium again or not. I personally don't have any issue playing what I am paying now (re-subbed for a year up front 3/4 days ago) as I like playing the game. I don't drink often, I don't have children and I think the game is worth what I pay for it. Yes, we'd all like to see bugs fixed or new features added but I have come to the realisation that Rolf runs on his own clock, he does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants and he doesn't care if you like it or not and I'm OK with that because I made the choice to be OK with it. I've kinda got involved in this post more than I normally would, simply because a lot of you are complaining about something your not forced to play, or forced to pay for. You weren't even promised anything at any stage. If you don't like, you know what you can do, simple really.
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    Hmm was bored. At work. I spend avg 1200 eu / silver per yr on this game div by 13 months at 28 days per month and div 24 hrs = about 13.73 copper per hour it costs me . Or 3.3 silver a day to play, covert to Canadian money $4.65. I could Buy two small cheese burgers. For that . So ya even with 1200 eu a yr . Costing me very little. Really.
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    Quand j'aurais mon bateau, je vous rejoint pour visiter C'est PvP... Pas mon trip désolé.
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    I dunno, I don't think the price is that bad. I was pissed when it first came out, the new prices, but having had time to cool down - I blame the family blood - I see it as quite reasonable. It's helped that I've been in like five betas recently for MMOs and none of them have been ... ..what's the phrase. Worth my time? Sometimes you need new perspective to see what's worth it to you and what isn't. Besides, I hopefully have finally found work, so hopefully I'll be able to play again. (Playing when you're not prem: now, -that- I can't do xD Drives me mad.)
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    Actually, if you can create a flat tile at the top and get dirt up there easily, the fastest and least dirt-intensive method is to use the 'level' command from the top. Bring the first tile of the ramp flat with the top, then level the next tile until the slope down is 20, then dig down the top of that slope so it's now flat with the 'bottom' of the ramp and 20 slope down from the top. You can then use that next tile to level from, again stopping the action when you have a slope of 20 (or whatever your desired ramp slope is), then digging down the 'bottom' end of the flat tile so the flat tile is again moved to the lower end of the ramp, now leaving you with the top two tiles of the ramp at 20 slope, etc etc. This of course assumes you have the digging skill necessary for the maximum slope you're going to encounter which looks like it could be pretty steep judging by the OP.
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    make alt killing a bannable offense and retroactively ban people who have done it or at least strip them of their fight skill
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    just make it so u can only gain fs from a character once a month, thatd help.