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    Remove greathelms stopping archery. Its stoopid.
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    I think its much better now, well done Rolf and the team!
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    Noticed a LOT of ninja changes that wern't mentioned in the client update list. Like why do i make a bad move and get insta-hit by everything that targets me as i run along now? (this includes things that target your horse too). Running along a road in enemy lands my combat lights up with "you make a bad move and are an easy target" for every guard and creature i roam past. Also everything Gary said ^ Most of these changes are just bad and i'm so so disapointed because i saw the way this was being done, asking the community for opinions and ideas then asking for people to test the changes on the test server. Then you guys go and throw my expectations into the dirt by slapping in buggy half-assed ideas, some of which were massively opposed by the community because YOU NEVER LISTEN!? What do we have to do around here to get someone on the Dev team who actually understands how pvp and raiding in wurm work? Or god forbid actually listens to the suggestions put forward....hell there's a whole sugestion board down there that has really good ideas ignored for months on end. FFS i've had a thread asking for something as simple as LETTING KINGS CHANGE THEIR TITLES, suggested in there for what...5 months now? onto its 11th page of bumps with no response from a dev.
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    A well needed good move Rolf + devs so a big +1 from me keep up the good work
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    = people who don't pay attention will die, how is that a bad thing?
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    make alt killing a bannable offense and retroactively ban people who have done it or at least strip them of their fight skill
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    That's a good fix. Piling up on one person was always retarded. +1
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    This post is edited with the following note by Rolf: There is overkill code in place, preventing skillgain from alts after a while from the same character so this post and the whole thread contains a lot of speculation. We need feedback from those who try to harvest skill from alts on whether they notice reduction in skillgain after a while and how effective it is. It is of course annoying to see in kill logs but the idea is that there should be obvious diminishing effects. That said, we may decide to change it but I want verification that it's broken first, not worries and speculation. You do destroy the alt account a bit even if it's fairly easy to gain the skill back from creatures. ----------------------------------------------------- Hearing a lot about folks farming alts for FS on Chaos, specifically for fight skill rather than affinity farming. Now I don't want to miss a window of opportunity as I generally do. Could a dev or more hopefully Rolf clarify if this issue will eventually be changed? if yes will those who have already reaped the juicy rewards get a skill nerf? or will we ALL suffer the penalty again? If there will be no nerfs to anybody and it will be changed, then I'm just going to get right on this system now so I can catch up with those who have already got 100 fight skill. If we can alt farm for fight skill can we PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE remove this stupid soft cap from fighting completely, alt farming is yet ANOTHER pay to win mechanic, while those are gimped with 70 fight skill slow gains, people can just shoot past in no time using very easy to skill alternative toons. Getting to 90 fight skill from hunting is not so bad, but the gains past 90 to 100 are a lot more difficult, when you can kill a 70 fight skill player for over 0.20 skill a death it makes hunting quite a joke. Remove the soft cap, and allow us to get 100 fight skill with out the need to abuse alt toons. For what it's worth I've got various toons I can abuse to get 100 fighting, and I have done tests on how easy it is to achieve 70 fighting on new accounts too. An actual Dev clarification would be amazing. Please discuss suggestion too. Here are the gains you can potentially get, random selection of gains from my spreadsheet. 0.2314014 0.2298092 0.2266698 0.2235882 0.2205624 0.2175902 0.2146698 0.2117991 0.2103820 0.2089766 0.2075828 0.2062004 0.2048292 0.2034690 0.2021195 0.2007808 0.1994524 0.1981343 0.1968264 0.1955283 0.1942400 0.1929613 0.1916920 0.1904321 0.1891812 0.1879394 0.1867064 0.1854821 0.1842663 0.1830590 0.1818600 0.1806692 0.1794864 0.1783115 0.1771444 0.1759850 0.1748332 0.1736888 0.1725517 0.1714219 0.1702992 0.1691834 The numbers gained here was done by using the formula to work out how much fight skill you would get killing for killing a certain skilled player. As you can see these are not low numbers - I could spend 5 minutes or less killing an alt 5 times, it would take me 2-3 hours or more at 90+ skill to get these gains. The gains go down slightly as the alt toon looses fight skill, but it only takes 3 days hunting to get 0-70 fight skill, so replenishing the skill is SO easy, you can do it when you reach your alt killing cap. I've worked out: 1x 70fs account can get your 70 fight skill account to 97 fight skill before you ruin the account to 20 fighting.
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    You haven't played 6+ years, why do you keep making suggestions when you don't even know how the game mechanics work in game atm? -1.
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    Another semi-recently added chore: As if it's not enough of a PITA to run around watering your flowerpots that take absurd amounts of damage in no time at all, the dev team thought it would be even more fun if you were able to fail at watering the plant. Seriously, how do I fail at pouring water? And how am I still failing to pour the water at 60+ gardening?
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    ....Thanks buddy who doesn't even play.
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    In response to the alt-killing ordeal, I wonder if boosting sub FS skills again (Agressive, Defensive, and Normal) would solve some issues. Make it much more effective to have 90 in a sub skill rather than 90 overall. You could get 90FS off of killing alts or legitimately, but it would only really affect hit chance, or something. Back in Pre-FF days, the sub skills mattered most as overall FS didn't really do a whole lot. If you were high in Defensive, you were essentially the tank, whereas if you were Aggressive, you'd be the guns of the fight. It created far more interesting fights as opposed to this system now as you'd have to specifically grind the skill that correlated to your play style. In regards to some Pre-FF accounts having "high" sub-skills, it really isn't too much different now as it was then. The reason you would see people with 80-90+ in one of these was because they hunted specifically in it, as well as pen trained on crocodiles, which is similar what to a lot of people do now on horses. I don't know, it might be a bad idea, but it could be something explored further into.
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    for the love of ###### and Hershel combined, this is the worst thing I've ever seen added +1 there was absolutely 0 reasons to even change this, there wasn't a problem at all
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    I don't see why people are crying about this, they're all good updates. If you are relying on minedoors for raiding then you should try to look for someone else to lead your raids, if anything this update is pro-raiding due to the fact that defenders can't minehop anymore.
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    No it means you still have a chance of hitting, just not taking them down as fast as you did. So now it doesn't become a numbers game
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    I'm looking at fixing some rendering bugs that have been around a while, and fixed a "bug" that would prevent anything on the surface from rendering once you fully entered a cave. I've found a fix for this, but there may be a performance impact (if there is, it would be an option you could turn off to increase FPS). Below is roughly what it would look like. So.. any interest? What it previously appeared as:
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    I got 2k bricks for sale atm , making more around 30-50ql,if interested pm me in-game or leave message here,and im on exo.im on top of mt tunda ask in game or here for more directions, sell 600 for 1s if pickup or close by, 500 for 1s if not.
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    The Treasure Of The Ageless PART I: The Four Kings At the dawn of civilization, when the World Of The Wurm was still young, in an ancient era long before humans arrived in the lands now known as the Freedom Isles, four mighty kings gathered in the grand hall of the Library of Sorrow. They were the true rulers of the four kingdoms of the Ageless, enthroned in the ancient time by the Four Gods themselves. Although the kings were immune to the passing of time, they felt that the era of the Ageless was coming to an end. In response to their prayers the Four Gods had revealed the future to every one of them, and it was clear that all complaints and appeals to Fo, Magranon, Vynora and Libila would be in vain. "This world of ours will soon belong to a new race", they said. "Even the Keepers of the Truth, our mighty army, will not impede the inevitable, as the gods foresee it." And they sat together for a long time, bemoaning their fate, their spirit changing from angry to sad and helpless. Finally, one of them rose and spoke: "So, the Golden Valley will soon see many new creatures, and the World Of The Wurm will finally belong to the Humans. If this is the will of the Four Gods, so be it! But, before we have to vanish, let us each create something very special, a unique item as a gift to the new race of Humans, to help them in their effort to become the owners of our beautiful world!" And so they agreed to create four powerful and unique tools, made from the purest of silver. They returned to their kingdoms and summoned the most skillful of their blacksmiths to forge the best tools they could make from the best silver they could find. One year later the four kings gathered again in the Library of Sorrow and they presented what had been created in their kingdoms. "The Silver Sickle will help them to plant and cultivate vast forests, so they will always have wood to make fire and build sheds", the first king said. "The Silver Knife will be priceless as a tool to produce meat, furs, hides and material, so they will never be hungry or cold", the second king continued. The third king produced a Silver Hammer and said: "The hammer will be their tool to build houses and make their own tools from iron", and the fourth king continued: "This is the Silver Trowel used for erecting the great human temples and palaces." So they laid down the four unique tools of pure silver before them and were satisfied with what they had created. Suddenly a strong gust of wind arose and with a mighty roaring sound Libila herself appeared amongst them, filling the air with the strong odor of the Dark Realms. "So you decided to give your help to the feeble humans?", she rumbled in her mighty voice of thunder. "A sickle, a knife, a hammer and a trowel to settle and live in a peaceful world of rocks, trees and flowers? Heh! You fools!" Her laughter filled the grand hall and reverberated from the walls of the Library, making the kings tremble with fear. "How long do you believe those humans would survive in a world swarming with hostile creatures without a true weapon?", the Goddess asked. "Do you see them killing a lava fiend with a sickle? Would they attack a troll with their silver knife? What good would a hammer and a trowel do against a hell scorpious?" With these words the dark goddess disappeared. The four ageless kings looked at each other and realized that in their grief and sorrow they had forgotten to create the most important of all tools: a powerful weapon! Embarrassed they knelt down at the altars and prayed to the Four, asking for a unique and divine weapon to give as a present to the human race. And then, finally, the most noble and powerful sword appeared in front of the altars: a large two handed sword made of pure hardened silver! There they lay: the Silver Sickle, the Silver Knife, the Silver Hammer, the Silver Trowel and, as a gift of the gods themselves, the Silver Sword! The four kings agreed to hide this treasure of invaluable unique items in a secure place, to make sure that only the boldest and worthiest of the human race would be able to retrieve them. So they sent out seven of their winged Scouts of Truth to explore the seven continents that were to become the home of the human race. The Seven searched for a long time, until one of them finally found a forgotten cave built by the extinct race of the Gnomes deep below a high, almost inaccessible mountain in a remote spot at the edge of one of the seven islands. So the Treasure of the Ageless was hidden in the underground halls of the ancient Gnome people, sealed from the light of Sol by rock and soil, guarded by fierce creatures that roamed the tunnels leading to the treasure chamber. And the millennia passed...
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    Sounds like people that are ditch diggers calling themselves Excavation Specialists.
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    So all in all a very crappy update, don't see why they try to fix things that don't need fixing. The bad lighting just sucks, my FPS in the mine are really bad I used to have between 40-50fps while in the mines now i'm lucky to get 10.
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    Everything is dark, lamps aren't doing anything to brighten up my deed or mines. Lantern is useless. I hate logging in now.... A fix can't come soon enough
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    Guys, seriously. Stop complaining about the helmet change! You can still use other types of helmets. These changes are good, leave them be for a few weeks and see how things work out. Gank bonus also helps to make team fights more interesting. Removes the ganging up on one person, people will now duel like it should be in proper fights.
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    Replace it with an additional 1-2 seconds for aiming.
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    Building off a deed does carry that risk. If you don't officially own the land, someone can come in and buy it from under you. It's harsh, I know, but "deed it or lose it" is a very real concern that everyone should understand.
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    -1 basinets were always cooler anyways
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    Do A and end the pointless "window of opportunity missed" nonsense. If nobody said it was illegal to do they shouldn't be punished. Just because some people gained, doesn't mean we need to leave it open for more to use. Close the windows and move on.
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    There is no perfect solution. At least one group of people will be disappointed A: Change feature and leave skill gained through it (unfair to those who didn't alt abuse) B: Change feature and punish those who did it with skill loss (easily identifiable by server logs) C: Leave feature and let everyone get high FS using these means (other factors will eventually determine difference more in pvp e.g player skill, stats, equipment) D: Leave feature but make hunting easier in return (people who didn't abuse alts and got the skill 'genuinely' feel slapped) I say 'genuinely' there because we still had things like bashing lairs, extreme hell horse gains, lair undermining etc etc and chances are you've taken advantage of at least one So which is it people? A B C or D?
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    GREAT scene from a great movie :3. Good taste DD. As for this thread. OP pls. Y u do dis? Giving some CR to the underdog isn't going make that underdog an Ip Man. i.e. 3 MR vs 1 JK is still favorable to the 3. At least gives that 1 JK a chance to take 1 or 2 (if lucky) MR down with him.
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    I agree remove the gank bonus, I like the sounds of the new system, but need to get some feed back before knowing if its very effective. but as for the older toons. This myth needs to just.... stop being used to scare new players from trying Wild. Sorry but Ive seen roughly 30+ skill dumps of veteran accounts, from both MR and JK forums. I assure you older accounts do not at all mean they have massive skills, nor stats. Vast majority are 40-50 stats, 70-80 fs. Only a few pushed further. Wurm is about EFFORT when it comes to skills not time. This is not WoW, this is not EvE. time played means nothing if you did not continue to push ahead. Those accounts are years older than mine, Im pushing into the 70s on stats in under 2 years. sure call me crazy, no life ect ect ect. I put in the effort because Ive played far to many games that limit you to class systems, why not push on in a game that allows? Im going to be playing Wurm for a long long time, why not continue to develop my toon. Will never say "good enough". I know my style of gaming is not the same as everyone elses. if they are happy with their effort and their toons, great. just wanted to state the fact that time does not equal skill in wurm.
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    +1 I cant help but feel like Rolf went "Well everyone seems to strongly dislike the idea....but on the other hand I already went to the trouble of coding it, what the hell I'll put it in with the next patch update!"
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    That's not even the point. Last time something like this happened, everyone got a 5% hit to their FS... including freedomers that had nothing to do with the exploitation. I worked hard for my FS... apparently harder than some of the PVP folks. Stop getting it taken away from me!
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    +1. Was anyone paying attention to the feedback thread where everyone was saying this was a bad idea?
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    I posted this on chaos thread, but occurred to me I should probably post it here I don't play on wild anymore, but I think alts are fair enough. A lot of the old accounts have used exploits or windows of opportunity to gain skills illegitimately and have crazy good skills because of it. People use these alts to try and compete. If anything it is good for chaos because it means that people who haven't been playing the game long actually have a way to get close to the old accounts that are playing on chaos, if they want to put a bit of money into it. They really are only getting close too, they've managed to get one skill to 90+, lets not even mention the countless other windows of opportunities that have made the chaos accounts so high skilled as they are today (I know not everyone has used these, but lets face it, there are tonns of accounts out there that are only as good as they are today because of these windows). It's good for Rolf too because it means that people are spending money buying premium on accounts that wouldn't otherwise have premium. Overall I think that chaos is too far gone, too many exploits and windows of opportunity to have crazy accounts with 70+ shield bashing, crazy body control or other fighting related skills, that anyway for new people to even get close to these old accounts shouldn't be taken away from them, but encouraged so that you guys get more people on the pvp field. Just my 2 cents
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    +1 for lifting the soft cap in some way, more liking easing it up on pve
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    +1 Give it 10 pages of bumps and someone might notice this thread.
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    Tall walls can protect attackers and their horses just as well as mines can, but with the added advantage of allowing catapulters to shoot from cover. And even so, it's not like mines are made obsolete for this purpose; they're only obsolete if the defenders rush you. But if you're raiding, you probably already have more numbers than the defenders have, which means they'd be stupid to try in the first place.
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    Yeah son i get buffed!
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    Tomato juice is good, most kinds of V8 are very tasful.
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    I'm not arguing, just giving what you want, a price check. If you don't like my opinion because it doesn't have a value of 1 gold+++ then ignore it.
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    If you are making an auction, you get to make the rules. It is good practice to either have a solid buyout number, or to mention you will hear offers and may accept. I try to avoid the ones "taking offers" though because it generally becomes a game of bidding between you and however many other people interested in a buyout... But you'll have no idea who, or how many, or if there actually is anyone else lol.
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    If someone wanted to hold some tourney or create some quest using the artifacts... theres actually very little to stop them. Granted a player is limited in some areas: building complex underground infrastructure.
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    Looking into it, should be an update soon.
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    It does, took me forever to kill a boar earlier because it targetted my horse and got reverse gank bonus from 2v1. Meaning this update will make avatars and dragons IMPOSSIBLE to kill lol.
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    A good Darjeeling or strong Fine Assam. Self ground coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit milk.
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    Not very useful without suggestions or examples... I believe UI improvements is part of an ongoing process, we've seen a lot of changes/additions recently such as the character window replacing the Body tree, and we've got the crafting interface coming up soon. Still ways to go I guess, replacing the list-driven menus with something more clever such as radial menus and/or button navigation for instance.
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    I think this is one of the laptops that comes with the "nVidia Optimus" system. It has a GeForce card it is supposed to switch to for gaming, and a intel graphic for when it is trying to save power. There used to be issues, I believe especially with OpenGL based games, where the driver was NOT switching over to the highend "gaming graphics" for OpenGL games, and was instead still using the game-awful intel graphics. It does not seem to have this issue quite as often in DirectX based games. I will see if I can find some of the posts about this at other forums and whether there was a solution found. Meantime try googling "Optimus OpenGL" See also this "howto" video which discusses some of the issues and some workarounds using "whitelisting" http://www.frequency...vidias/24814032 The issues running a JAVA based game can be more complex as you have several different java executables on your computer. Try reading through the Optimus workaround threads for Minecraft, as the solution for both games will be very similar: http://josoft.net/po...mus-laptop.aspx Easiest solution is to follow the instructions in the first link too ALWAYS use the highend gaming graphics and NEVER use the energy saving mode, but then you will find your battery usage is awful even when not gaming.
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