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    Hello Fellow Wurmians! It feels great to be back for a new year of Wurm. We are all well rested at the office, have a new spring in our step and a clear goal to work for. You got some of the news yesterday which I hope you all saw in Rolfs post, so I will not iterate that information. But there is more so I am still going to Share some News! Bridge Planning Interface The interface pops up after you perform the two-person-survey with a range pole and dioptra tools. This is so that you can configure your bridge to your specification by choosing: Length by defining the two flat end areas. Bridge type and if it is supposed to be a flat or an arched bridge. How steep you want your arched bridge to be, it is checked with terrain to see what is possible. How the different parts are laid out and where the supports go. Indoor(on floor) fences and 3D collisions We are currently working to get all of the fences to be compatible to build indoors as well as in the picture. What this brought about was a matter of implementing a 3D collisions feature to handle the potential of landing on the fences. It is the same feature which would be able to solve things like jumping and several other interesting things in the game. Art A new model for the Statue of Vynora, which is still a work in progress, is certainly looking impressive. Especially taking scale into account where the box at the foot of the model represents the hight of a player. Redbarons "Pic of the Week"From The Creative Commons This week featuring Cribben, with the effectual, lively and colorful painting of a Red Dragon. Just click the image to go to the related thread. I guess that is all for now friends, so why not Keep on Wurming!
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    I'm loving the QQ by JK about te white light Allow me to fill everyone in on the situation. Not long ago my kingdom, the empire of mol Rehan owned the artifacts, unlike our enemies, jenn kellon, we used these artifacts to great effect in PvP, gaining kills with them, using them on raids and on tower caps. A little while later JK gained all the artifacts back due to a lack of security on MRs part and the fact that the JK kingdom had the white light area locked down similar to how it is now (I believe they had 4 deeds surrounding the WL watching local 24/7 trying to stop us from recharging. After we lost the artifacts we strived to get them back - we asked ourselfs how does one attain items which are being locked up all the time in one of the most impenetrable forts of Chaos. The thought occurred to us, aided by our very enemy's, why we much bash as move the WL to hopefully a more favorable position on the map so we can try stop our enemy's from recharging the artifacts, much like they attempted with us. After having worked out the mechanics behind bashin the WL we assaulted it with 50 players, and we made battle with the white light. We won. The light moved. It moved next to our of our strongest villages, Eden. Over the last 2-3 months our whole kingdom has been slaving away to try stop our enemy's from recharging the artifacts, using the mechanics we are given. Producing defences which will hopefully, eventually give us back the precious artifacts we once used. Please JK, please stop trying to cry to Rolf for help. You don't lke where the WL is? Do what we did. Take the game into your own hands.
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    With your stamina and my body control we won't be getting any sleep bonus tonight!
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    I'll add my opinions now with people running out of their initial steam on the issue. Chaos and Epic should be considered separately for both updates and coding changes. Chaos is slow/long term game playEpic is faster paced and smaller game playHaving little/no experience of Epic I will only mention my thoughts on chaos. My opinion is that, people don't want to PVP as the risk outweigh the rewards. Chaos is a slow place to partake in PVP for a number of reasons: You have villages and defenses established through years of work, exploits and money that are impractical to attack. You have skilled accounts with stats and skills beyond what is attainable in any reasonable playing time You have items that are incredibly valuable and extremely powerful in PVP situations (Scale, Drake, Farwalkers, Spyglasses etc) Now everyone who has any of these has earned the right to keep them in 1 form or another and doesn't deserve to lose them due to newer players not having the same. However I am curious what peoples opinions would be on certain looting aspects of Chaos being altered that may diminish attainable loot may also increase the chances of casual player vs player contact? (Risk vs Reward, no risk = no reward) So I propose the following and see how this goes: Changes to Player Drops: Everyone receives 50-75% resurrection stone abilities regardless of resurrection stone/magranon priest abilities.Resurrection stones will prevent skill or affinity loss through PVP death or removed completely.Magrannon obtains a new or no ability to replace their resurrection bonus.Changes to Raiding: Remove damage limitations to catapults AND repairing (Higher quality will deal/repair more damage than current 20/10 damage limit).A legitimate and intended method of safeguarding some items on deed using in-game mechanics either at additional cost/included deed upkeep such as a larger bank (Store a set of Armour and Tools etc but not safeguard everything)Deeds are meant to be attacked, drained and removed, however can be difficult to recover and establish in some cases and I think prevent some people from living on chaos. Changes to Artifacts + Huge Altars: While some artifacts have very limited abilities and could be altered they do aren't terrible but could be made more PVP orientated (new artifacts to replace current eg)*.While the blacklight isn't so bad, and the work done to the area is amazing, I don't feel this is quite what was intended for the huge altars. TL:DR: Give all players free 50-75% resurrection abilities for freeAlter/Remove resurrection stones/magranon bonusRemove catapult and repair limitationsAdd on-deed "vault", e.g. increased bank space for premium playersAdjust artifacts to be more useful + PVP orientatedSomething* about the huge altars
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    I hope you have good Nature skills 'cause you'll need them to handle my animal. Looking in your eyes I can see you've got all the Soul titles. Or how about simply: Hey babe, you wanna do some grinding?
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    Well, what do you expect? You nerfed gift wrapping to hell from its intended purpose. I could not wrap one single gift this Christmas, because the "spirits" were tempted to steal it. Of course it was being used for "other things"... we couldn't use it for what it was intentionally for! All you've done here is put another nail in the mailing system coffin. May as well just get rid of that too. Also, since the only "other things" gift wrapping was being used for was decay/loss prevention, you guys should probably also get rid of F2P players, because that's how everyone is going to prevent their things from rotting/being looted. /sarcasm You guys really need to stop touching stuff that isn't broken and focus on things that are (floorboards, mailing system, etc.), or have been promised (bridges, wagons, etc.)
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    So ... err ... you look strong and have a good reserve of fat.
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    Going to make this post a short one, but yes, I made another year playing the game and even accomplishing a few things in it. I have proudly failed to stay away from the forums and yes... having no kids does help. I don't want people to just play Wurm for the sake of playing (I think Wurm has succeeded way beyond Minecraft as a great game), however if someone feels that they have a few problems with finding any meaning in digging, woodcutting, smithing and leatherworking, then this might help: *I never got my character banned from the game. I don't intend to do so and I hope this never happens. It may come as a shock to some, but getting a character banned actually diminishes the enjoyment of Wurm. My time online varies, but it usually stays in the very enjoyable range of between an hour of play every few days, to a six hour marathons on some lazy weekend afternoons. Incidentally, I found that Wurm is a great hangover cure on those early Saturday mornings when every other activity is just out of the question. *Caring about the people you meet here is something that also keeps me pinned. The best way I found to keep in touch with those I met online was - to my shock - playing Wurm. Yes, you can keep in touch with them via Facebook, Messenger, Skype, IRC and a variety of other sophisticated means, but take my word for it here... through extensive research over a long period of time I found that hopping online to Wurm (even if only for a few minutes) produces much more immediate results than all the above combined. *Talk with someone about Wurm. Preferably in game. I find it keeps me steadily interested in our virtual world and validates my conviction that I am not wasting my time. When a loved one needs you, shut down your computer completely (not just Wurm) and go enjoy RL. But when nothing is going on, it's amazing what digging, woodcutting, mining and other activities that are very strenuous IRL but a bit less so in Wurm can do for your smile. Not much more do add. I guess other people that have been able to enjoy the game might contribute as well if they still watch the forums (and let's face it, I know you are watching). And no, this is by no means my last post! See you soon. Valdor. DISCLAIMER: Sorry, Malvado, I just couldn't resist. No disrespect, brother And also, if anyone IS experiencing any form of game addiction, or think they may be showing such symptoms, then by all means, seek help. Don't delay. And come back to us when things are under control. Otherwise, see you in Wurm, you crazy, overworked, underpaid, malnutritioned, semi-frustrated, but very entertained player that should probably be doing something else right now, but what the hell, we only live once!
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    Mal, I think what the newbs bashing you here lack is the capacity to quantify the amount of your blood, sweat and tears you poured into this game during its infancy when they had still barely mastered the first Mario Bros on the NES or Kings Quest series. They barely understand the history and back story of what Wurm is and was to those players prior to June 6, 2006 when Wurm went "prime time." I for one am thankful for my interactions with you in the infancy stages of my wurm exposure... Much Respect (and going on 4 years now I think without logging in), Jarosz PS. its because of people like Mal that this game even exists today.
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    It seems like there is a common practice among JK on every cluster to cry, is it their lore?
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    You,(Rolf), start a new toon, and dont say who you are of course, with no gm powers and play the game for a couple of months. And i say that with no intention of being sarcastic or facetious. Then, while playing the game, take notes of the things you see that make it frustrating to you to pvp. Start a deed with a spirit guard too.
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    I am scared guys! The last time Rolf asked for our opinion on what should be done with Wild people who didn't play on Wild argued loud enough that Rolf listened and removed PVP and permanently scarred the world we loved. BL has yet to recover from that mess. There should be 2 forum posts. 1 in Chaos and another in Epic and everyone else just needs to butt out and go play with their carebears!
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    Are you a deity? Because I want to worship you every half hour
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    If you're on a starter deed you've already escaped.
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    Okay seriously. As fascinating as it is to come back to this thread every 10 minutes to hear you guys debate the current situation of the WL on Chaos. This thread is about quick and simple mechanic changes that can improve PvP across Wurm. Please, stay on topic as I (and many others) consider this a very important discussion.
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    While you all are working on fences it would be nice to have either a new arched wall with a built in fence at the bottom or a way that we could put in a fence on the same boarder as the arched wall to make arched fenced balconies.
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    I think the biggest problem for me and most other players is the gap that has widened on Chaos and freedom for years. This is stuff that makes it harder for the server to grow, and get new competitive fighters. In any case it makes it nearly impossible for a new forming kingdom with inexperienced fighters able to ever compete with any established kingdoms with fighters who have the indicted skills. This is why I feel this way. 1. The Meditation skill change. The biggest issue I think that directly affect pvp is the removal of enlightenment, AND the adding of meditation skill gain as requirements to meditation. This was done when we already had a ton of the top players with the path requirements to get shield of the gone or one of the other path abilities that greatly affect pvp. This pretty much makes it a requirement for a player to work for years even to have the ability to compete. It eliminates the capacity for casual players even to dream about having any good mediation abilities. It was the worst change I've ever seen in Wurm, and It created a massive gap between new players and old. 2. The Shield bash gap. Most of us that don't have 50-80 shield bashing from back when there was no timer can't compete with players that have a 90-100% bash chance with a long stun timer. Also, the skill gain on shield skills in general have been changed, it is also much harder to get shield bash skill ticks. These two issues directly affect PvP, and can be fixed. What needs to happen with Meditation is a reversal to the old system or actually increase skill gain to parity. A reversal is probably best since the path abilities are already so widely used. I would entirely like an explanation why this ever needed a fix in the first place. Both sides had plenty of path leaders for enlightenment, and even if they didn't I don't see why it matters anyways. They are caught up now for the most part, and were then when the change was first implemented. The only thing this effects now are new players who have to wait for years to even be on par with other fighters. The shield bash gain makes a massive difference, especially when you are thinking about PMKs both the MR and JK have people with decent shield bashing skills, and any newcomers wouldn't be able to skill up the skill to decent levels for years at the rate you currently gain. The biggest reason it takes so long is the skill ticks are so pathetic. Even against aggressive champ animals the gain is horrible. If this was changed and balanced on better parity it would work. Its an easy fix there. These issues are not the only ones on chaos like it, just the two that I think can be easily fixed. The windows of opportunity have left long scars across the server. Trying to let new players get competitive is a serious challenge. This isn't talking about 1v1s but battles on a large scale when meditation abilities like Shield of the Gone, and very good shield bashes are quite noticeable.
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    This Thread needs to be on the Epic or Chaos forum section.
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    Ill-Informed-Issle, i like that name. The problem with the use of artifacts in JK is the fact that no body (or well, very rarely) asks for them or wants to use them. So please before you listen to your ancient tales from your poorly informed elders, check facts. For what it's worth i gave away an artifact not so long ago. There are also various people in JK with over 40 warhammer skill, one being me. Hammers: 27.367609 27.367609 0 Warhammer: 50.13914 50.13914 0 Stop you silly posting + verify info Edit: would like a map reset too
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    Best change to PvP On chaos? Jen-Kellon should stop whining to Rolf to nerf every little challenge they come up against and play the damn game. Seriously, less private messages sent to the game creator and a little more leaving the deed and play the game please. This is Wurm Online, not emails-R-us!
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    Rolf added in the bashing mechanic for a reason. Go bash it like we did.
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    Get your rope out, I won't shy away.
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    If I ever died, I would /release corpse for you. [You disgusting creeep!]
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    I don't need high animal husbandry skill to see that there's something special in your eyes
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    if the game is keeping you from doing something you want to do in life. be it education, search for a better job, create stronger relationships with friends or romantic interest, then by all means quit. but if your playing the game in free time that would otherwise be spent watching TV or Youtube. or you have no desire to create more of a social life and you would sit there wasting the time anyway. what does it hurt? i take a break every few months. the game just gets boring to me, or i accomplish a goal that i set for myself (building a huge mansion, or one of every ship, etc), and i just loose focus of where to go next and sit there staring at my food bar draining down instead of actually playing. thats when its time to top up the deed upkeep, put all your tools and important bits on your character inventory, and log out till you want to play again. Rosedragon posted a video in this thread which raises some important issues, and hit very close to home for me. in our society, we have gotten so overly corporate and homogenized, that the individual does not matter. if you walked out of your job tomorrow, they would not even notice your absence. you don't matter. your contribution is generic and anyone can fill your shoes. i think i keep coming back to wurm for this very reason. its the closest thing to virtual reality survival that has come about yet. in wurm you can start with nothing and build everything with your own 2 hands. it throws back to a primitive time for humanity where the individual was everything because you were all that you had. in wurm your actions effect the environment in a visible way. i would not say that wurm is an addiction for me. its more of a therapy. without some release from the stress and tension of modern society, my caveman brain would go insane.
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    I have a storage bin full of hearts for you
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    leave res stone bonus from mags and farwalkering. You dont get loot, but you still get pvp, and this thread is intended to promote pvp, not to increase the chance of gaining loot. reducing your loot is what will increase the pvp because people feel safe about going out of deed and have the feeling of having that extra backup of keeping your stuff after dead. evidence: a presumption that oreohh would never be teleporting if he lost gear out of his 15 deaths on chaos.
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    Chaos (Some of this may apply to Epic but I've never played there so I won't assume to speak for play there) 1. Remove res stones and the Mag bonus. Replace the functionality of both with a new spell for both WL and BL sides. This would be cast on individual items (armour, weapons and shields only), giving each item it's own chance of being retained upon death. 2. Alternatively, remove dropping on death all together. Not popular I know, as far as a lot of those doing the killing are concerned the "loot" is the reason for PvP. This attitude is wrong, the fun of the actual fight should be what it's about, not depriving people of their hard gotten stuff. Replace dropping your gear with generated loot on corpses, ada/glim lumps, maybe some new things to keep these kind of people sweet. 3. PMK's 3a. Add BL PMK's (possibly change the template HotS to be a BL freedom-like kingdom). 3b. Limit the number of deeds a PMK can own, force people to make more strategic decisions on where they need to plant a deed and defend, reduce deed spam and sprawling empires taking over the map. 3c. Remove MR/JK templates. One WL template, let kingdoms choose a patron god on founding (or when implemented for existing) for Champ rights. 3d. Give towers an alignment variable. Towers further than ~200 tiles from a deed edge would have their alignment decay over time, at 0 would default to No-known kingdom. Along with 3b would help prevent big sprawling empires stifling newer/weaker groups. Undeeded outposts would need to be maintained actively. 4. Libila spells. Give Libila counters for Nimb/Life Transfer. Possibly make Truehit a weapon cast and give Drain Health/Stam type spell for weapons (would be like BotD for weapons, less effective life steal than LT with some stam steal ability as well). 5. Remove/reduce skill loss upon PvP death. After item loss, I'd say the biggest obstacle for people wanting to PvP would be skill loss. I'd either remove this completely or at least reduce it for PvP.
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    Good to see some old names Hi Mal, Inv, Zen, Plan...etc... All the best for 2014 !!
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    I get to 70 warhammer and THEN you add coc! haha typical luck that took forever to do without. Good update overall
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    Some people seem to think that all kingdoms always have enough numbers for HotA, no matter the day, no matter the time. Well, that isn't the case. Look at Elevation's twitter history; The kingdom with the biggest numbers always wins, and even when two kingdoms show up PVP is not guaranteed because either side is afraid to engage. Increasing or altering the reward for HotA's is not going to automagically spawn 10 people in every kingdom that will always do every HotA. It will just help whichever kingdom is currently on top stay on top, since they will get all those rewards. One thing I can see that might be worthwhile changing is allowing HotA pillars to spawn over (nearly) the entire map* like Merce already posted, this forces every kingdom to split up in smaller groups hunting for those pillars, on top of that it will make HotA's more interesting since they won't be over within 20 minutes which is typically the case on Elevation. Splitting up in smaller groups allows the smaller kingdoms to participate too ---> more PVP. Another thing that might make it more appealing for smaller kingdoms to participate in HotA's while at the same time reducing the snowballing effect of the kingdom on top gets all the HotA spoils: Make it so that your alliance gets 1 glimmer/ada lump for conquering a pillar, and the winning alliance gets some extra + the QL will go up for them and they receive a HotA statue (and maybe rank for those who conquered pillars?). This way you can "win" something even when there's no chance of winning for your team. As for the battlecamps.. One thing that definitely needs changing is the cap timer, 2 minutes really is a joke, So many get capped every day on Elevation and even when they are maybe 3 minutes riding from our deed, by the time I'm on my horse it's already been capped and the enemies will be gone by the time you get there. I personally would love to see a slightly changed cap system where you have to only be within 20 tiles of the tower and can move freely while capping. This way a cap timer of 10-15 minutes isn't that awful anymore. Perhaps you could add tiny bonusses to owning a camp (+2s rare window, 2% increased rare chance, ...) making it worthwhile to have them. Also, allow for building within a battlecamp's influence while we're at it, but also have people do increased damage while bashing buildings. It would be fun to "hold" a battlecamp like you would hold a deed. Hell, if you can build a bunch of walls around a camp why not make the cap timers 30 minutes? I can totally see people building a small fortress around a battlecamp, then starting the cap timer, and waiting for the defending team to rush to the camp's aid. *I'm guessing this is a bad idea for Chaos, since chaos is way bigger than Elevation, so maybe simply increasing the HotA arena size is enough
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    Reverse Gank Bonus (Tony gave a link somewhere in this thread) Make each weapon noticeably effective to certain armours (mauls destroy plate, swords tear up leather etc etc) Make stances worthwhile (you have to be in Aggressive stance to shield bash and if your in Defensive stance you can't be bashed) Put a cooldown on farwalker use in enemy presence (if used in enemy local there will be an 8hr cooldown till next use)
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    Lower prem cost -> increase in players -> more people that may pvp
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    Have you tried quitting posting shitty threads? Might be difficult
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    This is a truly genuine idea right here. If it ever is actually made into a puzzle game perhaps similar to Portal then I would defiantly pay to play it. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOfll06X16c&safe=active
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    Chaos will never have anywhere near the level of PVP on epic due to time as Gaeron mentioned. On epic you can find a fight in 30 min from anywhere. On chaos you usually have to travel for an hour or two minimum, worse if the wind is bad. The map is also horrible to travel even on horse. Elevation is a pvpers dream you can ride anywhere pretty easy. If Chaos doesnt get a new map designed with the new skills Rolf has showon on elevation making that map it will never rival epic in the amount of PVP. I feel bad because so many good accounts and fights so few and far between. If you are stuck on that horrible designed trashed map and in love with it the only way to help the time issue is double or greater boat speeds. Sadly I think Chaos will always be behind Elevation a new map is the only way to start fixing things with any meaningful result. On Chaos you plan for a raid a week or two ahead. On elevation you can raid and get in a big fight every day of the week at nearly any time, in a half hour or less. Its sad. Chaos is missing out...
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    To be perfectly honest, I don't see how your number 1 and number 5 suggestions would assist anything. Removing Chaos would not help encourage pvp, it is there for a reason. Allowing pvp on the current pve servers would be disastrous. You cannot encourage pvp by forcing it upon people who do not choose to currently participate. Rolf tried that years ago by allowing raids to take place on the home servers, which had previously been pve. Many people left the game, and some have not come back. The home servers had to be destroyed to end the controversy, and that is why the current freedom cluster exists. The best way to encourage pvp is to reduce the risk to reward ratio. If you want to dramatically increase the number of people who play on pvp servers, then balance that ratio. When people find pvp to be fun, instead of making them want to pull their hair out, then they will do it more often.
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    I don't like bringing negativity, however i'm quite disappointed about one thing which is the following: A while back a new model for the MR tower was introduced, now a new model of vynora(colossus?) has been introduced. Itd feel beter if things got done for all of the possible options, so BL, JK and freedom( if needed) aswell, and for all gods a model. just doesnt feel right.
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    my compass points only in your direction
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    The biggest enemy against PvP on Chaos is time, or at least thats how I see it with player numbers a close second. Time to craft war equipment, time to travel to find PvP, having to reserve time to leave PvP and return to safety. If you can't commit a lot of time then you are not likely to PvP. Time dovetails into the risk vs reward issue, the longer it takes for prep, the more you value what you have and the less likely you are to risk stuff. The same with money items like dragon armour, they can stop PvP happening if you don't want to risk recently purchased gear in a marginal situation. Then there is scaling which I have always felt has been overlooked in this game, the difference between a low skill player and a top end player is too high, especially when the top end player is boosted by really strong enchants. In most games enchants add maybe 5% or 10% to something, here it can be 100% With all this in mind I'd suggest the following - FW - allow use to get into combat but not out of combat, no escaping with them but still useful enough that the remaining charges will get burned away. - Armour - remove Dragon armours from combat ( I have scale......) - Gear in general - reduce the differential between high end and low end QL - Fight skills - same as gear really. One high end player should not be so far ahead of an opponent its practically instawin - Casts - max benefit from casts should be no more than 20%, a nice to have but not utterly essential. - The title makes crafting faster but lower skill gain thing is a good one too - Ease of travel, reduce TG attacks on horses. If you want more casual PvP then prep for it needs to be casual, which means that the risk factor actually needs to reduce. Risk as in what you might lose rather than how dangerous things are. Many other games I have seen have jump in PvP, often separately instanced and getting pvp gear is often the work of an hour, two tops. We don't have that in Wurm, its just not that kind of game. If you want PvP to be more fun as well then I'd also add - more weapon types/variations simply because choice can be fun. Dual scimitars, katana, claymores or bastard swords, all slightly different, all properly balanced. - more armour types banded or scale armour for example rather than have one weak against X, good against Y you can have some which are a bit better against X but a bit weaker against Y. You need a bit more strategy than rock paper scissors. - Traps effectiveness does not change with QL decay. It gets silly when after a day someone triggers a bunch of traps and they do sod all damage because of decay. - Some method allowing people with shorter on-line times to get to PvP quicker. - Combat orientated emotes/taunts, because. - Other stuff I cant think of right now but is definitely missing from Wurm.
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    Alters need a lot of work obviously ..... Pizza v2
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    i can see where you're coming from there, but imo if you want the higher chance to keep your items then priest up or buy a res stone, the penalties of being a priest when it comes to crafting are enough to balance it
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    Welcome to the Empire of Mol-Rehan (Chaos) recruitment page! Mol-Rehan boasts a very capable, experienced group of leaders and majors, who have anywhere between 1 year to 10 years of wurm experience. when new features are added into wurm, you could be the one that helps the other 100+ Mol-rehan members in the kingdom! ​In MR, you know you are receiving the best advice from players who know the intricacies of wurm, who learn together and teach each other. Some wurmians feel confronted about the sight of a large community, and wonder how they will fit in, or will they feel left behind because they feel their skills won't be needed or appreciated. The Empire of Mol-Rehan has grown steadily over the past year, and that was because new players, such as yourself who are reading this, took the plunge into Chaos, and gave MR a chance. These new members have become very important village members, mayors and leaders of Mol-Rehan. This could be you! Each village that are open to recruitment in Mol-Rehan have their own characteristics that distinguish itself from the rest of the villages in the Empire of Mol-Rehan. For example, to name a few villages... Sporta, candy mountain and freedomfort villages offer a busy life with a village bustling with new and old players, lead by RolandT, Christa and Maurizio, they excell in the training of new players to understand wurm better and training them to be battle ready and creating fun events for the kingdom. Ravenholm is rather new village lead by a very respectable mayor who once was the bane of all enemies. His leadership presents a safe and focused environment for those who want to grind, grind hard and grind smart. Kratos is a mountain fortress village that was create just before full pvp was introduced to Chaos, lead by Emoo, he has focused his village to be a friendly environment, focused on training very hard for pvp, and looking for pvp when possible. We have diversity in the kingdom for any new player to join a village which sounds right for them, you only need to ask and you will find out where you fit in our family. Each village has projects and goals they want to achieve, and the kingdom as a whole always has objectives that we all want to achieve, however you want to play wurm, from a simple farmer, to a blacksmith, from having the aspirations for being a warrior, a mayor of a village or a leader of the troops of Mol-Rehan, Mol-Rehan is the kingdom for you to grow when you just feel like you need a change in wurm, a community that will always be here for you, a community who will stay here until wurm ceases to exist. Mol-Rehan is the place for you!
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    Thats why I suggested in another post do nothing to home servers but buff elevation with special perks and more of a reason to be there.
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    Here is a big problem today: If you are not in plate with longsword/Large Shield/longbow or shortbow and fighting in Normal stance then you are wrong Low hanging fruit that is also the least controversial to change is to rebalance armor and weapons. Also think about not allowing archery at all if wearing plate armor. Then you would need a timer for equiping armor as everyone just drags all their gear on-and-off instantly now After that, make a change to minehops as they are the first thing built and always used like gatehouse before they were fixed To The Rolf and Dev Team: thanks for this attention to the current problems with the combat mechanics and gameplay--cant wait to see what you come up with
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    I really do like the no gank bonus... would make PvP very interesting and would make me want to go out definately if it was removed! Bringing back dual wielding weapons. Remove off hand swing timers.
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    The market for high-quality zinc is going to crash now. THANKS ROLF
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    6 years no wurm? what a miserable life that must be.
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    1. Variety with respect to armor and weapons and how they interact with each other. 2. Remove archery ability while wearing great helm to simulate lack of visibility. 3. Remove tower guards attacking horses automagically. 4. Battle camp influences need to be smaller and harder to conquer. 5. Periodic full map and skill resets of Epic cluster.