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    Hello everyone, Since the original poster of this problem asked for his post to be closed, I repost here. What happened? Simply, Bashur got something none of us ever got before - a name change. Initially I was somehow on Bashur's side... the guy just wanted to return to game after his IP (not character) ban was lifted and a lot of people acted like kiddies who didn't wanted their toys shared with a new guy. Yet, my ideas are totally changed now. This really looks like a bribe towards the developers. And once a favor was made, there can't be any trust that more and bigger favors won't be done again in the future. Only two days ago, Rolf himself, said here that: What happened in these two days that made Rolf clearly change a rule that is clearly stated on official pages: Now please allow me to quote from another official post of Oracle, from the GMs Hall: How could we trust that such favors or even bigger ones won't be given again in the future once you break out trust in the first place? I would really love to see an official position about this. Later edit: Rolf answered this. My last thoughts (after finishing selling my account - a decision I took as result of this incident): I'm sure that for most of us the problem with this decision was not the action itself or its direct consequences; after all everyone knows that IanRose is now named Bashur and he is no PVP star even so. But the problem is the dangerous precedent it created. Far now, we are all equals in front of rules. Rich or poor, famous or anonymous, seasoned veteran or first day player - we were all treated exactly the same. Or as Rolf said "we don't handle those judgement differently based on fame or money, for which we are proud". And we were proud of him for acting like this. And although many times we may not have agreed with the rules, we always did respected them, because we knew that they are the same rules for everyone. Then rules started to be bending for Bashur - we know for sure about the name change, but there are rumors about more than this (like a fast conversion MR - JK - MR so he can take some items out of the bank, direct access line to Rolf / GMs, not having to wait like all of us in line for a few hours so his support tickets are handled, etc). And that was not nice. And the name change, it may not sound like a big deal, but it is something that anyone involved in a character trade probably carved for all these years. We all have our favorite names, which maybe we carry from one game to another, and which represent us. Far now we had only two options - buy a high skilled character and live with its name which would not represent us, or pick a name we like, and work out a$s to raise her skills. All of us except Bashur. To be honest that's even worse than allowing him to "buy his skills in a PTW shop"; at least in those case his 700 euros (or whatever he paid for) would have went to CodeClub and towards development, not in another player's pockets. Now, do we want name changes for everyone? Hello no! Do we want his name reversed to IanRose? Yeah, that would be nice, but not really care about it either. What do we want then? Simple... we want Rolf to admit that he made a mistake (he already did), to apologize for it (he didn't, but hey, we all know that you guys are so full of ego that it's hard for you to say the words ), but most of all we want him to promise that he will stop doing these things - rules bending, silent changes / nerfs, and at least discuss them with the community first. The final decision is still his, but we want to at least be involved in the decision making process and help by stating our points of view. If this would have happened in this case, the mistake (which he admitted) could have easily be avoided. And now some final words for some of Rolf's defenders: To those that say it was not a mistake: It was. Even Rolf admitted.it was a mistake. So stop denying something he admitted himself. To those that say it's not a big deal, that only a few people complained, that the 54 likes these post got are an insignificant amount, and that the game will benefit more from the influx of new players coming from Bashur's videos: 54 likes may not sound a lot in terms of Facebook, but on our community they made it the most popular post ever (and no, I hold no merit for writing it, just happened to be me and not someone else) which says something about how many people were bothered by this. And, finally, a question: We saw a lot of pissed off people, we saw a few people quitting, we even saw staff members resigning (at least one). Was it worth? Can someone please tell me how many new premium accounts resulted from the red carpet and the favors handed to Bashur? More important, could someone please tell us two months from now on how many of those players renewed their premium membership? Cheers, Alexandra
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    Different experience? Just go play a different game. The problem atm is that we've had a price hike with no increase in quality of service, so people are not bothering to keep their alts prem, and less new players are getting prem as it's more expensive. Either give us reason to justify the price hike, or suffer.
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    PR = Public Relations. Public Relations also should handle just that. Rolf made a huge mistake, and instead of him going to the forums himself , acting completely immature and unprofessional, someone good at PR should have handled it. A few things about declining player numbers: Just wait for May 2014 when all the one-year subscriptions from the old price run out, then you will see declining numbers. I doubt Bashur will change that. Notch has 1.2 million followers on his Twitter and has mentioned Wurm several times. We got a small influx of Minecraft players that quit after 1 hour. How to fix the reclining player numbers? Start acting like a professional. Less content, more polish. Fix all bugs before moving on to new content. Polish existing content before moving on to new content. Less is better sometimes. Rolf could start focusing on animal balance, mail system, creation system (the materials required to build new vs old is way off), and client stability. Also stop responding to players emails or messages on IRC. At least before you do anything, check with your staff/team. Thats what they are there for, to be your ears and eyes on the ground and help give feedback. The problem with the price increase is that it also increased the players expectations. Wurm players deserve better IMHO.
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    Hey everyone! Recently, we’ve been very impressed by the fanart that many members of our community have been creating. Not only are many people regularly sharing fanart that they’ve created, but the recent art competition that we ran was incredibly well participated, and we’d like to keep up that momentum. So, beginning in November, we’ll be running monthly fanart roundups. We’ll collect all of the fanart that you make and gather it together in one place for everyone’s enjoyment! In addition, we’d love to see a much wider range of art forms published. So we’ll be opening the doors to any stories, poems or music as well as more painted/drawn art! We’d also love to see more people trying their hand at creating things – even if you aren’t particularly experienced, we want as many people as possible to try. Practice makes perfect! We’ll try to do our best to gather up all art for every roundup, but to ensure that your stuff gets posted, please send it to Docterchese on the forums. The roundups will be posted to the forums and our social media outlets (e.g. Facebook.) We literally can’t wait to see what you come up with! And, if the roundups are successful enough, then we’ll expand on the original concept, with monthly competitions, prizes and more… See you in November! P.S. We will do our utmost to respect the creators of all art that we post, and will be more than happy to remove any art from all of our outlets if so requested by the creator of that work.
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    Blame me. I was about to get 99 carpentry.
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    This is a very good suggestion. Instead of spreading the population across more and smaller servers, we should aim for bigger servers. Deliverance, Exodus and Celebration should be merged (with a new landmass) to one server, so it is the same size of Independence and Chaos. Dedicated servers for items and animals should be looked into, to combat some of the lag issues related to larger maps. Increasing the minimum speed of large ships, combined with better bulk transportation methods (and perhaps slight increase in cart speed as well) for inland transportation would make the maps seem smaller and at the same time provide more space to settle. There should also be clay spots in-land, again to encourage more people to settle away from the coasts. We need to tighten the community, not spread it out. One saturday a few weeks ago I spend the whole day doing corpse runs and travelling 1/4th of Deliverance. I encountered 1 group of people in local for the entire time. Lets populate the existing servers before we look into more servers...
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    ATM more servers (for any reason) would mean spreading an already thin population even more thinly, probably leading to further decline. Once we've got more population, I totally support the notion of some variety in server rulesets. The focus on the first five hours of play is exactly where I'd be if it was my game, so hats off! Just the no-agro-for-first-24-hours should make a noticeable difference to retention rate. Maybe a tiny one like 5% but still measurable - and such a simple change. You want to impart as much knowledge to the player in the first 5 hours as possible, but in an interactive, rewarding and fun way. Ideally they should end that tutorial experience with survival knowledge, skills and equipment. Things like a fishing rod and a sickle... Medium term I'd work to invert the learning curve (impossible at first, easy later at the moment, ideally you want to start easy and scale relatively smoothly up to impossible, or scale faster at player's option with more reward for more risk) And then I'd probably focus on adding NPC content to PVE servers. But Rolf loves his PVP (don't know why, especially after this latest fiasco where the Epic population seems utterly determined to torpedo a publicity stunt AND blame Rolf for it)
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    Absolutely no to making Large Cart available for Free Players. If they want the perks associated with being Premium, then get Premium. I think that the game just needs to be better explained to people is all.
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    Signatures for casters, e.g. circle of cunning, cast by Debit. Life transfer, cast by Frolic. Etc.
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    Rolf has too much bad publicity on sites like MMORPG.com to fight this with a simple add campaign. He needs a good trailer with some shots of places like Castellum and some fight scenes coupled with some boats. He needs a full length development plan with a timeline, and he needs everyone who currently plays to go on a word of mouth campaign. Lastly and most importantly sombody needs to create a real quality strategy guide (dummy proof) on how to survive initially, hunt, make stuff, and build your own home in that order. Lastly Lastly the established players need to be less critical and rude to new players who don't know jack squat when they ask dumb questions in chat. They are new players. OF COURSE THEY WILL ASK DUMB QUESTIONS....
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    Famous Freedom Farmer Found Fraudulent It's never a good thing when someone that everybody knows, gets caught using a device that isn't permitted by law. Today unfortunately, is that day for Blahsonson. The spooky rumours and speculations have always existed ever since the Weeping Angels deed first showed up in the Crystal Lake area. Stories like statues mysteriously moving around doing the farming of the crops in the middle of the night, or the genetically modified three legged chickens spotted dashing about the local countryside. For many months the Wunion has secretly been spying on the now infamous farmer in an effort to put an end to the scuttlebutt. On the cusp of a huge announcement from the deeds mayor, we've found out how Blahsonson was really able to tend so many crops, with seemingly so little effort. You'll be shocked by what we discovered. A call was placed for a rather large amount of his goods to be delivered to a distant deed. Knowing the farmhouse would be unguarded, it was the perfect opportunity to investigate. Inside the barn we found nothing out of the ordinary until I accidentally stepped on the head of a rake that was propped up against the back of a large cart. The odd thing was that this rake didn't flip up and hit me in the face... like they normally do when I step on rakes. This rake, and a few others were bound to the back of the cart with wires. There were also a couple of springs jammed in between the rakes' shaft and the cart. Apparently Blahsonson had invented some sort of self farming cart. All he need do is hitch a couple of horses, ride up and down his fields, and the attached rakes would groom all the fields automatically. Well I say we form a mob, go back to his home and burn it down to the ground for practicing witchcraft! (or we could politely ask him to help us all make one of these carts, either way is fine by me).
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    First of all spend some money and do some advertising, it's time... I have to ask, how much good did Gavin do for the game when he was given special treatment on his ban, how much good did Doughboy do for the game when he was given special treatment for his sound work that later threatened lawsuit? Bashur is probably the saving grace.... NO. Spend some money to promote your game and livelyhood, then profit. Special treatment to players will never do it, only alienate the LOYAL, paying customers you already have. It seems like you take us for granted Rolf, like we are always gonna be here, that aint cool, even if it maybe true to some extent. Spend some money bro, I offered to put together free advertising a few times but was brushed off. Budget some money for advertising next year, it is time. The game isn't going to go viral after all these years so it is time to do it the old fashoned way, with hard work and promotion.
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    You said in another thread that you moved on, yet you want to keep the story going. Interesting.
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    This is just not right at all, they should either Revert the name choice or Reset his skills, if he wants to be some all powerful popular dude then he can just get his fans in to help not cheat his way in
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    Mushroom farm would be great fun.
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    Growing grass under torchlight is a tad difficult, however I'd love to see moss and fungus.
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    All games see an exit of players after they have played 3 to 5 years to go play something different. No dev team can make enough new content to keep everyone interested forever. Those leaving need to be replaced by many new players. I made an alt yesterday and found the tutorial server was still as laggey as 6 months ago and maybe even worse. When the new player numbers reached 17 there were lots of resyncs teleporting people back to where they were several minutes before and having trouble moving at all sometimes. I do not think you need more servers on Epic, I think they need a better server for the starting tutorial. First impressions are important.
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    Join Mol Rehan today! Make your enemys twig in ways they never intended!
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    With the amount of free games nowaday, when players found they can't enter a game, whichever crash or limit, they will leave, forgot, and never come back.
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    Which has, ofc, nothing to do with the 60% raised price a couple of month ago. No one could have known that this would happen.
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    These threads are getting boring now.
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    BrQQQ, The fact that Rolf admited it was his mistakes shows that these threads were not useless - we made him aware of his mistake and hopefully this will stop him repeat it in the future. Even if policy were broken only once, it creates a dangerous precedent. But, was it really only one time? The conversion MR - JK - MR in a fast series that people talk about was not another policy break? How many other people got this favor because they were careless enough to forget something in the bank? Also, if any of us has a problem we have to make a /support ticket and potentially have to wait hours and hours (I had cases when my ticket on Pristine was not picked up for 8+ hours), while Bashur seems to have a direct line with Rolf himself and (questioning not saying) maybe with GMs too, to assist him over the line. And about red carpet rolling, I guess he was talking mostly to the welcoming he got all over the place - forums, launcher, etc. Cheers, Alexandra
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    I too wanted to write Rolf a message. Sorry for a semi-hijack, but another topic seems redundant. - Not so vocal, forum-shy segment of your player-base representing. People are acting like you are killing kittens. Personally, I think you are a guy trying to grow a business . You are human, and it was or was not a mistake. I can't make logical sense of this inordinate response, but hopefully in a day or two people will be able to take a little perspective on the matter. No kittens were harmed. I like Wurm. I like the game, my home within, and all of the wonderful people I've met from around the planet. It's unlike any MMO I've tried, and not just the game play. I love watching it develop over time. I love the quirky personal feel of it too; from having staff in our alliance to needing to Google timezones when the servers are down in case some guy in Sweden is sleeping. It's evident that this isn't Blizzard, and that is part of the charm. Keep your chin up.
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    Rolf, I know people who would have wanted to buy an account name, but haven't done it because they felt the name was not representing them. I know people who paid more for an account, just because it has a decent name. I know people who had to sell an account for less, just because it has a bad name. I know people who got stucked on old or new cluster, just because they picked wrong after tutorial and didn't wanted to drop the name they used on all games since years. Yet, we all accepted that rules are rules and that name changes are not possible in the game as is said in this official page: We were even told to not try bothering CMs or GMs since this won't be done. Then here you come and tell us that we are all equals and that Yet it looks some are more equal than others. Now please allow me to quote from another official post of Oracle, from the GMs Hall: You say this is not a game breaking thing and you are right. But is a favor he got and none of us did, although many of us carved for it. It's something that shows that we are no longer equals, but some are privileged and some are not. And I think it's only a matter of times since a new favor will be done, to Bashur or someone else. And then another one. And another one. In juridic terms you have set a dangerous precedent. We trusted you that you are not treating us "differently based on fame or money" (that's your words). You said you were proud of this and we were proud of you because of this. Yet you break our trust... and now you want us to trust you and the team, but how could we still trust you, when you brake our trust in the first place? /A very sad and disappointed player
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    I find your response outright insulting, Rolf. Playerbase will know about it by word of mouth. What kind of attitude is that? All that us "normal" players ever saw was that it was simply not possible, ever, because it's unbalancing, it's not done, for the sake of history, give it a twist. To then be told that "its probably good for the game and you heard about it from other players so we didn't feel like we shoulda told you" .. I don't even know what to say to that. Don't try to shove it off as "allergic to special treatments", everyone hates favorism. Don't want name changes, just want staff to treat everyone equally. Don't give people special treatments based on their youtube/twitter/pcgamer/royalty status, because you only give an unfair perspective to other players. And even if you feel it doesn't put him ahead of others, you are allowing them something which you have never, ever, despite many requests, have allowed anyone else, unless forced by the rules. If the bashur account already existed and "plucking" the name off of it to transfer it onto a higher skilled account I find all the reasons I have read moot. I was told that the reasoning was for his fanbase to recognize him, but apperantly it wasnt. It was "because xxx wanted a high skill acount with his name, but didnt want to grind it". The name and account already existed and apperantly, whoever owned it, had no issue with the name being used by this person, so they might aswell simply have used said account now. Hope this fella gets you a lot of new players and that he's worth you ticking so much of your older playerbase off for.
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    The Truth About Dragon Fang Mountain Recently an expedition of three unnamed persons set out to climb to the top of Dragon Fang mountain. (The highest peak on the Independence server). Their goal, reach the top and plant a sign up there for all passersby to see. At first their trek was an easy one, deciding to ascend the NW facing. They followed the path blazed by many a Wurmian. Then it happened. Once their journey took them passed the first ring, they noticed something just wasn't right. A foul odour unknown to them began to permeate the air. Their climbing gear was becoming increasingly less effective. The consistency of the statuesque mountain seemed to be changing ever so slightly. One of the three in the party had had enough and turned around and headed for home. The other two however, trudged on. Soon, the couple found their footwear was hampering the climb... so off came the boots. Their bare feet seemed to mold directly into Dragon Fang with each step. This went on for metre after metre until one of the two remaining two climbers panicked and decided he couldn't take it anymore, and began his descent. As the last anonymous climber slowly continued despite the fog, he could barely make out the peak of DF not too far in the distance. With great determination our hero trudged to the top. What was this he saw? A sign out of no where appeared between waves of fog. A sign that read, "Eladia's discarded cheese pile".
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    Adjust local list create a rather mystical/surprising environment where instead of 'got x in local' it becomes 'I see x, going in for the kill' meanwhile player x might not even be aware that he's got someone watching him. It also helps a lot for people that goes out soloing since that player would then have a much bigger chance of actually finding an opponent off-deed without having a group of 8 chasing him due to him entering a players local and it would force people to scout and actually sometimes fight outnumbered. (The idea would either be to completly remove the local list or to change the local area to 40 tiles or so) Delay death tabs Whenever a death tab pops there's usually people locating these players instantly, alot of pvp usually doesn't happen because there will be a third party coming in killing the surviving players, another way of doing this is delaying the death tabs for 10-30 minutes so that the kingdoms involved have some time to heal up before the third party comes Change combat rating while riding a horse Right now you recieve more cr while riding a horse, this makes horses vital and it is rather dull where everyone with a horse is an infantry-archer-cavalry unit in one, if was reduced when horsed there could actually be roles of infantry-archers-cavalry rather then the 3 in 1 pack that there is now (kind of makes sense since sitting on something as unstable as another creature wouldn't make you hit more, just makes you more mobile)
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    Remove the ability to type /who on PvP servers to see how many players are online, because this can be used to see when raiding parties come over. EDIT: Also remove the playercounts from the forums and from the server charts.
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    It would be really amazing if we could have grass on cave tiles imagine the possibility to breed vegetarian creatures there whitout dropping food but just making the tile grass... or if we could farm it would be even nicer..
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    Page 4? Bump, especially bumping for unfinished items like pylons.
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    deli seems down still even though it shows more than 100 online
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    Yep! We noticed Deli went down and will try to sort out what went wrong. Sorry about the downtime.
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    http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/09/oracle_java/ Comeback for Java!
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    This is Wurm a sandbox game, people can play as they wish.
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    I'd like to be able to farm mushrooms in flowerpots or flowerbeds in caves. And other herbs in flowerpots above ground!
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    Freedom specific content, could be, for example, expanding the cooking system, expanding the AH related tasks, adding more mobs for diferent produce, or modifing existing mobs (like changing what a bull and a bison produce, to make each mob unique and worth breeding). Clothing, and I could go on naming things that would make most people in Freedom happy, and that would be pretty much obsolete for the pure PvPer. Also, the newbie buff was to keep new players interested in PvP and PvE servers, its a player retention thing, not specific to any cluster. PvP servers are also prone to getting new players The decay system, yeah, I guess Freedom folk were the most vocal about it. Turned out to be a broken system that was fixed, and not a new system implemented for freedom. @Kagrenac, you are incredibly biased, the things you tag as being "freedom changes/fixes" are actually for all clusters, a change in the support system is NOT freedom specific content or fix. If the support function was 100% disabled from Epic, then yes, it would be a change for freedom, but its not.
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    MMO's and realistic? stats play the game the models only have to look nice.
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    Hey now don't be lumping together the entire Epic/PvP population as being out to torpedo publicity stunts and blame Rolf. In fact to avoid any other implicit lumping together, I shall explicitly state I am not speaking as a CA, CM, GM, or some other alphabetical soup of Wurm staff; though, I still have to keep in mind there's a large visible graphic slapped under my user ID (downside of volunteering is one cant be as much of a free speaking ###### as per usual), but I knew full well what I was getting into. Nay, I speak as one of the aforementioned PvP population in Wurm, formerly of Chaos, currently of Epic atm... Lumping us all together at all is a stretch at best. PvP by its very nature is competitive, and even good-natured competition gives birth to divides. The competition goes on long enough for all kinds of history and bad blood to unfold: dirty tricks, back-stabbing, side-stabbing, front-stabbing, and the occasional bludgeoning (Mmm good times ). Anyways I digress. The point is the population agreeing on any common agenda (aside from the desire to yank the rug out from under each other) would be nothing short of a miracle. Now granted there will be a spoiled few as in any group, making the rest smell... fingers will fly on that one (see PvP). Just do not make the mistake of assuming some homogenized political agenda. Personally I could have cared less about the Bashur name change, and felt the entire affair was blown waaaay out of proportion. EDIT: OP-wise... Eh I dunno. Wurm is a fairly diverse sandbox experience for different playstyles already, so hard to say how to "offer different experiences" more so.
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    Plenty of people find the game, most of them leave and most of them leave because of reasons like you see in this video. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eBCTXA609A As others mentioned, fixing the learning curve is the first step, also there is not enough travel for free players to stick around and the total lack of travel makes it hard for them to go collect resources and sell them etc etc to make the coins needed for prem time. Just make the large cart availiable to free players already and you will see an increase in players plus people upgrading to prem time. you will see an increase in other players hireing free players and so on too. I created an alt and prem'ed it the other day mainly to plant a second deed and suddenly I was reminded how painful it is when you start out. "You cant modify that terran because of your level" "You cant help build the second floor because of your level" "You cant build a fence there because of your level" "You cant do anything because of your level" Things that I now take for granted with Alex were frustrating as all hell when trying to level up my alt. Stupid things that don't even make sense. if I can dig a hole with a shovel why does the slope really matter? I'm talking 20 slope and so on, not 150.
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    Plus if 30 or more people do things in the same location the game crashes or at least lags really badly. It's not really designed for mmo.
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    I don't think people realize if this game were to explode tomorrow with 2000+ new players, it would just be chaos. I hate to staff bash, but.. they are volunteers, like I waited hours before to get a /support, imagine all the griefing, questions, threads, etc.
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    Bah! Publish the game on steam and get the numbers up again.
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    My quoting was reached too, so lets try it that way. But ofc the statement will be "we do what we want, life with it and stfu". Anyway, i never pvped in wurm, but i hope everyone who is around there will bash the ###### out of Bashur and his little bunch. That will give Rolf the only answer he seems to understand to this shameful behavior and treatment of the players who pay his rent since so many years.
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    i like what Aether stated in the rolf post 5s name change for a deed with 6 months cool down 10 silver player name change with 1 year cool down possibly even a 20 silver, most people who buy an account can afford the 20 silver, and i like the idea of 1 year cool down on it so people cant just change their name to hide from pvp but also people still have the chance to change their name if they buy an account. also liked something else Aether stated about having the history of an account be public that way the past name is always visible.
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    Sorry but this is out of hand. I bought my account and I was never given a chance to change the name. So why should he? Just because he has brought 30 people to wurm?
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    I was thinking, my friends keep asking to get them some premium time, Wouldnt it be easier to be able to buy a "Token" that is bought from the shop and given to your ingame inventory or bank, and you can trade or sell it to someone who in turn gets premium time worth the token time the price should be the same as buying premium time, the token doesn't give sleep powder to the one who uses the token only to the account that bought it It will give another way to help friend get premium and give money to the Devs "safer" than buying a referal So what do you guys think? probably have it look like a small hourglass?
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    yay to the new notification system! thats exactly what fits to wurm and probably should even replace the tutorial in big parts as its more intuitive for players and better to remember this way instead of following a tutorial(even though it can still give some basic ideas of how the game works)
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    "Starting as enemies from different Kingdoms, Xallo and Alyeska know each other out of curiosity. A few hunts together later, their love has grown to the point to where nobody can stop it. Now, they ride the battlefield, together, as fighters of the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon." A drawing commission I did for Xallo and Alyeska. Initially the request was to draw them on theirs Independence deed but they changed theirs mind (before I draw anything). The whole thing has been challenging due to the amount of important things to include like oversized champion crocodile named Chompy, hellhorses, etc and so undergo many different thumbnail sketches or just being put aside for days if not weeks. Last iteration was trying to put my interpreptation of Kyara (fortress with ridge-like walls, corner towers shaped as dragons, and buildings that grow taller the nearer they into the center with centerpiece of a tower with big dragon statue on top)but decides to discard the idea due it grows distracting from the centerpiece. This one final version start as photo-collages I throw together to see composition and get a proper humans anatomy (I'm very bad at drawing humans so I always need at least a sample to copy for this)before drawing on top of it. While most of the drawing is manually colored, a few textures are used here and there to give more depth and colors. Love how it turns out, this probably the current best artwork I have made. I hope it is ok to slap wurm online logo there... Horses and riders model by Syccas Stock WIP stuffs: My other wurm artworks: The fall of RoseDragon Slime-y Chainsmith Spiderdeer Orpington Zoo
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    It could have been much, much worse. Instead of the Dark Side, he could have crossed over to the Day-Glow Pink side !
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