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    Has nothing to do with liking him...has to do with staff rolling out a red carpet to a person such as this with all the public welcome back BS...havent seen other such posts from other reviewers, (Friday Night Factional Fight) for instance who have brought many into Wurm also WITHOUT being Banned previously. Add to that the griefing threats he is making about "bringing an army and digging up the entire server to ruin it" for everyone else. Ive no illusion that he can do such a thing..but think it likely another home server griefing ban, followed by another negative rant on other websites about wurm. Just think it is not the proper attention wurm needs.
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    Guys there is no point bickering on the forums and bringing up previous bans etc, if you don't want him around raise an army and show him in game that you don't want him back. If not sit back, watch his army grow in number and stronger every day and then question yourselves why didn't you do something earlier when you had chance. I am pretty sure this is part of Rolf's vision of Epic where numbers count, whether it be skills or sheer number of characters.
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    Hello Wurmians, lets share some progress! So far this week, the notification system is being tested and iterated. Our notifications are meant to be subtle and to the point, hints triggered in the game when you are performing/ trying to perform actions for the first time. Also when certain requirements are met like you become hungry or wounded. They will all be available from a notifications library in game for later reference. Decisions for the maps functionality. To begin with, we are setting the limitation of the number of different map annotations you can have to 50 of each type. And lastly some changes to skills and game fixes. The weaponless fighting/ unarmed skill will now be set to 20 by default for all new characters. A new fix for friends and support tabs so there is only one. It moves to/from event chat to its own window. This means that less memory is used. As there was a rush of new players, we found some previously unknown limitations on the server side which we could then address. Thats all for now!
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    Equipping tower guards with weapons can help them a lot, but it can be troublesome to locate each tower guard as they run around the area of the tower. My proposition is the guard tower should be considered a container which you can open and stockpile weapons inside. Tower guards that spawn will automatically equip whatever is available in the stockpile. This will make it much easier to make sure your tower guards are armed at all times. The guard tower's inventory can be managed by its creator, who may set permissions similar to a cart or a boat governing who is allowed to access the container. (Everyone, Friends, Village, Kindom, etc.) +1 If you support this idea, constructive comments and suggestions are welcome!
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    Soo the same exact bug affecting Libila's move timers just happened again for the third time this scenario. She finally moved recently and we did the missions for her new tile shortly after, and those appeared on the twitter just fine and she continued onward with an expedited move timer: Valrei â€@Valreimoon11h Libila wards off Wurm in the Really Bad Lands. Valrei â€@Valreimoon11h Libila enters Beastwatch Range Valrei â€@Valreimoon4h Libila received help from Affliction. Valrei â€@Valreimoon3h Libila received help from Elevation. (Move timer is reduced to ~2 hours) Valrei â€@Valreimoon1h Libila enters Brittlerock Mountains After her move she got new missions, which we again completed on Affliction and Elevation, this time within an hour of her move. Except once again, neither mission registered on the Valrei twitter. It should say "Libila has received help from Affliction." "Libila has received help from Elevation." Just like it did for the other missions only 4 hours earlier. A tweet appeared on valrei's twitter just as I was writing this up, so it doesn't appear to be a twitter malfunction or a delayed report from the XML. The missions simply did not count for anything. Valrei â€@Valreimoon6m Fo sends forth the Drakespirits. Now, rotab's tool is saying Libila will move in 8.5 hours, which coincides with the new timer data added to the strikelimit valrei map. Unfortunately, history has shown that the actual move does not follow the timers provided in the map, tool, or XML. I predict that in 8 hours Libila will not move and instead be bugged out again on the tile for several days without any missions before she moves again at default speed. PLEASE fix this major malfunction with Libila on Valrei, as it is a core mechanic of Epic gameplay and means a lot to players that it is working correctly. If she does actually move on time, disregard this thread and please correct the logging of missions to twitter because either way, that system is not reporting properly when missions are completed. It's my theory that this bug only happens when the new missions are completed within an hour or two of a move. Such has been the case for all examples of this happening, anyway. Links to previous cases: http://forum.wurmonl...yet-againagain/ http://forum.wurmonl...posed-to-again/ http://forum.wurmonl...ion#entry803084 http://forum.wurmonl...libila +mission Not to mention the half-dozen other bugs with valrei affecting other gods, moves, missions, AI and scenario events. I spend a good amount of time writing these reports up and tracking the patterns with Epic missions, so please take this seriously and give it some attention so it can be fixed. This is now the 5th time this exact bug is being reported and I have yet to see any confirmation that it's being addressed. This is a big ###### deal to me and a core mechanic of Epic and I'm frankly sick of no one giving a ###### about it not working properly.
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    Considering the risks and rewards of scenarios it is unacceptable for there to be any glitches relating to them. Fix it rolf.
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    I personally have been on the bad side of a "staff" member (ca) and been cheated by him, there are a few crooked ones.
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    Okay, I think we get it. Some guy from YouTube is playing, there's now like 3-4 different threads about it, and I don't know if the developers know this -- but these same exact threads were made 2+ months ago when he joined last time. We get it. Welcome to the game, but please don't drown us in all the coverage. I understand welcoming is polite, but it's like we're rolling out the red carpet treatment for someone who has already been here before, banned, and now returning.
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    My turn for some photos I got eaten by a hota statue Who doesnt like a nice view? And since people seem to like rainbows and moons:
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    Couldn't Resist - Always wanted to open a fast food joint here on celeb...the hat is perfect for it.
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    Hi, as it stands only PMKs have leader titles and bonuses, there are no way of getting access to any WL faction non-player made kingdoms for alternative 'free' kingdoms like on Epic. Freedom kingdom seem to have a nice set up now but i find it unfair that they will always have the smaller hand due to no kingdom office. Lets not come up with 'its freedom they are ruled by none' poop. (If we want to force that then let's have a work around, such as an elected freedom council to get the bonuses, give them 3 avengers to compensate to lack of 'leader' role - this seems like way too much hassle though..)
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    I am not sure what the armor does but 1.5g sounds like a good price paying anything more and you just as well get a scale set. At least with scale you can improve it with leather on freedom.
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    Why would someone make an ada plate set and just lock it up. Good on this guy for getting it, hopefully it gets used.
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    You people are never happy, honestly. Much love to the new graphic artists, you're doing great things for Wurm.
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    Well if you do that and then use something like Keeko suggested in combination Specifically - the branding idea there - well lets just work with this a bit here - let me throw in a quick visual aid as well. Now for this to work youll need to do a few things here. 1st - Rework the branding mechanic to associate the brand with the character that does the branding and allow all animals to be branded.( essentially assign ownership. There are many ways to do this but for now Ill use this way.) 2nd - Add a list of branded animals specific to the character to the Trade screen 3rd - Add in a way for devs to manually start the retrieval tool for all players. Now what happens is this - Assuming a rollback and all kinds of animals are missing there are several issues. GM's cannot realistically go out and hunt all the animals that are missing. Saving all the locations frequently enough is too rough on server resources. Animals that are not saddled or hitched (or were not in the last x amount of time as there is no telling how far back any 1 rollback will go) will immediately run off in a random direction. Replacement of animals at last known location can be problematic for players if they are placed back in a fence or someplace that a player cannot get to. This is not a complete list but hits the highlights. I wont include solutions for prego animals as I do not know enough about the actual code behind this mechanic. So what could happen is as follows - Rollback happens, servers are down for x amount of time. Devs get servers up and running and start a program(we will call it Timer for purposes of this example) that picks a number from 1 to 60 and assigns it to each player as they log in. This is the number of minutes that they have to wait before they get access to the retrieval tool. Servers come back up, players start logging back in As soon as a player logs in they will get access to the Animal Retrieval Tool when Timer says so. So within one hour they will have access to it. At this point the Character will have ...lets say 24 hours of access to the tool, and it works as follows. A list of the animals you have branded shows up and you select one that's missing and hit the RETRIEVE button. The animal is instantly teleported to you. Now why the trade window thing....well no one buys branded animals so there needs to be a way to transfer that ownership. So you could select from the list in the trade window and drag an animals name in that window and during the trade the ownership is auto changed and the branding reflects the new owners name. The Timer program is there to ease the demand on server resources by spreading out the number of requests by the retrieval tool over x amount of time. In my example I use an hour...it could be any amount that is needed. this is completely off the cuff...so I know it has some big ass holes in it....but none the less Something like this should be able to work.
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    someone *generously donated* the armour along with some nice weapons and lots of gems to Spooks. If he wants to make his contributor known Im sure he would of told makers mark.
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    Kicks is not a platesmith in the least and has never owned a set of plate of any sort. Don't even believe he's got PAS unlocked. Source: Kicks owner (me)
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    I see them rise from hundreds of subs to what they are now.. that the main reason is theirs nice movies 'legend of the hobo' which sadly discontinued. After that movie stop, while I keep my sub on them, I don't even watch anything anymore from 'em cause I'm not interested on other stuffs they make. Minecraft videos are exceedingly popular, I myself got 36.000 views on one crappy minecraft video just because I was one of the first who put video about 'building house in the nether' and my subs (and channel views) mostly from my minecraft creations-- they still give views even that it have been more than a year since I left minecraft. I think, they starting with a playful 'let's conquer a server' statement in public while being on pvp server won't do them good politic wise. But if they did manage to get a lot of theirs fans to play with them while wurm stop crashing for em, then we might see a good fight of strength by numbers vs strength by skills. More pvp always good for pvpers aye? Plus, calling em kids while we throw a fit here on forum ain't show us as better people either.
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    Such a lovely looking layout. Guru is also one of the nicest and most trustworthy players I've encountered. I consider myself fortunate to align themselves with the likes of Guru!
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    I should've guessed you were the idiot to KoS him. Most JK are so paranoid and take things way too seriously. We hear all the time about the drama there but it was pretty entertaining to actually see it unfold. You should chill out. Your deed WILL get destroyed, but not because of some stupid stream of insignificant sekrets. Your pompous persona and smug attitude will attract way more threats. You're one of the top 5 most disliked JK just from your forum posts alone. The stream only reflected what a group of asshats Serenity really is.
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    And as Kaih mentioned, I logged my Serenity alt on in that village and killed him. Sorry to Bashur, but your statement in your stream ("only ten or fifteen enemies are watching, it doesn't matter") is completely false, and contrary to Minecraft, ten or fifteen people is a LOT, especially if they are in your local with catapults, large mauls, and lock picks. I am also sorry for the slaughter at Strongbox, I had nothing to do with it. In fact, a large portion of the players who were involved weren't even JK, they were enemy kingdom alts, and a few others were Nosfirebird crew alts (I specifically remember seeing Zeffern on the stream). I think one was even a KoS alt, although I'm not completely positive, so I won't mention a name. So to Bashur, I'm sorry, but you can't stream the inside of a village, you just can't, and yes, it does matter. That deed is going to be completely destroyed now because of your ignorant and reckless actions, along with the THOUSANDS of man hours that went into building the deed, creating the items, breeding the horses, farming, terraforming, etc. I just want you to realize why I did what I did. We specifically told you not to stream inside the deed, you did, and those were the consequences. And just let it be known that I was given a direct order not to kill you by the mayor; it was my choice and my choice only, and I take full responsibility for it. Now, you can do whatever you want on your own deed, but if you get raided and your followers quit, that's your fault and your problem, and I guarantee any Elevation PvPer would do much worse than what I did if you were to stream inside their deed. lol i never attacked bashur i was attacking the people from camalot that were hunted. also ill be helping him build his deed and training the people. so the deeds will be built defensively and the people will know how to pvp and raid it will be very interesting to see how things turn out.
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    Playing Wurm influences bad postures.
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    [00:17:16] <Ashur> I'm not talking about killing you. I'm talking about destroying the land. It's easy to do with a ton of people. Or hell, I could just destroy the servers in general so you can't even play? Great guy this Bashur dude.
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    I have no problem if the guy has made a new char and plays again, but he got his char unbanned? really? So seems to me like all wurm players are equals, but some are more equals than the rest... Disappointed.
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    Real players or not, will stay or not, but one thing Wurm needs the most (ofc besides good oll bug fixes, constant crashes etc etc etc..) is to Advertise the game! Bash or who ever, cant say that wurm is uber well known, and bit of word out there wont hurt aight.. Even if its gonna be just 5-10 staying here for longer time from 100+ whatever, its still a gain Idk about others, but i'd like to see wurm population to be 10 times as big. And about him screaming and all, some might find it, Whatever, but at least guy / s are having some fun. Still better then average grumpy and silent wurm oldtimers Less hate, more love *.* Welcome Bashur fans
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    I see you have some very very attractive members there.. *Coughs* And no Jberg, i aint talking about you, this time... Tempted to join, erm, no, not really.. Friendly bump to my not worthy enemies
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    Great work but in Silent Hill we don't have shipbuilding art, we have corpse art. Designed by Hodur while Aeris supplied the materials. Dorian was our road manager.
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    40 people for a PMK is still far far too much, it was good at 15! 20 would still be acceptable but 50 was insane and 40 is barely better than that.
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    Vynora colossus, Fo colossus, Magranon colossus, Libila colossus and Duyu colossus pleaseee.
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    If yogscast came I think the wurm servers would melt down..
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    It is a shame hardly any will stay around. It just isn't the crowd that plays Wurm, they proved that their first "invasion". But if the devs can sucker some cash out of their wallets before they quit, go for it!
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    Hey can you not make posts about stuff like this? Its just a youtuber and some of his subs not god himself.
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    I always thought perma-bans should be against the "person" primarily and against characters/alts/IP's as a 'mechanics-only' measure. If a cheater returns, and verifies they are the same person, why not continue to ban them, no matter who they are? ...but I guess not everyone is as strict as I would be. I agree with the posters above that say they are 'disappointed'. If this is a money thing, then that is sad. I like this game. I hate cheaters. Simple as that. Why should long-term players follow any of the so-called 'rules' if they know people can get away with macroing? Publicly!....and not just in some dark corner of a map somewhere..... I SAY: Have some self respect and uphold your own set of rules! To do anything less is a SLAP IN THE FACE to your current non-cheating customers. Cheers,
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    Well I am glad they are here Please stay and have fun in this Sandbox its amazing
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    No offense Johan, but.. Catering to a youtubers populace is kinda cheesey. I know there alot of people, but.. Meh. I DIDNT GET A SPECIAL FORUM POST WHEN I JOINED THE GAME! *sniffs* I thought we had something Johan </3
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    Funny how locks just magically drop off of stuff when Im nearby.
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    IF you have a specific issue with the actions of a moderator you may send a forum pm to one of the lead game masters, enki, or oracle. (The team list can be located here : http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/4976-gm-ca-fm-team-list/) Please do not post complaints on the forum as that is in violation of our forum rules, located here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/1996-forum-rules/ specifically number 10: 10) You should never challenge moderation in public. All issues relating to moderation should go to the moderator in question. If a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved then post your concerns to the Head GM. Thank you and happy wurming. Topic locked.
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    Sorry if i spoke harshly, was trying to make a point.. not be offensive.... I understand where your coming from, I used to own deeds on multiple servers and traveled all the time.... but I tired of all the traveling and am down to 1 deed ATM Now.. another idea I wouldn't object too, if the new sorcerer class was able to make portals that last for a certain amount of time that makes quick travel possible as a new power that others can use also that last a day, week, month,...more?, that I could maybe agree too, But when is the sorcerer coming?
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    So again PMK will be dead feature: Dear Rolf and Devs just look realistic: do you think it is possible to get permanent number of 40 ppl with current population on EPIC ?? PvP become alive on Epic since for example KOS was established. System with only 3 kingdoms is not efficient to keep PvP going on. What's more I can't imagine how to form Kingdom on Chaos now..... lol.... with average 60 ppl online.... This patch is step back. You could make kingdom progression like this simple example: 15 ppl Kingdom established : No Titles and bonus 25 ppl 3 kingdom titles (offices) 30 ppl 6 kingdom titles (offices) and so on..... There is so many better ways of implementation instead of increasing and decreasing number of required players to form PMK, This is simple example for purpose to reach the goal to avoid abusing PMK by small group of players.
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    If people think the maps as described above will have no benefit over the community maps, I think those people seriously underestimate the potential for being able to mark and share locations in real time with village and alliance. I also foresee this as being a fun tool for treasure hunt activities and the like at organised events.
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    Somehow I can see myself wearing this on my priest, in combination with The Battlerake. History waiting to be written, right there!
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    I am more interested on that octopus maul.... what a fancy weapon you have there! (i know what it is )
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    I have still been playing, but have not actually updated the program as I haven't needed to. Tiles maybe, marble, pottery etc. Now with Diagonal roads should probably put that in. As far as the timer data I saved the user data with the supplied data and that is were you are seeing the problem. Can look into splitting that out. Wont promise anything, while I still play, I don't have as much time as I use to