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    Just stop leave pmks alone no more ideas please... KOS started with 15, we have also grown alot and brought a good balance to elevation and have been encouraging pvp. Leave that stupid change for chaos, if you disband our pmk over some chaos whiners thats just stupid... GG.
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    lol realy nice first we have need 50 pl to make pmk than 15 ppl and now 40 ppl what the hell what for noob give rolf ever this ideas late us play make wurm better and give away the confus ideas we need a real stone bridge no that come not but ever mkae wurm harder to play for new guys
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    I don't know if the wall spell nerf was discussed in IRC prior to implementing it, but I definitely didn't see anything about it on the forums. Concerns about balance should be kept out in the open, especially considering that (as far as I'm aware) BL are the only ones with access to the spell and we had no real say in the matter. I'm not saying that the nerf isn't justified; I just hope that the timer doesn't make it as worthless as fireball or some of the other spells, and I hope that we don't make a habit of going behind each others' backs demanding nerfs every time an enemy gets a good spell. If it was discussed openly, disregard this. But I haven't seen or heard anything about it. And as far as the PMK thing goes, that solution seems a bit extreme. If somebody manages to recruit 15 people and doesn't simply use alts to fill the gaps, then they've earned the PMK in my opinion. Requiring 20-25 players would put the PMK more or less on par with other kingdoms, but with Wurm's numbers, 40 players pretty much requires mass spamming of throwaway alts.
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    Worst update in a while, do you stop and think before doing this kind of thing
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    from 50 to 15 to 40....seems a bit of a stupid change honestly. On both chaos and epic only one additional kingdom was formed with the 15 player change, KoS and TDL. It's not like they were being excessively spammed due to only needing 15 players. Gathering 40 players together is no easy feat, especially as they can no longer hope to ally with an existing kingdom for early protection while they set up. Don't get me wrong, i don't think kingdoms should be able to ally tbh, it opens the game up to too many kingdom titled players fighting alongside each other with CR bonuses + 3 types of champions and more religious advisors/royal priests. But i do think 40 players is too steep to expect people to be able to pull off realistically, wurm isn't exactly a heavily populated game, particularly on elevation and chaos.
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    I want to see this change on Epic, the points system in all honesty is stupid for such a small player base and if your in a different timezone and have a life it's worse. No point system 1 death and you decamp (1 year wait) Limit per diety, not kingdom :-) No stat loss Ability to challenge or remove
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to make this topic, but I just thought it might be a good idea to add a new section on the forums dedicated to buying and selling deeds. Thus might make it easier if people are specifically looking for a deed. Then they would not have to go searching through the WTS category. There could also be one if these sections for each server. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Might aswell remove the pmk feature then fun to see that wl tears are still rolling wanting errythang nerfed
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    Going a tad off topic here, but: Do you really think Strongwall is cheap at 70 favor and doesn't take long enough to cast at 3 mins?
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    So, a group of new people.. gather together to make their kingdom.. only to be either locked out or crushed by the well-established kingdoms? Or actually, doesn't matter.. if people want to ally, they ally without game mechanics. Found it odd for game mechanic do not facilitate it.
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    The problem is retention, not players joining. We get 10+ new guys a day on GV, and if you could keep them in wurm, we would shoot up in population
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    Better a forum-nerd than a forum-turd
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    I love aesthetically pleasing workshops in Wurm! Why not show yours off? Even if it's a mess show it off. I'm only just starting so mine is empty though I will post some screenshots very soon. Interested in seeing what people have done with leatherworking rooms as well seeing as that's what I enjoy to do.
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    We need more ways to make war, I'd like to see an entire update devoted to it. Carroballista : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroballista http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onager_%28siege_weapon%29
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    I don't know what to say. I am not a writer nor a poet so bare with me......I have been struggling on how to inform the friends of Joxia that she has passed. Most of you do not know who she was but for the ones that did know her, she would want me to tell you that she will miss you all. After introducing her to Wurm she wouldn't stop talking about it. She really enjoyed chatting with you guys and really wanted to spend more time in game. However she could not do that due to an infection she got from a scrap on the leg when shaving. After 10 short years of my life with her I would like to thank you all for helping me put a smile on her face. Thank you. I would like to thank Rolf and the dev team for creating a game that she really enjoyed playing. I always laughed whenever she yelp when a spider would sneak up on her. Please remember that your hard work does affect others and the people around them. The game helped her out through some hard times and I will always remember that. Thanks again. Here is a pic of her father and brother recieving her to take back to her final resting place.
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    This thread is solely for the purpose of gathering all smiths in the New Freedom Servers to discuss and talk about prices of smithing products. The main reason for this is to preserve the smithing economy by coming up a consistent, uniform and fair prices for all smithing products. Please affirm if you are a smith and whether you like the idea or not.
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    I've seen people say that they would like a "repeat last action" hotkey - myself included. I think a really cool option to try implementing this in a more immersive way would be to try designing one or two partial automation machines. They should all have relatively high requirements to build, so that everyone has to have at least cut their teeth on mass production by hand. Wood Plane Requisite skills: 40 carpentry, 20 stone cutting (to create the stone blade) Possibility: mechanics or engineering skill to build and operate machines? Required Materials: 80 wood planks, 20 stone bricks, 40 pegs (never understood why only used in shipbuilding, medieval world utilized wooden pegs for everything!) 10 wooden shafts, 10 large nails. Now, deep breath, no one freak out! The way they work: These machines are containers. The wood plane, for instance, will accept logs as input, up to a certain weight/volume. The purpose of implementation into our game is to save insane amounts of tedious clicking aimed at advanced players, but we also don't want to turn this into easymode to retain the essence of Wurm. So once your wood plane is loaded with logs you right click and hit "plane wood planks" at which point a long action timer (think "level" - maybe 5 minutes) at which point the logs in the plane are gradually converted to planks (again, much the way level produces dirt over time, draining stamina slower than a standard "dig") but ending prematurely when you run out of stamina. That's it! Not too painful right?! And there is a ton of room for more complexities if the idea is well received. Imagine a wood plane that breaks blades after a few hundred planks, cut faster or last longer based on the QL of the blade used each time, etc. I also think this idea would work well for brick machines and mortar mixers that take rock shards and clay + sand as inputs, respectively.
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    Well is weird that my trader revenue this period is half the one it got previous one, about same ratio, and primed by buying 13s selling 3s same as previous period. edited: idk why the quote disappeared
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    The new curb models on deed do not come down the same as a wall. Being the mayor, I should be able to destroy a curb fairly easily with a 85QL large maul and a Body Strength of 45+. After 9 iterations of destroying a 63 QL curb, the curb has taken 64.4 damage. A low stone wall would have collapsed by now normally, especially on-deed.
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    nathan=warg uttacha slime=true strike
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    You payed for the land do as you wish +1
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    Personally I think that Wossoo's hat & robes trump Rosie's "solo hat."
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    I used it once, attempted to use it again and got aflac bugged in it, I had only seen inventor use it once, though i guess it was used more than that. Each cast gives you a Waller achievement, I have 29. I used 7 walls v kos, and 3-4 bugging aflac out, the rest were doing stuff like testing how long it lasted, walling people in for fun, ect. Really, it was used an incredibly small amount of times to warrant a nerf, and now it's a useless spell that has pretty much no applications. I was under the assumption that the sorcery abilities were supposed to be strong to offset the vulnerability, while i guess now its just get good resistances, avoid bad vulnerabilities, as that way you don't have to bother risking a staff and can just passively get stronger. The only way it was useful in open field pvp, which is what really is the most common on epic, was if you could get 5-6 walls down, but that is impossible with the new cast timer. I would think the only way you could get caught(without a ton of walls being spammed) before was if you were web armored or didn't realize what was happening, as the distance that this spell can be cast is pretty much 0. Even if it had a 5s timer, that is still 20s to enclose a tile, noone is going to be standing still for that long.
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    Indeed people do tend to prefer using their entertainment time relaxing instead of dealing with hardware and driver issues, even those well versed in pc tech. However, there's only so much one can catch even on the test servers, and releasing content live is a means of testing across a wider range of systems. Gfx cards are a good example of this. There's such a mind-boggling range of setups in just the gpus available that not even major publishers and developers can easily afford to thoroughly test any significant portion. And then there's ATI's implementation of OpenGL... Personally Nvidia drivers are far more stable, especially with Wurm. That's a personal rant though.
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    Weapon received, Thanks for smooth service. (Traded 10sec before exo shutdown haha)
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    You can use the tags to search for specific things. Adding more and more forums for individual types of things would get very unwieldy.
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    Good service, great prices. I'll make a point of it to lure you to wild and raid your ship some time
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    ur buddy was stuck in cele xD well good to see that u even wrote this thread I told you that you will get real busy with so many deeds and accounts <3
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    40 is a bit steep, 25 sounds reasonable.
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    Recruiting 40 people seems a bit hard, but compared that a simple village usually has about 10-15 players it shouldn't be an issue if it's a real community. Though about 30 would be more realistic having the current player base in mind...
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    Confirmed... A surpreme rope tool does indeed add +2 QL to at least all the ropes I created. I just tested it on 53.18 QL Wemp and it produced 55.18 QL mooring/cordage ropes. I also tried it on 76.86 QL wemp and it produced 78.86 QL mooring/cordage ropes. I can't say past 76ql what the result is, as that's the highest QL wemp I could get my hands on. I paid 50s for my supreme rope tool and I don't regret it. Hope it helps.
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    Everyone- "what are you building it for?"
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    Nice pleasant merchant. Good wares, good prices. Was a pleasure doing bussness.
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    what about just turn the system back to the original but with a few changes. - No Permadeath - you only get 2 (?) lives - No champ points - Some kind of limitation so you cant have champ priests forever - When you die both your lives you lose you champ abilities and -1 across the charactisitics - make both WL kingdoms able to champ any deity, to a maximum of 3 in total. The biggest thing that annoys me is the champion points, because as said you will have to spend most of your freetime forced to play the game, and god forbid if you take a vacation cause then you will have a living hell trying to earn those points back.
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    Price fixing ...... charge what you wish it is an open market. The more you need the coin the less you will sell for, the less you need the coin the higher the price. If you get someone that wants that item right that second they may or may not pay the premium. If they are willing to shop around and take their time asking several people then they will get a bargain. I trade a lot due to the fact of being in a place that ppl pass on a regular basis. I keep a variety of tools in stock, but my best ones go like hot cakes and my average stuff tends to haunt me forever. Any 'Guild' or group that is put together like this will be used as a power to force or coerce ppl into using a price set by others, if they disagree then they will kos'ed? /ignored? trolled? put on the 'do not trade with list'. I am dead set against such a thing. It is an open market, lets keep it like that. Side note. When a single player wished access to my deed with the sole purpose of coercing another player into submission and thus was denied access. A trade group that he had put together were so hell bent on coercing that they forced half a dozen decent players out of the game. Before he then quit ... ... I suggest caution on such things and let a person charge what he/she wishes. without the 'Also, this will also help to monitor prices and if someone undercuts, though its a free game, we can still try to encourage and persuade them to follow what is agreed'
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    Come epic, fast skill and lots of fun, hop into the fun in no time
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    4chan is its own plane of existence...
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    Hell whilst we're at it can we remove this MR can only have mag and JK can only have fo/vyn rubbish? It never really made sense to me...
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    -1 Wurm is in no way a game for a mass market platform like Steam. The only effect of listing Wurm on Steam is that you get hundreds of thousands of people building wooden sheds and then leaving Wurm for the next action shooter without having paid Rolf a dime. No benefit for Wurm whatsoever. Also, Wurm's low player base - and thus it's problem - is not that too few people try the game. On the contrary, many people try it - but only a small number of these people stay and continue as premium players.
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    I'd suggest posting your issue with system specs and any relevant logs you may have in the tech support forum because this is certainly not a widespread thing and wurm was only down for a few hours, not days.
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    Now that I got the entry out of the way, I'd like to take a moment to voice my opinion on the vote being pure deli.. I honestly don't agree with it. Even though deli won the server vote, I would like to insist that we include other servers on the list to be at least eligible to vote for. I know Tekada worked extremely hard; I know Chulirac worked extremely hard. I know this, because I worked on a potential impalong deed too. I believe that all three of us deserve a fighting chance, all the way to the end.
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    I don't see the need for maps. Maybe a skill to chart your own, and skill level determines accuracy and size... but not an outright map.
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    I too get frustrated when I'm procrastinating and no one has posted anything new in a topic I want to be involved in
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