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    Maps? Really? I know I'm not alone when I say a map will destroy the survival aspect of the game, getting lost in the woods makes things fun for alot of people.
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    Fellow Wurmians. If you have not already seen it, watch the introducing the subject. We are currently focusing on the first 5 hours of Gameplay since we have a very high percentage of players that quit early for various reasons. We need to do a lot more in order to make it easier to get into the game and we have decided that this is a good time to do that. Features for New and Old players alike which are currently planned or being worked on: A Visual Interface for Crafting / CreatingIn game Village Recruitment systemGeneral World and Local MapRevisiting and improvements on the Starter Areas for all the IslandsTutorial Videos for core gameplayMore accessible Information / Help in-gameAn optional Contextual Help System, giving you hints instead of popups.The option of "Requesting a Quest" for new players to get basic tasks.New zone based tutorial, with option to skip straight to the Portal and Game World/ Island selection.Tons of new Icons for Items, Buffs and User Interface elements Even more is being discussed. We will announce this in due time as we get near to finishing up what we have started. Like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page to be sure not to miss anything, as some features are going to be added as we finish them. edit: Link to Wip Map http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/87249-maps1/ Sincerely,/The WurmOnline Team
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    A Spirit whispers in your ear, you should probably check a mailbox!
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    Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves Here is my little entry that I did up in 30min. Something quick something fun- Horse surfing!
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    Some news on what we are working on will be delivered by Johan soon. Besides all other things I have on my to do list I have start looking at graphics for the different hedges types(no e.t.a). Also the new Crocodile are ready, we had some problem when riding it when it was swimming. It acted like submarine pretty nifty but not intended (rather cool in pvp, players crawling from the beach on crocodiles backs ambushing the enemy ), but that's fixed now so its on the surface. I will also start to work on more player animations, and we have talked about updating all the Icons to new ones(if you are really really good in Photoshop I can put you to work ) Adding more particle effects are also something we want to do. And my "want to fix" list goes on and on and on........ @ whykillme "7. When I walk down my mountain, I see a Obelisk, finished (whatever the real name is). But when I come backup 10 minutes later, it won't render until I relog. It just looks like its gone." Have to check that one. "8. When you login near a rare/supreme item (forge for example) everything within ~5 to 10 tiles of you login also has that glow" Known bug, are being worked on. "12. Sheep were announced about 8 months ago, what happened?" We need to design what the wool should be used for and for what items. But we can just throw em in as eye candy if you want "14. Wasn't beer supposed to be in early 2012?" Don't know need bees..... That's all answers I can give, the other points are for the client and server devs.
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    Sorry I fail to see the problem with submarine crocs.
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    The maps won't include any player owned villages, no need to worry about that. It might be possible to add marks to your own personal map however.
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    that depends alot on how they introduce it i wouldnt like a gps system or simply interface maps...but handcrafted maps, varying in ql and amount of usability could be very nice without destroying the "wildlife survival aspect" seriously...if you were out in the wilderness and could craft a pen and paper, why wouldnt you start drawing maps?
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    A spirit asks for you to sign here.
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    An icon, preferably flashing, when you get new mail. Not attached to quickbar which not all of us use.
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    Do you want to join a settlement and play with a friendly group of players? The relative new deeded settlement of Pardranor on Chaos seeking new citizens. We are atm a freedom Island settlement. We are looking for both experienced and new players. Today we have about 12-14 citizens, about 5-6 of us is very active in game, most of us is Swedes but we welcome players from all nationalities. We prefer players that is older than 18 because most of us is between 25-35yo. Pardranor is located in a beautiful location at the edge of a lake. We are pretty isolated with a pretty long way to nearest populated settlement. However we are a boarder settlement at the edge of freedom island and to the boarder to JK but we have a very good relations to the JK settlements around us. At us you can choose to work with whatever you want as long as it benefit the settlement. You can contact me, the mayor of the settlement or Legat: jjohnn We also have a TS channel.
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    if the maps are simply like the community maps then getting lost in the woods will still be very possible. lol. a minimap with a "you are here" marker would be bad I think, but having an ingame map with the landmass shown so you can use landmarks like mountains, roads etc to figure out where you are on the map could be a large help to new players.
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    One of the things I'm currently working on is a nice stag to replace the male deer. Other big points on my list are adding all of the models that are still missing and house walls without the wooden trim to make multi storey houses look nicer which I'm working on together with Zcul. Some other features that are moving ever closer now are a rework of the alchemy system that ErikN will do, bee keeping, ...
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    Personaly, right now wurms sitting on the line between mindless gaming and need of thought processes, And over the last 2years a long wurms become so easy I dont really find it worth playing anymore, (As to why Im selling my account) Wurms 2steps away from becoming WoW survival. Seeing as the staff listens more to those that cry about how hard everything is instead of balancing things out to make both sides happy. It would be nice to have this system ingame, even if its just a part of it, but dont make it effect the amount you get let your skill level and rake QL along with number of times farmed take care of that. And this system effect the QL you get, while still leaving the chance of getting max ql if you didnt but not as often. Harvesting skill level crops every time is dull and old. Can be done with adding a thing called a compost bin where you can throw meals,meat,crops,corpses into and over time they decay and become 1/4th the items weight in fertilizer(crops stack based on type). And once harvesting is set to where same crops grow at the same rate so you can harvest all your corn at the same time instead of some now and some later. And have the fertilizer effect the tile for 2 harvest cycles before needing to be replaced. And then introduces sulfur as something your dust over seedlings about 0.05kg per tile every harvest, and have sulfur stones spawn in large areas of sand that you "mine" and breaks up after x times mined leaving a pile of sulfur of x units based on the stones size. Now your giving the deserts more of a use then just being a hunting ground for the handful that want to grind FS. But yes all in all wurms just starting to follow the easy mode other games are and seeing as how the late 1990's early 2000 gamers are getting older and looking for something thats more of a mental challenge. Look around, MOST of the games that followed Blizzards idea on easy mode are dying out. WoW's starting to loose more players then they are gaining. Wurms still in its infant stage even after being around as long as it has, It shouldnt follow the dying trend, should try and get a jump start on the growing trend that will storm the markets within the next 2years.
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    I can't draw to save my life, so I made mine as a Photoshop composition instead. This is the first time I've ever attempted anything nearly this complex. O.o
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    "The Flames of Magranon" Chapter_1: Just a Merchant Long, long ago, when powerful dragons still lived on the lands. a time, not your time, nor my time, but the time when the grass grew greener and the world was peaceful and bliss. There lived a trader in the lands of Mol Rehan. His name was Heldred. As a person Heldred was a very discreet and punctual man standing at 6"2, he was a very wonderful man who loved to be a part of the community in Mol Rehan, providing assistance to anyone who needed it. He was very laid back and not at all concerned about the problems of the world - the only thing that bothered him was the infamous Horde Of The Summoned, Dark riders who entrailed only fire and death in their wake, hailing from the barren wasteland that is Affliction. Though the governing body of Mol Rehan said their soldiers can hold them off on the shores of Elevation a place he would like to avoid very much, with only a few raiders slipping past the home defence was kept busy day-in day-out, fortunately he didn't need to worry about confronting the intruders anyway as they daren't go near Glittershore, his home, For their own sake of living. Heldred was a merchant, his shop was open at the Glittershore market five days a week, selling a range of items from large sets of chain armor to the smallest needles known to the kingdom. Heldred had a talent towards blacksmithing from birth, but he liked to be open towards life, taking every path in smithing. He prided himself with his work, and he could make a decent living off of his little store located on the outskirts of the new-comer settlement. He always pondered upon what drove a man to kill, he was not a keen fighter from his point of view but he had sufficient skills with a large shield & sword to defend himself if need be. As he closed up his shop for the night he noticed something in the sky - the sun, sol, was beginning to go very dim which was odd as it had not turned night time, and infact it was a very nice day eariler with few clouds apparent in the horizon around him, as he was wondering this a massive rumbling sound came from beneath him, then faded, this had not happened before, well atleast for a few hundred years atleast, the only time he can remember of something like this is in childhood tales, of nights in shining armory rushing to battle against the dark-army of the Empress of Horde of the Summoned. Could it be? He did not make any judgements yet. Chapter_2: Caedem. Elevation. The previous day. The faint sound of galloping in the distance drawing ever-closer, the heavy sounds of armor as an army preparing for their last stand. The war-cry of the Blacklighters thundered through the steppe. a massive dust-cloud entrailing behind them. The sudden smash of metal-on metal and the screams of dying warriors and war-maidens. The Mol Rehan force did not expect to be so easily broken. Despite their most valiant efforts the mass of the HotS army stormed through a gap in the army of magranon and slaughtered it's soldiers in unimaginably revolting ways. There were little survivors, and after the crushing defeat the leaders of Mol Rehan called a meeting to ponder on what would be the next decisive move in the war to lead them one step closer to the heart of BL-Elevation. Their only problem was the fact that their armies were depleted, and one of them plucked the idea of training citizens from Desertion, and using them for the war. The Chancellor agreed that this was a suitable action, and he sent 10 messengers to the various settlements of the kingdom, in search of men, and women suitable to help them reclaim what was rightfully theirs; Their freedom, whether they wanted to or not. Present day, Desertion. It was morning, the air was cold and Heldred was just opening his shop for the day, news of the defeat was spread around the local area of Glittershore fairly quickly. The whole island for that matter. And he was hearing rumors of the HotS armies becoming more active than usual, but he was just a blacksmith. And he wanted to go his usual daily buisness. The rest of the day it was quiet, people passing through on horses, he sold quite a nice amount of goods today, contented to his days work he began to whistle a tune, and just as he did a very bold man in full plate armor approached him on his noble white-stallion which was embezzled with the finest iron barding's he had ever seen, the man looked down and glared at Heldred, The man began to speak about the current events and that he was a messenger sent to recruit any willing volunteers to join the army of Mol Rehan. The man said they were in need of smiths with a talent to their work, and they would be payed a decent salary for a service in return for a fixed amount of time in the army. Heldred wondered about if it was worth the money, he disagreed. And declined the offer. The messenger nodded, turned around and went back the path he came from at a slow speed. He got a good 20 metres away from Heldreds stand, and he did the unexpected - he charged! Heldred leaped towards his hidden Large shield & long sword and managed to barely parry the incoming maul from the man, he turned to face another aggressor who managed to get a cut to his thigh which made him stumble backwards and fall over, knocking Heldred clean out. Chapter_3: Friends and Fortresses. The blacksmith awoke to the sound of crashing waves and the sound of the ocean, very slowly stumbling up and noticing a sharp pain in his right thigh, which had apparently been bandaged and treated with a healing cover. He had somehow miraculously ended up on a cog, which was quite packed with people from all around Mol Rehan, a man stood just infront of where Heldred was sitting, and noticed he had awoken. This man began to converse with him about how they were taking people against their will to fight for their kingdom, And that the same happened to him. The man, well a dwarf as he was unusually small, said he had the same happen to him. He seemed to be a very avid fighter from what Heldred could see, as he had a massive huge axe slung over his back. He went by the name of Ragzad, a fighter from the northern desert in MR, and was definately not a new player. Heldred and Ragzad conversed about crafting for a while, and Heldred seemed to learn quite a bit from what Ragzad had input, afterwards Heldred went to sleep again, and his wound was still very sore. He woke up later, not by choice but by having a bucket of water thrown over his head, oh how we would have liked to hit that man. It was not worth it though as he needed all of his energy to continue with whatever they had planned for him in this kidnapping. He went up a deck on the cog and the sun's light seamed down on him, a trickle of blood came from his wound which infact had turned green, not a good thing to see from his perspective he settled on getting it looked at in the morning. He went ashore with sweat on his brow, and saw some sort of army camp, which was actually quite aesthetically pleasing, as he entered through the large gatehouse he got directed towards a large-sized tent with some beds in and he found a trunk with his name on in bold, it read "Heldred, Smith-Fighter 201." Upon opening the trunk he found a piece of paper labelling his daily schedule some weapons shields and and his inventory of tools, but higher quality than before! It seems as if he was lucky compared to some of the other guys in his tent with scheduelling as they were doing running and alot of physical excercise unlike him, although he did have a fair amount to do aswell. By this time it had just turned midnight and everyone around the fort had gone to sleep, or was getting completely hammered at the tavern that was stupidly placed inside the fort aswell... Which lead him to think it was not worth fighting some extremely drunk man over a pint of beer which was not his in the first place, so he decided to go to sleep instead. He clambered into bed taking off his horribly itchy and blistering rag-shoes, closed his eyes and fell asleep very quickly. Chapter 4 shall come shortly, as the support motivated me to write more! [ooc] PLEASE NOTE I WILL EDIT AND ADD THE NEXT CHAPTERS SO PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THEM! I felt like writing a story for some reason and it turned out to become the above. If you think that something should be improved within the story please feel free to suggest! and criticism is encouraged! (i won't bite ) ~Firecat
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    If you have not already seen it, watch the introducing the subject.We are currently focusing on the first 5 hours of Gameplay. We need to do a lot more in order to make it easier to get into the game and we have decided that this is a good time to do that. Plenty of new features in development aiming at giving a better gaming experience to New and Old players alike. You can read all about it and discuss the updates in this Forum Post. Sincerely /The Wurm Online Team
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    Just want to let everyone know; Once Majorminor is sold, Whykillme will handling the sale of all my other items. This includes my scale set, all my tools, my rare items, weapons, gems, everything and anything basically. Whykillme will be the one to speak to if you want to make an offer on things, and its his decision as to who he sells to and for how much. . Frontier will remain, and whykillme will continue to look after the deed, with a view that I may return at somepoint in the future. We all know there is never a permanent escape from wurm. I just want to say thank you once again to all of you, I will log on over the next couple of weeks to have a chat, and see how your all doing.
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    I still think the game experience for starters was the absolute best back when golden valley was still open, with old and new players being able to co-exist at the starter town, with that nice tutorial with the NPCs etc. That was what amazed me and got me started again after my um... 5 year break. The current problem with the separate tutorial island is, people ask things in local and don't get answers or only "i dont know either.." and it looks just silly if nobody in the local has a clue what they are doing. People think the game is just not better than that, before even knowing there is more. Also the tutorial is way too long as it is. Was alot nicer back when the tutorial was voluntary and you could just go explore if you want a break from learning, or start crafting something in the starter town. I am not opposed to the idea of a tutorial in general. I think it is great to have tutorial areas. Just it should come in "smaller portions" so that you can first look around and decide if you in general think the game looks cool and then click one of the npcs to learn. Maybe put signs beside so you see what you learn in that particular mini tutorial. Like, "make your first iron anvil". And then there is a well maintained cave beside and some wood to try that out. Maybe it would be an idea to have a starter area where the caves wont break so much, like in the tutorial, just so you can visit it when you want. Maybe with a 1 ql iron cap or something. Just tossing out ideas here. I miss the atmosphere of the golden valley starter town back in summer 2010 when i started there. The sound of smithing, carpentry and mining... it just looked busy, inviting and exciting. Seeing people accomplish something, etc. Also, two thumbs up on the map idea. Maybe add a "jump" option and a third person view. Those 3 things are the first requests I constantly see new players ask about. Is there a map? Can I jump? How do I switch to 3rd person view?
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    I find that one of wurms greatest things going for it is that after playing wurm for god... too many years, i can STILL get lost on the map ive called home for most of that time. Adding maps will simply take away the adventure of wurm, the daunting feeling of going to a new part of the map, and actually the enjoyment i get out of navigating around the lands of wurm. No maps please.
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    Maps aren't needed. Look around you at the landmarks. See that mountain over there? That's where your house is near. Get lost? Look up, find the mountain, walk to it. A very basic landmass map, like the map dump is all that is necessary to traverse the world. If you can't navigate without a radar system, you probably wont stick around to play wurm more than a few days anyway. As for quests, I feel that a revamp of the personal goals section would suffice. Just put a basic checklist, along with optional instructions of how to do each task there. Pretty much a continuation of what is on the tutorial, with a "Make a Mallet" type goal.
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    well here is what i have done so far, I am just a sketcher...no fancy photoshop for me. I am afraid RL is getting kinda crazy around here so I hope I can find time to finish it.
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    A view from my deed at sunrise.
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    When Willow announced that she was stepping down as the queen of Impalong, I decided that I would try my hand at keeping the spirit alive. ==What is Impalong?== Impalong is where crafters and priests of all skill level join together and work for the community. We party, we craft, we enchant and we party some more! ==Where is Pendelton Derby?== We are not on the map yet, but we are found in the southeast corner of the Deliverance server. If you are coming from the south or west, I would suggest following the yellow line through the canal. If you are coming from the North, just look for the lighthouse on your way in! ==When is it?== Starting December 20th, running until we are all partied out. There will be no restriction on how early you show up, the place is unlocked. Imper are encouraged to show up early so I am able to work on your tools if needed. December 21st at 19 GMT, we are going to be opening up the maze! http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20131221T13&p0=605&msg=The+Maze&csz=1&swk=1 ==What supplies will be provided?== I plan to provide... Iron (at least 3000 KGs in the form of 85 and 95 QL lumps) Doorlocks (at least 15000, worth 5-7 favor on average) Leather (no idea how much, but there is at least a thousand hides, ranging upwards to QLs in the 90s) Beds (about 80 beds will be available to use) Farmland (secure place for your horse) Cotton Not even sure how much we are going to have... "way too much" would be a safe guess though. - Some of the allies pitched in to make this happen. Wood *planned import Food (100.000000 HFC on my priest, so 60-70 QL meals are quite common) ==So just crafting and enchanting?== Not quite, we also plan to hold a few events... Cow Races -Yes, Cow races. Lunella is breeding a nice group of speed cows to run the track a few times. Should be quite comical, just watch out for cow patties! The Maze -On opening day, I plan to finally open up the Maze to the public. I have closely guarded the layout to myself and my priest (also myself), so everyone will be entering it blindly. There are three exits to the maze, each with a prize. Prizes are 50i, 50c and the grand prize of 50s. Lighthouse diving -Imagine diving off a 500 dirt tall structure onto the solid ground below. Ouch! (will supply cotton, legs not guaranteed to be unbroken) Deal or No Deal -Our host Tarnhold will be tending to this one. We will have a good deal of prizes available, but if you would like to make a donation, let us know! Hall of Champions -A moderately sized building to commemorate all of the Champions of Impalong. What does it take to be a Champion? Just attend Impalong and party with us - you are not required to improve or enchant anything (but it is appreciated). In this building, we are assembling a huge cluster of statues, each to be made in the image that the individual champions sees themselves! The Grand Slam -Fight with might and believe the hype! Come here and test your mettle against the other great fighters of Impalong! More to come, stay tuned!
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    Correct. That is also happening! I just took a top 10 out of what is going on for this post.
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    I am sure this has been said 50 times but I'm too lazy to read all those responses. A big no to maps for me unless you make a cartography skill to go along with it. Which in turn will open up a new trade, map-making. People could make maps of a local area and sell them to new players for a few copper coins, or make a map of the entire server and sell it for some big bucks to an experienced player. Make the maps a drop-able item that can take damage so that the market doesn't get stagnant. Other than that if you are just going to go generic RPG on us and put a big "YOU ARE HERE" x on a mapdump I think most of us would rather you not.
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    NO to ingame maps. There are about twenty CRITICAL things you could do to the NPE in this game that _wouldn't_ damage the experience AFTER the first five hours. Try them first eh?
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    I am not sure what everyone is going on about the maps we have a map for every server so why is it that big of a deal to have them in-game accessible?
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    I sort of like maps myself but the community ones are fine. My thought is that it would be nice for tokens to display their x-y coordinates in the info section. Then if you find your way to a deed you can get a reference.
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    Like everything but the map idea. One of the unique things is the lack of a map...Im against its addition personally as it is part of what makes wurm different.
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    This topic really got me thinking so I decided to give it a try. This is just the beginning or my changes. Ignore the wooden shack, it has been destroyed. This is a shot from the side. I really like how the small bend in the cobblestone turned out. Thanks for looking and any suggestions are much appreciated.
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    We're still going to discuss how far "implementing maps" will go to add them into the game. Expect to have a chance to have your say about this At the very least, community maps will be accessible from within the game but won't show your position. To add a way for noobs to not get lost however, the noob compass could point towards the starter town too. Lots is being discussed!
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    as soon as sheep get added welsh people will flock to this game muhaha
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    Only if the mailbox from blues clues sings you the mail song.
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    I like the sound of this idea working like altars. any passive area spell effects im all for
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    If you cut this down to like 1/8 of as much content it'd be nice. I like adding more things to skills to keep them interesting, but this is beyond ridiculous imo.
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    I'd be happy with a timer or submenu for "get info" at this point, I'm sick of casting it while farming. Wouldn't mind being able to "get info" to see an affinity that was still hidden too, at least then it would be useful for someone who didn't have a trader.
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    Version 1.7e released! Changes: added new elevation editing mode: "edit slope" for fast filling borders with slopes data from gameadded two new ground types: marble slab and slate slab, renamed slab to stone slabadded outdates saves notify printed to error log if you are trying to load outdated savesperformance optimalization - GPU usage on some machines should be smallernow program will change antialiasing value in settings if you cannot start program with selected/predefined settingimproved preloader (look at the info log, it also should be faster and more reliable)fixed objects visibility in 2d modefixed carpentry calculationsAny suggestions before I will start adding another planned features?
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    long ago I ran into your feeling of needing some sort of reason or something to keep playing, grinding and building. Back then I went to chaos, as here I am part of a group that always have a reason for a frontline build, some one needing tools, or repairs after an attack. There is always a need for you some where for something. Thats what keeps me playing and keeps me improving. So I always have a reason to log in, not to do daily choors but to help out where its needed and being part of a team.
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    I am really happy about the powers of PoK, and I think pretty much every one who has a skill above 99 is. I find it good that there is something for every one, It would be a real shame if the paths should be equaled out so they are about even numbers of people on each. There are a few with skills so high that a death would cost months of grinding to get back the lost skill, We have Pok: That in it self is extreamly valuable the other abilities are just a bonus to that. If you are not satisfied there are plenty of other paths to take. Luckely Wurm is a game with so many posibilities and different things to do, that you can easily just do something else if you dont like your curent situation.
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    I personally like the "Get Info (2)" too, it helps me quickly checking the area to avoid potential ambushes of whatever creatures out there waiting for you to feel at ease Of course, if you have a Vynora priest and happen to have enough favor on you at the moment you want to cast Reveal Creatures, and don't mind that it only shows the creatures on the surface (or in the mines if you cast in inside a mine, where "Get Info (2)" shows both on the surface and inside mines at once), that spell is superior to the "Get Info(2)" as it also shows all neutral creatures, not just the aggressive ones. This does require you to be 1.) A priest (Vynora to be specific), 2.) Have the favor needed (which can be a nuisance when regaining favor for enchantments and whatnot). What it lacks in every day usefulness, it makes up for imo very nice later bonusses. If Paths were to be looked into, some sort of PvE usefulness on the Path of Hate and Insanity early on would be more needed than a buff in Path of Knowledge, in my opinion.
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    Certain, patch notes state the effects good thing too... you realise that the current effect is like 100x better than having some hands that act like cotton right? http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/84101-anti-lag-and-anti-griefing/
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    Hmmm, I could take you, on a few condition's as listed below 1) 9 hours a day productive game time, per character sponsored, with a extensively detailed written report following each day outlining said productivity 2) A minimum return of 35s per month, with any and all additional funds added to deed upkeep. 3) A detailed spread sheet included in your daily write up regarding all monetary transaction's conducted. 4) A signed agreement stating that in the case these terms are not met, any and all accounts will be handed over to my ownership hassle free. In return, I shall provided 1) 3 bed's, one forge, one loom, 10 frying pan's and a Fo alter. Anything else including weapons to cast LT on are your responsibility 2) Premium payment for the characters providing above conditions are met.
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    "INDOOR" mine and workshop?
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    Just have Wurm Assistant bleep in response to the < character in PM or whichever channel you wish to monitor, which is always gonna be there as it flanks the names of people in PM. Super simple stuff.
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    riding around the coastline in the rain and saw this, thought I'd share