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    "Starting as enemies from different Kingdoms, Xallo and Alyeska know each other out of curiosity. A few hunts together later, their love has grown to the point to where nobody can stop it. Now, they ride the battlefield, together, as fighters of the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon." A drawing commission I did for Xallo and Alyeska. Initially the request was to draw them on theirs Independence deed but they changed theirs mind (before I draw anything). The whole thing has been challenging due to the amount of important things to include like oversized champion crocodile named Chompy, hellhorses, etc and so undergo many different thumbnail sketches or just being put aside for days if not weeks. Last iteration was trying to put my interpreptation of Kyara (fortress with ridge-like walls, corner towers shaped as dragons, and buildings that grow taller the nearer they into the center with centerpiece of a tower with big dragon statue on top)but decides to discard the idea due it grows distracting from the centerpiece. This one final version start as photo-collages I throw together to see composition and get a proper humans anatomy (I'm very bad at drawing humans so I always need at least a sample to copy for this)before drawing on top of it. While most of the drawing is manually colored, a few textures are used here and there to give more depth and colors. Love how it turns out, this probably the current best artwork I have made. I hope it is ok to slap wurm online logo there... Horses and riders model by Syccas Stock WIP stuffs: My other wurm artworks: The fall of RoseDragon Slime-y Chainsmith Spiderdeer Orpington Zoo
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    No. We need Pristine/Release connected to the old Freedom cluster, and we need new placements so servers are not lined up on a huge string. This can't happen too soon.
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    There are already too many servers in this cluster catering for a relatively thinly spread population. It's not needed.
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    Epic isn't even 2 years old yet, and it has 2x skill gain and a curve which effectively makes it 5 times faster for new players to catch up. The entire purpose of this crazy skillgain is because it is easier for new players to catch up. We are talking months, not years to have a great pvp account. So it seems you already got the new pvp servers you request, but you missed the release. It is not too late to join yet though.
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    Stop please, we have too much server PvP or not. Isn't possible play with only 50 players each server. If you add another they'll become 20 each server.
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    Wurm Online SkillCompare (WOS): http://wurm.riceri.se/
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    I didn't really read every post here since it's three pages, but uh.... like lol, you logged out, you're not playing, what... did you lose out on by the server crashing if you're not even online...? Are people really that entitled to get rewards for "punishments" that didn't even affect them? If you logged out to get sleep bonus.... you got sleep bonus anyway.
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    Dedicated to Magranon. Write while praying Magranon.
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    Connect south Cele to North Indy. Or put Cele/Exo to the east of Indy/Deli. That would help everyone much more than a new server. (Which isn't needed in the slightest. There are most deeds disbanding and up for sale than people can possibly hope to replace at the same rate) For anyone asking for a new server...why exactly do you want one? Its not like there isn't more than enough room on the current servers. Sure, a change of scenery would be nice, but if that's what you're after, just go try out epic, where there are 4 servers to explore)
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    Yes, add pristine and release to the cluster.
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    Fo is exploiting to win the scenario, ban him plz
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    Silakka - continuing his quest to own every rare item in wurm Goodluck with the sale samool.
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    An accidental server crash is planned for tonight at 12am.
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    That's a somewhat strange definition of "punishment" Rolf would be well within his rights to give us absolutely no downtime compensation at all, it seems audacious to make demands regarding its implementation.
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    I voted no. I think the only way enlightening should be possible is if the person being enlightened already as the skill necessary to progress to that level - i.e. the only advantage is they don't have to go and find the necessary tile and keep trying for the question. Personally I would also be in favor of bumping people down to the max level their skill can support... Incidentally, when people are saying it's broken, has it only so far been tried enlightening people beyond their skill range? Anyone tried enlightening someone who DOES have the skill to progress?
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    A slime imping chainmail in a gloomy smith house.. wonder who is this slime.. oh wait, isn't there the one so called 'master of chains' whom is known as BLOB? Met Blob.. the slime chainsmith. And here is video timelapse \o/ [media]http://youtu.be/eQYOq1KALO8 A part of the process where not recorded as I wander and fiddle around of how I want this looks like. At first I sketch a blob with many hands holding all the smith improving toolkitâ„¢ but I'm not so satisfied with it so I made three thumbnails and let people vote which is the best. There also a part that I colored this in detailed black and white and realize it took so slow and not even looks good so I remove that and decide to just go with color... Also check out Blob's smithing store! As he is awesome! http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/83475-blobs-smithing-store-im-back-chain-armourshields-and-pendulums/
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    Some recent new map talk reminded me of a comment in another old thread regarding having new home maps for PMKs, and I thought at the time it would be interesting if such servers were conquerable by PMKs (Not the base kingdoms). Course a conquerable server could be extended to more than just home servers; though, that may be going too far. EDIT: placement wise... put the PMK homes in between the base home server and any wild servers? EDIT EDIT: At first I was stuck regarding how to handle player-built towers, then it occurred to me the towers can be the extra capture points an invader has to conquer, in addition to the capital(s). Naturally when a PMK disbands, its towers should revert.
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    kind of hard to explain, the SW corner walls look fine, the the NW corners seem to be missing a piece. screenshots provided: SW side (normal) NW side (problem)
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    It would be interesting to have, but i doubt a pmk will ever get big enough to need its own home server, at least with epics current population. I don't know who exactly from a pmk would live on such a server, possibly more light pvpers, who aren't necessarily going to want to move to a new server that they could get kicked off of at any time.
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    This is disgraceful for our kingdom. Showing those two archering our brave, polite and honobrable warriors ( like me ) getting archered to the death is too much ! The next raid of Comm, will not be for the token. No no, this is going to be to kidnap Rosedragon for that painting and sent her in the MR Prison over at House of Mol Rehan for eternity !!
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/85050-farming-is-bugged/ Affliction server is not able to farm at all at the moment. Crops can be planted but do not grow, trees are not growing, sprouts are no longer generating. Players on Affliction are perilously close to starvation, mayhem and mass hysteria.
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    That's so awesome! Thanks a ton for doing this for us.
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    Before adding a new server there should be more village functionality to bring more people together and encourage more city life then a frontier life. This would bring more people out of the woods and into society, giving more room to others that want to live the hermit life.
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    Im fine if Wurm has its own official version of WOS, but make it voluntary only.
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    Pretty impressive! But for me this is not castlevania but an action darksiders like game with it's theme .
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    Only if it doesn't list any names.
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    He also wanted Templars and oil barrels to keep your deed lights lit
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    i have 3 spots available for this task; thank you for the offer Zabaq and Aetherwalker, but this is aimed at new players so they can make a little silver one spot taken, 2 open
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    I think we need a PMK server on Epic. Just saying....
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    Please Gary, post that again so i can like it again.
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    Sounds like Rolf made his points clearly, if you want a different game, try designing your own xP
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    Well first of all we're forgetting that there is actually a REASON only 20+ FS is shown, and that's because 20 is the skillcap for non-premium; This means that anyone who pops tabs gave an affinity, and likely loot. Those are the only kills anyone cares about. Personally I don't care if some noob gets ganked on the other end of the server. And I definitely don't want it to show on Death tabs and maek red flashy on my screen. It happens all the time, in every game there is, I'm not going to stop it.
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    I log off in a bed and get on the next morning and have about 55 minutes to 1 hour of SB I would much rather get on and have 5 hours then 55 minutes
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    that is enough masonry, with around 55QL bricks, you should be getting to about 12% chance to make one. brick QL plays a huge role on success chance for obelisk. 25QL bricks I wouldn't get an option at around 55 masonry. there is a lil myth that it has to be created 100 dirt above sea level, we weren't able to start a temple on a 5x5 slabbed flat area with moss next to us down at about 5 dirt above sea level when our mason has 77 masonry using 70QL slab
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    And another one of those topic yay yay yay Everyone clap your hands clap clap clap yay yay yay everyone clay your hands clap clap clap IT IS NOT A PUNISHMENT THERE NO RULE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET ANYTHING FOR A CRASH EVERYTHING IS A BONUS SOMETHING YOU GET FOR FREE IS NOT A PUNISHMENT, IF YOU HAD SB, YOU DONT GET THE BONUS, NOT GETTING A BONUS IS NOT A PUNISHMENT.
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    You are still ignoring the money factor. To repeat myself with more emphasis, you are grossly underestimating the cost of getting custom graphics made, and overestimating how many would be willing to pay for a different set of models/skins. And using Sony as an example only emphasizes that more. Sony is a multinational corporation, with lots of money to throw at a game and the time to wait for profits to come in, not to mention they expect to sell games in the millions. This game is way too small for such endeavors at this time, and it will be a long time before that changes.
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    I honestly cannot tell if this is either serious or tongue-in-cheek...
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    IMO the art team are already wonderful as they are, the quality of their work never ceases to amaze. Good things take time
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    For real money? No. For silvers, sure. Let's leave euros for buying premium time and silver. Wurm needs some graphical variety anyway.
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    TBH I thought the young animals was a bug rather than a change, because it was tried ages ago, and then things changed again so that mobs would spawn in a variety of ages - and everyone was happy. It seems that change was reverted for some reason, but has now been re-reverted again... Confused yet? P.S. much better now with random ages
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    Heh, I actually agree. I've noticed my posts are really nasty lately and I need to tone it down. I just get sick of people saying things are out of their control when if they just put a little effort in, they can change their situation. And hey hey hey, I've been on every HotS raid and most of the hota's in the past month, since I'm not tied up terraforming and skilling my relatively new account. Plus you know the situation at Niflheim. Securing valuables is the last resort but the only real option available that night. But I hear ya, gotta sort out what's been pissing me off so I stop taking it out on you guys.
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    If you want full out PvP possibilities go to HOTS home server or Elevation. It was specifically designed for that type of gameplay. Libila thinks that strength weeds out the weak so she doesn't care if you slaughter eachother internally as long as she can whip you towards the enemy as well. On the other two home servers we have a different lore with honor ideals suggesting you should not fight among yourselves. This means we want to keep griefing at a minimum. We don't want too many artificial barriers though, and there will be situations where rules can't prevent griefing so you have to be able to take matters in your own hands. We have never said that those servers are about full out PvP. At -1 reputation you become an Outlaw and can be killed without penalty. If you kill someone who is not hunted and who has above 0 reputation, you will lose 20 reputation and become hunted. It's okay becoming hunted. Just go back to your deed. If someone has the title <Outlaw> or <Hunted> he can be killed on sight without penalty. If you attack several times, you may lose too much reputation and convert to HOTS at -200. Who will this happen to? Griefers and some people who don't know the limits. So just back away and rebuild your reputation when you have taught the griefer a lesson. We try to detect griefers on these servers and make life harder on them. We give them hunted status and remove reputation for various things. Again, these are not PvP servers. They are KvK home servers, supposed to be fairly safe lands when it comes to griefing. We have tried less reputation effects on these home servers, and it doesn't work well at all.
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    I don't see why it should be wise to have fights within the own kingdom. Maybe give them fight skill for fighting it's own kingdom too O.o ? big -1 But a big +1 for disabling auto convert to BL.
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    Fix meditation gains, remove enlightenment, drop everyone to their proper path level based on their meditation skill.
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    not my cat but very funny anyway http://i.minus.com/ibhwkvCPXL1S8L.gif
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    Ce-Ce is chillin hard in that third photo, I love it and Dave is gorgeous!! Great shot with the sunshine.. really brings out her eyes. Sorry to hear that Demondan it's never easy to lose a loved one I wish I had the time to comment on each of these cats..they are all so adorable and seem to have unique personalities! I want to thank everyone for sending in their pictures and keeping this thread alive.. i am LOVING THESE KITTIES! Here are a couple good shots of Ian's cat, Snowball. She's the queen of the house, loves to talk (sometimes to the wall, or other inanimate objects) and be the center of attention