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    Hi all, My wife and I had been looking around for some time to find a place to live near the ocean, but it seemed everywhere was kind of full, until we stumbled upon a place untouched due to hundreds of marsh tiles being there, so we took up the challenge, and thought we would like to share our progress with you all Really hope these pics work, never done this before ! This first picture is just after we found the place and dropped sand all around the marsh to stop it growing further... This is how it looks at the moment, 517 Floorboards later, we have defeated the marsh ! New update, long overdue More Pics in the Spoiler. More Pics from Kings Landing. Looking out of the lake at the back of Kings Landing. Looking at the ramp we created leading up to Kings Landing. A look across the back of the deed. Another part of the deed we flattened do far. Looking from the deed to the lake behind. Yet another flattened area of the deed. Looking out to sea from the deed. Looking down on part of the dock we raised from the sea. We will post more pictures as we progress further with the settlement. See you all on Inde. Dakota and Shaylie of Kings Landing. Inde.
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    1 - The last stand of LO - violetann Rivers of blood flowed and dusty rubble cover everything in this eerie landscape of a town of fallen heroes. After the passing of most of LO members the artifacts which had been kept secure for so long in their vaults were inaccessible to all those whom remained. An estimated 40-45 Jenn-Kellon were standing outside Lo’s walls against a handful of MR fighters. From LO: chromega, Shweet, Kabill, klaa and dragonspawn who mostly killed himself. From Whosville: Chancellor Horton, Myself, maximustehgreat, Goldfishmoo, tonygreen, zarmazarma. The Jenn-Kellon began making themselves a mini fort and catapults. This was going to be a long siege from the start. When they got there not even a handful of LO remained, But they underestimated what less than a handful of MR can do. The horde of JK was held off by as little as 7 mr long into the night and Pedro the JK prince was slain before they breached LO. In a gorilla warfare style we did what we could chasing each other around in the depths of the Lo catacombs. The mines of LO held yet another secret. During Goldfishmoo’s endeavor to supply rocks for repairing he mined a Star diamond later named “heart of Loâ€. Even the Jenn-Kellon could not pick the lock on the artifact chests. They had to resort to pushing the chest containing 4 of them into lava off the deed. While they pushed we managed to refortify LO to secure the remaining 3 artifacts. The Sword of magraron, orb of doom and the ear of vynora were kept secure by MR against all odds. All the bravery of this city’s past, those citizens whom remained and allies from afar who fort so valiantly to protect the city and it’s artifacts deeds shall be remembered not just in the bloody spilt or carved in to the ruins of the now ghost city; but in the hearts and minds of all Mol-Rehan LOL cat version: RIVERS OV BLOOD FLOWD AN DUSTY RUBBLE COVR EVRYTHIN IN DIS EERIE LANDSCAPE OV TOWN OV FALLEN HEROEZ. AFTR TEH PASIN OV MOST OV LO MEMBERS TEH ARTIFACTS WHICH HAD BEEN KEPT SECURE 4 SO LONG IN THEIR VAULTS WUZ INACCESIBLE 2 ALL DOSE WHOM REMAIND. AN ESTIMATD 40-45 JENN-KELLON WUZ STANDIN OUTSIDE LO’S WALLS AGAINST HANDFUL OV MISTAH FIGHTERS. FRUM LO: CHROMEGA, SHWEET, KABILL, KLAA AN DRAGONSPAWN HOO MOSTLY KILLD HIM. FRUM WHOSVILLE: CHANCELLOR HORTON, MYSELF, MAXIMUSTEHGREAT, GOLDFISHMOO, TONYGREEN, ZARMAZARMA. TEH JENN-KELLON BEGAN MAKIN THEMSELVEZ MINI FORT AN KATAPULTS. DIS WUZ GOIN 2 BE LONG SIEGE FRUM TEH START. WHEN THEY GOT THAR NOT EVEN HANDFUL OV LO REMAIND, BUT THEY UNDERESTIMATD WUT LES THAN HANDFUL OV MISTAH CAN DO. TEH HORDE OV JK WUZ HELD OFF BY AS LIL AS 7 MISTAH LONG INTO TEH NITE AN PEDRO TEH JK PRINCE WUZ SLAIN BEFORE THEY BREACHD LO. IN GORILLA WARFARE STYLE WE DID WUT WE CUD CHASIN EACH OTHR AROUND IN DA DEPTHS OV TEH LO KATACOMBS. TEH MINEZ OV LO HELD YET ANOTHR SEEKRET. DURIN GOLDFISHMOO’S ENDEAVOR 2 SUPPLY ROCKZ 4 REPAIRIN HE MIND STAR DIAMOND LATR NAMD “HART OV LOâ€. EVEN TEH JENN-KELLON CUD NOT PICK TEH LOCK ON TEH ARTIFACT CHESTS. THEY HAD 2 RESORT 2 PUSHIN TEH CHEST CONTAININ 4 OV THEM INTO LAVA OFF DA DED. WHILE THEY PUSHD WE MANAGD 2 REFORTIFY LO 2 SECURE TEH REMAININ 3 ARTIFACTS. TEH SWORD OV MAGRARON, ORB OV DOOM AN TEH EAR OV VYNORA WUZ KEPT SECURE BY MISTAH AGAINST ALL ODDZ. ALL TEH BRAVERY OV DIS CITY’S PAST, DOSE CITIZENS WHOM REMAIND AN ALLIEZ FRUM AFAR HOO FORT SO VALIANTLY 2 PROTECT TEH CITY AN IT’S ARTIFACTS DEEDZ SHALL BE REMEMBERD NOT JUS IN DA BLOODY SPILT OR CARVD IN 2 TEH RUINS OV TEH NAO GHOST CITY; BUT IN DA HEARTS AN MINDZ OV ALL MOL-REHAN
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    Why are we still having trader threads, the current system works fine. It seems people just don't want "their upkeep" to go to other people, or think that traders are cheating rolf out of money. If someone buys more traders with trader money, tthe total amount traders give is still the same, that person just gets a slightly larger share. The amount returned to players stays the same, so it really doesn't matter how many traders people buy, especially on freedom.
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    Ive never understood peoples fascination with seeing dragons o.o Go on the insanity path and you might see one from time to time
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    This summer Rolf is merging Freedom and Epic with full PVP on all servers
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    Two methods: Easy method(Older but still works): Just basically drag and drop two colours together. Always keep ratios 1:1 or 2:1. Examples: Yellow: Mix 1kg of red + 1kg of green. Equal Quality Orange: Mix 2kg of red + 1kg of green. Equal Quality The downside of this method is you're not really gonna get RGB values above 200 because of the mixing. Expect duller results Harder method: Start with the lowest ql black you have then use Cochs/Woad/Copper to improve which rgb values you want higher (I used 40,40,40/50,50,50 black as a base most of the time.) Although this has a downside. Every quality has a maximum, for example 20ql woad can only take B upto 170ish, and when you near that maximum the dye takes more and more materials to get the RGB Value up. Therefore you need high ql black as a base, lots high ql resources to get the rgb to what you want. The downsides are obvious here. They improve method eats up resources for breakfast.
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    What kind of a douche actually signs their posts.
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    I am against the release/pristine servers joining other freedom's infact I am For, getting our own GL-Freedom channel.
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    I was out for a morning ride with my trusty steed, StrongWind, when something caught my eye off in the distance. Being of the curious sort, I moved in to get a better look, and there it was. Surrounded by overgrown grass and grazing horses, was a loom. . I stood by the fence wondering about its history when the most miraculous thing happen- it began to glow, every so softly. This was not just your normal, run of the mill loom. This one was different- it was a rare and interesting version indeed. Made of untreated maple, the elements had warped its frame, with dings and dents at its base. Again in glowed, this time a bit brighter, as if begging for help. It pulled to me, and I knew what I had to do. I needed to rescue this loom in distress. Contacting the owner of the deed, I arranged a deal, and he helped push the loom to the main road, and wished me luck. Taking a peak at the map, the daunting task before me fully set in and shook my head at my own stupidity. Sighing, I began to push. And push. I contacted a few friends, and in the blink of an eye it was no longer just a girl and her loom. I was surrounded by people, willing to help with the back breaking task. Across the water and through the woods, we pushed. Through the PPM tunnel we went, and some kind souls pointed out the loom wouldn't go through the guard house, and made a side exit for it. On and on we pushed, through the Green tunnel, up mountains and down the side. Winter had turned to spring, and that's when the unthinkable started- wave after wave of disconnections. We continued on as best as possible, with people catching up to the group, only to push a few times before being dc'ed again. Finally, many hours from when we started, I could see .... safety. The epic journey had finally come to an end, and the loom was finally home. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Faeran, Nzkiwi, Griphyth, Arowhun and Zaria, there is no way I could have done it with out you. To the countless people who took pity when they saw us in local, and donated their time and backs, a million thanks. It really warms my heart to know that we have this kind of community here in Deli, you guys made this ordeal a thousand times more entertaining!
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    Hey everyone! I have recently decided that I will continue the dump map, that once once started by Tpikol. If you want your settlement added to the map, use the follow: Name of village coordinates Any special features (i.e. merchant, mailbox, etc) Once you leave a comment, I will try to have your settlement up within a few hours. High res (Current as of 5/22/13) Low res (Current as of 5/22/13)
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    From personal experience leaving <server> to trade or visit hunting locations, I've run into the annoying hassle of sailing for H O U R S on occasion to get from, say for example, independence to celebration. I am not the only one that finds this rather obtuse. Like all worlds, It should be spherical in appreance. What better way to give this illusion then to position server crossings in a pattern such that it appears to be a circular/spherical world? BAM! Chaos in the middle, but arguably well situated to be avoided or visited for PvP reasons Trade routes are closer in some cases (Indi to Cele as an example) All servers reachable within 2 crossings from any map Don't want pvp, you can bypass it completely Western Chaos can finally have decent access to other servers Every single server has access to either Pristine or Release Promotes a more Spherical world by the fact that travel is connected in a near circular pattern One can essentially sail due west, east, north, and south indefinitely creating the feel of a real world Future servers can be added in such a way that it just extends the crystaline structure For example, lets start in Pristine. If we were in the northern hemisphere, traveling north or east takes us to Independence. If we are in the southern hemisphere, traveling south takes us to Deliverance and traveling east takes us to Chaos. **Server placement could be moved around depending on popularity or population. **I did not setup a poll as I feel this to be a finished suggestion. P.S. I have also shot an email on this directly to Rolf, simply outlining a few points and asking him to think about this suggestion.
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    The new servers will be joined with the existing freedom cluster when it's time, which I don't see happening in many months. Someone asked if it could take 2 years, and yes there is no set time limit, but I have a hunch that it's going to happen before that. If people on those servers strongly oppose to joining until then and there are no other strong reasons to keep the cluster together that's how long it may take. I think many of you can make advanced estimates out of this information and since I don't have any more at the moment that's what we have to live with. If you absolutely _have_ to know because you can't plan otherwise.. I suggest you.. reconsider We may add some checkbox that players on those servers can click which shows if they're opposed or pro joining. This will give a good indicator.
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    Hey guys I am Exeffer and I'm a traveling merchant! So here's how it works: I work my way from Independence up to Celebration selling items that my suppliers provide for me, spending a few days in each server. If you order an item from my stock and you live in the server I am currently visiting (or you can come pick up the item) I will not charge any delivery fee! If you live on another server you can reserve the item/item set for 15 copper, and I will take the item/item set off the for sale list until I can deliver it to you but other than that, there is no other fee. Current Server: Deliverance Items For Sale: Leather Items:3 80ql toolbelts 90 copper 1 70ql toolbelts 70 copper 2 80ql studded leather armor sets(9pcs) 3.5 silver each 1 70ql studded leather armor set(9pcs) 2 silver 1 60ql studded leather armor set(9pcs) 1.5 silver 5 backpacks 10 copper each Carpentry Items: Mallet 76ql 12 copper Spindle 76ql 12 copper Fruit Press 76ql 35 copper 2 Rope tools 76ql 40 copper each Enchanted Items: 1 Meditation Rug 70ql 80 CoC 1.2 silver 1 Hatchet 90ql 73 WoA 85 CoC 3.25 silver Chainmail & Plate: 1 55ql chain armor sets(9pcs) 1 silver each <--- On Sale! Only one left! 1 60ql chain armor set(9pcs) 1.5 silver 1 70ql chain armor set(9pcs) 2 silver 1 70ql golden chain armor set 5.8 silver <--- You know you want it 1 70ql steel plate armor set 5 silver Chain armor pieces made of copper, brass, and silver etc. are also available. Bulk Items (Crops, wood, stone, etc.) Coming Soon... Items from the Chaos Server: Horde of the Summoned Flags and Banners 1 silver <--- Coming soon... Misc: 6 15ql sheets 10 copper each 1 90ql needle CoC 47 2 silver A big thanks to my first suppliers! If you would also like to supply me with some of your items, please read this post: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/80767-traveling-merchant-for-hire/
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    Currently I'm on Indipendence, and I had a thought. "What if the wind isn't a random occurence, but, seasonal instead" So I propose across the servers if people could check the date(wurm date) direction of the wind, and the strength, maybe we could find a pattern and chart the winds, making water-infastructure easier. But then again, I could be wrong. I'll be posting my results either daily or every few days, depending on how often I play. Needing player(s) from: Elevation Deliverance Pristine Exodus Celebration Serenity Desertion Release Chaos Affliction
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    I think the gamma of marble floors that are indoors during the day, with a roof, needs to be toned down a tad? Anyone else blinded by this also?
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    i use to be able to plant 18 in 20 (with a F2P at 20 skill) now i'm getting less then 50% Plz un-nerf it
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    Ill have a 71ql weapon with DD ready for every fighter, but i do want them back after the fight Edit: and 50+Nimbleness
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    Well with regards to the wind mill / flour making the skill gain could be made to work exactly as cooking does now, that is after all already an automated process.
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    i was riding from the north coast to green dog doing 32 km. the horse head was moving up and down like 40 times in a minute. by time i reached green dog i felt like i have to throw up. this head banging is way too fast and not near any natural horse head movement. please make this much less head banging or i cannot ride a horse any more in wurm. not that anybody here would care. but still ;-)
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    I can't remember the which raid I was a part of... But I do remember digging down the walls and being hit by stray arrows as well as healing everyone as I was a Fo priest. sadly, I was slain somewhere on deed... lol. Got too excited and started running around The Defense of Silron in Gold 1 was pretty epic as well... no where near the risk/cost/reasons to raid though....
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    Dont be disappointed, you know better. Oh, and, we love you back. You just proven yourself what you used to be is still what youre; Wurm Material. You deal with it by yourself and you cry in forums. Thats what we all do (although most often the subject we cry in forum is not same as what we "just deal with" ingame). I am happy to see old timer like you come around, treat those hardships as a simulation of being newbie again, not much time has to pass and you think how wonderful it all was.
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    Being the weirdo I am, I just added a block of text as to humor myself, not to actually suggest anything mentioned there, otherwise I would actually have started new thread. Edit: I never really expected anyone take a block of text seriously which ends like "Drain the players empty and make Codeclub Rich!"
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    Yes, I mentioned it to a client dev like 3 months ago and he said "We talked about it": Still talking I guess, because its still blinding
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    Heh... trying to pick locks I had personally made. That was fun.
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    You forgot the part where we pushed chests onto lava and few days later and found Artifacts that JK had missed.
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    Lol, you know by making that statement you've simply rendered the poll even more useless. Any movement in the direction of your personal interest will be attributed to this statement and how crazy... er, how passionate you are.
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    Then your statement doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Hide yo horses, Hide yo tokens.
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    I ran an alt through the tutorial yesterday because I was amazed when someone in GL-Freedom was asking how to make stuff. Nowhere currently in the tutorial do you craft anything, at all. It's a work in progress of course, but I do hope that gets covered sometime soon...
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    This is mol rehan on Chaos, not that joke of a server you call epic.
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    Ok, you do realize you will bump up the worth of in game silver with this mechanism correct? Which will keep only those who pay Rolf in the cycle of in game currency and block out any one else. With the lack of access to silver, players will be looking to buy it from other players because the price is too high from Rolf's shop. So, the 65% worth jumps to 80%. Now, instead of 104 euro, 1 gold is worth 128euro. This means, I can buy 10 traders with 160 euro a month. The average return will be at least 100s, plus whatever I scrape out of upkeep (with 10 traders, at 10s that is another 100s). I can then sell 200 silver for 256 euro. I can then buy 16... and so on and so on until I have well over 100 traders. FAIL.
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    A token IS a NPC. Just because it is not an animated person avatar does not mean it is not an NPC. I think it is way more immersible to interact with the kings representative than an impersonal token, and is certainly not a job suitable for a player character to have. It is the exact same reason the phone company hires voice actors to read the lines on the phone menus, because a text or robotic speech interface is impersonal. An actual character there when you buy things reinforces the idea you bought it from the king, rather than some robot vending machine. It is why other MMOs when you go to the bank, it is actually a bank with tellers working there and you slide your silver across the counter, even though that could be done with a game menu interface. Having characters there doing jobs no player would ever do just adds to the idea this is a living world (even though these NPC never even actually pace their booth, which would certainly be a nice enhancement)
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    Interesting idea. It would certainly allow more people to have a trader due to cost and spacing constraints. One downside I can see though is that it would only be a matter of time before the trader haters started creating uproars about the fact that "grandfathered in" traders don't have monthly upkeep. It would be the same old venom spewing. And in addition, they'd still have their panties in a bunch over those who opted to purchase a spirit trader getting what they perceive to be "their" money. Of course with more traders out there, it would spread the hate a bit. lol
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    I have to say nothing actually; however, beyond that I don't accept any instuctions from you as to how to construct my posts. As for not understanding the implications of the referenced statement, if you have come to the conclusion (questionable) that it is I who is the one lacking in understanding, this indicates to me that your depth of perception concerning the previous response of yours that I had referenced is as deep as a raindrop once it shatters upon the ground. This really is no surprise to me, since during your brief interludes of divergence nothing of import has been presented but rather the off side remarks typical of the young as they respond in their cajoling manner while learning how social interactions function amongst their peers. Although it is indeed true that as a number of these young age physically they remain mentally and socially in this regressed state; therefore, although I do not know your age, I can surely see expressed your lack of maturity. Beyond this, I realize that my words here will have little effect upon turning your lack of respect of others who express opinions contrary to your own into something that resembles common decency. What remains is to serve back to you a portion of what you dish out to others in such a callous fashion and if your poor shriveled reasoning can not grasp the concepts presented, it in the end matters not to me one way or the other, since from the excercise of composing my thoughts in response, the ball bounces off the wall just the same. =Ayes=
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    I have a 3rd method where you take the highest ql dye as base example the green to get the lowest possible blue color then mix in the base material for red (cochineal) until desired red level.
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    First, Look at the name... So you know what skills I'm in into XD. 2nd, i'd hate to see this as a grinding skill..... maybe if it gave much less then going out there to a forest, or what have you, and getting saplings, then planting them. (or cutting grass/picking flowers, wtv) -1 for using it to grind. + 1 to any new plants/trees/flowers/nature
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    Good post, but old news. Players wants PVE, rolf wants PVP.
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    And before anyone goes and states that it is 2s per 1k bricks, that is for if you already cut the shards yourself, and then made the bricks. If you are simply creating the bricks from pre-cut shards from someone else, it is the standard price of 1s per 1k. Figured I would put that in just to clarify for anyone else just in case.
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    BUMP Still some fine compasses available.
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    I'd rather see a 4k x 4k server north of elevation.
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    I'm proud to report that beauty of a loom is now stilling pretty at a 90ql with a cast of 87woa - well, 83ql now, I've put it to allot of work!
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    My favourite bit was when he said stay on topic, and then went on about something technically "off topic". Gotta agree with Suntzu, those were the glory days.
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    Maybe instead of individual writs, just have a 'writ-book' where you can select the item to manage from a dropdown (or flip pages...) Also could have categories (Buildings, Mine doors, Carts, Boats, Merchants...) So select a category then an object in that category, then click the "Manage" button...
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    I am ALL for a better management system, however I don't like the idea of an actual writ. Looking on wild, where mine doors, carts, boats, gatehouses, longhouses, etc are all over the place, you'd have people with probably 500 writs even. Would just be insane to have a writ for everything. So, remove the writ idea for mine doors and 'vehicles' and you got a +1