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    Jo - you clearly don't realize that the ratio changes after every trade, Anyone with a lvl 4 knowledge toon is able to see the ratio, Example I have a trader set up for my alliance to use, so 6 players can pay their up-keeps. As each person drains of their upkeep the ratio drops, We check daily that its still over 0.2ratio & still earning coins, The system works only because non of the alliance takes more than they need each economic period. Note : rarely get more than 15s-18s a month back, @EXO Now lets apply this to a public trader. ( "I" = devils advocate since I haven't used another's trader since i placed mine) I wait till the public trader cycle resets, I log my alt to see if someone has set the ratio up at the public trader, I drain the coins used to put the ratio above 0.2 and put the ratio under 0.2 = No more coins gained until the ratio is fixed by someone buying things, which are instantly drained by the next alt that logs in to drain , As soon as the ratio is left below 0.2 the trader is basically a waste of space imo Public traders haven't worked since the economic ratio was added, I spent about 1s a day resetting the ratio at "Merchant town" after this change was made - before i realized it was unsustainable. & realized I was better of just giving coins away or exchanging 20c for 20kindling as i also did (until Samling moved and i gave MT away). Put simply Jodobo - stop wasting your time questioning how players use private traders. (including yourself since you have admitted to 3 private traders - ? hypocrisy much ?) "WE" need to address this in forum topics: It is not the players use of traders that is broken - it is the traders themselves* *As pointed out by fathertime and spellcast and to an extent Gavin. - maybe its time to listen to some of the more experienced players views, those that have a better understanding of economy, rather than continuing on with the 4th or 5th "Lets stop Wurms elite dominating Traders" thread <Yawn>
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    I think there is some confusion on the issue here so let me try and complicate it more: I don't think 95% of people have an issue with people making suggestions, even if we don't agree with them and/or skip our medication for the day. However a number of us feel that: - the number of posts by the OP is excessive. (personal opinion) - the OP could maybe play a little more before attempting to overhaul Wurm in so many varied ways. - the OP keeps saying she is casual, yet is in forum enough to be charged a 1 bedroom apartment rent rate. - the minute we disagree she becomes a (mild) victim - she pretends modesty "not smart" but accomplished so much, must post this thread for attention, tell us of Rolf's approval etc, etc, etc On the bright side, our OP has taught me the value of thinking more before -I- post suggestions and to not really read any posts but buy/sell/action. And to take my daily meds. Thank you.
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    The PvP servers never had any issues with animal hording and it's critical to breed large numbers of horses as they are important PvP and die fast. The animal ratio limit is a fix to a problem that hasn't existed on the PvP servers and is only causing problems. If it could be disabled or at least dropped to a much lower number for PvP enabled servers that'd be great.
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    I recently bought the deeds here. and thought it would be nice to show off things to the new players who travle north from green dog. a new building everyone will travel through. keeping to the color light theme. Also Shadowronin my nieghbour and I are starting two colossis facing the bridge. if anyone near by would like to Donate suppies, your more then welcome to. here's some pics to show the progress The two Colossis . one per side
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    i love wurm the way it is currently, it's perfect and definitely doesn't need to be easier
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    Version 1.3 (finally) released! Changes in this version: -program renamed from HouseCalc to DeedPlanner -completely new, writ-based building system - writ is required to build anything, but using writ system I can add much more deeds-focused features than before -added option to calculate materials and carpentry for single buildings (by clicking "Calculate" button while writ is selected) -carpentry calculations for the whole deed are removed -added tooltips -new save format -fixed some bugs related to save/load system -floor opening added -few interface changes WARNING! Older saves are not compatible with new format! You can still load them, but you have to add writ grids to make anything. New features related to materials/carpentry calculations will come in next minor version(s). Any feature requests before 1.4?
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    I think the current system is excellent. -1
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    i hate p2p cash shops because they are simply pay to win even more then what the players make it, i am 200% against pay2win cash shops by the creator. Maybe random cash items like item sets that look diffrent but have no effect and are just for show, stuff like items that are on traders into the shop for Euros, but besides that nonono. -1 your timer reducing suggestion
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    Maybe if you drop the young, cute, innocent, dumb, poor little Romainian girl act people will take you more seriously. Venting your ideas on the forum is fine, some of them are really good too, but I'm sorry nobody wants to read about your private issues in every post. Have fun, enjoy the game and when making forum posts, keep to the issues at hand and try not to care too much if someone doesn't agree.
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    So i recently hit path of power lvl 7. And wanted to test lava spawning.. only to find out that it requires a magranon altar. This got me very disappointed, as this basically restricts HOTS from using that meditation power as we cant build magranon altars. I'm guessing this was done to limit where you could place lava, but whoever made this restriction maybe unintendedly forgot that BL also needs to be able to use meditation (e.g. dont link meditation to religion please.. 2 different mechanics) My suggestion to fix this.. if theres a purpose for this being linked to altars.. please allow it inside libilas domain aswell.. Or to completely free this from religion, allow it to be used inside your own kingdom influence maybe?
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    I'd like to think that one day there will be different tower types. For example 500 stone bricks 500 mortar 100 slate shingles for an archery tower. Or 500 marble bricks 500 concrete 100 slate shingles for heavy tower guards.
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    No i'm a smidge busy doing it for other organizations and works but I can see the definite need for one there to lay out the patch notes in clear, unambiguous and ideally illustrated format that makes abundantly clear both what has changed and what related items have not changed or been impacted. Then work quickly to squash any of the inevitable rumors or assertions that are wrong from become uptaken into the community conscious where they will linger forever no matter what you do should they get that far.
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    All it really boils down to is some people are going to let you have it and others are going to tell you what you want to hear and the rest will be somewhere in between those. For sure do not let a few jabs or pokes get you down this is a rough crowd at times. You can be nice, sweet, snarky, sarcastic, rude, blunt, etc... Sometimes when they throw tomatoes you have to throw tomatoes back. Me I am Like Popeye......I Yam what I Yam what I Yam....Toot! Toot!
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    if you don't listen to joanavon youll do fine
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    For once I completely agree with Joan.
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    It's pretty clear and a clear consensus that after the huge implementations of 1.0 and there after the game needs a tune up and optimization desperately as the game is chugging along like a geezer with COPD and emphysema on a treadmill right now regardless of PC spec's
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    -1 Current system is good: 0 OP items in shop and legal gold shop. I would say its almost the same like in EvE Online which is fine with such system.
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    In the launcher before you click Play, click on Settings and the Text tab.
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    Actually it is kinda a big issue.. since we can't decide where to use our power, either way we are put at a disadvantage compared to the enemy who can put down a mag altar anywhere to cast it.
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    Makes perfect sense! +1 As long as it is linked to the aiming ability and has nothing to do with the damage output of the archer.
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    +1 Meditation and Religion are different systems.
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    The line between a honest and a hostile response is not that fine, but in a lot of threads, especially in the suggestion forum you can see people stepping over that line, sometimes apparently purposefully or skipping the honest part alltogether, being just hostile. And no the -1 is not rude, it's a honest and straight "I don't like" (though without any explanation as to why it's not really helpfull) Not an excuse but an explanation. Knowing stuff like that changes the context of what people say and puts the words in a different perspective. It may make the difference in my mental response between "Oh, shut up idiot" to "Damn, watch what you say" I wouldn't excuse when someone goes entirely off the line, but I can tolerate some quirks.
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    updated.i may need to look for a new alternative host
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    Chin up Chick, haters gonna hate! I've read a lot of your posts, I like them. People will complain, they often do, it's their thing. This comment isn't so much about soothing the ego, or giving a pick me up, or even boost this thread again, it's simply a way of say - Hi, I read you. There is an all too common complaint amongst long-timers that "you haven't played long enough" or that because you're new to the game some suggestions should be ignored because it upsets the balance every now & then. But, being a RL Manager with QAT members new eyes, new ideas, new approaches. Some get told "no" not going to happen, because it's been tried & failed, or doesn't fit the business model, but others times these new ideas, new eyes, new thoughts can bring forth a new growth spurt and be able to increase the product viability. I've had the mental health issue, and the mobility & physical issue, and it's not a "card to play", it's the truth, and in some cases explaining what the issue is can be beneficial to the community as some things can be taken out of context. Don't ever apologise for wanting to see a community grow, or that you have ideas that you want to share. It can be good to get it all out and let others talk about it. I do wonder though at those that see it fit to only put crap on a post rather than actually give feedback on it. How else are ideas meant to grow and develop when the standard answer is "that's crap, been there, done that, you don't know what you're talking about, or crap not another fruiting post." Good luck!
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    I dont think i can handle this . this is a day off. been playing 14hrs so far striaght have 4 more hrs before bed time to play. going through withdraw only been 10 min......
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    Which is why might be a good idea to balance Armors out so that every armor has an appeal, instead of everyone who doesn't use unique-made armor (drake and scale) using plate (and even people who have those unique armors probably don't wear them on pvp for fear of droping them, i guess)? With some tweaks this might be a good idea. Obviously after horse-ridding the speed penalties aren't enough. Make the whole armor-to-damage type matter more (Like when supposedly leather takes less damage from blunt, and does more on plate or chain).
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    Ahh forgot about that on epic, fair point
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    Art... If I were to purchase the "Mona Lisa", then later it suddenly changed to the "Whistler's Mother", I would be angry beyond describable words. Mona Lisa - Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Location: Louvre Created: 1503–1506 Dimensions: 2' 6" x 1' 9" (77 cm x 53 cm) Subject: Lisa del Giocondo Genre: Portrait Whistler's Mother - Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler Location: Musée d'Orsay Genre: Portrait Dimensions: 4' 9" x 5' 4" (1.44 m x 1.62 m) Created: 1871 Media: Oil paint
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    server. it depends on where you live on the server and how you play. I'm one of the many "Weaponized Carebears" that live around the server. I don't mind pvp, but in reality I rarely see it outside the war fronts. I don't have to dispute property rights, and people are generally rather polite to each other less someone gets angry and grabs a catapult. Even then we really don't tolerate intra-kingdom conflict we mostly focus our energy in fighting the JK. Also with the PMKs we rarely have to worry about thieves the ones who do steal are just kicked out, and then almost everything in our territory, players, guards, even the damm gorillas/boars try to kill them if they come back. You just aren't given membership in the kingdom by selecting some teleport stone. its a privilege to be part of a PMK, not a right. In all this adds up to a pretty interesting system. We get a lot of weekend warriors from Freedom, and some who have been playing a long time and just want to mix it up and use their skills in a different environment Me... I've always lived on this server and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It's not about the PvP, its about the community. Its having the freedom to do what you want, and working with some of best leaders I've ever worked with.
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    Wurm fills a very narrow, very specific niche. As long as Rolf is OK with his game catering to that niche and not much else, saying that Wurm is being "held back" is meaningless - It may just as well be at its peak. Rolf has every opportunity in the world to make Wurm more appealing to a wider audience, but he doesn't seem to choose to do that. His motives are evidently something other than maximum amount of players & cash in his pocket.
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    I don't think it's about that. It's about wanting to be able to compete on the merits of the effort and time they've put in to the game, rather than having to pay money for items etc to be able to compete. And competing doesn't just have to mean earning money. Personally I really dislike the mentality some people have in online games of just trying to make as much money out of it as possible. I could never play like that, but I respect that some do and it's their choice. However, to me, paying money to advance themselves (note, I have no problem with account buying - someone has at least put the time and effort in to creating said account) is tantamount to cheating. That's why I dislike pay-to-win.
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    Sadly, I partially agree with the OP and disagree with the above quote only because I'm not so sure it's not already an "easy button" game. This is not a difficult game, this is a wait for the timer game. There is NOTHING difficult about watching netflix while waiting for timers to mine walls for example. I'm all for having stuff take a lot of time to finish for that sense of accomplishment, but have it be an active amount of time where you have to participate, not wait 40secs per action and BOOM, a completed/imped item appears. Cash shops can still be useful if used correctly, The above examples are pretty extreme with magic shovels and bs like that, but for example cosmetic items don't affect the game other than make stuff look good and yet can still provide income for the dev.
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    Wurm has multiple avenues of approach for all player types. Those who want Pay2Win can simply buy up all the silver they want (from the shop or other players) and hire a bunch of day laborers to get their dreams made be its roads, canals, tunnels, houses, castles, cities etc. There is no "unique" uber gear to grind for that is found in most MMOs. Everything in Wurm is player made, therefore, anyone given enough time can make whatever they want. There are even players who don't have to pay a dime and can make by just fine in the game. (they rely on the Pay2win crowd sourcing them money). Both of these types rely on a strong and numerous "working class" of players who will work for others. Which is arguably not found in any other MMO. There is no central market, most work is either on site, or Bulk delivery by players. pay2win cash shops would simply kill this class of player. As those with money would interact less with other players to get things done.
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    I don't know why this reminds me of when one of the Hunt brothers tried to corner the worlds silver market, that didn't work out to well for him either.
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    Ofcourse Rolf recommended that, he get 10 euro for each of the alt's that is run trough turtorial and get a months prem.
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    This is ridiculous. If you guys don't like her posts, why do you read them? I have not read all of them, but the ones I've seen are articulate. There is no need for complains and insults. You can give her her proper criticism instead, tell her why you don't like the suggestion. She is only trying to bring more into the game, how could that be a bad thing.
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    Funny how it didn't take even half an hour to prove her point several times... There are way too many, way too hostile people on here. Arya is a bit peculiar, but you can see she is at least trying, also: Acted or not, her behaviour fits Asperger's profile pretty well. Some people are odd but tolerable but there are some people here that seemingly just try to be as annoying as they can.
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    Kind of at a loss for words really...kinda got a 'what the bleep did i just read' look on my face. I just want to say....and not quote you because i cant be assed going back through your (congratulations) 100 threads by what is it? 3 or 4 different forum names....but i think its about the 5th or 6th time you said you will not post on here anymore...and by all means I'm not telling you to stop....but you kind of lose respect with me because you act a bit childish by stating this over again like you want someone or many to tell you to stay. You are not in a relationship with the Wurm Forum Stay or go...i dont really care...and i do read your posts, mainly for giggle factor but you do throw out a few good suggestions...oh, and i also have read you say that you cant afford to play due to the increase but did i see you bid 51s for a deed on Indy? Do you want sympathy from me? sorry....cant have it.
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    Sorry, but when someone, who needs advice about what tools she needs to use for her character, starts making gamechanging suggestions. These CAN'T be taken seriously.
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    Sounds to me like you need to learn to accept critizism. No one is out to get you, but bad ideas will attract lots of comments. One of the biggest problems for new players is knowing WHY things are the way they are, before they go making suggestions on how to change it. I've seen suggestions from new players that would undo things we worked out with Rolf for months to get working right. The point I'm making is don't get discouraged, but check out the history of this game more before making suggestions. Some of our sillier things have a reason to exist that way.
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    -1 Deal With it and buy more deed like everyone else.
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    I hate that hanging became a racism thing. I demand equal rights.
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    Chaos peeps help eachother out. Awesome group of people. Won't find much in the ways of $$ making here though.
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    If you come over to Chaos looking to make money, you'll be dissapointed. People in the PMK's help each other out with discounted or free items/materials/enchants (I can't speak for the Freedom or BL groups [or indeed JK, but I assume that works in a similar way to MR ], but they are small groups anyway). In fact, most players on Chaos set up markets and auctions on the rest of Freedom when they want to make money because it is much easier to get good prices for stuff over there. As far as Chaos in general though, it's far from quiet, plenty of action going on, just not so much of the market variety
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    If there will be any graphical representation of how merchants are stocked it should be visible on merchant not on merchant stall as not everyone uses stalls those days, could be different wealth clothes or something while having 0, 0-10,11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and 40+ items on with 40+ items looking like Mr.T with gold chains and stuff
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    I think the plan is to overhaul the whole crafting GUI. SoonTM
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    The whole thing is idiotic, on a PvP server you need horses and remounts for every pvper, but deed space is generally limited due to defensibility, seems to just make the server even less attractive to newcomers and current players alike
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    Didnt really read the OP, but -1 anyway.