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    A very well written proposal, it made it real easy for me to see I have no interest in your idea.
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    DISCLAIMER: Not in any way, shape, or form, an original idea. Currently, you need someone's password in order to buy them things from the shop. This is very, very annoying. Wouldn't it be SO much better if you could pay your friend's premium, without needing to bother them for their password?
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    There’s an issue that certain game clients crash when VBO is disabled. To fix, enable VBO in the settings compatibility tab and select “core” or “extension”. We are working on a fix.The web shop prices were updated with the latest updates:Increased prices by 60%Added new 6-Silver-Coins and 1-Month-Playtime-1-Silver-Coin items for 10 euros as lowest price itemsYou now receive one sleeping powder per month purchased in the web shop. You will not receive sleeping powder when using ingame silver coins to purchase premium timeChances for Fantastic or Supreme items are now 2% higher as long as you are premiumAdamantine bonus damage was only applied to destruction actions and not to combat. FixedWeight calculations when smelting glimmersteel/adamantine weapons changedIn order to prevent griefing, you will now receive the hunted tag if you attack hitched or ridden creatures controlled by your own kingdom outside your own settlementSome hota statues should now have proper models instead of the dogVarious fixes for settlement screens, mayor managing merchants screen View the tumblr article
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    Source Blog: Chances for Fantastic or Supreme items are now 2% higher as long as you are premium Source Newsletter forum: â—¾Premium characters will have 3% higher chance of creating Supreme and Fantastic items. Rare items are not affected.
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    I have 666 likes satan himself recommends my posts
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    All sold, so this can be closed now. Is half your deed covered in ugly, vomit-coloured marsh? Are you tired of paying upkeep for tiles you can't use? Wish there was an easy* way to turn those tiles into dirt? Well, look no further! Marsh-Away, Miracle Marsh Removal System is the answer! Simply apply one of our patent pending Floor Boards to a marsh tile, remove it, and voilà - the marsh is gone! For a limited time, you can purchase a deluxe package of 50 Floor Boards (needing 1 nail each) for just 4.99 silver. That's 1 copper less than the suggested retail price! Your product can be delivered anywhere within the Independence server for free. That's right, pay nothing for delivery! Operator is standing by! Hurry! Only one remaining! Seriously, somebody buy these things already. * Seller does not guarantee easiness, fun, lack of headaches, or other side effects. No warranty given or implied.
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    Wurm will probably (not guaranteed) die when another game offers everything it does, better, bigger and cheaper, not before. I've been playing here since 2003 and I've yet to see anything come halfway close, not where it counts. This is why I'm still here and expect to remain for a long time.
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    The PvP servers never had any issues with animal hording and it's critical to breed large numbers of horses as they are important PvP and die fast. The animal ratio limit is a fix to a problem that hasn't existed on the PvP servers and is only causing problems. If it could be disabled or at least dropped to a much lower number for PvP enabled servers that'd be great.
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    There has always been some confusion between "diseased" - the status normal creatures can obtain through overcrowding - and "diseased" the condition name some creatures spawn with (which adds a greenish colour.) Just for the sake of clarity, it seems like one could be replaced with a new word, like "afflicted" or "infected". http://thesaurus.com/browse/diseased Nothing would change with the mechanics of either condition - only name.
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    Using lies? Suntzu is definitely not lying. Nobody is threatening you, or trolling, and all the posts you object to are completely on topic. Just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean that they're trolling or derailing.
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    Not the wurm way... damn, here I was hoping they did massive damage when fired with a catapult.
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    Many of us are all ready redistributing wealth. Just handed out around 15s of coins + in prizes at the spring imp-along (+about 30s of prizes donated by players) I also agreed to purchase about 15s of bulk items from newer players who are saving for premi, About 4months trader income, giving me 4 months to save for Xmass giveaways, Those with large deeds that relly on trader income usually have villagers, How many players would leave Wurm if they weren't able to find a place to build up their skills before earning thier own settlement form.... I don't think you have much idea of how the economy of wurm functions personally; As for your suggestion, your traders would get claimed/locked down within a matter of weeks I've placed about 3 public traders over the years but eventually I get bored of froob alts camping the trader and trade blocking for hours on end; Which you then have to KoS only for them to bring in the next alt.... So your quitting playing in one topic this morning, but still making trader rage topics ...... If you don't have the commitment to reach 50LW, one of the easier skills, then this game isn't for you. o/
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    The OP is pretty ignorant and forgot one IMPORTANT thing. He wants to penalice "afk" priests, just because. What the OP didnt think of, is that the "afk priest" pays the same premium that any other premium character pays, be it priest or anything else. If people PAY their premium time, to leave the avatar standing still all day, its their choice, if they pay a SECOND account, so they can play, while their priest stands still all day regaining favour, even better. Now, with the NEW knowledge that you have, that ALL priests pay premium equally.... WHAT is your problem again with how people play with their characters in a sandbox game ?
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    After reading the OP's first post 3 times loaded with lots of information that isn't relevant I finally get it. If we want a priest we should ONLY play a priest because in your mind, it's cheating to have another char that can craft when priests are so uber. Actually after a 4th time, I'm confused again. I want a poll too: A. I think this post is silly B. I'm confused and have no idea what the OP is trying to get at. C. I'm proud to get favour while crapping. D. I don't like the poll options. E. Since when did having more then 1 char as long as not macro'ed matter? F. I wish I had skipped this post G all of the above or close to it. "G"
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    OK, the novelty of your juvenile suggestions has worn off Eldurian. You are just another noob, in a long line of noobs, that is looking for any way possible to change the game to fit your needs instead of playing the game within the rule set already established. Those people that have the cake and eat it as well, are paying twice what you pay to eat that cake. It's not as if they are getting that second account for free and getting away with murder. If you want the ability to craft, it looks like you are getting a second account, or depriesting the one you have already. Do us a favor, and figure out which one you are going to do, and stop making suggestions to change the priest mechanics, because Rolf just ain't gonna do it.
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    This is why you can buy premium with in-game currency. Pay your workers silver coins, when they have 6 they could buy a referral, or when they have 10 they could buy premium. This is a much simpler system, no need for a complicated one.
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    If you ask me the game is just getting better and better, with new features and graphics coming in at a pretty quick rate taking in account the small team. For me personally I play on and off, but I can't really shake this game off completely. Thing is, I don't think there is a game that really compares to the freedom Wurm gives you. In my opinion the only real downfall of Wurm could be a AAA real sandbox title, but I don't see that happening very soon. Themepark games seem to be a much safer investment.
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    Protip: There are dozens of people who'd LOVE to have private servers of Wurm, and I'm quite confident even if Rolf closed the servers there'd be at least one person with the funding or technological prowess to host a public server.
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    I'm guessing you've never been up close to the Bone Altar then.
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    Or you could do the logical thing, ignore the nonsensical bid and save yourself grief later when this auction ends and a "misunderstanding" leads to no payout.
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    Especially on epic. Would like to be able to impale heads and bodies of enemies as warning to others comming onto your land.
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    House and deed planner for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited DeedPlanner (previously known as HouseCalc) is very customizable, 3d deed/house planner for Wurm which allows you to plan and see your dream house/village before creating it in game. Development is still active and program is open sourced, so reported bugs will be fixed, new features can (and in most cases will) be added on demand. Everyone with Java/OpenGL experience who want to help and add their own contribution to the biggest Wurm map planner can join the project. This is a deprecated, finished version of the program New, 3.x versions are available in the new forum thread: Download DeedPlanner downloads page Compatible systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS (not officially supported) Tested on: Windows 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mac OS Sierra Latest release: 29.10.2019 If you like this program, please consider a donation! Facebook page New Github repository Old Github repository Program features plan your own house/deed and see it in 3d, just like in game! ability to edit ground tiles, floors, walls, roofs, objects, bridges and heightmap undo/redo feature mark your villages with text labels cave view, together with cave dwellings calculation of materials needed to build anything on the map or carpentry and materials required to build single building fully configurable FPP and 2d view camera in-game perspective simulation mode load and save maps with copy-paste, files or pastebin.com possibility to import old DP and WAK maps large database with most of the Wurm objects and textures added Controls Keyboard-based controls can be changed by accessing "user directory/.DeedPlanner/Properties/Keybinds.prop" file and editing it with notepad. FPP View: Left click - drag view WASD - move around R - move up vertically F - move down vertically IJKL - move camera using keyboard Shift - move faster Control - move slower Edit view (mapper window must be in focus which you can ensure by clicking on it - it will go out of focus when you input any values in GUI, for example height editing GUI): Middle click (usually mouse wheel) - drag around Left click - editing button Right click - alternate editing button WASD - move around R - zoom in F - zoom out Shift - move faster Control - move slower Problems, errors, bugs If program don't even start, please make sure the program is unzipped. Exe file bundled inside program installation should run even without Java installed on your desktop. In case of any problems please post error log (in main program directory) and describe the problem. I am trying to fix all bugs as soon as possible. In case of maps loading bugs, please attach save pastebin. In case of program loading bugs, please post both error and info logs (if not empty). Error and info logs are overwritten each time you run program, so please copy logs just after bug is spotted. Screenshots Credits Warlander - program code, database maintenance, Polish translation Keenan - program code (symmetry feature) Aldur - for ideas, Exodus "tour" to find the most complex roofs Capi - German translation Hipshot - sky texture Yaga - German translation Aum - art (program logo) Malena - art (farm textures) Yldrania - art (program icons) All users - feedback and donations Donations If you made a donation and would like to see yourself listened here (by default only "donations per year" gets updated), please send me a private message. Donations per year (since March 2015): 2019 - 0€ 2018 - 305€ 2017 - 71€ 2016 - 30€ 2015 - 25€ Donations per player: Ehizellbob - 25€ Steveleeb - 11€ Changelog DeedPlanner 2.9.10 - 29.10.2019 Added missing tapestries Added all PMK flags, banners and tall banners Added small barrel racks and wine barrel racks Added template kingdom wagons Added fishing rods rack Added support for DDS icons Added Jackal trees Added Jackal structures (beacons and lodestone) Added all types of flower pots Added cupboard Added chicken coop Added small and large pottery amphora Added missing archaeology statues Made different types of marble planters actually different Made all textures in program look better Fixed mipmapping issues with dds textures without transparency Fixed z-fighting issues Renamed "Fireplace" to "Open fireplace" Changed names of all trees and bushes to include "tree" and "bush" in their names Changed names of archaeology statues to their in-game names DeedPlanner 2.9.9 - 01.03.2019 Added new hedge types Added large epic portal Fixed material count for bee hives Fixed material count for spiral staircases DeedPlanner 2.9.8 - 28.11.2018 Changed way in which .exe file is generated in order to avoid false positives of few AV programs DeedPlanner 2.9.7 - 27.11.2018 Dynamic line drawing extended to user-made borders Changed limit of cave size from 30 to 0, allowing to create mine entrances Added mine entrances Updated mine entrance textures DeedPlanner 2.9.6 - 13.10.2018 Confirming new values in height editor (with "tab" or "enter") returns focus to map panel Made label editor buttons always clickable (especially the map materials button) Made "show grid" toggleable from View menu instead of Settings window Made floor orientation label significantly more clear and visible Made materials window wrap words Fixed current selection displaying for simple height edition modes DeedPlanner 2.9.5 - 20.09.2018 Fixed non-editable text fields in object search field and label editor Fixed colored labels failing to reset their color to default value after drawing Fixed invalid OpenGL call in label rendering DeedPlanner 2.9.4 - 15.09.2018 Made most UI elements non-focusable to force focus in planner screen Fixed missing cave floors DeedPlanner 2.9.3 - 15.09.2018 Added dynamic line drawing: as camera gets zoomed out more, displayed lines between tiles are getting more transparent. This makes lines very clearly visible at low zoom levels while making the whole map easier to see at high zoom levels. Raised maximum allowed zoom level from 100 to 200 vertical tiles displayed at once Improved appearance of caves to make editing them more intuitive Fixed wrong stone bridge variations textures and one model Fixed undo not undo'ing the terrain height visually Fixed materials calculation not working for underground buildings Fixed errors when placing horses on map DeedPlanner 2.9.2 - 17.05.2018 Fixed missing possibility to change cave size after GUI changes Fixed crash when trying to remove objects on map without adding any objects first DeedPlanner 2.9.1 - 12.05.2018 Updated Google Analytics agreement text (info about possibility to remove your data from system and that data is used for informative purposes only) Fixed null pointer when deleting object with mouse near tile corner Fixed missing arch materials for wooden and stone walls DeedPlanner 2.9.0 - 30.04.2018 Added isometric camera (view only) Added possibility to create level-wide labels instead of just layer-wide Added warning about launching program outside of its own directory Added zooming in to mouse cursor Complete revamp of camera system Interface overhaul: Interface is on right side of the screen by default now, this can be changed in settings New floor selection mechanism New tab selection mechanism Added lmb and rmb selected ground texture icons Added dynamic editing of labels Made symmetry editor center itself Made right-click ground type default to dirt Made 2d camera center the view if the whole map fits inside the window without scrolling Using translations is no longer on by default Fixed water not displaying in 2d cave view Fixed ignoring of update checking option Fixed label editor not resizing correctly Fixed a bug with uncloseable window if error happens during loading Fixed swapped models of sword and axe displays Fixed high iron fences and gates not being allowed in arches DeedPlanner 2.8.10 - 03.12.2017 Added Google Analytics to monitor the program usage and potential problems Added update notifier and auto-updater Added few quality of life minor features to bridge creation GUI and improved its layout Added flat and uneven tiles highlighting in height edition mode Added carrot and reed fields (big thanks to Malena! ) Added archaeology statues Made HOTA statues subcategory of statues to reduce visual clutter Fixed "select height" height mode and made it work for flat tiles Fixed arched bridges arching slope not being updated bug DeedPlanner 2.8.9 - 18.08.2017 Added possibility to place objects in tile corner Added highways Added new fence and parapet types added in 17 August 2017 Wurm Online update Added large storage unit Fixed hell horse missing texture bug Fixed few incorrect categories mappings DeedPlanner 2.8.8 - 18.07.2017 Added async texture loading Maps sent to Pastebin are now compressed before being sent - this enables use of Pastebin for much larger maps than before (GZIP compression with output converted to Base64) Slightly optimized mesh rendering by removing unnecessary OpenGL calls Fixed two incorrect bridge model mappings Fixed bug making models scaling work incorrectly for models with multiple meshes Fixed sandstone fences using wrong materials to build Fixed mappings for amphora and planter racks DeedPlanner 2.8.7 - 12.07.2017 Added wooden portcullis Ground renderer optimizations (ground rendering is roughly twice as fast now) Fixed 2d renderer frustum culling (4 to 10 times faster 2d rendering in most situations) Fixed 2d renderer bounds (no more black space or unaccessible tiles on the right map edge depending on aspect ratio) DeedPlanner 2.8.6 - 03.07.2017 Added possibility to remove all objects, trees, bushes, walls and fences, borders from the whole map Added missing or changed floor types DeedPlanner 2.8.5 - 24.06.2017 Added Pastebin error messages (usually appearing in case of large maps or blocked IP addresses) Added meditation rugs, animal rugs and carpets Added alchemy cupboards Added missing rack types Added tents Added press Added bucket Added war machines Added magic turrets Added unfinished palisade gate Added deed, perimeter and construction markers Added sword and axe displays Added dioptra and range pole Added dragon skull Added larder Changed Pastebin protocol from HTTP to HTTPS Fixed tapestry textures DeedPlanner 2.8.4 - 16.06.2017 Added new bridge types Added possibility to build bridges in caves Added salt veins Added snow lanterns Bridge materials calculations are more accurate now (included different costs for narrow/side/center parts of the bridge) Corrected materials costs on bridge parts Fixed Wurmian view in caves DeedPlanner 2.8.3 - 12.06.2017 Added support for custom database files Added new bush types Added both garden gnome types Added birdcages Added small and large carts Added ship transporter Fixed bug making it impossible to delete floors/roofs on uneven terrain DeedPlanner 2.8.2 - 29.05.2017 Added support for floating objects Added more debugging options Added extra error message for: program permissions issues, corrupted downloads, incorrect database file modifications Added ships Added new cave floors and walls Added shrines and spirit gates Fixed all duplicate ID's Fixed Fo and Libila colossus being invisible Corrected pylons and obelisks categories DeedPlanner 2.8.1 - 22.04.2017 Added new stone fences Enabled placement of multiple roofs on the same tile Fixed wrong ID's of some new wall types, causing them to be saved as different wall types Fixed bug not allowing you to place walls/floors in caves if terrain on surface is not level Corrected wide staircases materials counts DeedPlanner 2.8.0 - 14.04.2017 Added "Animals" tab Added new program icons (big thanks to Yldrania! ) Added possibility to exclusively import a single mesh from a model Added new wall and fence types Added new pavement types Added reinforced cave floor tiles Added sandstone veins Added yule goats, reindeers and valentine potteries Added orange trees Added trellises Improved functionality of height previewer to also work for tile centers Few graphics improvements (improved distant textures rendering - might have slight performance impact) Moved all wall types into their corresponding categories Changed contrast of cave floor and cave wall tiles Fixed inconsistent naming of some pavement types DeedPlanner 2.7.2 - 14.03.2017 Added possibility to toggle bridges rendering in 2d view Added over 50 new objects Added new categories for some of the new objects, moved some of the existing objects to better fitting categories Renamed "Fountains" objects category to "Water Sources" DeedPlanner 2.7.1 - 22.02.2017 Added workaround for saving to Pastebin if option to open web browser directly is unsupported Added bee hives and stills Slightly changed GUI text of bridge removal option, for clarification DeedPlanner 2.7.0 - 10.02.2017 Added farm planning feature (big thanks to Malena! ) Added support for different ground textures in 2d and 3d view Added support for .dds texture format Added search feature to the objects tab Added all street lamps: copper hanging, brass, brass hanging, bronze hanging, gold hanging, silver hanging, iron, iron torch, iron imperial Added all candelabras: copper, gold, silver, iron, seryll Improved behavior of loading window text boxes Cave tab replaces ground tab now (and vice versa) while switching between surface and cave view DeedPlanner 2.6.7 - 25.11.2016 Added possibility to customize left and right-click ground types you want to place: simply use the proper mouse button to select ground type for that button! Added pillars and obelisks. DeedPlanner 2.6.6 - 06.10.2016 Fixed objects sinking into the floor Fixed missing campfire texture DeedPlanner 2.6.5 - 24.09.2016 Added woven fences Fixed marble bridges weird texture bug Fixed external map loading issue DeedPlanner 2.6.4 - 30.07.2016 Added new objects: beds, fireplace, bookcases, coffers, armor stands, wardrobe DeedPlanner 2.6.3 - 08.07.2016 Added deed import info dialog Tip of a day on startup is no longer on as default setting Fixed bridges deleting on map resize DeedPlanner 2.6.2 - 29.06.2016 Fixed critical bug causing walls on different layers (cave and surface) not being rendered if placed on the same tile DeedPlanner 2.6.1 - 29.06.2016 Added code changes mentioned in previous update Removed possibility to place roofs underground DeedPlanner 2.6.0 - 28.06.2016 Cave dwellings added! Added most PMK tall banners, banners and flags Added new "Kingdoms" category to objects tree Added new warning window appearing if you are trying to launch program from inside the .zip file or outside of unzipped folder DeedPlanner 2.5.7 - 05.06.2016 Added possibility to toggle trees (always visible/visible in 3d view/never visible) Fixed bridge duplicating bug DeedPlanner 2.5.6 - 03.05.2016 Fixed dragon HOTA and JK tall banners Fixed diagonal roads bug Disabled face culling until source of issues with models will be found DeedPlanner 2.5.5 - 25.04.2016 Added tall banners, kingdom guard towers and oleanders Fixed few GUI resizing issues Fixed corrupted textures using non-existent texture index instead of unbinding Fixed flags and banners DeedPlanner 2.5.4 - 01.04.2016 Made DeedPlanner configuration directory hidden on Linux by default (existing configs shouldn't be affected, but you can manually make file hidden to apply this change) Fixed hedges bugs. DeedPlanner 2.5.3 - 18.02.2016 Fixed most (all?) missing textures. DeedPlanner 2.5.2 - 08.02.2016 Added PayPal donation button to main program screen Improved few interface elements a bit (especially the ones in "Labels and Materials" tab) Improved error handing of textures (no error spamming, program uses blank texture instead of faulty one) Fixed staircases missing texture DeedPlanner 2.5.1 - 07.02.2016 Added new program logo Fixed mailboxes bugs DeedPlanner 2.5.0 - 07.02.2016 Replaced old Collada model loader with new WOM model loader - loading of all models is much faster now Replaced all Collada models with WOM models Improved models debugging Added BSB and FSB models DeedPlanner 2.4.4 - 24.01.2016 Added all new staircase types DeedPlanner 2.4.3 - 15.01.2016 Added "Tip of the day" window Added more diagonal road types (all cobblestone types and slabs available now) Fixed flat wooden bridges bugs Fixed skybox texture bug existing on some GPU's DeedPlanner 2.4.2 - 02.01.2016 Added possibility to delete bridges in different way Fixed bridges entering another state of existence and resurrecting after deletion Fixed weird looking bridge segments DeedPlanner 2.4.1 - 01.11.2015 Added selected tile highlight in bridges mode Fixed rendering of bridges (bridges will always have max brightness now) Fixed some broken bridges Fixed bug related to bridges at higher levels not being rendered correctly (should work with 2.4.0 saves) Fixed few stability related bugs DeedPlanner 2.4.0 - 25.10.2015 Added bridges Added symmetry editing mode Added file > quit Added a lot of new models, including forges, ovens and market stalls Improved model loader which is capable to load a lot of new objects now Fixed maps smaller than 50X50 Fixed rendering at heights above 2333 Fixed some roofs not being rendered correctly Fixed resizing bug related to cave labels DeedPlanner 2.3.5 - 07.09.2015 Fixed windows and portcullis bug DeedPlanner 2.3.4 - 07.09.2015 Fixed arched walls bug DeedPlanner 2.3.3 - 07.09.2015 Improved deleting objects (should be much easier now) Improved objects placement (old placement mode can be activated via shift key) Bottom floor of houses is using proper walls models now Added Czech translation Improved currently existing translations Doubled scale of all trees DeedPlanner 2.3.2 - 18.08.2015 Added standalone staircase Updated staircases model Fixed rare mouse bug causing the program to sometimes crash on Windows DeedPlanner 2.3.1 - 22.05.2015 Fixed another old DP maps loading bug Fixed cave labels loading/saving DeedPlanner 2.3.0 - 22.05.2015 Added cave layer Added cave labels Added possibility to delete selected structure Added colorblind mode Added all cave wall types to the database Fixed automatic walls reversion overriding classical walls reversion feature Fixed old DP maps loading bug DeedPlanner 2.2.1 - 16.05.2015 Added possibility to rotate floors Added intelligent walls rotation near edge of floor Added small interface changes Added all stairs Added magic chest Made labels-related memory leak less significant DeedPlanner 2.2.0 - 07.05.2015 Added possibility to display preview icons in walls tab Added icons for all wall types Changed the ground rendering in order to get rid of rendering artifacts DeedPlanner 2.1.5 - 28.04.2015 Added lawn Added banners Added flags Partially fixed label memory leak (last fix for now) DeedPlanner 2.1.4 - 27.04.2015 Slightly optimized rendering of labels Fixed memory leak related to labels DeedPlanner 2.1.3 - 22.04.2015 Improved program memory management, amount of RAM allocated every second is multiple times smaller now (about 30 mb vs 4 mb on the same map) Improved loading of models Fixed memory leak related to loading of models DeedPlanner 2.1.2 - 12.04.2015 Fixed walls deleting bug Fixed bug occurring when trying to place wall without selecting any DeedPlanner 2.1.1 - 12.04.2015 Added tapestries Added language switch DeedPlanner 2.1.0 - 28.03.2015 Added possibility to rotate walls Added colored tile borders Added internationalization Added German and Polish translation Added donate button in map saving window Fixed walls deleting bug Fixed village token model bug Removed embedded tools (not needed anymore as improved versions of these tools have web version) DeedPlanner 2.0.3 - 19.03.2015 Added save/load directory memorizing Added flowerbeds Added possibility to place fountains at any position Fixed normal and crude wooden fence gates DeedPlanner 2.0.2 - 13.03.2015 Added hedges Added new wall types Added possibility to calculate materials of area (click and hold) Changed height edition a little Fixed semi-transparent objects rendering Fixed hedges and trees rendering Fixed map resizing/height bug Fixed memory leak Removed bumpmapped terrain DeedPlanner 2.0.1 - 08.12.2014 added some new objects, including archery tower and stone wall portcullis fixed roofs calculations bug fixed invalid models bugs DeedPlanner 2.0.0 - 27.11.2014 added materials and carpentry calculations for maps and buildings added some GUI animations added entities type show on mouse over added settlement token improved fill algorithm for ground tiles DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1b - 02.11.2014 slightly changed portcullis model fixed invalid mesh bug DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1a - 02.11.2014 added some objects, including freedom guard tower, loom, small and large anvil fixed bushes size fixed portcullis bug DeedPlanner 2 BETA 1 - 31.10.2014 added objects added labels added fences in arch walls added program logo (very simple at the moment - just to make program more visible in taskbar) added more debugging options, including graphics performance counter (out stream and info log) small changes in program rendering engine - slightly better performance and few new possibilities very large database changes - added many objects and new wall types, over 200 new entities fixed smooth height tool small fixes to undo/redo feature DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6c - 02.10.2014 fixed roofs bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6b - 30.09.2014 fixed ground deleting bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6a - 30.09.2014 fixed map saving critical bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 6 - 29.09.2014 added possibility to import old DP maps added possibility to import WAK maps new entity storage system - big maps should take much less RAM, system is more flexible than previous and will allow to add some new features easily HoTS got some hate few database fixes DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 5 - 22.07.2014 added "Select height" edition mode added height preview widget added chain link fences fixed few memory leaks fixed some possible NullPointerExceptions DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 4 - 27.06.2014 added build restrictions added old height edition models added program exit confirmation dialog added program version info (in program window title) fixed wrong height on mouse hover values in 2d view fixed undo/redo bugs related to floors, walls and roofs DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 3 - 20.06.2014 added new cobblestone ground types added fall ground textures added possibility to disable terrain noise removed second loading bar fixed data loss after resizing fixed height after map load bug DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 2 - 19.06.2014 fixed map loading/saving/resizing bugs fixed season change crash bug few fixes in Objects.xml file - visible fence gates, change of few winter textures info changed program folder name from "DeedPlanner" to "DeedPlanner 2" DeedPlanner 2 ALPHA 1 - 18.06.2014 first DP2 unstable release DeedPlanner 1.7p - 29.01.2014 better error handling (named threads, better exception checking) roof updater bug fixed map loading should be more stable now DeedPlanner 1.7o - 14.11.2013 added stone fence DeedPlanner 1.7n - 12.11.2013 added pillars fixed heightmap editing bug DeedPlanner 1.7m - 01.11.2013 second fix to program loading bug DeedPlanner 1.7l - 01.11.2013 fixed program loading bug better error logging DeedPlanner 1.7k - 01.11.2013 changed palisade texture and model fixed clay tiles bug (this do not affect saves before this version) DeedPlanner 1.7j - 29.10.2013 fixed skybox texture dynamic models loading - program startup is even faster now DeedPlanner 1.7i - 28.10.2013 all tree types now have three variants: small, normal and big dynamic resource loading - program startup should now is many times faster than before program startup crashes should be fixed new config file format DeedPlanner 1.7h - 22.09.2013 fixed keybindings bug DeedPlanner 1.7g - 21.09.2013 performance optimalizations (about 300-400% - now the program is very "light" even on huge maps) added keybindings (in program settings directory) added map autosave added trees: willow, pine, oak, maple, cedar, birch, walnut, linden, fir, chestnut fixed transparent objects rendering DeedPlanner 1.7f - 05.09.2013 added water tile to cave view view range in 3d mode is now much bigger fixed "edit slope" elevation edit mode bugs fixed carpentry calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.7e - 05.09.2013 added new elevation editing mode: "edit slope" for fast filling borders with slopes data from game added two new ground types: marble slab and slate slab, renamed slab to stone slab added outdates saves notify printed to error log if you are trying to load outdated saves performance optimalization - GPU usage on some machines should be smaller now program will change antialiasing value in settings if you cannot start program with selected/predefined setting improved preloader (look at the info log, it also should be faster and more reliable) fixed objects visibility in 2d mode fixed carpentry calculations DeedPlanner 1.7d - 02.09.2013 added changes mentioned in 1.7c update DeedPlanner 1.7c - 02.09.2013 fixed "fixed camera" mode fixed map navigation bugs added small changes to minimalize amount of program crashes while loading map (most visible in case of huge maps) DeedPlanner 1.7b - 02.09.2013 fixed bugs at zoom out bigger than map size fixed wrong ground layer rendering in FPP view fixed cave editing DeedPlanner 1.7a - 01.09.2013 slightly improved performance of roof calculations algorithms fixed all coordinate system related bugs fixed roofs rotation bug DeedPlanner 1.7 - 01.09.2013 coordinate system changed from xzy to xyz (invisible, but very big change) big performance optimalizations (up to about 2000% on bigger maps) added new window - "Help" donate button added to exit window changed default antialiasing from 16 to 4 samples max 2d map scale changed from 20 to 40 new keyboard shortcuts new savefile version (older saves are compatible) fixed few Objects.txt issues fixed material calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.6g - 03.06.2013 fixed loading of old saves DeedPlanner 1.6f - 01.06.2013 fixed objects loading bug (no rotation) fixed map loading crash DeedPlanner 1.6e - 01.06.2013 fixed writs walls movement bug fixed writs objects movement bug added camera rotation keys in 3d view: QE and TG new updater version: PayPal donate button deleted and moved into this thread (under download section) DeedPlanner 1.6d - 31.05.2013 added separate labels for surface and cave layer - minor change in save format, all old labels will be recognized as surface labels (if you want to have cave labels instead of surface labels, open converted save in text editor and replace all "false" to "true") when you open label window, label text will be selected by default changed default label color minor interface fixes mine doors added to database DeedPlanner 1.6c - 31.05.2013 added option to rename writ small interface changes new elevation editing mode DeedPlanner 1.6b - 30.05.2013 fixed strange ground tiles rendering fixed writs saving and loading (1.6a and 1.6 saves with writs will doesn't work) fixed light intensity fixed light position fixed ground tiles fading DeedPlanner 1.6a - 29.05.2013 lighting added - code by Aldur overall graphics performance improved - idea by Aldur fixed loading bug DeedPlanner 1.6 - 29.05.2013 completely new, lightweight save/load format added possibility to change pastebin save expiration time added objects rotation added labels new height changing mode: level area between two points small interface changes loading alghoritm fixes few database changes (changed scale of hedges) DeedPlanner 1.5f - 27.05.2013 few new models and textures added (bushes) small interface changes added possibility to change height level of writs DeedPlanner 1.5e - 26.05.2013 bugfixing DeedPlanner 1.5c - 25.05.2013 another NullPointerException fixed DeedPlanner 1.5b - 25.05.2013 added few more models added exit confirmation window DeedPlanner 1.5 - 24.05.2013 added many new fences and objects (more than 20) - some of fences don't have material count as it is currently unknown small changes to few models in the database (modified type colors) fixed objects placement bug data loading times should be faster and more reliable small changes to the writs rendering DeedPlanner 1.5 beta - 24.05.2013 palisades FINALLY added - say thanks to Wox Wurmian view added - change view height using shift/control + mouse wheel - shift is changing view height by one roof, control by 1/10 roof height vertical movement added (r and f keys) objects added, currently with two example models cave view added very big database update - all cave textures and some objects textures are added DeedPlanner 1.4e - 20.05.2013 new updater version (please download update from site) added option to change height globally added option to move writs InfoLog is reporting more things now fixed materials count needed to build high stone wall DeedPlanner 1.4d - 19.05.2013 added possibility to make screenshots (F11) added FAQ file added possibility to change terrain height with drag and hold added possibility to smooth terrain height DeedPlanner 1.4c - 18.05.2013 minor bugfixes in roofs editing code DeedPlanner 1.4b - 17.05.2013 added quick save/load fixed all previously reported bugs DeedPlanner 1.4a - 17.05.2013 fixed loading and resizing critical bugs DeedPlanner 1.4 - 16.05.2013 added heightmap editing options added water level new save format - old saves should be fully compatible with new format fixed multiplied carpentry in calculations bug fixed highest floor bug fixed gravel bug removed all movement restrictions DeedPlanner 1.3h - 11.05.2013 new updater version - old one will still work, but I recommend downloading current version from browser as autoupdater cannot update itself (added autorun of DeedPlanner after update is done) 2d and 3d view camera resets after map loading fixed "moving" writs bugs, old saves are NOT affected fixed bugs related to resizing (including all mentioned ArrayOutOfBounds exceptions in this thread) DeedPlanner 1.3g - 10.05.2013 added option to lock axis for walls new interface bar added tip of the day added error notify added display of current x, y, writ and selected object name DeedPlanner 1.3f - 07.05.2013 fixed writs critical bugs DeedPlanner 1.3e - 07.05.2013 Updater unzip bug fixed clear project bug fixed floors fill option bug fixed update checker in program improved (should make program start faster and run correctly without internet connection) new calculation mode (for writs and whole deed): calculate all objects on map and materials for each object type new calculation mode (only for whole deed): calculate all materials for each floor DeedPlanner 1.3d - 05.05.2013 autoupdater added third carpentry calculations fix DeedPlanner 1.3c - 05.05.2013 fixed bugs related to carpentry calculations added small feature for external developers: this is possible to run program with command line argument directing to .MAP file for instant map load on program boot (let it be a hint for you on what is coming from another developer ) DeedPlanner 1.3b - 04.05.2013 second carpentry calculations fix DeedPlanner 1.3a - 04.05.2013 added possibility to place walls outside writs fixed carpentry calculations bug DeedPlanner 1.3 - 04.05.2013 program renamed from HouseCalc to DeedPlanner completely new, writ-based building system - writ is required to build anything, but using writ system I can add much more deeds-focused features than before added option to calculate materials and carpentry for single buildings (by clicking "Calculate" button while writ is selected) carpentry calculations for the whole deed are removed added tooltips new save format fixed some bugs related to save/load system floor opening added few interface changes HouseCalc 1.2h - 28.04.2013 faster maps loading HouseCalc 1.2g - 28.04.2013 fixed materials calculator bug HouseCalc 1.2f - 27.04.2013 some new grounds, floors and walls added possibility to change RGB values of walls, in 0 to 1 scale (currently for everything in "walls" tab) big changes in program rendering core (invisible for most users) small changes in interface HouseCalc 1.2e - 25.04.2013 fixed right-click roofs deleting HouseCalc 1.2d - 24.04.2013 big optimalization - now 1000X1000 map should run almost as fast as 100X100 map new main window interface added brush size, pencil, fill and select options for grounds and floors (walls and roofs are not affected) HouseCalc 1.2c - 23.04.2013 switched from LWJGL 2.8.5 to 2.9.0 big optimalization changes - maps up to 1000X1000 allowed (but maps bigger than 500X500 may cause FPS drops) added possibility to change default antialiasing and disable mipmaps. HouseCalc 1.2b - 21.04.2013 map saving is about 10000 (!!!) times faster than before and shouldn't take more than few fractions of a second for 100X100 map (previously - more than 40 seconds). larger maps are allowed now, up to 250X250. small interface changes HTML in "Objects.txt" names is now enabled HouseCalc 1.2a - 20.04.2013 added possibility to use right click in ground placement mode to place default ground type HouseCalc 1.2 - 20.04.2013 new save format - older saves should be compatible with new format. fixed map loading bugs fixed mouse wheel bug faster map loading alghorithm mapper area is now resizable (size from 25 to 100 allowed, resizing is possible in every direction independently) now you can place ground tiles. First loaded ground tile is program default ground tile. HouseCalc 1.1b - 17.04.2013 added tall stone walls to the database you can use "q" and "e" to change roofs you can use mouse wheel to change currently selected floor/wall/roof HouseCalc 1.1a - 17.04.2013 fixed mipmaps bug HouseCalc 1.1 - 16.04.2013 two new windows: settings and update notifier added version checking few interface changes and fixes added option to disable grid changing map scale is now possible (in settings and via scroll wheel when it is enabled) added option to force Java to compile program added two speed modifier keys: shift and control (speed factor can be modified in settings) most speed options are configurable now double doors default RGB values changed fixed double walls placement bug HouseCalc 1.0c - 14.04.2013 second try to fix antialiasing bug (successful) HouseCalc 1.0b - 14.04.2013 fixed ARB pixel format bug (it was caused by antialiasing which is not supported on some computers - now if the program will detect that antialiasing is not supported it will disable it). fixed walls placement - it should be better now. HouseCalc 1.0a - 14.04.2013 added version info in lower left corner added info and error logs to the main directory - program err and out streams are saved there. If you encounter any problem, you should be able to see error in error log. HouseCalc 1.0 - 14.04.2013 initial release Please give feedback - your opinion is very important for the development of the program.
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    Hello friends, Since today I got my "100 posts badge", I decided to take a deep breath and look back at what I "achieved" and learned during this time... I'm not a smart girl, so I don't claim that I made only smart posts. Yet, I know that I tried to bring quality to all discussions I took part and bring to the spotlight those things which I considered important (either that it was points of view about game mechanics like this one, ideas of how to get the best results for our money like this one or this one aimed at the not-so-rich player, suggestion for game improvements like this one or this one). And I know that I never hit the post button without giving that post quite a bit of thinking. And considering that I collected almost 50 likes to my 100 posts and that one of the posts was recommended by Rolf himself, I can say that I have done quite a decent job. Yet, it looks that as I dared to touch some of the most "tabu" subjects (like traders, ideas to reduce the gap between the new/casual and veteran/hardcore players, ideas to change the game), some people stopped using valid arguments, and reverted to ad hominem attacks varying from the fact that I'm too new to be allowed to have a point of view to the fact that I'm not as smart as many of you and that unlike most of you I also do have a mental disorder. I really don't understand why those people felt the need to be mean instead of offering constructive criticism to my ideas, but it was their decision, and I can't do anything against them. Anyway I already had more than I can handle, so to all those people that made a hobby of hunting me in each and every thread I post and attack me, I have a good (or maybe bad) news - I will really stop posting on forums (except maybe the occasional question on the New Arrivals forum or my server local forum). You guys won; feel free to celebrate. But really, I don't think that this is how the forums should be - attacking each other and transform a debate where we should discuss ideas, into a personal war (and here I don't talk only about my case). I really think that we (actually you, because I'm not out of this) should learn to work together, as a team, and not one against each other. I really think that any new idea / suggestion should be analyzed and be treated with constructive criticism (explaining what it is not good and suggesting ways of improving / correcting it) so the best solutions can emerge. Really, guys, stop being selfish. This is not a competitive game (well, except the PVP servers). The goal should not be to "rule the server", show the others "who's the daddy" and preserve your advantage over the new players at any cost. The goal should be to work together to develop a "better world", to make new friends, to socialize, to have fun. To attract new players to the WURM family and to help make it a better game. I will end with a quote which I really love: "Remember that it may be nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!" Best regards to all of you (even those with you who really hated the fact that I was here), Alex
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    I'd like to think that one day there will be different tower types. For example 500 stone bricks 500 mortar 100 slate shingles for an archery tower. Or 500 marble bricks 500 concrete 100 slate shingles for heavy tower guards.
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    Because people never read beyond OP and if she edited the OP then the thread discussion for those who read it is very confusing. I suspect that sleep powder and refer pricing to reduce in value since supply is increased and demand will be less because people may have what they need, as only the true grinders out there can never get enough, but there will be plenty of people to buy it from. But there is still room for it to fall and for the math to still work, and even if it is same price as gold trader, this method does pay Rolf.
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    @Joedobo I read in a different thread that you already own 3 traders. So these have been made public?
  33. 1 point
    Sorry, but this is an open forum. You can request others stay out, but you can't stop them unless you can prove trolling. BTW, this is not a well thought out idea. The number of traders you would have to set up to make any real dent in the game mechanics would be too costly to set up and maintain.
  34. 1 point
    ReaverKane, stfu already, you are trying to white knight an un-knightable situation. Rolf is a big boy, he can sure answer for all the expected flak generated by this new horrible business decision.
  35. 1 point
    Good luck getting anyone else to fund this, and if you only have 20s then ho ho. Personally, I would like to see some change in the mechanic, but I believe this wouldn't really change anything. Also, if you make them publicly available, then anyone can come in and Fudge up the trader ratio OR completely empty out the traders before other players can get to them. (most likely the first) Lol, someones mad.
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    Yeah well 2%, 3%, he can even claim that it was 100%, no way for us to check. And given how every single update in Wurm comes bugged, and you can fail 10 times in a row with "99% chance", I wouldn't be surprised if he actually made it -2%. Which would still be a fraction of nothing, as Redd writes.
  37. 1 point
    Well the new prices are in he made his decision how he wanted to handle it just let it go either you agree with it and pay the new price or you don't and leave seems simple enough to me.
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    I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before, but what about a way to make old-fashioned hay bales? Wheat+String let's say. Then you just place it on the ground and the horses/cows etc feed off of it and as it gets eaten the damage goes up. As for animals like pigs and chickens, what about some sort of troughs? Troughs for the pigs and some other kind of seed bucket for the chickens.
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    The low offer was placed in case no one offers at the starting price you have set, and you can take his offer should you be inclined.
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    Thanks for the Deal and very fast Delivery !!
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    *Chokes down a laugh* Sucks when dad plays the same game as you eh?
  42. 1 point
    It was never 24 hours. It was always when the house was finished or next server reset after planning. Probably just seemed 24 hours due to more restarts happening at the time.
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    Nothing is broken with how easy it is for priest to get favor and cast right now. SO what are you fixing again?
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    Why is it not bad that a cat is being butchered? who gave you the right to say what happen to an animal isnt as bad as it happening to a human? -1 to your posts
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    Protunia. The guy who has an opinion on everything. Even if he has zero experience with it. Todays episode: Pvp and rez stones.
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    We will have less alts with prem. That is less money after all, even with 60% more IF the existing mains will still pay. Are people like you and the other "supporters" of this madness are so stupid or just unable to do simple math? Deed cluttering will be less, again that is less money for Rolf. But well, i waste my time with people who got an iq of below 80 here.
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    Lies, you may be able to complete them but they never pay out, ever.
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    Welcome to Celebration, kid! :-) I run under the name Yanmar here - my deed (Whitehaven) is south of the island center.(Not playing so much here, though.) Have fun!