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    I have two deeds, and do quite a lot of animal breeding. I love the change. I've got a 42 ratio at one deed, and a 102 ratio at the other. LOTS of room for growth. I think it's important to realize that these changes are not a kick in the face to YOU meant to piss YOU off, but to HELP the ENTIRE population. Guess what, you have a ratio of 5? You're hurting spawns for other players. Yes, I realize the cap recently went up, but this is a preventative measure to make sure it does not happen again. 11x11 with 8 animals? Increases after that based on the size of your deed? Sure why not. The limits do not appear to be unreasonable at all, I will happily work within these limits if it means the spawn rates on the server can stay at a balanced level for OTHER players. Guess what. It's NOT all about YOU.
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    Remove the creature deed limit thing from Epic, or at least Elevation(since the home server guys like it to be as freedom-like as possible). Animal hoarding on epic is dealt with regularly, there is no need for outside interference. Example of herd being culled:
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    Sadly all it takes is an anonymous IRC account to get what you want.
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    I FREAKING LOVE THIS HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Love walking up 1 road and seeing every type of animal surrounding me....that feeling of 'am i going to get through this alive' is awesome...especially for someone with higher fs and there isnt really anything out there to be afraid of. Let there be whingers....I bleeping love it.
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    I don't see any problems at all. Wurm feels like Wurm again when 30 wolves spawned and spiders were everywhere!
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    Get over yourself, this is the best change in years for wurm
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    Hmm..seems to me like Rolf had a straight up,simple question.... do we take this guys post serious or not? I have not heard the majority of people in this thread voice the same concern as this guy! Therefore, I say this particular concern is not one that deserves a knee-jerk reaction. Period! Seems to me like you guys are adding your own agenda here, let Rolf speak for himself !
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    In my village there lives a lonely guy.. he has nice real estate, eats hot meals every day.. basically he has everything he could wish for.. but he feels lonely, some company for him would be great him to lighten up his days... He is too shy to ask, so I posted this message for him. This is a picture of that poor fella. Waiting for ladies... ----------------------------- Trading one of my 5-speeder white foal ([22:21:08] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles.) for 3 female pigs(everything younger than venerable is fine).
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    I would like to suggest an extra option to the interface, once set: - taking things from bulk automatically selects max without showing the popup window - holding shift or other mod-key makes the choice window pop up normally
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    Three times I have had this. When levelling dirt, the timer shows the time as being 4:20 longer than it actually should be (lol!). It's almost as if this were put in on purpose, it's awesome but it is a bug. EDIT: Getting it a lot now, it seems to be either 4:20 or close to it.
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    Because without the deed caps, breeders will just reach the population cap again! It's alright for Exodus and Deliverance to have NEVER seen a bison (until today) since they released? To NEVER have wild horses, cows, pigs, or chickens on some servers? The number was figured for deliverance that each deed would hit the non-aggro cap at a mere FOURTEEN animals per deed - no matter what the size of the deed. This is MUCH better than that. You have to think outside of your own deed, and your own problems, and think of every single other person out there. This IS in the best interest of the server population AS A WHOLE. It's a shame that all you can see is how negatively it impacts you instead of seeing the wider view. Again if I even get close to below the 15 ratio, I'll cull my herds or expand my deed. I saw two wild pigs and a pheasant today. I don't even remember the last time that happened. I breed 5 speeds, cows, bull, and deer. I have a Fo, and I'm over 50 AH. I'm not new to this or how many animals are required to breed.
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    I never even saw this topic going until I looked in on the change today...as a breeder, I wanted to weigh in. I have 36 horses. I'm about to acquire much more to help a friend. I know every one of them by name. I know their parents. I know their traits. I know their 'story'. Each one is individually significant to me. Each one gets groomed and properly cared for. If you've seen Breaking Point since I've acquired it, you know my animals are not in any way crowded. I don't kill my animals. Ever. I refuse. Any animal born in my program is either given a home with someone who otherwise wouldn't have a horse or lives out it's life with me. Anyone active on Deli will tell you that I routinely give away my horses (you also can see a thread I made for a giveaway). I have never sold a single one even though they are good horses. People will also tell you I've been spending a lot of my own money to keep alive a friend's herd since they have been pulled away from Wurm. I know many people can't and won't understand why I play how I play, but caring for my animals is pretty much the only thing I do on Wurm. I have Asperger's. And though that may not mean much to anyone, it makes me have fairly intense interests. For me, it's animals. I love that with proper care, documentation and time I can make a 5 speed horse who's ancestry I know by heart. It gives me something to focus on. Something I can control and protect. I understand hording issues. I'm the first one to be saddened when I walk by a tiny deed with 2-4 horses piled on a single tile. I know this limits the ability of new players to get livestock. I don't want to be part of the problem. So I give away animals to new people whenever I can. That said, anything that ruins my ability to do what I love on Wurm will see me leave it. If I am forced to kill my animals simply because someone else doesn't feel about them how I do, I won't tolerate it. I don't like the way tons of people play. I think there is a lot of immoral and downright cruel activity that goes on, but I don't get to make that choice for other people. And you shouldn't for me.
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    Say what you what people are actually having fun out there and enjoying the game right now finding horses, pigs, cows, hens,deer,etc.. as well as killing mobs and dying
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    the easy and obvious solution is to just make the off deed rate allways be the same as the on deed rate when there are more animals than the deed is able to support. this gives another benefit to having a deed (lower disease and miscarriage chance as long as you keep the animal pop reasonable)
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    Well i guess if the pvp server had a higher demand for leather or leatherworkers they would get killed but atm theres just way easier ways to farm leather aswell and not enough demand for it. So bisons just get more or less ignored. I wonder if a pr animal type cap could be implemented. So no 1 type of animal can take up more than 5 or 10% of the total cap. (depending on how many types of animals that exists ?) Would make for a more diverse hunting enviroment. where in the end it doesnt just end up with a majority of bisons since few people kill them.
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    Just had a thought.. make horses lifetime dependable on breeders AH.. this way those horses, which have been bred by people with 10-20 AH, will die rather quickly, but horses bred by high level (70-80 AH) will live long.. this would also give reason to keep skilling AH after 50.
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    Just to throw the numbers out for people 5x5 deed (smallest) ~ 121 tiles ~ 8 animals w/o problem 10x10 ~ 441 tiles ~ 29 animals 20x20 ~ 1681 tiles ~ 112 animals assuming my math is right this will affect very few people
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    It really shouldn't affect many players at all. I dabble in breeding and i worked out on 1 of my deeds i could hold 100 animals without increasing the risk of disease, and the most i ahve ever had on that deed is around the 40 mark even before this change. If you have 1 animal per 15 deed tiles your fine, you don't actually need it to be in a 15 tile field This just basically means if you want 100's of animals you can no longer throw them all in an enchanted 6x6 pen on a 5x5 deed, you now need to space to support them, which imo is perfectly fine.
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    The Day of Spawning has begun!!!
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    1- Not checked any ratios yet, but seriously? 24 hours or a server restart to rebreed? You're only encouraging breeders to keep more animals, while hurting people that are not hoarding! Not to mention you're promoting elitism and pay to win. More money = more animals. 2- Will need to be tested, doubt it'll mean much since most raiding is on home servers anyway. 3- Terrible, just terrible. Glad I don't live on Elevation, testing or not. Like no one on Elevation even wanted to try this at all...
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    So you can stop thinking that your highly detailed plan thought up by a couple people would have had the influence you seem to think you have, which if this thread had a poll on it would have been voted down overwhemingly. As usual Rolf did what he thought would solve the problems because he knows the code. sadly it was in response to a non-problem about someone running an archaic computer without using the fps tweaking features of the game, who overstated the problem in dramatic fashion by bending the ear of devs on irc, which should not be allowed. I find it ironic that the major feature of 1.0 being creature animations with better AI for moving around was proven to not be an optimized feature and now has been significantly nerfed. Why add it in the first place just to bring back the puppets on a stick. On the bright side my dogs will now hold still so I do not have to chase them around the pen with a brush, at least this change still allows me to brush my dogs that I enjoy despite this idiotic proposal to nerf that by those who already ground out AH ages ago.
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    Brilliant, especially adding 10k to the creature count. Its a good step in the right direction.
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    We're working on optimisations all the time, both server and client side and we are currently moving more code to use the GPU with shaders which hopefully will help a lot. Optimisations won't help us when you render several 100 decent 3D models on the ground and 100s of animated creatures and a bunch of customized players. Eventually you will run into hardware limitations no matter how well you code. I believe that's why you can find no other games with these numbers except Ultima Online which is using 2D graphics. Oh, Xsyon apparently is unlimited. I checked their website gallery and saw (rough estimates) 10 players and 5 creatures in the same screenshot, or screens with something like 50 crates or cannisters max. Trees in other games usually use more advanced models than we do though, but still can't be put in one place in endless amounts either. Allowing unlimited number of items on a tile and solving it by clipping doesn't matter either. Since clipping involves figuring out whether an item needs to be clipped its vertices still have to be processed which uses up cpu be it on the server or the client. If the server should figure out whether an item is visible, it would have to run graphics calculations which would require supercomputers. In short: it's not only what renders that takes a toll on cpu and graphics card, first you have to figure out what should be rendered and that also uses up cpu. Hence we want to spread them out so there are fewer within viewing distance. One alternative would be to only use piles and billboards for creatures but I don't think anyone of us want that. The barn idea seems to do a couple of things: It may make it possible to have pretty much as many creatures you wish It may free up a lot of slots for hunting It may make it very easy to stand still and grind, and a lot of the current mechanics for AH would be made pointless It may make full trait horses everyones property for free It may take away a lot of the connection with the creatures If you should be able to enter them in some sort of instance, it may halt development for months or a year so that's too big a risk It may be very good so I will consider it My conclusion is still that we need to make sure you are somewhat limited in the number of creatures you can keep in a certain space. It has always been the intention but disease and other functionality fails for various reasons usually called bugs or OP. I don't see how it is unreasonable.
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    They aren't useless, they're great for people who are too lazy/technically incapable of opening their browsers.
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    Just add in the suggestion that was made a month ago in the Q&A, make a poor mans mode for people who's PC's aren't the greatest and allow old player and creature models as an option. People could still use the new player models if wanted, this would solve a lot of lag issues for people and would make a huge percent of players happy.
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    Hello decided to make tutorials/how-to videos for Wurm since there is hardly any at all for this game. I will keep it updated weekly maybe more depending on my work schedule. http://www.youtube.c...3e?feature=mhee Hope my Asian accent isn't too heavy. Made list of videos for easier viewing. If you want a tutorial for certain thing please let me know and ill try to make one. Tutorial List Wurm Online Tutorial: Basic Breeding *NEW* Wurm Online Tutorial: Taming Wurm Onine Tutorial Advance Cooking Wurm Online Tutorial: Basic Fighting Guide Wurm Online Tutorial How to find wild horses and livestock Wurm Online Tutorial First Aid Wurm Online Tutorial Farming & How to Start One Wurm Online Tutorials How to Build a Forge & Oven Wurm Online Tutorials Bulk Storage Bin/Food Storage Bin & Everything about them Wurm Online Tutorial How To Build a Fence and a Proper Enclosure Wurm Online Tutorial: How to build a small and large cart Wurm Online Tutorial: Basic House Tutorial Pt1 Wurm Online Tutorial Basic House Tutorial pt2 Wurm Online Tutorial: How to start a mine and get iron Wurm Online Tutoria Basic Terraforming & Digging Wurm Online Tutorial Basic Food Tutorial
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    Hi, I am building a castle soon and fear that the wooden stripe of stonewalls may ruin the picture... please remove it or make other walls without them ( take wallmodel, copy the part of the stone, paste it where the wooden stuff is, safe - create a new class which extends from wall then add the new model just created , safe - upload to server .... could be done in 2 days of work if working 2h a day and would make wurm variety far better) thx for coding greetings , Phyko
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    I hate this. I have a 31x11 deed and just started working on what I need to breed 5 speeds. I have about half of my deed devoted to 2x1 pens with two overflow pens for babies, each of which is 5x5. I don't see why if I have devoted one of my two deeds to horses, I can't do that, since it's the whole thing I love about Wurm. I was really, really looking forward to being able to sell horses and enchantments. As my villager said -- [18:05:00] <Renala> also the worst part is we could have just built off-deed pens to account for the change. So I will literally be better off lowering the size of my deed by about ten tiles (from 31x11 to 21x11) so that these animals are off-deed and spending the tiny amount of time to repair the fencing. Which means I will be paying less money to Rolf. I certainly can't increase size, as much as I'd like to, as other deeds are blocking me in. Honestly this makes me just want to sell hythorpe to Tpikol and move back up to Ebon Rih with the five speeds I spent 6 silver on. Or maybe go back to MUDding. I'm so depressed about this :/ Logging onto a dead cow literally the same day the change went in because I was at work and didn't have time to come home is so frsutrating. It could have just as easily been one of my 5-speed horses I just bought. I hate that Rolf thinks that this kind of stupid crap is a good idea. I hate that I pay $20 a month to play a game where the developer bends me over without warning to do stupid things that make no sense. I hate that since Garis and Eyerobot and Algol don't log in anymore, I almost just want to quit.
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    Actually, the only part that fixed anything, was exactly what i asked, so really, i don't see where you're going with this. And, "make-believe" is kinda self-explanatory. Unlike you, apparently, my deed is open for people to travel through it, and i dislike the notion of having to change that because of some ill-conceived construct that is doing nothing positive to the game. But since you're kinda new here, you probably are unfamiliar with past blunders from Rolf. You might want to.
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    The extra animals aren't from deed limits, or are you so gullible you actually thing that had any impact already? Its from raising the caps, by 10 000. I had a ratio of 7. Just now found my first diseased animal. Nothing too different from what would happen ordinarily. The stupidity of this change is summed up in 3 simple facts: 1- It can easily be circumvented by NOT paying Rolf, and making enclosures. 2- If you disregard 1, its a Pay to Win Feature, never a good thing to have. 3- Its unrealistic and unfair, a land grabber with a 50x50 mostly unbuilt deed can have more animals (even if only in a 10x10 area) than a 20x20 worked deed with 5 citizens. Also if as Kianga says, wild animals count for the cap its just even more idiotic. I mean, should we all live in fortified cities with 10 guards, unable to breed aggros because now if 3-5 cave bugs spawn inside my mine all my animals will go diseased? This patch was shortsighted, and implemented without any forethought. Which is nice if it was a Protunia suggestion (they tend to be focused on what Protunia does), but this being a actual patch on the game, live with these issues, again just shows how little care Rolf has with the game.
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    You guys are doing it wrong, you only need one animal to shield train.
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    You really see the effects of this change if there is no deed between you and the "wild" My deed on pristine right now looks like an animal graveyard, took 2 templars 3 hours to clear it down to where I am getting the Village Alarm announcements again
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    Also please add more articial walls/limits to this awesome sandbox games.. those things always make a game better </sarcasm>
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    At least 50% of the playerbase said they didn't want these changes, yet they still went ahead. I'm really not planning on being very active any longer.
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    Would allow players to re-customize themselves if wanted, add more items to trader inventory, and a money sink.
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    Why not add , mabey 1 care for slot for every 2 ah, so 5 at 10ah, 10 at 20ah ect. Then, make all cared for animals log out as per the tamed setting. By increasing the usefulness of cared for, Uncared for creatures die faster, this may take off a massive amount of animals at any given time?
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    I dont got many horses (nine or ten), but i love them. If all my animals get killed in a short time-period, i sell my gold and take my last wurm-break, my final one.
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    Personally, I would like a clear answer from someone that actually works for Wurm, telling me why they think all the restrictions are so critical to the growth of this game! No offence Kegan, but you seem to be bent on creating a solution, (a potentially harmful solution at that), when all Rolf asked in his orginal post was whether the guy who was running a toaster for a PC. should be taken seriously.... I am not sure how it has morphed into a cut and slash spree....
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    A lot of people say they don't want barns because they want to see the animals, I think an animal stable that you basically hitch the animal into the stall which turns it "off " might help. That way everyone can still see all their pretty ponies or whatever and still right click to interact with them but they will just be objects standing there. I guess what I'm getting at is that instead of nerfing and making things more painful for the players, figure out a way to work it out differently. Then again I still have villagemates that can barely play if they get near my dozen or so statues so what can you do? The animations are neat and stuff but I turned them all off and play on low settings too.
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    To repair and improve iron tools I can easily mine the iron to do so. Contrast this with steel tools and it is easy to see why they are not popular and mainly avoided. All other comparisons are made moot by this imposition, as I see it. I have no steel tools nor any interest in them for this reason. =Ayes=
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    Please... I can run crysis 3 on the highest settings with about 30-40fps yet i struggle to run wurm on the highest? Crappy PC? I dont think so.. Poor optimization? Yes kinda but its also java...
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    About the penned animals problem, i guess we need some stable-like building to "hide" the animal inside. Make the stable one 1x1 "house" (could be bigger with more carp) where you put the animal inside and no one can enter (or see the animal), but just check the conditions of animal and store some food (grains) to keep him feeded. This would make the life of breeders better and deal with the lag farms in servers. No need to nerf stuff and make people mad. About itens in the ground, i guess the 15 item/tile is enough for most cases, but you need to think about some cases, like the guy working with painting.
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    Start collecting taxes for animals (idk, a few irons per day?), force people to claim ownership of the animals (similar to caring system). Unowned animals die in random extinction events. Make the events violent and unpredictable, literally make unclaimed horses die when riding them.
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    All I'm seeing here, is taking something that could use fine tuning, and just smashing it into one hell of a mess instead. One whole hour to log off, even on your own deed, that's incredible. One person buzzes local and leaves, now you have to wait an hour? Or someone just constantly comes into local to keep the logoff timer at an hour? Easy "griefing" imo. Making guards harder doesn't help either. Makes it less "fun", and people just won't bother unless they have a huge force, and then the defenders are forced to die. Not everyone can stay online and fight. A noob with 20fs and a new deed isn't going to be able to fight off a mere sailboat worth of enemy, should he be forced to die and hand over everything he has, because logging off to escape takes an hour? I don't see good new player retention with this. I've had people log off at deeds I've raided, I don't really care, it happens, sometimes it is just necessary. Big raid force shows up at little deed, big raid force whips out a bunch of catapults, starts wrecking the place. They got large mauls, mine doors don't stand a chance. So first the deed's gonna get wrecked, and now the player is literally forced to suicide and lose everything on them because it'll take an absurd amount of time to just log off? That's just brutal and unfair. Yes, it's a pvp server, and we should pvp, but we shouldn't be lining up in front of a meat grinder without choice. Seriously, this doesn't need changing right now, fine tuning is nice, but creating major problems like this isn't necessary when there is so much more that really does need fixing.
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    I do think the 100 barrels are a little extreme not everyone has a barrel collection like that but most do have decoration that well exceeds the 5 count for sure. Even if it was raised to 10-15 it would be fine. Not sure why we are given all this space with multistory houses if we are not going to be able to decorate it the way we like.
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