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    http://shop.wurmonline.com/WurmWeb/index.jsp You can try as many time you want, fail as many time you want but the site will never block you from trying and trying... you should either put a captcha or block for sometime after 6-7 tries
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    It would be really cool if after a certain number of generations of breeding wild animals that would only normally be breedable while tamed there were a chance of gaining the trait Domesticated, which would allow them to be kept as you would other pre-domesticated animals, without the need to keep taming them. I am not talking about there then having every offspring automatically inherit the trait, but if there were even a chance of getting a domesticated version of a pet after successive generations it would make the time investment more worth it, especially if breeding two of them with the trait gave an increased chance of their offspring also having it, like it does now with the rest of the traits (or at least, that's what the wiki says ). -Michael
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    while ship building I had a rare Oar and a Rare Mast. Continuing Build with them ALWAYS produced a Drum Roll even a failure, but has not made the final item rare..
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    Presently, you can only smelt 28 ore per forge at any one time. This is inadequate for many tasks. I suggest a larger container (smelter, furnace, whatever) exclusively for smelting ore down to lump. It would hold perhaps triple the amount of ore in one go, and heat up at a slightly lower rate than a forge of equal quality thus saving actions and that annoying habit wurm has of constantly moving things between inventory windows. The materials required for such a smelter could be maybe twice that of a normal forge.
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    Archery doenst give fs, hitting stuff with mauls and swords doesnt give fs. Killing creatures gives fs.
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    Yes, Epic should be completely reset: both skills and maps couldn't resist
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    Please add a simple in-game screen, listing all possible (bindable) actions, and allowing to select a key bound to it. It would be nice if the actions were grouped (movement, mining, fighting, etc.).
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    I'd rage then I'd quit in an almost sequential manner.
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    No it's not, its an incentive to switch to a second sword or a two handed weapon. Seeing an item perform horrible is not a reason to get a better version of that item, its a reason to ditch that item and switch to something else.
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    So 5, maybe 10? Not worth making a Server for that, just think about how many play Wurm PvP.
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    casual themepark MMO players prob - 80% of total population casual sandbox MMO players - maybe 15% hard core sandbox MMO (like Wurm) players - maybe 3% PVP sandbox MMO players - maybe 1.5% Death consequences sandbox MMO players - not many These numbers are just off the top of my head, and probably under counting for casual themeparks, and over counting for sandbox games. You can understand what I am attempting to show though. Very few players would be interested in such a hard core game (there are some though), and most would leave after first death with "true consequences" (a toon that was established and had alot of time on but gone permanently now). That said, it is an interesting idea. I could see this more as a temporary server with an announced end date so that "King of the Hill" could be encouraged. Rather than what would likely occurr, a bunch of fortress deeds with toons that never give themselves a chance to die so that they can sell items to those who truly use the server for what it was meant to be.
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    This could only work with some changes to deeds, writs, and how account silver is handled i think. That being said I would love it. Also, it might be nice to do this with combat ending before the final blow like dueling does, but if retargeted the final blow would be dealt. This could allow for escape attempts and mercy. This style server would also be great to fix a few other problems, such as to remove the names in local of enemies, and remove or delay deathtabs.
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    So Thursday 21th or Wednesday 20th? I am confused.
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    These salty popcorns taste lovely, but they make me so thirsty, can someone pass the drinks?
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    Yay, please reset epic and skills so I will have the great opportunity to skill up my weaponsmithing to 90+ again for the 3th time
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/54651-quench-epic-reset-rumours/ "I heard that there are still rumours that the Epic servers will reset periodically. Those ideas were scrapped quite long ago when I fleshed out the actual scenario structure." I doubt it would be reconsidered unless either the right people or a huge amount of people make a huge fuss about it.. tbh I kind of wish there was an Epic server the size of Independence/Chaos, but fairly sure something like that would never be possible...
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    I once hit my knee accidentally on the edge of my table while playing wurm and spent 4 minutes and 26secs crawling in floor in pain which I never get back. Ironic i'd take a issue with that since I play wurm but there you go... >.< (although the time would be equally not being never get back even though I played Freerealms)
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    Deed name: Novastrov Castle Name: Castle Novastrov Deed location: 46S - Coordinate correction Deed size/upkeep: 255 deed tiles/(do not know upkeep as i am not the Mayor) Alliance name: None. Our Leader: Synlaw Our Society: Crimson Imperium Reborn Special Trade Icons: Mailbox, Blacksmith, Shipwright, Carpenter... Oh need to add we are a Communist Society. For the greater good.
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    Now I've been thinking this for ages but am not putting it in the suggestions forum because it will inevitably get flamed and riddled with bullets of text. I would love a hardcore-mode Wurm. That being, full PvP, perhaps KvK, but once your character dies, that's it. Your character is truly dead and can only 'rebirth' from the very start, as a fresh you, from the start spawn, with no skills above that what you start with. You would have to think about safety and your health at all times, village defences (if not cities and outposts) would be a must, hunting parties frequent and trust and friendship a massive factor in your survival and success. However, a high-level player's death would be a massive loss not only to the player but to his or her companions and kingdom as a whole, so for this reason there could be a way to wish people back. It doesn't rely on silver, but rather a long, hard co-ordinated effort to do with the gods (find the 7 wurmballs). This way, all would not be lost if a powerful player was slain in a memorable bloody battle with the enemy - obviously this would be extremely difficult and reserved only for times of dire need. Terraforming and making the landscape safe, building roads and ports would take extra focus, and the overall feel of Wurm would be very deep IMO. Wurm is already deep in the sense that every little part of you and the world counts in some way. Every brick, every plank, every lump of iron means something and can go to great ends, passing far serving perhaps many purposes throughout time, and a hardcore mode Wurm, IMO, would just multiply this unique immersive feel. I could go really into depth and write much, much more but I want to leave this post short (considering the topic) and see what other Wurmians think - comments, criticisms and how a hardcore mode Wurm would actually work and what would be involved, what it would be like. Do post!
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    Make and Post your favorite wurm hamster memes. Base picture* Meme creator />http://www.memecreator.org/meme/all-your-wurms-are-belong-to-me heres mine
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    I completely agree with the first sentence but I also completely disagree with the second one. First of all I want to say a few things about the "overpowered" archery again. There are several "problems" that limit the power of archery as a way to raise FS: 1. Arrows In hand to hand combat you can keep trying to hit the target as long as you are both alive. Archery has ammo (arrows). Once you run out of them your bow becomes useless. Is it easy to deal with this issue? Not that easy. An arrow that has less than 20 ql is useless as it will keep glancing of the target's armor or even worse it will break on impact. So you need to imp every single arrow that you want to use. It takes a good amount of time to imp enough arrows to a ql that will make them not break all the time (and a LOT of time if you don't have high fletching skill). The minimum is 40ql with a 70ql longbow (at least this is when I get a "break-rate" that I consider acceptable). If you have a weaker bow you will need to increase the arrow ql even more. What if you manage to get some really high ql arrows? Breaking is not the only thing that can reduce the number of arrows that will be available to you. It is also possible to simply lose arrows if you miss the target and be unable to find them on the ground (and if you decide to hunt in a forest it becomes even more difficult to retrieve such arrows). With every hit your target will also start moving around, decreasing your hit-rate and spreading your arrows to a larger area. It is also possible that your target will start climbing a mountain or other impassable terrain. I lost 40+x50ql arrows in a troll once this way. 2. Some targets are not as vulnerable to arrows than others. For example scorpions crocodiles and other armored mobs are a bad choice unless you can use aim-at-face but if you need to have a chance of hitting them there you need a really good bow, good skills and probably make sure that your distance is good. Trolls are good targets but you should be able to deal damage on them fast enough or you will be required to spend extra arrows on them. Spiders will also be a poor choice if you don't have a good bow. 3. Minimum distance and aggro range Every (or almost every) hit will make your target to move around, if you are within its aggro range it will come towards you and you will have to retreat. You CAN'T shoot while moving on a horse and you need to be standing still to even start start drawing the bow string. Your target will also have to stay out of minimum range until your are able to shoot(that's almost 5 seconds and even more if you don't have full stamina when you press "shoot") or you will not be able to realease the arrow at all. Using a shoot-goback-shoot technique while staying within the target's aggro range wouldn't work because the 5+ seconds are usually enough for your target to get really close to you. The same will happen if your target hides behind a fence or a small hill during these 5+ seconds. On the other hand if you are out of its aggro range it may start climbing a mountain with all your arrows in it. 4. Occasionally you will have to chose the location from which you will be shooting. If the area is full of aggros it may be a bit tricky to find where you will be standing to shoot. If another aggro attacks you you have to either retreat or change weapons to deal with it asap. If your target is close to impassable terrain you may need to make sure that you will be able to prevent it by drawing aggro from it or risk losing any arrows in it when it will escape by climbing a mountain. Archery can be a good way to raise FS (if you do it right it you can kill a lot of targets without getting hurt at all) but it has a LOT of limitations too (limitations that are more than enough to prevent someone who knows them to call it overpowered). It is also usually more time consuming to kill a mob by shooting arrows at it than by mauling it. If anyone still believes that it is overpowered then he should just try it. After all if it was really that overpowered why we don't see every newbie grinding his fs through archery? meelee combat vs archery for FS and their effect on meelee combat: There IS difference between 70FS & 0 weapon skill and 70FS & 50 weaponskill. So if you get your FS through archery anyone who got it "normally" will have an advantage against you. Whether the difference is in the hit chance or the parry rate the result is that having higher weaponskill will give you an advantage. Archery also doesn't give any normal/defensive/agressive fighting skill so you will have skills that give you extra advantage against the archer. Archery will also reduce the amount of possible first aid skill that you can get during a hunting trip. And all these extra skills are not just numbers. They have an effect in combat. About realism: Training our fighting subskills, shield skills and shield bashing on a foal and then using these skills to protect ourselves from a troll/eaglespirit (much stronger/nimbler opponents) or to stun it is not realistic too. Using a sword/axe on trees currently makes you better at using it in combat and it's not realistic(or if it is then it should be equally realistic to get similar skill gains for bashing stuff with a maul as by using them you are still getting better at handling them). But as you said (and I completely agree with it): PS. My main has over 70FS and 70 archery in both freedom and epic and over 50 weapon skill on at least one weapon. Due to either the fact that I didn't want to spend a lot of silver for really good armor and weapons (as a newbie in freedom) or the fact that I didn't want to use up cotton (in epic) I got the FS of my main up to 40-50FS through archery. But then I switched to hand to hand combat as it was much easier and less time consuming than if I used my bow. My freedom alt has a little less than 70FS now and I have chosen NOT to use archery (once I was done with the practice doll I started using my mauls) because it is in fact easier and faster(according to my experience at least).
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    Ive lost all my interest in Epic due to the lack of restarts, should it restart again I would love to come over and re live the first truly EPIC moments of when Epic came out. That is not the point however, and unlike yourself Eyesgood, I am not selfish enough to try push for something the current population of Epic clearly does not want. Please for the love of Magranon, stop making these posts about restart this and restart that because pretty much the entire population of Epic does not want it. Just leave them alone to enjoy what they currently have. A huge -1 from me.
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    Biggest thing that you can do fairly easily is have a house with a bed in it. For every 24 minutes of logged out time in bed, you will get 1 minute of sleep bonus. You can have up to 5 hours of sleep bonus. Sleep bonus is also sometimes reset when there are server problems. You turn on/off sleep bonus by typing /fsleep in the chat line. Sleep bonus gives 3x stamina regen and 2x skill gain for most skills while on. Use SB on skills you want to concentrate on and you will gain quickly.
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    Something like an easy mode has a far higher priority than a hardcore mode if something like that gets invented. The most people left the game because it is too time consuming and too complicated. If you are new to this game the complex surface of this game is giant. In the future Wurm will need some easier advantage for players who are younger or lazier than we hardcore players are.
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    Duck lovers...all of you. I liked the Ardent Gulch.
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    Perhaps if all npcs were removed, no traders or merchants, and no deeds, no writs, no banks, and no items would have permissions settings. That could lower safety a lot. Keys and lock would actually matter, no magic respawning defenders to worry about killing. Also, do an IP check to make sure no mule alts.
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    We now need a CMM to moderate him
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    A map reset wouldn't hurt, though wouldn't want a skill reset... I say announce a flood happening, give everyone a single raft for putting in the most important items that people will keep and destroy whatever is on the map.
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    Dunno if i'm the first to start casting this on here or not, but still :- 2 Handed Sword :- [09:53:27] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [19] Iron Maul :- [09:50:01] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [25] Longsword :-[[10:34:55] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [45]
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    I like the idea of "Allies to the North" etc, relative to the token it'd give you a good idea of where the tresspasser is, which'd be very useful on a big deed especially. Maybe within 10 tiles of the token we could have "Allies to the Town Square!"
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    I like it. Would also help with finding those trapped mobs that the templars so love to shout about lol Not sure how easy to determine compass direction for each tile.
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    I propose the only logical solution to this. Both villages declare war on each other. This will resolve the issue with time.
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    I could see you cave littered with red signs saying "Caution Watch Your Step" at the foot of pitfalls
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    No longer shall unsuspecting noobs be terrorized by the Kyklops in the forest next to Sloping Sands Peace be to the citizens of Release! Who wants to trap dragons? Boooooring. This beasty needed to be penned.
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    Here is a decent one I took the other day.
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    I want a cape, make me a cape!
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    Reddit Harbour on Pristine.
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    Fir trees are now my new favorite tree.
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    Why isn't Tannin user to make leather instead of lye???
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    Release Server, not Working??? Whats going on??
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    I propose we pen all the players and release the uniques
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    Nice creepy fog while leaving my boat cave xD
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    It wasnt you! The guy on the status tool told me to look into resetting the fonts and I found a website that showed me how to reset the original fonts in windows7 manually AND NOW IT WORKS! WHEEEEEEE!!