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    http://shop.wurmonline.com/WurmWeb/index.jsp You can try as many time you want, fail as many time you want but the site will never block you from trying and trying... you should either put a captcha or block for sometime after 6-7 tries
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    It would be really cool if after a certain number of generations of breeding wild animals that would only normally be breedable while tamed there were a chance of gaining the trait Domesticated, which would allow them to be kept as you would other pre-domesticated animals, without the need to keep taming them. I am not talking about there then having every offspring automatically inherit the trait, but if there were even a chance of getting a domesticated version of a pet after successive generations it would make the time investment more worth it, especially if breeding two of them with the trait gave an increased chance of their offspring also having it, like it does now with the rest of the traits (or at least, that's what the wiki says ). -Michael
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    while ship building I had a rare Oar and a Rare Mast. Continuing Build with them ALWAYS produced a Drum Roll even a failure, but has not made the final item rare..
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    Presently, you can only smelt 28 ore per forge at any one time. This is inadequate for many tasks. I suggest a larger container (smelter, furnace, whatever) exclusively for smelting ore down to lump. It would hold perhaps triple the amount of ore in one go, and heat up at a slightly lower rate than a forge of equal quality thus saving actions and that annoying habit wurm has of constantly moving things between inventory windows. The materials required for such a smelter could be maybe twice that of a normal forge.
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    Archery doenst give fs, hitting stuff with mauls and swords doesnt give fs. Killing creatures gives fs.
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    Yes, Epic should be completely reset: both skills and maps couldn't resist
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    Please add a simple in-game screen, listing all possible (bindable) actions, and allowing to select a key bound to it. It would be nice if the actions were grouped (movement, mining, fighting, etc.).
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    I'd rage then I'd quit in an almost sequential manner.
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    No it's not, its an incentive to switch to a second sword or a two handed weapon. Seeing an item perform horrible is not a reason to get a better version of that item, its a reason to ditch that item and switch to something else.
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    So 5, maybe 10? Not worth making a Server for that, just think about how many play Wurm PvP.
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    casual themepark MMO players prob - 80% of total population casual sandbox MMO players - maybe 15% hard core sandbox MMO (like Wurm) players - maybe 3% PVP sandbox MMO players - maybe 1.5% Death consequences sandbox MMO players - not many These numbers are just off the top of my head, and probably under counting for casual themeparks, and over counting for sandbox games. You can understand what I am attempting to show though. Very few players would be interested in such a hard core game (there are some though), and most would leave after first death with "true consequences" (a toon that was established and had alot of time on but gone permanently now). That said, it is an interesting idea. I could see this more as a temporary server with an announced end date so that "King of the Hill" could be encouraged. Rather than what would likely occurr, a bunch of fortress deeds with toons that never give themselves a chance to die so that they can sell items to those who truly use the server for what it was meant to be.
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    This could only work with some changes to deeds, writs, and how account silver is handled i think. That being said I would love it. Also, it might be nice to do this with combat ending before the final blow like dueling does, but if retargeted the final blow would be dealt. This could allow for escape attempts and mercy. This style server would also be great to fix a few other problems, such as to remove the names in local of enemies, and remove or delay deathtabs.
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    So Thursday 21th or Wednesday 20th? I am confused.
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    These salty popcorns taste lovely, but they make me so thirsty, can someone pass the drinks?
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    Yay, please reset epic and skills so I will have the great opportunity to skill up my weaponsmithing to 90+ again for the 3th time
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    http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/54651-quench-epic-reset-rumours/ "I heard that there are still rumours that the Epic servers will reset periodically. Those ideas were scrapped quite long ago when I fleshed out the actual scenario structure." I doubt it would be reconsidered unless either the right people or a huge amount of people make a huge fuss about it.. tbh I kind of wish there was an Epic server the size of Independence/Chaos, but fairly sure something like that would never be possible...
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    I once hit my knee accidentally on the edge of my table while playing wurm and spent 4 minutes and 26secs crawling in floor in pain which I never get back. Ironic i'd take a issue with that since I play wurm but there you go... >.< (although the time would be equally not being never get back even though I played Freerealms)
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    Deed name: Novastrov Castle Name: Castle Novastrov Deed location: 46S - Coordinate correction Deed size/upkeep: 255 deed tiles/(do not know upkeep as i am not the Mayor) Alliance name: None. Our Leader: Synlaw Our Society: Crimson Imperium Reborn Special Trade Icons: Mailbox, Blacksmith, Shipwright, Carpenter... Oh need to add we are a Communist Society. For the greater good.
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    Look at this cute sheep!!! It doesn't have a home yet, it is still a construct in Saromans modeling tools. Now we need to get this little thing alive and kicking, and that is where you come in. You are hereby invited to suggest whatever recipies and weird things we should be able to make from this. The reward will be: Getting your suggestion implemented in the game! Best regards from your humble servants Saroman and Zcul
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    I think both forges and ovens should generate ash proportional to how long they remain lit. Something like 0.1 per 5 minutes would be nice, and especially nice if it would just be one item, growing in weight.
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    WTS MYSELF! ~DELIVERANCE SERVER~ Tired of dirt under your nails? Tired of getting your fine cotton clothes dirty? Just want to sip wine and let some else do the work? LOOK NO FURTHER! Your standard Orias come equipped ready to do basically any and all grunt work! Digging and leveling land, Mining through hills, Expanding mines, Foraging for items, Pretty much any menial task! Never lower yourself again to the grime and muck and let the people with time on their hands to do it! Cheap and efficient labor that will show results in no time! PM FOR FURTHER DETAILS! CHEAP RATES! NO TRAVELING FEES FOR ON SIGHT JOBS! Orias Labor services! Located between Mookton and Shadow hollows! Basic Skills: NOW AN ACTIVE PREMIUM!
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    The bottom line is games don't always need to be logical, but they do need to be balanced. Argue all you want about pressure points and weak points, archery is currently an overpowered way to raise your FS. Put it this way: Level to 70 FS via archery and look how easy it is to kill any normal monster with your level 1 sword skill. Next level to 70 FS via melee skill and then show me how well you do picking up a bow for the first time. By your "logic" of "knowing where to hurt the most", shouldn't the skills transfer both ways? Shouldn't you know where to shoot something because of how many times you've stabbed them? I'm not saying I want archery skill for using a sword, we're saying that gaining a skill that governs NOTHING when performing archery, via archery, makes no sense.
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    this ones for you gbelcik!
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    Are you staring at my pint??? Rams, agro ram herds that but you in to the next server.
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    I dont see why not. You killed a ton of mobs with arrows. you know where the arrows hurt them most, you know how they move etc. So afcoarse you have an idea where to stab with that sword. Afcoarse you still cant parry with that sword because you dont have any swordskill! For the same reason your hits dont hurt as much. You also don't know how to handle a shield and get hit far more often. I think it does make sense.
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    I could see this, but I think it would have to be a server with a set amount of time that the server will exist - that way nobody has the expectation that with sufficiently cautious play, they might live indefinitely. If you know the blitz hardcore game ends in six months, well, it's irritating but dying isn't a big deal, especially if you reincarnate with your character's name, but no skills. At least you are still you. If the server life is six months, then even if you die, you can be right back and in the thick of things in a couple weeks if the Epic skillgain curve is implemented. If you expect the server to last years and years, permadeath is another thing entirely.
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    I will try to answer as best that I can, there are many who understand the mechanics much better than me though. All skills have a timer associated with the action to use that skill. The longer the timer is, generally the more opportunity for a skill bump to occur. High CoC can add greatly to the chance for a skill bump. Often "skiller" tools will have very low QL and high CoC to have very slow timers (because of low Ql) with the benefits of CoC. High WOA makes actions faster. Many people will combine high WOA with high QL tools to make an action as fast as they can. This greatly lowers the opportunity for skill gain. A tool with CoC and WOA is generally used by someone with decent skills that wants to do things faster but still wants a chance of skill gain. Decay comes from lack of use, usually when not in a persons inventory. Decay causes damage to a tool over time. Damage can also occur to a tool on every use. The damage can be repaired easily but reduces the QL of the tool with every repair (the QL can generally be re-improved by skilled crafters). The enchantments do lose potency. The mechanics of this loss are not well understood as far as I know them. The concensus that I know says that greater amounts of damage (either from decay or over use) that are repaired all at once can cause the enchantment to lose power. It is generally thought better to have many small repairs rather than 1 big long repair because of this. That said, a tool could still lose a point of power over time without a cause, though most people will say this is unlikely.
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    A "tick" is the event of you getting a skill gain, so it's nothing to do with time. WoA has no effect on decay. (Did you mean damage ? I'm not sure if it effects damage caused by using tools.) As using a WoA tool generally gives less skill, they add a CoC enchantment to offset that loss.
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    I don't see this getting much support. The idea of this will turn the server with this implemented into more of a hermit server I think. People who spend hundreds of hours skilling craft just to lose it all completely will not want to participate in PVP for the fear of losing all he has given. This will also make bugs and other problems much more drastic (Such as alt griefing) and there needs to be a way to combat that before we would try something like that. It's a different way of looking at it. But with wurm being so slow paced the pvp would never cause anyone to get high skill. Only way I could see something like that is if people got a skill multiplier higher then on epic, like 5x, or maybe even more. Who would want to spend years playing a character, and one day lose it all because of a huge server lag while digging, or you dc while on a boat and drown, or alts come and kill you. I know I wouldn't come back to this game if it happened to me.
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    Might want to extend the auction to more then ~16 hours.
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    Yes, but not a new skill. Use Butchering or Miscellaneous Items so we don't need to grind another skill to 90 for trophy making.
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    Pickle Island is looking to acquire several random things. You can choose to supply one item, or everything on the list (doubtful). The only rule is all items MUST be Delivered unless mailable.Delivery will be made to Pickle Island (33x,22y) on Independence. If interested in supplying any of these orders pm me here or ingame (brycarnia). Prices listed are MAX I am willing to go, so if you decide to charge that price I may go with a cheaper vendor . - 1 Green Drake Hide Cap. Ql and enchants are non-important but will be paid accordingly. Price is Negotiable. - 1 Pair of Breeding Dogs. While same sex couples are ok in certain aspects, in this case I must receive 1 male and 1 female. Looking to pay no more than 1s for the pair, delivery and special dogs pay extra. - Oakenwood BSB's up to 10 total - 20c each Bulk Goods (price listed is max price I am willing to pay for total amount listed, delivery is paid extra) - 1000 rockshards Avg ql above 50 - 1.5s - 1000 bricks Avg ql above 50 - 2.5s - 500 kg's Bulk Iron - 1s - 200 kg's QL 80+ iron - 2s - up to 10,000 dirt - 1s/1000
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    Yeah I like it, doesnt require much aswell. +1 all the way.
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    Welcome to Wurm. here's a compass you'll lose in an hour and some tools you'll replace by the end of tomorrow.
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    No. A new crafting UI is being worked on, that will be better than this.
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    I'm not in the same boat as certain unliked individuals, and I certainly am heavily against griefing as many know that about me. I greatly dislike having this reputation thing for same kingdom pvp, we didn't have it on Wild and there were no issues, and it's not on Elevation either. All the reputation does is make home servers more restricted like Freedom where you have to get a GM to respond to griefers, but since it is a pvp server, it's left to us to deal with the griefers instead since griefing is legal, and in turn we lose 20 rep each time we kill them. That helps us... how? Note that I'm NOT asking for reputation to be removed from non-pvp situations, such as illegal actions on a deed, stealing, lockpicking, etc. Just let us freely kill griefers. As is they can mess up your area outside the deed/perimeter freely and you have to kill them for it to stop, so you lose rep. They can attack your horse/other animals freely and you have to kill them for it to stop, so you lose rep. Not to mention if they're running away from you or something or its the only way a noob can fight back against a griefer, you lose 30 rep per archery shot, what's up with that?
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    Find a way to deal swift Justice to people messes up things in a pvp environment, quit half ass coding new rules and mechanics to all servers to deal with drama limited to that play style.
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    I think the simplest and best solution is just to have them "fly" (teleport), maybe with an event message something like ("The *colour* dragon [hatchling] spreads it's wings and flies."), to a random tile within their existing roaming area every day or two. To prevent crazy people from fencing off the entire roaming area, just change the ruling so that an enclosure cannot contain a unique creature, that way players can legally bash in to kill it if someone does do that.
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    Furniture will get some love soon.
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    Wool production should be frequent and numerous I'd argue one sheep has the potential to make resources equal to 25 farm tiles. It would be a very bad choice to implement another game mechanic that encourages players to hoard even more animals. Sheep sound like they are going to be very useful and considering the domestic resource pool is maxed out it doesn't look promising to me. All this is assuming they don't implement some measure to remove farm animals from the creature pool.
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    I play on the Freedom Cluster, thank you, but I don't go bananas and upset because I can't get large amounts of euros for selling drake/scale. I just don't care that much, and I don't get why other's do. I think people just get upset because they see others making large profits while they get nothing. This thread comes up like once a week or something, gets repetitive.
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    For the wool making process can I point you to this page,http://www.blackberry-ridge.com/prosdscr.htm obviously a shortened version would be needed but there are many opportunities for new items especially carpentry. We could have new items like Spinning Wheels, brushes, combing boards, bobbins etc Sheep shearing could be a seasonal event like the Olive Oil etc but linked with spring. Lanolin after the washing process could be used to make items waterproof like maybe an animal raft to transport animals across water (I know alot of players would really like an option to move creatures to island areas, could coding be linked with how horses are hitched to carts?) Would love to see Rams that randomly butt you when you get near them - but thats just my evil side showing
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    My first attempt at multi-story.