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    Hi, We have just patched the test server with a new function that I think will work nicely. You can now add tiles to an existing building, and remove tiles from an existing building. Removing tiles means you need to bash all existing adjacent walls and floors on that tile before you can remove the tile from the structure. Please test this properly as it is quite a large change to the codebase and requires alot of testing. Report your findings in this thread! Best regards Zcul
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    what did you expect? most of them are little kids playing minecraft.
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    To the person that went wandering through my deed sometime between last night and midday today, went into my mistakenly unlocked but beautifully fenced horse pen, killed my golden foal Fleablood, butchered it and only then realized you couldn't even pick up the meat due to deed permissions... I hope you rot in hell. Rot. In. Hell. He was a gift from a perfect, generous stranger and a treasure and now I'll never get a chance to watch him grow up or ride him anywhere for the adventure of it. I hope karma kicks you somewhere incredibly painful for the wanton murder of my baby horse.
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    Well done, DP. In relation to certain comments on this thread, I believe a prohpecy of the hallowed Mol-Rehan texts has come true. Scriptures of Mol-Rehan, Sand 18, Line 37: "So cometh a day of blatant shedding, of lachrymose water, rich of saline, from the eyes of your enemies most sore. Forward shall it flow, with such strength and plenty, that from its brackish body myriad rivulets shall form. Drink of them deeply, and so shall your strength grow."
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    I think the general consensus is; if you can walk away from your PC and continue to action beyond your queue allows then you're doing something prohibited. Edit: In addition, if you press one key to conduct more than one different action, then this is probably prohibited also. Repeating the same action to the limit of your mind logic would be permitted, providing it is in line with my first point.
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    Wow. Why are the responses in this thread so aggressive? People enjoy the game in different ways. Why try to belittle someone just because their way of playing does not match your own? I was very attached to my first horses and would have been mortified if they were killed and butchered. I would still be mortified if any of my current horses were killed and butchered. I don't think that's anything to be ashamed of. Sorry that someone killed Fleablood, Chiclet. I hope it was just some noob who didn't know any better. Like Lizabeth said, we have Piekiss waiting for you. I will try to catch you in game sometime over the next few days.
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    +1 benches in my cathedral needs Wurmians able to sit down and listen to sermons
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    The player already have the tabard prepared I just haven't had any time making the textures for it. So it will come in due time. It will have the kingdom color and crest on it. http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Kingdom_banner
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    It is one hour, not 24... I still don't get why people are complaining about border pvp, open pvp was never disabled as far as I recall, whether it was with rep loss or as it is now, and there has not been any problems... I'm fairly certain I can assume changing alliances into kingdoms won't suddenly make people go all nolifenerd camping the borders.
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    Can we have a cool contest that doesn't involve lame "social" sites? Some of us have no desire to make accounts for them.
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    I wanted to give a heads up and again stress that you have to make preparations asap for increased PvP on Chaos. I've just started coding with the aim of adding the player made kingdoms and the conquerable towers code. This means a lot of changes in lots of files. I've created a code branch but there will be a lot of changes and if I work in both branches and try to merge later I'm really scared to end up with lots of conflicts and mess things up for other things. This means I'll probably avoid merging and instead hold off this Chaos code for as long as possible instead. In any case there will be no update until after the weekend, but eventually we will have to update and the code goes live which means you really need to prepare defenses now. There will be free disbands for those settlements on Chaos that no longer wants to stay there once it's live. The way I'm coding now means it won't be a home server with the Freedom kingdom everywhere any longer. Alliances will not be at war if they are in the same kingdom and people from the same kingdom will not be at war so until someone has joined another kingdom you'll all be at peace. We will still have to wait for an update to the player model where different kingdom symbols are visible.
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    Face customization is neat, but kind of a let down you never get to see anyone on a PvP server. You just all look like the same great helm, and there's really no difference in people like that. Obviously you need a helmet for PvP, but maybe you do like a / command to disable the model rendering, and just show the face, but still have protection (yeah ripping off WoW).
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    If this is not a worthy suggestion I do not know what is. Sitting the hell down! I see plenty of chairs and places to sit down, chilled times to be had here and there but NO DAMN SITTING! I know Wurm is a levelling game but I have seen many times where there are a bunch of people STANDING NEXT TO CHAIRS HAVING A CHILLED CONVERSATION and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. /rant PS: Please?.
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    That's where you lost them, mate.
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    I enjoyed every bit of this thread. Entertainment of the finest nature.
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    my basement is full of foals too ...
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    you can expand your deed and place those tiles on your deed. This give you the mayor the ability to mine out the reinforced tiles.
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    A limited edition of lanterns will be made on order, The Pocket Nova. A lantern mad at 95ql painted with 90+ white paint, price for this will 5s per lantern. I will limit orders on these to 10. First come first served as usual. So take the chance to get closer then ever to lanterns our gm:s carry today !
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    Priceless xD Forgot this   Prayer: 57.811836 <--- gems harvester xD
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    OH, forgot to mention this. It might be usefull to have one or all of these situations about sheep: 1- Visual Fleece growth indicators (basically 3 skins to the animal, a Shorn skin, a "normal" skin, and a "Ripe" skin - ready to shear) 2- Mouse over indicator, similar to crops, At 20 AH (first trait level) mouse hovering a sheep would Show: "Shorn", "Short Wool", "Long Wool". 3- Examining the Sheep should Yeld a wool growth message: "The sheep has been shorn recently" "This sheep's wool/fleece is growing." "This sheep's wool/fleece is almost at perfect length." "This sheep's wool/fleece is long and ready to shear." You could also consider a couple more stages, and maybe waiting a bit after its ready to shear might yield more wool, but after a while it would yield more, but lower ql. Also, the condition of the sheep could influence the ql of the wool: Disease would yield less wool. Some negative traits (shorter legs, some kind of illness, feeble) would cause the sheep to produce less wool, and lower quality. Some positive traits (strong body, Strong and healthy, etc) would cause the sheep to produce more wool, and with better quality. Age could be a factor on production: Young would yeld no wool (be stuck at growing) Adolescent would yeld minimum ammounts, Mature, aged and old would yeld max ammounts, Venerable (since they're smaller) would yeld half the maximum ammount. Also grooming (like farming) would have a positive influence on the quantity and quality of produced wool.
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    Hi! I've had this issue for a month or even more now. Figured I could mess with the gfx settings in Wurm client and see if something may be causing it. After tinkering with different parameters I've managed to weed out the problem. What caused it for me was the antialiasing feature which when set on 0 doesn't reproduce the issue anymore. Now this may be because I'm running the Catalyst Control Center, but I really doubt it's coming from anything then the client. Maybe you should try and see if it's what's causing the issue for you aswell.
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    There is already a topic describing the bug here: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/72931-pavingpacking-under-water-on-north-and-west-facing-tiles/ although I figured it might get more attention in this section. What Happened: Couldn't pave underwater on a north or west facing slope. What you expected to happen: Being able to pave underwater on a slope as I could on a slope facing the opposite direction. Steps to reproduce: Attempt to pave on a north or west facing slope that is submerged.
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    +1 on this idea. I think its great and should have been implimented along time ago. There are times when I long on and see this thread that I say to myself, "they should delete this tread" Im sure its not the first time this has come up but I just cant seem to find it with the forum search. I would have expected it with 1.0 but its never to late to delete this thread. Just Delete it!
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    Wox any chance on custom emblems? like using the same interface when you change your look, different presets of small details in the crest until you make a blend you like
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    Whens my prize getting here. I liked and followed and circled wurms social network faster then lindsey Lohan crashes a car
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    You can already do this with jewlery (while it might be a bug though...), but I think the suggestion is for you only. So if you don't want to take that risk of not knowing if the guy's got a helm on or not, don't check it off. I'm gonna aim for your head anyway regardless.
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    Now it is also in the rules to not challenge a decision made made by staff and such in public, so if this thread is about honest opinion of the players for something that you were banned for, you aren't allowed to do it here :/
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    I tried searching and have had confusing replies. I have asked people and again some seem to think you can and others state you cant. So my question is simple has anyone tested this and is it proven that marsh does or doesnt feed your cows, bulls, horses, etc thank you kersha
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    A PM is Private ...Im trying to get solid and good information for everyone...otherwise if I PM some GM or whatever..then its a "he said, she said" or word of mouth...not reliable
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    This post on Notch's blog makes me sad:( />http://notch.tumblr.com/post/37823268132/i-love-you-dad
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    I'm ok with 20 bricks for a brick wall or 20 planks for a wood wall. And there's 10 bricks for a brick floor or 5 bricks for a brick floor with an opening. That's all ok, I'm cool with that. What makes no sense is 20 bricks for a wall with a door or window. Same with a wood wall with a window. Too much material. Shouldn't a brick wall with a door take maybe 10 bricks with the rest made up of planks for the door? And a brick wall with a window take maybe 15 bricks with a couple planks for the window frame? Maybe a wood wall with a door would be ok with 20 planks. But a wood wall with a window maybe 15 planks. If you are going to reduce the material needed for a floor with an opening be consistent and do the same with walls that have openings. And if you have a brick wall with a wood door or wood window frame include some wood in the material requirements. Just my opinion.
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    +1 if you can fish while sitting. and can we add an umbrella, tackle box and picnic basket while we're at it?
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    Give karma as a reward, depending on dungeon difficulty
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    Butchering would give Meat, hide, bladder, tail, hoof and eye, simmilar to cows and horses. Should be milked Metal Shears, for shearing them -> Shearing would use animal husbandry, and ql of wool would be Dependant on AH skill. Cloth Tailoring recipes: Wool->Spindle->Rough Wool String/Yarn Rough Wool String -> Spindle->Cloth String (same uses as made from cotton) Rough Wool String (3 kg) -> Loom-> Wool Covers (can replace Fur on beds) Rough Wool String (0.4 kg) -> Loom-> Kilt (why not?) Rough Wool String (0.8 kg (same as jacket+legs for cloth should do it, or just round up to 1kg) -> Loom-> Wool Cloak (Decorative Item for torso (back), gives protection against elemental wounds (Ice, Fire, etc) to torso, legs and feet can be enchanted with protective spells, like Vynora's Hand, Nolocate, etc. Could be white originally, then dyed and be made to show dye color) Rough Wool String (12kg, like barding) -> Loom->Large Wool Cloak (Equipable on animals, same as other wool cloak) Knitting Needles, for knitting Rough Wool String (0,2 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Balaclava (Should be equippable in the FACE - Would give minor protection against eye injury from elemental wounds) Rough Wool String (0,2 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Knitted Hat (Skully type hat, like all wool things would give minor protection against elemental wounds) Rough Wool String (0,1 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Wool Gloves Rough Wool String (0,5 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Wool Jumper Rough Wool String (0,3 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Wool Leggings Rough Wool String (0,2 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Wool Sleeves Rough Wool String (0,1 kg) -> Knitting needles -> Wool Sock (can be worn under boots and shoes - Increases resistance to element damage) *Wool Should be slightly stronger than Cloth in terms of armor strength Wool (0.3 kg) -> Mallet (or press) -> Square Piece of Felt (Could be used to polish items replacing pelts) Square Piece of Felt (0,3kg) -> Needle -> Felt Hat (Armor strength between wool and leather) Square Piece of Felt (0,1kg) -> Needle -> Felt Gloves Square Piece of Felt (0,5kg) -> Needle -> Felt jacket Square Piece of Felt (0,3kg) -> Needle -> Felt Pants Square Piece of Felt (0,2kg) -> Needle -> Felt Sleeves Square Piece of Felt (0,1kg) -> Needle -> Felt Shoes Square Piece of Felt (1kg) -> Needle -> Felt Bag (Could be used to keep objects warm for a longer period, also could slow/prevent decay of SOLID food on inventory) Square piece of Cloth (0.5kg) -> Needle -> Tabard (can be equipped on top of other armor, Could be originaly made white, then be dyed, and show proper dye color) Embroidery Skill (tailoring sub-skill): Rough Wool String (0.5kg) -> Square Piece of Cloth(1kg) -> "X"* Embroidered Rug (Equivalent to Exquisite) Rough Wool String (1kg) -> Square Piece of Cloth(3kg) -> "X"* Embroidery (Activate Embroidery, right click Wall (no windows or doors) -> Hang) The embroidery would show on the wall. Rough Wool String (0.1kg) -> Tabard -> "X"* Embroidered Tabard Rough Wool String (0.1kg) -> Any Cloak -> "X"* Embroidered Cloak * The "X" should be replaced with a descriptor, like Freedom Isles Embroidery, which would be a image of the Freedom Isles coat of arms. Or Hunting Embroidery, would show a hunting scene, etc. In case of Tabards and cloaks, only coats of arms should be allowed. Leatherworking: Animal Fur -> Wool Cloak -> Fur Trimmed Cloak Animal Fur -> Wool Cloak -> Fur coat (incomplete - Needs 2 more furs) English isn't my native language... Upon reading the Other posts, remembered Rough Wool String could be replaced with Yarn String...
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    Protunia, i dont think you understand the situation here. Allow me to spell it out for you. Rolf is introducing free disbands because of the following steps. Ill go through each slowly for you. 1) People settled on Chaos assuming the server code wouldnt change. 2) People placed deeds on a server which they assumed they wouldnt be raided on. 3) Rolf says Chaos rule set is changing, therefore the server which people planted deeds on is no longer what they may have moved there for. 4) Rolf decided that its only fair that people who do not want to live on the server because the rules are changing (please refer to step 2 to be reminded why they landed on Chaos) and so offers free refunds due to this. Rolf is not introducing free disbands because of the following steps. I'll go through each slowly for you. 1) No server code is changing which affects villages. I hope this helps Protunia.
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    Protunia, Chaos is in flux. PVP towns rarely move. Your three years in one place is a short-lived village compared to some on Chaos. But a lot of folks have moved to Chaos and founded new villages in the last year under different rulesets. Now the rules are changing again, and allowing those folks a way out from changes that will change the fundamental nature of the server is a good plan, else there will be much rage-quitting. If Rolf decides to make all the servers in Freedom PVP and give us an opportunity to move elsewhere, then yes, a deed refund would be in order. If fact, if I'm not mistaken, something like that has occurred at least once before - when Independence was opened. I understand what you are saying, but don't agree with you.
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    What exactly is fair about allowing free disbands on servers where the rules haven't been changed or are in a constant state of flux? The disbands are there to allow players that settled under the limited pvp ruleset to up and leave if they so desire. Also on Wild/Chaos we don't move deed tokens as a rule as they are fixed into secured positions generally. So... if you want to move your token, you pay for it, not beg for free disbands coz the other server you don't play on might be getting free disbands. LOL
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    Btw i volunteer to do the sound effects for the sheep if ya like.
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    In true penned creatures are more like statues last days, you cannot make them less moving around Or even better remove PvP completely, It will solve tons of conflicts at once ... Just joking, but Joanavon, think twice, before you will use word remove next time.
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    My daughter Nikku gave you that foal, Chiclet. I have another gold male foal called Piekiss that you can have to watch grow up, and he's not related to your Windclip so will make a nice breeding pair. I know it's not the same, but hope it helps a little
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    New Skill for Sheep Shearing New Crafting skill Shears, replace pliers with them. Make cloaks, interior armor padding, new food source, new alchemy source, same old stuff. Clothing items with wool, or cloth in general. Be able to make blankets to make beds look fancier, tapestries maybe?
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    I may have missed it in the thread, but... Why exactly do new (or arguably, any) players even need money in Wurm? I wonder sometimes if folks are carrying their sensibilities from other MMOs into Wurm, and not quite seeing that it works very differently here. Everything you might need in Wurm, you can create on your own. Having others create things beyond your skill level or interest is a luxury or a convenience, rather than a necessity. Deeds - while a wise investment - are not a necessity. Premium time - also a wise investment - is not a necessity. I'm sorry if it seems a bit harsh, but all this sounds like to me is people wanting to get everything for nothing. Wurm is a business and a product, not a charity. If you like it, pay for it. If you like it but you're broke, play as a free player and pay as you can.... or don't - Wurm lets you play for free as long as you want to! If you just can't be happy making do with what you've got, pony up the €10 and shoosh.
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    What I find most insulting about all of this is how someone can claim that they know what beauty is, or they know what sane is and their visions and ideas reflect truth. Hell, even to claim what Wurm is, or should be is obnoxious. Wurm is whatever Rolf says it is. Beauty is whatever the viewer decides it to be. Declaring a building as "insane" just demonstrates a lack of creativity or imagination. A proper mushroom house could exist, if the upper floors were made out of reed. Or it exists because of some sort of magic charm on the house. Perhaps there are imaginary ropes that are keeping the top half of the building from falling over. Whatever you have to do to keep you "immersed". But If your version of Wurm gets in the way of my own creativity, then I reject your version of Wurm. Rolf has all the prerogative here. He decides what he wants his game to look like, so if he tells me "I don't want buildings like that in my game" then I'd say "roger that! I'll have to come up with something else". But when some player comes along and tries to dictate to me what they think Wurm is, and tell me how I should be playing because to do otherwise would cause them "eye grief" and ruin their immersion, that's where I have a problem. I don't play this game to create immersion for anyone but myself. I don't play to create beautiful structures for anyone but myself. I don't expect to have to answer to anyone for anything I do on my own deed. (that all said, I have not built anything that should cause offense to anyone. I don't find "mushroom" houses appealing. There are a lot of things I don't find appealing. But I not selfish enough to try and get the game mechanics changed so that things people build appease me)
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    Just did some tweaking, seems to be okay for now.
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    I am sorry but it is not a bug per GM's. They woudn't fix it so I sold up everything and quit. Those other disband were before the conquer code went in I was told "as is" deal with it. It would make total sense if they decide to fix it after I sell up and quit. lol... Maybe you got more stroke to get the job done. lol...
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    Yes, the Wurm Academy is player run, not 'supported' by the staff in any way other than some staff members are involved in it as players. Almost everything in Wurm is entirely player driven/created/maintained. Brash, this made me thing of the Dwarf Fortress Wiki: />http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Fun
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    Dwarf Fortress doesn't have a learning curve. It has a learning cliff. Like so: