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    hahahahahahah you're expecting logs and information on changes and updates in WURM ONLINE!? Man....you funny. We still have kingdom titles from 6 years ago that Rolf won't tell us what they are meant to do....
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    -1 to this from me. PvE players should NEVER be forced onto a PvP server in my opinion, not even if they are just passing through to get to somewhere else.
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    So people wanted multi-story...now its bad and over done that you can go so high? Get over it, Rolf has done a superb job on it. Leave it.
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    Here's my thoughts. My Deed. My Time. My Money. My Sandbox. I will do what I like within the game mechanics and the rules. You don't like it, turn around and walk away, noone is forcing you to stand looking at my creations. Just my tuppence.
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    I just want to know why we're even discussing and debating the "physically improbable" in a game with GIANT FREAKING SPIDERS?!?
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    wurm dev(s) have never been good at informing the player base, sure it has been a lot worse then it is now, but still not what i would consider good and still often in cryptic messages/posts
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    A million times what Kediec said. We've already had our incident with PvP on PvE, and we all know how that went.
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    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwSRo8zo0Yk Where is your god now?
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    Can the (6) people that voted for the housing association please find another hobby besides Wurm? Certainly your authoritarian world view has a higher calling than suppressing the populace of an MMO.
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    There really is no gap between what you deem "Chaots" and "Freedomers" A certain village on Chaos has recruited a handful of freedomers, and they are kicking ass and loving it. This is literally for most them their first ever pvp experience in wurm, and those who are experienced in wurm pvp teach them. They are enjoying our strong close knit community that is as old as wurm, we are loving their company and as are they. Gearing them is not even a problem as we have the everything we need to make exceptional weapons and armour. If any freedomer, including you, would like to try pvp, they would simply need to contact the heads of the kingdoms on Chaos. They'll gear you up, teach you the tricks of the trade, and let you have fun with them on their many adventures. You can even come over to Chaos on your account with no items, just your sailboat, maybe the village you join will escort you, and they can gear you up then. set you a house, tools, everything you need, and mind you, these aint shitty tools. 70-90QL with enchants for free. We need to keep the borders open, we want to keep new blood coming in and experiencing the wurm that we love to enjoy. How Chaots are shown in a different light to freedomers is silly. We are not different then most of you we all arent godly beastly accounts with everything 99, apart from our FREEDOMER (first time on chaos) which pretty much has 90 in everything So its something to think about Xandra, and you should come over to try it to when it comes out. join a village!
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    I'm sure this has been brought up a few times but damn..its annoying. I could build walls below just to hide those but there no reason, it would make my inner house look out of place and out of design. Why doesnt wood walls have these? can this be looked into and something done? its..so bad.. Honestly, I can understand why the model is still like that: Houses on high slopes. A different model for multistory would fix this problem
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    I'm hearing impaired, and so I can't hear the drumroll that indicates an opportunity for rare creation. From conversations in-game, it's apparent many other people play with sounds disabled. So, would it be possible for us to get some sort of visual cue for the "drumroll" event? An event message, or something?
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    Logging started 2012-03-08 [02:36:16] Melpy slain by Dragonpen [02:41:09] Foxfire slain by Dragonpen Silvereyedlion [02:42:04] Smeagain slain by Dragonpen Silvereyedlion [02:43:54] Ezalor slain by Dragonpen Silvereyedlion [02:47:22] Foxfire slain by Dragonpen [02:47:22] Silvereyedlion slain by Trollface Herald Ezalor Smeagain [02:48:34] Smeagain slain by Dragonpen Silvereyedlion [02:48:39] Dragonpen slain by Foxfire Trollface Herald Ezalor Smeagain It was raining the day the Champion King of Mol Rehan Dragonpen the Great and one of his most trusted men Silvereyedlion decided to set out for the slums of Avarga. They knew they stood no chance but Magranon called out for blood. As they rode through the thick forests of Mol Rehan Dragonpen passed his flask to Silver. The noblemen took a long swig and handed back the viel liquor to his King. They rode on for awhile in silence, meditating on the glory of Magranon. As they approached the vast Mongol desert Dragonpen spoke, "For glory brother, today the Mongols will pay and Magranon shall bask in glory." Silver spit then nodded solemenly and they set off across the desert. As they approached the walls of Avarga Dragonpen charged onto the deed and slayed Melpy as he farmed. He tried to run but it was too late, the blade of the Chancellor took his life. Meanwhile Silver flanked to the west, as Dragonpen rode off deed to meet him he was met by Foxfire who quickly succumbed to his blade. Now the alarms in Avarga were blaring across the desert and more of the cursed Mongols began to log in. They rode out to meet the brave warriors of Mol Rehan and smegain and Ezalor were quickly slain but Silver was badly damaged in the melee and went to meet Magranon. Dragonpen whirled about to meet Foxfire and slay him yet again. Magranon was pleased but the Mongols had circled. Smegain met her match yet again before the brave Chancellor died in honorable combat to the mob of Mongols. That night Magranon was pleased and Silver and his King feasted in the hall of warriors well into the night.
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    The grand opening of the new Northern Vantage Canal. Sea opening is at BE13 and lake side opening is at BC 15. />http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v245/chrismisterx/Map-update_zps679a2e6d.png Canal is now open, just some minor cleaning up to do and a leveling of roof tiles to finish it off, but safe to use. The perfect route to Troll's vanage market place, your one stop for all your needs! This is a public canal which is on my deed little haven. Its part open, part cave canal perfect for rowboats, sail boats and knarrs. Safe travels Kersha
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    Note my workshop in the foreground is still single story. ;-) A little update on my place though: we have a boat house. Edit: We can shove these big buildings up in a weekend.
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    You can simply type /weather and it'll give you the direction :/
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    Housing association, ###### douchebags.
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    Can we please just enjoy multi story for what it is now..... for a little while? No more polls or threads about changing it... wurmians have waited so long for this (from what i hear) we have it now...just say thankyou rolf and move on.
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    Housing Association? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, wow, too funny.
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    Last night there was a post about a possible exploit that was being used when raiding a deed that made it imposable to repair or even shoot a bow on their deed I guess. Well I come online this morning and went and looked to see the outcome and it is gone now not like the post was locked it was deleted all together or moved to a privet forums section. What is the deal with that? Why was it removed? It was in the server bug list but I can not find it at all now. Does this happen a lot? I know I have seen people talk about it before but it is the first time I have seen it first hand. Are there people protecting the exploits from being fixed so they can use them for their own gain? The post sid that a GM was one of the people there using the possible exploit to keep them form fighting back or repairing the structures so they can get in to raid. Is it the same GM that is covering up things? Idk..just seems odd to me know even more then it was before.
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    One way of making sure players do not play your game, is make it seem even more like work. If there's no anti-decay stuff, people who take a break due to real life or due to whatever, will come back to - nothing. How many old players want to come back to absolutely nothing. Take a break for a month because you have a sick relative? Come back and because you haven't logged in for 30 days everything you "own" is gone. Not fun. Logging in to 'play' a game isn't supposed to be a job. Or work. It's supposed to be something you do for fun. The second you cross that line that makes it more work than fun, you lose people.
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    Food only last for a week.. thats not that bad. Magic Chests cost alot of silver, thats why they're so usefull. BSB/FSB are there for a reason, otherwise you constantly have to mine 50 iron everytime you have used it up, thats extremely irritating. Why should i be forced to work hard and earn money to buy new tools if i enjoy playing the game without being in the economy part? IMO, extremely bad suggestion
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    I would do it for ever and ever. The medieval world, although difficult, was nothing as fast paced as what the modern world is today. Wurm is in some ways a way of escaping that, would be epic if Wurm was RL Wurm: Get up in the morning when the sun rises, make some food, don't worry about it being healthy because it doesn't really matter unless you're planning on gaining some skill, maybe go out for a quick stroll or sail, tend to the animals and do a few fun things. RL: Get up at 6am. 1 hr to eat and get ready. Catch a train full of people. Work in a place full of people. Home for 5pm. Sleep at 11pm. Do this for the rest of your life. See where I'm coming from? The occasional huge spider and whacking iron with hammers beats sitting in front of a computer all day then sitting in front of a computer all evening to escape sitting in front of a computer all day.
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    I'd love to see pics of some of your multi level creations! Here's mine:
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    Pickaxes 2x 60ql Iron Pickaxes-----------------------30c/per 80ql Pickaxe-----------------------------------80c Carving Knifes 4x 65ql Carving Knife-----------------------30c/per Assorted Items 73ql Iron Shovel 53WoA CoC20---------70c 2x 70ql Needle-------------------------------40c/per 69ql Mallet-------------------------------------30c 65ql Scissors---------------------------------30c 70ql Trowel------------------------------------40c 80ql Hatchet WoA64 CoC55--------------2s 12ql 84CoC Rake----------------------------2.2s 70ql Rake 83CoC----------------------------1.7s (pickup only Kinoss Bay) Weapons 70ql Large Maul WoA52 Fb52 CoC32 MS42----5s 70ql Longsword CoC51 Fb67-----------------------2.5s Gems 80ql Emerald----------------1s 72ql Opal---------------------1s 45ql Opal---------------------70c Pm mikeyork on here or comment Can also make any BS tools 80ql for 80c each
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    A horse with a bridle would not need a rope to lead or ride. Plus this would give more purpose to a horse's vehicle management. As always, if it's been said before... Pardon the bump
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    Carebears need to stop crying about having to place a little risk into their game play. As Ecrir said you COULD mail things across leaving an alt sit at a market. But it would cost you as your bypassing the risk factor. Wurm needs more risk as theres next to nothing to lose other then if you didnt deed it or enclose it right. There should be riskes if you want to profit from new frontiers. Just semi afk sailing isnt enough in my eyes. Scraps on fail have been removed making wurm way to easy. There should be some hard paths added back into the game. And pvp is not being forced on you. If you dont want to fight dont cross to the other side
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    Just finished a month-long project I've been working on, and wanted to toss up a few screenshots. I needed clay, and there was a spot in the middle of the Northmere. So, I raised an island and built myself a place to cook bricks, grind pottery, fish, meditate, concentrate on crafting skills, and generally relax. "Meredin" means "Lake Fort": From above, looking down at the clay pit: From the water: The entire project took somewhere in the neighborhood of 3800 dirt, 2500 stone bricks and mortar, 2000 clay for pottery brick floors, more than a few meals, many shipments of rock and lumber, and the patience of my allies while I droned on and on about my glacial progress. Now the fun part begins. Making myself at home. EDIT: Added a view from the lake
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    I like the idea of it and he has put a lot of thought into the template idea and it works fine , but I was thinking of a different approach to the details. Have the size of the map be the difficulty, and the ql determine the details. That way it would be easy to make a detailed map of your deed but difficult to make a detailed map of an area like Black Dog Isle, and a server size map would be made by highly skilled professionals only. For instance a person trying to make a map of Black Dog Isle ( on Indy center map). 10ql they get the basic land shape but no detals. 20 ql they get roads 30ql they get the topagraphics, hills, valleys, and flat spaces, and resources such as clay or peat. 40 ql they get forests and vegetations 50 ql they get buildings and fences (that can be seen from outside the deeds, most likely along the roads) and deed names with tiles or perimeter outside thier fences. 60 ql animal and spawn dens They would not be impable since you cannot erase ink and failure would destroy the parchment, and it would take someone of equal to or greater skill of the map ql to make a copy.
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    Of Interest with regard to the AMD APU's and OpenCL: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-llano-opencl,3284-10.html and the current revision (Trinity) is even faster only shortcoming is they don't support the double-wide FPU ops in OpenCL -- Regarding the 7970 - might advise ppl to monitor their cards thru Catalyst and perhaps adjsut the fan manually to maintain temps - default on mine was letting the GPu approach 90 celsius.
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    Behold the Mallet v2.0! It pounds, it hammers, it bangs, it sangs, it hits! It even imps itself!!!
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    An enchanted tree does go through the growth stages, but of course trees just go back to young after old and shrivelled, so that doesn't help you in any way. Enchanted oaks would be more of a pain - much harder to get rid of due to not being able to kill them with willows/oaks.
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    Imm .. this thing is rather ... addicting ...
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    Already am Mol Rehan and don't worry, I won't be gone from epic for more than a few days!
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    well i'll start it at 10s
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    I don't think we should force everyone to partake in a play style that benefits a minorty of the population. And yes I'm pretty sure players obsessed with selling stuff are a minority. I also don't think a lack of decay is the major culprit behind the OP's problem. First off, I don't agree what I'm about to describe is a problem. Wurm has a lot of highly skilled players and the creation system lets higher skill make things faster. Even if we had more decay, the sales would still go to the upper tier crafters. Heck I'd even wager higher decay would cause a lot uproar because it would look like the Devs had implemented changes that help the elite get richer. I don't think its a problem for two reasons. You don't need game money to play Wurm. And Penalizing everyone so a minority can benefit financially isn't a good plan. I recognize some enjoy selling things and are sad they can't have fun thier way, but I can't think of way that these folks can have fun that isn't at the expense of other players.
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    Saw that Felt is buying gems again, might check with them
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    I still really like this one of my little house all lit up at night. And I STILL like winter.
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    Lets see, I wake up, meditate, eat some food. Go chill with my horses. Eat some more food. Chat with neihbors and passersby. Rake my farm. Yeah I could do that.
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    Silent Hill's Church of Fo. (Bell tower scaffold to be removed once we can push our bell onto the same tile as an altar )
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    From a basic design in MS Paint, to the completed house in game Edit: More up to date screenshot added.
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    Awesome Church Nikku and nice gatehouse Eyerobot Here is my in-construction tower.. will have 4 more floors on the mid tower and 2 more on the side towers ------------- Colossus!
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